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The 61 Followup

February 4, 2009 |  9:14 am

After the Garden-record 61 points dropped on the Knicks Monday might, everyone is wondering if an encore is in the works.  It could come from newest contestant LeBron James, who just happens to be in New York this evening.  (FYI to the party planners.  If LBJ hits 62+ and a shindig will commemorate, if guests are patted down, you apparently need not invite Diddy.)  According to the King, the game's endgame is about the "W," not topping the current title holder, one Kobe Bryant. 

And speaking of The Mamba, does he have similar tricks up his sleeve at the expense of the Toronto Raptors?  If so, Phil Jackson would love a heads up before the opening tip.  He'd also love a Plan B, as a sustained tear of such magnitude could leave Kobe's mates in the lurch.  And every Laker needs to be contributing tonight and especially tomorrow, since their East coast hosts happen to be on a roll.  Frankly, the Boston matchup could be the rare game where Trevor Ariza demands Kobe give him the ball. 

Interesting notion floated by the Daily News' Tom Hoffarth.  Was 61 better than 81 purely because of the venue?