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Kobe and Shaq share All Star MVP Award

February 16, 2009 | 12:45 am

Disappointing for anyone holding out hope for one to go after the other with a tire iron, but happy news for everyone else.  Kobe led all scorers with 27 points, tossing in quartet of boards, dimes, and steals for funsies as the Western Conference topped the E.C. 146-119.  For his part, Shaq hit eight of nine shots and finished with 17/5/3.  Good enough for the two of them to split some hardware in what could very likely be their final on-court run as (quasi) teammates.

Pau Gasol, LA's "other" All Star, acquitted himself nicely, thank you very much. 14 points, eight boards, 5-7 from the floor. 


I haven't actually watched the game yet (other than scattered bits and pieces (quite frankly, I may never get around to it- get your highlights here, your adverbs here), but it was defintely a strong showing from the locals.  And, most importantly, Kobe and Pau didn't turn an ankle, tweak a knee, or lose another finger.  That makes the evening an unqualified success, I'd say.