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Know your Lakers All Stars

Here's a list of all the players who have (or will have by Sunday afternoon) represented the Lakers at the All Star Game:

Kobe Bryant
Pau Gasol
Shaquille O'Neal
Eddie Jones
Cedric Ceballos
Nick Van Exel
Magic Johnson
AC Green
James Worthy
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Jamaal Wilkes
Norm Nixon
Gail Goodrich
Jerry West
Wilt Chamberlain
Elgin Baylor
Archie Clark
Darrall Imhoff
Rudy LaRusso
Frank Selvy
Hot Rod Hundley
Dick Garmaker
Larry Foust
Vern Mikkelsen
Clyde Lovellette
Slater Martin
Jim Pollard
George Mikan

That's a lotta dudes.  More fun numbers... Since they cranked up this bad boy back in '51, only five times have the Lakers not been represented. Moreover, this year will mark the 45th time the franchise has had multiple players on the Western Conference roster. 

Quick question: Any names you're surprised not to see?  The greatest Lakers never to represent the squad in an All Star tilt?

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Adrian Dantley is a name I am surprised was not there.

Hey you guys forgot Byron Scott!! future Laker coach

whatabout Michael Cooper

Would've been nice to see Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, Bob MacAdoo, Gary Payton, Derek Fisher.... and Smush Parker

Okay, just kidding on that last one.

I'd trade all those for a Mike Penberthy appearance.

That's not a complete list. Where's Kwame and Smush?

robert horry?

I'm too young to remember Pat Riley as a player much. But did he at least coach the all star team?

What other Laker coaches made it?

These are Laker players that never played in an All Star game. ... Norm Nixon and Dick Barnett are a couple that never made it to the All Star game while being Lakers. They were both early in their careers when they were Lakers.

Just wondering

what ever happened to Cedric Ceballos. I cant remember.

On this day 2-13-09 I want to go on record the Lakers finish 65-17.

Lakers finish will best record and home court, Lakers win Championship and the MVP is Andrew Bynum. haha!

Guys I don't think I can make it till Tusday. I really think they should play everyday but what do I know.

Have a great weekend Laker Fans and talk to you next week.


Dantley wasn't an all-star until the year after he played with the Lakers.
Similarly, Gary Payton, Bob McAdoo, and Karl Malone were All-Stars
before they joined the Lakers.

Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, Derek Fisher, (Penberthy, Smrek),
etc. never made the All-Star team.

By the way, Smush Parker did compete for the Lakers on All-Star

In the Haier Shooting Stars Competition in 2007.

How's that for a kick in the head?

Fish, Odom, Farmar, Mihm, Bynum, and Adam Morrison have
taken part in other events on All-Star weekends, but not the
main event

The only way Kwame Brown would ever make it into any
All-Star weekend even would be if he bought a ticket.

Lakers need to make a trade for Amare Stoudemire. How about Odom's expiring contract and Jordan Farmar.

While Odom is playing great this is the best time to trade him.

Bynum and Amare would be unstoppable in the future.

Then Trade Pau Gasol for Derrick Rose or Eric Gordon.

Bynum (young Shaquille)
Amare (young Karl Malone)
Rose (young Gary Payton)

Lamar Odom
Sedale Threatt
Connie Hawkins
Bob McAdoo
Byron Scott
Michael Cooper
Derek Fisher
Andrew Bynum
Trevor Ariza
Gary Payton
Karl Malone

"The only way Kwame Brown would ever make it into any All-Star weekend even would be if he bought a ticket."

BWAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up.

Greatest Non-All-Star Laker Team.

PG: Sedale Threatt
SG: Byron Scott
C: Andrew Bynum
PF: Lamar Odom
SF: Happy Hairston

Michael Jordan is a finalist for the hall! Man, I didn't see that one coming. Honestly what are the chances of him not making it in first time?

I recall Farmar was in the All-Star Rookie-Sophomore Challenge.


That's what kobe does for you lol. He even put Raja Bell on the map!

No Michael Cooper? I'm surprised!

By Kevin Ding for

Hilarious article by the Dinger. Imaginary conversations between Shaq and Pau at the All-Star Game. A must read for any Lakers fan. You gotta love Kevin Ding.

Here is an excerpt:



Pau Gasol takes his eyes off the TV screen and notices Chris Paul dishing him a piece of paper. Gasol opens the note and reads it: “I am the godfather of the NBA. I decree that you must come sit next to me right now. – Shaq”

Gasol looks up to see Jackson engrossed in clipping his fingernails and sashays over to O’Neal’s locker.

“Hola, my All-Star amigo,” O’Neal says. “You know I trained him, right?”

“What’s that?” a confused Gasol says.

“Kobe,” O’Neal says. “I trained him. Look at that.”

O’Neal points to the screen, and he and Gasol watch the start of the Lakers-Jazz game in which Bryant scores 10 points in the first six minutes without attempting a shot beyond 15 feet.

“High-percentage shots,” O’Neal says. “Not just jackin’ it up there. You should thank me. And you have no idea how many times I had to tell him to ‘drop it off’ before he would ever look to pass on the pick-and-roll the way he does now.”

“OK, then,” the agreeable Spaniard says with a shrug. “Thank you, my godfather.”



I would think that Derek should represent at some point - maybe the skills contest or shooting stars, something like that. He's a good ambassador for the team.

Kwame is not plyaing in Detroit. We need his big body defense against Garnett and Duncan. Can we get him on a trade for Walton? Seriously.

What if Mike T is right and Lakers can't win without the bid body in the middle? The only way we can get back Mike T back in the blog is to trade for Kwame.

Derek Fisher
Byron Scott
Michael Cooper
Robert Horry
Rick Fox


Rick Fox playing in the all-star celeb game.....

I've always thought that if Jackson coached the Lakers when they had Van Exel and Eddie Jones they would've ripped through the league like a bat out of hell. They won that first championship with an old Ron Harper at PG and no-d Glen Rice at SF. If they had Van Exel and Eddie(who played SF his last couple years, so he would have held that down when Kobe started at SG), and Jackson came in and solved their inconsistencies at the time...I would have liked to see what that team could do.

I still don't kow why they got rid of those two. I heard Van Exel wanted to go to Cancun while they were losing in the playoffs his last year, but I'm not sure.

ouccch aka Kobe is 100% accurate on his shots,

Kobe on Rondo means Kobe can play free safety and go on help defense. Rondo's jumper isn't that scary so no need for Kobe to chase Ray Allen off of Celtics illegal screens and get tired out. Phil even made that point of not having to chase Ray Allen out.

Korey you are missing my point,

First off Fish is still a solid defender against Point guards who are more perimeter oriented or posting up like Chauncey Billups. He can't handle quick penetrating guards even back in his prime (when Bibby had his way against him).

Mo Williams is the best point Fish is good against. He is more perimeter oriented rather than a slasher.

I said Ariza couldn't guard LBJ but at least he can give Kobe some 6-8 minutes of rest each half from guarding their man even though guys like LBJ and Wade will achieve more against Ariza than against Kobe.

And Ray Allen going off? Hmm let's see how Ray Ray did this year against a healthy Derek Fisher who wasn't slowed down by a tendon tear like he was last year:

1st meeting: 5-14 shooting, 3-11 from 3 point land 14 points
2nd meeting: 9-21 shooting, 3-9 from 3 point land 22 points

I'd say Derek did a much better job on Ray than you would think.

I think the real disagreement is how effectively Ariza could guard point guards. Tony Parker is one thing, D-Will and CP3 is another. Not one Laker could stop CP3 the 3rd game and that includes Trevor. My point is that you need to have better team defense rather than the individual defense to stop these guys.

Harper and Pippen could handcheck and be very physical with their guy in their era which made point guards have a tougher time against the Bulls. Ariza on point guards may work on point guards like Parker whose skill level isn't as high as CP3's are but it won't be the same because of no handchecking and the more likely chance touch fouls will be called that makes players being more careful to not be too physical with a face up defender.

Ariza off the bench defender means he can guard a SF/SG to give Kobe can rest more even though Ariza's defense is not as good as Kobe's. Sure he can guard some TP who relies more on his speed that Ariza can match but against super skilled point guards like D-Will and CP3, Trevor still won't have a great as a chance because of their skill level.

Kobe's athleticism is not as good as Jordan's. However because he emulated MJ's game and increased the number of skills Kobe became a great basketball player along with his killer instinct and thus is very hard to guard regardless who is on him.

Same story for Trevor, sure against TP can be slowed but against D-Will and CP3, with the lack of handchecking Trevor can't be effective as Harper and Pippen was in guarding point guards.

-KB Blitz

I think Pippen will take exception on having Trevor compared with him. Scottie was a perennial NBA All-Defensive team selection.

Derek Fisher IS in this years shooting challenge. Good call.

I was very surprised to s ee AC green and not Byron Scott
I always thought the opposite happened.

Good question and lots of good answers.

One name that didn't come across but was very important in our pre-Shaq Era.

Vlade Divac.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


>>>I would think that Derek should represent at some
>>> point - maybe the skills contest or shooting stars,
>>> something like that. He's a good ambassador for the team.

He already has. Three times.

"It's one thing for Ariza to defend Tony Parker, another for D-Will or CP3" HUH!?!? Are you implying that Tony Parker is not on the same level as CP3 or - cough, cough, - Deron WILLIAMS!?!? WOW.

I guess you didn't watch the first round of the playoffs this year. Parker was inhuman against Kidd and Terry; the guy averaged 30+ per game and singlehandedly at times kept the Spurs in the game. I'll hear your argument that CP3 can, at times, be a more complete guard than TP...but only after a couple of beers, and only if YOU'RE buying :) To think that you'd want D-Dub over TP is nertz. TP has improved his FT percentage, 2 AND 3 point shooting percentage, offensive efficiency...there are not too many point guards in the NBA who are as good as Tony Parker, and sure as heck there aren't any who I'd call BETTER.

Ariza has had a great season and is an up-and-comer, no question. But to say that Ariza would have an easier time with Parker than Williams (or even CP3) is disingenuous at best and flat WRONG at worst.



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