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Andrew Bynum's knee injury- video

Andrew_bynum_injures_right_knee_aga Not everyone enjoys seeing this sort of footage, so I'll leave it below the jump.  We don't know the extent of the injury Andrew Bynum suffered to his right knee in LA's win over Memphis Saturday night (for what it's worth, Bynum said he didn't hear any pops and that it didn't feel as bad as last year's edition) and won't until an MRI Sunday in New York, but the film isn't exactly Saturday morning cartoon chipper. I saw it live, then the replay, and at that point basically had my fill.

But if you missed the play and want to see it- or just want to see it again- click below.


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Feels like horrible deja vu tonight.

However, surprisingly it was Shaq who provided a momentary ray of sunshine into the evening. Tonight he told Stephen A. Smith tonight he always loved Kobe, Phil is the greatest coach in the world, etc. etc. etc. It was enough to keep me chuckling for awhile and temporarily (but only temporarily) forget about the other events of the evening.

For a smile:


You guys aren't posting the vid Interview of Bynum?

I typed it verbatim in my last post (last thread) but here's a visual aid:

I've watched the play with Kobe, Fish, Sasha and LO's expressions for what has been the 50th time at least.

Just can't shake that disbelief and deja vu feeling. Seriously, tears were welling up. I was feeling the same pitted knot in my stomach that I felt Game 6 of the finals last year.

Really hope Drew will be okay, he seemed to be optimistic and uplifted in post game interviews.

Kobe, on the other hand, looked so lost after the play, it was almost like he mentally checked out of the game, it was unnerving to see.

But I'm glad he said words of encouragement to Drew afterward.

Crossing my fingers for good news tomorrow.

I've seen football players have worse looking contortions, and come up just fine. Look at it from this point of view. Say Bynum's out 6 weeks; with one month to re-focus, he'll be strong and fresh for the playoffs.

Thanks for the video, I missed the game.

Such a shame, just as Andrew was getting back to full strength. We just have to hope it isn't as bad as it looks.

Easily the worst news of the year. I actually was watching the game with the sound off because I was working at home and I somehow missed it when it actually happened. Just like a movie where the end of the world was coming my cell phone started lighting up wit text messages about Bynum and I was forced to turn the sound up and watch the tital wave hit our city.

First thing I thought is, ugh, Karma for the Wallace. One accident deserves another I guess. It really doesn't matter why it happened, Kobe didn't mean to do that. Did you see his expression on the sideline. He was ready to beat somebody up because he realized the magnitude of what just happened. It sucks plain and simple. Now we hope and pray he's ok. Because its evident that this ship doesn't sail right without Bynum.

Second thing, and I hope management echoes these sentiments, its time for Odom to step the hell up. For Vince Young they say its time to be a big boy and play ball and lead your team. Well I'm saying that for Odom. I know he's had some personal problems and I sympathize with him and his family. I know he doesn't have that scoring gene, that hes unselfish, and I understand that as well. But, if Odom truly wants to his team to win this year- you know beat Boston, then he's got to get big double doubles every nite until Bynum comes back. I mean we need homecourt.

Let me say that again, we need homecourt advantage over Boston. That means while Bynums out we cant lose too many games. To tell you the truth we cant lose more than 1 or 2 games.This isn't a normal year folks. We got 4 teams who barely have losses and all of them are like horses at the track with their neck out for the finish line in JANUARY. Its crazy. In your heart guys, you know Boston is going to have the best record if its not the Lakers this year. Cleveland and Orlando will most likely hit a bump in the road at some point. Well maybe...

Point is while Bynums down Odom has to be up. I think Farmar, Sasha, Powell, and everybody else is ready to step it up while Bynums out. Odom I'm not sure. And Odom more importantly has to fill that scoring rebound void in Bynums abscense. I'm going to check the internet all day cuz I want to hear the results of Bynums MRI. I could care less about the Superbowl when it comes to the fate of my Lakers. Guys keep your fingers crossed. GO LAKERS

Nope. Don't want to see it again. I'm sure that ESPN will replay it over and over again in hi-def slow-mo. But I'm not interested in seeing it.

AB is going to be okay. The Lakers are going to be okay. Think about it like this: Going into Boston on Thursday as the clear underdogs, and then coming out victorious after putting a beat-down on the Celts, will be very rewarding. Kobe, I think you owe it to Drew. And I think you know it.

Go Lake Show!


it's your fault. u did not take this game seriously and made a lousy thread out of it. i hope u had fun and ignored the game.

u jinxed the lakers.

i didn't want to see it again and watched it anyway. crossing my fingers now ...

A Sad Morning, Laker Nation...

It's Time For...

Jon K.'s Early Thoughts That He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet:

1. Watching that video, I feel like I've been kicked in the gut.

2. Urgh.

3. I don't feel well at all.

4. I'm glad we won last night, but I would have rather had lost and had Andrew be healthy.

5. Looking at the video, the injury SHOULDN'T be as bad as last year's, but it didn't look good.

6. I'm HOPING that Andrew doesn't have the highest pain threshold, because he was in a lot of fricken pain there. Some of it could have been mental anguish at the fear of another injury. Part of it could be that a lot of big guys don't have very good pain thresholds. In any case, I hope it looks worse than it is.

7. There's something cosmic/karmic going on here. Memphis injures Andrew Bynum. Memphis gives us Pau Gasol. Memphis re-injures Andrew Bynum. Something weird is going on.

8. Shaquille O'Neal is saying some really bizarre things recently. He must want to finish his career as a Laker. It's the only thing that makes sense.

9. I sure hope that Phil Jackson at least EXPLORES the possibility of playing Chris Mihm at center and Pau Gasol at power forward. Pau Gasol is a MUCH better power forward than he is a center.

10. Clippers got beat again last night. They don't play defense. I can't tell you how many open jumpers they allowed against the Cavs. It was terrifying.

11. We're a better team than the team that made it to the Finals last year. Ariza and Mihm are healthy. Farmar and Vujacic are better players. Josh Powell is an improvement over Ronny Turiaf. Still, I feel a lot of anxiety about this injury. I really want to beat the Cavs and the Celtics, but Pau Gasol isn't the most physical center. Jackson really needs to keep Gasol at power forward.

12. I hope Josh Powell gets big minutes against the Celtics and Cavs.

13. I feel nauseous right now and it's not from drinking.

14. I sure hope Andrew Bynum is okay. I prayed for him last night.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



We could really use a prayer right now.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'll be more interested in news on Drew's MRI than the Superbowl today.
Lakers can still win a lot of games including vs. Celts and Crabs if Bynum misses a few games. Lakers will probably play it safe and make sure he heals properly. You can clearly see from how it affected Phil, Kobe and the rest of the players that everyone saw the Lakers as unbeatable with Drew turning into a dominant center.
Since it is a team game, the biggest dropoff will be players adjusting to new lineups again. However, if Lakers keep winning they will gain so much confidence that when Drew comes back they'll truly feel dominant.

LO will show his value to the team yet again. Its such a luxury to have a player with the caliber of LO to insert into the starting lineup w/the absence of a starter. That's why it is called a luxury tax. LO would start with any team in the NBA except Boston bec. Celts already have KG and Paula. But think of the rest of the NBA. LO is probably better then either the PF or SF of any other NBA team.

LA vs. NY, 150-120, it'll be a shootfest circus.
The only concern is the Lakers can't play defense only when they're playing top teams. They can't just turn defense on and off.

Get a life, folks. Go out and feed someone today. Or, at least get drunk - the comments wouldn't be so morose.

I think ouchhhhhhhhh is right.

I say we blame BK.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"7. There's something cosmic/karmic going on here. Memphis injures Andrew Bynum. Memphis gives us Pau Gasol. Memphis re-injures Andrew Bynum. Something weird is going on."

Does this mean that Memphis is going to give us OJ Mayo for Chris Mimh? :)

Relax, peeps. We got this. If I remember correctly, we did pretty damn well last season after we picked up Gasol.

The C's don't have Posey any more, and we'll have Ariza in the lineup. The Cavs won't have West active. We just gotta ride this [bleep] out.

Drew'll be back in no time.


Jon K.'s Suggestions For Some Things We Should Be Talking About Today:

1. Dit Da Jow.

2. Essential liquid mineral supplementation

3. Essential fatty acid supplementation

4. The effectiveness of voodoo dolls in the likeness of Kevin Garnett.

5. How much blame BK deserves for Andrew Bynum's injury. I'm thinking "a lot."

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I agree with the post about BK's jinx on the game. When I read his post, I was really worried that the Lakers were going to lose. But I never imagined that Bynum would get hurt.

Other than the Clippers, I always take every game seriously.

Jon K., some good observations. Because the Suns ship is sinking, I think the players are positioning themselves to be traded to other teams.

But I don't see the Lakers trading for Shaq back this year since he has a couple of years left still, although if Bynum is out for the season, it may not be a bad move. I doubt that Kobe would "write-off" on that trade though despite what he says, since everyone will say that he never won one without Shaq. It would be better to get someone like Amare or Brandt, or maybe even Jermaine O'Neal if Bynum is out for the year, but let's pray that it's just a sprain and not a tear.

Right now, out there, somewhere, Lamar Odom is thinking "Thank God it wasn't my foot."

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I think Andrew should wear knee braces or knee pads. They don't need to have metal. They can have more lightweight plastic joints if needed. Though just a neoprene brace may all be that is needed.

His knees are too easily injured.

Remember that his hips and knees are not well aligned. It's a in-born flaw in his body. This makes him prone to getting knee injuries.

A knee brace would allow him to know his knee position at all times. Sometimes, he just lands awkwardly. A knee brace would help with positioning.

Good luck, Andrew.
Luckily, if there is no tear, we can have you ready by the playoffs. You were starting to play like a monster.

Another thing, Andrew:

Use Jordan as an example.

His aggressive will to play and win should be yours.

"8. Shaquille O'Neal is saying some really bizarre things recently. He must want to finish his career as a Laker. It's the only thing that makes sense."

I'm with you on that. Shaq is looking for an easy ride to another ring since its obvious to the rest of the league that the Lakers will be favorites for the next few years. Besides, Shaq probably respects PJ more than any coach in the NBA. And Shaq had the best years of his career in LA, and even had a good marriage when he was here. I'm in favor of hiring Shaq back for the MLE in the future as backup center to Drew.

Jon K, you also make good points about keeping Gasol in the PF position. I do think that having LO and Pau in at the same time creates the best ball movement in any Laker lineup. I can still remember those moments last year when the Lakers looked like the best passing team in the NBA. But it does make the Lakers a bit vulnerable in not having a physical enough defense w/c may be fixed by having Ariza in SF, together w/LO and Pau. Anyways, Mihm is not really physical and while Mbenga can be physical, that's all he really does and nothing else. Its always fun to see DJ play though bec. he often looks like a 7 footer that learned to play basketball a year ago. Kinda makes pickup ball players look good LOL.

This is terrible...i think Kobe hit his knee hard but it want a twist...its either been bruised really badly or its fractured.Mine got hit really hard by a guy 3 times my size coming at me in a game of dodgeball.He had WAY more momentum than was agonising and I could not walk or put weight on it but it was a bad bruise.

You have to love Shaq he totally burned steven A as he started piping up with his usual...


and shaqs like - 'well everyones got diferent opinions I got the mic right now'
I dislike shaw generally and never found him very funny (apart from that rap on Vlade Divac on the team bus)
but appreciated that immensely!

other than that - he must think we are all stupid.I mean he says I engineered the whole Kobe thing becasue hes smart then he also wants to say had they stayed together they would have won loads more rings?????
yeah real smart - who did you pay to write your masters thesis shaq? seriously.

I Didnt Watch The Game, But As Soon As It happen I got 60 Text Messages In My Inbox Saying Lake Show Over...

Hopefully He was Just Scared, Thats why He was Screaming..


I said a lot of swear words right after it happened and the image of Kobe with his head down, holding Andrew's knee in his hands and looking as though he was quietly saying a prayer is etched in my mind. I almost threw up right after it happened. Incredibly disappointing.

Any clue what time the MRI results will be released?

this really hurts. the game against boston doesn't look good now. i will always think the best for my laker team but i, unfortunately, think boston will win thursday and that will put them at least 2 games ahead of us for homecourt. and we all know how important homecourt is in the finals. i am really bumming now. help me out my fellow laker family.
michigan laker

Various thoughts:

Let it be officially known that I hate Memphis.

I used to live there (the biggest Laker fan in the whole city) and I hated that place even back then. The only thing it's got going for it is good BBQ.

The Suns give Shaq nights off on back to back's; why not give Bynum nights off for all future Memphis games. (Unless, of course, we should meet in the playoffs...smirk, guffaw.)

Give Drew full time to heal, do not short-change the healng process like we did with Karl Malone, thereby shooting ourselves in the foot for the playoffs.

A fully health Drew is way more important than home-court advantage in the playoffs.

I'm glad I missed this live. I watched the first five or so minutes of game time and had to leave the house. When I got back and checked the box score and saw that Bynum had only played 5 minutes my heart fell.

Let's hope it's not nearly as bad as it looked. None of this means anything until the MRI comes back but for now let's stay positive.

Was at my friend the doctor's house and he was talkin' about genetic knees but quickly admitted he didn't know what he was talkin' about when the rest of the room glared at him. This is bad news even for non NBA fans.

The emotional and mental effect on Kobe sums it up. Andrew showed more pain than he did last year. Hopefully it was because of the pain of knowing he was hurt and not how bad he was hurt.


"Does this mean that Memphis is going to give us OJ Mayo for Chris Mimh? :)"

That's just what I was thinking, quite frankly.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"What struck me afterward was the look on Kobe's face for the rest of the night. KB24 looked like he had lost his best friend." -Rick Friedman

"...the image of Kobe with his head down, holding Andrew's knee in his hands and looking as though he was quietly saying a prayer is etched in my mind." "Pig" Miller.

I"m with you on this guys. It was the most human and humane I've ever seen Kobe look.


We're awaiting your apology.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


couple of thoughts

With this type of force going through the knee, you worry about internal derangement (ie ACL/PCL). If he truely got his knee off the ground then that force will likely have not blown out the knee.

Swelling is a big deal. ACl and PCL's have blood vessels in them, So if you blow one of them out, the knee swells up.

It looks like the knee might have twisted interally. If that is the case, you could end up with the "unhappy triad" (ie ACL, MCL and medial meniscus). Hard to tell from the video, but it was my first thought.

Articles say that the docs seem to think he avoided major damage. My take on that is that the "transational" tests, for ACL and PCL look like the knee is stable, but truth be told, his legs are so strong the muscles could likely stabilize the knee on its own.

Clearly without examining him it is hard to say what how bad this is, but my bet is we don't see him back for several weeks at best, and that is if the MRI is negative.

michigan laker,

We can still win. Have faith.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If you really want to play the blame game, watch what causes Kobe to lose his balance and fall backward.

O.J. Mayo (32) is guarding Kobe, and as Kobe beats him on the drive, Darrell Arthur (0) comes down from the top of the key to help, and cuts across Kobe's path and as Kobe jumps, Kobe's leg hits the crossing Arthur's thigh and Kobe loses his balance.

Doesn't change anything, but there it is.

Was at my friend the doctor's house and he was talkin' about genetic knees but quickly admitted he didn't know what he was talkin' about when the rest of the room glared at him. It's bad news even for non NBA fans.

The emotional and mental effect on Kobe sums it up but he's tougher mentally than he is physically. He'll shake it off and step up as will the team. There'll be a new focus.

Last year there was treatment confusion because of contract issues among other things. Andrew will be back this year.

I'm not concerned about not having home court advantage versus Celts, Crabs or Magic in the Finals.
If the Lakers are 100% healthy and Drew continues his beastly resurgence, Lakers will win any 7 game series, homecourt or not.
Celts are actually weaker than last year, James is not going to beat the Lakers by himself in a playoff series, and the Magic's 3 pt shooters will be better controlled w/better preparation, besides no team has ever won a 7 game series through better 3 pt shooting alone. And Larry Brown is not coaching any of them.

Faith has a point. How come you guys haven't posted the interview video? It's very optimistic! And Bynum mentions how he saw Kobe coming and was able to lift his leg a bit so it wouldn't get more messed up.

Could it possibly be DJ (silent "m") Mbenga time? Hope not...

Pig Miller you're dead right...that was an expression Ive never seen Kobe wear on a basketball court before ....FEAR.

Simply awful.

Apologies for the rushed post above...certainly I'd be a mug if I'd paid anyone to that for me.

Jon K

love your work lately.Your week reminds me of Ben Wallace with that headband episode throwing his toys at the coach then getting his best work done immediately afterwards.
Who needs a headband anyway?

Lakerville awaits with baited breath. My heart caught in my throat last night when I saw Drew go down. It's good that he said he was able to lift his leg before he got hit and that probably lessened the impact. My other thought was Kobe mentioned how hard AB worked and I think this will put him in good stead. I'm sure his knees have become stronger post surgery because he was diligent in his workouts. He's a big dude whose knees carry a lot of weight so that factors into the downtime. Here's hoping and praying that it's just a minor sprain that will sideline him 4 weeks at most. Get well soon, Drew!

James Katt - nice to see your posts... don't see many of your comments these days but always remember you as one of the very earliest voices on this blog.

Terrible turn of events last night. he was really starting to roll. i was very encouraged by his performance against al jefferson and it seemed like bynum was about to start dominating consistently. its uncanny, the similarities to last year when he was starting to roll too. i hope he is back for the playoffs but i worry that these things keep sabotaging his development. he starts to get comfortable then its like he has to start over again.

No way in hell should snaq oneal come back. he burned that bridge and insulted the city on his way out. just because he is a 2 face and changes it around like its all good doesnt mean it is. cant trust that guy. people forget that his ego is so big he would have rather been traded to miami and defer to and support dwayne wade as the leader, than let kobe take the reins and win some more in LA. To me that can never be forgiven. It is all about him and not the team and people continue to call Kobe selfish cause he wants to win at all costs and feels he wants to be the guy with the ball in his hand with the game on the line. No way, leave him in Phoenix. they can have his terrible example of being lazy. he has the perfect pupil in stoudamire. both these guys should be averaging double digit rebounds. How do you play in the best professional basketball league your whole career and still be fat? Lazy. i cant believe when all this was going on a few years ago that some fans wanted to trade kobe and keep snaq. that decision was as much of a no-brainer back then as it is today. stay away shaq. if the city was as fake as you, then it would be as fake as you claim it to be.

No man is bigger than this team. we only love you in purple and gold.

With Drew playing how he is now, banner #15 is a lock. Without him, there are questions that need to be answered.
Lakers or nothing



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