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Andrew Bynum: MCL tear, out 8-12 weeks

Just got word from Lakers PR.  The news isn't great.  More to come, but here's the release...


Results of an MRI on Andrew Bynum’s right knee showed a tear of the medial collateral ligament, it was announced today.

Bynum, who suffered the injury early in the first quarter of Saturday’s victory over Memphis after having scored seven of the Lakers’ first 13 points, will be out approximately 8-12 weeks. 

The MRI was performed Sunday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and Bynum was examined this afternoon by Dr. David Altchek.

Bynum, who prior to the game against Memphis had averaged 26.2 points on 65.3 percent shooting, 13.8 rebounds and 3.20 blocked shots over his previous five games, ranks among league leaders in rebounds (19th/8.2), field goal percentage (8th/.558), blocked shots (6th /1.87) and double-doubles (17th/16).   

Named Western Conference Player of the Week for games played Monday, January 19 through Sunday, January 25, Bynum is averaging 14.0 points, 8.2 rebounds and 1.87 blocked shots in 46 games this season.

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Also I gotta say I'm glad they went to his doc in nyc ... @ least this time we dont have to worry about the laker health staff messing it up ...

I really feel crappy for Bynum but this is what he's getting paid for. Yes he's got to go through rehab again but he's got 50+ million reasons to work hard to get back on the court (be it this season or the next).

MIHM you've got really really big shoes to fill. The blog is watching so you'd better bring your A game. You claim those ankles are healthy, now's your chance to prove it. LakerTom feel free to post 1001 reason why mihm sucks everytime he has a bad game :)

I can't wait to see Mihm finally get some pt.

Bailey Essrog, but don't forget we have very capable defenders against Manu that weren't there last year.

Trevor, Kobe, and Sasha are very capable of slowing down Manu, Parker, and whomever else you throw out there on the perimeter. They can all switch, and since they all have length.

Go Lakers.

just my real fast gut feeling lookijg at the rest of the schedule department:

it seems like we will go 26-10, possibly 27-9 the rest of the year---anything better than that would and Iwould be estatic...

I am not going to worry about home court advantage---I think we can win on the road in the playoffs--and wouldn't it be sweet to win it on Bostons (or whoever's) home court?



Everybody who keeps saying that this is the same timeline given last it's not. Last year, they said from the beginning that Drew would be out AT LEAST 8 weeks. They gave no maximum time for recovery. This time, we have the team saying that he should be back by max 12 weeks and it is also a completely different injury (and to the other knee), so there is no use comparing this injury to last year's.

Let's just hope that it's not a grade 3 tear and take some solace from the fact that Drew said in his post-game interview that he could put weight on the knee.

Either way, it's time for everyone to pick up their game. We are the deepest team in the league and it's time to take advantage of it.

Wow. So much negativity in this blog.

Some of you have already posted this - but it bears repeating. MCL injuries are NOT as serious as ACL injuries. I think this is relatively good news given the kind of impact that his knee received from a barreling 200+ pound MVP. This couldve easily been a Shaun Livingston situation.

With that said, I've had a similar injury and it didn't take me that long to recover from it. 8-12 weeks is about right. And since he'll have round the clock treatment and probably the best doctors around, I think he'll probably be ok by the 11th week. It's really the rehab time that's a question mark. He might take a few weeks to get his strength back.

Just my two cents.

This is better than last year. Last year his problem seemed to be a bit of a mystery. This year, quickly a clear, no surgery diagnosis. He should be back for the playoffs.

the problem is that Drew really needs the experience he is not getting. He needs the minutes to grow and build skill and confidence so that he will be mentally ready for the playoffs.

I am afraid he will just working back into shape, mentally and physically, for the playoffs and we may see the early season Drew instead of the mid-season model.

Son of a goat sucker!!!!!!!!!!

this is not in the same class as farmar's injury. farmar had torn cartilage which is waaay less serious. this is unfortunate for bynum and we've probably seen his best playiing days. i don't think he'll be back this season. that said, the lakers still have the talent to win it all.

So much for staying optimistic all weekend. I just hope that today's bad news doesn't rain on the Championship parade. Now we must count on the Lakers' highly touted depth. All the more reason the team must take care of business tonight in Madison Square Garden.

WEAVE MAN, your optimisim is a joke. Most of the fans in here are being a realist. What do you want us to do? Sing rah rah rah chants? This season is about winning the championship! THATS ALL!



Its okay for us to have at least one day to mourn.

Sounds like AB is too injury prone. He'll never be a reliable center in the NBA.


Had a 50% tear on my left mcl healed in about 6-8 weeks and I didn't get surgery. All during the time I still worked (standing and breaking down pallets) worn a brace and got acupuncture took Guclosomine and condrotin supplements. I was 46 at the time but I have a high pain threshold it doesn't seem as Bymun does tough. But he does have some of the best rehab guys around so if he guts it out should be back in 8weeks or less. Good luck my man, be tough and work it.

calm down guys,

even if bynum is out through the playoffs... we are a much better team then last year...

We have Trevor Ariza healthy and Chris Mihm can play decent minutes when we play teams with size.

The western conference is also much less competitive this year, so it shouldn't be as hard a run through the playoffs.

We're done. Put a fork in us ! This sucks !

Hopefully as part of rehab, Bynum has a lot of time to practice free throws---maybe he can come back and be a 75%er or so..

I just can't escape the "why us" feeling---

but adversity breeds champions and the greatest sports franchise in the history of sports will not waver and as Lone Wattey said will "endeaver to persevere" ...


#4, you are right about that -- Trevor has been a rock-solid contributor all year with his defense and hustle -- but considering that Manu is finally playing like the old Manu, I'd put my money on his offense over Trevor's best defensive effort any day.

I also like that Duncan will now be matched up with Gasol instead of Bynum, and defenses will no longer be able to collapse on Duncan as comfortably as they did last year, when Manu was a liability every time he stepped on the court.

That said, I am a fan of Bynum's game, though not really a Laker fan, and hope for a speedy recovery.

will they release an update whether it is a stage 1 ,2, or 3 tear?


why would they repeat last year's mistake and wait until June to discover that surgery is needed?

Come on. Get it done. There's still time.

And STH is right, if ther was a lack of motivation to move LO before, it's all there now. It's pretty much accepted that Mitch wasn't going to do any moves last season until Bynum went down.... and that wound up a good thing.

Now, LO probably won't be a Laker next season no matter what, but maybe, just maybe, we'll have something to show for it....

And I have faith in Mihm to a degree... he can be servicable and play a back-up role, but he NEEDS 3 scorers surrounding him.

Powell is the REAL key here. I think you'll see some big play from him.... but who knows if it will be enough to get us past the Crabs and Clovers.


"How hilarious would it be if the Lakers trounced the Crabs and Celtics on this road trip just leaving everyone scratching their heads..."

We're a championship caliber team even without Bynum. At the very least I'm expecting us to go 1-1 in those 2 games but 2-0 wouldn't fall under the category of "major surprise"

Folks on this blog had a 55 win bandwaggon when smush/kwame were starting ... we've shown our faith in this team is strong ... and this current squad has proven they're willing to work hard to ensure our faith is not misplaced ... So if I'm the celtics or the cavs, I aint thinking the bobcats are coming to town, we're the freaking lakers ... this is what we do ... we punk teams

And what is up with this term being thrown around

My God, is it wrong for fans to be realist here? Are we all just supposed to cheer on for everything that goes on with the Lakers?


I used to read those posts too YEARS AGO from the
"SUNNY RAINBOW FANS." stating we would win it all.

We are going to win tonight. One game at a time.

And don't forget we have Mbenga AND Mihm!!! TACOS!!!!

Both better be building up some serious muscles over next 8-12! And while not a good situation - it's good timing - I'd rather we give Mihm, Mbenga, Powell a lot more playing time fighting against the East's bigs vs practicing against the lesser West guys. So, in case AB doesn't come back - they will have had some PT against these guys when it really counts.

I expect PJ to be really focused on matchups from here on out and playing Mbenga and Mihm a lot more now. We have 12 fouls between them so we can save Pau and LO.

This is going to work out. We have FAITH and that's all we need on our side........


The next 4 games will be REALLY good experience for our team and I think we are going to hold up just fine.

Okay i think he will be back by the playoffs. Because this time the lakers know he needs to come back or else we are a championship contender but with him we are the best team. I think last year they did not bring him back because they thought they could without him so now this year the will work hard to rehabiletate him and get him back

Guys and gals - we have FOUR 7 footers on our team and two at 6'10. We still have the size and this is why they kept the big guys - now more than ever - they will know they have to step it up.

GO LAKERS! One game at a time.

Here we go again. Hurt against Memphis, prognosis out for twoto three months, hurt in January just when he was starting to play good ball. My god when they play the Griz again Drew should sit it out!! Damn!!

Guys, the sky is not falling. He will be back by the playoffs, possible way before. Don't forget we won a BUNCH of games THIS season when Drew was not playing all that well and we lost to the Cats when he played great, PJ has been messing with rotations and such for the long run, see the big picture, Bynum has HUGE support from his mates. This IS NOT the same injury as last year, this is a very typical injury with an established timeline for return, look at Jordan's return, different injury but similar, Jordy worked his butt off rehabbing, Drew will do the same, round the clock.

I'm going to assume Bynum is finish playing this season! Gasol is are center and Odom is are PF starting now!

This is not something that defines anything in this season except that we have lost our starting center for 8-12 weeks and if things don't go as planned, the rest of the season.

We still have a healthy Ariza, we have a better rebounder off the bench in Poweel plus we have Mihm who will be able to get his game in shape with an increase in PT.

This is bad news, but I TOTALLY disagree with Stephen A. Smith in that we no longer have a title shot. That's just the East Coast ESPN RA-RA-RA 'The East is SOOOOOO superior to the West, blah, blah,blah. All those ESPN guys have it in for the Lakers. We could start Jesus at small forward and we'd be picked 3rd.

With any luck, Bynum will be back for the Playoffs with a week or so of game rehab. He'll be rusty on offence, but his rebounding and shot affecting will not.

Odom is going to look to earn some extra coin with his increase in PT and I think Ariza'll continue to excel.

We're still the team to beat in the West and something nobody is factoring in to the Eastern conference playoff factor is a better Atlanta, a better Orlando and a better Cavalier team. All four of those guys are going to kick the snot out of each other leaving them vulnerable to our superior fire-power.



Folks on this blog had a 55 win bandwaggon when smush/kwame were starting ... we've shown our faith in this team is strong ... and this current squad has proven they're willing to work hard to ensure our faith is not misplaced ... So if I'm the celtics or the cavs, I aint thinking the bobcats are coming to town, we're the freaking lakers ... this is what we do ... we punk teams

Yeah, we had fans blogging 55 wins, but DID WE HAVE 55 WINS?


Based on the information at hand, we need a good trade to help us out or we are only getting to the finals, which is not promised either.

Oh and Taliq, thank you for proving my point about FAIR WEATHER FANS = REALIST vs. SUNNY RAINBOW FANS = FAIRY LAND DREAMERS
The blog posting 55 wins with kwame and smush in the lineup should not inspire anyone here that the SUNNY RAINBOW FANS have an ounce of a clue of what they are talking about.

Sorry, we need a trade or Drew does come ready to play in the first round playoffs so we can work him back into shape. It will be too late in if we make it to June.

REALISTS: It sucks that Andrew got hurt, but we've got a deep bench, Pau able to work the middle and the reigning MVP running the show. It's gonna be tough, but if we work hard, we'll get through this.

FAIR-WEATHER FANS: It's over! There goes our season. Andrew will be ready for Training Camp 2009. We don't have what it takes to beat Boston or Cleveland now!

No need to ask which camp you belong in. Your comments speak for themselves.

I don't think Bynum's NBA career will last very long

It's time to get either Mihm or Powell into the rotation. I prefer rotating Powell at the 4 and 5 spots (when put against smaller line ups). He can straight board and has a sweet mid range.

From 1-5

Fisher/Farmar, Bryant/Sasha, Walton/Ariza, Odom/Powell, Gasol/Powell/Mihm.

As for Bynum - you could literally see this coming. He is knock knee'd meaning his MCL is naturally loose. SImple put this injury was inevitable.

He is lucky the ACL and meniscus were not damaged (usually they are) when the MCL is involved. What is odd is that the force came from the front (not the lateral side).

* weeps histerically.....

MAN, I'm not sure I even want to stick around on this BLOG with all the NEGATIVE VIBES going around, out for the season, carreer ending injury, won't be back this year, will NEVER be the same player again, our season is over, this year was our only chance, THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE MENTAL GARBAGE COMMENTS being posted today, the last time we had such BAD news we got Pau Gasol two weeks later and we were in the Finals in no time.

Jason, you are a uninformed jerk, I have studied the play on TIVO, remove Bynum and put in ANY other player and they have the SAME INJURY, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, try not to comment and look like a total A$$


That's devastating news for Laker fans everywhere...hopefully that knee heals quickly and healthy. I hope to see the big guy on the court again soon.

Bynum is great but he is injury prone. You have to be born with great knees. The same thing will happen next season

Once again, we are all "teased" by Andrew- Sam-Bowie's potential, and like clock-work; he pulls his yearly freak-injury. I don't care how he got injured. This guy will never become what we need. I can't believe anyone lost sight of this kid's injury issues.

Once Bynum decides to quit on the team and season (AGAIN), in favor for next year; Mitch might as well put him in a freezer until the playoffs start. This kid is a fragile, china-doll.

If this were NY, the media would be all over this kid.

And YES, we do need to make a trade.
Odom (Our resident 6'11 mental midget), Radman (Our space cadet) and Luke (Our other walking injury-waiting to happen) should be sent packing in any combination for a Big.

Look, we did this whole dance last year and putting Gasol in the middle didn't work out well for us. They pushed him around like a rag doll!! Phil and the staff should try working out Mihm and Mbenga in practice and give them some playing time. I don't trust the diagnosis. Sounds like what they told us last year and we all saw how that turned out! Hope Phil has a plan B or else we're going to get out rebounded to the 9th power!!!

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Obviously, bad news for the Lakers organization and to all of us as die-hard fans.

Classified as a MCL tear (grade not given yet), I believe that Drew's ATTITUDE, DESIRE and DETERMINATION during the rehab process will be CRUCIAL...If Jordan Farmar was able to come back a couple of weeks ahead of schedule because of his ATTITUDE, DESIRE and DETERMINATION to see the court again, I see nothing but HOPE. At 21 and YOUNG, Bynum should be able to quickly heal provided that he FAITHFULLY works hard to get back. It's time for this young man to EARN his salary BEYOND the court....

Someone on the blog suggested way back that players who are prone to leg/knee injuries (whether by unfortunate chance or genetics ) should wear a knee brace or two. I've noticed that Bynum hasn't worn one all season (correct me if I'm wrong). Hmmm...You would think that the Lakers HUGE investment in him would warrant some sort of clause in his contract regarding the PROTECTION of his knees by wearing a brace or two...His past HISTORY with injuries to his legs as far back as high school should have been well noted by all affected parties...

Although players typically don't like to wear any injury aids, it is IMPERATIVE they do so! This is especially true of players who have chronic injuries involving their lower extremities. With the latest innovations, these aids are more lightweight (as they already are) and provide more support....It's called COMMON SENSE!

Despite Drew's latest injury, I really feel that our Lakers will do just fine. The key now is LO and his ATTITUDE, DESIRE, and DETERMINATION...We ALL know he can be special when he DECIDES to be! I'm SURE he has received the message by now....If Bynum can somehow get through this knee injury a couple of weeks before the playoffs, I REALLY like our chances to win it ALL!

Like I always say, ADVERSITY is what builds a team and its character through the TOUGHEST of times...We are sure going to find out a lot more about our team beyond the situation at hand.

Besides, we have won without Drew, but we sure wuld LOVE to have him on the court to CLOSE the deal. You can't teach SIZE and PRESENCE!

Well, time for ALL the Laker boys to STEP UP a notch or two! I would like to see Mihm and Mbenga have the chance to show what they can do....Why not?

If this does not happen, it looks like Mitch will be compelled to make a few INTERESTING calls for reinforcements....We shall see...

Laker pride through ANY ADVERSITY!


The news are very bad. thats for sure but... hum

I don´t know why but I feel this time we can see Bynum recovered before the first timetable ends. I can´t explain it but it´s sound to me as if someone were saying "let's tell them all the worst and then the bounceback" Hope I´m rigth.

Anyway the season ain´t over. Even if we end facing the Celts in the finals without Drew, we´ll be OK

Go Lakes!

Damn, not again. Why us? Why not the Celtics intead of us.....*%#$!

I thought Jordan had a torn meniscus, not sure that is the same as MCL, but what do I know???

I said it in a previous blog entry, we are the deepest and talented team in the NBA for a reason not for a SEASON and this with or without Bynum.....

We will have growing pains, if you will, til we readjust to other teams playing us a certian way or whatever but we will be alright -- still better than many of the teams in the West...Not enough to lose our SWAGG yall feel me?

A set-back definitely, but this does NOT change the goal, only the strategy. This team is still formidable. This team will move on. Mitch signed Mbenga this season as some sort of an insurance just in case this type of situation happens. And now it happens, and now it's time time to deal with it.

Early in the season PJ has a convinient problem of getting everyone a fair amount of PT. Well, it ain't convinient anymore... time to maximize and time to step-up.

If you ask me, I rather have them play Boston again in the finals, because this Lakers team will not make the same mistake twice.

it is a devastating loss, good luck to bynum on his recovery. but also, gasol has become a lot more active and a lot more physical than last year. people called him soft, but he is proving otherwise. i think Lakers will be alright

Payback is a b, B. BEAT LA. Kobe, tell me how my arse taste.

Okay Okay. I understand that people are upset. I AM TOO! But please take some tim eto consider the situation. We did have the team of the SILVER PLATTER...yes the number one....numeral uno....the best. We, the LAKERS, the most talented....favored to win it all...probably gonna win it all....were considered the BEST. Now we are simply considered 1 of 4 teams that is gonna be the champs. We went from a great chance to a good one to be the champs. Please consider that only 1 team can represent the East....Boston, Cleveland or Orlando.....And its probably gonna be the C' we have a finals matchup against the C's for best of 7 for all the cookies in the jar. The Lakers without Bynum will beat the best rest of the west(that sounded kinda cool) lol......but will have their hands full against the East rep in the finals....Could be Cleveland....could be Orlando...Probably gonna be the C's...Now here is the point as has been eluded to prior in this website. We have Mr. Trevor Ariza (Yeah we have Mimh but is that really a big change from last year...I say No) but we have Ariza...So good....So skilled....Yes he is such a wonderful asset to the LA Lakers. We were the second best team last year by a bit...It was the C's then us then everybody else...This year the west got weaker and the east got stronger and the Magic and Cavaliers got closer to Boston...really close...and the Lakers(with Mr. Bynum of course) easilt became the best the NBA could offer..... Now the C's and the Lakers (minus Bynum) are neck and neck....BOTTOM LINE IS NOW WITHOUT ANDREW BYNUM THE LAKERS ONLY HAVE A 50/50 CHANCE TO WIN THE FINALS.

Joe Johnson....All the Lakers ever had was a 50/50 chance to win the title.....either they will or they won't!

Bynum is a soft taco!!!

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