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Live From Staples - Lakers vs. Spurs

Austin Croshere is the newest Spur.  How that affects the Lakers, I don't know, but my guess is, "Not much."

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What's up with the Jabber Box?

It says that it's an "upcoming event" but is not presently accessible.

would someone stick a sock in jvg mouth...please

Phred, to answer your question about my preferred game announcer, that would be Reggie Miller and Marv Albert..

BTW, I still want Stephen Jackson for Vlad Rad....but I can dream can't I??

Sucks about Michael Redd, gone for the season, I doubt the Bucks will be looking to trade anyone now...

Where's the Bynum haters now?
I guess outplaying TD proves something.

that was a nice win. i couldn't have scripted it much better.

We owned the Spurs tonite...No way they can match up with us in a series..Not happenin'. A-Train (Andrew Bynum) is finding his swagg, our bench is deeper than a Supahead's the Video Vixen's U know what, they cannot check Kobe, nobody can really match up with Gasol...I could go on....But I won't!

Very satisfying, overall team win...great play from everyone...good coaching from Phil...I still don't agree with Luke starting, but it's working...

Very nice to see Jordan back so soon...great game, and he played within himself...

Tough road trip coming soon...but I like our intensity right now...

Bynum, Bynum, Bynum!!

This was as blueprint for how Baby needs to play and what he can bring to the team against good competition. Baby finished with 15 pts., 11 rebs. and 4 blocks. He totally negated Tim Duncan and helped make the Laker paint a no-fly zone for Tony Parker and Ginobli. Solid job by Drew.

Nice to see Jordan back. It speaks well to his work ethic and commitment that he was able to return ahead of schedule.

GO LAKERS!!! Keep it up!!

This game was won before it even began.

Pau and Bynum wore out Oberto..Duncan..and that other fella who had the displeasure of guarding our bigs. After the game i went back reread the article on how SA matches up with us in a 7 game series...and its not so easy to play the passing lanes and put pressure on our back court as they decided.

We have a consistent 10 man rotation that will literally wear u out. The drop off in the second unit isnt that noticable...and at most times our second unit cud actually pass of as us having 2 nba teams one one roster.

What i saw in SA was a team that in over there head..and there Big 3 can easily be severed by keeping TP out the lane and keepin a body on Manu. They have no bench what so ever..and for the love of Gawd why was that guy (i cant remeber his name) on SA team shooting 3 after 3 after 3...when his shot was clearly off.

I wont comment on the last 4 mins of the game cuz it was purely garbage time...and we also had (2) 3rd stringer in the sloppy play was expected.

Sorry people but this game was never really in any danger of being lost...But it was in danger of being a sleeper as anyone can clearly see the fans started filing out around the 2min mark.

Great Job Lakers...we did what we had to do. not a fan of the flip flopping by nba analagists..but last week Orlando was the best team in Mark Jackson is saying LA is the best.

So i suppose by there logic If LA loses and Cleveland wins then theyll be the best team in the nba. If Cleveland loses and Celtics win they theyre the best. If Celtics lose and Orlando win etc etc....

MikeandMike, where you at to admit you were VERY wrong about Bynum. You called him a bust and all he cares about is video games and getting his contract. When those of us would try and tell you it is early and to give him time you basicly ridiculed every thing someone said positive about him. You should change you name from MikeandMike to Iwaswrong.

Some say that basketball is all about match-ups.

IF it's true, the Lakers should feel great about their title chances, because it seems that with everyone healthy, the Lakers will have a huge advantage at some particular match-up on any given night, without a large drop off on their own worst match-up.

I LOVED LOVED that the Lakers kept going to the either Bynum or Gasol when guarded by Matt Bonner. As for Kobe, well, you know Kobe is going to take advantage of any mis-match. Odom has to be more Kobe-like on offense, in that he has to be aggressive when guarded by an inferior player. Whereas the bigs depend on the entry pass to take advantage of any match-up, Odom has to create a shot off the dribble, or make sure to post-up when he's got a mis-match.

I love being a basketball fan. I can't get enough of just watching the game being played. I don't know how football fans wait a week between games or sometimes 2 weeks (with the occassional bye-week).

Fan Night on NBA TV Tuesdays might as well be called Lakers or Crabs night since their games get voted in practically every time. When you count those, I wonder how many times the Lakers will appear on national TV this year.

I'm watching the Detroit-Houston game. Was T-Mac basically an always injured and sleepier version of LeBron at the same age? They're about the same size. T-Mac probably has a better shot. I wonder just how strong T-Mac would be if he wasn't hurt so much.


While the doubters dwindle daily, Andrew Bynum posted his third beastly game in a row, this time outplaying future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan as Kobe Bryant, the Bruise Brothers, and the Bench Mob swamped the hapless San Antonio Spurs 99-85. Drew was a force at both ends of the court, attacking the rim on offense, protecting it on defense, vacuuming up rebounds, and playing superb man-on-man defense on Duncan. 15 points, 11 boards, 1 dime, 1 steal, and 4 blocks, including 2 playing 1-on-1 on Tim Duncan.

Make no mistake about it, Andrew Bynum is the player that elevates the Lakers defense. Not only was he able to play Duncan 1-on-1 but his presence and help defense down low really forced the Spurs to be a jump shooting team. And just as it happens in every game, when Drew goes to the bench, the other team starts getting dunks and layups. As Phil lets Drew more minutes, our defense will steadily become better and better. Drew finishing close games will be the next big move to make us a better defensive team.

It will be interesting to see what perennial Bynum non-believers like blitz have to say about Drew right now. Will they recognize how the Beast transforms the Lakers? How he makes the Lakers a much tougher team? How he has tilted the focus of the offense to inside-out basketball? How he has elevated the team’s shooting percentage and free throw attempts? How, as Kobe said, his presence makes the Lakers championship caliber? Or will they dodge and hedge and hem and haw like trolls suddenly caught in the headlights?

Should we be surprised at Andrew’s breakout? Seriously, whose judgment would you have rather trusted as far as Drew’s potential – the Lakers front office and coaching staff or kobeblitz and bunch of misguided bloggers on the LA Times Lakers Blog. JK, blitz. I do think it is time, however, for you and the Lakers fans who’ve been overly critical of Drew to make your apologies and jump on the Andrew Bynum bandwagon with the rest of us. No need to still play the Grinch. Time to believe and enjoy the return of the Beast.

The truth is that it is not hard to project Andrew Bynum as the Next Great Lakers Center. He has great height, length, athleticism, a soft touch on his shot, great footwork, and a pair of the best hands of any big man in the game today. And he showed last year before he was injured that he could be a dominating center. It’s not like we are seeing anything new in my mind. What we are seeing is why the Lakers gave Drew the big money. What we are seeing is more proof that the Lakers front office know what they’re doing.

While I’m picking on blitz, what a great game by Jordan Farmar, surprising everybody by making his comeback from Christmas surgery weeks early. So much for those ripping the Lakers trainers and doctors. Jordie looked very sharp and under control for the most part tonight. Contrary to what blitz thinks, there is nothing wrong with Jordan Farmar’s fast breaking style of play. When he has problems, it is with not making correct judgments, not with his style of play, which is exactly what the Lakers want from him – change of pace.

Kudos also to Pau Gasol, who with Drew are becoming the Lakers Bruise Brothers. Pau is not only getting better each game but he is also getting tougher. That was a great quick jam and one against Duncan. Drew and Pau are the best front court duo in the NBA today. Great game also by Trevor and of course the MVP, who is an orchestrator extraordinaire. Luke also kept his 3-game streak of eating leather alive but does do a great job of feeding the ball to Drew and Pau and is like lubricant for the Triangle Offense.

The Beast is back and the focus has now swung to the Bruise Brothers. Playing inside-out basketball produces a higher shooting percentage, a foul and free throw advantage over the other team, and a parade of wide-open 3-point shots – which is what we saw tonight. Now with double low-post power in Drew and Pau, the Lakers are going to ride the Bruise Brothers to the NBA Championship. When we finish demolishing Boston and Cleveland on the road, our current 4-game win streak will have been extended to 11 games and our best record in the league to 42-8. And we will have swept the season series against both.

The Beast is Back. Unleash the Beast. Feed the Beast.

As always, JMNSHBO!


Bynum's play the last couple of weeks is pretty much going to force the Celtics to try and make a significant pickup.

Player of the game...FARMAR

I know Drew was very impressive and Ariza was great off the bench but Farmar came up huge. The game was still pretty close when Farmar shocked us all and came in the game in the second quarter. He ended with 14 points with 2-3 from behind the line. Not only did he play the game but he was very aggressive and drove the ball hard to the basket. I was excited to see Farmar in the game and even happier after the game he had. Clearly he didn't have the best game but I think it showed a lot about his character to come out "early" and play hard. I'm sure Fisher is extremely happy he's back and so am I.


Great victory today. I still feel we should have won in SA. Lakers took care of business. Big road trip ahead.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Look for San Antonio to make a move by the trade deadline. They need a big to take the pressure off Timmy. They are basically a jump shooting team now and on days when they are cold from outside, they are going down.

It sure is SWEET when there's nothing to complain about!!!

AB17 has found his mojo and the rest of the team is playing with Passion!

FARMAN: WELCOME back... we were missing your energy but don't let it go to your head. Continue being a team player and thou shall shine ever so bright - like our leader The Mamba.


Helo - I hear you on the Celtics, but who?? I mean seriously, if we're talking sixe matchups, who's out there that's good, big, healthy and on the block?

dave m,
I don't think the Celtics have a whole lot to offer, but I think that they are going to try. They were beat relatively easily by the Lakers last month, and that was before Bynum hit his stride, and while Farmar was still out. If I were the Celtics, I would shoot myself. But assuming that's not allowed, I would be working under the assumption that I couldn't beat the Lakers as is (with the Magic and Cavs no pushovers, either) and that I would need to get better. They may take a gamble on Starbury, hoping that he could increase the scoring off the bench/stand in for Rondo if Rondo heats a weak stretch.



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