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Lakers vs. Heat: Second time a charm?

Kobe_bryant_and_dwyane_wade_in_miam In the first go round against Miami on December 19, way back in 2008, the Lakers scored a season low 87 points, watched Dwyane Wade go off for 35, turned the ball over 21 times, and lost by two as Kobe's potential game-tying jumper from 12 feet rattled around the rim before harmlessly popping out. Kinda took the fun out of a quick jaunt to South Beach.  Sunday night at Staples, the Lakers will try for a little revenge as they kick off a five game stretch against teams above the .500 mark.  It starts with stopping Wade- though Shawn Marion wishes he was a little larger part of the offensive equation- and to get it done Phil Jackson says the Lakers may throw a few different looks at the Heat, including a little more zone and perhaps some full court pressure. 

Offensively, the Lakers will look to do more of what they'd done before and since that game... meaning score. 

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra believes his team is better defensively now than they were when they beat LA in December- the Heat are currently ninth in John Hollinger's defensive efficiency ratings (the Lakers are fourth)- and a quick check of the sked shows his crew has held some solid teams to relatively low numbers over the last two weeks.  Granted, they've struggled to beat the best teams on their schedule, but the Heat aren't wilting (congrats to those of you who chose "second paragraph" in your "When do the K-Bros deliver a weak Heat/temperature reference?" office pool) by their own basket. 

And the Lakers will once again be without Lamar Odom, who missed practice on Saturday and won't play tonight with a bone bruise in his right knee.  If the game was all about stationary jumpers he'd be aces, but unfortunately the NBA requires a little more.  The Lakers will, however, have a red hot Kobe Bryant.  He's a handy guy to have around.

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We're going to win tonight, particularly if the crowd is into it.

Don't sit on your hands. REAL FANS MAKE NOISE!!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I know I'm going to get grief for this post, but oh well.

I Love KB and am glad he's on the Lakers. BUT, those of you saying he is better than MJ or nothing more than homers seeing everything thru purple and gold glasses.

MJ won 6 titles as THE MAN. KB has won 3 titles playing second fiddle to Shaq. What more is there to say.

If KB wins one or two titles as THE MAN then we can talk. His performance in the finals last year left a LOT to be desired.

Going to the game tonight so I'll let you guys know if anything exciting happens.

Really bummed Lamar won't be playing. Hasn't it almost been a week? So much for a few days. I just hope Garry Vitti gets it together and Lamar only has to miss a handful of games at the most.

Should be a battle between Kobe and Wade. Hopefully the Lakers can pull out the W today though. I'm curious to see if Drew continues to play at a higher level.

Maybe I'll get my first live look at Sun Yue. And if that's the case, I'll probably get tacos too.



Jon K.

Why do you not take your Clipper nonesense to a Clipper Blog?

I know why. Because you know it irritates a lot of people, and you enjoy that.

Clippers Suck...always have; as long as sterling owns them, always will.

Oooh! I always love playing against D-Wade. :) Kobe v. Dwayne is always fun, and win or lose, I think I'll really enjoy this game.

Hopefully the Lakers go on another scoring binge because I think this game's going rely on their O since their D is crap.

We need this one is gonna be one tough week.

v.Miami tonight


@San Antonio

Kobe was more than second fiddle in the Lakers 3threepeat championships..Check the tapes..Sure, Shaq did his share of dominating WHEN he was on the court, emphasis on when..Kobe closed out series after series when Shaq was a liability as far as fouling and so forth. Kobe made more than his share of BIG STOPS and BIG SHOTS, BIG PLAYS/ASSISTS along with some of other Laker role players. So I have to agree to disagree on those who think otherwise and that Kobe just rode Shaq's coattails towards the Larry O'Brien..He played MORE than a second fiddle, he was the FASHIZZLE...............................

eric spolestra is hott. hottest coach.

Also, these upcoming games bring forth the challenge that all championship-caliber teams have to go through, besides there is no way around it. Regarding who plays or doesn't play, hell, I hope everyone;s team is full bore and we come out and waxx all their asses so nobody can say we WON those games against undermanned teams. Nevermind that we are without 3 of our main guys..The Lakers are always going to be the subject to scrutinization...So I am looking forward to us playing the top teams and exacting some LOVE from those who think we are soft and cannot play the tougher teams victoriously.

GO Lakers..Even if Dwyane, Ahmad Rashad's main man, goes off for 40, keep them other players like Chalmers and whoever else in check.. If that happens,. Miami only gets about 80 points..

And as you all know, we can drop 80 pts through 3 quarters, no problem...

No surprise Toronto didn't even come out for the game against BOSTON like they believed they could win....They just let Boston punk them into submission...Clowns!

Eric M.,

You know, you're kind of a jerk. You have very few positive things to say.

I don't talk about the Clippers to annoy people, but if it annoys you that's fine by me.

I talk about the Clippers occasionally because they're a Los Angeles team, they're in the Lakers' division and they play in the NBA.

People talk about the Celtics, Kings, Spurs, etc. I don't see any harm in occasionally discussing the OTHER team that plays at Staples.

Go Clippers!


Let's hope that the refs don't give Wade all the ticky-tack foul calls they usually do. That guy gets more calls...

Basically, let's get back to the swarming defense that marked the beginning of the season. Shut 'em down early, let the starters rest for the fourth.

Go Lake Show!

Obviously, the Lakers need to slow down Wade tonight. Specifically, they need to keep him off the free throw line. He shot 24 on Friday night in Sacramento.

Daequan Cook bears watching also. His 14 points in the first game were huge. He's a 38.4% career shooter from behind the arc. Can't leave him alone.

Lakers have to get more front court production than in the first game. Baby only had 4 pts., Pau 13 and Lamar 3. That has gotta change tonight. Even without Lamar, the Lakers' size advantage has to be exploited.


Are you aware that Eric Spolestra is half-Filipino? His mother is a Filipina and he grew up in Oregon.

Will Miami Heat beat the Lakers in LA? I don't think so, even if eric is half-pinoy. It is difficult to defeat Lakers in LA unless they are half-awake like in the previous game.

Kiwi, you are not alone in your flu, I got vertigo and passed out yesterday afternoon while watching Ravens & Titans game at my son's place, good my head did not hit the floor but still suffered bruised or fractured ribs. Suffering from excruciating pain everytime I cough. Wi Now I realize what Lamar, Luke and Farmar are feeling, I'm not playing just watching TV.


What really ticked me off about the Toronto game is that Perkins of Boston didn't play (bad shoulder), but that didn't mean that the 7 foot center for the Raptors, Bargnani, ever tried to take advantage. No, he stayed on the perimeter all game long. Bosh didn't do much either.

Looks like Kobe will be in a good mood tonight. His Eagles are putting it to my NY Giants. Hope that means he'll go off on Miami.



Went over the Lakers team stats this morning and thought there were lots of interesting results that I wanted to share with you all. Here is a recap of the key team stats, which explain a lot of why the Lakers are the best team in the NBA.

Wins and Losses:

* 29-6…#1 record (tie)

* 19-2…#2 home record
* 10-4…#1 road record

* 21-4…#1 conference record
* 8-1…#1 division record

Points per Game:

* 107.1…#1 scoring offense
* 98.7…#16 scoring defense

* 9.1…#2 points differential

Hollinger Efficiency Ratings:

* 110.2…#2 most efficient offense in points scored per 100 possessions
* 100.9…#4 most efficient defense in points allowed per 100 possessions
* 9.3…#2 most efficient team in points differential per 100 possessions

Field Goal Percentages:

* 47.4…#5 field goal percentage
* 44.3…#7 opponent field goal percentage

3-Point Percentages:

* 37…#11 3-point field goal percentage
* 34…#10 opponent 3-point field goal percentage

Free Throw Percentage:

* 77.1…#11 free throw shooting percentage

Hollinger Field Goal Percentages:

* 51.5…#7 best effective field goal percentage (includes 3-point shots)
* 56.2…#5 best true shooting percentage (includes 3’s & free throws)


* 23.3…#2 in assists made per game
* 23.4…#28 in assists allowed per game
* 1.6…#2 in assists to turnovers ratio

* 15.8…#5 in percentage of plays resulting in assist


* 44.5…#1 in rebounds per game
* 41.3…#16 in rebounds allowed per game
* 3.1…#1 in rebounds differential per game

* 51.8…#5 in percentage of overall plays resulting in rebound
* 29.2…#16 in percentage of offensive plays resulting in rebound
* 73.1…#5 in percentage of defensive plays resulting in rebound

Steals and Turnovers:

* 8.9…#1 in steals forced per game
* 8.3…#25 in steals allowed per game

* 14.0…#12 in turnovers made per game
* 16.0…#4 in turnovers forced per game

* 22.6…#6 in percentage of plays resulting in turnover

Blocked Shots:

* 5.3…#11 in blocks made per game
* 4.3…#9 in blocks allowed per game

Technical Fouls:

39…#5 in most technical fouls called



Bx, you are correct about Bargnani, they just didn't game plan, came in to play the game not to win it...No surprise their record is what it is..Not the kind of game to give Boston, it may lite a fire under their ass!

Feel you on the Giants (even though I am from South jamaica) I always rooted for the Jets only cuz they used to play at Shea Stadium and my uncle always got us tix, but I am a Cowboy fan first..(I know what you are thinking, don't go there!! No need to, I know my team stunk it up)

Its hard to root for any time once your favorite team gets knocked out..I guess I dont care anymore. I kinda watched todays NFC game with one eye open, the other closed..But my initerest disappeared when the Eagles crushed

I am not wishing nothing bad on nobody so lets not get ISH twisted but its about time Dwyane "PAIN" Wade gets hurt -- I dont think he ever goes a season without an injury. I am not saying I hope he goes down, I am just sayin'

Besides, I think they can sneak in the playoffs in the Least East with a healthy Wade and if Mourning comes back healthy, they will def compete in the East...

But tonite, Kobe will remind everyone, you are NOT ME -- so stop tryna be me..........

Eric M,

"If KB wins one or two titles as THE MAN then we can talk. His performance in the finals last year left a LOT to be desired."

We'll match your two titles and raise you three more ... I see 8 titles in mamba's career ... and whilst I'm day dreaming, I see him switching back to the #8 jersey for his 8th title ...

But for now I concur that he aint done nada yet and #24 would agree with you too ... anything short of a championship this year is nothing but a big fat zero in any metric u want to judge this team or any inidividual player by

I was just thinking. When Kobe was scoring 35 plus a game, the pundits said he was ballhogging and trying to pad his stats, win the scoring title, and all that..I have never heard anyone say such things about Wade or Lebron, never ever...They are just TRYING to win and are great players....

Jon K.

"You know, you're kind of a jerk."

Love the Name calling. When you can't think of anything else, or the facts are against you...Call names. lol

Kinda of like when Blitz made fun of you and YOUR Clippers, and you gave the "I have a bad temper so don't mess with me" line.

A bully and a name caller. How "Elite blogger" of you. If you can't stand to be made fun of, you shouldn't post about that Clippers. They are a joke waiting to happen.
Kind of like Butt-ler and the Suns. You're a Clipper troll.

"I talk about the Clippers occasionally"

No...Not true. You talk about them almost daily, obsessively. I mean how many people on the Laker blog do you think care about the Cheikh Samb for Paul Davis move that you talked about in HORROR for several days. OH NO! How could they do it! yada, yada,

I did agree with you that it is too early to talk about KB in the same breath with MJ. Good take there.

How do you think we'll do against the Heat tonight?

Have a great day!

Speaking of keeping DWade off the free throw line - does anyone think that's going to happen? He gets almost as much man-love from NBA refs than the Crab Dribbler.

Watch for a parade to the charity stripe for Wade, but Hack a Bean all night long with the refs swallowing their whistles. Seriously, I don't know how Kobe keeps his cool, night in and night out, what with getting sacked every game and no fouls being called. I'd probably lose it & punch someone in the mouth.... I guess that's why I don't play professional BBall......... yah, that's the reason....!


Jon K -

RANT on about your Clippers...

RAVE on all you want.....

Don't let anyone tell you it's irritating.....

We understand you love the OTHER team at Staples....

We do too - just not when they're on the court at the same time....!!!

(BTW - you DO know they SUCK, right??!!) Just busting your chops, man!

Go Clippers!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

AK/BK - do you guys know if Sasha took his complaint to the league? If so, did anything come of it?


Dunno. Haven't heard anything since Sasha first brought it up.


AK / BK,

Can you please ask Kobe if he's "put it in third gear" yet and what a 'fourth gear' might entail ?

Could you also ask Kobe directly (as opposed to Phil) why Andrew is not getting the touches on isolation sets that he would theoretically merit ?


Been reading your comments for a long while. I remember you hypothesis from the start of the season when you predicted Andrew would be a "Beast" and the Lakers second option. I appreciated your loyalty to the franchise.

Reading your comments lately though it seems that you're now on the cusp of making another prediction which is implausible at best.

The Lakers will not have an easier time with the Cavs in the Finals as Lebron will have an underdog mentality, David Sterns best wishes, and a nothing-to-lose mentality. Additionally, Kobe, for a reason I can not seem to fathom, let Lebron take the majority of the last few regular season games. Last years sweep was heartbreaking to witness.

I agree with you on one thing though: The Celtics are trash. I think Paul Pierce is a mirage, Ray Allen a scrooge, and KG a phsycho. These guys had the Finals handed to them by the shoddy referee game and Sterns insistence on a Boston revival.

Honestly, if I ever saw Stern in a one on one, I would white-glove slap him across his face. I want a duel with him like you wouldn't believe.


Listen, I would point by point and systematically disembowel your half-baked theories on the game but just know this: I do not respect you or your opinion.

To say that the players of yeteryear are better than those of today, one through fifteen, is a slappable offense.

Shame on you for arguing just for the sake of arguing.

To Tex Winter,

Love you Tex. Love you. But you need to instill a sense of calmness in your analysis. Kobe plays best when he is allowed to be an assassin. Your triangle has done wonders for the team and that's exactly the reason it's there, but to point the finger at Kobe and say he's not 'Triangle-Centric' is an awful statement. If Kobe played pick and roll basketball like Lebron or Wade, had the ball in his hands 90% of the time, and had cart-blache to do whatever he wanted to do at anytime, he might be a better player.

To make the case against that, as you've done over a series of interviews, is simply not plausible.


Stop demanding the ball. Play off the bench. Throw Steve Nash a beating for talking to the Knicks under the radar. Throw some hard fouls on the court. Tell Amare to shut up and play. Be an enforcer. It's your greatest asset.

Phil Jackson,

Listen. Love you. Love you. But you have to stop killing Vlade's confidence and keep Trevor in check. Let Sasha play point guard. Lobby to trade Farmar. Incorporate Lamar at a capacity that fits his skillset. He's seriously underperforming and that's on you.

Jerry Buss,

Keep your son in check. He's talking too much about Andrew not getting enough touches. It's harmful to the team and the fans really don't like him or view him in the same light as you.

Also, pass me some of your leftover Laker Girls.

Sun Yue,

Stop being a girl. You're not practicing hard enough. Sex a couple of blondes, get a few tattoo's, stop playing scared. This is your only chance before the D-League. Stop being a crybaby.

Stephon Marbury,

Meet me on the corner of 55th and 3rd.

I want a 1 on 1.

I'm gonna break your ........

- Sal from Queens

Keys to tonight's game:

Guard Wade with the body, not with the arms.

Take care of the ball on offense. Miami's defense is predicated on creating turnovers via controlled chaos.

Stay home on Chalmers and Cook behind the 3 pt line.

Pau and Drew need to impose their will on the inside on both ends.

Edwin ...make a speedy recovery.Vertigo is no fun...look after yourself.

Hey pinkalink..dont push it. I've realised how much I truly hate the heat...respect Wade and all but Ive never recovered from that shaq championship and I hated our loss to them earlier this season....even looking at their uniforms annoys me.At least I'm conditioned to hating the celtics uni's but the heats just annoy me..It creeps up on me.

Doesn't that Sean Marion have egg on his face? He's just got to go down as one of the biggest star fools theres ever been.i'd nominate Bonzi wells for the biggest middle of the road fool and theres no prizes for guessing the biggest journeyman fool)...anyway pinkalink comin on here and spouting off about the hotness of the heat coach upsets me...please be gentle pinkaink...don' be raising my temperature any more

By the way we got celebrity big brother here in the UK with none other than Coolio living in the house.He's a hoot - really putting some noses out of joint banging on about *****es and **'s non stop.

First time blogger, but read the blogs faithfully, I have been a Laker fan for years, and love them unconditionally. I defend them, win or lose. IMO that's what fans do. That can be a big challenge for a female in a male dominated workplace, especially rabid Laker haters. Looking forward to the game tonight, and the win. Beat Miami, so I can have that extra one, two punch for those haters, and undercover fakers.


Thanks, man.

I don't know what to do about this guy. He antagonizes people and then tries to shame them when they stand up to him. It's really weird and very passive-aggressive.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Sal from Queens,

>>>>>Been reading your comments for a long while. I remember you hypothesis from
>>>>>the start of the season when you predicted Andrew would be a "Beast" and the
>>>>>Lakers second option. I appreciated your loyalty to the franchise.

>>>>>Reading your comments lately though it seems that you're now on the
>>>>>cusp of making another prediction which is implausible at best.

Thanks for your comments. With all due respect, I don’t think my prediction that Drew would be a Beast this year was “implausible at best.” Optimistic? Without a doubt! Wrong! Probably but we will have to see what happens with Drew the rest of the year. Maybe ex is right and Drew will become the Beast by the playoffs. Or maybe it will not happen until next year. At any rate, Drew has shown he can be the Beast but the question is when will he gat back to that level.

>>>>>The Lakers will not have an easier time with the Cavs in the Finals as Lebron
>>>>>will have an underdog mentality, David Sterns best wishes, and a nothing-to-lose
>>>>>mentality. Additionally, Kobe, for a reason I can not seem to fathom, let Lebron
>>>>>take the majority of the last few regular season games. Last year’s sweep was >>>>>heartbreaking to witness.

You may be right or your prediction may be “implausible at best” since LeBron and the Crabaliers have never really won anything. No Cavaliers mystique or storied history or legendary players, which is why I still believe the Celtics would be a tougher opponent. I would take the Lakers in 5-games over the Cavs and 6 games over the Celtics.

Chances are, however, that the media love for LeBronze will result in the Cavs being the favorites and the Lakers the underdogs. Of course, if we give the Cavs some of the same stuff we left in the Celtics stockings on Christmas, then that could all change. At any rate, I don’t buy that LeBron can lead a team of subpar players to beat the Lakers. Kobe can match LeBron and the Lakers are superior at every other starting and bench position.

As always, JMNSHBO!


Eric M.,

I'll stop mentioning the Clippers when the Kamenetsky Brothers tell me to, but not a moment before that point. I, personally, think I don't go overboard with it, but if you think differently, you're just going to have to learn to live with it, or just not read my posts.

No one's forcing you to read my posts. There is a scroll function after all.

And, in closing, I find your closings in your posts directed towards me (eg. "Have a nice day!") after essentially giving me the written middle finger to be highly passive-aggressive. Passive-aggressive people are generally disengenous and I'd rather not communicate with disengenous people.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Gezzzz Bean towns finest finally got them one over a team that didnt decide to play with heart till the last few minutes.

Should be agood game tonight...but until then ill beplaying Socom:CONFRONTATIONS online to release anger cuz Toronto just gave Boston life instead of really kickin em when there down. All that frickin hard work we..NY..CLVLD..CHA...and whoever else contributed on our "Show the world how to beat Boston Bandwagon" has been for nuttin..

Now TOR is going to Beanie Weenie town and get literally skull drug by a confidant group of Thugalicious ballas and we guna have to go back down there and break there spirits one mo'gen.

One a lighter note...i just saved a grip on my auto insurance

Edwin and Kiwi - hope you both feel better soon. We will need you at full strength to get through this season and then onto the parade route!!

coachD - welcome to the Award-Winning Lakers Blog - best in the world!!! And don't forget our mantra (brought to you by mamba24) whenever any of the haters, posers and bandwagon fans try to dis our boys "WE ARE THE FREAKIN LOS ANGELES LAKERS - WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?????"

Jon K - no problem. I really don't get guys like that either. I mean seriously - who hasn't heard of a scroll wheel???!!! Personally, I can handle you being a (not so) closet Clipper fan. I'm from Canada and I'm a closet Raptor fan!! Wait a second.....seems like we both have issues.....LOL!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

Dwayne Wade is the best!!!



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