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Lakers 99, Spurs 85: A few quick vids

January 26, 2009 | 11:49 am

Talking pictures from yesterday's win. 

First, Jordan Farmar on coming back in ridiculously fast fashion from knee surgery.  So far, so good, at least in terms of how he felt on the court.  Hopefully, today won't consist of extra pain.


Phil Jackson on Andrew Bynum's ability to deal with criticism, both recently and over the years.  Drew can be a tough kid to read at times, because he's not a big talker, nor is he terribly demonstrative, which some people often equate with a "lack of passion."  Personally, that's never concerned me, because any idiot can pop his jersey, beat his chest, give a primal scream or do whatever signifies "heart," particularly since such gesticulations often come from dudes who've never won anything in their lives.  All I care about is whether Drew seems coachable and interested in improving during the inevitable ups and downs that accompany young players.  On both counts, I'm satisfied.  That Drew idolizes Tim Duncan isn't all that surprising, considering he often conducts himself like the Big Fundamental (who, absurdly enough, used to find his "passion" questioned as well).


Andrew Bynum compares his game against Tim Duncan to his recent successes against lesser Clippers/Wizards big men.  I asked Drew if it felt better succeeding, even on a lesser statistical level, against a guy like TD than throwing up huge numbers against a DeAndre Jordan.  Not really, because Drew felt his FG% could have been higher against Duncan and credited his D to the coaches' prep.  I know some people will see this as Drew focused on how well he scores, and I can see why.  Bynum isn't shy about noting dissatisfaction with touches.  But at the same time, he also noted after the Clippers win that Jordan had WAY too much success against him defensively.   So there's hopefully a balance in play.  If that's the case, as long as Drew doesn't disregard his defensive duties and maintains a sharing attitude with the rock, more power to him if he still wants to put up 50.