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Game thread- Lakers at Rockets

As AK mentioned earlier, no Sasha, but LO is going to give it a run. 

Chat box below. 

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It is awesome that Lamar Odom is playing.

When players play through injury it means they have heart.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Von ,better not outplay Kobe. There is no way this tem should even come close to beating the Lakers. Look who is on the floor Yao and Nothing else. I can't beleive it is this close.

Let Go Lakers !!!

Don't have time to watch the game live...have to help my wife make her home made dog food...she's going to be on TV tomorrow...

So, how are we doing? I'll come back at my next smoke break...

31-6 oh yeah

what a close game. thank God Vladdy, Ariza and Odom got into double figures. thanks for getting back in the line-up LO! we def. needed you.

Pau and Andrew, a combined 22 points? how unusual. must've been the Yao factor.

do better tomorrow night big guys!

Is it a huge win?

With Artest and T-Mac not playing? With us getting back LO and having Kobe?

I say yes. We're on the road. YOu're always at a disadvantage on the road to begin with. Our D of late...not a strength. But we won anyway. We prevailed. That's the mark of a good team...winning against all odds in the road.

Proud of my team tonight. Go Lakers!

wow, the chat just crashed my browser- i just made it back in in time to see the final- need to update something, I swear. either that, or everyone has to type in spaced rally caps for the fourth.

nice game LO!

nice win!

if the Lakers had shot well, this game wouldn't have looked so close. how ironic would it have been if Von Wafer was the hero? lol

basketball, like baseball is a game of averages. when good shooters can't make a shot, sooner or later they will make a bunch of them. i'm glad the Lakers were able to play some defense in the 4th, even if they couldn't hit the ocean with a pebble while on the beach for a munite there...

So that's what I'm talking about with Sun Yue. He only played
three minutes, and he didn't do anything heroic, he just tried to
stay with his man and tried to keep his head in the game. And
despite Kobe not being on the floor, the Lakers actually picked
up 2 points with him in.

Next time out, maybe 5 minutes. Just slowly build up his confidence
that he can stay on the floor and contribute by giving Fish a few
minutes rest.

i guess it is tough to play against scrubs. nobody knows their game and they r unpredictable. and all of them one time or other they have the game of their life. von wafer?!

Lakers are not dominating like they did at the start of the year.

Well done Lakers!

"korey ... lmao ... the worst part is how one of the rockets announcers keeps talking about von wafer like he is the next coming of jordan"

taliq, homers to their team do that. Portland fans compared first Clyde Drexler to MJ, Bradon Roy then to Clyde the Glide and the Clippers even compared Eric Gordon to Mitch Richmond.

Von Wafer just shot lights out. I think he was vengeance driven against the Lakers for cutting him.

Biggest change was getting Luis Scola in foul trouble, most people would take Scola over Landry in most situations.

Fortunately the Rockets stopped being hot and the Lakers went on their run at the right time.

Powell-Odom-Ariza did well and Lamar was allowed to play SF even at times. Hopefully Sasha will be back tomorrow at the Alamo. Short flight from Houston to San Antonio so hopefully not to much sleep deprived. Sasha is back means more rest for KB. (Riverwalk there is pretty cool. Been there a few times and enjoyed riding the boats).

So much for "the Beast is emerging". Not to include the foul troubles some were bogus some were correct (Kobe was hacked TONS of time). Against Biedrins, Nesto, and Udonis Haslem Bynum did the right thing and went through them. Against Yao he did what I expected him though the rebounds is once again a pressing issue. Adelman played Battier at Kobe and Kobe did struggle though stepped up at the right time.


Tomorrow should be another win. This time hopefully Bruce Bowen won't be as long on the court so Kobe doesn't have to go through another perimeter defender.

Duncan will be coming up and is shorter than Yao. But regardless who is defending him (most likely Bynum since there is no David Robinson to lay off the pressure) don't count him out. He will go down as the best PF in history (Yes better than Karl Malone and Charles Barkley and Kevin Garnett, sorry but Duncan has the rings/more MVP's/more 1st Team Defense/and 3 Finals MVP's) and he's still a tough guy to contain for long.


kobe is some player. he missed a lot in the first half. he made only 1-4 of 3pts. but the one that he made iced the game. where amezin' happens


A good win.

Thank you Kobe.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Took us 37 games to have Bynum, LO and Pau at the same time!!!!!!

Greetings Fellow Lakeshow fans,

Wow! Nice KB24 clutch FACIAL three on stout defender Battier and win vs Rockets. Our MVP didn't shoot well throughout, but was MONEY when it mattered the most.

Considering that Artest and McGrady were out, it was quite surprising that our Lakers did not separate themselves from the depleted Rockets (troubled frontline play and perimeter D from the guard position aided in the struggle).

Then again, we are very depleted as well, especially at the guard position. That very position almost did our Lakers in...Ex- Laker Von Wafer was surely a thorn all game from the guard spot...

BTW, our Lakers bench of Ariza, LO and Powell did a very good job when called upon...STILL VERY THIN though. Nice spot minutes for Sun Yue as well.

On to SA tomorrow! The key is going to be our frontline play on both ends, KB24's floor awareness (not getting into one-and-one mode), and stopping Parker's penetration.

I have a feeling the AB and Gasol are going to play well. Tim Duncan is REALLY the Spurs only true BIG MAN on the post. Hard double teams and utilizing length on him should do the trick...Using Ariza and Bryant on Parker and Ginobili at various times should be the formula as well. If Sasha shows up, then use him on Ginobili...Any way, our Lakers mindset should be playing smart D and smart offensive execution by simply POUNDING the ball INSIDE from the start! Ultimately, that should open up the perimeter game.

Laker pride through ADVERSITY!

Von Wafer has heart.

Von Wafer has spirit.

Von Wafer has abillity.

But he will never have long-term consistency.

His emotions will undermine him, as they also are his source of strength.

So sayeth the Bio-Chrono.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I can't believe I missed pretty much the whole game- damn this job keeping me occupied!!! Its just not cricket.

Glad we came away with the win!!!

My wife and I DVR'd the game...decided to take a break from cooking and watch the 4th...

Hey AK/BK...looks like you were right about the Wafer...he didn't score in the 4th, but I looked at the box xcore...we could use that right now...

Thank God LO came back...nice game from Vlade, TA and Josh as well...

Kobe's three...what can I say?

What did Phil say yesterday?
"Win the first one..."
He made sure they got it done...I thought his substitution patterns in this game were spot on...and I saw that Sun played in the first half...good time to give him some minutes...

Beat SA tomorrow!

Thanks Lakers for the other half is a Rocket fan and a bonified Laker-hater....I'LL have sweet sleep tonight. Good job.

Anna in Bondi,
"Its just not cricket"

No. DIfferent rules entirely.

Good win for the Lakers, they again manufactured a hard win against the Great Wall and flying swordsmen. Only AK knows Von Wafer can play, that's the problem of not playing rookies.

Here is the latest with regards to PG from Hoopsworld:

"It's almost impossible for Derek not to play somewhere close to 40 minutes," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. "It's a concern for us, but he's really kept himself in good condition."

The Lakers have explored numerous options to limit Fisher's minutes, from asking Vujacic or Kobe Bryant to assume more ball-handling duties, to giving unseasoned rookie Sun Yue playing time he's not yet ready for, to acquiring a backup point guard via free agency or trade.

Journeyman Dan Dickau and D-Leaguers Eddie Gill and Blake Ahearn are among the point guards the Lakers have inquired about, agent Mark Bartelstein said last week. Ex-Lakers guard Jannero Pargo is another potential option, but he is currently under contract with Russia's Dynamo Moscow and Bartelstein said nothing is imminent.

Like I said, Houston plays more efficient without McGrady and Artest (at least offensively) b/c they have a clear understanding of who the #1 option on the floor is and what their roles are. I've watched enough Rockets games to see plenty of ill-advised shots from TMac and RonRon that came outside their offense.

And, I wasn't joking that Landry and Wafer would impact the game. Not hard to predict if you've seen any of their recents games.

I'm glad the Lakers broke their streak of dropping the first game of back2backs. On to Step 2 of the 2 Step.

Today is the year anniversary of Bynums knee inury last year

Von Wafer reminds me a lot of JR Smith on the Nuggets. Both guys can flat out score but they seem to lack a little something in the head. Kobe has a great head on his shoulders and has a unique drive to succeed; that's why he's the MVP.


Bynum :

Exactly 1 rebound in 27 minutes???
Oh yeah, he`s certainly worth that $58M contract!!!

Just went on the Houston Chronicle sports are they blasting their home team...They are calling for Rick Ademan's head....They even say the refs won the game for us...typical.

Wow. Team loses, fans on the blog want the coach's head, complain about the refs? That would never happen here (haha).


please BK...we get that even when we win...actually we get that more often when we win lol.

Edwin... they inquired about Blake Ahearn huh? Hmmmm... don't exacty see that dude being signed here.

The more I think about it, I don't see any d-leaguer or inexperienced PG being brought in. The nightmare scenario would be a Fish injury, 'cause THEN what would we do? Nobody would really anticipate somebody like a Koby Carl (as much as I like him) taking over the starting position would they?

So I figure, if they sign a guard, it wil be a vet. Somebody who's started in the league before. Doesn't mean somebody who's seen as an impact player right now, but certainly somebody who's been in big-game situations in the past.

Meanwhile, I'd love to see Odom go coast-to-coast and dunk on Timmy tomorrow night.

Pau Gasol is again absent in this game offensively. 11 points on 3-9 shooting with same rebounds and assists tally as Kobe's (7 and 4).

He took just 9 shot attempts while Kobe took 32. What a disparity! They're going back to the previous "Kobe-with-a-bunch-of-supporting-casts" Lakers team that had no chance of winning the championship.

They struggled against a Rockets team without T-Mac and Ron Artest. Can the Lakers beat this team when the 2 are healthy?

No chance...unless Gasol plays more aggressively.

Please see the following article for some stats on Gasol's offensive contributions:

GoodMorning Charles
Good Morning JustAnotherMambafan, The Outlaw, Baby Outlaw, LakerTom, Jon K.
Eric M. Faith, Bob, Edwin G.& the rest of The Morning Crue. Do I have to say it?
GAME DAY! 2nd in 2 days. This one is dangerous. The
Spurs are slowly rounding into shape as they always do.
One loss and we lose the best record. Don't look now but
about 4 teams are gaining on us. So.....Forget about Boston
& just play the games. Roll Call in 2 hours.

Dave M,

I definitely agree with you. The Lakers need a vet who will take over Fisher's job while Jordan is in the injury list. As the agent of Jannero indicated nothing is imminent, it means they are just listening to negotiation. That would be the job of Vlade Divac to scout Pargo's game in Russia while Ron Lester & Mitch would be talking to his agent to accelerate the process. If they go on a silent mode and letting other teams bargain for his services, then this is a long process that may reach end of February. Jannero has given a clue that he can break the contract b/c he is not paid on time but would not commit any other team because the money is not there. It is the old syndrome, show me the money and I will show you my destination.

Now if the Lakers are thinking of short run patching-up the hole, then Coby Karl or Joe Crawford could provide a 5 minute rest for Fisher sharing also with Sun Lue on the wing. Fisher's minutes should be reduced to 30 minutes spread in 4 quarters. I consider the season as an elimination process, flexing the muscles, giving bragging moments for fans like LakerTom to pump on their favorites (LOL!) the real competition is in April. Pacing is one strategy that works and that's what Kobe is doing. While these two veterans are pacing, their teammates should step up and help in scoring. Unfortunately, these two players comprised the Lakers offense and if they are missing on the floor, we're hardly competitive. There has to be solutions to apparent miscues.

Go Lakers !!!!!!!
They're be back in town in march ... I'm a Laker fan even dough I live in Houston dont care for the Rocket's at all ..Cause L.A. is my hometown ... :) yea baby ....
Rocket's r still crying over their lost ...LOL LOSERS !!!!!! they should of known better they cant beat the LAKERS !!!!!!!

It was a good game lastnight ... I was sure cheering hard for them I was surprise 2 c so many Laker's fan lastnight . Goodthing cause I thought I was going to be the only one ...Haa



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