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Suns trade for Richardson, will be REALLY shorthanded tonight

December 10, 2008 |  3:56 pm

Jason_richardson_traded_to_phoeni_3 The remodeling of the Suns continues.  Last year, it was Shaq, now, it's Jason Richardson.  The explosive! two guard is heading to Phoenix along with Jared Dudley and a 2010 second rounder in exchange for Laker favorite Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, and rookie PG Sean Singletary.  In the short term, it means the Suns will be playing with a skeleton crew tonight at Staples... and also totally messes with my planned pregame analysis.  In the long run, it's another step in the process of D'D'Antonizing the roster, adding a more conventional, more talented shooting guard to a lineup that already includes O'Neal, Steve Nash, and Amare Stoudamire. 

Richardson is a fantastic three point shooter (currently up around 46%) and given his explosive offensive talent- far more versatile than either Diaw or Bell- should help spread the floor for a team determined to force feed O'Neal down low.  It should help Stoudamire as well.  On the other end, Richardson isn't a good defender, making you wonder how exactly they're going to continue the drive to improve in that area- again it looks like Phoenix is built to pile up points- but overall it's a net positive for the Suns, at least on a sheer talent level.

It's certainly going to make them a more complicated cover for the Lakers, once everyone is on board and the Suns have had a chance to integrate Richardson into their offense. 

How this makes sense for Charlotte I'm not sure, but frankly does it matter? 


(photo: AP)