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Suns trade for Richardson, will be REALLY shorthanded tonight

Jason_richardson_traded_to_phoeni_3 The remodeling of the Suns continues.  Last year, it was Shaq, now, it's Jason Richardson.  The explosive! two guard is heading to Phoenix along with Jared Dudley and a 2010 second rounder in exchange for Laker favorite Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, and rookie PG Sean Singletary.  In the short term, it means the Suns will be playing with a skeleton crew tonight at Staples... and also totally messes with my planned pregame analysis.  In the long run, it's another step in the process of D'D'Antonizing the roster, adding a more conventional, more talented shooting guard to a lineup that already includes O'Neal, Steve Nash, and Amare Stoudamire. 

Richardson is a fantastic three point shooter (currently up around 46%) and given his explosive offensive talent- far more versatile than either Diaw or Bell- should help spread the floor for a team determined to force feed O'Neal down low.  It should help Stoudamire as well.  On the other end, Richardson isn't a good defender, making you wonder how exactly they're going to continue the drive to improve in that area- again it looks like Phoenix is built to pile up points- but overall it's a net positive for the Suns, at least on a sheer talent level.

It's certainly going to make them a more complicated cover for the Lakers, once everyone is on board and the Suns have had a chance to integrate Richardson into their offense. 

How this makes sense for Charlotte I'm not sure, but frankly does it matter? 


(photo: AP)

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Be careful tonight...the way we've been defending against guards, Richardson/Gnash could combine for 80 points tonight!


I don't understand, for the life of me, why the Bobcats made this J.Rich-Diaw/Bell deal.

From Phoenix's end, it makes sense. They've grown very stagnant of late and look fairly lifeless. Richardson adds some younger legs at their core, plus about 20 pg and the ability to hit inside and out. Will it work for the Suns? No idea, but it's worth giving it a run, especially with guys like Shaq, Hill and Nash coming off the cap pretty soon anyway. They'll be looking to build around Amare and you could do worse for a #2 option than Richardson. Plus, Dudley is a decent role player.

But for the love of all that is holy, I cannot even fathom what Charlotte sees in this transaction. Yes, Richardson wasn't worked as anticipated upon bringing him in, but was he such a disaster that you're gonna take on another 3 years and 27 mil of Boris Diaw? Richardson might make more, but he's on the cap one fewer season and his contract becomes more valuable as an expiring deal than Diaw. Plus, Charlotte is now looking at basically entire roster- save Gerald Wallace, who can't carry a team and maybe Augstin, if he develops- of role players. And role players with long term deals to boot. You really wanna add another one to the mix?

Seriously, you can't land better for JR than Diaw and a rapidly aging Bell, who doesn't even expire until NEXT year? I suppose there could be something to this I'm missing. But for now, either these guys have rock solid/secret evidence that Sean Singletary is the next ginormous thing, or I'm starting to truly doubt MJ's ability as a front office man.



Richardson won't be in uni tonight. There's no way all five players will have completed their physicals by game time.



The Suns trading Diaw is a sign that they're moving farther away from small ball.

In the long run this is a good trade for the Suns. They are getting their philosophy together.

This isn't going to be a cake walk for the Lakers in the Western Conference.

mike t.

1. Richardson is a good defender, he's the biggest reason Golden State's defense fell apart last year.

2. He's very much a D'Antoni player: loves to shoot threes and fly on the fast break. How is he "more conventional" than the robotic Bell?

Considering the fact that Rich needs to handle the ball a lot..what does this mean for Nash?

I mean in the short term with their propensity for "resting" players...probably a good thing. But in the playoffs? I think we're looking at a different story.

Remember him in GS? He wasn't exactly the go-to stud there.

That said, I think this clinches it. Bobcats are the dumping ground of the NBA. As I recall we dumped Jumaine Jones there. Since they're in a giving mood, how about giving us Gerald Wallace for Luke? lol.

Go Lakers!

Looks like the "Trading Season" has officially begun

if the lakers win this game it won't even satisfy the void left from last night. The Lakers need to move lamar for a forward like Mike Miller or Gerald Wallace. Lamar has driven my crazy enough already. This trade will certainly help the suns to challenge Kobe when they play. However, still does not put them over. Like I said earlier the West is getting interesting, and I can actually see the lakers losing between 20 and 25 games now for sure. They need to start playing with urgency, because all our hopes for this season can vanish in a sec, it only takes one play.

Micheal Jordan is a bad GM. I was reading the other day he was making fun Sean May for his weight. That is not how you lead or motivate young players. And this trade makes absolutely no sense for the bodcats, just no sense at all. So stupid. Ak you are absolutely right.

For the love of God can the cavs play a competitive team so I can really see how good they are. They haven't played a single team with a winning record since Boston. Im not sure how accurate that is, but it seems like it.

Repost from end of Last Thread:


Most of you old-timers know me - I've been on the blog for over 3 years. I still read it regularly but rarely post. But last night's game exposed a deep flaw in this team that needs to be addressed.

I don't want to sound like a racist in reverse but there's a simple fact that's true. Basketball in the twenty first century is a black man's game. In general, black players have the speed and toughness the modern game requires. White Euros do not. Period. Look at what Shaq and D-Wade did to Mr MVP Nowitzki and the Mavs a couple of years back if you need proof. In fact ALL the CHAMPIONSHIP teams over the last decade and a half have been black-driven:
The Jordan-Pippin Bulls
The Shaq-Kobe Lakers
The Billups-Hamilton-Prince-Wallace Pistons
The Duncan-Parker Spurs (Ok they had a latino too)
and of course the KG-Pierce-Allen Celtics.

Now I love Pau, but we already have two strikes against us with him as our #2 option. We simply CANNOT afford to strike out by giving substantial minutes to no-speed, no-D Euros Radman and Sasha. They are constantly getting burned by faster tougher black players. If Garcia and Jackson torched them last night, imagine what Pierce and Allen will do come Christmas and (if we make it) the finals. Their ability to sporadically hit the 3-ball in no way makes up for their glaring weaknesses in toughness and speed.

The solution? Ariza needs to start and he and Kobe need to play 20+ minutes the first half and most of the third quarter. Sasha and Vlad should be relegated to a few first half back up minutes and NOT together. And when either of them is on the floor, Pau should be resting and let Bynum and Odom (or Powell) handle the front line. That way we always have 4 fast, tough D-minded players on the court. Then if we're blowing out the other team by third quarter's end (which we will be in many cases), we can put them on the floor for the fourth quarter and give Kobe and Trevor their rest then.

We have the players to win a championship. I commend Mitch for holding on to Bynum, getting Ariza, and landing Pau, But offering long term deals to Rad and Sasha was an awful move. Let's not compound it by giving them more playing time then they deserve. A Kobe-Bynum-Pau-Ariza-Fisher starting 5 with Odom and Farmar getting substantial back up minutes will work for us.

And when Pierce, Allen and KG look across the court and see Trevor, Kobe and Drew defending them instead of Vlad, Sasha, and Pau, they'll know their championship was a 1 shot deal, and the LAKERS WILL WIN!


How about Gerald Wallace for Lamar. When you ask a player of Lamar's caliber to lead the second unit and he can't.
Why is he on this team?

yeah, trades are jumping! I got a feeling there's going to be a lot of trades going down this season.

mike t.

The Suns are delaying the inevitable: They're decaying. This will not affect the rest of the Western Conference.

Don't sleep on Jared Dudley.

I think the Lakers need to make a trade, too.

mike t.

You Ever Notice,

"I disagree about the fatigue angle of Kobe and Pau. I don't want a built in excuse for every poor performance by these two, "

I hear what you are saying, but but you can tell by some of the body language Kobe and Pau have been displaying so early in this season tells me that they are still recovering from there summer. The All-Star break should refresh them a little bit, although I hear Dwight is trying to talk Kobe, Vince and some of the old school guys to join him in the dunk contest lol. I'm sure it's all hype though. Kobe knows what he has to do.

Richardson represents going to the basket and outside shooting from one player. Put that with the idea that the Lakers have trouble with points in the paint...The Suns are gearing up for beating the Lakers in the playoffs.

mike t.

I love mj ! But after this move . Who's gonna pay to the bobcats ? The idea of having superstars on your team is the ticket seller ! Does Jordan think that he's still the ticket seller ? I won't be back at another damn game ! This is coming from a tarheel fan ! Thanks alot mike !


He's on this team because we are paying him 14 million on potential and hope lol.

Don't get me wrong, I have faith in the guy. That in the bench he'll find his niche. The thing about LO is that he needs to be constantly proded, by being in the second unit, he's not allowed to wander off as much versus the 1st unit...where there are players to make up the slack. That said, he hasn't exactly shown his niche in the 2nd unit.

So do I want to trade him for Gerald Wallace? That's tough. On the one hand I think it's time to move on from LO. But on the other, he can still contribute, unlike others. Also if you trade LO what does that do to our SF depth. I mean Luke moves up a spot! haha.

We need to make some trades. Let's assume only Eastern teams:

Rasheed Wallace: pluses: finals experience, size, toughness, outside shooting. minuses: age, attitude

Vince Carter: pluses: a legitimate second option, 3 pt range. minuses: attitude, injury prone, contract length, good thing going in NJ right now

Richard Jefferson: pluses: not as good as Carter as a scorer, but still someone to pay attn to, defense, finals experience. adds toughness. minuses: contract length not as bad as Carters, but still at 3-4 more years

Michael Redd: another good shooter, good character. minuses: contract length, Kobe would play the 3

Shawn Marion:pluses: last year of contract, can be good when motivated. minuses: attitude, disappears in playoffs

Caron Butler: same as Jefferson, but very popular in DC

Of these, I think Jefferson makes the most sense - he can shoot, pass, defend, is from LA, and the contract's not that bad. Odom would give the Bucks another big man and more financial flexibility after this year. So Odom for Jefferson? Or get bold and offer Gasol for Wallace and Odom for Jefferson. Out lineup then:


I'm just not sure our lineup as currently constituted has what it takes to win the finals. No Fox-Harper-Green type players.

Wow. I suddenly don't hate Bell as much as I did. Dude, end of an era with the PHX team pretty much dismantled from the team they had two years ago.

Wonder how it's gonna go down tonight?

For the life of me I don't think I understand any move Michael Jordan has made since he's been a front office guy. At least Isaiah made good draft picks. I loved watching him play as kid growing up but come on MJ you have to be better than this.

What is the Bobcats plan? I don't think anyone has any idea. MJ is a sex scandal away from being Isaiah.

AK...... You said something! Also Kobe Labored play as of late could be linked to preseason knee injury. We all know that Kobe will not make excuses in regards to injuries but I believe that Kobe may be in pain and doesn't want it to become a big issue! Also Phil still has said nothing!

Wow. That Bobcat team sucks something awful. Besides Augustin, Richardson was the only good thing that team had going since Wallace and Okafor are both having disappointing seasons. Who is going to score for that team now? It doesn't really help the Bobcats in the short term or the long term. Plus, Jared Dudley is highly underrated. This is a steal for the Suns. MJ has no clue what he's doing. Great NBA players = Terrible GMs. Isiah, MJ, McHale. Bird has been ok at least.


Good question- What I meant was that Richardson is a more traditional scoring two. Attacks the basket, shoots threes, etc. Bell is more of a specialist, especially at this point in his career. Shooter, defender, that's it. A role player.

Not artfully phrased, so I hope that clears it up.

The big question for me is what direction they're trying to go. It's a trade worth making, but between Nash, Richardson, Stoudamire, and a declining (defensively) O'Neal, this isn't set up to be a good defensive team at all. Still, it's a great deal talent wise for Phoenix, and should make them better once all the parts are working together.



I would not mind Luke moving up a spot. We need a player with an underdog mentality to change the entitlement mentality that comes from this team right now. (I still also think Luke can play, he just needs playing time to get a his rhythm back. He is under utilized to an extent) We can have all the talent we want on this team, which we do, but we can't seem to get intense focus from this group. A guy like Wallace brings the consistency and intensity every game. How long can we ask lamar to bring focus and consistency? If the Bodcats do bring this trade up, its a no brainer. I love lamar at times, but hes too unpredictable for me.

And Lamar number looks good on paper, but like I always said it makes no lasting impact on the game.

Just to mention, I read an article today on Sasha, and he said he was really trying to find his new role on this team with his shot off. He made no excuse for his poor shooting, and said he just wants to find his new role. Sasha is my kind of player and he gets major respect from me.

I never like Steve Kerr's writing when he was with yahoo sports but I like what he's doing as GM in Phoenix.

He traded for Shaq, got rid of D'Antoni, hired a defensive coach and now gets a player explosive enough on the offense to compliement Shaq, Amare...and give Nash a reason to look for a dynamic player going to the basket.

Ummmmm...I think the move was brilliant.

mike t.

Xodus -

It's Isiah, c'mon get it right!

(being ironic of course)




"I'm starting to truly doubt MJ's ability as a front office man"

Say it ain't so!!!

Wow -

A guy like Wallace brings the intensity and focus every game? Have you been paying attention to the Pistons AT ALL this year? He's been highly criticized for coasting 4 out of every 5 games. He's as inconsistent as Lamar, if not more so. He's motivated only when he wants to be. Lamar, I feel, at least tries hard almost all the time, even if the results are inconsistent.

Certain bloggers hypothesize about trades, but they refuse to name names. Then, if a trade happens, said blogger can claim to have "known it all along."

Other bloggers propose actual trades, complete with names, salaries, contracts, etc. That type of hypothesizing has SO much more relevance and integrity.

Many thanks to those bloggers out there with actual concrete positions. The one guy who screams the loudest on this blog typically has nothing of substance to say. But he loves to have "known it all along."

Go Lake Show!

I can't believe Bill Walton slap biatching Pau, Rad and Sasha on the ESPN pre-show. Real jerk!. He's probably mad that his own son can't get into the rotation. Sheesh.

The Suns are 13-9, haven't improved defensively and every player is complaining about the new system and getting Steve Kerr was a good idea?

WOW. That's all I can say.

This is one of those trades where you feel like there's another shoe that's supposed to drop.

I know this is going to make some people throw up in their mouths a little bit but I'd trade LO for Diaw and Bell tonight if it could be done. Bell provides a defensive minded back-up to Kobe who can spread the floor on the 2nd unit with his 3 pt shooting. He's another body to throw at guys like LeBron, Pierce and Wade. And Diaw has a nice mid-range game and is a great passer out of the high post.

I don't know what Charlotte's plan is but trading for LO would put them at $40M in salary next season. I wonder if they'll do something like waive Bell?

Wow -

I just realized you were talking about Gerald Wallace, not Rasheed. My bad. Gerald Wallace DOES bring it every game, you are correct.


My bad man. haha

And you're correct about Rasheed. Focus has always been his problem, even in the playoffs.

For those of you wanting to trade Lamar for Gerald Wallace...

If the Lakers do that, then you can assume Ariza is gone after this
season. Adding Wallace's big salary to Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol
next year would put them somewhere in the mid 80 million range.

So you have to think about it. Who would you want the Lakers
to keep going forward... Wallace or Ariza?

Its official, the Suns are desperate and on a downward spiral.


Oops, I just realized that you were talking about the wrong Wallace and as a result so was I. haha

>>I think the Lakers need to make a trade, too.

Okay Mike T, hit us with your best shot. Who should the Lakers
trade for?

Jay Jay, I find your comments extremely offensive.

"In general, black players have the speed and toughness the modern game requires. White Euros do not. Period."

That is a BOLD statement!

To make it sound like the physical DNA of black players is stronger than all other races is ignorant. Like everybody else should just give up now and that Teams should dump all of their non-black players!

WOW, are you for real.?

You sound like a Bizzarro-World Klan member!

Maybe Kerr is trying to build a bizarro version of the 2004 Lakers.

Shaq is just an older version of Shaq
Amare as a younger version of Malone?
J-Rich as the garage sale version of Kobe?
Nash is "past-his-prime/used to be good" like Payton?

I know. It's a stretch. LOL.

>>>A guy like Wallace brings the intensity and focus every
>>>game? Have you been paying attention to the Pistons
>>>AT ALL this year?

Uhhh. I thought he meant Gerald Wallace, not Sheed.

lakers_sth -

Diaw has been the Suns equivalent to Lamar - maddeningly inconsistent, poor work ethic, versatile, great passer, overpaid, seems to sleepwalk sometimes, shaky outside jumper. The killer though to that trade is that it would leave us paying Diaw's vomit-inducing contract for another 3 years. No thank you. I'd rather have Lamar for this year and the finanicial flexibility after he's gone.


I saw all the attention I got last night.......and I wasn't even there. LOL

You're wrong about AK however, ............I just re-read his post............he said nothing! LOL

Now Jay Jay............I hate to say it......but, He said something.

Which brings to mind the signing of Luke Walton and his press conference a little over 2 years ago. I did a little digging and I can't for the life of me find one team that was interested in signing Luke! Not one!

Yet right before the deadline Phil tell Luke he wants him back and then MItch signs him to 6 count 'em 6 years!!

Was that to protect Luke from the embarrassment of having no takers in the free market?

That contract now looks horrible and it places in question Mitch's and Phil's ability to appraise talent.......or maybe something else is going on (Jay Jay if you want to take a stab at that one go right ahead)

I even analyzed Walton's answer to the question he was asked during the press conference on what other teams were interested in is his answer

"Lon (Babby, Walton's agent) and I discussed other cities. Teams that I would have played for, mainly teams that were competing for NBA titles. I didn't really have any one or two singled out. I don't really want to get into names of the cities, but the teams that are kind of in the hunt of the championships each year. Those are the teams we were gonna talk to if, for whatever reason, we couldn't work something out with the Lakers."


A chuck23.................Walton said nothing!!

Xodus -

At least we can agree we don't want Rasheed Wallace on the Lakers LOL


Good points re: Ariza vs. Wallace.


"AK, "I'm starting to truly doubt MJ's ability as a front office man"

Say it ain't so!!!"

I know. Thankfully, the blow was softened by merely doubting MJ's ability as a front office man since the early decade.


Bizzaro lol. Good one.


Gee. You mock my take on the trade, yet offer literally nothing in the way of explanation or counter-argument, as if you're just talking to hear yourself talk like a self-appointed genius. Wouldn't have seen that coming.


OK, Jason Richardson to Suns, from old it was changed to older. What makes Jason so special that Boris and Raja cannot accomplish. I guess this is the centerfold of the trade, the others are just fill ins. On part of Bobcats, what they really need was dominating C that will complement with Gerald Wallace, what they go are two forwards that will compete P/T with Gerald. Anyway, I think this trade is just a musical chair exchanging places, their performance will be the same. Let's see.

Now there are only 8 players on the Suns lineup, Lakers will see a lot of Nash, Amare and Barbosa as well as Barnes who will carry the Suns. I wonder what will be the Laker strategy if you're against 8 players. Offense: go for inside game until all Suns will be in foul trouble. Defense: Pound Barbosa & Nash into a running game till they lose gas, don't give them a free passage like what they aloowed Garcia, Udrih and Salmons to go on camping on the posts. If the forwards are not willing to go on gutsy d, please play Powell. It is OK to play Luke during garbage time but early 4th - very dangerous like delving into derivatives, let's learn from history.

: lakers_sth : I like that proposal ironically. Wouldnt that be some ISH if the Lakers somehow swung an EP and got Bell and Diaw?? Wow..That would be an upgrade at the 2 def and somebody in Bell with a chip on his shoulder.. We all know how versatile Diaw is, in some ways he and LO cancel each other out, minus LO's other intangibles..Bell
is not the player I would like to play against but def someone I would want on my team!!! I think it would be a good thing if Mitch pulled a trigger on this..

Lakers should trade Lamar to OKC for Earl Watson & Joe Smith.

Lamar looks like he is checking out mentally as a backup, he is not a big-game player and he probably walks at the end of the year anyway.

Watson gives us a defensive option at point, Smith gives us a hard-nosed interior guy similar to a PJ Brown for Boston last year.

The salaries match. The sooner we deal Lamar, the better. He is dragging down the Bench Mob and we need to get the new guys in here ASAP, so they can pickup the holy Triangle before the Playoffs.

Puddle: you TOO Made some good points about Diaw and his inconsistency, like I said, they cancel each other out, plus DIAW is a FATBOY!

"Okay Mike T, hit us with your best shot. Who should the Lakers trade for?"

The Lakers need balance in the post. You can't have two scoring big men. That's a faulty basketball philosophy. The Lakers need one defensive specialist big man and one scoring big man. Right now the Lakers have two scoring big men. That isn't going to get it done.

The Lakers are stuck with what they have because they're not going to trade Gasol or Bynum, yet, that's where the problem is at.

The Lakers are in a position where they're just going to have to ride it out with these two offensive players or get brave and trade one.

If they stick with Gasol and Bynum their defensive problems remain.

mike t.


Gee, AK, Pfunk36 really gets under your skin doesn't he?

He owns you!

mike t.

>>>I know this is going to make some people throw up in
>>>their mouths a little bit but I'd trade LO for Diaw and Bell
>>> tonight if it could be done

If salary meant nothing, maybe. Diaw is like Lamar's long lost
twin brother. He has immense potential but only plays hard in maybe
one out of three games. And Bell is still a good perimeter defender,
which the Lakers could certainly use more of.

Problem is the same here as with Gerald Wallace though.

If you take on Diaw's contract, say bye bye to Ariza next summer?

So who would you rather have going forward... Ariza or Diaw?

Wallace will make the Suns a more dangerous team to guard.
True run and gun looks like it is being resurrected.


They just lost their best back up power forward in Diaw.

Someone else has to be coming in. This makes them very thin in the front court.

So in the end, the constant public complainer Nash got his way. Not only has he been putting his team mates under the bus lately, but backed it over them several times. Wow, can you imagine if Kobe said one word bad about the Lakers efforts, how bad it would come across?

Look for the Suns to stay close early, and fall away in the third. The key is fouls to Amare. Because they have no real substitute, he won't and can't guard anyone.

I say,

"Tora, Tora, Tora! against Amare" Attack, Attack, Attack!

Put kobe and Ariza on Barbosa and its over early..
Suns will give up and blame the loss on being low on players, which is correct.

Jay Jay,

The idea that blacks own the game of basketball is a fast-disappearing myth based on the reverse racism of a few white guys and the wishful thinking of a few black guys in the 80's and 90's. That same myth has been a major factor in causing over-confident U.S.teams to get their butts kicked in international competition by mostly white teams who never received the memo that black people own the game of basketball...

puddle - that's part of why I said it might make some people throw up. I don't watch a whole lot of PHX basketball but IMO Diaw has performed better in the last few games against them. He was actually the lone bright spot for them the one game they played against LA at the beginning of the season. I'll take your word for it that his J may be shaky. It seems to me that he has a set spot at the top of the key he's fairly reliable from. Plus, his passing out of the high post is very good - something that is triangle-friendly. I can only really identify those two things I see him doing all the time that you can count on. But frankly, for this team, that's what you need from a role player. Not someone versatile enough to do anything - but someone who knows exactly what they can do and how they fit.

Take it with a grain of salt. These are former PHX players we're talking about. It would probably cause me physical pain to have to cheer for them.


>>>Lakers should trade Lamar to OKC for Earl Watson & Joe Smith

From a talent standpoint, I absolutely love that trade. Smith is a
bit tougher than Lamar, and would be like PJ Brown was for the C's
last season.

And Watson is an excellent defensive point guard.

The problem is, Watson is the starting PG for the Thunder,
and one of only two PGs on the roster, the other being Russell
Westbrook, who is a rookie.

The other problem is, Lamar probably wouldn't be willing to stay
in Oklahoma City for more than the rest of the year.

So why would OKC give up their starting PG and a reliable
backup PF for a 1-year rental on Lamar? What's in it for them?

When proposing Lamar trades, I suggest you consider only teams
where Lamar might be willing to sign an extension. A contender
would be best, as Lamar might actually be happy to go from being
a backup on the Lakers to a starter for Detroit or Cleveland.
The only non-contender teams I think he'd be willing to sign an
extension with are the Knicks and the Nets, since Lamar is from
New York and lives there in the off season.

Trading either Bynum or Gasol represents swallowing a lot of pride because if the Lakers do trade one or the other, then that's like admitting they were wrong in how they interpret the game.

In other words: They'll be admitting they don't know what they're doing when it comes to judging basketball talent in regards to what Kobe Bryant needs to win a championship. So their stuck between a rock and hard place.

Stay with the two offensive big men and their defense gets killed. Trade one and they admit they were wrong in how they analyse basketball games in regards to their main competition...The Boston Celtics.

Either way it goes...they have to swallow hard. LOL!

mike t.

By swallowing hard, that means their pride. That would be Phil Jackson. All that pride he has...this is the perfect situation for him to have to swallow.

You reap what you sow! You reap what you sow!

mike t.

If the Lakers can some how hold the Suns to under 50 layups tonight Lakers should win.

With the game just minutes away I think it might be time to wake up Phil and Lamar.

I think we should TRADE KOBE. I mean cmon guys, WE LOST ONE GAME. There's no way we can win the championship with only 3 losses in the middle of December. Beating teams by under 15 points just isn't cutting it anymore. Fire PJ, Rambis, Hamlin, Kareem, Shaw and especially that goo nut Gary Vitti.

Farmar sucks, Odom is always high, Ariza is over the hill, Sasha is soft, Pau only has a silver medal (we're a gold medal team), Bynum is injury prone.

We need a team of real winners!!!!

You guys seriously need to relax

15 days until redemption...


Mike T,

No, pfunk doesn't get under my skin at all. I'm just calling out his smugness. If he (or anyone) wants to criticize my opinion or analysis (in this case, on the PHX-CHA trade), by all means, have at it. I have zero problem with that and enjoy the discussion. But at least offer an explanation as to why. Anyone with a keyboard can just write "AK said nothing." That's just a transparently lame move, particularly from someone who clearly fancies and presents himself as a great B-Ball mind.


I like that trade JMann...but the thing about trades that make sense is they never happen lol.

As for trading either Bynum or Gasol...not in a million years. Our core got us into the Finals, that same core will win us the championship. Years of showtime, losing to the Celts, did they break that apart? Not really.


Actually right now, I'm thinking of starting LO instead of AB.

He's more comfortable with that arrangement (see last season) and will produce better results.

Forget the bench mob as we know it. Bring them in piece meal, unless we need a hyper run and gun team. Then bring in the group and turn them loose.

Start Lamar Bandwagon for me.

Fatty - A rare time he his serious.

So why would OKC give up their starting PG and a reliable
backup PF for a 1-year rental on Lamar? What's in it for them?

LTLF - Good question. Here is what's in it for OKC: Cap space. Since Westbrook figures to take the job from Watson at some point this year anyway, OKC gets Watson's $6.5 mil for next year. Odom might make them a little better for the rest of this year, which may mean that they don't finish with fewer than 9 wins. If OKC wants draft picks or maybe Sun Yue, that would be doable as well. In other words, this would be a scaled-down version of the Pau trade with Memphis.

Just Kidding! We all know the who the "great B-Ball mind" is around here. You know, the Lakers will average 120 points a game this season! LOL!

mike t.

How can you say this was a brilliant move by Kerr.....Please ...Your getting brilliant and panic move mixed up....20 games in and already trades are flying.....Before the season started you said "with Porter and his defensive coaching the Suns are going to be hard to beat....Give me a break....20 games and its already panic stations.....Go back and love the Pistons...They need all the love they can get....As for Kwame....and sealing the paint...HAHA....Kwame Brown is living proof that not everything that sparkles or shines bright is gold or a diamond.......what a joke

2 scoring big men is a bad philosphy?? says who? You are nobody. Joe Shmo. Pau and Andrews foot speed is second to none. Speed>Strength, cus I said so.

I own you.
My logic is undeniable

I interpret what Jay Jay was saying as black players tend to have more of a wreckless confidence within them, where as European players are almost apologetic for playing with passion.

Basketball is as much a mental game as it is physical, particularly during the post season. Laker Euros like Vlad and Pau don't have the same mental toughness many of the black front line players do. It has nothing to do with talent, as I think Pau Gasol is immensely talented. But all the talent in the world means nothing if you don't have the guts to stare down someone like Kevin Garnett.

There have been white players who have that thug toughess. I think Bill Lambier, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, Steve Nash qualify. But they were Euros. This is why I am adamant about my contention that Pau Gasol will probably not be successful in the postseason.

Although Jay Jay's post had some stingy generalizations, I agree with the jist of his point, in regards to how I interpret it.

""We all know the who the "great B-Ball mind" is around here. You know, the Lakers will average 120 points a game this season! LOL!"""

Yea and Kwamay will average 10 rebounds and 10 points because of his awesome calves. LOL

I own you
My logic is undeniable.

"Our core got us into the Finals, that same core will win us the championship."

In your undeveloped basketball mind's dreams.

mike t.

Who do we appreciate!



mike t.


I totally see where you are coming from. Lamar still likes to just wander the court with no real responsibility. He is the leader of the second unit and with that comes the responsibility and pressure that he doesn't want.

Andrew on the other hand wants to be that man. He has impressed me so far this year and I'm sure he feels constrained by having to share the ball with the whole first unit. It is pretty apparent (with reason) that Gasol gets way more looks than Bynum. Kobe is always looking for Pau where as the second unit looks more for Bynum's shots when they are on the floor together.

I have been pleased with PJ this year and hope that he will experiment a little more at some point this year. I would like too see your proposed lineup as well as Lamar/Gasol/Bynum more.

If any of you are in the Good Times Fantasy League then please approve the Mayo-Marion deal. Mayo is the real deal and will take me to the promise land with Wade, Lamar, and Troy Murphy.

Lets spank the Funs tonight.

15 days until redemption...


As long as there are front office types like Jordan or Thomas, you can never say "LOL!! That trade will never happen!"

"Since they're in a giving mood, how about giving us Gerald Wallace for Luke? lol."

That's a good one!

Say what you want about the trade; The Phoenix Suns can chose to start 5 bonofide all-stars (Shaq at Center, Nash at PG, Hill at SF, Stadaumire at PF, Richardson and SG). No team will have as much talent to put on the court at the same time. The Suns will have a good mixture of champions (Shaq), young blood, veterans, and thugs. Once this group gets its rhythm going, they just may reclaim Western Conference dominance.

This trade bodes very badly for our stumbling Lakers, struggling with internal strife and a lack of confidence. Forget the Lakers certainly losing to the ECB3, there is now a solid chance they don't make it out of the Western Conf.

"You can't have two scoring big men. That's a faulty basketball philosophy." -Mike T.

Gee Mike T., have you ever heard of David Robinson and Tim Duncan????


I do like Rashaad Wallace at times, especially during the pistons introducing. He starts doing this crazy 1960s dance from down south, and does this wolf thing with the crowd. Its really kind of fun to watch. Apart from that, I would really not want Wallace. He is just like Shaq, very very talanted player but was to content for mediocre skills.

If getting Gerald Wallace means losing Ariza, its just a risk we have to take. However, Jerry Buss said hes willing to pay for championship. I think he will do it.

Also that argument does not really hold weight, because the lakers will let lamar walk anyway, we still need to find someone to take his place. Except if we don't replace lamar and sign Ariza to a deal, which will mean Ariza takes lamar spot and we save money by shredding Lamars pay off our books, giving some of that money to Ariza.

So its really better for us to either trade for lamar and get value, or just wait for Ron Artest next summer to replace lamar.

Damn this things can be so complicated. All I'm saying is that am tired of Lamar. He needs to lead this second group like he should, it should not be Farmer. If hes not willing to get it done, trade his butt somewhere else.

"Look at what Shaq and D-Wade did to Mr MVP Nowitzki and the Mavs a couple of years back if you need proof. "

Yeah, it had nothing to do with the reffing, did it?

Bell was Nash's best friend on that team. Will be interesting to see how he takes it. Suns are definitely a team on the downslope. Maybe this trade will help them build for the future once Shaq and Nash retire.

I absolute agree with Fatty who may just be joking. If Lakers want to trade Lamar, put him on the show window not hide him inside shelves. Disband the 2nd unit as we know it, and put in players based on need basis rotation. Why insist on playing farmar, sasha, trevor and lamar on consistent basis when they just run, run, then miss, miss or one t/o deserves another till the lead evaporates.

Trade Lamar, not yet ripe at this time, no bidders if we keep on discussing rubbish talks on our own players. Will you buy a bad product being discussed in a swap meat? Make it enticing, merchandise it well and let Mitch handle the convincing. If possible no more talk about Lamar trade, we're discouraging possible bidders.

Is Farmar PG of the future? Can this guy beat Van Exel? Well, Nick the quick never gave us a Championship team yet he's quicker than Jordan at this stage. Let's continue training Joe and Sun, we need more PG applicants before making a final decision. At this point in time, the Farm is not ready to replace Fisher who is much slower than Jordan but more stable than the runaway train.

pfunk and guilty -

You might disagree with me but you have NO evidence.
Name one white-led team that has won an NBA championship in the last 15 years.
As for international - what ALL-black squad took olympic gold this year?
Nothing wrong with Pau or Dirk - they can play well within a system. But neither of you (or anyone) has commented on the main thing I pointed out - having Pau, Radman and Sasha all on the court makes us weak defensively and slow compared to the Kings, let alone the Celts. And Nowitzki or Nash wouldn't make a difference. Kobe and Trevor would.

Mike T.,
"you reap what you sow!"

Does this mean when Kwame Brown got traded you reaped what you sowed?

Juuuusssttt saying!


Either way, you have to say having Pau Gasol is better than having Kwame.

They are in a MUCH better position of being a NBA Champ. Contender rather than a 7/8 playoff spot type team.

All we need is a PJ Brown type player and we are there...

Would you rather have us not traded for Pau?

Fox West just said Phil is giving Luke the start. I didn't see that one coming but wish Luke well and hope he does good. He deserves this chance.

15 days until redemption...


I guess are not the only team that blows big leads as Cleveland is currently blowing their 20 point lead to the sixers.

That Fatty, never know when he's being serious or not.

Pretty soon, he'll be telling us start Luke to showcase him lol.

I don't know what is funnier, The fact that Luke is starting or that my girl just called the Lakers announcers Joel and Stool!

WTH is PJ doing?

Starting Luke!

Luke Walton is starting tonight.........PJ has lost his mind

phil jackson is mentally retarded its official!!!! walton over odom, radmonovic, and ariza??? is this guy high!!??

Hello all,
Is it game time?

Is tonight the night the lakers get back on track?
Let's do it fellas.

great trade for the lakers im glad raja bell and diaw are gone jason richardson was never as effective as them

In regards to the fact that luke is starting tonight I want to apologize to the blog! Obviously the anti-dementia drugs we are giving phil are not working and I will begin trying something else.

anyone know a link to the game? thx

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