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A win anything but Wizardly: Lakers 106, Washington 104

43750977 "Winning isn't everything.  It's the only thing."

-Vince Lombardi

Taking that sentiment to its most literal heart, one would take a gander at the Lakers' Friday night 106-104 win over the Washington Wizards and think, "Mission Accomplished."  But should the victory be analyzed in any fashion involving an evaluation of sorts, the only flying colors earned by this team would be their perfunctory purple and gold. 

More specifically, it felt like Pacers deja vu all over again, this contest involving a lackluster first half, followed by a third quarter run, then a fourth quarter where everything slips away.  20 box score points in all were frittered away by a second unit discovering a more difficult life outside of Staples Center, a trend that could land Kobe and company more late game run on a regular basis

Phil Jackson took the blame for both his faith in the bench mob and the jeopardized outcome, but didn't absolve his players entirely.  After all, they're the ones comfortable letting the foot off the gas and abandoning the principles of Team D, preferring instead to engage in a team-wide steals contest.  Kobe is in a prime position to lap Trevor Ariza, but Phil would prefer he stick with the script and keep the fortress fully guarded

One bright side of the game could be the play of Andrew Bynum, who tallied a season-high 19 points to go along with ten rebounds and a trio of swats.   Now if he could just hit the court without flapping his gums, we'd really be onto something.  As you can see (since he wrote about it in two outlets), veteran scribe Ted Green is concerned Drew's grumblings are a signal of discontentment permeating throughout a roster.


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Or I waited as long as I could to post on the other thread thinking there would be a new one then gave up, then got burned again....

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone....

well you can't say we are not a boring team---nice of the Lakers to keep us interested the entire 4th quad (indeed right down to the last second)--the sponsers like it too no doubt...them and the beer and nacho vendors at the Washington arena....

I hope the caoching staff re-evaluates the aspect of the defense that has our guards cut off the lane toward the scorers table---guess they want to guard against players going out of the game---really that channelling their guards toward our basket seems really counter productive to say the least---I would rather see our guards between their man and the basket say---seems that was what I was always coached and what I always coached as well...

I do think this team will learn and grow---they all want to win and get better--we are a work in progress as some say---I have faith in this team to address their weaknesses and defiencies---in the mean time I love watching the process, even though some screaming at the TV on my part is apparently part of that process...



This is pathetic. The Dow & Jones closes better than we do.

Kendrick Perkins said Manny Pacquiao is a Celtics fan???? What??!! No Kendrick, you guys just met him in his locker room and he was probably nice to you guys.

more thoughts....

I guess I am looking at ths team as a growing monster and I am really enjoying watching....

have faith Laker fans--this really is just the begining of our season and dynasty...

and as someone said the other day--win or lose at the end of the season I too will be looking forward to next year...

I still think we will win 5 of the next 8 (barring any major injuries, knock on some serious wood indeed) championships...

also in the next few years I think we will continue to attract highly desired players, just as we always have, because the Lakers are the team that every player in the league (whether they admit it to themselves and their families or not) want to play for...

That's one of the reasons The LA Lakers are THE franchise of the NBA and beyond---there is no other....

"I pick a moondog"

"well it's certainly not contaminated with any cheese"


Wow, Phil actually took the blame for something? That definitely is news. We were all expecting the usual smug response that he usually gives after losses, just like his response after Game 4 of the Finals last year. His arrogance and detached attitude can really rub fans the wrong way.

I’ve noticed the rotation isn’t seen with the second unit, compared to the first unit.

Sasha or Jordan usually funnels toward the paint, with them shading usually opposite of the baseline, but yet there’s no one there to meet them often leading to a path straight to the basket.

We also have a tendency to funnel the paint, and no one is left to cover the open 3 point shot. It’s easy enough to do to run and cover but that’s also something we haven’t been doing. Yesterday, I saw that same thing happening but in this case, Vlad was running to cover, even foul in some cases. The effort in the first unit was there early, hence the blowout. Second unit?

Combined with a dry spell induced by mostly jumpers, we had an almost game killing 22-0 run against us. Which continued with the starters

Offensively we're not going after the shots. We're often shooting as a first resort (Jordan!), or we're just dribbling and dribbling. The ball needs to move. LO needs to be parked in the paint with the 2nd unit, and he needs to get it preferably 2 feet away from the basket. Sometimes steals can be fools gold, because we assume we're cruising. Well we have to continue to play. Play with effort, intensity. Not big heads and weak underbellies.

Lakers are practicing today, says Phil. Because he’s treating last night like a loss. I agree.

never - perhaps PJ needs to break out the Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glenross - ABC - Always Be Closing.

Damn it, Pacquaio! Just because Kevin Garnett goes to the Celtics, they become your favorite team!!! Are you serious? You train in Hollywood!!! I really don't like Oscar either but man now I don't know who to cheer for?


Suns: We are NOT going to trade Stoudemire.

1) The Suns are not stupid, they do NOT want to reinforce a Pacific Division Rival

2) The Lakers aren't stupid as well. Even if the Suns were willing to trade Stoudemire Pau is way better than Amare-me (27 years old) and do NOT want to reinforce a Pacific Division Rival.

3) Pau is better than Amare-me. Unlike Amare-me Pau actually plays defense. Amare-me wants to be the center of the team. He even said so on ESPN. With the Lakers he won't be the "center" of the team. KB is now and in the future Andrew will. He will again whine and not play defense. We will not make the finals with a PF who cannot play defense.

4) Again you are NOT making salaries available for LBJ assuming he wants to go to LA. Sure Pau's and Sasha's salaries match with Amare-me's and Bell but still not enough to make room for a contract with LBJ as in NOT ENOUGH TO HAVE 20 MILLION AVAILABLE!!! You have NO idea of how the salaries cap match up. You want LBJ, trade KB now as well But I know you don't want KB to be gone. Well suck it up with our team then.

"Oh but we made Shaq and KB come to LA"
Yeah? Well......



Don't deny me, FEED ME!!!!!!!

Keep playing the bench mob as much as he has been. If they can get past this slump, it will make the Lakers so much more dangerous - the change of pace they provide combined with the starters being fresher. If they can't get past this slump, then transitioning to a more standard rotation of playing the starters 38-40 minutes will not be hard to do.

In addition, we all realize that Fisher has limitations, particularly defensively. At this point, the only likely alternative is Farmar. How are you going to get Farmar ready for that, without giving him significant playing time, giving him the opportunity to play through difficult situations?

I know it is still early, and I know the Lakers have only lost two games, but a disturbing area of the Lakers game stands out like a sore thumb; we need a point guard with enough foot speed to at least stay in front of their man 3/4 of the time. I have watched Boston lately, and they do about the same thing that the Lakers do on defense, except Rondo is constantly presuring the ball to either side that the ofensive player want to go to. He knows that their will be help no matter which way he goes, so he goes all out. Another thing, The Celtics challenge EVERY SHOT! It does not matter who it is, Ray Allen, Leon Powe, it does not matter what position they play, they ALL try to make you change your shot. The Lakers played the first 10 games with this kind of intensity, but lately seem to have went back to the old way of playing by out scoring their opponent. Defense and rebounding is all about desire and effort. Speaking of rebounding, how the hell do the wizards out rebound the much bigger Lakers by 9 boards, 9! I agree with Bynum, he should be on the floor the last 6 minutes of the game. For gods sake Phil, put LO back in the starting lineup. Rad could give the second unit an added offensive punch and he will be able to take more shots than with the first unit. With the game on the line the Lakers should have Kobe, LO, Arizza, Pau, and Bynum on the floor. It's the best defensive unit and probally the best offensive unit also.

EJK sez: "Wow, Phil actually took the blame for something? That definitely is news."

i was surprised too as i read that PJ took the blame for the loss, but you did notice that in doing so he still underhandedly criticized the reserves?

gotta love the Zen Manipulator

and good observation, faith... i got so tired of seeing our lead guards play off their guy so that he goes a certain way, but the help comes late and their guy is open two inches away from the hoop.

that's not a good defensive tactic, why can't these guys just try to stay in front a little longer? it's like they're saying, "i'll just have andrew and pau take care of it...OLE'!"



It's time for the coaching staff taking seriously their assignment instead of talking about the Bulls' record or else.

We have a great team that can beat any records if the coaches do their job wisely. Phil has to make the adjustment to stop that laisser-allez at the 4th quarter and call the time-out after 5 points down from the opponent after a big lead.

All the opponents want to give their very best when they are playing our team why Phil takes the luxury to make the adjustment very late at the 4th. That bad philosophy has to change quickly if not that will cost us our championship in June. We have youth players, right, but if we have great teachers, they must know how to teach and manage them well.

Lose or win that way after a big lead, it's unacceptable. Our team is a legitimate contender therefore we have to show in every game why we want so bad June even we lost some games.

We hope that our team takes his destiny with heart and soul in order to dance in June.





very good points indeed Sir....

in the grand design of this evolving season, the more depth we use and the more experience (especially under adversity) the better...

Not to mention the stretching of minutes that will help us stay fresher in the play-offs etc.

that also goes along with Pig's post about the lessons Jackson may be trying to impart on the team...

"give me another meat ball and I'll tell you"


I think everyone can remember that the Lakers needed about 70 of Kobe's 81 points in that game against Toronto. Kobe sat after 62 against Dallas b/c he'd outscored them singlehandedly.

That same thinking can be applied to the race to 70+ wins. If the race for the best record in the league is competitive down the stretch, then whoever is in that race (presumably Boston, Lakers, Cleveland) will keep winning games. So, it won't be b/c a team wants to break the record, it'll be b/c a team needed to do it in order to have home court advantage.

"If they can't get past this slump, then transitioning to a more standard rotation of playing the starters 38-40 minutes will not be hard to do."

What slump Ex? This is not a slump it's been something that has been haunting since Game 2 of the 2008 NBA Finals.

Farmar looking like a lost puppy (He actually was one in the Utah series).

Sasha just reverting back to the Sasha of old aka the Water Torture where he shoots like crap and has NO defense. Hell we now have him at SG because he couldn't guard PG and he's too slow for that as well! What do we need to put him to SF now??

Lamar being lethargic if he doesn't handle the ball.

Trevor actually is the best one but even he is almost invisible when his energy goes out.

Starting 5 of the Lakers=Championship Caliber.

"At this point, the only likely alternative is Farmar. How are you going to get Farmar ready for that, without giving him significant playing time, giving him the opportunity to play through difficult situations?"

He's been blowing leads (not all the time) even though sometimes he does get us out of deficits.

New Orleans Game. We hold the Hornets to below 20 points for 3 quarters each and guess what happens in 4th quarter?? 30 points in the 4th quarter led by CP3!

Indiana Game, 76ers Game, and Wizards Games! That is not one or two bad games those are already 4 games this SEASON where Jordan Farmar led group BLEW leads that should have let the starters rest.

Still not convinced. Try this evidence of another person who we *tried* to put in difficult situations yet FAILED.

This video speaks for itself and so does Pau Gasol:

“We’re being flat out there, not having the intensity to finish games off.” -Pau Gasol

Gee I wonder WHO was he talking about (it's not just one person on the 2nd unit).

And Lakers_sth,

"Where this is breaking down is that ball-handlers are being given an open lane to the basket. The guards are setting up perpendicular to the baseline instead of keep an angle that both takes away movement to the middle and towards the basket. To put it simply, they're supposed to be funneling to the corner."

Yeah Jordan and Sasha think: "Oh we got a big man so we don't need to defend and let Andrew take care of it" Well bigs has limits as well.

"With the game on the line the Lakers should have Kobe, LO, Arizza, Pau, and Bynum on the floor. It's the best defensive unit and probally the best offensive unit also."

Woodlakers that is NOT the best team we have offensively since THERE IS NO ONE THERE TO SPREAD THE FLOOR. Defensively might be since PG will have to be taken by Trevor hopefully.

"that's not a good defensive tactic, why can't these guys just try to stay in front a little longer? it's like they're saying, "i'll just have andrew and pau take care of it...OLE'!"

Agreed CBuck


The team has now taken on PJ's identity.....ARROGANT!

Has PJ already lost the team?

At this time the Lakers are unable to play defense for 48 minutes. They are unable to play a good ball game for over 30 minutes. Now players are moody and how can you fault them with PJ in game adjustments?

I would think Dr. Buss would have considered that trip a failure in Laker Ball and would consider this a 3 game losing streak. Everyone of us know that 3 game trip was pathectic. I don't have the answers I'm not the coach!!

Did anybody notice during the Philly game when Phil was on the bench during introductions yawning, rubbing his eys, yawning some more and trying to talk to Rambis?

Let's face it, Phil is getting old and tired. It shows in his face. Probally can't sleep on the road and how can you blame him on how there playing? Give it a week and we might start to hear rumors of his hip is hurting again.

I will still a line from Mike T on this: 16-2 is Fools Gold!!!

If Mgt and Phil don't use the LO chip to upgrade this team they should all be brought up on charges.

Buss you can not waste that chip and just let it expire.

I hope you all got a chance to record the games last night on your DVR. If you did please let me know if you noticed this also....

They do an unbelievable job protecting the paint. They just muscle you and swarm you to make it almost impossible to penetrate and even if you do the best you can come out of it is a forced shot. Remeber how Kobe always seemed to be forcing unable to penetrate against them last year? Now you go back to the Laker game and the Key is wide open with holes, gaps, with players always seeming to be a step slow. Were not even in the same class with Boston in playing D and 1 other thing,
The Triangle isn't going to work against it and what is sad Phil most likely doesn't even know it.

Between Boston D and Fish or Farmar guarding Rondo there is no way they can beat Boston at this time.

Also senile Phil we are never going to win it all without Andrew in the middle. Why is he not in the game at the end?? BOZO PHIL!!! 2 years he tortured us with Kwame and Smush while we all know we would never win it with those jokers but he still forced them down our throat. PLAY BYNUM and Trade ODOM for a PG Bozo!!



"Keep playing the bench mob as much as he has been. If they can get past this slump, it will make the Lakers so much more dangerous - the change of pace they provide combined with the starters being fresher. If they can't get past this slump, then transitioning to a more standard rotation of playing the starters 38-40 minutes will not be hard to do."

Very good point. You are correct, Blitz is wrong. We need to find out if JF is going to grow and get CONSISTANT, or whether we need to do whatever it takes to get a new point guard next year. DFish is getting real long in the tooth, and by next year if it ain't Farmar, then we will need to make a big move.

"Starting 5 of the Lakers=Championship Caliber."
I agree that the started looked fantastic last night. The best they have played. When Vlady and Fish are both hitting, we can't be stopped.

But when Fish goes 3-15 and Vlady goes 1-8 over 3 games, and we lose two, then you'll be talking about the Starters sucking.

"This is not a slump it's been something that has been haunting since Game 2 of the 2008 NBA Finals."

Since neither AB or TA was playing in the finals, this is flawed logic. This team has only been together for 15+games.

"Lamar being lethargic if he doesn't handle the ball."
Lamar ALWAYS coasts the first half the season.

Wow, Phil actually took the blame for something? That definitely is news.

All those who worship at the alter of PJ must be in shock. If I would of said it was PJ's fault, WHICH I WAS THINKING BUT DIDN"T POST, I would be looking like a dart board from the blog zingers headed my way.

The Tale of 2 Coaches and Philosophies

Last year after the Celtics made the big trades to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to go along with Paula Pierce, they had arguably the best 1-2-3 offensive punch in the league.
So what does Doc Rivers decide to do? He emphasizes defense first. So for the entire year the focus of the team was defense, tough in your face defense, the type of defense that wears on their opponents to the point of giving up.
When a team is emotionally rocked it is difficult to focus. This leads to reverting to bad habits not fixed of the past.
The old saying, defense energises the offense is a perfect example of how the Celtics play.
Last years playoffs are a case in point. Boston had a couple of tough series wherein they could reach back to the entire regular season and remember what is was that brought them there. They didn't try to do anything new, they just relied and trusted what they did and the result was a Championship.

The Lakers last year did not focus on defense. This led to many games that inferior opponents beat them. Though they got rolling in the playoffs, albeit with the help of the stars being aligned, when it came to playing the Celtics, the Lakers reverted to what we had seen in the regular season. A team that couldn't focus for an entire game, a team that became rattled when the Celtics upped their pressure defense, a team that could not play with a lead, a team where each individual Laker again reverted back to prior poor habits.
The notion that a win is a win whether it is by 1 point or 20 points is fatally flawed. The Lakers this season are already setting themselves up for a fall unless "Something Amazing" happens (2010 the movie). The Cleveand Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics are storing memory of how to dismantle and demoralize teams. The Lakers are storing memories of how, well, we all see what they are storing. It's pretty much what we've been seeing for years.
Watching some of our players continue to make the same mistakes over and over again is really disheartening. And I make it a point to blame the coaching staff. Those who fail to learn from the past are bound to reapeat them. The Idea that you keep letting players do the wrong things again and again until they realize the error of their ways is ridiculous. How I would love to see Nine Rings pull a Pop and sit down players who refuse to "Get with the Program". The only way to teach todays players is to reduce their playing time until they play the game with intelligence and purpose. All us fans can live with off-shooting nights but its when the off-shooting nights are combined with porous defense, lack of focus, and deviation from offense (to pad personal stats) is unforgivable. We are 16-2, yet I would feel better with a few more losses with a team mentality and play that can be referenced come playoff time.
What has transpired so far this year, will not translate well come playoff time.

I'm curious what you think the Lakers do well, BD?

Eric M: "Since neither AB or TA was playing in the finals, this is flawed logic. This team has only been together for 15+games."

From the LA Times post-game article:

"Lakers Coach Phil Jackson did not like what he saw, so he picked up a marker and started writing on the white board in the locker room.

When he was done, Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, Indiana, Philadelphia and Washington were arranged in a neat vertical line, representing the teams that had come back from double-digit deficits in the second half against the Lakers.

Derek Fisher, a veteran of five NBA Finals and 13 seasons, took it a step further.

He approached the board and wrote "Boston Finals," followed by the number 24, a reference to the 24-point lead the Lakers blew in a Game 4 loss to the Celtics in last season's championship round.

On one hand, the Lakers improved to 16-2.

On the other hand, nobody seemed excited about it."


So Eric, according to you that's flawed logic?

senile Phil we are never going to win it all without Andrew in the middle

please show a little compassion. phil is getting up there in years and it is normal for mental abilities to decrease after age 60. check with some of the old timers on the blog and they will verify that 'senior moments' are a fact of life. also don't forget the surgeries and other illnesses phil has been dealing with. this brings about the decline even faster. so please do not be to hard on him.

Rollo - Here's a good question for you. These rankings are updated as of today.

Boston's defense is ranked 1st and their offense is ranked 9th.

LA's defense is ranked 2nd and their offense is ranked 2nd.

Cleveland's defense is ranked 3rd and their offense is ranked 1st.

If these were the stats going into the playoffs, who would have the best shot to win it all?


Yes, comparing this team to last years team is flawed logic in my opinion. When your 2 best defensive players weren't there, how could it not be?

Fish is trying to MOTIVATE, and be a leader. He can't preface a motivational comment with "Except for TA AND AB, then etc......

If you want to look at why we blow big leads, I would suggest looking at who is resposible for the players on the floor, who calls time-outs or DOESN'T, and who SHOULD be making the adjustments. Except everyone thinks adjustments are not important.

Soooooo, I guess we need better pre-game plans, so we know what to do in the forth quarter. lol
Makes me laugh even to type it.

You Ever Notice - I agree with your point about the fact that the way Cleveland and Boston are playing right now is becoming part of their DNA. If the Lakers wait until the end of the season to figure out how to play with a great effort for a full 48 minutes, the advantage goes to the Cavs and Celtics. There's a difference between just having figured it out in time and not knowing how to play any other way.

I disagree though on your point about PJ not being willing to bench players who aren't executing. That's what he's been doing the past couple of games. Maybe he's waiting too long to do it, but he's still doing it.

naturally, i'm concerned about the team and it's future. i'm concerned about health and attitude and execution. i don't have any say in those matters though, so-

i enjoy the heck out of victories. ALL victories.

i agree with the extra practice and the admission that more effort and learning are required, but i'm also glad to have a team that's a legitimate contender. as a fan, i'm deleriously happy and none of you sad sacks will change that.

Guard penetration is something that we ALL have to get used to. Everybody in the league struggles with it. Their is NO such thing as a "defensive" point guard!!!!!!!!!

It's the second line if defense that wins games and championships.

And it's the second units second line of defense that is the weakest part of our game...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you MARK BLOUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Open Letter to the Laker Blog crew

1.Slow down and ease up its a long season
2.Neither get to high when we win or too low when we lose
3.Quit blaming everything on me or P.J.
4.Blame it all on Jordan Farmer (just kidding) hehhehehe
5.Expect my playing time to spike around 20 minutes a game(I got the goods on P.J.,JENNY might divorce him over this)heheh....................Later Luke Walton

Eric M - I don't understand. So you're saying that Fish is trying to motivate the team by using flawed logic?

We're saying that the Lakers need to learn how to put forth the effort necessary to not give up big leads (which they've done 6 times this year already) and we want the team to address it now rather than have it happen in the Finals since it's too late by then. Is there something wrong with that? From the sound of that LA Times quote, it appears as if the team is thinking the same way. Isn't that a good thing?

PJ has said he's going to adjust his substitution patterns by putting the bench in earlier in the 3rd and taking them out earlier in the 4th. This is something he wants to try and fix without playing the starters more actual minutes. What do you think of that plan?


Sorry to sound so negative but being a Laker Nut as I am I am really concerned about the Defense now. After these last 3 games I really don't think they do anything well. Do you?

The only positive is Andrew looks to be coming around and nobody has got hurt yet. Can't think of anything else.

Go Lakers and cheers Pig!



thanks for reducing my long-winded post into a short and concise analysis. It is about evolving DNA. The Lakers need to get the level Cleveland and Boston are now at.
I'm glad to hear Phil is starting to bench players for poor play. Let the morphing begin.

Damn it!!!!!!!!!

Not only are this years Lakers the most uninspiring group of under-rated round-ball brethren in 3 generations, but I just broke my bong!

And while it's compelling criticizing Phil for his unorthodox in game play calling, you have to wonder why fragile tubes of water-filed glass are sold to the stoned masses to take care of?


Well hey, at least the Lakers defense can be fixed!!!

Go Lakers!!

Phils Dr,

My concern is when he falls asleep on the bench. I am sure there is enough room on the bench for an oxygen tank which might help and why your at it please give him something for his hips so he can get up and least once during the game to prove to LakerNation he is alive.



One thing everyone needs to realize in my opinion is that Phil Jackson really does not care that much if we win or lose on any given night in the regular season. As long as we win enough to make it to the playoffs and hopefully get a top seed, he likes to use the regular season like a long preseason. He will try using different combinations, or leaving the bench in at the end of the game, or not calling a time out to let team try to get itself out, or all of those types of things because that is what is best for the team to learn. If we lose a few extra gams because of it, so what? They're still going to make the playoffs and unless something drastic happens win the Western Conference. I agree they havent looked amazing last few games, but its the beginning of the season and theyre 16-2... its not the end of the world lol.

46thst.baller said:

"Guard penetration is something that we ALL have to get used to. Everybody in the league struggles with it. Their is NO such thing as a "defensive" point guard!!!!!!!!!"

Not to be harsh, but what a load of crap. (Maybe that was a little harsh). Everybody in the league does not struggle with it. Try this link and see if you still agree. We are 29th out of 30 teams in point guard defense. Yeah Tony Parker and CP3 are hard to guard, but that doesn't mean everyone has bad defensive guards.

Also, if you are going to keep asking for MARK BLOUNT can you at least agree with yourself on one spelling of BLOUNT. Thanks.

42ndavenuegolfer (pslakerfan)

I think the Cavs are playing great right now, but check out their schedule between Nov. 20 and Dec. 17 (they are about in the middle right now).

Golden State

Pretty weak.

How in the hell did Mark Blount become the solution to our problems?
The guy's a pansy. He can't even get off the Heat's bench!
Enough with it 46thst.baller


Before I start, let me just say I love your posts and think you are one of the 10 best on the blog.

Now...As any good leader, fish included everyone. We are a team. Let's stop this problem. He's not going to throw in a caveat that "I know you 2 weren't here but the rest of us need to remember the finals. But WE can remember that TA and AB weren't in the finals.

"we want the team to address it now rather than have it happen in the Finals since it's too late by then. Is there something wrong with that?"
>>Nope..I agree with you completely.

"PJ has said he's going to adjust his substitution patterns by putting the bench in earlier in the 3rd and taking them out earlier in the 4th. This is something he wants to try and fix without playing the starters more actual minutes. What do you think of that plan?"

>>I think it is a great idea. If you have read any of my posts on the subject, I'm for PJ trying ANYTHING rather than just sitting on his stool. But I would advocate subtle, small changes depending on the situation.

At the risk of sounding like the obsessed Kwame fan, I'll try this one more time. NO two games are EVER alike. No team EVER plays the same way twice. The ONLY way to maximize a teams performance is to ADJUST the substitutions, rotations, and time-outs EVERY game, to fit THAT game. Of course you can have a "Normal" rotation and if things are going great then no adjustments needed.

Have you ever seen the movie the Butterfly Effect? If Vlady is hot and you leave him in an extra 2 minutes to ride his shooting, the game is changed forever. If LO is lazy that game, and you don't play him but 3 minutes in the forth qtr., it changes the game when AB comes back in.

Say Kobe is trapped and must give up the ball in the last 5 seconds of a game. Is a 1-8 Fish taking the last shot because he is a starter, or is a 5-6 Sasha taking that shot on a night he is red hot? Since he is not a starter, I guess Sasha will be on the bench.

When most games are won or lost by 5 points, one or two SMALL changes in the NORMAL rotation can turn a Loss into a win. Or in the case of the INDIANA GAME, A win into a loss.

That this is not just accepted like the sun coming up in the east, baffles me.


BD; PJ's Doctor,
"why your at it please give him something for his hips so he can get up and least once during the game"

Maybe that is why he won't call time outs. It hurts too much to stand up. LMAO

MInutes. Everybody wants minutes.

When your supposedly leader of the bench mob rubs it in to a former starter for playing only 3 minutes, it shows you the state of thinking and maturity of the bench. Why get on Luke on what is obviously PJ's decision? Oh, he tried to make light of it but when that is the first comeback line you have, it just shows your bias. Remember that guy who plays Kramer on the Seinfeld show? What was his comeback response when he was being heckled?

The starters, except for Bynum, seem to be oblivious to stats and are focus on the championship. Kobe better stop being one of the boys and return to being Kobe the leader of the Lakers.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the December 6th edition of the "Lakers Blog Foxhole."

Blogger #1: Wow, those bullets are coming in close.
Blogger #2: Eeeeeow! I've been hit.
Blogger #3: What are we going to do?
Blogger #1: Blogger #2 is a useless weakling. Let's trade him for blogger #4.
Blogger #3: But blogger #4 is a captain and blogger #2 is only a private.
Blogger #1: My point exactly. If we can't get blogger #4, we'll just leave blogger #2 here to bleed to death. C'mon, let's get out of here.

What's the point of this parable? Neither the coach nor the other players are going to dump on and abandon a team mate in the foxhole after a disastrous outing. As fans it would be better to show a little more loyalty to our Laker players in the foxhole when things don't go right.

It's December. The sky isn't falling. Let Phil get the bench players who are bleeding into triage, so they can get back in the foxhole and help us. Go Lakers!

Nume - In past seasons I would agree with you (that PJ is often willing to sacrifice Ws during the season in order to teach lessons that will hopefully pay dividends later) but the mantra from the coaching staff (from numerous interviews) is that they want home court throughout the playoffs since not having home court in the Finals was a major factor last year.

some good points, some less good points, and some weird points- I just have one question that I know is on some people's minds but I haven't seen what some of our resident experts have to say about it- we still have one roster spot open, right? Are there any veterans out there we can pick up to give us a little defensive help? I'm pretty lindsay hunter is playing for the pistions, but does anybody know if we're thinking about anyone- i have to think that part of our problem is that we are a very young team, and I can't think of a team that won a championship with as few crusty vets as we have-

any thought?

Eric M - I hear you. If you've read any of my posts about PJ and the 2006 playoffs, you'd know how critical I am of his ability to adjust during a game. As stubborn (or egotistical) as PJ is about how he likes to do things, he's already moving away from that this year considering how specific the goal is. Adpoting a defensive scheme (much less a zone defensive scheme) and punishing players for poor play (taking LO out for Luke or doing a hockey-like line change when the bench mob squanders a lead). It's baby steps I know but even PJ has to realize his last two trips to the Finals have not gone as he'd have liked.

The Bruins just lost.

I wish I could describe to you the anguish I feel as a Bruin watching UCLA lose to USC.

Sane people can't understand.

We'll get better.



pslakerfan - Cleveland's schedule being so easy is just the way it is in the nba right now. It's feast or famine much more than its been in the past. There are 2 elite teams in the east (Boston/Cleveland) a couple of middling teams (Detroit/Orlando) and trash. There's 1 elite team in the west (Lakers) more middling teams (Utah, Phx, SAS, Dallas, Portland, NO, Houston, Denver) and trash.

Sure, the Lakers can expect a tougher road once teams in the West get healthy and round into form, but the only games circled on my calendar are those against Cleveland and Boston. I think the Lakers would really have to play bad basketball to lose to anyone else.

Personally, I think PJ needs to take the entire team out and get them smashed. Falling down, stupid drunk, maybe a fight or two. I'm not exactly sure why I feel this way.

Can we please trade Kobe for LeBron? It's so embarrassing rooting for a team whose leader is a self-centered little boy.

Compare Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach: Auerbach's players loved him. Why? He loved them. He did everything he could to make them better, and they knew he cared.

Phil? No one will shed a tear when he dies. He's self-centered and smug, and views his players as employees who're just supposed to do what they're told. All this zen-garbage is just a smokescreen for who he is at bottom: Just another egomaniac.

There's something even better than just winning: Feeling good about winning. It's getting harder around here.

Completely different topic: Kobe Bean Bryant

If you are Jerry Buss do you sign Kobe to a max contract? It has always been assumed that is a slam dunk, he opts out and Buss gives him the bank, max $$s and length. No brainer right?

But when I look at the efficiency stats Buss must have concerns on giving out a mega contract to somebody who might be on the downside of his career.

Effeciency Leaders to date:

1. Paul 30.1
2. James 29.1
3. Howard 29.0
4. Wade 28.7
5. Bosh 28.4

and then Kobe at : #14 at 22.9.

That is a big drop off from 28.4. Even Antawn Jamison has a higher Effeciency rating then Kobe with a 23.7

I just can't imagine Jamison getting a Mega Contract I guess is what I am saying.

Anyway lets hope we see some D tomorrow night.

Go Lakers!


Thanks pslakerfan,

You proved my point even further: The point guard position is the most successful position in the league as far as winning. Why, because you can't guard them one on one. Okay, maybe you'll get lucky and stop a guard by yourself once in a while, but 80% of the time or more you're getting burned. That's just the nature of the sport. Point guards score more points, set up other people for easier points, give more points over from turnovers and generally control the flow of the game more than any other positioned player. It's a point guards game!

So now I have a question for you pslakerfan: How many "defensive" point guards can you name? Point guards who can actually keep another point guard, one on one, from penetrating into the basket less than 80% of the time...

It's physics man!!!!!!!

Jon K - sorry I missed your question previously...
Born in Sudbury but grew up in Schumacher (Timmins).

Also sorry about your Bruins....!

How in the hell did Mark Blount become the solution to our problems?
The guy's a pansy. He can't even get off the Heat's bench!
Enough with it 46thst.baller

Posted by: LALbballjunky | December 06, 2008 at 03:55 PM

Hey,do you have a better solution?

Q) What, reasonably, do we have to offer? A) Luke, Chris, Powell and MBenga.(I wouldn't mess with Sun Yue)

Q) What do we need? A) Bench muscle!!!!!

I don't know how to spell it out any clear to you. I have laid out what we need and what we have to do to obtain it.

Mark Blount is one answer, do you have another?
Probably not

That's why I'm a baller!

jimjoyce - trade Kobe for BronBron? You're kidding right? Hahahahahaha - that's a good one!!!!!!!!

People - PLEASE - we're 16-2. They can't all be "pretty" wins - sometimes you have to be happy with the ugly ones as well.

Tell me - WHO of you - if told at the beginning of the year that we'd be 16-2 - WHO wouldn't take that in a heartbeat?? Yah.....thought so.....

Enjoy this season!!!!!!!! This is the 4th Dynasty in the making!!!!!!!! We're winning the O'Brien pretty much every year for the foreseeable future - ENJOY THE RIDE!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

(So what if I'm a homer - it's GREAT to be Laker fan!! What other team would you rather cheer for? And cry with? And agonize over? Put your big boy pants on and deal with it.)

For a 16-2 record it seems not too many people are really happy about the team.

Any other year and people would be placing the Lakers on top of the world. But with what happened in the finals last year and how Boston is playing this year...people just aren't buying the Lakers version of basketball as Championship caliber.

mike t.

jimjoyce, what a nice intro! Yes, I'd like a man to run the Lakers - I almost forgot how much I hate Kobe - thanks
for the reminder.


no i'd rather have Kobe. i don't think you know either player or any of these coaches personally, definitely not well enough to say who loves whom and what a person's REAL personality and relationship to another's is. aaaannd, i feel great about the wins, no problemo.

all coaches are egomaniacs. the best are the biggest egomaniacs. take Red Auerbach, never a bigger ego existed, even if he was a good hearted guy...

it's interesting that you named yourself after a totally self-absorbed person like Joyce, and you think that Red A could never due wrong. Irish poet and a Shamrock team, you must be another Celtics troll, knowingly or unknowingly. if it's unkowingly, then i feel extra sorry for your obvious confusion.

LeBron is a BIG egomaniacal self-centered baby, just like Kobe, worse in some respects, better in others. don't make me dig up LeBron quotes to match Kobe's silly statements, actually, we've all seen them, no need.

jon k.- you can't be too surprised- ucla had nothing this year. of course, SC owes their rose bowl appearance to oregon for smacking down oregon state, but whatever, the check is in the mail, i'm sure-

since you brought up a non basketball topic (and don't think I'm not grateful) can you let bygones be bygones, summon up your pac-10 pride, and join with me in in giving a shout out to the powers that be that SC needs to play florida for the national championship? mack brown needs to take in in the old gary glitter, if you ask me.


I'll keep it short and sweet.

Good reserve play AND holding leads is dependent on the right pace.

In the middle of the game, it's fine for the bench to kick it up to high-tempo cuz we usually get BIG leads quick the way they push the ROCK.

But if we are up 20 in the 4th, what sense does it make to shoot with 15 seconds on the shot clock if it's not a layup? What sense does it make to take the 1st available shot? What sense does it make to fastbreak.

It's just like football. If you are up by 14 with 8 minutes left, why are you passing every down? How does that make sense strategically?

Basketball is a funny game. The other team only gets posessions if you SHOOT quickly. Just by doing the #s if you are up by 20 in a 12:00 quarter and you use 20 seconds on 20 possessions, that's about 7 minutes of game time gone.

So TRUE Laker fans you'll KNOW when the reserves get it when in the 4th quarter and we are up by 20, we are methodical and run the shot clock down before shooting. That way, we are always back on defense and it'll take a ridiculous miracle (double positive i know) for a team to come back.

ANd yea, I guess this wasnt so short and sweet.

I have to confess that drinking does distort your thinking.
I had questioned about paying Kobe the max due to his effeciency rating. Just went down stairs and flipped on the DVR with the Philly game and after only 6 minutes into the game YES we pay Kobe the max.


Yeah, that's what I thought.
I was born on a hot August night in 1978. I came into this world basking in the same astrological skies as Kobe Bean Bryant. Which happened to be the exact day of Magic Johnson's 19th birthday.



wow jimjoyce, I think that is a little harsh.

on a college football note, oklahome can um, perform some kind of person obeissnace to me. or its own mother. I'm a little put out by the BCS, almost to the point I dare bringing in mention of Barack Obama to the hallowed halls of this blog, to give his ethos to the idea of a playoffs, although oregon still wouldn't quite make it, which I think it probably should. sigh,

hey, john mcain probably also espouses a playoff, so I think it's fair to post this, right?

jim joyce- I never did think I would see, I blog poster as clueless as thee..nah, still lovin, man

So you've been unable to root for the lakers since 2000? rough, man, rough. personally, I made my accomidationsisms to shaq, phil and kobe a long time ago- ain't none of us perfect, home, and I include LBJ in that statement- I like to watch good basketball, but if anybody has had had the monopoly on that since chicks was wearing sassoons, that woulld be the lakershow, no?


First kudos to ex, pslakerfan, lakers_sth, Eric M, Rick Friedman, blitz, and everyone for the terrific quality of the posts. Great insights, solid criticism, and sound analyses of the issues that confront the team despite its gaudy start, talent, and depth. Only on the Lakers Blog.

As a rabid Andrew Bynum fan, I disagree with Charley Rosen’s comments that Drew no longer cares about defense. I think the problem is Drew, and the entire Lakers defense, has become indecisive and hesitant in their rotations, especially the young players.

Other teams have made adjustments, pulling their center out of the paint and attacking the middle of floor to avoid our sideline traps and the Lakers as a team do not yet have enough experience playing this defense to make the right counter-adjustments.

I am sure Phil and the coaching staff will address these issues and the team will be a far tougher defensive team by the time the playoffs start. Deploying a new defensive strategy such as the Lakers are doing is as tough a task as implementing the Triangle Offense.

Indecisiveness and hesitancy totally drain the intensity out of a player’s defensive efforts. I see that happening with Farmar, Sasha, and Drew especially. It’s not they are not trying, they just do not have their mental and physical games in sync. In time, I’m sure they will.

Part of our problems on defense, especially blowing those big leads, have been due to our carelessly turning the ball over and forgetting to play inside-out on offense. Drew and Pau were dominating the Wizards inside until the 4th quarter; then they were forgotten.

Which brings us to Phil. Despite the mistakes and indecisiveness on defense, the critics are dead right when they say Drew should be on the floor at the end of the game just like Pau. Again, the first play after Phil pulls Drew is almost always a layup or dunk.

As we all know, I am not what you would ever call a patient fan but it would be naïve to think that you can successfully install a complex and new championship-level defensive strategy and attitude in just 18 games. That is a more like a season-long challenge.

Most importantly, I think the players also know this. And we know for sure now that the Lakers DO practice defense – from reports, even more so than the Triangle Offense. We should be thrilled that we have a coach and players who know that defense wins.

Bottom line, we are just starting to learn what we can do on defense. By the playoffs, I think we will be executing on offense with the same exacting precision that has made us such an outstanding offensive team. Then we will be an unbeatable juggernaut.

Of course, this is all JMNSHO. Let’s blow out the Bucks by 40. No mercy; no letup.



It's always fun to shout "fire" in a crowded theatre and
thanks for reminding the Laker fan base of the lovable Red Auerbach.

Rather than wait for Mitch to make the Kobe / LeBron deal, why not get a Cavs schedule and tune in? They could always use more fans.

Luke Walton,
Probably not the real Luke Walton, but on the slight chance that you are - I believe in you and the Lakers!! I know you have it in you to be great. Forget the naysayers! They will always be around. Yes, there have been tough times but keep working on the game and play with confidence!! You're doing great!!!!

dave m

Because you are a sick man!

Jordan Farmar
This guy needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize that this is the NBA not UCLA!

"But if we are up 20 in the 4th, what sense does it make to shoot with 15 seconds on the shot clock if it's not a layup? What sense does it make to take the 1st available shot? What sense does it make to fastbreak."

Korey, you can blame the Jordan Farmar led groups in the 4th for blowing leads and want to play like if it was the playground. Now I like the playground rules as I have done it during my free times sometimes, especially times when I can hand check, but what Jordan is doing is ignoring Bynum and playing it all fast. Like I said our starting 5 is great, not the 2nd Unit when they want to play Farmar-rules basketball.

"Jordan Farmar
This guy needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize that this is the NBA not UCLA!"

As much as I miss my days in UCLA (wasn't surprised at USC), I agree that Jordan should stop playing if this was HIS team. It is NOT and probably won't be ever. When Kobe is all said and done it will most likely be Andrew BYNUM's team than Jordan's. He should stop ball hogging and let more people other than Trevor Ariza (another Bruin no less) share the rock so we don't give up quick possessions. Hell maybe he'll even break Sasha out of his slump but I guess he wants to play the JORDAN FARMAR way instead of the Lakers way.

Sometimes I wish the NBA could still Hand check.





"They need a little more intensity. I think they want to understand that," Jackson said. "I think their own impulses of youth get away from them sometimes and they want to score too much. They have to monitor that and understand the team play."








Woodlakers that is NOT the best team we have offensively since THERE IS NO ONE THERE TO SPREAD THE FLOOR. Defensively might be since PG will have to be taken by Trevor hopefully

As far as spread the floor, Arizza is shooting 3's better than Rad, D Fish, or Farmar is and LO can run the offense better than either D Fish or Farmar, also, this would keep him more into the flow of the game. Spreading the floor is not the problem with the Lakers, they are going to score points with almost any unit on the floor, their problem is DEFENSE. Arizza guarding the PG, can't be any worse than our current duo and with the quickness, length, and size of this unit, if a PG does get in the lane there is a better than average chance that his shot or pass attempt will either be altered, blocked, or stolen. I'm not saying this should be the starting line up, but it is the line up that should be on the floor if the game is in doubt. Kobe WILL take over offensively, but the Lakers will need stops, and they don't have a better defensive unit than these five.

What made the Bulls so great was not their ability to score points. The Bulls had the three best defensive players in the game with Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman, and also a hall of fame rebounder in Rodman. They took pride in shutting people down. With Kobe, Arizza, and LO, the lakers can almost match the bulls as far as size, length and quickness, but don't seem to have the desire to shut people down that the bulls did. Throw in Pau, and Drew (who are alot better than anything the bulls had defensively or offensively) and the lakers should be much better defensively than those bulls. Defense wins championships, and it takes alot of effort and desire to play it well. Until the Lakers decide to totally buy into the mind set of playing good defense the ENTIRE game rather than when they feel like it or have to, they will always be runners up to Boston.

lakers-sth... from the last thread

I agree with your post for sure.We're saying the same thing.Good call

Laker Tom,

>>> No mercy; no letup.

That's a mantra we can all believe in. Go Lakers!

The Laker record is not that important. Here are the numbers we should all be concerned about:

Laker Record against the Eastern Conference Big 3 (ECB3):

1. Detroit Pistons (since 2003-04 season)……
4 wins and 13 losses

2. Boston Celtics (since Piece, Garnet, Allen)…..
2 wins and 6 losses

3. Cleveland (since 04-05 season, a year after Lebron’s rookie season and when he became established)….
2 wins and 6 losses

2008-2009 remaining games against the ECB3:

Boston: Dec 25 in LA, Feb 5 in Boston
Cleve: Jan 19 in LA, Feb 8 in Cleveland
Detroit: March 26 in Detroit


1. Detroit has thoroughly dominated the Lakers, despite the Lakers having years of "learning about them and adjusting to their style of play." Even with Shaq or Bynum playing, the Lakers have not been able to solve Detroit. Two constants to consider as to why this is-- During the 03-04 Championships, Karl Malone was severely hurt and weakened, and he was a liability both offensively and defensively. This year, we have Pau Gasol, who cowers at the sight of American thug-type power forwards. Weakness at the 4 has hurt us versus Detroit. Another constant; Kobe always over shoots and his shooting percentage is consistently low versus Detroit. Kobe givith, Kobe taketh away...

2. The Celtics dominated the Lakers during the regular season last year, and in my opinion, they dominated the Lakers during the Championship. I never got the feeling the Lakers had a chance versus the Celtics, and with the Celtic team playing even better than last year, there is not reason to believe the Lakers chances versus the Celts will improve. Rondo is dominating at the PG now, which means the Celtics now have 2 dominating guards, and we know how poorly the Lakers do against teams with effective guards. Add to this that the Celtic interior players have gotten stronger, and that this team is beating other teams handily, despite the Celtics having a bulls-eyes on their backs. I really fear the Celtics. Christmas day is the Day of Reckoning for this Laker team...

3. No doubt, Lebron has dominated Kobe. Say what you want to say about who's better, Lebron's Cavs have consistently beaten Kobe's Lakers, and the Cavs don't put a cast of superstars on the floor. We haven't played the Cavs yet this year, so I'd be interested in seeing how we fare. Still, the bottom line is that we rarely beat this team, and nothing Kobe does seems to change that.

I will be re-posting this from time to time as I think it is a key area that we need to keep abreast of.

It's almost like there are two conversations going on at the LA Times Lakers Blog.

One group of people has perspective, isn't getting to crazy and out of whack about some recent struggles.

The other group believes that the entire season hinges on each and every game, and looks to make wholesale changes to a team that appeared in the NBA Finals last season.

Interesting dichotomy.

Korey: RIGHT ON!!! Why the heck are we fast breaking and shooting perimeter shots with 10-15 seconds left on the shot clock with a 15-20 point lead in the 4th? Because the 2nd unit is young, slightly dumb, and spend too much of their time watching AND1 Mixtapes! The hot-dogging, showboating and (DUMB A$$) lobs and alley-oops make me CRINGE!

We're a 16-2 team that's labelled "soft". What right do these youngstas have to showboat?. They haven't won anything!

chuck23 - hahaha! you just gave me a good sunday morning laugh.

The only way we win a championship is if Andrew Bynum decides to be the defensive force and enforcer in the paint.

Andrew has a whole career to show us he can score, but right now, this year, today, we need Andrew to focus all his attention on defense. He already has his new contract.

Andrew please do what the staff is asking you to do. We need you to be the defensive force we been by rebounding and blocking shots. We know you have a bright future as an offensive center, but for this team we need you to rebound and block.

When Andrew embraces his role with this team, we will become a dominate defensive team.

In some ways I would rather have Ben Wallace on this team right now than Andrew Bynum. Because we know big ben will focus on rebounding and protecting the paint.


"Of course, this is all JMNSHO. Let’s blow out the Bucks by 40. No mercy; no letup"

Your comment, Kobe icing his knees in the 4th with 7 minutes to go and lakers up 19, and Phil Jackson's comments are all examples (in my humble opinion) of why this team's mentality makes it vunerable to let downs.

* 40 point blow out ... how won't we have letdowns if we keep assuming we're that much better than the rest of the league ... we have the potential to be very good, but if we don't play like there's a very good chance we can lose then we wont be motivated to play hard, after all why play if it's a forgone conclusion that we can blow them out by 40 ... nah instead of calling for blowouts how about we call for a return to DEFENSE ... 101-89 anyone? better than a 132 - 100 scoreline if u ask me ... ya never hear the line blowouts win championships ... lets get back to thinking defense, perharps it'll inspire our guys to stop playing like they're in an all star contest once we have a lead, perharps then we'll see less TURNOVERS and the end of QUICK chucks early in the shotclock

* #24 icing his knees ... by now ya should know what the gripe is ... is he assuming the game is in hand, ain't this the nba where teams make runs ... with 7 minutes left in the game, nobody should be icing their knees, what has this team done to earn the right to be so cocky? Last time I checked, the Big 3 are the ones that took home the only thing that matters to any laker fan ... or have me become a franchise that celebrates conference championships, how about they hang a banner ... kobe u should know better, the nba's got studs ... since when did u lose the drive to show the world that for 48 minutes u're gonna punk their studs ... up 20 u should be eager for a little more burn in the 4th ... if only so u can nail that hook shot and sports center highlight ... but nah dawg it ain't even about that, u should be eager to get a little more burn jus so u can wash the taste of that boston finals a lil more outta our mouths

* PJ bringing his starters in earlier ... on da surface what have I got to gripe about ... aint he just trying to get results ... ok then but watever happened to reacting to in game situations ... fine hold on to your belief that the players need to figure it out themselves so u wont call a timeout, but what about the numerous times when the solution doesn't lie with them, e.g. if the opposing coach decides to go small, doesn't that dictate a lineup change on our end as well .. basically it peeves me to hear PJ say he'll bring the starters in at a certain time, nah y not just react better to what you're seeing on the court ... e.g. the whole world knows u start your bench in the 4th, so if I'm an opposing coach doesn't it make sense to make sure my starters are in beginning of the fourth so we can make a run against the laker bench ... PJ think think ... I ain't doubting your Zen coaching skill, but for someone that preaches living in the moment and reacting to the situation/envinroment as it occurs ... ya sure do walk into games with a lot of pre-determined actions such as I'll bring in my starters at the 8 minute mark instead of the 6 minute mark ... and lastly bloggers, if ya aint figured out the theme already, PJs predetermined notions is a more pointed example of us not taking our oposition seriously enough ... PJ our boys definately need to fight back harder on the court, but ya also need to hold up ya end, ya cant jus lay back in your chair while the opposing coach adjusts to what we're doing and sends in instructions to his troops on how to dismantle us ... ya can't pretend not to notice as his starters execute his intructions against our bench ... don't prime ya guys to get a predetermined amount of minutes of rest ... if they're struggling rest us, if their scrubs are out there on the court rest us, if we have a 30 point lead rest us, but if ya see the enemy showing life, if ya see them looking to make a push, react and put ya best men in ... and yes that includes Andrew in the fourth, last time I checked vrad is the only starter we can argue aint the best at his position, ANDREW has earned the right to help us finish games, he's earned the right to be there with pau n kobe saying not tonight fellas, not on our watch ... cuz it is in those 3 that we'll need to count on for the heavy lifting ... play Drew when we've got a fight on our hands yo, just like kobe might be 1-15 and we trust him to make the game winner, drew might have just 1 rebound but i trust him to get that 1 rebound we need on the last play

Apologies for the very wordy post but like y'all I love this team ... I like their result so far and I'm just yearning to see them put in repeated hard work that will turn their potential into reality

'What made the Bulls so great was not their ability to score points. The Bulls had the three best defensive players in the game with Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman, and also a hall of fame rebounder in Rodman. They took pride in shutting people do6wn.'

One of the reasons PJ loves big point guards like Ron Harper is that he could turn Pippen to harass the opposing PG while his big PG switches to guarding the opposing shooting guard or small forward. With this small Laker PG lineup PJ does not have that luxury. Ariza is probably quick enough to harass the opposing PG like Rondo, but then PJ cannot switch Fish or Farmar because they will be mismatched.

Two words...Russell Westbrook. THAT is the ex-UCLA guard that could be both a lockdown defensive PG and a heck of a scorer when needed. Plus, he's on a team (Oklahoma City) that would be willing to wheel and deal for multiple players. This deal would guarantee 4 or 5 more rings for Phil and the Lakers.

Do it.

"As far as spread the floor, Arizza is shooting 3's better than Rad, D Fish, or Farmar is"

Woodlackers you really must be out of your mind and not paying attention to games:

Trevor Ariza 3 pt %= 27.6% (1.6 average attempts)

Derek Fisher 3 pt% = 46.6% (3.2 average attempts)

Rad 3 pt %= 47.2% (leading the Lakers) (4.0 average attempts)

even Jordan Farmar 3 pt%= 36.6% (2.3 average attempts)

So you CANNOT say Trevor Ariza is a better 3 point shooter than either of them. Those do NOT lie. Hell don't even try an excuse like "oh but he doesn't shoot as much as them!" which is a load of crap. If Trevor keeps on shooting threes then he will average less points since he is NOT a better shooter. Heck even Hobbitmage (a Trevor homer) agrees that he is not a better shooter than either of them (and Lamar is beating Trevor Ariza too). Don't try to revise history just because you want to.

"Spreading the floor is not the problem with the Lakers, they are going to score points with almost any unit on the floor, their problem is DEFENSE"

Their problem is giving away points when we have a 15+ point lead! And guess who is in the lineup then?? Jordan (who isn't as good defensively), Sasha (who has an over rated defense that was exposed these last 3 games despite Hobbitmage's "his intense defense"), Trevor (the only good defender), Lamar (an average defender at PF), and Andrew (good post defender). If you want a better defensive lineup try this:

Derek Fisher (can't stop every guard but hell he is a solid defender)
KB (no brainer)
Trevor (No brainer unless he is tired and struggling)
Pau and Drew (no brainer).


again you dodged my question and went to past records. Didn't I say it matters NOT what happens in the regular season!!?? For all I care we could win the regular season match ups with these guys (Cleveland and Boston, Detroit is over rated and is going down despite what YOU think) and we can LOSE the finals big again. Just like we lost the regular season series to the Suns back in 2005-2006 3-1 but was one rebound away from upsetting them in the playoffs. Or you too scared to think about that and keep on with your pathetic argument??

Troy: always wants to win the regular season....NOT the Playoffs!


I said it once before, but I'd like to see the Lakers bring Horry into the fold. If not as a player, then as an assistant coach. Even if his "big shot" isn't there anymore and his body is too broken down to get up and down the court his is still one of the savviest big men defensively. I don't know what his relationship is like with the organization but if he was amenable, I believe he could provide a lot of great insight to teach the young players (not just the bigs) how to be smarter defenders.


I'm not sure thats entirely fair

Jordan and Pippen were year in year out selctions to the all defensive team and Rodman was a former defensive player of the year...before that Cartwright and Horace Grant were known for their D...the lakers are far more talented offensively but they simply dont have that level of talent defensively.

I think the other thing is this team is still only 17 games so the team D has time to improve - while it might appear to have regressed you have to remember that as the other teams have been improving quickly as far as getting their offensive together AND learning how to deal with the lakers D....its a marathon not a sprint.

"That was a window of opportunity to be champions, to take that series to 2-2 with the fifth game on our home court," Fisher said. "We did the same thing that we're starting to do now -- allow teams to get back into a game by executing poorly on offense, turning the ball over, taking poor shots and becoming porous on defense. I just wanted to kind of remind us that if we want to get back to that point, we have to correct this now." D. Fisher

~~ This is what many bloggers are saying against our beloved Lakers, while others are contented with 16-2, trumpeting and honeysuckling that the beast and the hyena are now with us. Others are not fully convinced because the offense is based on playground strategies while the defense is complacent, a reminder of Smush and Cookie type of defense. Last night, after watching Pacquiao fight, I met a Celtic fan who was deliriously happy with the Lakers performance lately. Out of politenes, he was not saying negative but just observe a repetition of what Derek referred. Easy going double digt leads but give it away instantly. The attitude of our players is similar to other bloggers here chest-thumping we are great, no need of defense, game is over and dynasty is in the offing!

I always refer these flaws as Laker disease, yet people who have been long time watchers would not admit those flaws, their fandom goes out of whack, out of realities with narrowing vision only on their favorite player. What is wrong in admitting that we have a problem? What's wrong in saying: Yes we are No.2 today but can be in No. 1 in June? Why cover-up weaknesses and engaged in self-denial of defenseless theories? While we expressed our extreme opinions, I don't think we are qualified to offer a detailed solution to Phil Jackson and Mitch Kupchak, we can only summarize our succinct observations: "We have problems Phil, Mitch, it is not panic and unsolvable but you got to address them before it becomes a habit all the way to the playoffs".

troy-----You've got it exactly right. The Lakers have not yet shown they can compete with the best in the East.

re Kobe: Compare the talent on the Lakers to the talent on the Cavs. Then compare their records. Clearly LeBron is doing more with less. Clearly his teammates buy in to his focus on team play. Unfortunately, some of the Lakers buy in to Kobe's emphasis on me-first.

Yes, watching the Lakers has been painful since 2000. True, they've won, but the quality of team play was mostly so poor, so selfish, that they took the pleasure out of it.

Growing up, I hated Red Auerbach like everyone else. But the more I've learned about him, I can see that's only because he was on the other side. He was a man. Phil? Just another self-centered punk.

Recession Plugging:

I just subscribed to LA Times would you believe 4 issues from Thursday to Sunday for $ 26 a year, that's 50 cents a week or 12.5 cents per issue? You can't beat that costing, that's free if you include the cost of the delivery of the paper to your home. Once you have accummulated papers within a month, visit a recycler and get paid for them, so you obtain a little profit too. You can also use the LA Times paper to clean your home windows or car windshields if you get tired reading Plaschke & Simers. Hope you all help the economic needs of the local paper by calling 1-800-LaTimes as they continue our Lakers Blog. I also wish they become an independent entity in 2009 separated from Zell's influence by selling it to LA businessmen.


No, I didn't. The records against Detroit and Boston include playoff games. Doesn't apply to the Cavs because the Cavs haven't reached the playoffs.

As such, the Laker record against the Pistons is 1-4; against Boston is 2-4.

Edwin Gueco...Great and eloquent point, as always.



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