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New 710 ESPN podkast, plus some visual candy of the Zoom Kobe IV variety!

Podcast_2 Our latest session in the 710 ESPN studio features some L.A.-Boston shop talk with CelticsBlog's Steve Weinman, plus our thoughts on some currently-not-so-swell elements plaguing Lakers Land of late: Lamar Odom's play, Andrew Bynum's play, focus, D, ball movement.  Basically, everything but DJ Mbenga's choice of street clothes while inactive. (Dude is a snappy dresser!) 

But today's update isn't limited simply to audio presentations.  Oh, no, no, no!  In case folks haven't seen it, the latest Nike Zoom Kobe IV viral ad- like "the kids," Kobe loves him some viral- is up and running on Youtube.  Take a gander and see what you think.  Personally, I prefer the Hyperdunk spots with Ronny and the Aston Martin or the Jackass dudes.  But that's just my opinion and perhaps subject to change after the Mamba-Epps winner is eventually revealed.

Below the jump is also some information about Nike Zoom Kobe IV's being given out to fans and auctioned on EBay to benefit the Kobe Bryant Family Foundation.


There will be 24 pairs of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV sold daily on from Dec. 25 until Feb. 1. After Feb. 1, the Zoom Kobe IV will be available in normal capacity on Bryant also teamed up with NIKEiD design consultants to create two eye-catching color schemes which he will wear in game action along with a surprise creation.

Bryant will give away 100 pairs of NIKEiD-designed Zoom Kobe IV shoes to lucky fans at the Staples Center just prior to gameday on Christmas. The NIKEiD Zoom Kobe IV shoes that Bryant actually wears during the game will be signed and auctioned on with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Kobe Bryant Family Foundation. In addition to the one-of-a-kind shoes, the winning bidder will receive two tickets to a future game and the chance to receive the shoes from Kobe directly.

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Any sneakerheads on the blog?

Kobe IVs are pretty legit. They just released the PE he had on Friday night at House of Hoops at the Beverly Center in limited quantities, they are fetching around $600-700 right now. There's a few more PEs slated to drop with some nice GRs.

He will be rocking the white/yellow/red laces pair in the commercial on christmas day, not too big of a fan of those though.

It's not very normal to have a players signature sneaker on ID so it should be pretty interesting. I don't understand why Nike is making it limited for a while then not, kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Anyways, the game worn auto IVs will fetch a pretty penny, even in this recession. My guess: $5k

Can't wait to pick up some of the PEs and GRs in the near future, they're the lightest basketball shoe ever.


Posted by: EJK | December 23, 2008 at 12:09 PM


That was a Devean George, Vlade and Caron Swap for Boozer.


Thanks for clarifying that.

Posted by: Justin N.

How horrible is it that all your top 10 comments are about as negative as it can get? Disgusting.

All I can say is the TOP TEN is a reflection of the majority of comments posted. The TOP TEN is also suppose to be more on the comical side. Posts like "Don't Worry, we'll be alright", PJ knows what he doing", and "Lamar is a second half player" brings no intrinsic value as far as the TOP TEN is concerned.

My #1 for yesterday...
can we click "next" on Lamar Odom?

I felt was a great choice considering the blog problems of recent days and how we all now have to click next. Very good line and worthy of being #1.

I just now realized I forgot to put the bloggers name on it
Posted by: Kwaminus III, 4th Earl of the Secret Society of the Brimming Calves | December 22, 2008 at 02:19 PM

The bloggers name is also, again, very funny IMHO

Hey, I should get a the signed pair from Kobe plus two tickets to the game and two plane tickets to L.A. for the game. I'm the one living in Beantown with the champs and rooting for the Lakers. Now that's a real fan!!!

Por Favor Kobe!


CC, AJ, and Teixeira. Can Manny be far behind? Yankees rule like Lakers should.

Pound the ball inside to Pau and Drew tonight. Minimum 20 shots for our bigs.


You Ever Notice,

I don't always agree with you... but I do appreciate your compiling the daily Top 10 blog posts.

Go Lake Show!

You Ever Notice,

True talk the post was funny ... but people need to quit asking the lakers to hit next on odom cuz imho it's kinda pointless, this is lamar's last season with the lakers, and ariza will pick up his dollars next season. Let's just hope he'll give us a some good games and help us in our run this season to championship #1 in the post shaq era.

Now if follks where upset about walton or vladmir, that's understandable since they're on our books for a while and just doesn't seem like we can make a good trade for them ... now that's the kinda stuff worth getting frustrated about

Lastly as many have pointed out ... we've got enough talent on this team to get it done ... yeah we could get better players, but we rocking with numero uno kobe bryant ... he already proved last season he can make some noise with this band of so called softies, and this season he'll prove they can rock on a championship stage ...

everyone should stop focussing on regular season losses ... we'll enter d playoffs as a top 3 seed in the west and so long as we're playing our best ball in june we'll hold our own and then some ... laker fans i salute u ... cuz y'all in 4 a real treat this season ... happy holiday's y'all


From the AZ Central Press
1:42 PM PST, December 23, 2008

PHOENIX -- The sliding Phoenix Suns have signed sophomore guard Dee Brown, apparently bolstering a back-court desperately in need of help.

A crowd of reporters huddled around two-time MVP Steve Nash as he commented on the deal some pundits speculate could be the signing of the year for the Suns. "This kid could be vying for a starting role here, I think," said Nash. "His 2.4 points and 1.6 rebounds per game are enough to make me think about getting back in the gym."

Dee Brown then joined the meeting, and he and Nash had a heated conversation. Brown was heard repeatedly muttering the phrase, "I can't understand you... you're speaking in Canadian."

Backup center Shaquille O'Neal also weighed in on the deal from a nearby Krispy Kreme location. "Bobby Brown is definitely making a comeback. Anyone who can get down with Whitney is never going to disappear completely."

Reserve guard Goran Dragic could not be reached for comment, but sources report that he was last seen leaving the practice court with a despondent fan.


Sing Along to the tune "Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now"

Big Bad Drew is Sweet Andy Now...
and a 1,2,3

Way down yonder in La La ville
Lived a cat named Big Bad Drew
I wants to tell ya
Oh the Cat was rough and tough he would strut his stuff

Had the whole league scared to death
when he came in they all held their breath
He's a fighten man sure enough

And then Drew got himself some green
Now he's never seen

Big Bad Drew is Sweet Andy now
Making dough done changed him somehow
He's the man the league use to fear
Now they all call him Sweet Baby Andy Dear

Stronger than Sampson I declare
till 50 plus million turned his head

Big Bad Drew don't play anymore
he's too busy shopping at the stores
Well he use to score and rebound manning up each night
Now he's gobbling up the chicken every night
Big Bad Drew is Sweet Andy now

Big Bad Drew is Sweet Andy now
(doing his shopping)
Big Bad Drew is Sweet Andy now
(gobbling up that chicken)
Big Bad Drew is Sweet Andy now

do do dodo do dodo do dodo do do do dodo dodo do


LMAO ... you guys are such traitors ... how can u accuse us of having an inferiority complex?.... what??... I mean sure everything Boston has looks bigger, better, shinier, ... sure they're playing so well ... lol ... inferiority complex?? ok ok maybe a little ... but you're betraying the trust of the blug by exposing our secrets ... wtf, how could u share that information with a boston blog dude ... urgh ... we have no inferiority complex ... they got lucky ...

And oh christmas day's only significance is so all the nay sayers can see us slap boston upside the head ... we dont care what they're record is ... if we meet them in june, payback will be a muffa

If Lamar Odumbest is going to be called for a charge, it better be worth it. He might as well put a knee straight to the groin. As Barkley said, " I'm going to make sure that you're only going to get one of those calls on me."


All love!

I dont mean to offend anyone on this site. It just seems as if a lot of the fans are living on Fairy Land.

Posted by: taliq | December 23, 2008 at 01:43 PM
Lastly as many have pointed out ... we've got enough talent on this team to get it done ... yeah we could get better players, but we rocking with numero uno kobe bryant ... he already proved last season he can make some noise with this band of so called softies, and this season he'll prove they can rock on a championship stage ...

Taliq, perhaps you should read the article posted at HoopsWorld. Somewhat of a beginning of an end for our beloved.

Kobe is my Jordan

Phil keep Luke out of the line up at all cost even if it means handcuffing him to the team bus. Sincerely chuck23 and Laker fan's all over the world!

Outlaw and Troll Man have some really funny post.

And oh christmas day's only significance is so all the nay sayers can see us slap boston upside the head ... we dont care what they're record is ... if we meet them in june, payback will be a muffa

Posted by: taliq | December 23, 2008 at 02:31 PM

No offense Taliq, I do appreciate your excitement for the team, but I am skeptical about the rah rah rah chant right now. Not that the team is doomed, but the way the team is constructed right now mentally, we are far from what you are posting.

Again someome should post the Hoopsworld article released today.

Kobe is my Jordan


sorry to hear about your mom.


Are you on drugs? How can your "underachieving, soft" Fakers beat the "class of their own" Celtics on Christmas Day. Even if you let Santa Claus play for your team the Fakers will still lose by 20 points.

An avid Celtics fan,


Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Thanks for the travel post on Boston vs LA.
Didn't know that.


LO the Bad Luck Charm. Enough said.


You and I are Bynum diehards. Please give me your thoughts on why Bynum now looks like Odumb!!
I just think the kid is pissed about not getting the 4th quarter minutes at crunch time. If LO was taking your minutes how would you feel? Magic Johnson always talked about winning time which of course was the 4th quarter. This kid who is so green needs to know what it is like to grind out a victory. I don't give a hoot about Odumb. He is in the same catagory as Kwame and Smush. Losers! I will be glad to live thru the ups and downs with Bynum but 5 years with Braindead is wasting our time. Just like when we thought Jordy should be getting the minutes instead of Smush knowing he was never going to be the guy.


There's nothing classier than seeing Kevin Garnett screaming obscenities at a female fan during the Hawks game. Something akin to, "F&*! you, b%#*&!" He screamed it over and over and over, sometimes pointing at her, too.

Now THAT's class. Stay classy, KG. I hope someone knocks your classy teeth out.

Go Lake Show!

I wonder if Mitch is waiting until Christmas Day 2 see how Lamar plays against the celtics and that might determine whether he remains a laker

We blew it by not trading Lamar for Billups.


Eric Pincus at HoopsWorld brings it to light:

The point guards have too much trouble staying in front of their assignments - the wing players gamble too much. Andrew Bynum is struggling so without a defensive anchor - the Lakers are asking Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom to defend the basket.

Also teams have adjusted to LA's zone - and the Lakers have yet to counter. Some of that has to do with limited practice time considering the busy schedule.

Laughing at "habib" "avid celtics fan". he didn't know there was a team in boston until last year.

An "Avid" Irish Midget fan. HA!

I love Mike Epps. He's usually the best part of anything he appears in.

Watching this Houston/Cleveland game. When healthy, the Rockets are an excellent match physically for both Cleveland and Boston. Being able to throw a steady diet of Artest and Battier at Pierce and LeBron must be nice. The only thing Houston really needs is to fill that hole left by Mutombo, a solid back-up for Yao... and stay healthy.

Something I think the players need to focus on is creating advantages for themselves on offense and defense rather than just doing what they're told.

A screen is supposed to put the defense at a disadvantage, but most of the screens set by Drew and Pau are so lax, they don't do anything except put the ballhandler in a double team. I know that BK talks about how the Triangle, when executed correctly, is supposed to free players up. Right now, with them just going through the motions, it's really been up to the players themselves to beat their defenders.

On defense, there are too many players hanging out in no man's land - what they call "shading". They aren't making it any more difficult for the ballhandler. No one rotates over to their man b/c they never fully leave them. So all they're really doing is making it hard to get back to their man.

The coaches really need to help the players connect the dots of how they can use the offensive and defensive principles to create advantages for themselves and disadvantages for the opposition. They need help to figure out how to play with a purpose.

Does anyone know where I can watch the game for free on the internent?



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