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Lakers 112, Sacramento 103: You take the good, you take the bad...

Take them both and you end up with Kim Fields on roller skates. 


Click below for the breakdown.

Three Good:

  • Kobe Bryant:  Remember the other day when we wondered if Kobe's health could be an issue?  Well, it still could be, but clearly not much was bothering him tonight. He opened the scoring with a nothing-but-net jumper 13 seconds into the game, and went on from there.   In short, Kobe looked a lot more like Kobe, moving aggressively on defense, shooting the ball with more arc, and (perhaps most importantly) attacking the basket.  His 32 points came on 21 shots and 10 trips to the line.  Toss in seven boards, three dimes, and a block, and it was a pretty complete night.
  • Pau Gasol: You can make a very solid argument that Gasol has been LA's most consistent performer over the first 22 games of the season, and tonight he was, once again, very strong.  18 points, on (for him, a surprisingly inefficient) 7-16 from the floor, plus 11 boards and four dimes.  He was effective around the rim, but importantly continued to do very good work with his jumper from midrange. It's getting to the point that when one of those J's from the elbow doesn't fall, it's surprising.  Defensively, the tandem of Brad Miller and Spencer Hawes combined for only 19 points on 6-16 shooting, indicative of the work Gasol, Bynum, and Lamar Odom did on the tandem.  Overall, the Lakers were more attentive in dealing with the skill set of Sacto's bigs, cutting down on their outside game and limiting Miller's ability to distribute from the high post. 
  • Trevor Ariza: In just over 20 minutes of run, Ariza hit five of his seven shots, grabbed five boards, notched a couple dimes, and made some noise defensively.  The points came from inside and out, reminiscent of the performances he had earlier in the season.  It's good to see Ariza getting some confidence back with his shot, because if he can pull opposing players away from the hoop, his opportunities to attack the lane- his real strength- go up even more. 

Three Bad:

  • Andrew Bynum: It wasn't all bad, as Bynum finished with 10 boards and had some decent moments in the second half, but all told it was a frustrating night for LA's young C. He opened the game aggressively looking for his shot, but too often forced the issue and must have thought the rim was replaced with one of those undersized, gnarly ones you see at carnivals and state fairs.  Nothing would go down... including his foul count.  He picked up a pair of fouls only 36 seconds apart in the second quarter, giving him three on the night.  PJ elected to keep him in the ballgame... until Bynum picked up his fourth less than a minute later.  Eventually, Drew would foul out, but at least it was with authority as he practically hog tied Spencer Hawes under the basket in the fourth.
  • Free throws: A nine point win with a few tense moments could have been a laugher had the Lakers taken advantage of their 35 trips to the line.  Instead, they missed 14 freebies, including nine in the first half.  Ariza (2-6) and Josh Powell (1-5) were the worst offenders.
  • The siren that goes off when the Jumbotron is lowered after the game: To say that bit of ear pollution interrupted our attempts to film the modest little video at the top of the post would be an understatement.  Now, I'm all for safety, but this massive scoreboard falls about a foot every three seconds, and is coming from the top of the freakin' arena.  If you happen to get caught underneath, it's probably because you're not paying attention.  At least it gave us a chance to give DJ Mbenga, or at least a picture of his arm, some time on camera.  He hasn't had much of that this season.

One Big Issue:

  • Executioner required:  "I told them in the post game that we found ways to keep (the Kings) in the game, in the end of the first half, in the end of the third quarter, and at the end of the game.  We did it through a variety of things.  We missed foul shots, giving up fouls at the end of the quarters.  Let's not take anything away from Sacramento, but we really kept them in the game," Jackson said.  On the one hand, it's a nice change of pace for the Lakers to have an opportunity to go all guillotine on an opponent.  On the other, the trend of failing to score the knockout blow (to go from medieval forms of death making to boxing) continues.  Those 30+ point fourth quarters for the opposition just don't sit well, nor do silly mental errors and bad fouls (the most egregious being Jordan Farmar riding Bobby Jackson out of bounds at halfcourt just before the buzzer ended the third, trading a desperation heave for two free throws). 


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In other news, my sources (who only spsak to me when I rub a magic lantern) Lakers are going to trade Odom and Farmar and/or Vladdy for a real PG. You heard it here first.

Posted by: East Nyboer | December 12, 2008 at 10:08 PM

I just spoke to a Production Assistant from a TV series this afternoon. He mentioned the exact same thing. LO + Vlad or Farmar for a point guard. (The kat was from NYC also)

We rapped for about 20 mins all Laker talk and the finishing conversation was about trading LO.

This guy from New York is friends with Nick Young. He mentioned rumblings about Gilbert arenas for LO + Vladdy were creeping through the grape vine.

I chimed in about the Kirk H from Chicago for LO was brewing and died over the summer.

Again this is all speculative but amazing how another NYC guy mentioned the same Laker players involved for a trade.

If that's the case, Josh Powell better get his free throws going.

Posted by: Charles | December 13, 2008 at 12:22 AM

I'm still skeptical about Kobe. I sense something troubling is really brewing. I still think we can get Caron Butler or Chris Bosh for Kwame-like price. You heard it here first.

I happened to notice that for some reason when YouTube picks a frame for when the video isn't playing, AK always looks super serious and BK always has an amused look on his face.

(Admission: I had to rewatch the begining to figure out who is who!)


Lakers win,stop bashing,keep on supporting our guys.Kobe the best player of all time.Lakers world champion forever....

Finally Trevor decides to finish off his shots.....

Still getting highly annoyed at Jordan Farmar's WEAK and PATHETIC personal defense.

Man when Derek was in the game before those fouls took him out in the first half we were playing great defense. Then he gets his second, Jordan comes in and guess what the LEAD shrinks and BENO UDRIH serves him everytime on defense.

During the last part of the 1st quarter guess who fires a shot? Jordan Farmar and while he misses guess what? NO ONE is retreating back to defense. Trevor decides to go out of his way to get an offensive rebound, and again we are in scrambling mode and that's how the Kings get their three.

After the 3rd we had a sizable lead then Udrih serves Jordan Farmar again and the lead gets cut down WHEN we have JORDAN FARMAR.

Hey Jordan it's not "stealing the ball all the time" it's keeping your foot more in the ground when the ball is in the other point guard's hand!

True Bynum had a very mediocre game and he really was in foul trouble. But his fouls in the 2nd and 4th quarters really were troubling. Most of them came from penetration and him trying to stop it and guess who allowed that penetration? Jordan Farmar.

Man not to diss a fellow Bruin (I am one) but really his defense sucks beyond steals. No wonder Collison had to guard PG back UCLA to cover Jordan's lack of defense.

Man Walton at this rate is going to rack up more assists than Jordan. Wish Jordan knows WHO to pass it too instead of trying to be like Michael Jordan and try to score if scored upon (which happens a ton recently).

Point Forward for the offense I guess for Luke Walton.


Good morning. I enjoyed the post-game banter about whether the Lakers were indeed an elite team. Their record says they are. Their on-court play says, we just don't know yet.

Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. That's why I think there's something to Charles' post on trade rumors.

The jury can no longer be out on Lamar Odom. Despite his weaknesses, I'll take Josh Powell's intensity over LO's constant disappearing act. If there's anything this Laker team needs more of, it's intensity. As much as I like Farmar, he's been the weakest link of the second unit. If the Knicks are in the equation, New York would be a logical destination for both LO and JF. LO would allow the Knicks to dump another big contract. Jordan would fit in better with a D'Antoni style team.

It might take a three-way trade to deliver the Lakers the solid point guard they appear to need. Chris Duhon isn't much of a step up from JF.

So, again, are the Lakers really an elite team? My verdict would be that the Lakers are one player away. That's why I'm betting (and hoping) the trade rumors are true.

phil wants the lakers to be underdogs. who wants pressure..

don't worry, our boys are fine.

I think Kobe is just coasting because his legs are tired from his busy summer..I think when he needs to turn it on, he will cuz he can..Plus, he is sooooo very skillfully inclined he can do other things that will/can help the time like creating shots for others -- hell, just his mere overall presence! I am not gonna stress him, cuz Kobe is the least of our worries. Its not like we are a losing team, check the record!

As far as a trade, I do think the Lakers will look to add a guard -- Pargo would've been decent especially since he played in the system before..


Friday Dec. 12, 2008

Honorable Mention

[Comment From lakers_sth]
did garcia give him a wet willy?

[Comment From adt31]

[Comment From TinidorS]
Kobe!!!! just shoot the ball and stop faking!!


I'm not sure the Lakers defense would be able to keep Al Gore in front of them at this rate.
Gore is probably a Celtics fan anyway. He's obsessed with green.
Posted by: EJK | December 12, 2008 at 09:21 PM

Why does everyone insist on throwing Ariza bad alley oops?
Posted by: Amazing_Happens | December 12, 2008 at 10:36 PM

Question: Why can't we play Boston in the Jungle?
Answer: Coz their a bunch of cheetahs!
Posted by: Charles | December 12, 2008 at 11:49 AM

The BYNUM TO TO BENCH campaign is even dumber than my Mark Boult calls!!!!!!
Posted by: 46thst.baller | December 12, 2008 at 11:50 AM

Ah, so Worthy wasn't playing all-out during the regular season, it's just that his lower gear is higher than most players higher gear.
"There; I've run circles around you logically!"
Posted by: exhelodrvr | December 12, 2008 at 02:03 PM

Or think about this, if the Lakers conitnue this 'awful, dreadful, the-sky-is-falling' trend, 18-3 extrapolates to a 70-12 season. Wouldn't that be awful?? 8-)
Posted by: The Snake | December 12, 2008 at 09:38 AM

[Comment From justanothermambafan]
I've been thinking....I - like many of us - are getting very upset or frustrated with the way we're playing. I HATE it and I get all irritated with the coaching staff, etc etc - just like y'all. That being said, the coaching staff is mellow, methodical, taking it all in stride, etc. I'm thinking for my own sanity I'll take their approach. Keep calm while they're calm. Kind of like watch the stewardess on a plane - when she's upset you KNOW you've got something to worry about.

[Comment From SgtRoss]
Ok - Phil is now off the bench. He is frustrated so we better start worrying. The coaching staff is now worried.

[Comment From adt31]

It took only two weeks for teams to figure out how the Lakers were playing D , but till this day noone can figure out how boston is playing theirs. Noone can break thru bostons D, it only took boston last seasons preseason to get all on the same page on how to play D. Hmm, maybe doc is a better coach than PJ.
Posted by: Magia32 | December 12, 2008 at 01:26 PM

AK/BK - you left one good thing off the list. What about the energy of Josh Powell? He got them up and roused a bit when he came in. Too bad he can't get more playing time when things are stagnant, because whenever he comes in he makes good things happen.

I actually saw some defense that wasn't of the scrambling, "oh crap" type. There were some good sequences in the fourth, especially after Kobe got them the lead. I saw a little glimpse of the team they were when the season started.

C'mon Lakers. You can do it!


To be honest, I didn't bother going out of my way to watch this game. Because as a fan of the Lakers I get too connected and I have a hard time when teams like this do this and the Lakers poor coaching, combined with the few rotten apples (players) on the team taking a vacation on Defense just outright shames me.

All I was doing was hoping that they just don't blown the heck out by like 30. There should be no more talk of our early-season defense. That was fools' gold. The Lakers have absolutely the worst defense in the NBA and it sickens me. I'll try watching the next game but you know its bad when you think to yourself "man, I hope we don't make it to the Finals this year with defense like that, because if we do there is no way we would walk away and not expect to find the Lakers in the same sentence as the Thunder" yea, I said it. I just wish they could hear me something say so blasphemous it should piss them off. Meh....but that's the Staff Sergeant in me speaking, when the troops jack up that certain convoy...lace them with peppered sentences like that. Oh yah, it works all the time, and my guys get paid waay less.

We all know this team can do better, the players have to allow the fear of God to be put in them, they have to develop a swagger about the way they play defense. I mean, when was the last time we held a team under 90? And Kobe needs to make an effort NOT to gamble on defense, leave the gambling to MJ and Charles Barkley.

We need a head strong individual, and poor Kobe the guy can't say anything because if he does then all of a sudden TJ Simmers works for LA times again (I think he is in an undisclosed location) and all those other "My fingers have arthritis whenever I can't write something bad about Kobe" journalists are popping out of their little rabbit holes to take a swing at the NBA's pinata for the past 12 seasons. It has always been damned if he do, damned if he don't. I mean, lets say Kobe goes on a tear right and string together a streak of thirty point games...."HAHA!" says those journalists I described "There is the selfish ball-hogging Kobe that kept my life in this damn cubicle interesting"---seriously what can the guy do...I didn't blame him for his overall play lately, all I thought he should have done and do is play team defense or soon you might hear that the former offensive ball hog is now the defensive ball hog, gobbling up all those steals and spreading no love (remember Rick Fox lol) for his teammates. Get with the program Kobester, its almost groundhog day for TJ Simmers.

Disclaimer--please note the strong use of sarcasm, not meant to offend anyone here and btw; GO LAKERS!

Charles, with due respect to the rumor you heard together with East Nyboer, it doesn't jibe with contract objectives of the Lakers to trim down. Arenas will blow up the owner's pocket on luxury taxes. I don't think Lakers should trade anybody at this time but just try to get a 3rd PG on their vacant slot. Clue: I read from hoopshype that Suns is trying to get Jannero Pargo from Moscow Dynamo, their euro season is about to be over, that's a good pick and relatively cheaper than what was proposed. What Farmar needs is supplement to his role in the 2nd unit, Fisher has to reduce minutes for playoff purposes so therefore, we need a PG that will take care the udrih's, the barea's, the rondo's and the parkers out there. A PG who is fast and has a decent FG %, I highly recommend Pargo.

With regards to game last night, we won so why complaint. LAT has a new guest staffer, Kurt Streeter either promoting his blog or just another K-Bros blogger critical against Lakers 19-3 record. That's the trend of opinions among fans lately, not completely satisfied with the winning record b/c it is not good enough to beat the Celtics in a 7 games series. Last nights' victory was through the sheer efforts of Kobe and Pau in the last waning minutes, w/o those Superstars we're done. Lakers can't still hold the lead despite the changes made by PJ in inserting Walton, Powell and rested Vladrad. The dynamics is still the same. Stu said it best, Lakers defense is still porous and any athletic players can penetrate the post anytime they want b/c of the scramble plays, the constant gamble on steals and double teaming leaves their man or shooters in the perimeters. Now Sacto is not a good team on the road, they need their fans to arouse their motivation. Theuss is fighting back his eventual departure as well as Dunleavy, they are like the chain outlets scrambling for rosy picture on day to day basis but hard to imagine if their tenure would reach the All Star recess.

I still believe Powell and Andrew together with Pau, Kobe and Fisher in the closing minutes of the 4thQ. I think this will provide stability both in offense and defense in the 4th Q. Powell has to improve his free throws but the energy and stopper attitude is there. Lakers need that mojo.

To Puddle & others who doubted Kobe,

Bryant is averaging 24.5 points per game which is less than his career average of 25 points. Bryant's scoring average is currently ranked in the top five in the league, but Bryant has traditionally owned a top two spot over the past four seasons.

Head coach Phil Jackson defended his star and captain in the Los Angeles Times.

"A lot of times Kobe sits back and doesn't get enough opportunities- and then to get going he needs to have some shots to do so. And he hasn't been clicking on those right away. It takes him a while to get himself going offensively. So we'd like, and he'd like, to get himself going earlier. I'm going to try and get that accomplished as we go along here."

Jackson has coached the veteran for years and knows Bryant's moods and when he is into a game. He believes there is nothing to worry about.

He also told the Los Angeles Times, "I can usually tell by the walk that he has in a game at some point after he's played 30 or 35 minutes what condition he is [in]. I think he's being honest about this. He looks good. He's totally in touch."

The hobbitmage says: I understand that Corona's help
when you have to eat crow. I'm NOT throwing Kobe
under a bus because he has a couple of bad games!
Y'all are a bunch of fairweather fans. Kobe has a great
game and he's the best in the NBA. Kobe has an off
game and he's old. Do y'all listen to Jim Cramer as well?
Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell! Lemmings the lot of you!

It was good for me, was it for you?

I saw improvement and absolutely loved AB's take down. AB wasn't cheated on that foul. PJ didn't like it, but I can guarantee Kobe did.

Play of the game?

Kobe's emphatic, two handed, take that you sucker slam late in the game.

Fatty - Who's mildly encouraged by the Lakers effort.

PS. Jon K - My wife thought your Shaq dancing to lose weight was classic. She said, " I can just picture him doing that."

With regards to comparison on Vlad and Luke on who is better? Too early to gauge at this time. Walton is a good passer, therefore in assists,fitted in the PJ's triangle but a bad defender and shooter 2 out of 7. Salmon passed him by several times last night. Vlad is a good shooter, mediocre defender too but has good rebounds and height to stop some good forwards on the perimeter. His low post defense is a suspect just like Pau not attuned to engage in power american-type hustle plays. What we missed last night was Vlad average of 8 pts per game and he sometimes jumpstarts the lakers lead of double digit when those rainbow shots are working on the 1st Q with a decent in FT% too. How many Laker players are good shooters in the perimeter? So I don't think that hibernation on the bench is a good move in the long run, it has to be evaluated on game-to-game basis based on match-ups. In a nutshell, play Luke, play Powell, play Vlad, play Mihm, play Mbenga on different games based on the prescription neededby opponents to cure Laker ills.

Another very solid game for Luke. I know it's tough for some of you to accept, but the Lakers consistently do better when Luke is on the court.

Considering that Bynum never got into a rhythm at all, and the missed free throws, not a bad result.

more reading for the disbelievers:

Who need's Kwame's calves when we got DJ Mbenga's bulging biceps!!! By the way our Mr.Magnificient calves has been kicked out of Detroit's rotation.. it took them long enough to figure that out..


Worst officiated game EVER!

I hope the Kings become a good team. Kings/Lakers rivalry was fun during its prime. Of course Lakers thought so because they always came on top, unlike a certain other rivalry they have...
Even as a young not-so-good team, Kings still challenge the Lakers. It's good training for them.
Under "Bad", don't forget the shot clock. Has the recession affected maintenance at Staples?

I take back all of the ad stuff I said about Luke! We do need him this season. It's almost like having another floor general on the court for us when he's out there.

I like what he brings to starting lineup.
I think it was the second quarter, and Gasol was in the post, but being defended very well. He was looking for somebody who was open and didn't spot Derek who was camped out all alone at the three point line directly behind him.
Luke saw him.
Luke made a step towards Paus direction, just enough to attract the eyes of the defense and just enough to get into Pau's peripheral. Gasol flinged it to Luke who, right away, got it to Fish for an easy three.

He is still a little lost on defense, but that is what the whole team is dealing wit right now so it's a good fit!

Luke and the Lakers, 2-0 and counting!!!!!!!!!


I happened to notice that for some reason when YouTube picks a frame for when the video isn't playing, AK always looks super serious and BK always has an amused look on his face.


I wasn't going to say anything, but I noticed something too. AK, love you buddy, but from time to time you look like a robot. Not a real robot, more like the Pirates of the Caribbean robots, the ones where the eyes move in one direction and the head moves in the other. That's not a bad thing, BTW. Just an observation.


I would say Heck yes to a LO+Farmar = Arenas trade. That would be a wicked-good move by Buss to bring a warrior, a Spartan as it were, to the fight.


As if Kobe wasn't under enough pressure already - now he positively has to avoid hurting his ankle

The power of the Laker blog is strong...
Thanks to the K-Bros and all of you Laker Bloggers that came to my site last night/this morning...I haven't looked at my stat tracker thing(most of that stuff, along with "keywords", "meta tags", etc is lost on me anyway) in over a week...thanks to all of you, my visitors were up over two hundred percent! Wow!!! You guys are awesome...thanks for the comments as to all, and again thanks to everyone, especially the Brothers K...

Clippers won.

Lakers won.

Sacramento lost.

I have nothing to complain about it.

Go Clippers!


My God, Michael C. Teniente's new moniker is

Could things get any stranger?

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Still in the hunt...

As bad as it looks, we're still in the hunt. And our quality depth takes time to pay off. The Weenies have to play their 30+ guys a lot more minutes. Let's see who is fresher once the playoffs roll around...

Just watched the postgame interviews.

Drew said he got caught out of position on a lot of those early fouls due to getting to the spot too late. He basically said he just needs to get their sooner. How about playing the ball instead of trying to draw a charge. As a big going up against a guard, he's going to get called for blocking 9 times out of 10. Maybe what he should do is get an angle to block or alter the shot. He's long enough to do that without even coming close to getting contact with the body.

Luke said they had a player meeting (called by Fish). Kobe said he didn't know what the reporters were talking about. He's trying to be old school with the whole lockerroom/clubhouse confidentiality thing. He also said the knee isn't bothering him as much.

The one thing that was encouraging about last night was there wasn't as much gambling. In the place of that, the "who can get the most steals club" relied on active hands, trying to poke away balls or bother dribbling to get Sac to cough it up. Like I said on the chat last night, PJ wants to see them play the passing lanes when their D forces the opposition into desperate passes that are easy to pick off. He doesn't want to see players gambling, putting themselves behind the play or out of it completely and making their teammates have to play 4 on 5. Sure, every once in awhile it makes for a highlight steal/uncontested lay-up/dunk but the other 10 times it doesn't work, it leads to easy buckets for the opposition.

btw - Minny is coming into tomorrow night's game with an 8-game L streak. That's not a good number for the Lakers.

Let's just hope we don't play the Kings in the playoffs. The Kings are like this year's version of the Bobcats against us.

Is John Salmons really this good or does our defense just make average players look like All-Stars? When Kevin Martin returns, they'll have a nice young nucleus with reasonable contracts to build around.

Jon K.'s Morning Thoughts That He Hasn't Put A Lot Of Thought Into:

1. Clippers beat Portland in double overtime! WOOHOO!!!! How does that happen?

2. 8 assists for Luke Walton! Good.

3. Four missed freethrows for Josh Powell. Bad. Well, at least he was getting to the line a lot in very limited minutes. Release the Kraken.

4. Kobe made a statement last night. The Black Mamba still lives!

5. I'm a bit disturbed by our lack of killer instinct in the fourth quarter. I would hope that there would be more of a "Now let's rip out their throat!" sentiment when we're up by 15 in the fourth quarter, rather than "Let's chillax!" in the fourth quarter.

6. What's up with Lamar Odom's statistics? They kind of suck. I think we should return Lamar Odom in the starting line-up. He plays well in the starting line-up, but don't put him in as PF. Start him at SF.

7. Seeing how Bynum fouled out last night (not good), why didn't Phil Jackson play Chris Mihm more? Makes no sense to me.

8. The sky is not falling. We're 19-3 and we deserve to be. Everyone's playing their top game against us and we still win.

9. Ummm... am I the only one who is slightly disturbed that Michael C. Teniente is now marketing himself as lasportswriter?

10. I sure hope the Clippers win tonight, but without The Kaveman in the line-up they're going to have a hard going against Yao Ming. They should put DeAndre Jordan in for minutes to just hack the hell out of him. Yao's not very tough.

11. The Machine, The Zohan, and The Package haven't been playing all that well recently. I hope that the Kamenetsky Brothers (and other wise lords like kobeblitz and Laker Tom) specifically discuss this issue. Since I've been missing games here in the Frozen Gray Wastes of Northeast Ohio, it's been difficult for me to assess the root cause of this issue. We know that The Machine and The Zohan have the Eye of the Tiger and that The Package is consistent. So, I'm not sure what's going on.

12. 24-3 Christmas morning. 25-3 Christmas evening. Merry Christmas!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We won. Vengeance was served. Never forget that the Kings hate us.

Beating us is like UCLA beating USC in a losing season. It means everything to them and we took it away.

Keep that in mind.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone....

well that certainly wasn't the all inclusive classic butt kicking game that I was hoping to see but...wait for it...what is our mantra lately?....wait for it..."a win 's a win"...(wish I could stop typing that)...

IF WE COULD HAVE MADE SOME FREE THROWS then I would have received my little pre-holiday wish...don't these guys have some pride in their free throws (the easiest, most consistent part of the game)? I am humbly begging (on petulent knees) them to practice--if not I am going on a hunger strike that nobody will care about--either that or it's self disembowelling...

Our defense is rather sive looking, which I have suspisions that that is not a real desireable thing....

will our defense improve? that's what we all get to wait and see--it will be talked about ad nauseum on this blog, but it is no trifling matter indeed---hopefully our coaching staff and players are driven and smart enough to make improvements (hopefully major ones) a reality...

dug seeing Powell play, and don't really understand why Vlad doesn't play at all...

Mr. Walton shouldn't shoot from distance or drive to the basket but his midrange thing is palettable..

I really think Mr. Walton is being shopped...indeed if Lamar is traded before the deadline, Walton (and his contract) better be a part of that trade or Mitch may see his house surrounded by guys with pikes, pitchforks, and torches (or at least a bucket of tar and an ample supply of goat feathers)...

AK & BK,

I am still waiting for those side by side photos of Salmons and Sam The Sham (turbin included)...

"when I was a boy, everything was right"

"make a bridge out of her"



I still see the Lakers as an immature team.

They also want it too much. They are showing a lot of frustration as a result.

They aren't focusing on defense. The defense lately has been horrible.


Guard Play has been poor. An opposing guard usually easily gets by their guards into the paint.

Andrew plays too slowly once he gets the ball. He needs to learn to pass the ball quickly and accurately when he is defended too well rather than force shots. He instead holds onto the ball too long and the offense stagnates.

No more whining Andrew. You still have to work on your defense and offense.

I am so glad the Lakers have Pau Gasol. Pau, Kobe, and Fisher are the only mature players the Lakers have. They would be at .500 if not for those three. And Kobe can't do it all by himself.

Josh Powell should start at small forward. He plays hard all the time - unlike Lamar and the others. I like his energy. I think he would put a lot of pressure on the other teams - offensively and defensively because of his energy.

Luke is done. He can't shoot, too slow, doesn't defend well. I'm so sorry.

Rad is too inconsistent.

Lamar is too inconsistent - though I would keep him given his all around skills. But I don't see him as a go-to-guy. He just doesn't have the killer instinct.

The Lakers as a whole don't have killer instinct. They have to work on playing together as a team. They are letting their own selfishness get in the way.

Mo Cheeks just got fired. Andre Miller is in the last year of his deal. The Lakers need a tough minded, versatile top flight PG.

Add Reggie evans to the deal, and you got yourself the PG you need, and the tough guy. You gotta take on Evans’ contract to make the trade happen, but it’s worth it.

After watching the way that Josh Powell plays over the last couple of games, I think Lamar is expendable.


The extension of Miller could be a possibility as well.


the only thing I can come up with on my own with my feeble little mind is that FDR is on a dime and he had those assist programs during the depression---if that's it it's pretty weak---hopefully a better explaination exists???

why won't someone enlighten me? please....

"Help Mr. Wizard!" " drizzle drazzel drozzel drome time for this one to come home..."


Emma - i can see getting caron (who really isn't what we need) for cheap but what's the rationale on Bosh? Toronto is an improving team and he's one of the top 3 PFs in the league. I really doubt that Toronto is willing to blow up the team based on a mediocre start. The season doesn't really start until January anyway.

if any trade was to go down id rather walton be in it id even trade him for a future pick to indiana because i dont think any other gm would realy want him

Update the number of NBA coaches fired to 5: Sixers can Maurice Cheeks. No sentimentality for one of the team's most popular players. Just confirmation that winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.

Make the trade. Get Arenas. Kill the Celtics.


I think Josh Powell should get more minutes. He played with a lot of energy and showed that he can be a replacement for the role that Turiaf played last year.

As for Walton's poor shooting percentage now, especially from the 3, I think that will come around with a little more playing time. I'm not too worried about it right now. If he's still shooting 1-10 by the middle of the season, that's a problem.

As for Odom, trading him for a guard right now has good and bad points. The good point is that the Lakers would get more time to allow the incoming guard to gel with the rest of the team before the playoffs, which I think is a very important thing, especially with the Triangle Offense. The bad is that they might not get maximal value if they trade this far from the trade deadline. Usually, if a team thinks they're not going to make the playoffs and also are going to be hopelessly bad for a few years, they may be more willing to trade to dump salary, just as Memphis did, like trading water for chocolate. Another bad thing about trading Lamar now would be that the Lakers need another big guy for the season. Mimh and Mbenga are scabs. Another benefit of trading Lamar to a team that is trying to dump salary may be that there's a very slight, very very slight chance, that the Lakers may be able to sign Lamar back next year for the Mid-Level if the team that the Lakers traded him to decides not to keep him.


Not a bad trade idea. Andre Miller is a really good PG - he's a good passer and can take it to the rim. My only worry with him is his outside shot. The PG in the triangle has to be able to knock down 3's.

With Reggie Evans, we all know what he brings to the table...and under the belt. That alone would be worth his contract. I can see him doing something crazy on KG.

By trading Farmar away, our two PG's would both be over 30. That's also something to think about.

K Bros,

I think you lost my early morning post. Please check your spam filter. Thanks.

more random thoughts.....

I really liked Stu's comment (paraphrasing here): "when you have a 12 point lead you should be concentrating to pushing it up to 18--then with an 18 point lead concentrating on pushing it to 24 points"

Larry Brown was really good at the 3 minute game coaching thing, which goes along with what Stu refer to--breaking the game into bite size pieces with very visable goals...

James Katt,

I agree, I can't say enough how cool I think it is that Pau is a Laker...

here is a great post (sorry I forgot by whom) from the previous thread:

"hey, these guys are learning a new defense. there's bound to be overuse of techniques and misuse of techniques and poor use of techniques. that's the road to perfection, mistakes. the key is the desire to fix the mistakes and good teachers to help identify the actual mistake and not just the symptom. the Lakers have no problem with the desire to improve, nor the teachers to help"


Sorry I Am Lame Department:

The post I referenced in my las tpost was by.....wait for it.....MUD

sorry again Mud, and again, great post....


Since Detroit is looking to clear cap space, how about this trade:

LO and draft picks for Prince and Maxiell.

I could see a lineup of Prince, Kobe, Ariza, Pau and Drew becoming a defensive force. Prince can easily play PG for us since he's a good ballhandler, can shoot, and can guard quick PG's with his length.


Everything in the queue is up, nothing in the spam folder.


"The hobbitmage says: I understand that Corona's help
when you have to eat crow. I'm NOT throwing Kobe
under a bus because he has a couple of bad games!
Y'all are a bunch of fairweather fans. Kobe has a great
game and he's the best in the NBA. Kobe has an off
game and he's old. Do y'all listen to Jim Cramer as well?
Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell! Lemmings the lot of you!"

You tell them Hobbit! KB24 rocks!


floyd - assists are called dimes b/c calling someone or reaching out to a friend is known as dropping a dime b/c it used to cost a dime to place a call from a payphone.

lakers_sth (and EJK) and Jon K,

I too am glad that the gambling for steals wasn't there as much as it was recently but I am still annoyed at Jordan.

Late 1st quarter Trevor was harassing his man and Jordan decides to go for the steal. Trevor's man passes it to Bobby Brown and we get burned.

Jordan goes about against Bobby Brown and things get smooth. In the 4th quarter Jordan goes against Beno Udrih and guess what happens? we nearly blow the lead AGAIN.

Seriously Jordan's pathetic defense and his inability to involve teammates is seriously harming this team. Heck even Luke Walton at this rate will dish out more assists than Jordan will this season. And Luke is a Small Forward while Jordan is the so called "point guard".

We finally get the ball out of Jordan's hands and give it to Lamar and guess what the bench is suddenly better. Sasha breaks out of his slump (thanks to passing by Kobe and Pau) and Trevor this game too breaks out of the slump of missing easy baskets. Jordan Farmar just stayed the same or even got worst. Now he's jacking up 3 pointers (which isn't his strengths) and tries to do that "I'm going to score back on you" mentality of Jordan/Bryant. Nice and all but he is not talented as either one and it harms the offense. Plus he cannot play a single thing of defense beyond going for the steals. Tons of times Beno Udrih either blew by him or faked him out of position.

Don't even make me say his pathetic fouling of Bobby Jackson that led to 2 free throws at the end of the 3rd quarter with only 3 seconds left in the game!

He may be a fellow Bruin but Jordan Farmar is not playing real NBA basketball fundamentals at this moment of time and his pathetic defense is one of the reasons why we can't hold a 4th quarter lead. Heck Bynum may have gotten into foul trouble but gee I wonder when he got most of those fouls?? When Jordan Farmar was in the game and allowed dribble penetration!

Hope we can sign a defensive point guard now or in the future because our defense will not be better with Jordan Farmar! The Suns tried to make Steve Nash play defense and they learned that lesson. Now hopefully we can learn from that lesson and know that we can't play good defense with Jordan Farmar in the lineup!



thanks I am indeed enlightened finally



"the only thing I can come up with on my own with my feeble little mind is that FDR is on a dime and he had those assist programs during the depression---if that's it it's pretty weak---"

No, actually that was pretty good!


the individual laker players could score the ball since SAC could not defend them one on one.

there was no laker team last night. I can smell the trouble. the team is disjointed and everyone seems to be playing his own game. gasol is looking good short term but everyone will look bad long term.

A few random thoughts, observations, and comments:

To Edwin Gueco, Try re-reading Kurt Streeter's article and pay attention the the part in the parenthesis at the very end. I think you will get a different impression of his intentions.

To Christopher Blake: Nice Blog!! I really like the part about "Dexter". I would also like to hear about some of those experiences with the "Hillside Strangler", etc. if you get a chance or choose to.

46thstballer. Thanks for dropping the Mark Blount stuff, at least for the time being.

Why is it that we don't start Trevor Ariza because of his bad outside shot, but replace Vlad with Luke Walton? Isn't his biggest problem his outside shot? (Actually his inside shot also).

My new nickname for Pau is "The Big Smooth" The dude is just like glass out there.

Is it just me or is Violet Palmer the worst referee in the Association. Maybe I am subconsciously sexist or racist, but I swear I find myself calling "BS" on every damned call she makes. And not just against the Lakers, all of the calls seem wrong to me.

Can we all agree to live in the gray and not the "black and white"? Can we love the Lakers and still criticize them? Can we think Kobe is the greatest and still think he had a bad game? I'm just sayin'. It seems there is no middle ground with some people here.

OK that's enough for now.

Ejk and Edwin Gueco,

Thanks for the reply and I hope you guys know I am not advocating the Gilbert Arenas trade. Just passing info from the campfire.


You too, thanks for the reply. One an individual evaluation per game, yes the freethrows and focus on d could have saved us the Indianan game. I am tossed between the waiting game and upset about the recent play of D.

Best Guys,


Why are you trying to act like BUTLER?
I see it just as it was, a win.

Props to Kobe for giving us strength when we needed it most.

Props to Luke for making some sound decisions on offense.

Props to Pau for just being Pau!

Props to the Machine for showing his teammates what it looks like to hit clutch free-throws at the end of the game.

Props to Josh Powell for his hustle on the boards.

Props to Drew for not bleeding on everyone.

Props to Trevor for continuing to attack on offense.

Props to Jordan for his intense trapping.

Props to Vlad for taking his benching like a man.

Props to Fish for his defense and savvy passing around the basket.

Props to LO for, at least somewhat, positively working through a night of horrible officiating.


42avenuegolfer lol,

"46thstballer. Thanks for dropping the Mark Blount stuff, at least for the time being."

The Mark Blount talk is all done.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and especially the comments on Dexter...I plan on writing more about Buono/Bianchi and some of the other criminals/cases I worked...I hope you noticed I know how to name my blog appropriately...
Or just The Dumb Ass would appear others have a more highly inflated opinion of either themselves, or their talent...I'm just a dumb ass, but I appreciate your reading my stuff...

I was just looking at the minutes per game (MPG) of the Celtics starting five compared to the Lakers:
Allen, Ray 35.5
Pierce, Paul 37.0
Garnett, Kevin 32.9
Rondo, Rajon 31.2
Perkins, Kendrick 28.0

Bryant, Kobe 34.4
Gasol, Pau 35.0
Bynum, Andrew 29.1
Fisher, Derek 27.6
Radmanovic, Vladimir 21.4

The lower MPG of the Lakers starting 5 shows how deeper the Lakers bench is. But the other point is those MPG’s will catch up with the 30-something legs of the Celtics Big 3 sooner or later and all they have to show despite those longer MPG’s is just one less loss than the Lakers.
PJ is doing the right thing in pacing this team. They have only played 25% of the season; they don’t have to push themselves as if these were already the playoffs and increase the risk of injuries. A win is a win is a win.

It's also called a dime because police informers would "drop a dime" into a payphone with information about criminal activity, thereby "assisting" a police investigation.

Floyd...I didn't know that goats had feathers...LOL!



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