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Kings 113, Lakers 101: Stepping in cow patties

December 10, 2008 |  9:23 am

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Sacramento_kings_beat_los_angeles_l The Lakers ruined a few good pairs of shoes Tuesday night in Sacramento, that's for sure, playing by far their worst game of the season en route to a 113-101 loss to the Kings.  Pick a category, and it's likely the Lakers underperformed.  Offensively, they couldn't find a lick of rhythm in their offense, missing jumper after jumper as they fell behind early.  They turned the ball over (16 vs. 10 for Sacto).  They (specifically Andrew Bynum) couldn't stay out of foul trouble on a night where the matchups inside favored LA.  The box score shows a tough shooting night for Kobe Bryant, Trevor Ariza, and basically everyone on the team not named "Pau" or "Gasol."  They couldn't match the passion of Sacramento.  But most of all, the Lakers were terrible defensively, particularly against the pick and roll.  Wretched.  Abysmal.  Cataclysmic.  Go ahead and break out your Roget's, because there are plenty more outstanding descriptors, including some that can't be written on a family website, but that more accurately reflect the feelings of fans, coaches, and players alike. 

At least Lakers fans will have to do their part to help the struggling economy, as I'm sure a few TVs that got the Elvis treatment last night will have to be replaced this morning.  They'll look to bounce back tonight at Staples against a Shaq-less Phoenix Suns squad.

Another guy looking for a shot of redemption?  Sasha Vujacic. His minutes are down this season, and so is Vujacic's production.  Not a great combo. PJ believes he's pressing to show he belongs on the court.  It certainly wouldn't be out of character.  Not sure if you've noticed, but he can get a little tightly wound, our Sasha. 

Here's an interesting discussion of the difference between depth and talent vis a vis LA and the mean Green machine.  Of course, when it comes to depth, some argue that it's looking like the most bottomless team in the league actually resides in Cleveland.

In other news: