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Ex-Laker Corie Blount busted with an awful lot of marijuana

Blount The pronunciation of Corie Blount's last name is now hilariously ironic.  Unless, of course, you happen to be Corie Blount, caught picking up 11 pounds of weed.  You know, to go along with the 11 pounds you have at home.

Then the "Blunt" punchline isn't nearly as funny. 

I'd try the "hella glaucoma" defense.


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Pig love your analysis alot just a few comments though:

"The bench needs to learn how to run the offense and create shots from within it, without forcing bad shots."

If Jordan would stop trying to be a hero himself and instead involve Andrew more. And also trying to look for Drew first instead of Trevor first or himself rather.

Pressure.......right. Sheesh we could have a 30 point lead and the bench will blow it with their circus act and not involve Drew more. Hello he was having a GREAT game yet Jordan become *ME-FIRST* rather than be a true leader. I think that Jordan did have somewhat of a better match up against Nick Young though defensively.

"Defensively, Drew is doing a bad job of showing on the pick and roll."

Bigs have that problem. They cannot use their good defense out in the perimeter (no hand checking) and would rather stay to contest any rolls down the middle. It happens.

"Pau is much better at this, and Lamar as well."

Pau and Lamar play PF well so it is expected of them to do that better than a true center.

"On the perimeter, Sasha is playing ridiculously bad defense. On one possession, he gets caught with his BACK TO HIS MAN! That's unacceptable"

I always did say since summer that Sasha's defense was over rated. In fact when he let Ray Ray who isn't a good driver burn him in Game 4 that was the straw that his defense was poor and over rated. Intense when his man has the ball? Maybe. But when against quick guards he is OVER RATED. I wouldn't have a problem benching him and have Trevor guard SG and have Radman log for more minutes. Radman actually is playing darn good defense really now and he is shooting RED HOT.


"Putting too much trust and faith in a younger group—a second unit. They just can’t hold it on the road. They can’t withstand the fury or the intensity of the fourth quarter. I’m going to have to change it up a little bit.”

For once I will agree with PJ he did put too much faith in the young ones. Though I thought Farmar out there against Nick Young was a good matchup since Jordan and Nick were (friendly) rivals since the prep days in high school and Jordan knew more Nick Young's tendencies than Derek did. After all Jordan did help Nick Young to prepare for his SAT's.

Putting in the starting unit will help more win our games with more dominance. Heck even Boston puts their starters out there more than we do and that's one of the reason why they are dominant (their bench really sucks, it's only the big 3 plus Rondo who is making them successful). Shame though, Kobe will have to log more minutes on the road than at home (where the Staples Center Faithful might help the 2nd unit again).



You skipped right over Rick F. point. Many games of late the second unit was the one playing well. How many games have the starters been behind or even, and the second unit was the one getting us a big lead?

The second unit played bad tonight, but don't try to make it into more than that.

Eric M,

It wasn't just this game, it was also Philadelphia AND Indiana where the 2nd unit gave up a double digit lead!

Indiana: We led by 17 points at the beginning of the 4th
Philadelphia: We led by 16 points at the beginning of the 4th
Washington: We led by by 15 points at the beginning of the 4th.

All 3 games we BLEW the lead and let them score 30+ points in the 4th quarter!

Plus New Orleans Game. We were leading by 19 and gave them 30+ points in the 4th quarter again!

And it wasn't just this season so far. Game 2 of the Finals the 2nd Unit just let the deficit and while they made it up in the 4th quarter (almost anyways) they shouldn't have given up that lead in the first place!
Game 4 who decided to blow the lead and let Ray Allen school him even though Ray Ray is a shooter not a penetrator? And Game 6 at the end of the 1st quarter we were only down by 2, next thing you know we are losing by 20+!

The 2nd Unit has had bad cases before and while they *do* give energy off the bench should the 1st unit be lethargic and change the game, with the exceptions of the Clips and perhaps Portland, they have struggled on the road. PJ himself stated that he let the young guys (the 2nd unit) play too much on the road and let them *know* that they are not qualified to handle the pressure on the road as the starting 5 are (depending on match ups, Odom may play in the 4th with Gasol or Drew could still be in there).

Don't try to mask it either Eric M. The 2nd Unit has had success but mostly at home. Beyond the comfy confines of the Staples Center (Clippers game excluded) and Phoenix, how many times did the Jordan Farmar led group blow leads?



This is a learning process, and they still got the win. The team is 16-2 and has not come close to peaking.

I know that guy.


Why you doggin on Farmar so much? I've seen Farmar give some really nice dimes to Bymum plenty of times, maybe that didn't happen tonight but I actually think Bynum is a better fit with Farmar in the 2nd unit. I mean the first unit can't seem to get Bynum the rock very much anyways, right (but thats Bynums fault). 2nd unit is run n gun which is better for Bynum since his specialty right now is high posts n alley oops, I just hope he doesn't turn into another Odom, you know ( potential potential potential).
And btw kobeblitz, just like you were raggin on a poster earlier today about Phil J.
This is me tellin you, If you think you can play PG for the Lakers n be better than Farmar, Do it, lets see you out there.

Some quotes:

"We could be playing much better," Bryant said. "Games like this don't sit right with you."

"We have to make sure our minds are always in the game, no matter how big the lead is," Gasol said. "We need to make sure we finish things off. We can't afford to joke around."

During the Boston game, Doc Rivers was interviewed and said that they need to be better than they were last year in order to win the Championship this year.

Van Gundy said the Lakers have the most talent in the NBA but the Celtics have the best mentality. They play with the right intensity for 48 minutes.

Last night, Reggie Miller and whoever else was calling the Spurs-Denver game talked about how disciplined the Spurs were on D. That they contested every shot and forced you to execute perfectly against them.

After Chauncey Billups' first game with Denver, he said you can give plenty of excuses - not knowing the plays, never having played with these guys before - but the one thing you can do right away is give 100% effort on defense.

I've said it before. The Lakers best EFFORT beats any team in the league. At home. On the road. In a 7 game series. Period.

I don't know whether to feel good about that being this team's only problem or not.

Today after the Washington game, James Worthy complained that "perhaps, Phil Jackson has pulled his starters out too earlier." He said it twice to emphasize his point. What? How dare him to question Phil Jackson's rotation? Does he have 9 rings? Has he ever coached a NBA team? Is he qualified to question Mr. 9-rings? Is he also one of those PJ doubters?

Winning is not everything. It means nothing to have 80-2 wins in the regular season if we can't win 4 games against the Celtics in the playoff. We all know the outcome of this eason - a re-match between the Lakers and the Celtics. After these 3 road games, I think we are not ready yet.

What are wrong with the Lakers?
(1) our starters are soft. I don't think Pau is a problem. I think Andrew and Radman are. Andrew has decent offensive skills but his defense is too soft and a step too slow. Radman cannot defend without fouling.
(2) the bench mob is not really talented individually or collectively. The bench mob plays fastball. That is why they can get a lot of points in a hurry. But, if they play long enough, they will just give the points back because they are not good defenders. Or, like the Washington game, if they are forced to play half-court, they will have trouble scoring, turnovers and giving up easy layups.
(3) I am not a fan of Jordan Farmar. He looks like a better Smush Parker. His 3-pointers are more consistent. Sometimes, his drive to the basket is Tony Parker-ish. But, he is not a point guard. He doesn't seem to be interested to be a point-guard. Most of the time, he was looking for his shots. He dribbles until he runs out of space and then he passes the ball. By that time, it is too little, too late. That's why when Farmar was in, TO creeps up. In defense, he can't keep any guards in front of him - no difference from Smush.
(4) 90% of the time, Sasha plays out of control. He dribbles so fast to the hole but he has no layup skill. His defense is too aggressive - ending out bailing out his opponent with a foul.
(5) Lamar is a disappointment. I was hoping that he practiced his jumpshots during the summer. This season, he can't even make 2 successful free-throws in a row. On top of that, his 2 offensive skills vanished. I don't care he is overpaid. Lakers made $$$million last year - more than enough to pay Lamar, Ariza and Jordan plus luxury tax. After all these years, we still have not find a productive role for Lamar.
(6) I am not the only person to notice that Kobe's mid-range and 3-pointers are not as accurate as before. Actually, I noticed his shots were off last season (after hurting his pinkie). He missed quite a few free-throws these days. I just hope that he is in a funk and not because of his age because we need him for many more years.
(7) What can I say about Phil Jackson? The last job he had, he had 4 future HOFamers and failed to win a ring. One of the danger of him complaining about Lakers defense without showing them how to defend is that at some point the players will start to ignore him and blow him off like any other old, nagging wash-up. Lakers is a rich ballclub. It can afford to hire Tex Winter to teach them offense. It can afford to hire a defensive expert to teach them defense. Otherwise, this Lakers will always be "an offensive team" (in PJ's own words).

To all Phil Jackson's lovers, we have enough talents to win the championship this year. God forbid, if we fail, there is only one person to blame. Remember the coach of 4 HOFs and a bench of ringholding players!

Laker Fan 24,

"I know that guy."

The guy's been stoned since the third grade.


as for the whole weed possession thing- my aunt's partner, 75 years old, never used an illiegal drug in her life, is now facing chemo and it would be nice have a little bit of human mercy unencumbered by anyones views on the 'Drug War"--- the kind of war where our best adn brightest due battle against a hoard of grannies with wigs from the chemo, trying to be able to absorb enough nutrients to survice, and avoid being the true "culprit"The who would try to end it all all by themselves. go protect us against them. anyway, I guess what I'm tryijng to say is, If someone who was just busted with teh wacky-tabacky- I would love to help you anout and invoke the "Dying Aunt'S Partner"card if it would help. But I digrees. thanks for the post, man


You're in Oregon? Where? Get my email from Kbros. If you're in Portland we should catch a game....

hey, I don't know how I got from there to here. I just wanted to bring the best possible out come in this,the the best of all possiple worlds. If we cab stand up the the players who sport the wacky-tabacky, I think that they should be behooved to stand bvy us.

I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job...



If you think that you can win with a person who doesn't want to play defense against Chauncey Billups (Gary Payton), a guy who had one leg (Karl Malone) and a bench that failed to be productive in the 2004 Finals then you really don't know and choose to believe what you want to believe and ignore reality.

No one, not PJ, not Kobe, not Shaq, hell not even the whole Laker Team could make Gary Payton play defense against Billups. Only when KB guarded Billups did we finally slow him down.

We are fine. IF only the 2nd Unit can freaking play defense. And winning IS everything otherwise just give up on the season why don't you??


That was not me raggin on PJ it was Trevor and I was not ragging on him per say. I was simply showing the facts to Hobbit who still believes that Trevor Ariza has an effective jump shot and is better than Lamar's jumper. Not a knock on Trevor just showing reality.

Drew showed tons of his potential tonight. He really had a good game and he created his own shots. I am proud of him hehe.

About Jordan. I'm hard on him just like I was hard on Drew when he didn't bother to create his own shots. That's why tonight and the other 2 games on the road about his performance. He did not play defense. It was simply not just pick and rolls it was also allowing TJ Ford, Andre Miller, and to a lesser degree (he had better success on Young)Nick Young owning him on the offensive end (meaning they burned him defensively). Jordan is not a defender, back in UCLA Howland had to put Collison in to make up Jordan's deficiencies on defense. Jordan has to develop a much better defensive mentality.

And also why I call him a ball hog? Because Drew was having a great game and could have even better. But NO! Jordan in not only this game but also back to the Pacers game only tried to score or find Trevor. HE IGNORED BYNUM. Like you said he has a 7 footer yet the past 3 games Jordan ignored him for most part.

And don't try to use my own tactic against me lol. I was in fact a point guard back in HS and a real good one, just poor me decided to choose football lol. Jordan is way more talented than me. But so far he is too much so far (he was playing like a real point guard last year before Andrew got hurt) playing only to his game and that is hurting the 2nd unit's performance. I think if he had more talented point guard (too bad Sun is too much of a rookie to really make a difference) waiting to eat up his minutes he would actually do better. I noticed b4 the Gasol trade he was a true bonafide PG. When Gasol came (Javaris left also as you know) his production went down. I have given him passes last year because he had Ronny Turiaf as his center and that isn't much of an option but now he has Andrew back but last 3 games he failed to involve Andrew instead focusing more on his shots and setting up Trevor.


As long as it was Corie and not MARK BLOUNT!!!

We NEED him!!!!!!!!!!

CHECK THIS OUT - from Bresnahan's post game article:

"Lakers Coach Phil Jackson did not like what he saw, so he picked up a marker and started writing on the white board in the locker room.

When he was done, Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, Indiana, Philadelphia and Washington were arranged in a neat vertical line, representing the teams that had come back from double-digit deficits in the second half against the Lakers.

Derek Fisher, a veteran of five NBA Finals and 13 seasons, took it a step further.

He approached the board and wrote "Boston Finals," followed by the number 24, a reference to the 24-point lead the Lakers blew in a Game 4 loss to the Celtics in last season's championship round.

On one hand, the Lakers improved to 16-2.

On the other hand, nobody seemed excited about it."


AMEN! I don't care about being "right" and lord knows me screaming about it on this blog had nothing to do with it. I'm just glad that D-Fish and the coaching staff have finally pointed out what I have been harping on all season, especially this week. The team cannot plead ignorance. They've identified the problem and now it's up to them to address it. Now, I'm kind of glad this week played out the way it did.

I am disgusted with this team. this game was almost dejavu of the last 3 games. People need to realize that our defense is actually pretty good until the 4th quarter. in this game we were up 99-80 with 8:45 to go, which in my opinion if bynum closed out the game with fisher radman kobe and ariza we would have won it by a score of 114-92 around that. in the indiana game we were up 101 to 86 and then gave up 32 in the 4th quarter. finally, in the Sixers game, the sixers had 68 or 71 i dont remember and scored 30 points in the 4th once more!!!!
What does the 4th quarter have in common???
oh ya!!! phil jackson uses the lineup that was soft in the finals. its not entirely gasols fault. I blame this on phil jackson. When gasol plays as a 4 position he is not bad at all. better than average even. Andrew Bynum is starting to show what he can do but is not fed the ball enough!! and if ignorant and stubborn phil jackson refuses to play bynum every single 4th quarter we will lose a lot of games down the stretch. His refusal to take timeouts have cost us in a game in this road trip and almost in all of the games on this road trip!!! Not to mention the championship when we lost game 4 after blowing the lead. I truly believe that we can beat the celtics. The reason i dont think we will is because phil;s ego and coaching strategies are such that he refuses to take a timeout and lets the players figure it out. Maybe this tactic worked with the veteran bulls or the lakers of 00 to 02 with ron harper, rick fox, robert horry, brian shaw, d fish, shaq, kobe and many other veterans!!! but the idiiot doesnt realize that the reason we lost in the finals was beacuse of his refusal to take a timeout in game 4!!!!
not to mention his wrong choices in the finals(walton mainly) and so far this season down the stretch!!! if phil doesnt correct his mistakes fast we will get 2nd place again!. im sick of his lacksidaisidical attitude toward defense and of his reliance on rotations instead of using his head to insert players when they are hot (like vlad when hes on fire) or bynum when hes playing well or taking out odom when his head isnt in the game. Phil jackson just might cost us the championship this year.LAKER FANS OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE THIS!!!!! believe me if doc rivers or greg popovich was coaching this team we would go 77 and 5 no joke!! we have that much talent and potential. Phil Jasckson is still a good coach dont get me wrong, but he has to realize that whats good for one team isnt good for every team and thats the case with phil using his old tactics with this young team.!!!!1

Great post-game interview with Bynum from NBA TV with Kamla and Steve Smith:

He squashed the talk about his criticisms of PJ's rotations by saying the coach knows what's best and he's trying to get a ring so all the matters is the W.

He emphatically said what the team needs to improve on is closing out quarters and closing out games.

Celtics lead got trimmed from 25 to 13 and Garnett lit his teammates up in a timeout. I guess that is why they are the defending world champions.


I know its popular right now to blame the defense. But tonight as on some other nights the collapse had more to do with offense. At the 5:48 mark of the 3rd Pau and Andrew had combined for 13 points on 7 shots in that quarter.. After that they totalled zero points on ONE shot for the rest of the game!!!. When you have a size advantaged you exploit it. You also can protect a lead better on an inside out game. Instead we started jacking up 3's and long J's that resulted in transition buckets for the Wizards. We also had turn overs converted into points at well. Poor slot selection= transiton points. The 2nd unit is really good a building a lead but once they have a big lead they become careless. I know it is their job to push the pace but once they get that 20 point cushion they have to stop forcing pace and take their time when the break isnt there. That is where feeding the bigs come in. If we can do that I bet all of the sudden are D will begin to look a lot better to everyone.


i think that these guys will try to improve. they have a history of it.

Tom - I think that video of Big Baby crying like a big baby is going to get a lot of play for quite some time. Oddly enough, the reason why I think Kobe doesn't do what KG does is b/c he's been so villefied. When Kobe was perceived as more selfish, he'd respond to a situation like that with similar passion but in a way that alienated his teammates. These days, we have the nicer Kobe. The one who is all about team and keeping harmony in the locker room. I suspect that fire still burns inside him but I don't know if he's figured out how to rip his teammates without looking like a jerk. KG hasn't made the same public mistakes that Kobe has.

To take it a step further, the only other player with enough seniority and respect in the locker room to do that is Fish and he's definitely not that guy. Pau could probably get away with it but I don't think he's that guy either. Even though you see a great coach like Pop being famous for ripping into all his players, my guess is PJ think's himself "above" acting like that.

So, to answer the question I think you're asking, I don't think we see that type of behavior from the Lakers. Given that, they are going to have to do something to get focused and give 100% effort on every possession.


Y'all are cold. Y'all are DAMN funny for that one though.

I couldn't stop laughing from your comments!

"Putting too much trust and faith in a younger group—a second unit. They just can’t hold it on the road. They can’t withstand the fury or the intensity of the fourth quarter. I’m going to have to change it up a little bit.”

I think Phil has hit this one on the head. The problem I have seen in the last three games can "in my opinion" be traced to young players playing poorly on the road. I think this is typical of all teams. Our bench mob is roughly 24 while our starters are roughly 28. Four years in NBA years is quite a few.

I suspect the solution for this will be to play the bench more minutes at home and less on the road. I really think if "for arguments sake" we played our starters 40 plus minutes a game for a short time (3-4 games) we would see the kind of results we are looking for. Of course I would not actually do that for the hell of it, I am just sayin'.

As Laker Tom would say "JMNSHO"

Finally found someone who agrees with me! Charly Rosen on AB:

"What's happening with Bynum is that he's no longer happy being a role player and focusing on defense and rebounding. Scoring has become his obsession, which is why he's forcing more shots and expending more energy in the pursuit of points. Like the Lakers don't have enough scorers already!"

Open Letter to the Laker Blog crew

1.Slow down and ease up its a long season
2.Neither get to high when we win or too low when we lose
3.Quit blaming everything on me or P.J.
4.Blame it all on Jordan Farmer (just kidding) hehhehehe
5.Expect my playing time to spike around 20 minutes a game(I got the goods on P.J.,JENNY might divorce him over this)heheh....................Later Luke Walton

What are the odds?

Lakers smth...lakertom...

Nicer Kobe ? I dont believe a word of think for a second he didn't tear the boys a new one after the Indiana loss? he's just better at hiding it from the media.

The problem is everyone expects these stars to be really nice guys so they can sell shoes and be role models when the truth is the guys who are the best at their job are ruthless warriors.

Ive got no problem with my star basketball player being egotistical and ruthless...but hey I want my family Doctor to be a nice guy.

Maybe Kobe has changed or maybe he hasn't but the difference is we've now got some players who will hopefully respond in the right way and the addition of other guys who can balance out Kobe's personality...they've all been the same Bird,Isiah,...Jordan punches Steve kerr in practise and he's doing what whatever he needs to do to push the team to a new level...Garnett is admired for his intensity...Kobe is apparently alienating his teamates.It's just perception....YUP we need those personalities on a contending basketball team alright...but its a matter of having the right players and some other personalities to bridge the gap and make it work.

By the way it's amazing how Kobe's done everything the media have asked him to do and he's been knocked off his perch as the games best player and is always referred to as 'one of the best players in the game'...just becasue Lebron puts up some big numbers...goes to show.

By the way did anyone see Hollinger's article on the teams winning over 70 games?

That was disgraceful...his argument was the lakers would win the west easily therefore rest their players wheras in the east the celts and cavs would push each other to more victories in a bid to get the top seed.He COMPLETELY misses the fact that the lakers are likely to be involved in a dog fight for the leagues best record with those teams...sure they are going to just shut up shop becasue they've won the west.He does'nt even mention it.That article was just a waste of my time

Honestly opinions and ideas are one thing but this is just shoddy from a guy who gets paid to write about basketball.

Rumors have it that Blount was making a delivery for Bill and Luke Walton! Ribs were also on order as well! Just the facts.

Good morning Blitz and others,

Despite all the justified frustration with the Lakers collapse in the 4th quarter, I hope everyone got a good night's sleep. Perspective and a clear head helps bring clarity when things appear out of sorts.

Neither PJ nor anyone else should be surprised that the bench is less effective on the road. That's been an NBA truism for as long as I can remember.

Let's start with Jordan, who seems to be the focal point of the most ire. This observer believes some of his issues aren't about ability, skill, and willingness to work hard. There's a maturity factor which even his 22nd birthday has yet to overcome. When the going gets tough, his contribution diminishes as he reverts to some bad habits we saw in his rookie year. I think a lot of this could be solved with the kind of intensive coaching that Andrew gets from Kareem. I would encourage Fish to step up his mentoring and if I were Phil, I would put these two guys in a room and make it clear that success or failure was a mutual responsibility for which they were both accountable over the course of the season. Sometimes Phil can be a little too Zen about these things.

Before I get to Sasha, I want to talk about Lamar. He is in the 2nd unit to be the glue, but Friday was an off night. He didn't at all seem to be in the flow of either the offense or defense. He made some bad fouls, which clearly drew the coach's disapproval. His free-throw shooting was uninspired, at best. When Lamar isn't playing at a high level, the 2nd unit as a whole suffers.

Sasha is clearly not in his form from last season. His shots are rushed, and his defense is slow. How much of this is due to his injury, we fans just don't know. He's already playing significantly fewer minutes than he got last season, likely an indication of his play.

The ability of Sasha and Lamar to be contributors to the play of the 2nd unit affects Jordan's options. They have to be in the right place at the right time, and I didn't see much of that on Friday night.

Finally, even though his stats were solid, Bynum's clashes with PJ still seem to be affecting him on the floor. He still isn't playing like the Beast which Laker Tom and others believe he can be.

All this analysis aside, the Lakers still have an impressive record for this early in the season. This was also the team's first real road trip to date. And, early December is always when PJ feels he's seen enough to make some determinations on the rotations moving forward. In short, while there's still work to be done and decisions to be made, the Lakers are pretty much where they want to be. That bodes well for the remaining part of the journey to the NBA Finals and the Championship this team has set for its goal. Go Lakers!

The Lakers - "The best team in the NBA for 3 quarters"

I'm glad they are reading the blog and now are addressing their 4th quarter woes.

This team is far from where they need to be and are still 16-2. That is incredible. I give them by the end of January and we will be looking at something truly special.

"The 2nd Unit has had success but mostly at home. Beyond the comfy confines of the Staples Center (Clippers game excluded) and Phoenix""

That was all I was saying...That the second unit had played well often and brought the first unit back from bad starts. I just thought your post sounded a little over the top, and implied that "It is always the second units fault", which you now admit was not the point you were trying to make.

I don't have the time or motivation to chart and make notes after every game, so I'll take your word that most of the "Good" showings were at home.

Anyone still on that "We're 16-2 so stop trippin'" defense needs to seriously reexamine themselves. Jon K. and I have been trying to school y'all all week long. Ready to listen now?


"The guy's been stoned since the third grade."


Your point is?

"What does the 4th quarter have in common???
oh ya!!! phil jackson uses the lineup that was soft in the finals. "

Good point, I've wondered the same thing. Let's just hope Phil changes his stubborn ways.

pslakerfan et al,

I agree that PJ hit it on the head when he talked about his substitution decision making. That said, I do see a silver lining to this now established pattern of getting a large lead and then blowing it - that is that they all know this isn't good. I was encouraged by the post game comments of both players and coaches. I greatly prefer a team that is cranky after a win than one who is happy with a "good effort" after a loss. It shows they have high expectations for them selves.

The part that has continued to bother me going back to last season is in trying to understand why PJ feels the need to basically have a "second unit". I understand you need a bench, but who says they all have to play at the same time ? What's wrong with blending the bench in so that we have at least 2 (maybe 3) starters out there at all times ? I'm also beginning to wonder about LO coming off the bench. His numbers are so far down, I don't know if I can even see them.

"Steals are not a mark of a great defensive player." Phil Jackson

Really?? That's not what my life coach taught me!!


Geez - so much negativity on this blog site. Did something happen? Are we not going 80 - 2? You folks must be liking what you see - you've banged on me for noticing it earlier. Boy, you homers turn into doubters fast - I was almost getting used to this fantasy island mentality. Florida over Alabama - and it's O.K. to talk football on a blog that features drug charges for a topic. And the jokes? Shame AK & BK.

I'll bet $ 100 that Andrew didn't eat any damn fried chicken before the game last night.

He was more hungry for points!

Another tight ballgame, another Lamar disappearance.

Some things never do change.


Corie Blount must have a REALLY bad case of glaucoma.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Also... a little prayer...




Michael H - To put a finer point on what you're saying:

Against Washington
Sasha misses a 3 pointer
Sasha misses a 3 pointer
Butler steals a pass from Drew
Farmar misses a jumper
Trevor gets called for illegal defense
Trevor misses a 3 pointer

Against Indy
Farmar misses a jumper
Ford steals a pass from Ariza
Sasha makes a 3 pointer
Farmar gets called for travelling
Farmar misses a layup
Murphy steals a Farmar pass
Hibbert steals an Odom pass

Poor offensive possessions - bad decision making on shot selection, passing and commiting silly turnovers - let both teams back in the game. The bench players have to play a more disciplined game down the stretch - not SLOW per se. That's what killed the Lakers against NO. Just not too fast trying to force the issue. They're trying to pressure the opposition on the wrong end of the floor.

Beyond that, when the starters come back in to try and protect whatever lead is left, they start playing Kobe ball - which sometimes comes through (like against NO making that crazy 3 over Posey) or not (missing that 10 foot jumper against Indy). Either way, it's a brand of basketball that better teams will know how to defend. It's predictable and that's not a recipe for success.

So, a message to both units down the stretch - run the offense.

Last night's "victory" has me really worried.

Terrible road trip.

We're playing like we don't care. I hate that.

I'm wondering if Phil should have Jim Cleammons or Kurt Rambis be the game time general and that Phil should just run the practices and preparation for the game.

There. I said it.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This team can win when Kobe struggles with his shot but it's tougher on the road.

The second unit struggling in road games in December isn't terminal.

The starting unit has been together for 18 games and the kid is still growing.

Teams adjust to us, we adjust, the kids believe their own press, defensive effort drops with a big lead... ebb and will improve.

One game at a time....

Who's next? One thing for certain: our squad is going to get run so hard during the next couple practices that they will be ready and willing to beat the snot out of whomever should come calling.

16-2 is not the end of the world...16-3 might feel that way, though. So focus! Just win the next one...

17-2 is pretty sweeeet! Get'r done!


I don't know how many of you check out 82, but it it is quite useful. One thing that stood out is the "by position PER". Basically if analyzes PER differential (the difference between our guys PER and the guy he is guarding) by position.

At the Center position we are #1 in the NBA with a differential of over 10. Second is Orlando, duh.

However at the Point Guard position we are #26 out of 30 teams in differential and #29 in Point Guard defense. I guess my point is that everyone has trouble stopping the Chris Paul's and TJ Ford's and Deron Williams' of the world, but apparently we are still worse than most.


The Lakers need to sit back and watch USC's defense dominate UCLA on the field today. Time to get inspired. With speed, intensity, and physical strength, SC will show us all how defense is played.

If the Suns make Amare available, I think the Lakers should go after him. I'm not sure about the salary figures, but the following trade might make sense:

Pau and Sasha for Amare and Bell.

While it's a lateral move from a talent perspective, it may provide the necessary jolt to win a championship this year. Amare will not be bullied around by KG and Perkins. He has the type of attitude and game that will neutralize KG. Bell is a solid defender and can hit three's.

As a bonus, when Amare opts out in 2010, we can go after LBJ.

Kiwi - You understood my post right? My point was that Kobe has had to ACT nice b/c he's made so many public mistakes. He was turned into a villain. I'm sure he still has that inner fire, the competitiveness that makes losing unacceptable. But there's no way he can get away with what KG does. KG was practically a martyr in Minny. He was able to paint himself as someone who gave 110% every night and never complained. The perfect teammate. Now, he can yell and scream at his boys, taunt opposing players and have a ridiculous pregame routine b/c he's never been accused of breaking up a dynasty or sexually assaulting a girl.

btw - Cleveland's margin of victory over this 7 game win streak - 22 points. It's all coming against sub .500 teams but the bottom line is they are playing the best basketball of anyone right now.

I think that the race to have the best record in the league by Boston, Cleveland and Lakers just might push all 3 teams towards that 70 win mark if it's close coming down the final stretch of the season. Hollinger is wrong in thinking that the Lakers are going to just be happy to win the west.

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone....

well you can't say we are not a boring team---nice of the Lakers to keep us interested the entire 4th quad (indeed right down to the last second)--the sponsers like it too no doubt...them and the beer and nacho vendors at the Washington arena....

I hope the caoching staff re-evaluates the aspect of the defense that has our guards cut off the lane toward the scorers table---guess they want to guard against players going out of the game---really that channelling their guards toward our basket seems really counter productive to say the least---I would rather see our guards between their man and the basket say---seems that was what I was always coached and what I always coached as well...

I do think this team will learn and grow---they all want to win and get better--we are a work in progress as some say---I have faith in this team to address their weaknesses and defiencies---in the mean time I love watching the process, even though some screaming at the TV on my part is apparently part of that process...



Pig Miller,

I liked your post about Jacksons lessons---very good indeed Sir...

"the man in the crowd is on his hobnail boots"

"what's he do, nibble your bum?"


Watched the DVR of the second half... well, turned it off after Trev's dunk and a 20 point lead in the 4th. It was a much better game that way.

On second look, there was enough blame to go around but LO was sleep walking.

PJs post-game audio is up here:

Included is the "poor coaching" comment and discussions about "youth" and LO's contributions.

Floyd - I hear you. It seems like what the guards are doing is trying to funnel the ball-handler to one side of the floor and keep them out of the middle. They're so intent on it you'll often see them lining up to the ball-handler's side instead of staying between them and the basket. What's supposed to happen is the ball is supposed to go to one side of the court so they can load it up and leave just one passing option, a skip pass to the opposite side of the court.

Where this is breaking down is that ball-handlers are being given an open lane to the basket. The guards are setting up perpendicular to the baseline instead of keep an angle that both takes away movement to the middle and towards the basket. To put it simply, they're supposed to be funneling to the corner.

Not to bring up the Celtics again but Rondo is most dangerous when he attacks down the middle of the lane so if the Lakers make that mistake with him, they'll be inviting him to be his most effective.

The difference between the current NBA champ Celtics and the lakers is the core value and competencies. Celts are defined by their defensive prowess, while the Lakers by their Triangle offense. Celts have athletic and talented defensive guys who can consistently play defense on a nightly basis. They also have more firepower from their big three in KG, Pierce and Allen, plus complentary players. The going gets tough there seems to be meaningful contributions from one or two of the big three players.

On the flipside, the Lakers have talented offensive players who can produce points like no others, However, the offensive production may periodically be absent, particularly against higher echelon teams with defensive intensities to neutralize the Lakers offense.

The point being is that a good defense can be more consistent, based on sheer effort and determination, than a good offense, which require more skills and execution that may not always be there given occassional mental lapses as evidenced in the Lakers implosion at Indy this past week.

The key to Lakers championship success is to excel more on defense than offense, because a good defense will beat a good offense, just like in baseball where good pitching more often beat good hitting.


If we have a team like this in 2006-07, we'd be happy and contented to get a win on the road. Today, a win is not just a win if it was not convincing and refrigerator was remained open during the entire game. Perhaps, we always relate our performance to recent Finals' collapse where Lakers led by double digit for first two quarters then disappeared in 3rd and 4th till it ended on the 6th game. We are very familiar with those scenarios and that is very unlakerlike. That is not domination or even close to dynasty. It is a Laker disease that has to be addressed by the Laker afficionados who have been with West & Baylor era, Magic & Kareem era and Kobe & Shaq domination. Lakers is a high quality team, so its fans demand a higher standard of performance. If we were Washington Wizzard, hey no complaints on a 16-2 records but this is lakerville, land of magics and dynasties. Therefore, we always go back to Finals. That is our benchmark comparison in winning the Championship, can we pass that hurdle? Are we ready to send We were amazed with the initial showings against Blazers, Mavs & Hornets on the road, we saw a silver lining then the mirage suddenly disappeared when teams adjust to our initial showings. Playing in the NBA a good game is not enough, it should be better on the road and keep on improving till you get to that pinnacle. There should be no degree of satisfaction or complacency if you wish to attain perfection. It is not the quantity of wins but the quality of efforts and determination of being the best team in the league. Yes you are right, we are not yet there and these maladies are part of growing pains.

Rollo - What you are pointing out gives really good evidence as to why the Celtics destroyed Portland last night. Portland is second only to the Cavs in offensive efficiency. The only reason they don't score as many points as other teams is b/c they play a much slower pace (86 possessions per game as opposed to say the Lakers who average 95 possessions - even if they only score half the time that's still an 8-10 pt difference based solely on how fast the teams like to play). On the flipside, Portland is in the middle of the pack when it comes to defensive efficiency. So, yes, great defense beat great offense last night.

The difference with this year's Lakers is that they're second in defensive efficiency just behind the Celtics (they were tied coming into this week). It many not look like it, but the Lakers actually rank higher in defensive efficiency (2nd) than offensive efficiency (3rd).

But, what does the defense look like on the floor? It looked great to start the season coming out of training camp and a lot more vulnerable since. KG said it last night, they are very comfortable with their defensive scheme. As long as they stick to their assignments, it's very difficult to score on them. What's broken down for the Lakers lately is that they're comfortable with the foundation but don't know what to do when teams find the weaknesses. You couple that with a poor effort and you get what we've all been seeing the last couple of weeks.

What's encouraging is that there is a defensive scheme in place and they're more focused on getting comfortable with that then the triangle right now. What's also encouraging is that all the Lakers players really need to do is put forth the effort and stick to their assignments.

Boston's vulnerability is their offense and committing turnovers (creating turnovers coincidently is a Lakers strength). So, as much as Boston has shown their schemes can stop the Lakers, we can all hope that the Lakers schemes can stop the Celtics.

The lack of effort we've seen lately I don't think will be a problem when facing the Celtics. They'll get up for that game. If the Lakers can create turnovers and keep Boston out of transition, they win.



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