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Non-shooting stars

After Sunday's thrashing of the Rockets, both Pau Gasol and Trevor Ariza talked about how the Lakers are actively looking to defuse the primary scoring options of the opposition and make guys deeper down the depth chart beat them. A quick progress report:

Vs. Portland

  • Brandon Roy: 5-15, 14 points
  • LaMarcus Aldridge: 4-12, 8 points

Vs. LAC (1.0)

  • Baron Davis: 4-13, 11 points
  • Chris Kaman: 3-9, 8 points

Vs. Denver

  • Allen Iverson: 3-8, 13 points
  • Carmelo Anthony: 5-15, 13 points

Vs. LAC (2.0)

  • Davis: 7-21, 17 points
  • Kaman: 3-4, 6 points

Vs. Houston

  • Tracy McGrady: 1-11, 3 points
  • Ron Artest: 2-11, 8 points

Cumulative numbers for these eight players, all All-Star-to-damn-near-All-Star caliber: 37-119 (31%), 101 points (10.1 ppg).  Through five games, it's fair to say the strategy is working.


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Lockdown Stats!

Great analysis Brian.



I love the strategy.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Something tells me that as good as the Laker's defense has been, they're not going to hold Chris Paul down. Nobody stops CP3, except Deron.

I don't think Vlad is getting enough props for his defense. Yeah Ariza had a great game but Vlad played on McGrady and Artest last night and was part of the reason they didn't do anything. Vlads not getting enough shots but he's doing his job of spreading the floor with his rep. Last night he only got a few shots and they were mostly contested, they really need to do a better job of utilizing him early in games to free up the inside game for Pau and Bynum.

Does anybody ever wish that maybe instead of listening to Stu and Joel commentate, although they are awesome, you could listen to the opposing team's commentators. With the free preview of NBA league pass, I have been able to listen to a lot of bad and overly bias commentators.

It would have been hilarious to listen to them yesterday, "The Lakers look slow and sloppy, these guys are the favorites? Here are the Rockets pushing the lead to 16. Arron Brooks is on FIRE! Kobe is not playing like the reigning MVP"

and then once the Lakers got into their flow. "Damn these guys are pretty good"

Go Lakers


Outstanding catch on Pau’s and Trevor’s comments and the stats that speak for themselves about the Lakers commitment to shutting down other team’s top scorers. Pretty impressive way to show the impact that the Lakers new defensive system and strategy.


"Cumulative numbers for these eight players, all All Star-to-damn-near-All Star caliber: 37-119 (31%), 101 points (10.1 ppg). Through five games, it's fair to say the strategy is working."

Clearly, the Lakers are just lucky that the other teams' All Stars are having bad games.


That's a great analysis, BK. Nice stat work.

Watching these Lakers play defense is making me giddy. Seriously. I've been happy all damn day. And I'm a typically happy person. I'm just EXTRA happy.

Go Lake Show!

Now that's defense. If only they can stop the Brooks as well haha, jk.

Great progress. Go Lakers!

No one goes undefeated in the NBA. Sign me up for the 65+ win bandwagon. How about how long the win streak will last. I will stretch/hope for 13 ( in honor of Wilt) wins before the first loss.


Vs. Dallas:
Dirk Nowitzki: 3-15, 9 points
Josh Howard: 2-11, 7 points

Vs New Orleans:
Chris Paul: 4-10, 16 points
David West: 2-10, 8 points

Vs Detroit:
Tayshaun Prince: 6-10, 18 points
Rip Hamilton: 1-9, 5 points


One negative thing about the Lakers great defense...

It could reek havoc on the players on my fantasy team. I
have Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic and David West and I'm
thinking about benching all 3 on Wednesday rather than
pulling my already bad shooting % down even further.

Is there a championship or bust band wagon? We are going all the way this season, please put me on the championship or bust band wagon.
Laker Tom,
I agree with most of your personal opinions. The amazing thing about being a Laker fan is that the down times are few and far between for this franchise. Since 1962, I was a sophomore in Santa Monica High then, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor were to our stars, to now rebuilding has taken very little time. The retirements of Jerry and Wilt, The end of Magic’s Show Time era to HIV, and the departure of Shack marked starts of rebuilding periods. Yet, this amazing franchise finds a way to get back to the top in unprecedented time.
Thanks Jerry. You are earning our gratitude Mitch. It is great to be a Laker Fan.

Couple of things about last night I forgot to mention:

Note to Andrew - Give-n-go is not Pick-n-roll. Two of those early turnovers that gave Houston their big lead last night were due to Drew rolling after doing a give-n-go to the ballhandler, the ballhandler penetrating and trying to dish back to Drew who no longer was in the same spot. Also, Drew needs to have better passing fundamentals. On some of those routine passes in the triangle, for instance, on the give-n-go, his pass back to the ball-handler is usally just a little flip. On one play with Kobe, Drew's flip was a bit too lax and Artest poked the ball away resulting in a turnover. The next time down the floor, Fisher ran the same play with Kobe and took better care of the ball and Kobe made a point of going over to Drew (at the next dead ball) and talking to him about it.

LO loves playing against Artest. I remember back to Artest's first game as a King at Staples and how LO's length made things very difficult for Ron Ron. Although they didn't guard each other last night, both of LO's blocks were denials of Artest shots.

I'm surprised no one commented on the string of 3 fouls in one possession that Artest drew at the beginning of the second half last night. The funniest part of that sequence was the ref holding onto the ball and waiting for Kobe and Ron to stop playing footsie with each other before an inbounds.

LTLF, you're psychic now? lol, jk.

Things are going good now, but it would be for naught if it doesn't get us where we want to go...championship. So keep on working Lake show. Hard work pays off.

Ken, interesting point, I may want and think Trevor should start but Vlad has shown why he is starting. Sasha starts hitting his groove, and we got ourselves a good problem to have lol.

Ken - I agree, Vlad's not getting enough credit for his much improved defense.

lakers-sth - the Artest/Kobe battle was great to watch, especially that sequence.


Also..... i think this is as good a time as any to state my opinion from the beginning......

All the Lamar haters can suck my basketballs


Let the world begin to chant BEAT LA!!!

A blogger's dilemma: There are so few issues with this current Laker team, I find little to comment on. How interesting is it to say, 'So far, so good?'

I'm definitely ready to sign up for the Championship or Bust band wagon. The power of the first and second units is totally getting the job done. Gotta love this team. Go Lakers!


>>>>>I agree with most of your personal opinions. The amazing thing about being a
>>>>>Laker fan is that the down times are few and far between for this franchise.
>>>>>Since 1962, I was a sophomore in Santa Monica High Jerry West and Elgin Baylor
>>>>>were to our stars, to now rebuilding has taken very little time.
>>>>>Thanks Jerry. You are earning our gratitude Mitch. It is great to be a Laker Fan.

Thanks for the kind words. You and I were probably listening to Chick at the same time because I graduated from Monrovia High in SoCal in 1962. Like you, I have watched and rooted for every Lakers championship in LA. Our younger blogger brothers and sisters don’t have that history to rely upon although they are learning fast. That’s why they often think I am over-the-top when I predict great things for the Lakers; they don’t realize that great things are the norm here. As Jerry Buss pointed out, if the Lakers make it to the Finals this year, it will be the 15th time in the last 30 years – a .500 batting average.


"because I graduated from Monrovia High in SoCal in 1962"

You know what? I was still a year away from starting kindergarten at Hillcrest Elementary in San Francisco.

I'm just sayin' ...

Unless something changes phenomenally in Dallas I don't envision any trouble there (they lost to the Clippers for God's sake!- no offence meant Jon K), looking forward to the Hornets though! I think Lakersblog Mystery Editor is right- CP3 will be a real measure of the effectiveness of the Lakers D.

Comparing the practices this season to previous seasons: are the starters having to work harder, becasue the bench players are better than in previous years? And if so, do you see that paying off in the games with the starters being sharper than they would be otherwise?


>>>>>You know what? I was still a year away from starting kindergarten
>>>>>at Hillcrest Elementary in San Francisco.

>>>>>I'm just sayin'

…that I’m an old fart and you’re a young whippersnapper? LOL.

With age comes wisdom..and, of course, and a weaker bladder and occasional dementia.



It must have sucked to grow up in an era in which electricity had not been discovered and the Celtics kept winning everything. Conversely, I've noticed that people moved around a lot quicker back when the world was still black n' white, so I bet you're still pretty spry.

Anyway, I had the good taste to graduate from La Canada HS in 1990, so my adolescence more or less coincided with Showtime, Atari and Nintendo. Not only was this generally totally awesome, on several occasions it was even rad. I have the Swatch to prove it.

Anyway, on behalf of the elder whippersnapper era, let me just remind everyone; let's not argue about seniority. Rather, let us focus on the important thing - hating the ^&^%$ Celtics.


This is binging back a topic that might now become obsolete (because the Lakers are winning so easily), but whatever. It is that whole argument about "Trolls." There is a section from the rules for posting on the blog which says:

"User Content Posting Rules. ...
• Do not provide User Content that: ...
* is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, violates the privacy rights of any third party, is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual or community."

I want to point out the phrases, "grossly inflammatory," "false," "inaccurate,"
"contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims," "offensive to any individual or community." In my opinion this perfectly describes all the "Trolls" that we've seen come and go in this blog. So you guys are definitely within the rules if you block all the verbal vomit that is posted by people like BUTLER, or before LGC's.

I know its sort of an annoying topic for you guys but I still would like to get your take on this.

Rick F.

"A blogger's dilemma: There are so few issues with this current Laker team, I find little to comment on."

How about ranking who deserves more minutes between Luke, Mihm, and Powell. lol...sorry!

What else is there to say at this point?

Oh that's right....NEXT.

Laker Hopeful,

I appreciate where you're coming from, but as you acknowledged, this is a matter left to BK and my discretion. By and large, we don't want to block people unless absolutely necessary. It's a very extreme measure.

LGC hasn't been around in a while, so for now, he's not even an issue.

For his part, Butler doesn't really "do" anything outside of talk up the Suns- sometimes in a way I feel can be delusional and inaccurate, but oh well- on a rival team blog. We think that's within the boundaries of sports culture. As long as he refrains from making personal remarks about others or simply trying to get under people's skins for the mere sake of it (both topics we've personally explained the importance of), he's not doing anything deserving of a formal ban. If you don't like or agree with his comments, simply ignore them and go on with your day It honestly is that simple.


Roky - great post!

Eric M - I was just thinking the same thing... let's see... if we take 2 minutes away from Pau... um, one minute away from Odom... it's just not adding up to much, is it??


"I was still a year away from starting kindergarten at Hillcrest Elementary in San Francisco."

Wow...Normal people really did used to live in S.F.?


Lakers v dallas tomorrow, whats that mean for dallas?

The D,

>>>>>Let's not argue about seniority. Rather, let us focus on the important thing -
>>>>>hating the ^&^%$ Celtics.

Seniority? Is that something like Alzheimer’s? LOL. And we did have electricity – as long as those gerbils keep running. But the one thing that was clear from the beginning was that the Celtics and Red Auerbach were the plague of the nation. It’s good to see that the recently born purple and gold fans even realize this. In fact, every Boston team sucks eggs as far as I am concerned. Throw all the braggarts into the bay with the tea.

What is ironic is that even though I grew up in SoCal and listened to every Lakers game with Chick Hearn, I didn’t become a Lakers fan until they traded for my favorite player at the time, the great Wilt Chamberlain, in 1971. Being a Wilt fan, I rooted for him as a Warrior and learned to hate the Celtics as a 76er fan, Boston having shoved their foot up the 76ers rear almost as many times as the Lakers. Then there was 1967, when one of the greatest teams ever to play finally beat the Celtics. Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Chet Walker, Wali Jones, Billy Cunningham, Matty Goukas, Lucious Jackson, et al. One of the greatest teams ever.




For this week, guys, you can bet on our team because by Sunday, we will have 8 wins.

LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



laker hopeful,

Nothing kills a Troll like the Lakers stomping their way to an 82-0 season (or perhaps more realistically 70+ win season).

Until then...

Starve the Troll.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"How about ranking who deserves more minutes between Luke, Mihm, and Powell. lol"

I say Mihm gets 1 MPG, Powell gets 30 seconds per game and Luke get to play as much as he wants... the corner with the lincoln logs.

Eric M,
"Wow...Normal people really did used to live in S.F.?"

Until 1969, and then it went rapidly downhill, with a brief resurgence from 1988-1991.

It'll be interesting to see how Pau matches up with Dirk, who likes to play outside and draw big men away from the paint. I think we'll see a lot of LO on Dirk throughout the game, esp in the last minutes if the game is still close by then. LO did a pretty solid job guarding Dirk last year. With his length and athleticism, LO's the best defensive matchup against Dirk.

I'd like to see Kobe guard Kidd so that he could be free to roam around on defense and help on Dirk or Josh Howard when needed. I would lay off of Kidd and force him to shoot jumpers until he proves he can make them.

Going back to last summer, if it's true that the Lakers offered Kobe for Dirk and that Cuban rejected that offer, Cuban has to be certifiably insane. Anyone with an ounce of basketball intelligence would've jumped on that trade offer. I guess it shows the pitfalls of overvaluing your own players. I wouldn't be surprised if he sold the team soon and focused on buying the Cubs.

Eric M,

>>> How about ranking who deserves more minutes between Luke, Mihm, and Powell.

Actually, it would be wise for the entire trio to be out there for the last three minutes when the Lakers margin is +15. We all tend to laugh, but it is important that Luke, Mihm and Powell all have their game legs in case they are truly needed.

Once any game is "in the refrigerator" the front line -- especially Kobe, Pau, and Andrew should be off the floor to avoid unnecessary risk of injury.

This Laker team needs to be healthy and stay that way once we get past the first 82 games.

All I have to say is this team is absolutely stacked.

Not fair.


Go lakers!


I know this is a little late for the blog where everyone is up to the minute, but being out of town (i.e. in LA) it took me a while to get to the computer.
But I did sit second row at Staples last night and wanted to post my LIVE observations.
1) Kobe is Kobe. Same greatness but sooooo good to see him have more justified faith in his teammates (well except Rad) and not have to take over all the time.
2) Pau is truly the second star option we have needed. He truly excels at all phases of the game from scoring to passing to rebounding to playing solid D.
3)Trevor is awesome! A real team player who'll make the steal and then give up the shot. Or make it when called upon. His D on T-Mac and Ron Ron was excellent as well. He's always alert when on the floor and a real integral cog in this New Laker Championship Machine.
4)Bynum is grown up. He shoots, he rebounds, he passes all in a way that would (and I'm sure does) make Kareem proud. Plus he plays with the smarts of a 3-year veteran and the strength of a 20 year old. God he's gonna be scary good over the next few years.
5)Farmar. Oh my God! He shines in this team set up - his dribble drives and passes and 3-point skills are gonna give Derek plenty of rest before the playoffs. And truth be told I'm even comfortable now with young Jordan at the point in the last minutes of a game seven.
6)Vlad. Well there has to be SOMETHING negative. I'd like to dump him and his six mil so we can use it to lock up Trevor for next year. With Luke (who I miss and is the ultimate glue guy for a Superstar team) backing him up, I think Trevor is all we need at the 3. Vlad shoots poorly and plays mediocre D. There was one sequence last night when Kobe drove and set him up for a layup which he blew terribly. I wish we'd fired him after the snowboard incident.
7) Last but not least - speaking of guys I want to lock up for next year - Lamar is THRIVING in his new role. No pressure, just solid D, formidable rebounding, and first rate shooting. Finally he has found his niche!

God I LOVE this team. Can we just fast forward to June (well except for the 2 games at Golden State I get to see in person) so we can kick the Celtics' green asses NOW?

Peace out -


NO trades, no tweaks, just:

GUSH and AWE.... and,

BEAT Boston!


"Paul SImon rocks!" my first blog LOL.

Pau may very well go down as the best power forward in Lakers history if he stays around long enough. I thought about the Lakers teams of the past, and couldn't think of a better power forward that we had. Of course, my memory really only goes back to the Showtime Lakers in the mid-80's, when I became a fan as a kindergartener.

Perhaps LakerTom, the elder statesman of this blog and Laker historian, can set the record straight on this incredibly important issue.

You know what's sad? I actually believe Luke was blogging with us last night. After all it's not like he was on the floor or doing anything for that matter haha.

It's good to be a laker fan. Go Lakers!

You know what's sad? I actually believe Luke was blogging with us last night. After all it's not like he was on the floor or doing anything for that matter haha.

It's good to be a laker fan. Go Lakers!

Posted by: Faith | November 10, 2008 at 06:09 PM

LOL, Faith. This is just the meanest thing I've seen about Luke. Cruel! Luke's been demoted from Laker starter to Mike T. status.


>>>I love this team.
>>>I hate the Celtics.
>>>Defense wins championships.
>>>I love our trapping defense.
>>>The dynasty starts this year.
>>>This team may make history.
>>>This team is the deepest ever.
>>>Pau should be an All-Star.
>>>I really miss Chick.
>>>Kobe should be DPOY.
>>>Phil should win COY.
>>>Mitch should win EOY.
>>>Kobe is the Doberman.
>>>Drew is the Beast.
>>>Lamar should be 6MOY.
>>>Sun Yue to the D-League.
>>>Sasha is the Machine.
>>>Farmar is the Zohan.
>>>Trevor is the Ghost.
>>>Luke is our victory cigar.
>>>Fisher for President.
>>>Thank you, Jerry Buss.
>>>Lakers Blog rules.
>>>Thank you AK & BK.


You are hilarious!


>>>>>Perhaps LakerTom, the elder statesman of this blog and Laker historian,
>>>>>can set the record straight on this incredibly important issue.

I agree with you about Pau. He is really playing great and has a chance to become the greatest power forward in the team’s history. I think every Lakers fan was thrilled to see how Pau responded to rough play by the Rockets. Pau showed that he had learned a lesson about how you respond to bullying. Next time we play Boston, I think we will see a new attitude by Pau.

Pau is really blooming as a Laker and truly has a unique set of skills for the position, not even counting his ability to also play center. I loved his midrange set shot. Power forward is definitely his position and the more he hits that outside shot the more dangerous he is going to be going to the hoop. Passing, rebounding, defense. Pau can do it all. He, Drew, and Lamar are dominating the league’s rebounding and anchoring the defense.



BURN! haha

Honestly though I love that we have the depth to put a "former starter" ahem should never have been that lol, and put him as a third stringer. We're that deep. Like I said, good to be a laker fan.


I'm going to win in our league. And so far I'm winning!


I think the Dirk vs Pau is a good match up in our favor. Lamar did guard Dirk in the past but last year when Pau went to guard Dirk instead of Dampier (because he played center he had to guard Dampier while Lamar guarded Dirk most of the time) he did a much better job on him than Lamar did. As long as we keep Dirk and especially Josh Howard in check, we will own the Mavericks



If we were any deeper, Luke would take AK/BK's spot livelblogging on the road!

What about Happy Hairston - "Best rebounding forward in the league!" as Chick would say several times a game.


Hairston actually popped into my head, too, but given that he's so far ahead of my time that I have no point of reference outside of what I've heard, I had no idea if he was a truly good call.



>>>>>What about Happy Hairston - "Best rebounding forward in the league!"
>>>>>as Chick would say several times a game.

I thought about Happy but like Horace and other Lakers power forwards but we have not really had a superstar at that position. We’ve had superstars at every other position – Magic and Gail at the 1; Jerry and Kobe at the 2; Elgin and James at the 3, and Wilt, Kareem, and Shaq at the 5 with Drew in the wings. But the 4, that has been our weak spot, including Malone’s injury feted season. Pau could well turn out to be the best.



If there's one thing to me that stands out about Dirk, and our team?

The one 4th quarter in which Kobe (all 6'6 of him) guarded and locked down Dirk. That was a sight to see. He wouldn't let him get the ball.

Rick Friedman,

>>>Actually, it would be wise for the entire trio to be out
>>> there for the last three minutes when the Lakers
>>> margin is +15. We all tend to laugh, but it is important
>>> that Luke, Mihm and Powell all have their game legs in
>>> case they are truly needed.

>>>Once any game is "in the refrigerator" the front line --
>>> especially Kobe, Pau, and Andrew should be off the
>>> floor to avoid unnecessary risk of injury.

>>>This Laker team needs to be healthy and stay that
>>> way once we get past the first 82 games

Amen to that. The less minutes the vets play, the better chance
that they'll stay healthy for 98 games.

I wouldn't go overboard or anything, but any game where the Lakers
are leading by 20 with 5 minutes left, I'd put all three of them in
and wouldn't take them back out unless the opponents got it back under
10 points.

I would also try to get each of them a few minutes a week during
non-garbage time. Nothing major, and not all at once. But maybe
play Mihm as the center with the bench mob for 3 or 4 minutes in
the second quarter in one game. Then play Powell as the PF with the
bench mob for 3 to 4 minutes in the next game. Then play Luke 3 to 4
minutes with the starters at the start of the 3rd quarter in the next game.

That would serve 4 purposes:

First, it would keep each of the three well prepared in case
(heaven forbid) someone gets injured and one of them needs to
play some real minutes.

Second, it would give them a little ego boost - let them feel like they're
more important to the team.

Third, it would give the more important players just a bit more rest,
which will keep them fresher and reduce the odds of injury.

And finally, it would showcase them.

If Luke plays 30 seconds a game, then no other team will want
him, so he'll be sitting on the Lakers bench for 5 more years.
If Luke comes in once a week and gets 4 points, 2 rebounds
and 3 assists, including an alley oop to Bynum, then maybe at
the trade deadline, some team might think "wow. If he does that
in 7 minutes, what could he do if we played him 20?" Same
thing different stats with Mihm. Much as I like Luke & Mihm, if
trading one of them means the Lakers keep both Odom and Ariza,
then I wish them well and send them on their way.

Open letter to the laker blogosphere

I bet everybody here gets a big kick out of my garbage time. I remember last season. Oh Luke Walton is a scrub,cant jump, cant dribble just your basic dump-truck.So as a gesture of goodfaith and to show u all i don't hold any grudges.I want to invite every blogger to my restaurant.Free glass of water on me.Hahahahha ya im cheap.U see im the bigger man,no hard feeling b/c u guys sure busted my balls last season.......Later ......Luke Walton

I think Elden Campbell would be in the top 5 of our best power forwards. He was an underrated post player and a solid defender. He and Vlade were our twin towers. He was probably the most stoic NBA player before Tim Duncan.

Luke doesn't need to play more minutes to be shopped. That's countereffective. Instead we'll let the rest of the league assume, we're "burying" a talent in the bench haha.

Here's the real question:

What happened to Jackie Johnson's engagement ring?

Just wondering....

mike t.

Mike T asks the questions the rest of the media is too afraid to touch. haha


Memphis is battling the SUNS right now...

Mark Gasol outplaying Shaq... hahahahahaha...

OJ MAYO is for real...


Thanks for the response.


mike t.


Nobody care about Jackie Johnson's ring here.... We are lakers basketball loving fans....


Mike T and ask any questions he wants... but most of us here would want him instead to talk about the lakers....

Despite what Buss said in his interview, I still think that we'll probably lose LO and Mihm after this season due to salary considerations. So this season is still going to be more special than ever.

Realistically, I don't think LO or Kobe are going to take less money. And now that Mihm is healthy, half the teams in the NBA can use him as their starting center and will offer him money that the Lakers won't match.
I do have faith in Mitch's abilities though. I think he'll be able to get effective role players to replace what we lose in the future. The continued development of Ariza and Powell will make up somewhat for losing LO and Mihm in the future. I don't think we'll find any takers for Vlad and Luke's contracts either, w/c would enable us to keep LO. Actually Vlad has been playing very good defense.

But that's next year. Have to enjoy this special season with the deepest 12 man rotation the league has seen since before expansion.

Phil Jackson has never won the COY! This should be the year. Everything PJ has said the Lakers should be doing, they are actually doing it. How many times do NBA teams and players come up short to their coach's plans?

And more than any of his team's before, the young players of this team are PJ's players. Players that he developed. Even Kobe and Fish are PJ's players since they didn't win anything and kicked out Del Harris, until PJ came along for the 3peat.

Long Time Laker Fan

Suck it up Soldier!! You sound just like a wimp. Luke shouldn't even be on the team let alone be allowed to play.

I understand you like Luke personally......but what does that have to do with basketball?

The test for any successful CEO or manager is to ALWAYS put the TEAM first. That means sometimes you may have to look a person who you like and admire personally in the eye and say............"You're Fired!

I have nothing personal against Luke but the guy just serves no purpose on this team if the objective is to win a championship and get better..........It's not like Luke has any potential to get better.........In just 16 months this guy will be 30 years old.

EJK...I was disappointed that Shaq did not want or could not play the twin towers w/Elden Campbell.
This was when Robinson and Duncan were the dynamic duo of the Spurs, and Shaq and Elden could have been the counter.
Even though Lakers won the 3peat w/Shaq they could have won even more. Shaq was the classic underachiever.

I agree with you all about our history at the 4 - solid role players but no real superstar. But, since props are being paid to a few solid guys from the past, I have to toss out another name - Kurt Rambis. The guy was all about hustle and sacrifice... and the black-rimmed glasses were excellent.

Plus Hairston was in "Bryan's Song", possibly the best sports movie of all time.

Hairston was a "good" player on an exceptional team, but I wouldn't put him in the "very good" category, which is where I think Gasol is.

mike t.,

Fox News is reporting that Jackie has been seen palling around with a certain pro basketball player in Detroit. When confronted by reporters, Jackie claimed that he was just a guy who lives in the neighborhood...

Did the Lakers ever have an All-Star Power Forward?
I'm guessing that this is the only position that the Lakers have never had an All-Star.
Until Pau.
So, that w/d make Pau as the best PF in Laker history.
Or wait a minute, didn't McAdoo play PF for the Lakers?
Then Pau w/d be 2nd behind Bob.
According to wikipedia, "..... McAdoo enjoyed a much more memorable end to his career, winning two NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1982 and 1985 as the team's sixth man and a teammate to Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy. "


Shaq wanted to be surrounded by shooters and I think lobbied hard to get Glen Rice. If I recall correctly, we then traded Elden and Eddie Jones for Rice. Though Rice provided some moments of high quality play, he was largely disappointing in his time as a Laker. Rick Fox got a bunch of the SF minutes because he was a better defender than Rice. If we had kept Eddie, he and Kobe would've formed a formidable defensive backcourt - possibly the best backcourt in the league. Elden would've been a solid backup, if nothing else.

Laker H,

No worries.


Phoenix survived Memphis.

Shaq with six fouls.


Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Orlando Woolridge.

But seriously, Elden Freaking Campbell? He was Kwame Brown with a rhythm j.


LOL! That was funny.

mike t.

Bob Mcadoo played a 6th man role.. as a backup to james worthy at SF...

Curt Rambis was the power forward... at least from I saw...

LakerinBC ...

Maybe I was wrong... yes... indeed McAdoo played PF for the lakers... as well as other new york and ney jersy...

can the lakers put fisher on second team and let either sasha or farmer start?

farmer is far more better than fisher in driving the ball to the rim.

go lakers


I have only one word for your analysis:




You are right to point out that Vlad has been playing defense about 2,000% better than he ever has for his whole career.

But, let us not kid ourselves, even Fish is looking good on defense. That's because when the perimeter guys get burned now, the team doesn't suffer that much anymore. All back court guys can gamble and even if their man gets by them, either Bynum or Gasol cleans it up, usually in a high-light sort of way that makes everyone forget that the play actually started with a break-down defensively.

THAT, my friends, is what team defense is all about.

Plus, Ariza is so freaking athletic, that he makes Kobe look All-World defensively, again. Kobe can play free safety now because Ariza is quick enough to rotate to Kobe's man, and so far the opposition hasn't been able to go three deep in the able-to-make-their-own-shot category, yet. So, we haven't been getting beat by Ariza's guy in a game, yet.

Even if Ariza's man beats us a few times during a game, that same guy usually doesn't have it come the fourth quarter -- as we've seen so far.

Then, add to that mix our bench players who go three-four deep in scorers, but play against other squad's benches who usually have only one scorer on them. When our Bench Mob hits the floor against the other teams' second string, it really isn't fair.

For us, it is depth that sets us apart. We always seem to have at least one more dude to counteract whatever dude the opposition is able to take away from us.

I'm excited. Good post.



As soon as you said it, I knew that Pau is our best 4 ever. He's really our only superstar in his prime 4, at least. Definitely, by a wide margin.

Also, are all of our three bigs (LO, Pau, and Drew) really leading the league or near the top of the league in all their categories? I can't remember that ever happening on the Lakers.





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