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I'd love to see those pics Kevin Garnett has of David Stern

November 11, 2008 |  4:43 pm

Because blackmail of sorts is the only reason I can offer as to why KG is able to pull off- among other stuff- taunting Raptor point guard Jose Calderon during last nights Raps-Celts game and not get T'ed up?  Seriously, take a gander at this. 

Are you kidding me? I honestly hate playing the "If This Were Player X, He'd Have Been Penalized" card, because it's often whiny and lame.  But seriously, were that Rasheed Wallace, forget about a technical foul.  A league official would have flown to Boston, rushed the court and made a citizen's arrest.  Any other player would have gotten a T, and considering the incidents the NBA often appears obsessed with preventing, that makes sense.  So are you telling me that doing the Deke finger wag from baseline to halfcourt doesn't carry a same "instigating" danger as two dudes nose to nose?  Ronny Turiaf gets ejected from last season's Jazz-Lakers Game 4 after a hard but obviously intent-free foul on Ronnie Price (who didn't seem to take offense), but this doesn't raise a ref's eyebrows?  Really?

And before anyone thinks otherwise, this ain't "2008 Finals sour grapes."  I'm a BIG Garnett fan.  He's been one of my favorites since entering the league and is one of the few guys I could honestly not begrudge winning a ring at the Lakers' expense.  Doesn't mean I was "happy" about the results, but still, no grudge.  Having said that, what you just watched was straight up nonsense, the type that KG, for some reason, is always able to get away with. 

By the way, remember a few seasons ago when Uncle Dave made the "no emotional reactions without a T" decree?  I recall one game soon afterward where Smush Parker literally got T'ed for glaring at the ref after a whistle.  William Henry didn't even open his mouth.  He just sulked, which is basically the same as Smush breathing.  Mind you, I'm not claiming that Smush and KG deserve the same degree of respect.  I'm not even saying Smush is on the level of Michael J. Fox's "Teen Wolf" character (and that's with or without the fur).  But by pure virtue of being in the league, he should be able to look at a ref sideways without getting punished. Thankfully, Garnett's presence makes that inane rule impossible to keep firmly intact.   If Stern still ever wonders why fans- despite their enthusiasm- often consider the NBA to be the most arbitrarily run league in sports, the clip above might shed a little light.

Thanks to the great Ball Don't Lie blog for posting this and reminding me that I saw it earlier on SportsCenter and thought, "What the %#$!"