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Kobe's Guitar Hero commercial

For those of you who haven't seen it yet.  Pretty funny stuff, for sure.


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Awesome. But why is Hawk wearin a helmet? Is it because he is the least recognizable/famous of the 4? Wasn't slidin out on a skateboard enough?

Alex Rodriguez (should be Matt Kemp or Manny if we resign him), Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps and yours truly KB24 as lead vocalist.

Quite amazing how 4 years and some great performances can rebuild Kobe's image.

Finally the Experiment Season is over and the Regular Season BEGINS NEXT TUESDAY!


btw since the announcers were discussing it.

The record for the fewest time to foul out in an NBA game is currently held by Bubba Wells in 3 minutes. He was the Jacque Vaughn of the Mavericks when Don Nelson used Hack-a-Rodman on Dennis Rodman. Mbenga when he got his 4th foul was 1 minute 56 second in the game so he had a good chance to actually break it if he had kept on getting offensive fouls (4th foul I couldn't see it but to me at least it was questionable if he really did hit the hand).

Since it's pre-season though I don't think it would have counted even if Mbenga did foul out in less than 3 minutes.

Odd though, Rodman was shooting 39% when Hack-a-Rodman was being used against him and shot 9-12 from the free throw that game.


"A lot of our guys were missing shots, but a lot of people miss shots against the Lakers," Carlesimo said. "They don't get enough credit for what they do defensively. They're tough on defense." P.J. Carlesimo, on his team shooting 38%. I know it's only the Thunder, and only preseason, but he's right.


It struck me as I was watching the Lakers pound the Thunder tonight that we are truly watching this Lakers team grow up right before our eyes. It was a surprising and inspiring to see Kobe start and quickly drain a pair of 3-pointers to get the team off to a fast start. I love how KB24 has opted to focus this year on defense. This team has enough offensive firepower to afford it. As I have been saying all summer, the greatest impact that Kobe can have on this team is to reprise his role as the defensive ace and go-to guy in the clutch as he did for Team USA.

Andrew Bynum was a dominate force at both ends against the hapless Thunder big men, showing again how invaluable he is to this team and the Lakers hopes for a championship, posting 23 points on 67% shooting, 8 boards, 2 dimes, 1 steal, and 3 blocks in 29 minutes. Needless to say, the better Drew plays, the more likely he and the Lakers will reach agreement on a long-term contract extension. I’d say Drew likely helped his cause greatly tonight. I still believe that the Lakers will sign Drew to a long-term contract extension before Oct 31.

This game was also a perfect example of why it makes sense for the Lakers to get the ball into Drew as the team’s #2 option on offense. It is classic championship inside-out basketball. It is also a way of dominating and demonstrating an attitude of toughness that will be a catalyst on offense. Every player wants to score and Drew can dominate most guys who guard him, not to mention shoot a higher percentage than anybody on the team. Same for Pau. Let Kobe focus on defense and closing out games. Feed the ball to Drew and Pau in the post. This Lakers team may end up making more dunks than Phi Jamma Slamma. Blocks and dunks – that will quickly dispense of any rumors or criticism of the Lakers for being a soft or finesse team.

While Derek Fisher played an outstanding game himself, Jordan Farmar again showed that he has taken his game to the next level, posting 14 points on 7-9 shots, 3 boards, 5 assists, and 2 steals, although he definitely needs to cut down on the 7 turnovers. Regardless, Jordan has shown that he will be pressuring Fish for playing time all season long, playing with great confidence and verve. If he can continue to play at this level, he will likely be the starter next year. It was also good to see Sun Yue finally grab a few boards and make a shot.

The most amazing stat for the night, however, is that the Lakers’ point guard trio posted a Quadruple-Double with 27 points, 11 boards, 10 assists, and 10 turnovers in 48 minutes. The Lakers also had 13 players score points, with only Coby Karl wearing the collar. I am guessing the Lakers will keep him on the roster but it really doesn’t matter either way in the end. The Lakers genuinely have 11 players who are, have been, or soon will be starters in the NBA. No other team in the league can come close to that level and quality of depth.

Lamar Odom had another excellent game off the bench with 8 points, 3 boards, 4 assists, 3 steals, and 1 block in 21 minutes. Trevor Ariza threw down an earth shattering dunk and posted 10 points, 8 boards, and 2 assists, though like Farmar he played out of control at times. Luke Walton continued to show he may have his mojo back, posting 9 points on 50% shooting, 2 boards, 3 dimes, and a steal. And Vlade posted a respectable line of 6 points on 50% shooting along with 5 boards, 4 assists, and a steal. These Lakers truly come at you in waves.

The Lakers superior passing was on good display as the team recorded 28 assists on 43 baskets, with 9 different players dishing out dimes, resulting in the Lakers shooting 55% from the field. The best news is that Drew is finally starting to position himself for those easy alley oop dunks that became a staple of his offensive game last year before he was injured. And while Pau had a quiet game, he made some great one-on-one face up moves at power forward and has basically been the Lakers best player in the pre-season.

Defensively, the Lakers held the Thunder to 94 points on 38% shooting. They are playing exactly the type of defense I have been hoping for all summer. Rather than packing it in like the Celtics and Rockets, the Lakers are aggressively pressing and trapping on the perimeter and trusting Andrew, Pau, and our big men to protect the rim and control the boards. The primary reason why I have been advocating this style of defense is that it fits the personality and talent of this team and takes advantage of our height, length, speed, and athleticism. It is aggressive rather than passive and results in turnovers and fast break opportunities on offense.

So far, everything is shaping up as I had hoped. Now all we need is for the Lakers to sign Drew before the 31st and the next dynasty can truly get underway. Bring on the Blazers!


This Guitar Hero commercial, it’s EPIC.
Why? For one, not only do you have the reigning MVP and gold medalist, Kobe Bryant in it, but you’ve got 8 Gold Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and Legendary pro-skater Tony Hawks in it. That alone is EPIC, but to get them to recreate a scene from a classic film, Risky Business? PWNAGE.

Plus, this completely debunks that stupid LA Times articles Greg Johnson wrote in June with the Lakers lost in the Finals. I guess he forgot Kobe’s involvement in the Olympics. Looks like Kobe’s endorsement deals are coming along just fine.

Also, it's nice to see Kobe relax and have fun doing all these commercials. First the Hyper dunks, Vitamin Water, and now Guitar Hero.

Thank god the season is starting soon because watching kobe sing for a video game well, it's funny but I wanna see some quality basketball.

After watching most of the preseason games I think the Lakers are starting to gel a bit but by no means have the chemistry needed to win a title. Luckily they have 82 games to get it together and it shouldn't be a problem.

Keys to this season:
1. Stay healthy!
2. Stay healthy!
3. Don't get injured.
4. Bynum and Gasol working together on offense and defense.
5. Bench play.

So far I think the Lakers will have a few question marks but I think we can contend for the best record in the West and hopefully the entire league. It will be interesting to see if Phil does his usualy long leash, no timeouts in the first half of the season or stays on top of the team from the get go so that we can challenge for best record.

Farmar and Ariza have come to play this year and I really like what I'm seeing. Radman seems to be more focused and it is nice to see Mihm get back out there.

Bloggers keep up the good work and I look forward to checking in throughout the season to see what the Laker nation is saying!

the dropper in Osaka

ps: thanks AK/BK for running the best darn sports blog for the best darn sports team ever. Go Lakeshow


Kobe is the best basketball player on the planet and of all time.Lakers will be the champion this year.Mamba24 please put me on your roll call,thanks buddy!!!

LMAO, that was a really funny commercial!

Morning LakerNation.

Pre season done. Real season now and can't wait.

This from ESPN; some fantasy matchup between Bynum and Oden:

"Bynum the easy choice this year
By John Cregan

Special to

Because young centers generally take longer to develop, even the smallest scintilla of intelligence one can gather when making an Oden-versus-Bynum-type pick could make the difference in making the correct decision.

First off, the injury question is something of a wash. Both have scary histories and huge red flags wrapped around their respective knees. And while Bynum didn't avoid the knife, Oden, lest we forget, had dreaded microfracture surgery. The microfracture procedure has gotten less terrifying in fantasy (thanks to Amaré Stoudemire). But there is still a recovery period involved that some observers claim takes at least one calendar year.

Let's talk immediate roles. Minutes per game is a vastly underrated category for a young player. Mentioning foul trouble and young centers in the same sentence is somewhat redundant. It's an easy assumption that Oden will struggle to play more than 30 minutes per game early on. The fact that Bynum has shown improvement in this area at the NBA level is a huge plus in his favor. And the preseason question as to whether Bynum would come off the bench has been solved, as just recently Bynum was officially named the Lakers' starting center. (Take that, Tardy.)

After a strong summer league showing, Oden logged a slightly underwhelming preseason. It would be unrealistic to expect him to be an impact player right out of the gate. Yes, Bynum is at best the third option on a stacked Lakers front line, but Oden probably will be an offensive afterthought the first half of the season. Oden is playing on a superstacked Portland team that already features LaMarcus Aldridge (also known as "the next Chris Bosh") in the post.

Let's examine hype and personal motivation. Although Bynum is a Laker, Oden is coming into the league with the Vesuvian hoopla and nonstop palaver that befits a No. 1 draft choice. In fantasy, this always -- always -- translates into a player's being drafted a round or so higher than he should. Motivation-wise, Bynum is a restricted free agent and could end up playing in a contract year if the Lakers do the unthinkable and fail to lock him up.

Finally, let's look at pure fantasy production. Last season, in only 35 games, Bynum averaged 13 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocks per game. He also was the league leader in field goal percentage and wasn't a heavy liability from the free-throw line (unlike other centers I could mention).

For Oden, simply coming close to those numbers would be a healthy goal. At this stage, his offensive game isn't nearly as polished as Bynum's. (After all, Bynum was able to study Kwame Brown up close for almost 18 months. If that doesn't show you how not to approach offensive basketball, you should take up another line of work.) Oden's upside for 2008-09 rests more upon being a Ben Wallace-type -- dominant in rebounds and blocks -- as opposed to an across-the-board stats stuffer.

To me, the one and only argument for taking Oden over Bynum at this stage would be for keeper purposes. Even then, it's a tough argument. In a one-and-done situation, there's no question Bynum is the safer short-term bet. Granted, Oden could be a once-every-five-years type of center, but we probably won't know that for about three years. (I know, it confuses me, too.) So for this year, I'd take Bynum and move on to other existential matters."


hahaha KOBE ROCKS!!

rotf, lmao!


Mbenga has been unable to play foul-free throughout his career. It was his problem in Dallas, it was his problem in Golden State and it's been his problem here. He fouled out of a game in three quarters once against Memphis.

If you don't know that about Mbenga, I question how much you've seen him play.


Re: Bynum:

You continue to miss the point we're all making in saying Bynum doesn't deserve the max. It's not proving that he's recovered from his injury. We know he has. It's proving he can sustain a high-level of play over a whole season while staying healthy.

None of us are against signing him, just against signing him to a $17 million contract. Only 15 or so players in the entire league make that much and you're saying he deserves that when his best season was one in which he played less than half the season and missed all of the playoffs and has never made an all-star team.

We've all said that we agree with the Lakers offer that 5-years, 50 million in guaranteed money with a ton of incentives is a fair deal, but Bynum's agent is crazy

LOLLLL that was great

John Hughes undoubtedly would have cast Kobe in the role over Tom Cruise if he weren't 8 at the time.

Great that we live in a world where ya can feel the rush of a rock star without all that needless practicing.

Seeing a bunch of guys squiggling around in their underwear is a bit discomforting, but otherwise its good to see Kobe's being able to present his humorous side.


The Farm is the whole package.

LO running free, the best place for a thoroughbred.

The pieces of this puzzle just have to be put together in the right order. IT's on Phil now.

Good morning morning crew! (though it's well passed one PM EST with no update in sight). East coast bias is live and well.

What's up with Isiah blaming his daughter for his own overdose? That's a bit not unlike Martin Sheen holding up the baby in the Dead Zone, no?

Not pretty.

How’d the Lakers look last night? I’m glad to see Bynum is getting fed a lot in the post. Any good news on the Bynum/Pau front is Great news.

6 straight wins. I love it. My barometer for a successful start for a talented team is 20-5. If we can get Farmar and Bynum playing well, anything is possible with this team.



A Rod and Kobe... classic.

Yeah that YouTube will sell 50M contract in Europe. Kob could replace white glove Michael Jackson, they get crazy over there when they see a rock star what more if an NBA MVP turned into a rocker, jumping on pool of snakes (sports media including this blog haha), over a running vehicle, yes that will sell but Kobe playing b'ball only for Olympiakos no way Jose, that's too much for 50M.

When a I see a post with heading: Evolution of the Lakers. As I read the contents, as if it was done by Lazenby and Pincus, very nice composition, the only difference is that it's full of bubbling optimism of 120 pts, $ 88M for Drew, no need to play the season anymore b/c the crown is on the bag & without even reading the author, I could readily guess it came from LakerTom. I feel like I can afford wearing levis jeans again after reading the post, eventhough nowadays I can only afford one from Goodwill stores that were made in China. lol!


"John Hughes undoubtedly would have cast Kobe in the role over Tom Cruise if he weren't 8 at the time."

Actually, "Risky Business" was directed by Paul Brickman. Sorry, my film geek side couldn't control itself. But agreed, though. Nice work by Kobe.



"Where are the dudes that were saying Mbenga could have helped us in the Finals?"

I don't know...Don't you think a well placed side-kick to Garnett's knee in game 1 might of helped?

"Drew likely helped his cause greatly tonight. "

I don't even know where to start with this game, but this seems like a good place.

Bynum is quickly regaining his form. Last season was no fuke, and it's starting to really sink into me how good Bynum really is.
I feel like I'm dreaming, this seems too good to be true.

And did you see this squad out on the floor?? Kinda hard to miss though:



I think Phil is onto something right there.
Vladdy's shooting spreds everything out. Derek controls tempo. And The Big Three do their thing!! So cool to watch.

Imagine The Big Three + Kobe(100%) + The Machine(100%)??

The possibilities are endless for this team, and even though that sounds cliche, I've never in my life been able to say that so proud!!


Eric M,

You got me there!

He has a 20 year old's birth certificate
He has a 30 year old's body.
He has a 45 year old's face.
He has a 7 year old's streetsmarts.
He has a 3 year old's toughness.
He has a date with disaster on Tuesday October 28th.

His name s Greg Oden.

dan the man,

This team is going to be ridiculously good if we stay healthy. I can't think of another team that' been this deep since the 80's. Seriously.

The last team that was this deep was the 2000 Blazers and we're even more talented than them and we have a transcendent player in Kobe, which they lacked.

Laker Tom

You pretty much summed up how I felt about the game last night. although I'm not sure Sheriff Kupshack is gonna pull the trigger on siging his young deputy to big deal until after the season. I think this might be part of the why:

He wants to see if Kobe opts out this year. If Kobe chooses to wait, it would have to beneficiary effects for him. The first would be his ability to add another cool million to his base salary as he'll be one year further along, it would allow him to boost his bottom line and every year he waits to opt out adds a year of stability for him and his family, which is why a man wakes up and goes to work. The second is that it would give Mitch a better idea of what the financial situation will be. This benefits Kobe in more ephemeral ways, but what it all boils down to is a better team for him to go to war with.

Kobe is doing very well, as we can see from his new portfolio of commercial appearances, something that would have been an outlandish concept before 2007, when he started to mellow out a little and become more stately in his bearing. Seeing him share air time with Phelps and A-Rod is a testament to how far he has come since Shaq vs Kobe and Colorado. Even his criticism both in print and illicit video has been seen by some as more motivational than acerbic.

I am of the opinion that Kobe might even sign for a couple of million LESS than the max. He might be looking much farther into the future, he might look at Magic and say, "Hey, that's not a bad post-basketball life. Minority owner, TV gig, business outside of hoops." If he signs with the Lakers for another 5 years, that would put him near the 20 year NBA vet status. If he can win another ring or two by taking a slight pay cut, one that will be more than compensated for through endorsement deals, I believe there is a part of him that would see that as a challenge, not only to the perception of him as a self-centered, me-first, type of guy, but to stereo-typical NBA mercenary. I think his Olympic journey helped him to connect with life again, with being a citizen of the world, and of the incredible gift and burden that people who achieve what he has carry.

We'll see by tomorrow wether Mitch does a dea or not. After last night, I could sure get used to having that Bynum guy around for a few more years and I'm betting Kobe feels the same.

dan the man,

that lineup is assuming that Kobe isn't playing lol.


Luke Walton is back!

Machine is clean and getting tuned.

Black Mamba is more stealthy and dangerous than ever.

How about Fire and Ice for Bynum and Gasol.

Or BA and Murdoch?

It really is silly to just type funny things and chuckle slightly to oneself.


"that lineup is assuming that Kobe isn't playing lol."

What, you're assuming that Kobe's gonna play 48 minutes a game?? Of course there will be times when Kobe isn't playing. I'm not saying that should be the starting lineup or anything. I was just saying that I liked that lineup and the reason behind it. Other than Kobe's not playing.



"The last team that was this deep was the 2000 Blazers "

Don't even go there!! LOL


What I meant Dan the man,

I don't think Phil would use that lineup usually where Lamar is the SG. (not saying he won't ever). Sasha is the primary backup to Kobe and would more likely to replace Kobe when Kobe goes to the bench to rest. Lamar is good and has a solid mid range game but he's not exactly the SG type (that is not a knock on Lamar, he can play most positions). Sasha would likely replace Kobe unless he has to miss the game and Coby Karl seems to be out of place. I would though imagine though that Lamar could be the 3rd or 4th backup at SG ahead of Trevor so if Sasha is out or in foul trouble and Phil wants Kobe to rest and the other Coby isn't playing all that well, then yeah Phil could bring that Bynum-Gasol-Radman-Odom-Fisher combo up and yeah it could be just as potent. The Lakers have so much talent to use this year, it's going to be awesome.



>>>>>You pretty much summed up how I felt about the game last night.
>>>>>although I'm not sure Sheriff Kupchak is gonna pull the trigger on
>>>>>signing his young deputy to big deal until after the season.
>>>>>I think this might be part of the why:

>>>>>He wants to see if Kobe opts out this year. I am of the opinion that
>>>>>Kobe might even sign for a couple of million LESS than the max.
>>>>>He might be looking much farther into the future… If he can win another
>>>>>ring or two by taking a slight pay cut, one that will be more than
>>>>>compensated for through endorsement deals,

Thanks for your comments. As usual, you make some excellent points and, as usual, I agree with most of your points completely. You do a fine job presenting the pros and cons of the current debate, which is why it is always refreshing to read your posts.

When everybody steps back and ignores their own emotional opinions about whether or not Drew “deserves” a max or near-max extension what really jumps out at you is that Drew’s extension is now the third major personnel decision that the now luxury-tax-bound Lakers have been confronted with after Ronny Turiaf’s and Sasha Vujacic’s free agency. What we are seeing now is just the expected continuation of the team’s attempt at salary sanity, which I was not giving enough weight to in my earlier predictions of a quick deal for Drew.

And as you aptly pointed out, the next thing to jump out at you is that Kobe’s right to opt out of his contract after this year, which will be the fifth major personnel decision the Lakers will face. So I think you are dead right that the two decisions are connected as the Lakers have to figure out just how much salary and luxury tax the team can pay, even as champions. Lamar Odom’s expiring contract will obviously be the sixth and final critical personnel financial decision that will likely establish the Lakers player core for the next decade.

The redeeming factor in this whole discussion is that the team salary situation is not lost to the players. Drew previously stated that he did not need the max and Lamar has made comments that he would play for less to stay a Laker. I completely agree with you that Kobe may well opt out to sign a longer term contract that leaves money on the table for the team to use keep this group together. We both agree that the move would be the final element in Kobe completely redeeming and solidifying his reputation and legacy.

I also think that Mitch will use that same argument to get Drew to agree to an extension that will save the Lakers money to be used for teammates. It is the only way to bridge the gap in negotiations without risking alienating Drew, who’s key to the Lakers future in my opinion. The reality is that Drew and Kobe and Lamar and all of the players on this team are going to need to make sacrifices if they want to keep this team together. I am of the opinion that the players realize this and will act accordingly, starting with Drew agreeing to a more team friendly extension, Kobe opting out to sign a new long term deal that leaves money on the table, and culminating with Lamar accepting a big cut in pay to remain a Laker.

It will still be a gigantic investment in salary and luxury tax to keep the core of the team intact and it may end up costing us Lamar Odom but the bottom line is this young team is stacked and poised to dominate the NBA over the next decade, which will hopefully bring in enough rings so the Buss family and season ticket holders will pay the price to keep the team intact.

At least, that is what I am hoping will happen. Sign Drew and bring on Oden. All JMNSHO.


Blitz, I see what you're saying. Thanks.



>>>>>He has a 20 year old's birth certificate
>>>>>He has a 30 year old's body.
>>>>>He has a 45 year old's face.
>>>>>He has a 7 year old's streetsmarts.
>>>>>He has a 3 year old's toughness.
>>>>>He has a date with disaster on Tuesday October 28th.

>>>>>His name s Greg Oden.

Good to have you posting again, dan. I loved the above summary of Oden’s prospects. Drew is going to be so pumped for this game. He has already acknowledged that he and Oden are likely to have many historic confrontations through the coming years just as the Blazers are likely to be the Lakers primary competition in the West again.

In addition to the personal challenge, Drew’s performance against Oden and the Blazers on Tuesday and Kaman and Clippers on Wednesday will be Drew’s last chance to make an impact on the Lakers front office before next Friday’s October 31st Halloween deadline. For sure both Oden and Kaman will provide more of a challenge than the hapless Thunder big men, but if Drew can continue to improve each game, it will have a positive impact on the chances that the Lakers will give him an extension.

I have a feeling that the Lakers are going to be watching these two games very closely and asking Drew to take less to keep the team together, an argument that I believe will resonate with Drew. I know feel the Lakers and Drew will meet halfway and the team will be halfway towards keeping this team together. Next will be Kobe and Lamar taking less. JMNSHO.

No more pre-season. Let’s play some hoops. Go, Lakers!


Phelps looks SO awkward in that commercial.

"Phelps looks SO awkward in that commercial."

When DOESN"T he look awkward? Other than when he's swims! hehe

He really is a fish out of water!


You are correct sir. An early senior moment with the Hughes call.

Paul Brickman has had one of my favorite Hollywood careers. Like Hughes, he's dropped out, lives in Santa Barbara, after creating Risky Business and Men Don't Leave which is an under appreciated, brilliant piece of work.


Mbenga has been unable to play foul-free throughout his career. It was his problem in Dallas, it was his problem in Golden State and it's been his problem here. He fouled out of a game in three quarters once against Memphis.

If you don't know that about Mbenga, I question how much you've seen him play.

Posted by: Xodus | October 25, 2008 at 06:45 AM


Question all you want, that is your prerogative. But I have seen him play prior and post KAJ.

It is irrelevant his ability in the past. It is rellevant in how much he has improved since then. Improved enough IMHO to warrant his ability now and in last finals.

You and others seem to think I am advocating Mbenga as a super star savior. Clearly he is not but he is a valuable role player that should of and should now be used in spots and I don't mean garbage time.



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