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Kobe braces for Euro team offer

October 21, 2008 |  9:17 am

Victory Granted, I think the odds of Kobe Bryant joining Barcelona's Catalan Club are about as remote as him hooking up with Olympiakos.  But should the former happen, Lakers fans can at least take comfort knowing his departure was neither about the money nor any dissatisfaction with the purple and gold.  It's simply about one man's love for football (or as Americans call it, "that sport I don't watch").   

For the benefit of the hyperventilating, the article notes that Kobe was kidding.  But I already anticipate nervous Nellies wigging out every time he kicks around a basketball like Pele during the stoppage of play.  And not to egg those people on, but if Kobe did want to best Michael Jordan on every level, that would include more success in a second sport than MJ had with baseball.   

I'm just saying.