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Know thy enemy: Golden State Warriors

Warriors_log We continue to preview the Western Conference, in reverse order of last year's standings...

Golden State Warriors (48-34, ninth in the Western Conference, third in the Pacific Division)

Key additions: Corey Maggette, Ronny Turiaf, Anthony Randolph
Key losses: Baron Davis, Mikael Pietrus, Matt Barnes

I don't own a gaming system (making it silly to have a copy of NBA Live) but if I did, when I played it would always be as the Golden State Warriors.  When they come before me on the magic picture box, I will always stop to watch the Golden State Warriors.  Bottom line, this is an endlessly entertaining, high-octane bunch that is never, ever boring.  It's like watching any of the Bourne movies. Things may not always make sense and the parts might not fit together perfectly, but they sure are a fun way to kill a couple hours. 

Unfortunately, games aren't won on entertainment value alone.  Therein lies the rub for Golden State. 

Don Nelson's squad was already set for a difficult transition in the 2008-09 season after Baron Davis bolted to the Clippers. Yes, they replaced his scoring with Corey Maggette, who should fit in beautifully with Nellie's score in bunches/defend at your leisure approach and his attacking style could help cut down on some unnecessary triples from a team that launched with impunity last year, but Davis' influence went beyond simply putting the ball in the hoop. He was the center of a team that badly needed one, the focal point in difficult moments, and the organizer -- relatively speaking -- of an often frenetic scheme. 

The transition would have been tough anyway, but now that Monta Ellis has been lost for at least the first 30 games -- do you think the Warriors would have suspended him for that long if they thought he might play sooner? -- thanks to his moped misadventures (what is it about Bay Area athletes and two-wheel transportation injuriesRonny_the_warrior?) things will be even tougher. Marcus Williams and CJ Watson will carry the brunt of the PG duties until Ellis returns, and unless they play well, the Warriors will be operating a dynamic spread offense without a quarterback.

There's a lot to like about the Warriors: Maggette is a good fit, Andris Biedrins is a highly productive player deserving of more PT than he gets, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, and Kelanna Azubuike are solid players, Brandan Wright showed some serious potential in his rookie season, and Turiaf is a great fit for their system. On the other side of the Great River, this is a playoff team. Out west, last year they missed the postseason tourney even with Ellis and Davis, and the conference is no easier a go this season. 

The Warriors still probably will win more than they lose, but unless Nellie can iron out the guard play or someone steps up in Ellis' absence, they'll again be on the outside looking in come April. 

PROJECTION: 44 wins, out of the playoffs. 

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Man, it is hard to see Turiaf in that Warrior uni, I agree they will be exciting to watch but a lack of consistency plagues this team. On one night they look like one of the tope 5 teams in the west and on other nights they look like the Sonics (OK Thunder?) I am a LA transplant in the Bay and I see a lot of Warrior games but without Ellis, they really do not have a consistent scorer in the backcourt and besides Capt Jacks lucky 3pt shots no outside presence. With Bynum and Gasol in the center they will have a fun time blocking shots.


Warriors -- Lost their heart and soul, B-Diddy. 6' 3" dude on a moped -- not pretty. 10th in the West -- just below the Clips and above the Kings. Unfortunately for Ronny, he won't have much reason to dance on the bench this year.

The one advantage about Turiaf over Powell was his comfort level with the Triangle and other players after being with the team for a season and a half. Beyond just the raw ability, that goes a long way and has to be considered when the team makes personnel moves.

That's usually what happens when you play for money, and not rings.

You're essentially getting paid to lose lol.

Meanwhile, somewhere in LA, B Diddy put out a contract on Elton Brand lol, jk.

Regarding Powell, bear in mind that he'll likely play limited
minutes. With Mihm looking healthy and productive and
with Lamar possibly coming off the bench, those two would
pick up the bulk of the backup minutes at C & PF.

If nobody gets injured, my guess is Powell will play 10 to 12
minutes a game, mostly in garbage time of games where the
Lakers are way ahead at the start of the 4th.

dudes, i just hope you've checked this guy Jake's thing @ NBA on the Brain. It's hot right now and rightfully so:

Scroll through to find the old purple and gold baby

I agree with LTLF. That's why the Lakers traded Turiaf. Powell is No. 3 - the backup to the backup in both the PF and C spots. As Ronny would have been.

While I also find the Golden State Warriors to be entertaining to watch, there's no way they're winning more games than the Clippers this year. Baron Davis was a huge loss for them.

Go Clippers!


Yeah, I pretty much take back all of the stuff I said about trading Lamar for a point guard. This second unit is nasty!

ALL HAIL The Minute Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds better tha the three 3's!! Eric M. should egree.


So how do you guys think Lamar has been doing with the second unit? I think he has put together some pretty solid games since the weekend. He hasn't really rushed anything and he has made a lot of great passes.

I think he fits better with Farmar and Ariza then he does with Kobe and Gasol. If Farmar, Ariza, and Odom all stay healthy then I think we may get to watch the BEST BENCH IN NBA HISTORY. Seriously though, all three can pass and finish and run up and down the court. The three of them are definitely bringing showtime back to LA with the flair and the style and the finishing.

As the season rolls along I think Lamar is going to really embrace his 6th man role and the leader of the minute men...

Lamar = 6th man of the year


Crawford and Giles just got cut...

Hopefully they'll stick around with the Dfenders and improve and fight for a roster spot next year.

Lamar = 6th man of the year




1. The Greatest concensus is that bloggers are either dissatisfied with the flow of the nickname playoffs or the final choices of the nickname playoffs.

2. The Lesser concensus is that Bynum-Gasol should be officially named "The Dynamic Duo."

Long Time Laker Fan notes that "The Dynamic Duo" should be disqualified because like "The Twin Towers" it refers to another historic duo which is a pretty valid point, even though that historic reference is non-basketball related and part of its charm so...

My conclusion is that "The Dynamic Duo" will be Bynum-Gasol's temporary unofficial nickname until we can work this situation out in a way that is more agreeable to the majority of the blog.

Kobe Bryant has called upon us to find a better nickname than "The Twin Towers" and dang it, if our team captain calls us out to find a better nickname, then we're going to fricken find a better nickname, alright!?!?

I think it would be best for the Kamenetsky Brothers to organize this nickname hunt because they're the only two with real authority on this blog. So hopefully they'll take that on.

Otherwise, if they don't, I'll keep pushing the issue, but if anyone has a better idea as to how we can produce a final, official nickname once-and-for-all I'd love to hear the suggestions.




Coby Karl IS IN. Giles and Crawford waived. Yeah. I had that feeling Coby will be retained. Nice.


I read that Josh Powell spent the summer researching the Triangle system so that he could fit more quickly into the program. I like a player with that degree of intelligence and motivation.


been away all off-season, and ready to get back to regular season form. here's a link to get the blog family started.

remember kids, celtics = bitches


Looks like Kobe is going to play in tomorrow's preseason game. I think that's pretty stupid but I guess that means the injury isn't the slightest bit serious. Here's the link:

Lamar = 6th man of the year


man, Turiaf was one of my favorite players, aw well get used to losing in Oakland while the lakers stack rings, merci for the hard play Ronny, but you are replaceable!

Wow. Crawford and Giles got waived. Only Coby Karl is left. I'm a Coby Karl fan so hopefully they'll keep him on the team.


For God's sake Kobe -- there is no need to play Thursday -- or at least Phil needs to stop putting Kobe in at garbage time with the B team.

Kamenetsky Brothers,

I ask you not to catapult the Houston Rockets to the number one position in the Western Conference in "Know They Enemy" because Von Wafer is now averaging 12.4 points for the Rockets.

Remember, despite everything, Von Wafer is still a human being like everyone else. He's probably not the radioactive spider-bitten super hero you suspect him to be.





If the Lakers were looking for players that would actually PLAY in the future, this move is mind blowing. If the Lakers are looking for a "feel good" story, then this move makes sense.

I am absolutley flabbergasted...

So... are they going to carry Coby Karl on the roster and make him inactive all year or just send him straight to the DLeague? I mean... that's what we're talking about here...

Wow... the Lakers have just taken the approach that they won't need any good, young players next year... wow...

Kobe's talking about playing the next game.

He shouldn't.

I've hyperextended my knee before. It just needs some rest to get back in shape. Maybe a week. He shouldn't rush it. It's just the pre-season and we're going to need him to get that ring.

Kobe, I know you want to play, but taking a couple of games off is better for you and better for the team.


Golden State would be a fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. This year I predict they will be a 9th or 10th seed in the Western Conference. Most likely 10th. I think the Suns are taking the 9th seed.

With the Eastern Conference as the fat, sickly half-brother of the prom king Western Conference, I still can't believe we lost to the Celtics last year.

I really want revenge.


Bryants knee fine

Kobe’s knee seems to be just fine…

A night of tension regarding Bryant’s knee hyperextension Tuesday night in San Diego rendered positive reports after Wednesday’s practice.

Lakers spokesman John Black said that the original diagnosis by the Lakers’ training staff of a hyperextended knee was accurate, adding that there are no plans for Bryant to see a doctor. Bryant did not practice on Wednesday in favor of receiving treatment, and Phil Jackson noted that while Kobe is “a little sore,” Bryant “expects to play tomorrow” against Charlotte in Anaheim.

Bryant addressed the media himself after Jackson was done; click here to watch the video or look below for the audio.

Here are some of the major points covered by Bryant:
# He’s used to getting injured, but it’s the minor ones that worry him because little tweaks can sometimes wind up being serious. Kobe was concerned last night but it “feels OK” right now.
# On whether he’ll play tomorrow: “If I’m good to go, I’ll go. I don’t see why not.” Bryant added that he “should be fine” for the opener, not seeming concerned at all.
# Bryant said the scariest part was doing tests for areas of the knee like the ACL, but fortunately, there was no soreness in that movement.
# He’s very relieved.
# He wasn’t convinced he was going to be OK until this morning, when there was no swelling and the movement was pretty good. He’s putting weight and pressure on it already.
# Bryant didn’t sleep much last night, opting to get up every once in a while to stretch out and test his knee.

Jon K. - It seems clear that Powell has a great attitude and is a smart, well-intentioned player. My point was, after seeing years of players come and go through the triangle, the offense runs best when everyone on the floor has been in the system for a number of years. There are always exceptions both good (Pau) and bad (Kwame) but I'm just speaking in generalities. Ronny was really comfortable in the system. knew his role and abilities. His teammates knew his role and abilities. The triangle almost has to operate on instinct to truly be a beautiful thing. When you insert even just one newbie or someone not as comfortable into it, it gums up the works very noticeably.

Dan the man,

"ALL HAIL The Minute Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds better tha the three 3's!! Eric M. should agree."

I do indeed sir!

The Minute Men is kinda cool. Maybe just because I'm a history buff.

I don't know about this. On size alone, Giles should have been a keeper.

Coby Karl has stunk it up thus far.

I nominate the we can't give them nick name's for now. It's been forced.

Go Bynum and Gasol!

video from today's practice is up. interesting that you now get sent to to watch them instead of being able to stay on the lakers website.

kobe and phil were interviewed. kobe said he was sore. no swelling. he did an acl test (whatever that is - I'm guessing it doesn't involve x-rays or a doctor) and it was fine. whether he'll play on thursday will depend on how he feels tomorrow. pj echoed all of that. but here's what scares me - crunch and pop. kobe said he felt (heard) a crunch and pop when it happened...

of course, bynum said he was relieved when he didn't feel/hear a pop and look how long it took him to get back. i hope it's nothing and goes away. it could also become one of those nagging things he plays all season with. or it could be really bad. i guess we'll wait and see.

Argh! posted into a black hole again...

If Ronny contimues to play at a high level, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Purplr and Gold again, but I think that by the end of the year, we'll be happy that wehave Powell.

Sun Yue, on the other hand, looks lost out there. What PG picks up his dribble at midcourt EVERY TIME DOWN THE FLOOR????????? Man that drove me nuts. He'd get past the 10 second line and just stop, then get swarmed, then throw a bad pass. WEAK! He needs D-League time. I hope they keep Coby Karl and asign Sun to the D-League, like yesterday.

Horrible transition D last night, but I really liked how the team responeded to Kobe going out, they didn't start jacking up 3's or holding onto the ball, just kept running the offence and rebounding. Mihm had an off game, but he still looks pretty good.

I think the Bobcats might surprise some folks, they're all Tar Heels. They play pretty good fundamental ball and Gerald Wallace is a Manimal. They are QUICK and Jason Richardson can score in bunches. If Okafor can play 82 and they can get Sean May back into shape (like 20 pounds lighter back into shape) I could see them challenging for the 8th spot and being the cinderella story that was the Hawks last year.

Nicknames for our two about Massive Attack?

Or Terrible Twosome?

Or Here There Be Giants?

Twin Towers 2.0?

Treebeard and Quickbeam?

The Two Towers?

By the by, did anyone see the AMAZING Luke Walton get his funky mojo going last night? The guy has some of the funniest post moves I've ever seen...and they work.

Hey, how about the Postal Service?

14 feet of Amazing

The Return of Chuck Nevitt?

The Scintillating Centers of Southern California?

Hi Laker Nation!

I think Blues Brothers should fit better as nickname. what do you think.

Got goosebumps when saw the video of Bryant´s injury. Luckily he is fine as I hoped for.

Go Lakers!

They will make everybody dance to Lakers tune.

This is a man that's focused.

"I saw the ring flash before my eyes," Bryant said. "I was pretty worried. That's the scariest part, sitting there for five or 10 minutes, seeing what's going to develop."

Dynamic Duo don't work. As I said in previous posts:

1. It's Batman & Robin, so it's not original.

2. If there's a Batman & Robin on the Lakers, Kobe is Batman

3. It says nothing about height or what they do for the team.


Hey,... just thought of a new one...

How about Los Explosivos (or The Explosives).

If their individual nicknames are Bynumite and Gasoline,
those are both explosives. :-)


for now, I'll be referring to them as the Twin Peaks, as I
did see a couple of positive responses to that.


But here's what I recommend, since it was Kobe who rejected
the Twin Towers...

Compile a list of 10 or so and post them to the blog on Kobe's
web site. Also email the same list to Joel Meyers, Stu Lantz,
Spiro Dedes, etc. Between them, ONE of those people should
actually look at the list and get one up and flying.

Using the name here on the blog isn't going to spread the
nickname. Having Kobe refer to them by a nickname would
do it. So would having the commentators use it (like they
did with Machine).

Whoever is going to be cut whether Crawford or Karl, it will be sad for our young Laker who didn't make it, both of them deserve second chance in the Lakers minor leaque or D League, Every rookiie get into a rough start in NBA. If Karl made it that will make cancer survivors proud of themselves, however the chances of making it big w/ the lakers is close to impossible.. him, DJ and Sun will just sit around like our first responders waiting to be callled in case of emergency.


I second that nomination!

How about something we all do every day.....By Gas!!!!

OK maybe not :-(

Well looks like we finally got a our roster set for the upcoming season.

Coby Karl in the beginning of pre-season didn't have some good game but the Lakers in general in either of those two games did not do so well especially with turnovers.

When these past few games he was playing out of position at SF so defensively he really struggled against the bigger guys.



Last night Jordie said its the "Bench Mob" period.

Jon K - You said the K's are running this blog and we need their guidance to pick a final name.

"I thought Butler was running the blog. Did something change that I'm not aware of?"
- Fatty

The blog has shown its no more qualified to pick a name than MJ is to draft in the first round.

I say we put all the names down, send them to Kobe since "he created this mess", and let him decide which name it is,while he's taking a couple days off rubbing Blue Goo** all over his knee.

** Fatty is not compensated by Vitti for his ringing endorsement of Blue Goo. He personally uses it on his back in the AM to loosen up his body aches and claims "its tasty too" on toast.

HugoSpain! Where you been? We have been missing you and your 'cool' Euro comments.

Barcelona did a fine job representing themselves on Saturday.

Their GM/Owner(?) did a great interview saying he loves the Lakers.

Navarro was hot, hot, hot! We need him in LA. Do what you can on your part to get him here.

Barcelona is now Fatty's 2nd favorite team.

Stay Thirsty,

>>>I am absolutley flabbergasted...
>>>So... are they going to carry Coby Karl on the roster
>>> and make him inactive all year or just send him
>>> straight to the DLeague? I mean... that's what we're
>>> talking about here...

If Sasha's ankle takes longer than expected to heal up,
I could see Coby getting a few minutes of PT in the early
part of the season. But you're right, he'll probably spend
most of the year in the D-League

>>>Wow... the Lakers have just taken the approach that
>>>they won't need any good, young players next year...

Uh, I don't think anyone was considering Giles or Crawford
for rookie of the year here... or even top 50 rookies.

You want good young players? How about these:

Andrew Bynum - 20
Jordan Farmar - 21
Josh Powell - 25
Sun Yue - 22
Sasha Vujacic - 24

And next year they will actually get a 1st round draft pick
as well (probably the LAST pick of the 1st round, but still...).

And if they can afford to re-sign him, you can throw in

Trevor Ariza - 23

I was really hoping that Maggette would sign with the Lakers for the MLE. After the Celtics debacle, I thought we needed someone to take some of the scoring and playmaking responsibility off of Kobe's shoulders. Maggette is excellent at getting to the basket and getting to the foul line. Perhaps Ariza could eventually fill that role.

As for Ronny, I don't see how Powell is as good or better than him. Ronny seems bigger, has a better mid range jumper, better shot blocker and passer. Powell may have a slight advantage in athleticism. Their rebounding is about the same.

AB and PAU to me is


Jamie Sweet,

I'm thinking that "Massive Attack" may be the absolutely greatest name ever for "The Dynamic Duo".

I know it's also the name of a favorite trip-hop team of mine, but, dude, as God is my witness that is a fricken awesome name.



There is only so much practice time, coaching staff time, and playing time for developing young players. Coby Karl is a somewhat known quantity at this point, Giles and Crawford aren't, and will require some of that precious time to get to the point where Karl is now. None of them are likely to be more than bit players in the league, so why waste that time on Giles and Crawford just to get them to Karl's level? It is better spent elsewhere.



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