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K Brothers on Pounding the Rock

A few days ago, AusTechSpur from Pounding the Rock provided us with some insight about the Spurs for the San Antonio portion of "Know Thy Enemy."  He also had a few Laker-centric questions rattling around his brain and tossed them our way.  Here's what we had to say on a variety of topics ranging from the importance of Andrew Bynum remaining healthy to the team's "soft" perception to the organization's blatant favoring of me over BK.  Take a gander, if you'd like.


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Sign Coby Karl to the Defenders!

Go Defenders!


>>>Sign Coby Karl to the Defenders!

I was just checking the D-League site and I noticed that they
have a draft. I'm not sure how it works, but it happens on
November 7 at 7 pm EST and will be on NBA-TV.

I'm not sure, but I imagine Coby (and Crawford and Giles
and Heath) go into the draft, and the D-Fenders would have
to draft Coby to get him.

Bear in mind though that if a player in the D-League doesn't
have a current contract with any NBA team, they can be
called up by any team in the NBA. So if Coby gets drafted
by the Idaho Stampede and then Sasha re-tweaks his ankle,
the Lakers could certainly offer Coby a 10-day contract and
call him up.

Jon K,

I agree with that suggestion, or bring him back as Lakers water boy or a spokesman, now that Luke can play, hope the loquacious Luke will shut-up after the game & let Coby promote the Lakers. His story as a cancer survivor is an inspiration to Laker fans who are striken with the disease or have close relatives suffering from the malaisse.


I'm back.. to root for the 2008-2009 World Champions along with the rest of ya'll.

Sign me up Mamba for all of them bandwagons...

We got it this year -- Redemption Lakers~!!!

Nothing under the ring this year.. all the way baby.

GO LAKERS!!!!! (from Korea)


You WANTED to say the Suns won't make the playoffs even if you wouldn't say it.

I can think of very few things that give me as much pleasure as the thought of Fat Daddy's team in the lottery, like Miami the year before.

Just got nba league pass, first time ever and ready to roll ... At least its cheaper than getting good seats at staples and the beer is cheaper at home too :)


"Andrew, do the Suns worry you at all? In a word, hell no."

Isn't that 2 words? Shame on you. haha.

I think you guys stated that Farmar was looking like he's going to have a good "sophomore" season. Isn't this season going to be his third?

David Whang

I hear ya!

And David Whang............


"Just got nba league pass, first time ever and ready to roll"

Enjoy...I don't know how anyone lives without it.

>>>"Just got nba league pass, first time ever and ready to roll"
>>>Enjoy...I don't know how anyone lives without it.

You know, I had it last week and it is pretty awesome.

But this year I think I'm just rolling with America's Top 100
plus on DIshNetwork. That includes Fox Sports West, TNT,
ESPN, ESPN 2, NBA TV and ABC all in high def (and KCAL
in regular DEF). So that gives me almost every Laker game,
plus 2 games every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
night (on either ESPN or TNT), plus at least one game most
other nights.

I just can't justify spending the extra 100+ bucks to be able
to cherry pick other games.



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