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Going down smooth like a Canadian Club cocktail

Ariza For the lovers of that decent-if-not-spectacular Canadian whiskey, if nothing else. But really, a 112-89 exhibition win over the Raptors can represent whatever tasty imbibing elixir is preferred by each individual Lakers fan.  Even the teetotalers -- who, like the Lakers, may just prefer homecooking -- could feel a buzz from some of the highlights on display during the victory.   

For starters, and arguably most important, we saw the most promising glimpse yet at what could lie ahead for the Bynum-Gasol pairing, who faced a formidable duo in Chris Bosh and Jermaine O'Neal to favorable results.  Drew and Pau may not have filled up a box score, but then again, their opponents also didn't, even while playing more minutes.  In the meantime, the Lakers twin towers complemented each other in quality fashion, working a high-low game and helping move the ball around. 

Vlad Radmanovic's shot may no have been falling- blame a strong breeze inside Staples- but that's the lone hiccup in what's been an otherwise deadeye preseason.  That marksmanship isn't guaranteed to keep Vlad in the starting lineup, but if he's looking for a small forward replacement, Phil Jackson might have to talk Lamar Odom into leaving the bench mob.  LO has grown to dig playing with Chris Mihm, Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar, the latter fella a bust out candidate in John Hollinger's mind, should the minutes come. The only real downside to the triumphant Sunday was absolutely zero contribution from Sasha Vujacic.  But let's not be too hard on the lad.  After all, he didn't even dress.  Should all go to the Machine's plan, however, he'll begin today the practice process of returning to the court.

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Like I said earlier, Bosh and O'Neal, who are smaller than gasal and bynumb, outperformed the laker bigs. The lack of rebounds and scoring for bynum and gasal have to be worrisome.

Meanwhile, Shack is looking like the best center in the Pacific, and Lopez continues to post better stats than bynumb.

"the Laker twin towers complemented each other"

Didn't you watch Kobe's post game interview? Calling Pau/Drew the "Twin Towers" is off limits. Shame on LakersBlog for not knowing this!

Mayor of Kobe Town,

I knew perfectly well what Kobe said regarding "twin towers." But respectfully, dude may be the best player in the league, but he ain't my editor. haha


From that oc reg. artical:

-If Kobe Bryant and the big boys, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, don’t knock you out early, brace yourself for something else you might not see coming or going.-


For those who skipped that artical, go read it. READ IT!!


I didn't catch the post game interviews, what did Kobe say about the twin towers being off limits?


Can you do us a favor and put the link in tiny URL form. It helps maintain the blog's appearance and readability.




I second your question.

I always asked myself what is this link, now its purpose makes sense thanks.

Saw Kobe making this gesture a couple times yesterday, anybody have clue on its meaning?

"The Lakers are obviously the best basketball team – with or without Bynum.” Sam Mitchell

There's no truth to the rumor that David Lee's office has been out trying to buy up every printed copy of that quote.


"Meanwhile, Shack is looking like the best center in the Pacific, and Lopez continues to post better stats than bynumb."

In all seriousness...are you lonely? Do you get some kind of peculiar thrill out of being a nuisance? Were you the last of 10 children and didn't get enough love?

I'm being 100% serious, do you just "get off" on being a pain in the neck? What a WEIRD, STRANGE, person you must be. I could see messing around with people for a day, or a week, but to be obsessed and acting soooooo stupid for month after month and making a life out of trying to annoy people, says a LOT about you, and it is not a flattering picture.

Maybe find a constructive outlet. Consider talking to someone who can help you. Life is way too short to wallow in your anger or hate or lonliness, or whatever your issue is.

And be assured, YOU DO HAVE ISSUES, so don't be in denial.

I wish you the best, and hope you will find something positive to fill your days.

Hey nowwwww, how about Chris Mihm? Dude looks like he could probably start for a couple of teams in the NBA right now. I'm sure he's upped his trade value some. We've got the depth, maybe, if we're lucky we can move Mihm and one of the SF's (Walton or Radmanovic) in a trade for some young player or high draft pick, keep Odom for the year and see how everything plays out.

If I were going to respond to Buttler, which I won't, I would say you might want to check out the minutes played part of the box score before you open your mouth. However I don't respond to Buttler so I guess it's not an issue.


You do realize that we outrebounded the Raps by 50 to 35, right? And that Bosh and JO combined for 55 minutes while Bynum and Pau combined for 43 minutes.

For those of you who want to trade Odom remember a few things.

1. You don't pay his salary.
2. Expiring contract.
3. Most of the Lakers flexibility of lineups comes from some use of Lamar Odom.
4. How many teams in the league can bring in the same player off the bench regardless of which starter is in foul trouble. (I am guessing none).

Just a few things to think about


and hope you will find something positive to fill your days.

Posted by: Eric M. | October 20, 2008 at 11:28 AM

butler is always here on the Laker blog, so in a way he has found positive.

Things that stood out from yesterday's game:
-Luke looked good, no fumbling of the ball, quick decisions, and no hesitation on the shots he took. His cuts and passes allowed the team to run the triangle efficiently.
-Mihm looked good offensively showing his mid range game, but on defense I think he might be a liability, if he can rebound and do the things asked of him he is a good backup at the center spot.
-Jordan and Ariza, the bruins, have really good chemistry on the court as demonstrated by the off the backboard alley-oop.
-I hope PJ can free up some room for Powell, he can develop and fill a similar role to what Ronny had ON THE COURT.
-Defensive tenacity and anticipation is awesome, Vlad, Kobe, Jordan, Ariza and the rest of the bunch are reading the passing angles very well and predicting where the ball is going to go, and it is leading to easy transition baskets. However, teams will pick up on this tendency and if they continue to gamble and leave their man it might work to their disadvantage, but overall they are making a point to become better defensively.
-3 pt shooting has gone down which is a good thing, they are making an effort to get to the rack. Maybe when Sasha comes back things might even out. As of now Vlad Farmar, and even Fish are not settling for the outside shot.

Two fun games to watch over the weekend, I can not wait for the season.

Time to cut all those scrubs who lost our lead last night.

Based on pre-season play thus far, which scrub would you guys want to keep? If any.

Frankly, I don't care for any of them, including Coby Karl.

Brandon Heath has been waived according to

Good luck to him and his future endeavors.

Roster now at 17, Giles next?


"You do realize that we outrebounded the Raps by 50 to 35, right? And that Bosh and JO combined for 55 minutes while Bynum and Pau combined for 43 minutes."

I don't know why you bother dude. It's like talking to a 4 year old who keeps asking you WHY? He won't respond to well thought replies. He's here to piss people off. Seriously, that's the only reason. It's not about conversing. He just posts stuff that he thinks will get people to respond to him. And they do. So just don't respond. Take every single comment with a grain of salt and you won't waste the time.


If you guys want to understand Buttler, just think of two things when you read his posts.

1. He doesn't watch the games just the Box Scores.
2. He doesn't read the blog. He just types his comment and leaves. (i.e. he doesn't read everyone's thoughtful replies)

Does that help?

Hank Haney has repeatedly said that Tiger Woods only goal is to get better every day. We can all be encouraged by the fact the Lakers have continued to improve every time we've seen them.

The depth of the squad, if it holds up, will have the biggest impact on the Lakers' success this year. It will mean that no player has to step outside of their role and compensate for deliquencies in another area. It means that the bench players should be able to hold their own, limiting the wear and tear on the starters, and forcing the opposition into a really bad situation, having to play their starters longer minutes (like Bosh last night for instance) just to keep pace. Let's all just pray for the continued good health of the team. We've all seen what a big difference that makes.

pslakerfan sez:

"For those of you who want to trade Odom remember a few things..."

Nice to hear support for Lam-Od, but here's betting that lamar's agent does NOT want you to see these clips (2nd story down the page):

The Lakers looked really good last night.

Bynum's pass from the elbow down to Kobe at the block for the Kobe dunk was especially encouraging. Other Pau-to-Bynum passes from the high post down to the low post were also encouraging signs for the Lakers offense.

Kobe actually had an efficient game last night, one where he got easy buckets and he only turned the ball over once. We all know he plays well with Bynum, and Kobe found him for a nice alley-oop when Bosh left Bynum to double Kobe. Kobe really read the double teams well last night and found the open guy, even if it was Radmanovic all the way across the court. If Kobe can continue to make things look this easy, the Lakers are going to have a great season.

Teams are really going to have problems with Bynum and Gasol guarding the basket, because of their length alone. Add that to the fact that Bynum seems to have spider arms and hands that grab any rebounds in his vicinity, and we're are going to see a lot of "one and done" type possessions for the Lakers' opponents this year.

Ariza's shot looks good, Farmar is looking like he could actually be the point guard of the future, and I'm getting way too excited for the Portland-LA opener now!


Why do you like the Texan-spun "Twin Towers" over the California-born "Tall Trees", "Two Trees" or "The Sequoias"?



I know who you are talking about and sometimes I do respond. But do you think that it will catch on that my responding to you and not responding to him will be some new phenomenal way of not responding to whom we should not respond.

Fortune cookie say, he who not respond will get "Ding How From Pratville treatment."

Thank you come again. KOOOMar.


I know you're right. He just gets so annoying that I can't help myself.

For those of you who want to trade Odom remember a few things.

1. You don't pay his salary.
2. Expiring contract.
3. Most of the Lakers flexibility of lineups comes from some use of Lamar Odom.
4. How many teams in the league can bring in the same player off the bench regardless of which starter is in foul trouble. (I am guessing none).

Just a few things to think about


Posted by: pslakerfan | October 20, 2008 at 11:40 AM

Well said. Good point.

I enjoyed that Kevin Ding article on Lamar Odom.

The more I listen, the more I like what I hear.

Lamar Odom = 6th Man of the Year

Lamar Odom = Laker for Life


Jon K,

I'm equally indifferent to all the nicknames. Twin towers just popped into my head first.



I have become completely invulerable to whatever feeble powers the troll ("THE" troll) may have once had. The pain of the Finals is gone. A beautiful season lies ahead of us. And our double-agent The Big Mistake is destroying the Suns franchise from the inside out.

Good times are ahead. And the troll will not be able to escape the searing light of reality that the Lakers are the best team in the NBA.

I know it's been a long, painful offseason and the troll did his best to twist our emotions and aggravate us, but those times are gone and now it is time for the troll to evaporate like wet scum before the bright, warm light of a new day.

I know this cliche is annoying to some, but now is the time to put it into action...

Starve the Troll.


Xodus sez:

"You do realize that we outrebounded the Raps by 50 to 35, right? And that Bosh and JO combined for 55 minutes while Bynum and Pau combined for 43 minutes."

Actually, no, I hadn't seen that X. Thanks for pointing that out. There's only so much I can analyze without seeing the game or a box score.

Still, I have to wonder about bynum's lack of boards. Combined with pau's #s, it tells me they're not quite finding their places on the court together.

Its Lamar Odom mania ahhh. Haha.


Couldn't agree with you more. None of us are directly paying Lamar's salary. Sure we may go to the games and drop $10 on a beer but at the end of the day its Dr. Buss forking out the greenbacks. So we should all be appreciative that we have Lamar on the team at no cost to US.

Lamar = 6th man of the year



Are you not a big fan of nicknames? I thought nickname-generation was an essential component of sportswriting.


Last night Kobe and company said we need a replacement name, instead of "Twin Towers", for Bynum and Gasol. Ideas????

& No, not "World Trade". too soon, too soon.

I say, "AB, PG".


I'm sorry for sounding like such an idot, but if I paste the website address of a link that I want to post on the blog into that box that say's "URL" underneath the name and e-mail address box in the "Post a Comment" form, will it change that link into a tiny url?

Again, I'm sorry to sound like such an idoit, but I think that's what your're dealing with right now. At least when it comes to computers.


I tried giving a concerted response to it once recently. Of course, I was never honored with a response. That was the end for me. I won't engage it anymore.

I loved yesterday's game. I enjoyed watching it as much as the regular season. Some points I noticed:

- Pau looks like he's gonna be hungry this season on the defensive end. He was taking it to Chris Bosh. That one play where he had the steal followed by a big offensive rebound and a putback made me cheer like no other.

- Kobe's numbers are gonna be way down this season. I can see him averaging some 22-23 points a game only. I think by the time we're halfway through the season he is going to be contending for the DPOY award, further cementing his legacy.

- I like what I see from Josh Powell. Rebounding is gonna be key for this team and it's good to see that we'll be able to keep it up if not improve when some of our bench goes in. He might not be as spectacular of a blocker as Ronny, but he also seems less foul prone.

- On Pau and Bynum : it's gonna work and it's only gonna get better. Butler analyzes the situation entirely wrong as Pau and Bynum's low board count doesn't necessarily mean that they can't function together because our team rebounding has never looked better (Farmar had what, 6 or 7?).

- I love Lamar off the bench. I also like Ariza off the bench, though I'd like for him to be a starter in our ultimate unit. If Ariza elevates his play he could be a contender for most improved.

- Sun Yue and Coby Karl are gonna be spending some time with the D-fenders this season, barring we don't get any injuries (knock on wood).

Jon K.

"Starve the troll"

I'm with you!

After my attempt at help today, I am done.

>>>Meanwhile, Shack is looking like the best center in the
>>>Pacific, and Lopez continues to post better stats than

LOL. Man, you've gotta put down that sheet of Yellow Sunshine.
If you do too much of that stuff, it'll affect your brain.

Hello Fellow Laker Fans,

Yep, the guys looked pretty decent at times last night. I particularly liked their energy. Loved that they pushed the ball up the court. Loved Jordan's energy and contribution. Pau looks great. Our team is deeeeeeeep!!

Also read that the Suns are resting Shaq because of his legs. This quote from a Phx paper "His legs are a little beat up and we don't want to run the guy into the ground in October," Kerr said. "He's done every drill and every scrimmage and he needs a break. ..."

Yep, that's a shocker. NOT!

Meanwhile Kobe manages to be the first in windsprints, etc.. in camp despite the fact he played all summer and got a gold medal in the Olympics. But wait - wasn't their a Suns player on that team too? Oh wait..... C'iest la vie Shaquille. Your days of winning while you take time off during the regular season are over. OVER!

If last night was any indication of their ability to play together, then we're going to see some fun games from our guys. They're only going to get better folks. Got a long way to go but it's definitely something that could happen, winning that trophy. Yep. Lookin' good!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cue the music:


"Butler analyzes"

No, he doesn't.

how about Dos Torres?

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

>>>If we're lucky we can move Mihm and one of the SF's
>>>(Walton or Radmanovic) in a trade for some young
>>>player or high draft pick,

While it would definitely be feasible, I'm not so sure it's
advisable, for a couple of reasons...

Right now Mihm's comeback at C means that the Lakers have
a quality backup at C (as opposed to MBenga who is just a
big body, when you come down to it). I could see Mihm
playing 15 to 20 minutes at C/PF and the level of play not
dropping off too much. If it's Congolian Beef, then you've
got to get him in and out of the game quickly, so it means
little to no rest for Bynum &/or Gasol.

And we're still not set on the rotation yet. Rad may well
start at SF to add some 3-point shooting to loosen up the
interior for Bynum & Gasol & Kobe. If Luke truly is back
to his 2006 season form, he could be a great asset to the

Right now, the Lakers are deep. So if Gasol or Bynum twisted
an ankle and went down for two weeks, they'd make it through
without a huge dropoff. Same thing if Lamar or Luke or
Rad or Ariza - the team depth allows one or two players to
miss a few games (as some players on most teams invariably
do during the course of a season) without reducing them to
a lottery-quality team.

If you start pulling off a couple of the backups, then that
depth gets just a little shallower. If you trade Mihm and
Bynum twists his ankle, now MBenga is the backup C,
which is a huge drop off from Mihm.

On the other hand, after the rotation is set, we'll see who
is getting the bulk of the minutes and who might be frustrated
that they're not getting enough minutes. So near the trade
deadline, maybe I could see something happening...

For example, if Mihm plays really well, then the Lakers
probably won't want to pony up MLE level money or greater
to re-sign him. But if he's playing that well, they may be
able to pawn him off at the trade deadline to a team that
could use a quality backup C and could afford to pay him
and wouldn't mind giving up a draft pick for him.

Or.... If Rad & Luke both play like studs this year, then the
Lakers might use the opportunity at the trade deadline to
trade one of them off for an expiring contract, which may
free up their budget enough to allow them to re-sign Lamar.

If they do a trade though, it will strictly be a financial thing.
I dont' feel this team needs to add anyone to compete at the
highest level as it is. Right now, I'm totally digging on
this team's depth and versatility. I think they have 12
players who could get significant minutes on most teams
in the league. And that's a good thing.

It's been said before... The Tall Trees.

Though I prefer the Sequoias, since that's a type of tall tree
that only grows in California.

re thoughts on trading/not re-signing Odom:

It's a reasonable assumption that Buss has some limit on the salaries he is willing to pay.

Starting from that point, it is reasonable to assume that salaries paid to one player will limit what can be paid to other players.

Fans looking at the contributions of players relative to their salaries relative to what the team needs makes sense if they are trying to guess what management will do.

Longtimelakerlover sez:

"Your days of winning while you take time off during the regular season are over. OVER!"

That's what they said about PJ Brown last season. He didn't even play until several weeks before the playoffs. And then, he dominated whoever the lakers put on him in the Finals. He looked nice and strong and fresh from all that time off!

We in SUNS-ville recognize the need to keep Shack rested, and with Lopez needing time to season his game, it will work out just fine. Shack will of course play here and there, but remember that even without Shack, the SUNS with Lopez give Amare "BLACK JESUS" Stoudemire the chance to excel at PF.

"Butler analyzes"

No, he doesn't.

So dead on.

Who spouts garbage out of their mouth and does so without any regards to facts?

Our very own little troll BUTT-ler does!

He even admitted that he had no way to see the game and he did not look at a box score.


Good Morning Charles and the am bunch!

Shout out to the MAMBA and the Sherriff!

Go Lakers!


no, I agree, it would be a gamble to trade Mihm right now but the upside would be to allow Odom to play more at PF. It's just another oddity but Odom plays well with either Bynum or Gasol but not both at the same time... in theory, 48 minutes/game for the PF and C positions, 48 x 2 = 96 minutes/3 = 32 minutes/game if just those 3 took up the minutes. Then if Odom plays some SF on the 2nd unit, Bynum and Gasol can both get their 35 some odd minutes and everybody would be happy.

Jon K,

"AK, Are you not a big fan of nicknames? I thought nickname-generation was an essential component of sportswriting."

No, I love nicknames. I'm just not that into the "towers" or "trees," specifically.


You need to go to for the conversion.


Long Time Laker Fan,

Bynum, Gasol, Mihm, Mbenga, Odom, Rad Vlad, and Powell will be always refered to as The Forest/The Tall Trees/The Sequoias by me.

Bynum and Gasol could be referred to as "The Two Trees" from the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

I think Kobe's right. "The Twin Towers" is a Texas/San Antonio thing and San Antonio is a rival. It's not appropriate.


What's up Lakerville!

I vote for The Sequoias.

The passing was beautiful to watch. This is going to be an enjoyable season.

Go Lakers!

Long Time Laker Fan,

Sorry for late response, Yes I would have come back from surgery and put a tripledouble up on any team! I will admit Luke looked better in 2nd half when game was decided and the pressure of failing was reduced!

I Vote for the Big Fence.

Jon K,
"Bynum and Gasol could be referred to as "The Two Trees" from the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien."

And to continue the Tolkien theme, Butler can play the part of Smeagol.

Continental Divide

you all forgot about sasha???
he gona be a beast behind the three point line

i agree with the sentiments of keeping Mihm this season. but one important reason to do so, which has not been stated, is that the Lakers are seeking a championship, and they want it now. a draft pick is not going to help any, plus it takes so long for a rookie to break into Phil's rotation, it's just not worth it. the only teams that would want Mihm right now would be other contenders.

really, would we want a really low draft pick from, let's just say, Boston or Phoenix? then we'll have to see Mihm play against us in the playoffs. no thanks.

and Stay Thirsty, i don't agree with you about Lamar not playing well with both Pau and 'Drew. Phil has not really given Lamar much of a chance at the 3 with those guys. but with that said, i'll just trust Phil and his staff, who have much more basketball experience and IQ than i do, lol!


i whole-heartedly agree with you! the bench mob is gonna be crazy with Sasha back in the mix. i see Powell and Mbenga not getting much time, cuz Mihm = backup at 5, Odom = backup 4.

but of course, injuries always occur.

Should be "Giant Sequoias" or "Sequoiadendron giganteum" see wiki here. Of course "Twin Trees" is nice too.


Should have said "Two Trees", also the link is here.



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