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Brandon Heath waived

News that will shock roughly nobody, as Trevor Ariza's former high school running buddy hardly stood out during camp and was never expected to make the squad.  Best of luck to the former Aztec down the road.


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Yo've got me doing things I wouldn't regularly do. I checked Bynum's pre-season stats to Lopez's.

Here's what I found:

-Both players have played in five games so far.
-Andrew has a slight lead in minutes played- 111/106
-Andrew has scored more points than Robin- 52/32
-Andrew has an edge in rebounds- 29/21
-Robin has smoked Bynum in shotblocking- 11/5 (*Robin had 7 blocks alone against Denver)
-Robin has taken better care of the ball- 14 turovers/8 turnovers

Giles is next.

Kind of a rough period for these players. My brother-in-law's brother-in-law is one of these players. Some NBA experience. Played in Europe. Now in training camp for an Eastern Conference team. Each day is played with the sword of Damocles hanging over his head. I know its very hard on my brother-in-law's brother-in-law and his family, not knowing what is going to happen next, but knowing its unlikely that you'll make the team.


"My brother-in-law's brother-in-law is one of these players. "

That sounds like what my cousin's uncle's twice removed grandmothers adopted son's ex-girlfriend's god-father went through.

Good times!

"Its time to screw thy enemy"
- What Jon K would say if he thought of this first

“Darius was a model citizen during his time here in Boston,” said GM Danny Ainge. ”He showed that he still has a lot of basketball left in him.

If the Lakers were to sign him and play Miles for just 10 games, Portland would be royally screwed. Millions added back into their payroll, with tons of Lux Tax issues, making it difficult to re-sign some of their guys.

Jim Buss to Portland
"Its a justa business, nothing personal"

Well at least Heath is waived. He really wasn't impressive in the preseason (his fall down to the floor turnover in the 2nd pre season game).


Who's Brandon Heath?

now we need to get rid of karl, mbenga, giles (who has some potential), and probably crawford... oh and walton

Lamar will disappoint whatever he does. He'll be a good 6th man but not amazing. We'll be asking ourselves, "If only Lamar could live up to his potential - we'd have a great bench." Leopards can't change their spots.

But it doesn't matter. We'll win it all anyway. Go Lakers!!!


>>>If the Lakers were to sign him and play Miles for
>>>just 10 games,

I suggested earlier this summer that the Lakers should sign
him, play him 9 games, and then Mitch should give Kevin
Pritchard a call and offer to trade Miles to him.

I don't know if there are any rules in the CBA against what
would amount to extortion, but Portland probably won't be
able to afford to keep all their free agents next summer
anyway. As long as Mitch never mentioned the cap space
or the 9 out of 10 played issues, he couldn't be explicitly
accused of anything, he's just a GM making a simple trade


>>>now we need to get rid of karl, mbenga, giles (who has
>>>some potential), and probably crawford... oh and walton

Hate to disappoint you, but MBenga and Luke will be staying, and maybe one of Crawford or Karl. And its a
good thing they are. If someone on the team gets injured,
you need to have someone on the bench who can absorb
some minutes.

Last season when both Rad and Ariza went down with
injuries for long periods of time, Luke played through his
injury -- if he hadn't, the Lakers record in February and
March last season wouldn't have been nearly as rosey.
During that late season push to 1st place in the west, Rad
was in and out, Ariza was out, but Luke was there -- he
struggled, but he was there.

Similarly, Mbenga chipped in some minutes late in the
season. Nothing he did was game-changing, but you couldn't
play Pau for 48 minutes every night and Ronny was backing
up PF as well, so DJ filled in fine.

I don't know why people think every player on the team
has to be a star. In fact if everyone on the team is a star,
then you're bound to get some ego problems with people
who aren't getting enough minutes. Guys like MBenga
and Karl and Crawford know that if they make the team,
they'll really only see court time if someone gets hurt, and
even then it'll be limited minutes.

And bear in mind, when Karl or Crawford played during
this preseason, they were often on the court with Giles
and Brandon Heath. If you put Karl in a lineup with
Farmar and Odom and Bynum and Ariza, then there
isn't much burden on him, so he's fine.

Longtime laker fan,
I agree, that you need warm bodies, but its also nice to have some flexibility to pick up players who will be waived/cut in the upcoming days... we are really deep at the 3/4 and these guys are short on potential, so if someone young were to pop up, it would be nice to have the chance to pick them up.



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