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Sasha Vujacic - Media Day talk

Sasha The hair remains long and flowing.  The confidence, both in himself and his team, could also be described in similar fashion.  But that doesn't mean Sasha Vujacic has put last year's Finals loss permanently in the rear view mirror.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I personally didn't hear another Laker mention a bitter taste lingering than The Face, who admitted his mouth will remain an unappetizing flavor until the Lakers walk away with next season's title.  The word "terrible" often popped up and while most people blamed this year's mellow Media Day scene on Kobe's happiness and optimism heading into the season, Vujacic felt it could be the team's current "bridesmaid" status.  "That's why it's so quiet.  We don't have anything to celebrate (yet)." 

But I don't want to paint Slovenia's Favorite Son as all doom and gloom.  The Machine was happy with his offseason work, which stressed both defensive improvement and adding muscle without losing quickness (for what it's worth, he did look slightly thicker).  And he definitely liked the idea of entering the season as a favorite.  "The whole mindset, the whole thing about the Lakers is that last year, we were sort of running after the championship.  Now we are contenders.  That's the good thing about it going into the season.  No surprises.  Just being where we want to be."  Sasha also had some nice words about his buddy and former next door neighbor (in the locker room, not real life) Ronny Turiaf, who took his spirited act up North.   "Not having him with us or on the sidelines dancing.  We're gonna miss him.  It's hard to replace that, because he was Mr. Energy."

Sasha Vujacic: Download sasha_vujacic_media_day_9.28.08.mp3


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i'm bugging out here, cuz i'm trying to digest all this laker overload but i also got chappelle's show in the background... there's one episode - "I plead the Fif" - where a dude who looks JUST like BK is one of the extras.'s creepy.

BK, do you have an acting career that we don't know about?

back to lakers...i'm very excited like it's the first day of school!

we can officially retire the nickname Baby Bynum, ya'll seen that dude's muscles?!?! Mr. Bynum's a friggin' monster now. ...can't wait to see him back on the floor...Our big three looks scary

Sasha kept his long hair for you, Faith.

He kept his jumpshot for ALL of us.

I guarantee that Sasha's numbers improve this season. I think we'll see him put the ball on the floor a bit more, dunk in someone's face, and shoot the three-ball with deadly accuracy. And make that killer Sasha face.

The Machine is loaded and ready.

Go Lake Show!

If Sasha wins the title, maybe he can propose to Faith?

The meaning actually was

"If we win the championship, can he (Sasha) propose to Faith then?"

(If he does propose, she needs to invite most of the blog to come at her wedding, sorry no Butlers need to invite).


In my opinion, the best thing Sasha could add to his repertoire
would be a pump fake 3 to get the defender in the air and then
draw the foul while shooting the 3. He's got such a quick
release that people just expect him to shoot. He could
easily draw 3 free throws once or twice a game.

Sigh, I love Sasha lol.



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