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Media Day reports to come

We'll be trickling out audio/video all day, but we just wanted to let you know we were there and, to be honest, the afternoon was fairly mellow and uneventful. And given the circumstances that created a Bizarro-World atmosphere last year by comparison, the laid-back vibe is a decidedly good thing.


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That is good to hear AK.

Once again Lakers will go 65-17 & win it all !!

Can't wait!

Cool, can't wait to see the video and hear the audio. Did anyone stand out more than everyone else? I'm sure Kobe commanded the most attention but was wondering if maybe anyone was more "popular" today.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Holy crap. Drew is HUGE!

Lakers "mellow" "uneventful" ?

Cmon! Tell us the truth, we can take it. You don't have to pretend. Give us the real low down.

We want eye catching headlines like:

"Kobe to opt out?
Out of surgery.

Kobe Demands Trade:
"I'll trade my Orange Gatorade for your Green one" Kobe to Lamar

Dr. Buss predicts losing season: For Clippers

Fatty - "Its that time of year"

Dear Kevin Mchale,

Let's not forget Lakers offered Bynum and LO for KG.

Thank you for turning down the deal.

Welcome back MR. Fatland.

Shall we dance on Nov 20th? The streets of PHX will be very quiet after the Lakers demolish the shell of the FUNS.

pics from media day:

Bynum looks massive. Everyone else pretty much looks the same.

Gosh Damn Andrew, if he keeps on working EVERY summer until he retires like that the sky is the limit.


Pig Miller -

Regarding the Suns slaughter on Nov. 20th:

Do you still have my email? I think I still have yours, will have to search.


I do, as long as it's still the juno address. I'll be in touch. I usually prefer to go ticketless, then scalp at the game. Cheaper that way, but I'll sacrifice a quarter or a half to get the tix. Let me know your thoughts.

I love the Sealab 2021 reference.



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