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Mbenga Mback

September 24, 2008 |  3:18 pm

Just got word the Lakers inked DJ Mbenga to a deal.  The terms weren't immediately announced -- BK was at a presser for Sun Yue earlier today and didn't hear any specifics -- but we're both guessing it's a partially guaranteed deal.  Then again, that's also us spitballing on the fly, so don't treat it as the gospel.  If we learn more, we'll toss it your way.

So what does this development mean in terms of the opening-day roster, which Mitch Kupchak previously indicated would be kept at 14?  Well, it could mean somebody like Coby Karl went from "hopeful" to "longshot."  It could mean that Mbenga is being kept around for insurance during camp while the front office gets proof positive that Andrew Bynum and Chris Mihm are in the pink.  Or we could see October 28th's season opener feature a 15-strong lineup and Karl and Mbenga riding deals not fully guaranteed, which leaves the team options as the season progresses.  Either way, some fans have wondered about Mbenga's status, so there you have it. 

And either way, I get an excuse to link this classic.