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Josh Powell, Media Day talk

After Ronny Turiaf signed an offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors that went unmatched, his role of "backup big man/energy provider" needed replacement.  Cue Josh Powell, a young journeyman now playing for his fifth team in as many seasons.  In 2007-2008 with the Clippers, the power foward grabbed a fairly impressive tally of boards in just under 20 minutes, perhaps a sign that he can provide a spark similar to Ronny's.  The M.O. certainly seems appears in line with what Powell feels he brings to the table.  "Just excitement.  That good energy.  Good team guy.  A guy to pick everyone up and keep everyone going."

Powell also confirmed my hope that he's put on weight from last season, which could make a legit option as a backup center (or, if nothing else, a more suitable option, since Powell noted that gig is already listed on his resume).  In any event, Powell is happy about his new situation and came up blank when I asked if he could ever recall being on a team with more of a realistic title chance.  "Not that I can think of," smiled Powell.  "When I was with Dallas (in 2006), we obviously had a chance to win it that year, but we fell a little short.  Hopefully, this time around, we'll hopefully be able to win it all."  Here's what he had to say.

Josh Powell: Download josh_powell_media_day_9.28.08.mp3


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completely unrelated to this thread but, the OKC Thunder jerseys are horrible. Ugliest unis ever. Make the Bobcats unis look fresh.

I don't care what anyone says. I'm glad Josh Powell is a Laker and he was a good pickup. Period.'


I'll go with Jon K on this one. I loved Ronny as a person and
as an energy guy, but in terms of what they bring to the floor,
I don't think Josh Powell is much of a drop off from Ronny.
He's not as big and not as good a shot blocker, but he rebounds
better and he doesn't foul as much.

Oh, and by the way, MBenga's per-minute stats on rebounding
and blocks are as good as Ronny's (and his per-minute fouls
are even worse). If Mbenga could get some coaching on
how to avoid fouls a little better, he could be an excellent
defensive stopper at C.



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