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Greg Oden on Andrew Bynum

September 23, 2008 | 10:07 pm

Some ESPN the Magazine work took me to a commercial shoot featuring some dudes from the Cavaliers and Trail Blazers.  One of them happened to be Greg Oden, and I managed to grab a few quick minutes with him to talk about Andrew Bynum.  The Lakers open the regular season against Portland, providing the first glimpse of a big-man matchup theoretically poised to entertain fans for years.  While Oden offered praise for Drew ("He does everything a good post guy is supposed to do"), I got the vibe that an Oden-Bynum analysis was a little cart ahead of the horse in his mind.  While acknowledging Bynum as a tough assignment (in a good way), he seemed understandably more concerned with simply getting an NBA game under his belt after a year recovering from micro-fracture surgery; plus, having met Oden a few times, he has always struck me as a low-key guy not particularly comfortable hyping himself or events. 

I imagine fans from both teams will pick up the slack for him.

Greg Oden: Download greg_oden.mp3