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Derek Fisher, Media Day audio

September 29, 2008 |  8:25 pm

Derek_fisher Whether it comes in the middle of the Finals or on Media Day, there's never a bad time to hear from Derek Fisher.  As with everyone else on the team, the loss to Boston (and particularly the final game) put a sour finish on what was otherwise a positive year.  It's important, Fish says, to take the good and the bad into the '08-'09 campaign and use last year as a jumping off point. 

Defense, a common refrain from coaches and players alike, was (not surprisingly) on Fish's radar.   

"Personally, I take some of what happens each season, good and bad, into the following (year).  I think there's a lot to learn from lessons of the past- good lessons and bad lessons- and you carry those things with you.  Hopefully you grown and mature in a way that will allow you not to repeat some of the mistakes you made the season before.  For us, our focus is defensively being the best team we're capable of being.  It's one thing to talk about being good on defense and then not having the talent and physical abilities to be good on defense.  It's another thing to talk about being good on defense, and you have all the pieces necessary to be the best team in the league defensively.  That's one of our main and primary focuses to start camp."

Derek Fisher: Download derek_fisher_media_day.mp3