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Coby Karl, Media Day

Coby_karl Heading into training camp, the Lakers have 14 players under a guaranteed contract or universally expected to start the season under a partially guaranteed deal. The NBA allows a maximum of 15 players per roster. I was a rather shoddy math student in high school, but even I can figure out that means one spot and one spot only remains for the taking (assuming the Lakers don't open with 14 fellas, as Mitch Kupchak has said is possible).

Obviously, things can change as we see more preseason action, but for now, the "inside track" money would likely be on second-year player Coby Karl.  But don't tell him that. Even while acknowledging how last season's team opened with a stuffed roster and had only 13 by midseason, he's treating the situation as one slot doesn't fit all.  "My mind-set is that I have to make sure that I'm on the team and show them that I belong here." How to make that notion crystal clear?  Do everything "a championship-caliber team does," from playing D to rebounding to mirroring the teamwide professionalism Karl observed as a rook, generally from the bench. 

I got a few minutes with Karl, who also included some good stuff about Derek Fisher's fourth-quarter defense, which he considers top drawer. 

Coby Karl:
Download coby_karl_media_day_9.29.08.mp3


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1st. Coby Karl is gonna have to FIGHT to make this team. The sickness of Sun Yue will help, but this could be the year that both Karls get bounced out of the NBA

The competitions may be stiff with athletic and tall guards in the lineup. I believe Koby Carl has better chances of getting to the Lakers compared to his money getting a fair return in the Stock Market. It is great to have an outlet of being excited with our Lakers in the midst of great economic storms in the horizon. Hopefully, we can complete 82 games or an NBA season.

Coby Karl? Koby Carl? Jan Karl? Who cares? The guy isn't even going to play. What about Lamar Odom? He just said he doesn't want to be a 6th man. He can't play SF so... ???
The Lakers convened this afternoon for a media session in El Segundo before the start of training camp Tuesday and Odom voiced his disdain for Jackson's idea.

"He must have woke up and bumped his head. He probably hit his head on something -- boom," Odom said about Jackson. "To start off like that, you've got to be out of your . . . mind."

Odom, from his grade school days in New York City to high school to college and during his nine years in the NBA, always has been a starter.

And how would you know that he wouldn't play well as a SF? I didn't expect Sasha to perform well after 3 years of being so nervous when he shoots. He hasn't played SF since 2005-2006 (and that was with Kwa-may Brown and Chris Mihm at Center and Brian Cook). It could be different (heck have an open mind).


Odom will be a horror at SF. People have been SCREAMING at him for years to shoot the ball, now, we're going to stick him on the perimeter, ask him to shoot jumpshots and figure out when to drive the rim? Ahahahahaahaaa! This is going to be a slow motion trainwreck...

I don't know how this guy gets access to so many people, he's a terrible interviewer but it's interesting that Kareem said Bynum was "willing to learn", which obviously the Candyman and Kwame weren't:

Lamar Odom hasn't earned his $14 mil. So for Phil to say he may be the sixxth man, what's the big deal. I like Lamar, but he's overpaid for what's given the Lakers.

Colorado loves the Lakers!


Any thoughts on how Mihm is looking?

I hope Coby Karl makes the team. I like him and think he has a lot of upside.


A nice interview. Coby sounds a little nervous, but he's saying all the right things.




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