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A look at Andrew Bynum

The Lakers didn't make any big moves this summer, in part because nothing they could have done would have been much bigger than the return of their big. That's big news, you know. With that in mind, the LAT's Mike Bresnahan and Mark Heisler take a look at Bynum, and his past and future in L.A. 

Part I, Part II.


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Even a healthy Byenumb is not the answer to the lakers' glaring defensive and toughness issues. Assuming byenum comes back, the West has changed drastically in his absence. 7-footers abound where there were none before, such as Oden, Lopez, SHACK, Camby.

And then the Celtics still have a tougher team than the lakers. Do we really want to see a soft LA team go up against the Celts again?

The SUNS have acquired more toughness in the offseason, and are perhaps better suited to fighting the bigger, tougher teams out there than the lakers.

The SHACK-byenumb incident was fun to watch. Imagine the drama and excitement this season when they meet up as division rivals, especially given that Amare will face off against gasal..


Chest pound!

It is amazing to have seen AB grow up right before my eyes. I remember being on vacation when we drafted in 2005. I had to watch the draft online, As Gerald Green slipped on the draft board I felt the Lakers had to pick him. When they selected Andrew Bynum I was shocked because he wasn't even on most mock draft boards. Three years later and I have to commend Ronny Lester, Jim Buss, and Mitch Kupchak for yet another example as to why the Lakers are the best franchise in all of sports. The Lakers have had two lottery picks since 1984(Last one Being Eddie Jones, before that Big game James via trade), and they come out looking like geniuses. Not to mention the Ronny Turiaf pick. The Clippers on the other hand are in the lottery every year and can't pick a player for the life of the franchise. If you play your cards right you are in the lottery once and in the championship very soon. (See Tim Duncan and the Spurs). With all the Mitch bashing I have done, I really tip my hat off to him and the entire Lakers staff for going ahead and making Bynum a Lakers. In ten years the where are they now 2005 NBA draft edition will only have a couple of players standing out; Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Andrew Bynum, and Danny Granger. It is amazing to think that Bogut, Villanueva, Frye, and Diogu were all picked ahead of AB17. Can't wait until camp starts and preseason gets underway. Go Lakers.

There it is! "Monster." The Monster! (Japanese Style) The Monster!!!

Godzilla! Aka "Zilla!"

Take your pick. Just like Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan = Tical aka Johnny Blaze aka The Meth.

Drew = Monster aka Zilla aka Godzilla and (a nod for the past bloggers) Beast.

That was a good article. I started watching the Lakers when kobe first came in the league. Not because I really liked kobe, but because I was to young to even know what basketball was before then. Ive seen almost every game in which kobe played, although I can't really remember his first years, i was only 8 after all. Either way it has been a great expierience watching him mature and become a great player. Now Im getting to watch andrew bynum mature and become a great player, and long after Kobe retires I will be watching bynum become great. It just really makes you happy to be a laker fan.

Go Lakers

Can't wait...!!!!



I'm looking for Andrew to have an All-Star year.

Dates I'm anxiously awaiting:

10/28 vs. Portland: Welcome to the League, Oden.
10/20 @ Phoenix: Andrew will embarrass Shaq and Amare.
12/20 @ Orlando: The real youth movement on display as Bynum destroys Howard.
12/25 vs. Boston: Payback is a bi....

I am so glad that the off-season is coming to an end. Let the domination begin!

Go Lake Show!

Great articles. I read them already. They were a little light on details, but they seemed to get the gist of what happened about right.

If you guys remember, I was on the Socks for J O'Neil bandwagon. Boy, am I glad the wheels fell off that one!

Now, I can't imagine how JO even compares to Bynum. I'm ashamed of myself. Could you imagine where the two teams would be if that trade happened? We'd be looking towards the East right now thinking what could have been as he blossumed.

Chances are, he wouldn't have injured his knee 'cause LO wouldn't have been in the game to take him out.

LO would have taken out JO after an uninspiring (but not neccesarily bad) run at being our starting center. Since we would have already made a trade, Pau might not have happened (though Buss and Mitch had been trying to get him even before Bynum blossumed and got injured, so who really knows about that one?).

Plus, Bynum would be punishing all those little Easterners on a daily basis looking even more dominant.

I'm glad to be wrong on that one.

I also remember some reporter asking Kareem about how one game Bynum looked lost of defense all night, and the very next game (something like three days later), he was a complete monster. Kareem said that all he told him was to stop trying to not get fouls, and in three days of practice no one could get a shot off, anymore.

Kareem looked as surprised as everyone else.

Dude changes the game.

I hope he's 100.00% Fully recoverd and ready to go. I hope as the point where he doesn't think about it anymore and just plays.


This is the year.

The year that Kobe and the Beast will vanquish the East.

Much as I love Andrew's potential, talent, work ethic, demeanor, and development, and as much as I'm intrigued by what I've seen over the past three years, I still need to see him on the court, in games, to be assured that he's the future.
Whatever happens in the future, I'll always treasure his response to Shaq.

It's great to see Andrew get the coverage that he deserves. Everyone in LA already knows what the entire league soon will - Andrew Bynum has arrived

Apprently Jason Williams doesn't really want to play for the Clippers either.... check the news.



BK, maybe you or someone else can clarify this for me, why do people call Drew "Socks'? I've always wondered about that.

Bynum is the present and the future. Scary to think management actually considered taking Scott May at the 10th spot considering all of his injuries and how Bynum has turned out. Just goes to show you how proper work ethic and the right attitude can get you far. Take an example of Michael Olokwandi when he was a Clipper and laughed and rejected the idea of working individually with Kareem and now he is out of the league. As long as Bynum can stay healthy and keep the right attitude and perspective the sky is the limit for this young man.

The lakers have NO chance if they make it back to the Finals - Sam Cassell has just signed with the Celts.

Actually, Eddie House did more damage to the lakers than Cassell, so this only makes it more imperative that a truly tough, defensively capable team like the SUNS represents the WC this season.

Just checking in

Now for my preseason player predictions.......

Now thirty, will finally really trust his teammates until they miss a shot, rebound, or defensive assignment. This should happen about 1.02 minutes into the first game. His disappearing act in the finals was collossal and everybody but a few good bloggers fail to bring attention to the fact that he is a true choke artist.

Will once again fail to teach the right kind of defense that is needed in todays game and he will resort to blaming everyone else instead of being a man and honing up to his shortcomings. This is another person revered so much that only a select few can see the "emperor has no clothes".

If he remains healthy, could mask the deficiencies of Kobe and PJ and in doing so make them legendary. But thats a BIG IF.

What I saw of him last year doesn't translate into to a stud at power forward. Perhaps he should come off the bench with Lamar starting at his real natural position.

Will play inspired ball because of his expiring contract. His stint at small forward will be quick, about as quick as opposing small forwards go around him.

Unproven unproven unproven. Hasn't done a thing in this league. Couldn't start for any of his prior teams and there is reason for it. He not any good, regardless of the crap PJ wants to jam down our throats about him. Luke is better by far and that is not saying much.

Has the moves but not the athletic ability. Perhaps if he comes back at 100% he can make that basket under the hoop using his patented spin move that includes being rejected 70% of the time.

Still living off .04 ... He's a good backup unfortunately Farmar is the only one who could replace him unless Sun is diamond in the rough.

Outside shot is on he's the man. Off he's the woe-man.

TOO small. Dominated by most PG's in the league. Major liability

Poor mans Manu. Will always be remembered by the blow by of the Hated RAY ALLEN. Anyone notice there weren't many offers (0) for him during free agency? There's a reason.

Pitiful rejects, journeymen, and rookies. Just pitiful.

Bynum is the key, last year he was maturing into the BEST CENTER in the league. I don't think even PJ or Kobe can screw this up if he remains healthy. Get out of his way and he will lead us to the promised land. BYNUM IS THE FUTURE and the FUTURE IS NOW.


I have a question: Isn't Kobe the second MVP to spend the previous Summer a disgruntled/demanding to be traded All-Star?

Does anyone remember the other guy to do it?


Troll Man nice to see you a bit positive.

"Anyone notice there weren't many offers (0) for him during free agency? There's a reason"

Yes that reason was Sasha was a RESTRICTED free agent hence any offers to him the Lakers would have matched him. Sasha is way more valuable than Ronny and would have undoubtley have any offer he agreed with any other team matched. Yes I still remember Ray Ray blowing by him (and still annoyed at that, people who keep saying his defense is "intense, pesky" that does not translate into real defense). But really Sasha had interest from many teams like Dallas and San Antonio, they never sent a deal because of his restricted free agency.

"He not any good, regardless of the crap PJ wants to jam down our throats about him. "

About Trevor, I agree that he is unproven. However it's not PJ that wants to jam down our throats about him it's almost the entire blog as well! (Only Jon K., myself, and a few others agree Lamar should be the starting small forward). That being said, Trevor proves it in camp then heck no reason not to start unless Lamar really does even better.

TOO small. Dominated by most PG's in the league. Major liability"

That what was said about Tony Parker at first now look at him even though Jordan Farmar is no Tony Parker.


sometimes you make me laugh so much. That being said, make your up your mind about what the Suns are, Defense then? Kiss offense good-bye! (Oh no Porter can still get Steve Nash going). No, either the team is a defensive team or an offensive team cannot be both. Pistons: Defensive. Celtics: Defensive. Spurs: Defensive (beat the Suns 3 times). Shaq and Kobe years: Offensive. Bulls: Defensive and Offensive, only perfect match because of Jordan and Pippen and Rodman's (at first Horace Grant's) defense. Showtime Lakers: Offense. Bad Boys Pistons: Defense. Larry Bird Celtics: Offense. And defensive minded Suns? Watch this:

Defense from Nash? Yeah right!

And IF it isn't the Lakers, it's the Spurs who wins WC.


Fearless -

Wasn't Iverson doing that before his MVP season? I know he was having issues with Larry Brown.

The Lakers are going to eat the rest of the NBA alive this year. I'm getting league pass for this historic run.

The blitz sez:

"Bulls: Defensive and Offensive, only perfect match because of Jordan"

Just like the SUNS!

And there's 3 more things you forgot that a team needs to get the title, although not surprising since the lakers lacked them so during Game 6:


Pig sez:

"The Lakers are going to eat the rest of the NBA alive this year. "

They better eat meat and potatoes instead, if they want to get the physicality necessary to compete with the better teams in the Pacific.

"Bulls: Defensive and Offensive, only perfect match because of Jordan"

Just like the SUNS"

Dream on. Saying the Suns are just like Jordan Bulls is an insult to Michael Jordan. Oh that's right, I forget that the poor Suns got their only title hopes dashed when John Paxson hit that game winner in Game 6. And that was when the TRUE mvp of the Suns, SIR Charles Barkley was playing.

Barkley: The TRUE MVP of the Suns, not Stevie "getting ankles broken by Rondo" Nash. And yet he couldn't win. Dream on, this Suns team is NOWHERE as talented as Sir Charles team is!

Teams (theoritcally) better than the Suns (Western Conferance)

1) Lakers
2) New Orleans
3) Houston
4) San Antonio Spurs (owned the Suns 3 times)
5) Utah Jazz

So 6th seed in the Western Conference? C'mon son, Phoenix is nowhere near the Lakers or Boston or New Orleans aka CP3 just waiting to break the ankles of Nashie boy just as much as Rondo.


Boston Celtic Crowd when Rondo broke Nashie's boy ankles




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