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Turiaf agrees to deal with Warriors

Ronny_turiaf_slams_against_the_clip PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Purple, Gold and Blue is back this week, and we'll talk about the Ronny situation, and also the status of Sasha Vujacic (and probably the EB signing, as well).  11 a.m., clicking either the show widget on the side of the page or going to our show window at

Broderick Turner of the Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting that Ronny Turiaf has agreed to a four-year, $17-million offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors.  As Turiaf is a restricted free agent, assuming he does in fact accept the deal the Lakers would have seven days to match it.  I've always been terrible at estimating how much a guy will get on the open market, especially a player like Turiaf whose value can be difficult to quantify in dollar figures (although apparently it's somewhere around four years, $17 million).  To me, this deal is at the upper end of what I thought Ronny would get, and it'll be interesting to see whether the Lakers, given their luxury tax situation and the desire to bring in a guy like James Posey with the mid-level exception, will match. 

Initial Reaction: Turiaf, though an inspiring person, is a luxury for this group assuming Andrew Bynum and Chris Mihm are healthy and able to play.  He's undoubtedly a great guy to have around, and they won't find anyone on the open market to replace his attitude.  They might, though, be able to replace his production at a far cheaper price.  It's not my money, so I'd just as soon they match (take the guy you have rather than worry about finding a replacement that may or may not be better).  I don't think it would become an albatross contract, weighing them down.  Four mil isn't too bad a number to move if need be, and Turiaf's work ethic and size mean he'll probably always have suitors. But given that I don't write the checks, it's an easy thing for me to say.

My guess is they'll pass on the offer.  Turiaf may be a $4-million player on paper, but in their current economic situation and the dollar-for-dollar luxury tax penalty they're looking at, he'd amount to an $8-million backup -- on some nights, a very deep backup -- for L.A.  That's pretty steep.  Good for Ronny, though.  He certainly earned the deal.  Plenty more on this to come as it develops.


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Dim Sum?

It's funny, the first one kissing him was traded. Now the one being kissed is written to be shopped, and the guy on the far left is well, rumored. I thought Shaq was the only kisser from Lakers Alumni.

Mike T,

Yeah, I agree. We need to change the pieces a bit. All those players you mentioned can go.

The problem with losing Turiaf is that it diminishes the quality of our bench without giving us anything in return. It also hurts our size, youth (which may be a good thing) and attitude.

We need to be creative now.

I’d like to add Brent Barry and Kurt Thomas, though I don’t suppose they’d share the mid level.


Mike T,

>>>There's no way Walton or Mihm can be part of the regular rotation

Unless he gets back to his old pre-injury self, I'll agree with you on Mihm.

But as I've pointed out a number of times. Two of the top 10 five-man
teams in terms of productivity last season were:


I'm not just stating a personal opinion here, as I wouldn't have believed
it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, but statistical fact. Those
are two of the best 3 lineups the Lakers put on the floor last year
(the third being Fisher-Bryant-Rad-Odom-Bynum, which wasn't
as good as Walton with that group).

If you put Walton on the floor with a bunch of other role players
then he's okay to bad. If you put him on the floor with a few
starter quality players, then he makes the whole group function

I took a lot of crap last summer for predicting a Sasha breakout year.
In fact, I was still taking crap in December from some people calling
him Vu-ja-wack and not actually watching how much he was
contributing on the floor.

And now I'm going to predict a Luke Walton breakout season for
next year (and probably take a load of crap about this one too).
Luke was injured going into last summer and he tweaked his ankle
a couple of times during the season. I think the biggest thing wrong
was that he never had his confidence. You'd see him hesitate
before shooting under the rim, giving the defender time to recover,
and that's often why he got blocked at the rim. The end of the Cleveland
game - he was open for a second. If he had Sasha's confidence
there, he would have shot that 3-pointer and maybe been a hero
for tying the game. Instead, he hesitated, then passed back to
Kobe too late for Kobe to get off a shot.

Luke is not injured right now. He will go out this summer and work
on his shooting. At the start of next season, he will be one of the
league leaders in 3-point shooting again, just as he was in the fall
of 2006. And by next summer, most of you (though not all) will be
saying that Luke EARNED his championship ring and his paycheck
in the 2008-09 season.

Mark my words.

Vman & Bobie,

You can not begrudge a man for choosing to increase his earnings 7X. Who among us would forgo the opportunity to make seven-fold what we are making now?? Especially for something so esoteric and not gauranteed like a "championship ring". The very suggestion of this by you two is ridiculous.

You two are fools for believing that that there is ANY "loyalty" in pro sports. There is none, nor should there be. IT IS FIRST AND FOREMOST A BUSINESS. The very concept of "loyalty" in a business transaction implies that one party is short-changing themselves and not maximizing their negotiating position.


"At least I don't feel Clipper's remorse."

Posted by: Charles | July 09, 2008 at 09:29 AM

Yes. That would turn the blog insane.

Luke Walton and Vladamir get paid more than Ronny.

Luke is the "white" face of the franchise, getting paid not for his production on the court, but for his onctribution to the "Lakers Beachhouse".

And Vlad should have been cut wen the chance arrived.

Kobe should bang every girl he sees.

This Laker team goes no where without Ronny.

I like Ronny...

...but I'd rather have Posey. He's tougher AND more talented. Sign Posey and sign and trade Sasha for another PF.


Can you do BK and I a favor and add your info (name, email address) in the spaces below the comment. We generally don't push comments through without a "signature" attached and I don't want to accidentally delete one of yours if we don't happen to see your name at the end of the comment itself.




Okay, we're cool.

Just as long as I get to be part of the Northern California viewing party. I'm in Antioch with a high probability of heading back to the East Bay in the next year.


Lamar for Emeka Okafor?

Sign and trade anyone?

Wow. That might be the deal to do. So what if he just backs up the C/PF positions. He's the exact tough guy we need.

Sorry if I'm repeating someone else's post.


Kwaminus Brownicas and Loyal to the Lakers,

I didn't think Brand had the Carlos Boozer in him. The Clippers should have learned from the Cleveland experience.



Hoopshype gave your Ronny blog a good link to the site.

They value your opinion, way to go AK!


"Walton I think was a hangover from days where the lakers had less options and they undoubtedly regret that contract."

Nicely put. Also, ho could have predicted the huge decline in Walton's level of play? He hung out with Brian Cook, not exactly the best influence. He was injured and played horribly while injured. Did he have trouble adjusting to not being injured? To decreased playing time? I have no idea, but I feel like I was understanding and he still should have played better.

Next season will tell us for certain, but it looks like Mike T. may have been right about this one, painful as that is to acknowledge.

It would be sad to see Ronny go. I absolutely enjoyed watching him play in a Lakers uniform, bringing hustle, defense, and the occasional offense. Though he did foul the opposing team's players at an alarming rate, he did not back down from anyone. The biggest mistake Kupchack made was when he chose not to terminate Vlad's contract after his snowboarding incident, potentially freeing up some money right now to match Turiaf's offer. People question his decision to resign Walton with the mid-level exception but he had put up 13 5 5 and shot pretty decent percentages from the 3pt line and the field. Walton just disimproved and became the useless player he is today until proven otherwise.

What - Up Fellas – Jon K, Charles and other elders.

Hate to see RT go. He plays the game with gusto -- but the prudent thing for the Lakers to do is to let him go and focus on Posey.

The Lakers will be just fine. After the Gasol deal I gave Mitch a one year "safe harbor" from banging on him. My moto for the next few months is "In Mitch I trust".

The Clipps on the other hand, they must have got on the wrong side of God at one point. I mean you'd think the Clipps were a D-League team in Anchorage. And if Davis could not get along with Nelly, who doesn’t care if anyone plays defense, how is he going to get along with Dunleavy.

I would not be shocked if Davis reneges on his oral agreement with the Clipps. Just the last blow to push the Clipps back to the stone age.


>>>In the NBA, loyalty goes to the highest bidder.

As well it should.

Its Official: James Jones signed with Miami.

Are FA Shooters becoming in short supply like gas?

Who's left? Sasha, Posey, Barry?


I like Luke, so I hope you're right about him having a good year next year.

I don't care what the "Stats" say about walton this year being the "Best" rotation. He sucked. There is no way around it. I watched every game and this year he was LOST. Couldn't shoot; couldn't jump; couldn't finish; and could only guard slow players.

Well it's definitely time for some PF shopping. The problem (correct me if I'm wrong) is that we can't use the money we had earmarked for Rony for a new player. We still only have the MLE along with minimum salary. I asked a couple threads back but didn't get an answer... do we still have our bi-annual exception or did we use it last year?

Good luck Rony!

>>>Then there's the Bird Rights thought. Don't we own his?

Yep, the Lakers do own Turiaf's Bird Rights, but all does is allows the
Lakers to offer him any amount to sign him. The Lakers could have offered
Ronny a contract starting at 10 million a season if they wanted to. Bird
Rights doesn't have anything to do with Luxury Tax. If you go over the
Luxury Tax, you pay it whether the players you signed to get there were
your free agents, other teams free agents or even your own draft picks.

Now that Ronny has signed an offer sheet, that is what he will make
for the next four years. The only thing that remains to be seen is
whether he will earn it from the Warriors or the Lakers.


"AK Hoopshype gave your Ronny blog a good link to the site. They value your opinion, way to go AK!"

Fools, they are. Fools!

Haha. Actually, it was BK who wrote it, so the props should go his way.


The fundamental difference between Boozer and Brand is that with Boozer, the Cavs actually allowed him to be released from his deal in a good faith gesture (stupid, as it turned out) to help him get a new contract with the team. The Cavs made him an unrestricted FA. In this case, it's a player option, Brand's to exercise. Once he did, anything could happen.

I'm as big a Brand fan as there is, but he's going to have to absorb some criticism here, much deserved. The Clippers certainly did everything he asked, but he decided to leave anyway. That stings. One thing, though, is that I don't think it was a money decision. The dollars were close. I think he just looked at it, and decided that in the end, for his last big contract as a pro, he couldn't throw his lot behind Donald Sterling and the Clippers. Philly is close to home, they're an up and coming team in a weaker conference. The potential to win there is probably better. He tried to be a good soldier for the Clippers, and I think thought he could do it, but in the end, took a look at the big picture and balked.

I'm ticked if I'm Baron Davis, but I think he wanted to come here anyway. No doubt, though, this'll tarnish Brand for a while.


Sign Posey.

Trade LO and Sasha for Emeka Okafor and Matt Carroll. Charlotte does the deal to avoid losing Okafor for nothing to the Clips.

Okafor brings toughness and rebounding, plus he can play effectively at the 4 or 5, so he can be out there with Gasol or Bynum. All 3 play starters minutes, 30-35 a game.


Of course this will never happen...

>>>Luke Walton and Vladamir get paid more than Ronny.

Note that I didn't make that post - I'm the guy who's been posting here
for a year and a half as "Long Time Laker Fan", and I don't share the
racist sentiments of the post at all.

I'm assuming it's just a new poster who considers themself a long-time
fan and chose that name and not someone trying to purport to be me
and spew malicious bile.

Just a heads up.

Morning guys.

I pretty much figured that Turiaf was not coming back after a locker room interview he gave, I don't know why but his response made me feel that if someone threw more money at him he would go. I like the guy, but I don't like him enough to pay 17 mil for him. In all honestly how many minutes do you guys think he'd play a game? Are those minutes worth 17 mil?


Hello and how are you sir?

You bring up a good point about Boom Boom Davis. It is all an oral agreement and nothing so far is on paper.

I wonder who might be good suitors for BD?

At least there's great food in LA.


I really think the the Lakers value Lamar's expiring contract more than a trade. With increasing payroll, LO's 14.5 coming off the books must look nice to Dr. Buss. Even if they extend LO, it will be for less. A trade will only extend the lux tax issues.

Now if Mitch can trade Rad, Luke and Mihm for Okefor then I will make an alter to Mitch and bow down and worship him as my idol in my LA Bus Terminal locker, where I currently reside.

"All Hail Mitch!"


You really should read the post before you comment. It agrees with you... without the insults.

It's Ronny's payday, there may not be another. I suggest he take it.

After a player's future is secured, some have team preferences which could be construed as "loyalty" for the more cynical among us. Personally, I think Lamar is proud to be a Laker though he may not be down the road...


Very interesting point about Lamar.


I'm with you on Mihm. He's got one last chance to show us something. He might just be one of those players that doesn't play well unless he gets 25 minutes a game. With Gasol at PF, maybe he gets 20?

He owes us (and himself in terms of future contracts) his best.

I think it may be more up to his body than anything else. He's never struck me as lacking heart or work ethic.

As for Artest, what can you do? He wanted to ensure a payday from the Kings which I don't mind given how the Kings showed him so little dedication. FWIW, his side of the story is that one of his dogs was eating all the food so the other one starved. His care of his animals was not okay, but I think he did a good job acknowledging his mistakes and making up for them.

I haven't mentioned this before so I want to acknowledge it. His dysfunctional relationship with his wife (including instances of physical abuse) is also not okay. He needs to learn how to fix that. He needs to learn how to more constructively deal with strong emotions. I do think he's improved in that area on the court. Off court, he still needs work.

Artest requires more sensitive treatment than other players. When teams have shown interest in trading him or not keeping him (disloyalty), that's when he's become interested in rap albums and taken games off for "sore knees." It doesn't make it okay, but it does show that the team has some say in how he acts.

I know for new signees, you can't make a trade for 90 days. For a early termination option not taken, I'm not sure if a deal is available any time. If so and we lose Turiaf, we should seek out the Odom for Artest/Thomas deal. And we also need to pray for Kenny Thomas's health and Chris Mihm's ankle. Maybe we could get Abdur-Rahim instead of Thomas? Save us a few million, give us an injured vet that seems to do more than Thomas could? Abdur-Rahim instead of Kenny Thomas gives us 2 inches as well.

Maybe we have enough depth to cover 3/4/5 with

Ariza/Odom Walton/Vlad/Kobe
Gasol/Odom Vlad
Bynum/Gasol Mihm/Mbenga

If Bynum gets hurt again, we're in a pretty bad spot unless Mihm can play well enough to get 25 minutes at center, probably as a starter.

Long Time Laker Fan,

"Then I think about it. Spend $4 million on Ronny?"

Don't despair Lakerville, Mitch will match Turiaf on the 7th day putting GS in quandary to replace Pietrus.

Why? Because Lakers are soft like marshmallows, too sweet but get bbqued when they faced with a strong power players like boozer, amare, aldridge and chandler. Turiaf can be trained so his salary will be matched or get 17.5 for 4 years. Lakers can only sign their own players b/c they're out of the loop with the others. There are no guarantees on MLE's with Posey and Thomas, they're being courted by other teams.

Lakers have to seek the best alternative in dumping Luke Walton (4 more years) b/c he's a luxury waste, occupies a roster space and the weakest link in many Laker games. It is a choice between Turiaf or Walton, I choose the former.


Can you do BK and I a favor and add your info (name, email address) in the spaces below

Posted by: Andrew Kamenetzky | July 09, 2008 at 10:08 AM

It's the least I can do. But one day, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to return this favor. But until then accept this gift...


Darn. How's this.



Trust me Don Nelson will have ronny playing center just as much, if not more than he did with the lakers. That was one of he main reasons webber didn't stay in GS after his rookie contract because "nellie" as he's called here in the bay wanted webber to be a center and webber never wanted to play to position

Brian Kamenetzky

At least Baron Davis can do this all by himself in LA.

dave m,

I'm pretty sure we have a bi-annual exception. I don't believe we used one last year. This year it will be 1.91 million. You can only sign a player for up to 2 years. I can see why we haven't used it much. Doesn't seem all that useful except to get a little filler.

Haven't read the posts yet, so sorry if someone has already said this.

If Lamar is going to be a 6th man, Turiaf is not really needed on the court, and he probably wasn't going to get much time. His attitude would obviously be missed, and it could be a problem in case of injuries.

My guess is that they won't sign him, because they already have three players who aren't providing their money's worth (Lamar, Luke, and Vlad), but they might want to keep him for the depth.

If they are thinking about trading Lamar or letting him go at the end of the season, they would also be more likely to keep him.

I agree, losing Ronny sucks. Ronny was absolutely mine and my wifes favorite Lakers player.

We are hoping this is part of Nelsons secret plan to steal Luke away from the Lakers.

Nelson not being able to get Luke in an earlier trade, stole Ronny as a FA then will dangle him as trade bait, or ransom later in the season.

“If you want Ronny back it will cost you Luke”

Nelson is diabolical, I tell ya, simply diabolical.


I always thought that Davis would fit in Denver. They have no true point. The contract may be too large for them.

Miami may make a run at him if Riles gets his way.

Now if Mitch can trade Rad, Luke and Mihm for Okefor then I will make an alter to Mitch and bow down and worship him as my idol in my LA Bus Terminal locker, where I currently reside.

"All Hail Mitch!"

Posted by: Fatty | July 09, 2008 at 10:42 AM

Fatty, If that happens; I will gladly name my mistress' dog "Itchy Mitchy."

Ronny, it was great to have you here and you definitley lifted the spirits of all Lakers fans, but if we don't match, which is likely, good luck to you!!! Maybe one day he'll find his way back to LA someday, but for the next 4 years enjoy your stay in the Bay!! $4mil buys lots of escargot and bon bons!!

I want to say Brand's departure is a big surprise, and it is...but it really isn't!!! We're talking about the Clippers!! They've been in this major market for 20+ years and have been to the playoffs 3 times?? Hate to break it to you Clipper fans, but this franchise is a LOSER!! They will continure to be a loser until they burn it all down, especially the front office, and more specifically when Sterling leaves. Yeah, he may have opened his pockets a little more in recent years, but make no mistake, it's about what goes in his pocket more than it is about the fans. I made the mistake long ago, in the Manning Years, to be a Clipper fan, I was devistated when they let go of the talent one by one. I learned my lesson.

I remember speaking to friends after the B. Davis agreements, and though I wasn't sure Brand was leaving, I was sure that Clips would find a way to mess this up, and it happened. For you Clipper fans out there, at least you can be comforted by the fact that most Lakers fans are priced out of Staples, but there will always be some affordable seats for you to buy.


Are you going to be needing the keys to the stable, the security code for the house, and the family's daily schedule?

LTLF: I will join you in that breakout wish for Luke this season. He was roasted everywhere for his poor play so I am sure he has heard/read everything, etc. At some he has to make a decision: sulk/quit or go out and do the work to get better. I don't think his father will allow him to quit and sully the family name.

I also think Mihm will get redemption this year. The guy has been thru two really tough years and seems to have really put things in perspective. If he can put together a really good Summer and camp - we will have ourselves a reliable backup center. And we are still lucky in that we will have AB, Mihm, Gasol can play the 5 and even LO when need be. If we keep Mbenga - there's a banger to help us as well.


If Ronny goes, it'll be a big blow to Kobe's happiness since he was the teammate Kobe is closest to. Those guys are BFFs.

With #21 gone, does that make it a good time to put Coop up on the wall?? They should do that during the Celtics game, that would be sick!!!!

Yeah, we just didn't have a spot for Ronny. Love the guy so I think we all say, "take the money".

What's with all the Emeka Okafor posts? Didn't that dude turn down like $10m/year? and you want to trade trash to bring him here to be a BACKUP??? I'm sorry... I must live on another planet on this one...

I think Elton Brand maliciously stuck it to the Clippers. If he wanted out, he should have said so, Philly would have jumped all over him anyway. Instead, Brand tried to protect his image with the Baron Davis thing, now, the Clippers are probably stuck with Davis and his huge contract because who else is dumb enough to overpay for an often injured PG who burns his bridges wherever he goes? If Davis couldn't get along with Nelly... seriously, who can he get along with?

Meanwhile, Brand got paid a truckload of money this year by the Clippers for NOT PLAYING, used their facilities, etc. and then leaves them in a lurch like this after they did what he asked? I'd like to see Brand lose ALL ENDORSEMENTS over this, I would certainly be happy to boycott anything he is connected with. This is absolutely Boozer level.


As much of a fan as I am of Turiaf's game, I agree with those who have been saying that the price is just too high, especially considering that it would actually cost the Lakers double (dollar-for-dollar luxury tax). Unfortunately, this is one of those moments we always talk about when this really is a business before anything else. As much as he is appreciated by the fans and his teammates, the effort and pure enthusiasm for the game is not enough, in my opinion, to justify the dollar amount, and when you look at the facts of the matter, he has never been a huge producer statistically. Clearly, Turiaf's biggest contribution over the years has been in those ever-present "intangibles", like effort, enthusiasm, and shear desire to play. But that alone isn't enough. You need to also produce, especially at those figures, and he simply does not. On top of all that, his role was going to be greatly reduced in the coming season. He was already seeing less PT, and with Bynum coming back, that number was only going to get smaller. Also, as has been pointed out, he wasn't even playing his natural position of PF, forced into playing C due to various circumstances. I would actually prefer to bring back a guy like Mbenga, a natural center, for much less, than to overpay a guy to play out of position, IF he plays at all.

In the end, I think Turiaf going might be the best for both sides. Clearly for Ronnie, he'll finally get paid like he deserves, and will probably (hopefully for his sake) get to play PF. As for the Lakers, they will actually free up some PT for guys down there who should really be on the court, like Pau, Bynum, etc., and then bring on guys like Mihm and Mebnga (and maybe another FA) who are intented to be backups and rest the true stars. And they will be getting paid accordingly. Unfortunately, business is business, the ulitmate priority is the Lakers team, not any single player. He's gone, and it's for the best.


Hmmm, Baron Davis isn't married, is he?

The video makes me wonder if he could have gotten married until a month or two ago, if you know what I mean?


Of course I read your post. Although not as naive as bobie, your post reeks with cynicism in its description of Ronny's decision as "predictable". You also lament the loss of "loyalty" in the NBA...sarcastic or not, it's still a foolish sentiment. And I called you on it. Considering Ronny's realistic NBA value, he would be doing a serious disservice to himself, his agent, and any of his dependents if he turned this offer down. There was no need for the cynicism.

I apologize if I insulted you, because it is difficult to gauge one's intent thru an internet posting. But your post is atypical of the media's demonizing of athletes as greedy without taking the organizations to task for being equally if not more greedy.


I'll miss the dancing.

I won't miss the timid post entry passes and reluctance to take the ball to the hoop or basically do anything with it from the elbow, other than take a jumper.

I'll miss the spirit and the camaraderie.

I'll miss the fun.

I'll miss the energy.

Thanks for the good times Rony.


I was just thinking about Turiaf and Kobe's friendship. I don't like them trading one of Kobe's dogs again like they did with Caron Butler.


I like the prediction on Luke, more because it's interesting and provocative than for any other reason. Let's hope your predictive power is good this time too, with Mihm as well. I feel that Luke has a decent chance of returning to 06-07 form. I feel there's a very good chance of Mihm returning close to 05-06 pre-injury form. I'm not sure he gets the playing time he needs to make it get all the way there.

While you're predicting things and they're coming true...

Can you predict that Odom plays consistently and with heart, as well as developing a super solid mid range jumper and 3 pointer? I would also like that from Ariza. Thanks!

Can you also predict a really good Lakers team defense, but based on better individual defending so we don't have all those confusing switches that get us in trouble?

Thanks. I lived in Noe Valley for a number of years as a child, then as an adult on Yerba Buena Island for three years when I was stationed at Alameda.

What do you guys think of this trade proposal?

Denver Incoming Players:
Zach Randolph Salary: $14,666,667 Years Remaining: 3
Chris Mihm Salary: $2,500,000 Years Remaining: 1
Jordan Farmar Salary: $1,080,000 Years Remaining: 1
Lakers 2009 1st round draft pick

Lakers Incoming plyaers:
Malik Rose Salary: $7,647,500 Years Remaining: 1
Jerome James Salary: $6,200,000 Years Remaining: 1
Tayshaun Prince Salary: $9,500,000 Years Remaining: 3
Chauncey Billups Salary: $11,050,000 Years Remaining:4

Detriot Incoming Players:
Carmelo Anthony Salary: $14,410,581 Years Remaining:4
Trevor Ariza Salary: $3,100,000 Years Remaining: 1

Knicks Incoming players:
Vladimir Radmanovic Salary: $6,049,400 Years Remaining: 3
Lamar Odom Salary: $14,148,596 Years Remaining: 1
Marcus Camby Salary: $10,000,000 Years Remaining: 2
Luke Walton Salary: $4,420,000 Years Remaining: 5

At the end of the day, Posey will be faced with choices: Celtics, Spurs, Hornets and Lakers all contenders for Championship at MLE. In absence of Maggette derby, I believe he will settle for the old team, Celtics.

Artest is now in the 8M bracket and under the Maloofs power. Will the Maloof Bros trade with the Lakers? Not in a million years after being cheated by the Donaghy scandal? Because Artest failed to opt out on 6/30, he will play with the Kings for one more year and will be peddled by GM Petrie to all teams until they acquire their desired players in exchange. Lakers could not compete in that Cow Bell's auction of the brain damage.

So in the end, Mitch hands are tied up within his sphere of his control

Sun Lue

Any players taken outside of this sphere will be a miracle, there has to be a trade in return. You say MLE or Bi-A, to whom? By this time, the best fruits were all taken, controlled as well as babied, only the rotten ones are available. Unless, Lakers get rid of their own rotten scrubs, Mitch is stucked in the luxury quicksand.

Any ideas? In a battlefield, the best deal is to retreat - reinforce and design another strategy to attack during the season itself with all those discarded or excess players similar to last year's snatch of Ariza and Gasol.




I get a sense that Rony's value to the Lakers is being vastly underestimated today. Hopefully the Lakers will compensate by picking Posey (up).


I agree that while it sucks to lose a guy like Ronny, there weren't going to be many minutes for him anyway. I think the best option for this squad is LO coming off the bench, which essentially only leaves a few minutes a night for Ronny (if that). He'd be a pretty good insurance policy if one of our bigs went down.


Ronny is young, energetic and hard working. His PER for this season (for those Hollinger geeks out there like me) was above the league average of 15 (he and Sasha were neck and neck) and has been offered a contract that is below the league average (which is, techinically speaking, the MLE). I think Turiaf got offered about what he deserves and I think the Lakers should match. As many others have stated, it's not my money so its easy for me to say, but just because we goofed with Luke and Vlade (the latter of which I KNEW was a bad move) doesn't mean we should goof in the other direction with Ronny. As someone correctly pointed out, Ronny was not the same player after that flagrant against the Jazz, but I think he's still the toughest guy the Lakers have and worth the money he's been offered.

i mention yesterday that today would bring some noice. now we find out that rony has a best offer. i dont agree that he is worth so expensive and the lakers should not pay him that money. i woulk very much like to be spokesperson for this blog since i have much time and knowledge. who can i contac at los angeles times blog web site. just let me know

ding how in prattville

Good morning all, been a while since I've posted.

Great for Ronny, sucks for us.
Thanks for some cool memories Ronny,
I wish him all the best. Who's gonna be Kobe's sidekick in future commercials??

Anyone else think Golden State is panicking and overpaying? I read that Corey is getting around $10 million a year, I think they could have gotten him a little cheaper since the other offers were of the mid-level type. Plus they still have to extend Ellis and Biedrins.

Does this mean we'll pursue Kurt Thomas more aggressively?

Mitch K.,

I don't like it.

We get rid of Walton and Vlad which I like.

We pick up Chauncey and Prince which I really like.

We give up Ariza, Farmar, and a 1st round draft pick which I don't like.

We give up Mihm which I'm not sure is wise.

We give up Odom with so many other things of value and get stuck with Jerome James and Malik Rose which I sort of doubt is useful, but I really don't know their games very well (which is probably a bad sign).

I only like this trade if we're going to blow up the team. Given we made it to the Finals, I don't think blowing up the team now makes much sense. We lose a ton of collective experience playing with mostly the same players and playing in a tough to learn triangle offense.


Excellent analysis of the situation. I love Ronny but $17M over 4 years for a third string power forward who can’t finish and would get little playing time is more than he’s worth. I’m happy for Ronny. Getting an extra $2M per year for a guy only making $2M is a lot different than a guy giving back $16M out of a $127M contract. Ronny can honestly say that he is doing this to give his family security. He’s a great guy who deserves this. It will give him the opportunity to play and get minutes that he wouldn’t have gotten here.

There may still be a chance that the Lakers will match the offer because we are very thin at center and power forward and Ronny and his contract would be far more tradable than Luke or Vlade and their contracts. But I think the Lakers would prefer to sign a veteran power forward to a minimum short term contract as insurance at the power forward spot rather than tying up any more money in players on the bottom 5 slots in the roster. We are already paying both Luke and Vlade more than they’re earning or worth.

The big question is how Ronny’s departure will affect the Lakers’ moves in free agency. Would they be willing to take the $17M they might have paid Ronny and offer James Posey the full MLE for 3 years? It would make sense and give them a far greater return for the money and a player who would actually play rather than just sitting on the bench as insurance. Posey would probably also push Lamar back to power forward and 6th man, which probably makes good sense for the Lakers.

As for Sasha, I think that is a different story and I expect the Lakers to match whatever offer he gets. He is too critical to our offense and too good a natural shooter to let him go. Unlike Ronny, he has become an essential part of the rotation and has improved his game every year. What is interesting is that we have heard nothing about other team’s interests. I think that is because the other teams all know that the Lakers are not going to let Sasha go, whereas there always was a question of playing time for Ronny.


In the light of the recent deals reported, I would like to come up with a trade possibility that a like very much, especially now that, as appears, we are about to losing Ronny.

Odom + Radmanovic for Wally Sczerbiak + Varejão plus a 2010 first round pick.

It doesn't look so great for next season (although not bad as well) but it would be awesome for the future, considering cap managment.

For the Cavs it would be a no brainer.
For us, it would:
- Give us a great PF/C backup at a very reasonable price.
We would be able to replace Turiaf's hustle and energy, plus with better blocking, rebounding and defense.

- Wally would still give as a reliable perimeter shooter replacing Rad.

- An additional first round pick (2010)

- And expiring contract replacing Odom

We won't be able to resign Odom anyway (we need that money for Bynum) so if we don't trade him now, we lose him for nothing in the end of the season.
Plus, there is more than a concern that Odom won't adapt well as SF and could end up being a PF backup for a incredibly high salary.

So the reasoning is:
Use him now to get a real backup PF for a good price and to unload Rad's awful contract, getting in return also an equivalent expiring contract (Wally) that we won't mind losing in the end of the season.

I'm confident that a (healthy) combo of Ariza/Luke can handle the 3 with Wally coming of the bench to strecht the floor and Kobe sliding to 3 at times depending on matchups.

For the future, it would give us a core of Kobe, Vujacic, Farmar, Ariza, Luke, Gasol, Bynum and Varejão (plus Mihm and Yue and another first round pick in 2010), all under good contracts, plenty of years to play together and cap space to add some veterans to push for championships.

I´m all for it, unless PJ is planning to use Odom as PF and Gasol as C for the first unit and Bynum coming off the bench with the bench mob like last season.

Even though, if that´s the case, it looks great for the next season but I would be concerned for the subsequencial years (after we lose Odom).

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.


It's a funny one with seemed so important to keep him at the time.I remember feeling it would be a minor disaster under the circumstances had he walked and absolutely understood the contract he was offered.

At the same time he was never going to be a hugely contributing member of a really good team.His production was almost certain to decline becasue even by the end of the season it was clear that the first half of it was about as much as he was ever going to get out of his talent and his minutes and role as the team improved were almost certainly going to be reduced.I guess they had him pegged as a guy that could handle it better.

Benjamin I certainly get your point - it was a good and necessary signing at the time and one made with the hope that we would see the guy from the first half of last season for a few less minutes a game

He got to play a big role in the pre season in 2006 and carried the groove over...but even then alot of people didnt want him on the court as much as he was because he was a defensive liability...and that was at his best.The he completely crapped in the second half of the season.

In the end it was a signing of a player they needed in order to keep a bad team afloat but isnt a guy who can be on the floor alot for a good team...or do anything particularly well enough to really fill a role or necessarily add something in each game... while also not being enough of a heady vet to play sporadic,limited minutes and still succeed.

He will have a better season this year though...but yeah Turiaf is a guy they would have loved to keep but will go becasue you just cant have too much money put into guys that contribute off the court more than they do on it.

The Lakers have to sign Ronny because Bynum is still a question and free agents don't want to play for Kobe


>>>>> I'll miss the dancing.

Time for Coby Karl to grow some dreadlocks and take some dancing lessons. What the hell is a mascot good for if he can’t dance? LOL.


You also lament the loss of "loyalty" in the NBA...sarcastic or not, it's still a foolish sentiment. - Blkthght06

When NBA catered for high school players, devalued college degree, owners and gm's compete for the highest bidder, that was the loss of loyalty and creation of new marketing i.e. NBA value. It is pure materialism and narcissm for a player to earn as many millions within the span of 15 years because at age 35 NBA players are treated like old prostitutes ready to be dumped and discarded in the 3rd class whore house of a 3rd world country. One million is not enough, it got to be two. On the contrary, a player sat on the bench got 4.5M so a realistic value for a player that log many minutes of playing time goes up to MLW 5.8M. and so on. Is there an end towards satisfaction?

This is pure entertainment. They advertise "Achieve to Read" when half of them have no college degrees. Are these players role model in the eyes of society? That's relative because for kids they are the idols but to old timed watchers they're just equivalent to Roman gladiators providing entertainment to please the paying public. Like Shaq, he was once a player adored with the biggest feet, the biggest biceps, the breaker of boards, he declared himself as the Superman in 2000. Today, he is a wimp, could not connect a FT, could not keep up with Nash and seek attention by rapping Kobe. And yet, he is contracted for two more years at 20M each. he is the epitomy of what an NBA player will be, when his time comes in this day and age.

Just like Wayne Gretzsky needed Marty McSorley, Kobe needs Ronny...a small price to pay to keep 24 serene...


I think you are right Ronny's being done down alot.

I think a fairer assessment is that he IS worth the money just probably not for this lakers team right now

Having said that do we really want to rely on Mihm? maybe find a way to package him and say Farmar off with Vlad for someone and keep Ronny.Its the NBA people do get hurt ...and Turiaf has been relied been relied upon every year.So we're going to let him go and have a contending team with a centre rotation including two guys who are coming off long term injuries hmmm I'm beginning to rethink this actually

The lakers are going to resign him

Can someone move L.O and Mimh for Artest and cap space and retain Turiaf? Lamar's soft play is contagious. Artest brings craziness..but he also wants to win and he's tough as hell and that will be contagous for pau and bynum. Artest is not a great shooter but he's better than walton and his knuckleball. Keep artest for a year and then his salary will be up and then you can find another small forward like Prince who will be avail. and is from L.A. But I second guessed Kupchek with Bynum so I can't do that again. I just think L.A. has some wiggle room and can go after an artest or Davis should he refuse to sign with the clips.

NO!!!!!! say it ain't so!!!

I'm gonna miss Ronny's dancing and energy. Kobe's going to be really sad, I know he and Ronny are tight.

I thought Ronny wanted to be a Lakers for life :( But I guess it's good that he's getting a lot of money from the warriors.


>>>>> Can you also predict a really good Lakers team defense,
>>>>>but based on better individual defending
>>>>>so we don't have all those confusing switches that get us in trouble?

I would like to reply on this but forgive me if I bring up Andrew Bynum as a key to the situation. I‘ll try not to bore you with any more contract stuff, other than to say we don’t want Drew to end up in free agent heaven with LeBron at the end of 2009/10.

Unlike what Mike T was selling, protecting the rim with Andrew Bynum’s shot blocking and intimidation will be the heart of the Lakers defensive strategy next year rather than sealing the lane, which the Celtics and Rockets and all the Van Gundy franchisees do. Having a center that can protect the rim will allow the Lakers perimeter players to play their men tighter and not have to switch or slack off 3-point shooters to help prevent penetration. It is the key to an aggressive, trapping, pressure style of defense designed to create steals and turnovers and ignite fast breaks and rack up easy points in transition

Sealing the lane by packing it in and almost playing a zone only works great when the other team isn’t shooting well, aside from the fact that it leads to unexciting basketball. When played to perfection, it can stifle penetration and make opponents jump shooters. When an opponent hits their shots from outside, however, the strategy is very vulnerable as players have to extend their coverage, which opens up the lanes. The strategy can also be beaten by running and scoring in transition before the opponent’s players can get back on defense and seal the lane. It’s what you do when you don’t have a shot blocker.

Defensively, Andrew Bynum is already a better 1-on-1 defender than Kwame was due to his size, height, length, and shot blocking athleticism. Anyone who watched Drew play defense against Tim Duncan, Chris Kaman, or Amare Stoudemire last year can attest that Drew is going to be a formidable and dominant low post defender. The domino effect of Drew returning to center will be Pau and Lamar having completely different matchups, matchups that will be far more favorable than the two players had against the Celtics.

With out guards and wing players able to press and trap without fear of penetration, I think you’re going to see the Lakers become one of the top defensive teams in the league in terms of shooting percentages, blocked shots, steals and turnovers forced, and fast break points as a result of their protect the rim, tight aggressive defensive strategy.



"In the end it was a signing of a player (Luke) they needed in order to keep a bad team afloat but isnt a guy who can be on the floor alot for a good team"

The markings of Luke are all in the Lakers wall. In '04, he was a rookie but did not pan out to help the team out of quagmire when their Superstars were falling one after the other in the Finals. After Shaq's departure, Luke continued to disappear except for one half season when he has the highest 3pt % in the NBA. He was likened with the good image of his father, a student player of Lute Olson, love by the media, thereby the center of attention of East Coast sportscasters who rarely watch the late Laker games in the West. I could remember vividly the last game of Luke with the Phoenix Suns in '07 on a contract year when he made only 2 pts, that was the height of frustration of Kobe that he absolutely running out of gas in bailing out the Lakers by doing all the shooting and the plays, yet accused as a ball hog and selfish dude.

With all these symptoms and indications, why would Mitch sign Luke to a long term contract? It did not fit the Lakers standard of excellence. He is a mere spokesman and a face but not a good player. Why Oh Why should we all get stucked with him until 2013? There were many better players released like 1). Kareem Rush, agood 3 pt shooter, 2). Laron Profit got injured in a game but he's ok now, he was a good sub for Kobe and 3) Jennero Pargo a great PG and a good 3 pt shooter. These players are contemporaries of Luke Walton, yet he is the favored player given a rich and long contract by the Buss because of his face and big talk. Today, our young players like Ronny Turiaf, Sasha Vujacic, Coby Karl, Joe Crawford have slim chance of playing or playing again with the Lakers b/c of a bad decision.


As much as I love the youth and potentials in Farmer and Ariza, C Billups and T Prince are huge upgrade at the PG and log jam SF positions. Basically, Lakers trade LO and Ariza for Billups & Prince. Also dump Puke and Space Cadet for Malik Rose and Jerome James 1 yr contract.

Then, sign Theo Ratilff for cheap backup center. Ratliff is another upgrade over foul prone Mimh.

Here is the line up for 2008-2009

DFish/C Billups/?
TPrince/Sun Yae/KCarl

Malik Rose Salary: $7,647,500 Years Remaining: 1
Jerome James Salary: $6,200,000 Years Remaining: 1

This is pretty lame for Ronny to do..

Let's say he takes the 17Mil a year and goes and plays for GSW.
This team isn't going to win the west.
They won't win their division.
Looking back at last years team they fought tooth and nail trying to earn the eighth spot (and lost).

Ronny wants to leave the 1st place Lakers, who are now a NBA finals team, to go play for a team that struggles to make the eighth spot?

That's Lame. And really isn't smart.

if he leaves so be it.
Look at 82;

Statistically Ronny was good at one thing and that was rebounding.
And even that positive was marginal.

I can say for certain that a player like Mikael Pietrus is not a 5 mil a year player. Seriously. Giving that guy, that kind of money is simply ludicrous.

Career stats of 8.6 ppg and 3.4 rpg are not worth that kind of pay.

I know that Walton gets paid that and I would take Pietrus at that rate over Walton any day.

That's MLE money, and neither of those two guys have that kind of impact. At least a guy like Vlad can have a substantial impact on a game.

Dammit. I hate crappy pro basketball players. This is what happens when you have too many teams and not enough talent. The league should contract a couple of squads and redistribute the players. I propose the elimination of the following teams:


That should just about settle the dead weight. Move NO to the Eastern Conference where they belong and things will even out. If this is done, players like Walton and Pietrus would never get that kind of money for their mediocre play.


Dan Patrick had Rick Kamla of NBA-TV on as a guest this morning and he had an interesting take on why Elton Brand bolted from the Clips. Per Kamla, the Clippers were “Falked” by Elton Brand, meaning that Brand’s agent, Dave Falk, put the screws to them in revenge for the Clippers apparently drafting Michael Olowokandi with the #1 pick in the NBA draft in 1998 rather than Falk’s client, Mike Bibby.

Additionally, after the Warriors made their bid and the 76ers followed, the Clippers apparently made a low-ball increase of their $60M offer raising it to $65, which Brand and Falk thought was an insult. There is also a rumor that the Clippers were still trying to cut a few players and had told Falk they were going to match the 76ers $82M offer but that Falk just stopped returning their calls and never told Brand about the Clippers last offer. Another good lesson about the price you pay if you inadvertently disrespect or insult a player with an offer during negotiations.

Per Kamla, the Clippers will now look to overpay Emeka Okafor or Josh Smith, who are restricted free agents whose original teams have been hesitant to give them big contracts. And of course, Rick says that Elgin and Donald Sterling are also probably calling Baron every hour to try and find out when he is going to sign their contract, worried to death that Baron will flee back to Golden State.


I will always cherish the memory of Ronnie Turiaf. He was part of what made the Lakers so fun to watch.

However, his numbers are not that good. When Bynum comes back he'll be more redundant than ever.

Where are we weak? We need someone who can consistently hit shots from 15 feet. Ronnie ain't it.

BTW, what is Sasha's percentage? Perhaps the lord is punishing him for calling himself a machine, but he throws up a lot of unanswered prayers. Sasha's D hustle is good, but we need someone who will make 60% of their mid-range jumpers when the d is light.




Excellent points in your post in your response to Long Time.

>>>>> LTLF: I will join you in that breakout wish for Luke this season.
>>>>>He was roasted everywhere for his poor play so I am sure he has
>>>>>heard/read everything, etc. At some he has to make a decision:
>>>>>sulk/quit or go out and do the work to get better.
>>>>>I don't think his father will allow him to quit and sully the family name.

Well said. I have a hunch that Luke Walton is not done yet. And you are right that his biggest motivation will be not to let his father down. He may kid about it, but he loves his dad and is incredibly proud of him. Luke will have a tough time breaking back into the top 10 players in the rotation but he is not without talent or ability. His biggest problem is his confidence, something that a vacation and a fresh start can often help greatly.

>>>>>I also think Mihm will get redemption this year.
>>>>>The guy has been thru two really tough years and seems to
>>>>>have really put things in perspective.
>>>>>If he can put together a really good Summer and camp -
>>>>>we will have ourselves a reliable backup center.
>>>>>And we are still lucky in that we will have
>>>>>AB, Mihm, Gasol can play the 5 and even LO when need be.
>>>>>If we keep Mbenga - there's a banger to help us as well.

Again well said. I get so tired of posters tossing Chris out with the garbage and comparing him to Kwame and Smush and other players who never gave a damn. If he fully recovers from his foot and gets his hops and game back, he will not only be a reliable backup to Drew but also the best backup center in the league. The Lakers said last week that they were interested in having DJ Mbenga re-sign for next year.


I'll also be sad to see Turiaf go- for all of the reasons already mentioned. But (as Charles posted earlier), I felt that after that Flagrant Foul call (bad call, IMHO) against him in Utah, he seemed a bit hesitant, maybe a bit lost at times defensively. There were moments in the Celtics series when he had the opportunity for a hard foul and it didn't happen.

Secondly, I wonder how he will be able to handle more minutes. There were times during the season when I read that PJ wanted to use him more, but was unable to do so because of problems with nagging "injuries" (hips, if I recall correctly). Not to imply Turiaf was cruising/taking time off- far from it- just that his body wasn't able to recover from big minutes when they played a lot of games in a short period of time.

I wish him the best- he is one of my favorite players and I wish the front office could work out something so that we could keep him. Otherwise, too much money for a deep backup.

Go Lakers- NBA Champions in 08/09


>>>>> LakerTom: Is she with the Tuttle guys or one of the other firms?
>>>>>I am on the secondary marketing side of things as well –
>>>>>we probably have a bunch of people in common.

Amazing! It’s a small world out there, isn’t it. My wife’s name is Teresa Wong and she was Paul Tuttle’s 4th employee back when he started out in downtown Mill Valley. Teresa later became a partner in Tuttle and the company’s controller and participated when Microsoft bought Tuttle Decision Systems to turn it into Until the crash, we thought Teresa’s shares were going to make us rich. As it turns out, the best we ever got was Bill Walton as a guest host one Christmas. Teresa is currently working for Compass Analytics in Marin, which is all original Tuttle people.

Speaking of people in common, do you remember Lenny Auerbach, who was the UC professor who designed most of the risk management theories that Tuttle deployed? Lenny was forced out of Tuttle due to sexual harassment claims many years ago and recently ended up on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list if you can believe it, for child pornography. He apparently had a 12 year old girlfriend that he visited over 30 times in Costa Rica and made videos. Quite a surprise for a guy I knew personally.

After he fled and was added to the 10 Most Wanted list, Lenny apparently fled to Cuba, which has no extradition treaty but sent back. He sent Rob Crisman an email from Cuba boasting how he had escaped and saying he was in Paradise – then the Cubans decided they didn’t want any child molesters and sent him back to the U.S., where he is now awaiting trial and faces up to 30 years in prison. An unbelievable story if you knew him.



Hey, great to hear you’re in the Bay Area too. We’ll definitely have to get all of us together for Lakers viewing parties next year.

There are several other Bay Area Lakers fans besides you and Psyched and me so we will need to start a list for next season.

Bay Area Lakers Fans

Laker Tom
Psyched Laker Girl
Jay Jay

Add your name if you are from the Bay area.


If the Lakers had used this same contract tactic with Luke the Lakers wouldn't be stuck with a overpaid redhead!

this is very much Bynum related. If this dude is getting this kind of money and he's HALF the presence on the court as Andrew then, what kind of money will Andrew want?
Bogut, Bucks agree on 5-year extension
By Charles F. Gardner
Wednesday, Jul 9 2008, 10:21 AM
The Bucks are making a serious commitment to center Andrew Bogut, who will sign a five-year extension with salary and bonuses worth up to $72.5 million, according to agent David Bauman.

Today is the first day for NBA free agents and players seeking extensions to sign contracts.

The extension does not affect the $6.9 million he is owed for the coming season, the final year of his rookie contract. Sources indicated the guaranteed money in the extension is $60 million.

"We've come to an agreement to extend Andrew's contract," Bucks general manager John Hammond said this afternoon.

Bogut, the top overall pick in the 2005 draft, said last season that he wanted to remain with the Bucks for the long-term, despite the team's struggles during the past two seasons.

Bogut played in 78 games last season and averaged 14.3 points and 9.8 rebounds.

damn i love this blog.

middle of july, and there's still plenty of quality takes on the lake show.

by the way, it seems most laker fans have taken the role of big brother when it comes to elton brand dissing the clippers. it's almost as if laker fans feel somewhat disrespected by brand spuring the clip show...

ANYHOW, ronny turiaf signs an offer sheet with the warriors. sucks for me because i have followed turiaf since his gonzaga days, was ecstatic when the lakers drafted him, was really down when turiaf had open heart surgery, and was elated when he first suited up for the purple and gold.

and now it looks like turiaf will be headed up to the bay. best of luck ronny, your heart and courage will be missed.

face it, turiaf has to take care of his own family. he never shortchanged the lakers when it came to effort.

as many have pointed out, the deals for vladrad and luke look atrocious right about now. money we gave those guys could have easily kept turiaf at staples for the next 5 years.

as for the optimistic mihm fans, sorry to burst your bubble - but the guy is a crystal chandelier. he is a journeyman. the guy is average and foul prone when healthy...yet he hasn't even been able to stay healthy for the past 2.5+ seasons. the tires are bald.

pointing out the obvious: mihm, vladrad, and luke are the weak links right now. would not mind if 2 of them were gone come this fall...probably will not happen.

great signing by the miami heat (james jones). with wade, marion, beasley and now jones - that's a pretty decent team. talk about a quick turnaround after dealing shaq...wished ours was that quick.

jermaine o'neal - tj ford trade was just made official...

by the way, turiaf left for two reasons:

the loot


more playing time

(phil jackson cut his time considerably towards the end of the season and throughout the playoffs...)

People -- The "forget the money and stay for loyalty" argument is lame. Why should a player do that? Just because it's sports and winning and losing is involved? Winning and losing is involved in all areas of life.

What if you worked for Pepsi and was battling Coke for cola supremacy. Now what if Coke, next door, offered you 30% more -- would you turn it down?

And no, I don't care about the amount of money we are talking about. It's the gold fish syndrome. Put a goldfish in a bigger container and it will grow to fill it.

These guys "quit" their jobs in their mid 30s and have to live on that money for 50 more years.

Should they be able to put money away and live on it smartly? Sure. But that is always an unknown, so collecting as much as possible up front is the only security they have.

I don’t begrudge anyone for taking more money. It has little to do with loyalty.

K Bros would be working for the OC Register in a second for a 10% raise -- hahahahaha.

Lakers fans,

Raise your respective glass and let's give a farewell toast to fan-favorite Ronny for his energy and passion that we'll surely miss.

Ronny, bon chance! A votre sante!

wow, i dont read the blog for a day and all of a sudden we loose a player?

I hate to see ronny go but i definetly wouldn't match that.

I'll miss you ronnny

Go Lakers


Thanks for the Bogut news. And you are right, that is not good news for the Lakers. Even though Drew was drafted 10 spots after Bogut, nobody would take Bogut over him today. I still am hoping for Drew to give the Lakers a break and think he will.




It took a while for me to return to this blog. After losing to Boston, I tried my best to avoid anything basketball related for a while. The pain has died down a bit, and I am excited about next season again.

I see not much has changed on this blog. LongTimeLakerFan is still on his crusade to justify his man-crush on Luke. John K is still grumpy. Mike T. is back and seems to be in a good mood again after our Kwameless big men got man-handled in the finals. Charles is as polite as ever. LakerTom is still keeping us guessing on who is favorite Laker is. Edwin Gueco is still forcing me to have a dictionary handy to read his posts. Just like Cher and Prince, Farweather Fatty is back to being simply Fatty again. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, it’s good to be back and talkin’ Lakers again.

Just some quick thoughts:
-If Artest and Thomas are available for Lamar, this is a no-brainer. Who would you rather have matched up against Pierce, Carmelo, Josh Howard, Magette, Travis Outlaw, etal.?? Kobe, Bynum and Artest would instantly become the BEST defensive trio in the league. Artest had chemistry issues with Kevin Martin, that Lamar would solve. This trade makes sense for both teams.
-If Artest is not available, James Posey will be a perfect fit on this team. I love Ariza, but I am very nervous about his durability. Posey is a smart, durable, tough minded and experienced vet that can hit the open shot and play solid D. And please Kupchak, do not sign 45 year Brent Barry!
-A hustling, young, always improving, tough, high energy, inspiring, shot blocking, playing through injuries, Predator looking, team gluing power forward with an improving mid-range game at $4 million a year (almost $2million less than Luke??). Ummmm…YES PLEASE.


I'm born, raised and still live in richmond ca. Put me on that list

Allan –Brazil,

Welcome. No disrespect but we’re not trading Lamar at this time and especially not for a package that includes Wally Sczerbiak, who has a horrible contract and can’t do anything but shoot from long range. I do like Varejão a lot and he would be a perfect backup power forward for the Lakers but not as good as Lamar. Nice try. Strike one. JK.



Who will I post as if the Kwaminus signs with the Heat?
The Heat has expressed interest in several free agents: center Kwame Brown and guards Jannero Pargo and Roger Mason. Agent Mark Bartelstein said Tuesday afternoon he has had discussions about his three clients with the Heat, but ''nothing is happening imminently'' regarding contract offers.


>>>>> LakerTom is still keeping us guessing on who is favorite Laker is.

Welcome back. For all time, nobody beats Magic. He was the GOAT. On this current squad, I would call it a tie between Kobe and Drew at this point. I don’t see how I could ever choose between two franchise players. Just in case you were serious. LOL.


Hate to see Ronny go, but this is the exact sort of contract teams can get themselves in trouble with. Not to say Ronny doesn't have the potential to get better with more playing time, but if he is the player we've seen over the past couple years -- great energy, tons of heart, great shot-blocker and a so-so offensive player, that is way too much money. Especially on this team where he'll only backup unless the team is riddled with injury.

My best wishes to him.

Aside from the Ronny bit, seeing these posts where people are proposing blowing up this team are crazy. The Lakers finally have good chemistry in the locker room, it parlays onto the floor where they get tons of great playoff pressure experience for all these young players and now we want to get rid of Vlad, Walton, Odom, Farmar, Ariza, etc., etc.? This team made it to the Finals a year early in my opinion, which can only enhance their chances next year. I'll be upset to see much in the way of substantive changes.

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