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Turiaf agrees to deal with Warriors

Ronny_turiaf_slams_against_the_clip PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Purple, Gold and Blue is back this week, and we'll talk about the Ronny situation, and also the status of Sasha Vujacic (and probably the EB signing, as well).  11 a.m., clicking either the show widget on the side of the page or going to our show window at

Broderick Turner of the Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting that Ronny Turiaf has agreed to a four-year, $17-million offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors.  As Turiaf is a restricted free agent, assuming he does in fact accept the deal the Lakers would have seven days to match it.  I've always been terrible at estimating how much a guy will get on the open market, especially a player like Turiaf whose value can be difficult to quantify in dollar figures (although apparently it's somewhere around four years, $17 million).  To me, this deal is at the upper end of what I thought Ronny would get, and it'll be interesting to see whether the Lakers, given their luxury tax situation and the desire to bring in a guy like James Posey with the mid-level exception, will match. 

Initial Reaction: Turiaf, though an inspiring person, is a luxury for this group assuming Andrew Bynum and Chris Mihm are healthy and able to play.  He's undoubtedly a great guy to have around, and they won't find anyone on the open market to replace his attitude.  They might, though, be able to replace his production at a far cheaper price.  It's not my money, so I'd just as soon they match (take the guy you have rather than worry about finding a replacement that may or may not be better).  I don't think it would become an albatross contract, weighing them down.  Four mil isn't too bad a number to move if need be, and Turiaf's work ethic and size mean he'll probably always have suitors. But given that I don't write the checks, it's an easy thing for me to say.

My guess is they'll pass on the offer.  Turiaf may be a $4-million player on paper, but in their current economic situation and the dollar-for-dollar luxury tax penalty they're looking at, he'd amount to an $8-million backup -- on some nights, a very deep backup -- for L.A.  That's pretty steep.  Good for Ronny, though.  He certainly earned the deal.  Plenty more on this to come as it develops.


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Yes, good for Ronny. If he accepts it, and why wouldn't he, I wish him the best. I don't think the Lakers will match unless they have someone else they plan on moving. Jerry Buss never has liked being above the salary cap. I would expect the Lakers not to be much above it for long. Besides, the Lakers obviously must extend Bynum.

I think what the Lakers do here depends on what their plans for L.O are this year or next. If the Lakers intend to keep Lamar after this season, I think they let Rony go. If they do not plan on retaining him I think they match., If he stays or goes, he will always be one of my favorite Lakers.


Good for Rony

Watch him thrive now that he's out of the stupid Triangle Offense which only restricts players not enhance.

All I can say is, good luck in Oakland and enjoy the $4.25 million a year! I think that he deserves it. If the Lakers were thinking they'd get him for around $2 million, there's very little chance that they'd match this offer. But I'd rather see him go to GS than the Jazz. Maybe he'll finally be able to get in to Villa now that he'll finally be able to afford some serious bling.

What's up Lakerville!

This is an "uh-oh" moment for me. I'd be sorry to see Ronny go but it looks like he found an offer that the Lakers might not match. It was going to be hard to find playing time for him anyway, what with Pau, LO and Mihm. I'd really be surprised if they do match but that would mean that a trade would be in the works.

Stay tuned!


Say it ain't so!

I hate the Warriors for doing this to us again!

I'll be sad if he leaves for reals. Match it Lakers!


you cant leave uss!!!!!

"Gee guys, thanks for the heart surgery and all o' dat, but I must pay me bills. Guess that's the last I'll be seeing of the playoffs for a while..."


Where is the logic in this? How could you leave a team with a very high chance of winning a championship next season to a team who has Corey Magette, Stephen Jackson, one else????

I suppose if they do lose Ronny, they could sign Kurt Thomas to the veteran's minimum or maybe half the MLE. This is a good replacement imho as Thomas would not be expected to play a lot of minutes but he's a pretty good shooter at the elbow and rebounds well.

I love Turiaf, but there's no way we can match this offer. Not with The Gasol money already committed to, the Bynum money piling up, the Kobe money to high to count and the Lamar and Sasha money still to be determined.

4 million a year? Maybe if we didn't already give that and more to Luke and Vlad and maybe if Turiaf hadn't of vanished against the Celtics and maybe if he wasn't 5th on the depth chart at center and 3rd at power forward.

I hate to loose Turiaf, but we can't afford him. We also cant afford to spend any more money on players who aren't absolutely in their physical and psychological prime. We need battle tested vets at this point, and Turiaf' didn't show his readiness when it counted most.

I wish him the best, but no more kids for this team.


Congrats to Ronnie. I hope they match. F it.

I love Ronnie's attitude. I'd hate to not have it around.

When we move Chris Mihm and Luke Walton for Artest when Mihm plays well, we'll need Ronnie to back up the 5.

...wakes up...

very unexpected that the lakers would have its restricted free agents sniped off

they're poaching our players!!!!

does that mean the return of BrowN

As much as I'd hate to see Ronny go, you can't blame the dude for looking out for #1. If he goes, I hope things work out better for him in NoCal than they did for D-Fish. He got scammed. Good luck, Ronny, no matter what you do.

Interesting to see what the FO does with this. I was really hoping to have Ronny stay, but i also won't be surprised if they don't match. I didn't think he'd get THAT much but good luck to him the guy deserves it. It's been nothing but a joy to watch his play/cheerleading.

How did Fish get scammed? I thought he just got paid! Overpaid, even.

Wow. Someone is up late doing updates. It's 4:30am in Indiana. That's dedication (on both our parts).


I just realized... they lose their Frenchman (Pietrus) and sign our Frenchman? My, must be a lot of Frenchies in the league. LOL

Good luck Ronny, never was a good fit with us anyways. Now down to business, Lakers need to release Vlad Rad and Newble or Mihm (whoever has a bigger salary). And then we need to SIGN RICKY DAVIS! PLEASE MITCH PLEASE! He is a perfect fit for our bench, someone who can get his own shot and score during a drought.

At the end of the day its hard to know how to feel about this beyond the basic wish he could stay for less money.

The lakers have done what contenders do and built a team with all the various attributes (physical and mental) that they feel they need.In theory I agree...


We cant keep overpaying for guys who are great team guys but dont necessarily produce ie Walton...Turiaf could be the same.Hes a limited player and always will be

The question is how much does Waltons team mentality or Turiaf's attitude really help the team? Its a genuine question...I am aware how much difference one guy can make.Walton I think was a hangover from days where the lakers had less options and they undoubtedly regret that contract.Turiaf on the other hand could be worth that money.I guess we dont really know - its down to Phil and Kobe and the people in the locker room to decide

The smart thing for Lakers is to waiv Luke to create space to sign Ronny! Of course Mitch won't don it. That's like admitting that you spent your boss' money for nothing.

I will be heartbroken if Ronny leaves. Heartbroken.

That's Perfect!

Now we can trade Luke straight up for Ronnie.

Bye Ronnie! aint no way in the world your worth that much. I love your hustle..but I am not sorry to see go for that amount of money. People seem to forget many-a-days your were more frustration to watch that anything. Congrates on ur payday.

If he had an inside game to speak of, I'd match his offer, but he'll get paid and be deep on the bench and never see the finals again!! He doesn't finish in the post and rebound well for a big. We never seem to get players to sacrifice for the team like the spurs do. There's only so much money to go around. Now I guess sasha wants double that amount.


from a personality & versatility standpoint I'd prefer to
have Turiaf over Lamar. Lamar did play better last
year. It'll be interesting to see if the lakers match.

WoW! Good for him! I do hope the Lakers match though. I think he's one of those players that makes Kobe happy. We will see...

I'm happy for Ronny that he'll see a nice pay day. But there is absolutely no reason for the Lakers to match that offer. Considering Ronny's size and skills, that's a premium price.

Any extra money in Mitch Kupchak's petty cash drawer needs to be reserved for Sasha.

I absolutely love Ronny but it seem unlikely that he will get an offer from the Lakers. With that being said, Mitch must sign Sasha pronto! I believe we need him more than we need Ronny. Sasha knows the Triangle well, fearless, and plays with a lot of heart and aggression...Lakers need that! I will be sorry if Ronny leaves but we have to sign the Machine as soon as possible!! How come there are no news about signing him?

That's great news for Ronny getting 4.25M, at least he is not a soft player. He needs to practice more on his shooting on those middle of the posts jumpers as well as FT shooting, he missed a lot of them last year. I was just thinking if Turiaf was with Gasol when this Allen made that cross over on Sasha or Luke, I think he could have swatted those easy lay up shots. Ronny Turiaf can be improved, I wish Kareem would teach him some pivot moves and be selfish in the low post than being a copy cat of Walton in looking for pass than a shot at the hoop.

With the signing of one player, Lakers F/O takes advantaage at price increase of tickets. Again, it is catered to business institutions to buy Laker tickets for PR purposes, the real "hoi-poloi" or the passionate Laker fans that bleeds purple and gold are left on the TV sets. So don't be surprised if you see well-behaved fans who'd rather chat with Joel Myers than cheer with the Lakers.,0,1867402.story

The next move is Sasha which I think will be closed to 5M, it is up to Sasha to tell his agent that he accepts that amount. I would prefer Sasha than an old Brent Barry.

With the inclusion of Bynum which is in the vicinity of 80M which is 16m a year, we still have not answered the concern of the old man, Jerry that total payroll will be approaching 90M+ that's about 20m luxury taxes. The Buss family are not deep pocket like Donald Sterling, Paul Allen or Mark Cuban. Whatever will cost the Buss family, they'll just pass the buck to Hollywood stars and the laker fans who are becoming poorer every week, attributed to oil and commodities increase. Their jobs are vanishing, the value of dollar in the world market is diminishing and their entertainment cost kept on increasing. All they can afford is log or express their frustrations in the Lakers Blog. Who said life is fair?

Lakers shouldn't match this offer let Ronny go ,he will be missed but let him go and make his money. Hopefully he will have better luck in O-town than Fisher did.

Ahhhhh, Damn!!!!! Great enthusiasm. You need an intangible energy guy on your team. Bynum will be back this year but besides him Ronny was the only guy who provided any interior defense at all. I hope we plan on replacing his hustle if we don't match. Hope this means we are seriously about to get Artest.

I can not believe you mentioned and uttered the name "CHRIS MIHM"
We can't count on him to do NOTHING.
He could not play the PJ BROWN role for us and he sure as hell can't play Ronny Turiaf for a full season and playoffs.

Remember what Turiaf did for us when Bynum and Gasol were down and we beat Dallas and Utah on the road??
I think Turiaf will continue to improve or certainly maintain his level of play.

17 over 4 is a similar contract to Derek Fisher.

IT is not Turiaf's fault that Vlad Rad and Luke were overpaid.

We can't find another Turiaf to play 82 and the playoffs. The full season is about attrition and getting through many many games and Turiaf is needed to keep Odom, Gasol, and Bynum fresher.

This would be a big mistake.
I'd let Sasha go first because you can find a shooter easier than a 6 foot 10 guy.

This is just the way it is.


"When we move Chris Mihm and Luke Walton for Artest when Mihm plays well, we'll need Ronnie to back up the 5."

I wish our mutual dreams will come true. These two players are the weakest links of the Lakers. Chris was a 10ppg player before the injury and have been the centerfold dream of the Lakers since the departure of Shaq. It did not pan out. He never paid his dues as a Laker. This could be the last year of several tests. If Mihm is reading this blog,my advice is: "please try your best to elevate your game, you're playing with the Lakers that developed the best centers in the league from Mikan, Chamberlain, Jabbar, O'Neil and possibly Bynum who would soon overtake you. It will be awful in your career if you remain a pigment of imagination among Laker fans equating your game to other Laker Centers like Travis Knight, Elden Campbell, Sean Rooks etc. they're journeymen Centers. Chris Mihm, please do something and dedicate your professionalism for the last hurrah."

With regards to Luke Walton, I am resigned that Mitch will find a team that will absorb him. I gave credit to Mike T. last year when he voiced out his stiff opposition when Mitch gave a five year contract to a mediocre player. It is sad that Kobe will be alligned with this player. I hope I am wrong that in the next season Walton becomes the Bynum of '07 who'd try hard and elevate his game or else he will be remembered as the "mediocre feeder (assist man) of Kobe Bryant."

While I agree with you on Artest as they type of player we need to aid Bynum and Gasol in the post, he just made a wrong decision for not opting out. That is an indication that this fellow is a very unreliable individual, not a dedicated player with vision. He is a plain bully and dumb to let that opportunily slipped by. Trying to retrace his history, he made a wrong turn at the stand in Detroit when he was a Pacer, he never panned out with the Kings when he was regarded as their inspirational leader. From animal lover, he turned into an abuser which annoyed the soft hearted Maloof Bros. While it may be true that he will find a match with PJ b/c they have the same wavelenght, Artest could be the player with a time bomb in his shorts that could explode any minute for no reason at all.

Having said that, it does not exonerate the Lakers for losing the Finals because of their softness. I completely agree with you, Staple24, Mike T, Faith and several others here who are dreaming an impossible dream of putting grit, power and impregnable defense that could stop any foe, depress any team and impress a lot of fans that Showtime is indeed back in Los Angeles.


You guys serious? Rony was very inconsistant, enjoy golden state. Shows why Golden State is ran so poorly by way overpaying for a cheerleader. I liked the guy but come on, he was a cheerleader and won't ever play with bynum and mihm and ariza back. Lets please keep Sascha.

No way, at that price, do the Lakers match. Especially if they truely want to resign Sasha. If by chance the Lakers do match the Turiaf contract then Sasha is gone. If they let Sasha walk then Turiaf could resign with the Lakers.

Either way, the Lakers are in desprate need of roster spots. The Lakers need at least 3 or 4 rosters spots that don't include players from last year.

Turiaf is one
DJ is another.
Karl is another.
Newble is another.
Then we still have Walton and Mihm taking up spots. There's no way Walton or Mihm can be part of the regular rotation. So that means they are at the back end of the roster. 11th and 12th men on the floor.

By letting Turiaf walk the Lakers will be free to do something different. By signing Turiaf...that would be like sticking themselves in salary cap hell along with the Radmanovic and Walton contracts.

No way do the Lakers match the Turiaf contract.

This is what the Lakers should have done with Walton. They should have let Walton test the market.

mike t.

First Brand, then Maggette, then Braveheart.

Today sucks.


Shite! Don't wanna see Ronny go :( I'd rather we trade Mihm to keep Ronny. He's prolly our best post defender - we need those to bang with the Boozers and the Amares.

Those 10+M buckaroos we committed to Luke and Vlad sure don't look good now, do they?

I am disappointed to see Rony go. He is just doing what the vast majority of people would do when faced with an economic decision. He is opting for better pay. I think almost all of us on the blog would jump at a chance to take a job that paid us that much more. If Acme Co. offered you an outrageous salary – you might give your current employer a chance to meet it – however if they fail to do so, wouldn’t you take the money? That being said after the additional investment the Lakers made in the guy – the heart surgery that may have saved the dudes life, one would hope that he would show some loyalty back. Loyalty is not that common and in many ways I think the tendency is to ‘romanticize’ loyalty as thing of bygone days, but when there was no free-agency you pretty much had to be ‘loyal’ to your team no? Good for Rony. Good luck, but the Lakers have a good chance to go to the finals and win the Championship next year – the Warriors will be lucky to make the playoffs.
Very few guys have ever put their money where their mouth is. When they say “It isn’t about the money” guard your wallet, because it is about money. Getting to the playoffs every year and having a legit shot at a trophy is very rare and most players don’t realize it until the end of their career. There is a long list of older guys that will give up dough for a shot at a title – how many young guys do that? The old guys know that it is tough to get to the top of the mountain and will give up something to get that shot. The younger players want to have their cake and eat it too!

If the Lakers don’t match – I am inclined to believe they won’t – best wishes to one of the games most entertaining pine riders, but be careful what you wish for Rony – you just might get it.


If we match, fantastic, I love Ronny.
If we don't, best of luck and nothing but success (unless it's against us.)


A tough bind. $17 million for 4 years is probably too much to pay for a backup. That said, losing Turiaf makes the Lakers an even softer team, as they now have absolutely nobody to back up at the PF position (don't tell me Lamar can fill that role--$4 million is too much for that role, $14 million is crazy high).

LO for Artest and Kenny Thomas is looking better and better. If Turiaf is gone, LO for Artest & Thomas upgrades the starting lineup at the SF position (better shooting, better defense) and now improves the bench at the PF position.

The idea of Ronny leaving makes me sad. He's one of my favorite Lakers, and such a feel-good story for the team.

Question: If LO gets moved to the 3, who is our backup at the 4 that would drop Ronny to 3rd in the rotation? I can see him being 3rd in the rotation for center, but it seems to me that he'd be our backup at the 4.

I just hate the idea of losing a high-energy, solid contributor like Ronny on the idea that Chris Mihm MIGHT actually be able to play again and that Drew or Gasol PROBABLY won't get injured and have us right back to LO at the 4 with no real backup.

Of course, as they say, I'm not the one spending the money.


Damn Ronny. Gonna miss you. Wont the 6+ % ticket hike help susidize some of this? Take the money, Ronny. Next up Sasha. Somebody's gonna give hime the MLE.


I hope they go after Kurt Thomas, too. I think he's better around the rim. I like Ronny, but he always looked lost when he got the ball down low.

Resign Ronny,we need his cheer-leading and shot blocking skills. Jerry over charges at staples, and iam a season ticket holder do the right thing Buss.

Drew/Gasol/Odom/Ronny - that's a good 4/5 rotation. Please don't break it up!

This reminds me of when Derek Fisher signed with GSW - can't really turn down that kind of money, and he's a good guy, so there won't be any animosity towards him when he comes to play in L.A.

Indeed, there are two NBA teams in LA. One carries a tradition of excellence while the other is perceived as forever loser. I pity Elgin Baylor, he is miffed by Donald Sterling whose forte is real estate and charitable causes, he fell into trap of micro managing the Clippers to the last penny. Had he opened his pocket to Brand and Maggette, he may be within the luxury threshold but establish of the changing course of the Clippers.

Now they are back to Square One. The good side is that they still have good line up with Davis, Kaman, Wobley, Thornton, Gordon and Williams. Salary cap has been increased to 58m and if Davis is signed @ 13M, Clippers total will be 41M, so that they have 17M budget to look for other free agents like Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith, JR Smith, Emeka Okafor. With that excess money, Clippers could improve their roster matching the talents they lost.

Elton Brand is just a mercenary player like the others. He has no word of honor, if it is true that he invited Baron Davis to come here which was the reason why he opted his contract. Clippers paid him 16M last year for doing nothing b/c he was injured. Donald Sterling, a consummate realtor-bllionaire must be gnashing his teeth for losing Elton, firstly he declined location, location a famous line in real estate. secondly, EB has no debt of gratitude for sitting down throughout the year, for not making the playoffs in '08 after a 2nd round lost to the Suns in '07, his move to Sixers destroyed the Clippers momentum for next season. EB is the inspirational leader of the Clippers, yet he declined that leadership for "thirty pieces of silver". Will the Sixers compete for Championship with their new line up? I doubt. Delembert is not a good Center that will dominate Celtics, Cavaliers or Magic.

Lakers - Ronny = softest team in the league. Ouch!

I like Ronny a lot, specially his story from childhood, heart surgery, he's well liked and all the things he so for the team. But at the end of the day, he needs to reach for the stars and maybe the Lakers isn't the club that will let it happen. I just hope he doesn't burn us in future games against him as all ex-Lakers tend to do. He may be the Gasol stopper or something.

More power to you Ronny and go for the gold i.e. most cash for your talent. Good luck if you go and if you stay play like the beast you are i.e. Predator!

*If he goes to GSW, he may play more minutes and they could be the 8th or 7th team in the WC.

He DID accept the offer. That's what is mean by reaching an agreement.

In my last post about Ronny Turiaf, I said that Lakers will sign him for 17M for five years, although right now it is the Warrior's offer sheet. Lakers have a couple of days to wait to match this offer so I presume we got Ronny. Kurt Thomas is not an alternative, he is old like Brent Barry.

It is nice to dream if Walton's 4.5M, Mihm's 2.5M and Turiaf 4.2M will be given just to one player Bobcats Emeka Okafor. that is a perfect setting for the Lakers and a natural PF or 2nd stringer Center.

Man the warriors, free of Baron Davis's contract, are spending like drunken sailors. It's like they can't wait to get above the salary cap. Monta Ellis must be thinking, "Gee guys! Save some for me please!"

Good for Ronny! But I don't think the Lakers should match this. The situation reminds me of the offer the T-Wolves gave to Madsen. The Lakers should just say, good luck and split ways. This creats another spot on the roster for one of our young guys. Maybe Mata-Real suprises everyone and makes the team.

I am a little surprised Ronny got an offer that big. I hate to lose him, as he is an ex-Gonzaga player and actually turned some Laker haters into fans up here. That aside, there is no none with a bigger heart that Ronny. I would love to see him stay, but given the circumstances, it may be a longshot. His presence will be missed. We had a great chemistry this year and I hate to see it messed with, but that's the way it goes. I am happy for him if it is what he wants.

Hi All:

WOW. I am a bit shocked by this one. Although, I am really glad for Ronny. He should absolutely take the $$$ and being a business - I doubt the Lakers will match.

I will continue enjoy watching him for the few GSW games I see. The GSW will be a very interesting team this season - continued high energy and lots of offense. He will certainly miss the celebrity and beach life though...

We will definitely miss the spirit and enthusiasm off the bench. Ronny - we cheer you!


RC wrote:

“Yes, good for Ronny. If he accepts it, and why wouldn't he, I wish him the best. I don't think the Lakers will match unless they have someone else they plan on moving. Jerry Buss never has liked being above the salary cap. I would expect the Lakers not to be much above it for long. Besides, the Lakers obviously must extend Bynum.”

While it certainly a big advantage to be under the salary cap (newly established at $58.68 million). Almost unheard of these days. Again it is not the “salary cap” that is the problem. But the dollar for dollar “luxury tax” threshold now set at $71.15 million which the owners disdain so much. For obvious reasons.

Therefore, I do not see the Lakers matching this. As it would essentially mean you are looking at about an $8 million/yr. payout for a deep reserve player.

Much too much given the current economic situation today.

So goodbye and a lot of good luck Ronny. Loved your hustle and youthful-like exuberance you bought to the game. But unfortunately since every dollar the Lakers spend now on new contracts must be doubled. Only players who are going to make a major impact night in and out should be signed at this point.


Screw it. Buss is continuing to charge more money for seats and the Lakers continue to accrue monetary value as an enterprise.

Pay the luxury tax.

Nothing associated with the Purple and Gold is cheap at Staples. Buss can't be cheap with his players.



This is upsetting. Ronny is one of my all-time fav's. I absolutely love this guy's personality and his effect on this team. I truly truly hope he stays a Laker.

Of course I want the guy to get the best deal for him & his family, but I also want him to stay here. I hope the FO keeps him. C'MON BUSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't you notice whatever Lakers chose, they suddenly become marketable with other teams except for two individuals Walton and Mihm? Lakers were rumored for Posey and Artest, their price suddenly went up from MLE to more dollars. Then, Mitch shifted to Barry and Thomas, they were offered with lucrative offers from their teams and also from other teams. Nobody wants to support Kobe & Co., everyone wants the Lakers to be a failure in the off season. Everytime a Laker trade, it shakes up the Western teams, that's why I'm rationalizing whether Mitch could get anything fruitful in this summer trade, he is on the verge of losing Turiaf and Vujacic too and yet have not found solution to the luxury threshold overshoot. It could be before February, if Odom and Mihm do not help, their values will be in the trading bloc rather than lose them without any exchange in '09 season. LO and Chris Mihm have to succeed in their last season, no if's and but's they got to use their heights to be recognized in NBA.

I promised that I would not post until next June.
However, I'm very upset.
We are going to lose Ronny.
Ronny and Andrew are our only tough-minded big men.
To Pau/Lamar/Luke/Vladimir:
I blame you if we lose Ronny.
I blame your 4 over-price contracts.
I blame your softness.
I blame your lack of heart.
Ronny has the toughtest heart on the team.
Even life-threatening surgery could not kill his heart.
Ronny will be gone.
What happens if Andrew is hurt?
Pau/Lamar/Luke/Vladimir=cream puffs.
Pau= 13+ mil per year.
Lamar= 13+ mil this year.
Luke= 26+ mil on remaining contract.
What do these high contracts have in comon?
Soft players with no heart.
If I'm Kobe/Andrew/Derek/Trevor/Jordan:
I would walk up to Pau/Lamar/Luke/Vladimir and state:
We lose Ronny as a result of your contracts.
4 soft WNBA-type players.
Losing Ronny as a result of the 4 WNBA player's high contracts will hurt team chemistry.
Man, I'm angry.
And I have yet to speak of the potential of losing Sasha.

Damn you Warriors... Damn you to the burning pits of hell. First Fish. Now this!

Okay, maybe some slight overreaction on my part. The honest truth is that 4 mil a year is just too much.

I don't like it. But I do accept it. One of my favorites just got payed. I ain't mad at him. Good luck Rony!

Extend Bynum based on half of a season? I'll pass on that.

Ronny Turiaf got a nice deal and the Lakers should pass. I would like to be the first to welcome Kurt Thomas to the Lakers. Hopefully, they'll go after Carl Landry too.

Mon dieu!! Au revoir Ronny. Allo Kurt Thomas?

You can't blame Ronny for signing that offer sheet. I'd love to see LA match, but it doesn't make much sense financially.


Jerry West called this one back in March.

He's been out of position for most of his stay here but at PF, Ronny could prove to be worth the price tag.

Let me get this straight

Magette goes to GSW
Brand to the 76ers
and now Turiaf likely goes to GSW aswell


Can't take it to personal its only business and I get that but man I thought there would be a little loyalty with ronny maybe he'll decide to stick around at 4yrs for 13-14 mill. If not its the same thing I said when d-fish left for the money to GSW - I love having you play for the lakers but not at that price-Get that paper and good luck

Wow, I would hate to see Turiaf leave but I doubt the Lakers will match the offer. This really makes the Lakers a soft team except for Bynum. I would use as much of the allowed time as needed to make sure they can get a replacement for him before deciding to not match the offer. Posey is by far the guy they should be going after but if you can't get Posey or someone like him then I would resign Ronny.

If ronny does end up leaving this would be a good time for the lakers to try an get villanueva from the bucks!

I'm just saying .......


You're not over-reacting. First the Warriors screw up the Clippers resigning Brand and now he's off to the fricken 76ers.

Then they seize Ronny.

They've just got a typical Nor Cal vendetta against Southern California.


Giving Luke a 30 million dollar contract set a bad prescendence.

I'm going to have a fricken nervous breakdown if I see Braveheart in a Warriors uniform. Urgh.



Ronny is a poster boy for "pure of heart" player and he will choose money over a potential ring. Understandable.

The word "loyalty" is dribbled around this blog frequently.

In the NBA, loyalty goes to the highest bidder.



Melancholy don't win championships...Peace out Ronny!

Bring in Kurt Thomas, he is a hardnosed player (NY Knicks regime circa early 90's) and they need that type of attitude. If we can get Pose or Artest, that would change the complexity of our team from softies to somewhat hardcore..

AWWWW not RT hmmm any body think theyll take Kobe and LO for Ronnie and ummm CJ wattson.........Just jokin. youll be missed Turiaf.

Warrior fan here.
My feelings on Turiaf are mixed. The Warriors are doing a good job at getting rid of their dead weight (Pietrus and Barnes). However, the Warriors have spent almost exactly the same amount as the Clippers spent on Baron Davis as they have on Magette and Turiaf. What? Watching the Warriors without Davis on the floor last year (which was a rare occasion) was like watching a lot of talented scorers do nothing. Without Davis, the Warriors are a rudderless ship. With all due respect to Turiaf and Magette, without the crucial piece of a point guard, the Warriors are going down hill. It seems the front office for the Warriors are making hasty decisions after the Davis's shocking move.

Well this news sure stinks. I'm glad Ronny is going to get his nice paycheck I just don't see the Lakers matching it. Everyone in LA LOVES Ronny but not for that price. However, the Lakers FO has done crazier things so we will just have to wait and see. I would just kill me to see Ronny not wearing a Laker uni. Guess we just have to wait it out and see what happens.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Eagleboy: I totally agree with you.

Exhel: I live in the Russian Hill area.

LakerTom: Is she with the Tuttle guys or one of the other firms? I am on the secondary marketing side of things as well - we probably have a bunch of people in common.

Would love to get a Lakers group watch together at some point - that would be fun. Then I won't be the one yelling at the screen in the bar.

Benjamin: no hard feelings - I appreciate your insight but we just disagree on Artest - that's okay. At least you are a Lakers fan.


Good for Ronny.

I think it would be a mistake on the part of the Lakers to match the offer, but I will definitely miss the guy.

$17 million for 4 years? For real? It almost sounds like the Warriors are mad at the entire city of LA for losing Baron Davis. I wouldn't be surprised if they offered Sasha something ridiculous too, especially if the Lakers match Ronny.

If Ronny leaves, we are effectively left with no back up PF and C that are any reliable. I bet the Lakers will soon engineer something to get a quality big that can play both positions. Losing Ronny would really, really hurt, but if the replacement is good, the pain will be gone pretty quickly


Dunleavy and Kupchak are not on my good side today.


How could Brand talk Baron Davis into playing for the Clippers and then go to the 76ers? How?

I hate David Falk. Hate him.

Go Clippers!


Just to throw some water on the fire, I don't think Buss is averse to paying luxury tax....not when the team is this close to winning a championship, and not when they increased the price of seats by THAT much.

But is Ronny worth that? I don't think so. He's undersized as a center, and clearly he's a backup at the 4. I think the Lakers are weighing their options very much.

In regards to the Warriors, I have a feeling their front office is being very myopic. They like what they see down south, but the move they are making aren't setting them up for franchise player signings of any sort. They have good players, but not the great ones that are talented and can command a court. I don't think they are spiteful, as some suggested, but I think that they aren't making masterful moves to upgrade their team. Its pretty much going to be status quo for them.

I feel numb. Ronny has a special nurtured place for the Lakers. After all, we did show some love during his heart condition.

This feels a little different from Fisher and Madsen signing elsewhere. They left when there was a championship break up. This feels like the championship team losing a soldier. Someone like "Up-um" from Saving Private Ryan. You may not appreciate him till the end.

Perhaps that last statement was far fetched. I'm sorry. But instead of deleting it, I wanted to show my train of thought railing off.

Then I think about it. Spend $4 million on Ronny? What about Sasha?

After that Hard Foul at Utah in the playoffs, he wasn't the same. He disappeared. I thought he would be that link on the chain where he can finish at the basket, and play good help defense. But no, he turned into Foul prone Chris Mihm with Chucky Atkins at the point.

Then there's the Bird Rights thought. Don't we own his? Isn't that the incentive to keep who you draft and not be penalized in the luxury tax threshold? (Or at least earn the rights via trade?) Why is it a problem with Ronny and not with Luke? (I thought we should have given Luke 4 years max)

Overall I wish Ronny the best of luck and this isn't my money to spend. But with the seating prices going up again...

Well, this is a business. At least I don't feel Clipper's remorse.

What worries me most about this is thatt around the league - the general consensus was Vujacic is the better player and deserving of more money (look at LA's qualifying offers). If Ronny could get 4 mil a year, what can Sasha find? 6, 7, 8 million a year? The Lakers could, at most, pay around the MLE for Sasha. If they do that, though, they lose out on Posey.

Sasha or Posey? Who ya got?

Ronny was easily my favorite Lakers player and will wish him the best with GS.

Dr. Buss I'm sure loved Ronny as well, but paying Ronny the equal of 8.5 mil is way too much for a part-time player. That would not be a sound financial decision. When Gasol was brought in, Ronny became a nice lux, exactly as AK said.

Mitch new this would happen some time back when he was asked at the town hall meeting about Kobe's A+ grade. Knowing Ronny to be a fan favorite said, "In a few months I might be getting an F."

Its not critical to replace Ronny. The 4 spot has Pau, LO, Rad
The 5 spot has AB, Pau, Mihm. Whoever comes will see little minutes unless we have an injury, which we know will never

My choice: Vet first, especially for playoffs. Kurt Thomas
2nd choice: MBenga
3rd choice: Kwame. Would see few minutes but could be very valuable with a Suns or Spurs playoff match up.

Its important we get someone before training camp. We need the whole team together all year.

Use the Vet Min. or Bi-annual exception if necessary and save the MLE just in case a mid season premier player becomes available, they always do.

Its seems the Lakers and Sasha are serious about an agreement. That is good news.

I say let him go. He's just physically outmatched at the championship level. He's a great guy though and was a good Laker.

Go Lakers!

Aggggghhhhhhhh... this sucks. I love Ronny, please don't go.

I was hoping this offseason would be quiet with players just working at getting better but I can't blame the guy for wanting the money. We, on the other hand, have to save our money for the big dogs.

I wish him the best and will always love him but I sure wish he'd stay a Laker.


Thanks for your input from the Northern Cali perspective. I would say spend that money on ATL Smith and Charlotte Okafor. Though you guys need a PG, Chris Duhon comes to mind (Knicks)

Since Nellie likes to run n gun, or gun n run you think he might be crazy enough to swap for Vlad?

I think whether the Lakers match the offer for Turiaf will depend on whether they expect to extend Lamar after next season. If they think they will let Lamar go to save a ton of money, or will trade Lamar for a more traditional small forward (who can hit the three and play good defense against smaller players) then they will need to worry about power forward depth. If they are planning on keeping Lamar, then Turiaf is expendable.

>>>The question is how much does Waltons team mentality or
>>>Turiaf's attitude really help the team? Its a genuine question..

The answer: a lot.

Denver had a better SF than the Lakers (Melo), Utah had a better SF
than the Lakers (Kirilenko), San Antonio had a better SF than the Lakers
(Bowen), but the Lakers played better as a team than any of those
three teams, so they won all three series.

You have to remember that winning a championship doesn't just
mean winning the finals. You have to beat every team to GET to
the finals and then win the finals. Without the sort of team play
and flexibility that players like Walton and Rad and Turiaf and Farmar
and Sasha offered, the Lakers may never have made it to Boston.

I think the Lakers played like a team for most of the Boston series
as well (except for the last game), but Boston also played well
as a team and had a variety of role players, and they had just a
bit more of the top level talent than the Lakers. It was kinda the
Celtics Big 3 and helpers vs the Lakers Big 2 and helpers (when
Lamar starts bringing it every night, he can be part of a big 3).

It would hurt to lose Ronny, but I think what he gives to the Lakers
would be easier to replace than what Sasha gives to the Lakers.
I would love it if Buss made so much extra money on the playoffs
that he said, "What the heck" and took the hit and matched the offer,
but I'm not very confident he'll do that. We'll miss you Ronny.

At that price, it's kind of crazy to keep him. I like him, but he's gonna be fighting for minutes this year, and it doesn't make sense to pay a bench player that kind of cash.

Hope he enjoys Golden State.

Ahh, yes, I will miss Ronny if he goes. I remember watching the second Celtics game during the regular season (another blowout) and I said out loud "they need to get ronny in there." My friend looked at me kind of incredulously, but then they put Ronny in, and what do you know, he blocked a shot or two, created some momentum, and while he ultimately didn't change the outcome of the game, he gave the Lakers a chance.

That's what Ronny was to me, consistently disruptive.

good man.

this is all Golden State does, they overpay for people who they eventually trade away. Hey, Turiaf's a nice guy but he's a backup at best and certainly NOT a force down low but he's real good in the locker room.

Ricky Davis??? Ahahahahahaaa! Yeah... riiiiight... everybody, say hello to Ricky Davis' agent... that's a tough sell... I wouldn't have Ricky Davis on my team if his agent was paying his salary! That dude is cancer personified...

Sure hope we don't overpay or give too many years to Posey in response to losing someone. Hey, Posey for 3 years for less than full MLE, fine, anything else is too much.

and is Elton Brand the ULTIMATE scumbag??? Dude was injured for the entire year, the Clippers paid him multimillions for this season, then he says if they sign Baron Davis he'll stay and then he STICKS IT TO THEM in the worst possible way because the Clippers lost all that time courting HIM when they could have been pursuing other alternatives... what a complete SCUMBAG!

oops, i also forgot to mention,

This season, the Lakers had a great, historically long road trip with Ronny at center for more than half the time, exceeding everybody's expectations except maybe my own.

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