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Turiaf agrees to deal with Warriors

July 9, 2008 | 12:08 am

Ronny_turiaf_slams_against_the_clip PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Purple, Gold and Blue is back this week, and we'll talk about the Ronny situation, and also the status of Sasha Vujacic (and probably the EB signing, as well).  11 a.m., clicking either the show widget on the side of the page or going to our show window at

Broderick Turner of the Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting that Ronny Turiaf has agreed to a four-year, $17-million offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors.  As Turiaf is a restricted free agent, assuming he does in fact accept the deal the Lakers would have seven days to match it.  I've always been terrible at estimating how much a guy will get on the open market, especially a player like Turiaf whose value can be difficult to quantify in dollar figures (although apparently it's somewhere around four years, $17 million).  To me, this deal is at the upper end of what I thought Ronny would get, and it'll be interesting to see whether the Lakers, given their luxury tax situation and the desire to bring in a guy like James Posey with the mid-level exception, will match. 

Initial Reaction: Turiaf, though an inspiring person, is a luxury for this group assuming Andrew Bynum and Chris Mihm are healthy and able to play.  He's undoubtedly a great guy to have around, and they won't find anyone on the open market to replace his attitude.  They might, though, be able to replace his production at a far cheaper price.  It's not my money, so I'd just as soon they match (take the guy you have rather than worry about finding a replacement that may or may not be better).  I don't think it would become an albatross contract, weighing them down.  Four mil isn't too bad a number to move if need be, and Turiaf's work ethic and size mean he'll probably always have suitors. But given that I don't write the checks, it's an easy thing for me to say.

My guess is they'll pass on the offer.  Turiaf may be a $4-million player on paper, but in their current economic situation and the dollar-for-dollar luxury tax penalty they're looking at, he'd amount to an $8-million backup -- on some nights, a very deep backup -- for L.A.  That's pretty steep.  Good for Ronny, though.  He certainly earned the deal.  Plenty more on this to come as it develops.