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That explains a lot

July 15, 2008 | 10:06 am

I mentioned to a reader yesterday how I've asked around a bit in regards to Sasha Vujacic's situation and that oddly, nobody has heard a peep.  Well, turns out The Face just switched agents again, going back to Rob Pelinka (Kobe Bryant's guy, for those who don't know) after previously leaving him for Bill Duffy.  Not sure what prompted this or the other shake-ups, but there's a little known CBA ordinance stating that after five agent switches, you earn a free latte.*  Maybe this is just about a coffee jones.  At any rate, little news of deals coming in for a guy working out new representation makes sense, so there you (may) have it.

Also, Luke Walton is having surgery on Friday to remove bone spurs from his troublesome ankle.  He'll be out of commission for about a month, but this will hopefully alleviate the continual pain he dealt with throughout 2008.

* - I may or may not have made that factoid up.


UPDATE: An item of note from our friends at 710 ESPN, in support of the V Foundation (a very worthy cause):  As part of the station's V Foundation Cancer Auction on Wednesday afternoon and evening, there are a few purple and gold items up for bid, including four tickets to the Oct. 7 game vs. the Jazz (second row along the baseline), a Pau Gasol autographed jersey and an autographed basketball.  Some of the bidding is online, some can be done at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim. Click here for more information.