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So you think you can dance?


by Adam Rose

What's better than 20 Laker Girls?

500 prospective Laker Girls.

While the Kamenetzky brothers were busy this weekend (probably out saving the world with Jordan Farmar), one of their fellow L.A. Times bloggers discovered another good reason not to sleep in on Saturday morning -- the 2008-09 Laker Girl auditions. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

You might be surprised that many of these girls have been training as dancers since before the players could pick up a basketball. It takes an incredible amount of talent, looks and personality to wear those purple and gold skirts. In fact, a couple years ago, the Laker Girls were more fun to watch than the team.

After the jump, enjoy some of my favorite photos (I only took 350). Of course, you can click any image to see a larger version.

Later on, I'll have a video report on all the drama, the hopes, the fears, the wardrobe malfunctions ... and an impromptu spelling bee. But after the jump enjoy some more coverage.

e Laker_girl_auditions_15

The selection process takes several rounds. Laker Girls from the previous season do not qualify for any sort of "legacy" status. They get to skip the first round but must compete the rest of the way to keep their jobs.


A number of girls were reportedly disqualified for not bringing a headshot.


Several members of school dance teams were at the tryouts, including UC Irvine, UNLV, CSU Long Beach and UCSB ... but rumor was that the largest single contingent came from Disneyland.













The ladies in the yellow T-shirts were former Laker Girls who came back to help with the selection process.


The line at 9 a.m. wrapped around two sides of the Lakers training facility.


Other than someone wearing a #24 jersey, none of the girls auditioning wore costumes. A pair of Spanish-language TV reporters wore #0.5 jerseys, explaining that together, "we're No. 1!"


-- photos and post by Adam Rose (UCLA and USC blogger) / LA Times 

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Dang, there are things better to look at than Kwame's calves.

Happy Laker Girls Try-out Day!


The numbers reminded me of an aquarium I went to.

Hmmm... #167.

Too many!

Now that is some journalism that I can really get behind.

Thank you

Oh. My. God...
Where's Paula!?


Okay, a moment of non-hate for you Fakers.

The Faker Girls are hot, hot hot!

Almost as hot as most of the air that comes out of certain bloggers whom I won't reference by name.

"I can get off at anytime" --Starlet Bryant

"Jerry Buss is an idiot" --Starlet Bryant last year on TMZ.

"hahaahhhahaahah" --C's Fan.

can the times please buy you a real camera...? your iphone doesn't cut the mustard when this kind of a spectacle presents itself..


Not enough photos.


Wow!..ok..wait..ima say it again cuz maybe I was hollering! WOW!!

I've got a headshot for those who need one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go save the world with Jordan Farmar.

Go Lakers!

Hmmmmmmmmm my boy Ronny Turiaf was let go ???
Wow....I forgot all about that with this piece ! Ha Ha

I went to the Celtic Cheerleader auditions once. About 7 "girls" showed up, and they all had mustaches and smelled like the underground T stations.

For an audition they had to make a Grinder, drive a car through a Roundabout and then get a drink from a Bubbler.

None were able to complete the audition.

They were however all hired to work on the Big Dig construction project, where they instantly blended in with all the other gluttonous slobs who live in that wretched city.

Adam Rose,

You've just made the greatest post in Lakers blog history.

Teams rony will be playing for golden state warriors next season. i think the price was too high for him to lakers match. oklahoma city thunder is official name. will take some time to get adjusted. maybe prattville can get a team some day, prattville tornado.
i will still be a laker if we do get prattville tornado. any news on sascha. i can't believe no teams have made offers. ok

ding how in prattville

just think, these are the girls that couldn't get on The Bachelor or Big Brother or American Idol, etc. etc.

What does that mean? I have no idea... but Laker girl tryouts are HOT! so very hot... you're talking about millions of years of internal programming here...


I appreciate the subject matter, but some of those shots look like they were taken with a cell phone cam -- that's kind of "creepy." hahaha

Let me put a death nail in the Kwame lovers' coffin. FSN replayed Kobe's 81 point game last night and guess what? Kwame is much worse than any of us collecively remember.

Let Go Cs,

Stick with the fat Boaaataaan girls -- you have no shot- loser -- and speaking of losers how's the LA Angels taste- hahahahaha.


This is lame but I do see why you would put it up.

L.O.L. Boys will be boys.

I'm suddenly very happy.

Pardon me. I have to go change my underwear.

Tsk Tsk.

Shawne Williams has had another brush with the Law. And
Bird has already said he's on "thin ice". And they've been trying
so hard to dispel the jailbird image.

I think maybe the Lakers should offer them a trade to help them
unload that thug Shawne Williams.

Lakers trade Radmanovic and Mihm


Williams and Jeff Foster.

Foster is a no offense but tough defending center, he could
back up both PF & C, probably better than Ronny did. And his
contract expires after this season.

Williams sucks, but it doesn't matter because he's an expiring

Foster would be an improvement over Mihm.

Not having Rad would be an improvement over having Rad.

The same deal also works if Luke goes out instead of Rad,
but it doesn't save the Lakers as much luxury tax next season.


Get the women between those guys before things get out of hand. LOL!

mike t.

If you haven't done so already, click on the link about Jordan Farmar at the top of this thread. Here it is again, so you don't have to scroll up, looking for it:

saving the world with Jordan Farmar)

We should all appreciate Jordan extending the leadership that he's shown the Bench Mob to the community at large. The Jordan Farmar Foundation, the Children's Hospital reunion, and the trip to the Middle East show the kind of character the NBA could use more of. And let's remember, Jordan is only 21 years old.

Everyone's who's posted with the suggestion of trading Farmar might rethink any such idea. This is a guy who can become a Laker mainstay for years to come, and should be. I personally believe that Jordan is ready to move up into the starting rotation. Fish the elder statesman coming off the bench with Lamar could create a greater all around depth to the Laker rotation. With the return of Bynum to the starting lineup, and the insertion of Farmar, the Lakers could come out of the gate with the kind of energy needed to compete in an even tougher Western Conference in the season ahead.

Let's forget about all the retreads. We have a young generation of Lakers ready to bring the next dynasty to Staples Center for the next decade and beyond.

Now this is the kind of dancing show I would watch. I need to watch more Spanish TV with those kind of reporters.
Have a good weekend all!

Thank you for not blocking this important post we needed this!

When does Kobe get to pick the one he cheats with? Is that later in the process?

Anybody have any tips on how to train those dancers?


I heard the players are not allowed to date Laker Girls. Its in their contract or something.

This is the best blog post ever!

Re: farthest right photo below the header...

Super classy shot there Mr. Rose. You couldn't have gotten that from the other angle though?

I'll bet that young lady's parents never pictured her doing that when they paid for all those ballet classes when she was a little girl.


It seems you have discovered the secret to changing the emotional tone of Laker Nation's dialogue.

When things start to go ugly, simply put up large number of pictures of the Laker Girls.

Suddenly, everyone is happy.


It's sad when the Lakers had an amazing girl like Miss Jessica (formerly of the Golden State Warrior Girls ) try out yesterday for the squad and got "cut". I mean a 2 season vet of one of the NBA's hottest dance squads???! Who are these judges?! Is Paula one of them and possibly having too many morning cocktails?!

. I'm now convinced that the reason why the Laker Girls aren't the "Glam Ladies of the NBA" anymore is because they cut a girl like Jessica and leave the ones that we see year after year. NO cute, fresh faces-no real personality. That's definitely the reason why the Heat, Warriors and other squads have now taken over the title of ?"the Glam Girls of the NBA" Maybe you should check out Jessica (she was on the cover of their calendar last year) and then go ask Jerry WHY they don't have a gorgeous talent like her on their squad?! Personally, I'm just excited for a new season to start and I can say-at LEAST we can make it thru the Playoffs. The Heat and Warriors may have all the beautiful fun girls..but we have players who win. Hopefully soon we can have something to look at more than Kobe's wife in the seats. Hey! maybe shes looking for something to do during games. It's a thought....

Hey everybody -- glad you're liking the photos! I was actually there to shoot video, so the photos were more of an after thought. The reason some are grainy is that my high-speed shutter only captures 2 megapixels with a 3x zoom (compared to the ones standing in line, which jumped to 10 MP). The video will be coming soon and should be a bit sharper.


When does Kobe get to pick the one he cheats with? Is that later in the process?

Posted by: Melanie S | July 20, 2008 at 02:09 PM

Hmmm, bitch much? Or just jealous?

"Miss Jessica"?

was this a post from Tiny Tim? A little creepy if that post was from a dude. Uh, dude... back away from the cheerleaders, you're a little too close...


We all know how Larry Bird hates his team's many embarrassing brushes with the law and how much he likes White players.

I'd prefer to unload Walton because I think we can still use Vlad's shooting. But, then Luke had an off, injury-laden year and if he can come back with some confidence he's a much smarter and more physical presence...

I like Jeff Foster as a backup. I think he could probably do a good job for us replacing Ronny. Veterans that can still play, I like that idea.

I don't really know a thing about Shawne Williams.

Unloading either Vlad or Walton as in the form of an expiring contract player trade would be wonderful. It could help our team in a major way. I can't endorse that move enough.

Ak?Bk...............Best thread in the history of this blog.....
.........................Full Stop..............................................................

cat fight!!!

I find myself drawn to this post in ways my conscious mind can't fully comprehend.

Good stuff!

CORRECTED POST: I guess the link didn't cut and paste the first time. I'll try again.

If you haven't done so already, click on the link about Jordan Farmar at the top of this thread. Here it is again, so you don't have to scroll up, looking for it:

We should all appreciate Jordan extending the leadership that he's shown the Bench Mob to the community at large. The Jordan Farmar Foundation, the Children's Hospital reunion, and the trip to the Middle East show the kind of character the NBA could use more of. And let's remember, Jordan is only 21 years old.

Everyone's who's posted with the suggestion of trading Farmar might rethink any such idea. This is a guy who can become a Laker mainstay for years to come, and should be. I personally believe that Jordan is ready to move up into the starting rotation. Fish the elder statesman coming off the bench with Lamar could create a greater all around depth to the Laker rotation. With the return of Bynum to the starting lineup, and the insertion of Farmar, the Lakers could come out of the gate with the kind of energy needed to compete in an even tougher Western Conference in the season ahead.

Let's forget about all the retreads. We have a young generation of Lakers ready to bring the next dynasty to Staples Center for the next decade and beyond.

This really could have been a TV show where the audience, us, gets to vote.

Dr. Buss, you could be one of the Judges, with Jeannie and Paula.

"So you want to be a Lakers Girl?"

Also don't forget, the sky is the limit and anything is possible with the Lakers.

Paula Abdul a former Lakers girl made it big and one girl with no real basketball experience, was promoted to VP of scouting for the Defenders. As Dr Buss said, she has what it takes, so he promoted her.

Yeah baby!

These photograph's suck, there wasn't one flattering shot among the bunch.

Any Laker girl reject is welcome to try-out as one of Dr. Buss's personal hoes.

Aloha Long Time

I would love to have Jeff Foster but I dont know if I would want a cancer like Williams on my team even for one year. How about this one. I have read that the knicks may shop David Lee because he doesnt really fit in D'Antoni's system. Vlade was born to play in that system. 7 seconds or less with no conscious? that has Vlade written all over it. We send the Knicks Vlade for David Lee and say Malik Rose to make the numbers work. The Knicks get a gunner and rid of 7 mil. that doesnt play and we get a young PF with upside and an old vet for the end of the bench, who may still have 5 or 10 minutes of toughness a night left in him. And I believe this is the last year of Roses contract so he would drop off next year. What do you think?


you just made my monday.

So Vincent M. knows carnage asada. Too close to home!!

I've seen them play many a time.

Troy, these women are in their 20's - WAY too old for the Dr. He only uses his Viagra on 18 and 19 yr olds.

I did love the comment about these women being reality show rejects - probably very true for over 95% of them. In one of the pictures a prospect has a gut on her - doubt she's much of a dancer - has she ever seen the costumes the Varsity wears? She reminded me of the lifer Hooters chick - every store has at least one - that really needs to do some serious Stairmaster time before putting the white and orange suit on.

So much for a day without hate.

Fakers keep crying.


BTW, where was Kobe at the ESPYs?

Ray, KG and Pierce were there?

There was even jokes about Shack and Kobe.

Baastan Forever.


Oh, by the way, those Fakers girls all had boob jobs and tummy tucks.


Whoever made the comments about the "LA" Angles of Anahaim beating my BoSox, the Angles ARE NOT IN LOS ANGELES.


The Angels' official name is:

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Plus, most SoCal residents, including myself, root for the Angels, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Lakers, Kings, etc because LA and Anaheim (Orange County) are relatively close and most people commute from LA to the OC or from OC to LA. Here in SoCal, we're mostly one happy family and we're lucky we get to root for two teams for each sport (except soccer and baseball).

Oh yeah, go Angels, nice to see them complete a sweep against the Red Sox.

Exactly why iare Boston fans repeatedly posting comments in an LA Times blog, just to post nasty, rude, and asinine comments? Someone has waaay too much time and energy to keep posting here to taunt. I mean, I get the love for a team, but seriously, take a dose of chill pill and try some humble pie. The Celtics hadn't won a championship the last 20 years until this year and the Red Sox were cursed by the Bambino until 4 years ago, so take some humble pie and realize how crappy it was those years before instead of taunting other fans.

I'm surprised that the AK/BK bros haven't banned them yet, because this is starting to get obnoxious and annoying. Freedom of speech, I get it. But this is a blog and a blog that's for Laker fans. Sure, I get rubbing in the Lakers lost in the Finals, but it's been a month already. Get over it and move on.

i have to admit..
it stung seeing the NY giants at the espy's..and no tom brady.....:(

damn--i love tom brady...he's gorgeous....

i'm hoping he marries me even though he choked in the biggest game of our lifetime :(

Cat Fight.......Pillow

It's not Brady's fault his coach can't win without cheating. Give the poor kid a break.

JR PINNOCK...................Anyone.......30 points 11/19 shooting..
He played for the Blazers SLT....Bayless didnt play so that allowed him to shine....Good to see


Adam Rose?
Jordan Farmar is off trying to make the world a better place and Adam Rose is back home on the tough blog grid fantasizing about prospective Laker girls...

Hey, what a great article! Especially the pics ;-)

Let me begin by saying this ...The Lakers at this point in time have the best trade bate in the NBA ....Lamar Odom...
Some Laker fans will say dont trade him others will say go ahead .....At this point in time Josh Childress is in Greece to talk to Olympiakos about a 20mill deal...Or a sign and trade from the Hawks..If he chooses to go the Hawks do not have a leg to stand on,they cant match a Fiba contract...Odom is the best quality player with that size contract besides Marion out there.(please correct me if i am wrong)....(do not include Marbury)...Deng,Josh Smith,Emeka,Gordon,Andre Igudala are still all waiting for deals....I know i post in fantasy land sometimes but by the trade deadline if Odom has not inked a deal i think the Lakers will go shopping...To much talent floating around to just stand pat ...someone will nibble just like the Gasol trade and that 14mill contract will be the cherrie that team looking to get under the cap wont resist ......If the Lakers are on fire at the deadline the only way they offer him a new deal is if we take the title ...The right deal could set this team up after Kobe and Phill are gone...

Peanut Butter Spread,

Orange County is not Los Angeles. The Angels have the wrong name.

It's like calling the "A's" the San Francisco Athletics.

I don't hate on the Angels, but they shouldn't be called the Los Angeles Angels. Pure and simple.


There's multiple new reports that Rob Perlinka is negotiating with both Khimki Moscow and Olympiakos on behalf of Sasha - reported 20 mil for 3 years.

(file under completely fabricated rumors designed to detract from th Kwamathon)

damn why do you guys still bag on kwame? get some new material

Thirty Two,

On the players mentioned on the last post I would not trade Lamar for a smaller player who would not play D, we might as well stick with LO until end of '09. With Emeka Okafor, that's something to think about, however Bobcats new Coach & GM MJ would not agree. Emeka will be a great PF or C who would replace Bynum or Pau when they take their seat. The other remaining F/A that are still available are in this link:

Aside from those F/A, here is another player that is cheap for Bi-A, Matt Barnes being picked up by Suns:

Yeah, JR Pinnock just exploded at 30pts. This kid has improved tremendously in Kolossus BC in Euro League, Greece. He averages double digit over there.

If Lakers could only swallow the contract of Walton or Vlad, there are more abled players waiting in the wing that can help the Lakers, I don't know why we got stuck in that mud and have no way of getting out. In our own team alone in LV Summer League, there are yooung and inexpensive players who could replace the void left by Turiaf, like: Lorenzo Mata-Real, Nik Caner-Medley, Devon Jefferson, Sharrod Ford, Bryan Dunston, these are tall kids, young, willing to bang their bodies than collapse in every game. I feel helpless watching Walton and Vlad execute their D, by spectating as highest paid fans playing on the court. They just watch a lay up and get ready for the inbounds rather than sacrifice their bodies. This is not only one season but Good Lord, we have been with them for three seasons sulking in travesty of despair.

Hey LakerTom,

You might be about to get a precedent for your "Bynum will
get so insulted he'll walk" theory. Word is Luol Deng has told
the Bulls that unless they reach an extension with him before
he leaves to join the Great Britain national team in two weeks,
he will end talks and take the 1-year tender and leave next year.

But note that although he turned down the 50 million dollar
offer last summer, he did at least come back to the table this
summer. If Bynum isn't happy with what the Lakers offer him,
I'm sure he'll at least negotiate with them next summer, and
I'm sure he'll get offered what he's worth.

Damn Adam Rose. I missed out on this thread all weekend. I would've rigged multiple angled cameras to shoot stretching positions all day.

Jon K.

You;re being a bit of a snob about that now aren't you? Anaheim is part of the greater LA area. Call them whatever. They're a lot better than the Dodgers.

Go Angels!

Jon K,

Angels started in Los Angeles. The Singing Cowboy was originally Angeleno. What's the difference between Orange County and Los Angeles, they are the same.

If you can cheer for Clippers who are supposed to stay in Orange County to spead the market all the way to SD, then you can embrace the team of former Dodger Mike Sciosia, the Angels - they are all SoCal teams.

So Anaheim Ducks. LA Angels, LA Kings, Chivas, Galaxy, Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Bruins, Trojans, Titans, Anteaters etc. Hey they are all SoCal teams, why would you not embrace them if they are winning or even losing?

One more team is out of the running for Sasha.

Boston is paying Tony Allen 2 million out of their mid-level, so
now I don't think they'd have enough MLE cash left to make an
offer to Sasha that the Lakers wouldn't match.

Its getting to where I'm almost more concerned that some Euro
will make him a big offer than some other NBA team.

Interesting that there is still no news or info on Sasha. I can't believe they are that far apart unless the Lakers are trying to create a sign and trade with somebody? Matt Barnes just took nothing to join Phoenix AND he wasn't "insulted" or "disrespected"! Wow... did he decline physically that much last year? I mean a one year, vet's minimum contract? Wow... I thought he was worth more than that.

I'm both a Dodger and Angels fan, but I do wish they would have never changed their name from the California Angels.


Have you noticed there is a silent negotiation with Mitch and Sasha? And yet here in this blog, we are fond of giving away trade secrets. Once you center the attention on Sasha which teams are reading the fans' response in this blog, it becomes a bidding war that Lakers cannot compete. Because for every dollar paid, it becomes double in luxury taxes.

If Sasha wants to be a Laker forever and help the team able get help, he should shed a million perhaps this year and try to recover them infuture years. Now if he wants to follow Ronny's adventure, he should give his price and play in Europe for Khimki Moscow who will pay him in Euro rather than go for undervalued dollar.

It sucks that we lost The Finals and people say we are two games away, we lost Ronny to the Warriors in a bidding war and we are about to lose Sasha again. Baron Davis slipped away, Brand got out of LA w/o the Lakers in the fold, there is no news at all with the lakers except their fans debating endlessly without any clear resolution.

Off topic

With expectations pretty high for next season, if the team doesn't do so well or comes short of a championship. Do you guys think P. Jackson's cred should be questioned? Should he be in the hot seat? I mean just like players are expected to perform well, coaches and coaching staff should as well, right. No more excuses for the legendary coach please.

Matt Barnes is 28 and he just took a one year, $1.2m contract? James Posey, meet your future only... YOU GOT PAID before that one moment that happens to swingmen when somebody crosses you over and... you can't react like you used to and... EVERYBODY knows it from then on... wow, somebody get me a GIANT FORK, Matt Barnes is OVER. That moment is going to happen to Posey fairly soon and the Hornets... will have to pay him for years and years... Ahahahahhaaaa! Oh my...


"Baron Davis slipped away, Brand got out of LA w/o the Lakers in the fold, there is no news at all with the lakers except their fans debating endlessly without any clear resolution."

How could we have possibly been involved in this? We have no money. Fans are irrational.

Fire32, you've... got to be... kidding?

Do you even remember when Phil Jackson came back and referred to the roster as a mess? Phil took a team that didn't even come close to the playoffs the year before and used Smush Parker and Kwame Brown to scare Phoenix in the first round of the the playoffs? How many coaches could pull that off?

I don't think you guys appreciate the turnaround that has happened here and it took a coach with Phil's "cache" to get the guys and Kobe for that matter to "buy in". Look at how fast we got back to the finals vs any other team in the league on a full rebuilding project no less.

Wow... how could anybody question the coaching job Phil has done? Especially BEFORE Gasol got here. All the other "name" coaches, Larry Brown, Doug Collins, blah, blah, blah, dude... we've got THE BEST coach in the business right here and what? You want to replace him? LOL! Ridiculous...

Phil Jackson

Phil is getting up there in years, I don't think we have to worry about him hanging around too long. My guess is when he gets #10 he's gone! Poof!


That's an odd question, seeing as PJ has consistently succeeded expectations during both his terms with the Lakers.

Okay, time for an update on the Sasha situation. I figure Sasha will get at
least 4 million per, so any team that is over the cap and has already spent
at least 2 million of their MLE is out of the running. So here's my
current breakdown on what teams are left that might try to lure Sasha
away from the Lakers.

1. Teams that have already spent more than a couple million of their MLE,
and thus don't have enough to make a serious offer:

Boston - Eddie House
Dallas - Desagana Diop
Houston - Brent Barry
Miami - James Jones
New Jersey - Eduardo Najera, Jarvis Hayes
New Orleans - James Posey
New York - Chris Duhon
Orlando - Mickael Pietrus
Sacramento - Ben Udrih
San Antonio - Roger Mason
Seattle - CJ Miles (assuming Utah doesn't match)


2. Teams that have already used up most of their cap space, and
thus don't have enough to make a serious offer:

Golden State


3. Teams that are worried about their own free agents, but could make an
offer to Sasha if they lost one of their own guys:

Atlanta - Josh Smith, Josh Childress
Charlotte - Emeka Okafor
Chicago - Luol Deng, Ben Gordon
Denver - JR Smith
Philadelphia - Louis Williams


4. Teams that still have the MLE, but are already in the luxury tax, so
not likely to try to out-bid the Lakers for Sasha:

Cleveland - they need a PG more than a SG, but they also need more scoring.

Indiana - They're not in need of 3-point shooters, but who knows... maybe
they want to horde as many guys who shoot better than 40% on 3's as possible.

Milwaukee - I'm not sure whether Ty Lue got a Bi-Annual exception or if
they used part of their MLE on him.

Phoenix - The team that paid Seattle two first round picks to take
Kurt Thomas off their hands to reduce luxury tax last season is not
going to spend a lot on Sasha.

Portland - Roy, Bayless, Rodriguez, Fernandez, Blake (and maybe Batum,
Koponen, Pinnock) - they're flush with young guards. I could maybe
see them trying to do a sign & trade for Sasha, but not likely.

Toronto - They have Kapono, Anthony Parker, and Jose Calderon who shoot
over 40% on 3's, so not much need for Sasha.

Washington - They could use some more 3-point shooting, though.


5. Teams that have the MLE or cap space and still might make an offer:

Detroit - Who do you take minutes away from to make minutes for the Machine?
Rip Hamilton? Rodney Stuckey? Chauncey Billups? The only way I could
imagine them making an offer to Sasha is if they did the rumored Billups
and Prince for T-Mac deal.

Memphis - They're going cheap this summer. If they won't make an offer for
guys like Josh Smith or Luol Deng, I can't see them making a run at Sasha,
especially with how many good young guards they already have on the roster.
What, do you take minutes away from OJ Mayo to give Sasha PT?

Utah - They do need a shooter. They didn't have a single player who shot
40% on 3-pointers last season. But lack of size was what killed them in
the playoffs. They need Kwame more than they need Sasha.


So based on these updates, I don't think any team is likely to make a big offer
to Sasha that the Lakers wouldn't match. Of the few teams left, here are the
ones that I think would be the most likely to...


Detroit (if they trade 2 starters for T-Mac)


Philadelphia (if Golden State lures Louis Williams away)


That won't be an issue, since Phil will have a ring for every
finger, come this time next year.

Edwin Gueco,

>>>Have you noticed there is a silent negotiation with Mitch
>>>and Sasha?

Yep. I think after last summer's media fiasco the Lakers requested
their players to stay out of the press.

>>>And yet here in this blog, we are fond of giving away
>>>trade secrets

huh? What trade secrets. You could fill Staples center with
the amount of information I DON'T know about the Lakers
organization. I'm just reading hoopshype and espn and
riffing like everyone else.

Holy Smokes, thats what I'm talkin about!

Kwaminus - I was also surprised about Barnes... he had such a good season a couple years back. Still, he's never really had it together on a consistent year-to-year basis. Vet's minimum though? Wow.

From the New York Daily News:

>>>The Nets are said to be looking to package Williams and
>>>one of their other young players, such as forwards Josh
>>>Boone or Sean Williams, for a veteran.

Boone and Sean Williams are pretty good defenders, either
one of which could fill Ronny's spot. And they're both still on
Rookie contracts, so they'd be inexpensive role players...
at least for a couple of years.

Marcus Williams is a flop, but there's a team option on the next
year of his contract, so he'd be an expiring contract.

Unfortunately, Williams + Williams or Williams + Boone isn't
enough to match Luke's or Vlad's contract. But New Jersey
also has a promising second round pick guy that might be worth a look.

Two possibilities I could see here:


1 Williams + either Williams or Boone for Trevor Ariza.

I'm not that wild about this one, since I think Ariza will eventually
be better than either Luke or Rad. But it does fill Ronny's
role without giving up anyone who made major contributions
in the playoffs last year.


2. Williams + Williams or Boone + Chris Douglas-Roberts
for Luke or Vlad.

I'm not saying it's likely, but if New Jersey is looking for a
veteran to settle down their mostly very young team, Luke
would be very good for that. Vlad not so much, but he is
a veteran who could play some SF & PF for them and give
them some scoring punch.

They could make the amount of CDR's contract the minimal
amount needed to match salary for Luke or Vlad (which would
still be a little bit high for a 2nd round pick). That would
add a couple of role players to the Lakers' roster while at the
same time reducing salary & luxury tax.

Note also that this would give the Lakers a lot more pieces
to try to work out an Artest trade. While Sacramento likely
doesn't want Luke or Vlad, they might go for a deal where
they get 3 or 4 young players.


Jon K,

All the SoCal teams like the Lakers, Angels, Ducks, Clippers, Kings, Dodgers, have marketing that is targeted for fans ranging from the LA region to the OC region and even to the San Diego region. There really is no disparity between the LA/OC region.

The Angels are a great source of pride for LA and OC people - just as are the Lakers are for LA and OC people. I don't see anything wrong with them being called the LA Angels of Anaheim.

And I'll reiterate one more time: LA and OC people support
Angels, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Kings, Lakers, etc. If you want further proof that the Angels are embraced by people from LA and OC just check out the LA Time's sub-bracket for sports. There's a good reason why the Angels are considered a "home team" in the LA Times. People in LA and the OC care about them. And people in LA and OC read the LA Times. Again, the LA and OC regions are close enough for people to root for any of those teams.

Pig/Edwin Guerco,

Oakland is part of the San Francisco Bay area, but Oakland and San Francisco are different communities. North New Jersey and New York City are part of the same metropolitan area, but they are different communities.

I was born in Orange County and the first baseball game I ever saw was the Angels versus the Indians at Anaheim Stadium.

Orange County is culturally closer to San Diego than it is Los Angeles.

There is no reason, culturally and geographically speaking that the present incarnation of the Angels should be named the Los Angeles Angels. They are not a Los Angeles team. Period.

Go Dodgers!


Thanks for the replies

That's an odd question, seeing as PJ has consistently succeeded expectations during both his terms with the Lakers.

Posted by: exhelodrvr

Thats what I mean when I say high expectations. Next season we expect a title, but what happens if the team falls short? Is Phil's antics getting old and tired, will players stop listening? I know I have, I'm tired of hearing him send weak messages via the media, everyones on to him. That Jedi mind stuff doesn't work anymore, it obviously didn't work in the finals.

damn why do you guys still bag on kwame? get some new material

Posted by: teamfortress | July 21, 2008 at 09:00 AM

Kwame is what I like to refer to as a gift that keeps on giving. How could I possibly tire of jokes about the guy? He hurt my team's payroll. He hurt my team. He hurt me. Now, it's payback time.

And besides, Mike T. started it with all of his Kwame is the savior posts.

Okay, here's my insane 3-way trade for the day. It'll never
happen, but it's fun to cook up things based on the latest news
and/or rumors:

The rumor here is a combination of several facts & rumors about
New Jersey:

1. Between players they already have signed and players they
have restricted or bird rights on, they have 17 players.

2. they're looking to dump off Marcus Williams and would be willing
to package him with one of their other young players (Josh Boone
or Sean Williams) to get rid of him. (from today's New York Daily News)

3. New Jersey has too many young players and wants a stable
veteran to guide them. (today's New York Daily News)

4. New Jersey isn't really planning on re-signing Nenad Krstic,
but they would like to do a sign & trade deal for him.
(today's New York Daily News)

Combine that with the Lakers interest in Ron Artest and I
came up with this doozy:


The Kings send Ron Artest to the Lakers.

Lakers send Radmanovic and Mihm to the Nets.

The Nets sign and trade Nenad Krstic & Chris Douglas-Roberts
and send both of them plus Marcus Williams to the Kings

The Nets also send either Sean Williams or Josh Boone to the Lakers


The Nets get two veterans with good reputations and lots of
playoff experience to guide their youngsters.

Sacramento gets rid of Artest and gets a young center, a young
point guard, and a young shooting guard, all three of which
could have team options for the 2009-2010 season. So they
could try all three out for a year and see who fits with the
team they've got.

And the Lakers would get Artest without giving up Odom.
And they would also get a promising young front court player
(Williams or Boone) who's tougher than Mihm. And they get
rid of the rest of Rad's contract.

Note that the deal could be re-worked to send Walton to New
Jersey instead of Rad. In fact, that might make more sense
since Luke could impart some of his "basketball IQ" to the
young Nets.

Note also that both Jersey and Sacramento have a lot of low
salaried players, so the deal could be re-tooled in a dozen
different ways, any one of which involves the Lakers getting
Artest without giving up Odom.


Jon K.

If you were born in Orange County and now think like a SoCal guy, that's the same. There is no cultural difference between two counties, maybe you mean their politics. How many people in LA work in Orange County or vice versa? If you go out of the country and people ask where do you live? Do you say Orange county, Riverside County, VEntura and or San Berdo. they are all the same within the definition of LA air, which is smoggy LOL. Perhaps, SD and Santa Barbara are too far to be associated with Los Angeles, nonetheless they are all SoCal so what's the difference? Dodger fans come all the way from Palm Springs which still part of SoCal. Fandom create no boundaries especially in the Internet Age.

Well, there was a court proceedings on the name of the Angels whether it is Los Angeles Angels and Anaheim Angels. The former won. Case closed, we are a country of laws not of men and opinions.

Jon K,

The Los Angeles Rams played in the same stadium that the
Angels now play in.

In a way I agree with you, as I grew up in Huntington Beach and
going to see the "California Angels" play. But I don't see any
reason why they shouldn't be allowed to call themselves the
Los Angeles Angels if that gets them off.

Jon K,

Let me add this. Have you ever traveled abroad?

I've been to Europe several times. When I'm there and people
ask me where I'm from, I don't say "Huntington Beach". Unless
they were Jan & Dean fans and knew about Surf City, they'd have
no idea whether HB was in California or North Carolina.

But If I say I'm from Los Angeles (which I do), then they immediately
have the idea of where I'm from.

Aesthetically, Orange County grew up as a suburb of Los Angeles,
and if you talk about the "Los Angeles Metro Area", you'd generally
include OC and Riverside in that.


I think New Jersey would have a tough time going for that. You referred to them as "young" but that trade immediately takes that away. They aren't saying they are in a full rebuild mode, but trading away Kidd and RJ for basically prospects and cap space seems pretty obvious to me.

I would absolutely love this deal, but don't see it happening.

Good idea though.

last time i saw the laker girls there were perhaps 2 women of color on the squad. however, the team is comprised of several men of color. i don't get it

"Orange County is culturally closer to San Diego than it is Los Angeles."-JonK

Culturally?? As a native San Diegan, it's hard not to take that one as an insult.

Orange County wishes they can have the mecca of cultural diversity that San Diego has to offer.

Go Lakers!

"...the 2008-09 Laker Girl auditions. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it."

I know. I toiled as the sweat mopper. Remuneration came in a perk.


Pol Pot, I enjoy hiking, long walks on the beach, swimming, cooking AND I LIKE TO BANKRUPT YOUNG MEN FORCING THEM TO TAKE OUT HIGHLY LEVERAGED LOANS TO BUY HOUSES, CARS AND EXOTIC TRIPS, THEN I DIVORCE THEM AND TAKE HALF OF WHATEVER IS LEFT AND BEGIN THE HUNT FOR THE NEXT MAN I CAN BANKRUPT. So what if I couldn't make it as a Laker Girl? I'll blame it on my color! But I'll get even, lemme tell you, I'll post on the Laker message board and try to imply there's some "conspiracy" involving the way the Laker Girls are picked. They didn't pick ME because I can't dance and have a sour attitude. So what? Aren't I special? I'm majoring in "MRS" at the local community college, why wouldn't the Lakers want ME to represent them? I thought the world would grovel at my feet. What's happening? Do people actually expect me to work? Dance practice at 2:00 in the afternoon? Ugh! Shouldn't people be in an air conditioned room at that time of day? I mean, really... just outrageous...

Not to delve too deeply into the subject, but the team name "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" (the dumbest name ever) has TWO cities in the team name. They belong to one or the other, but not both. Considering they are located in Anaheim, not in Los Angeles, I'd have to go with Jon K. on this one. Just because Moreno adds L.A. at the beginning to make more marketing bucks doesn't mean they're all of a sudden located in Los Angeles.

If you want to go with the logic of urban spread and that it's all a SoCal thing, go ahead and root for the Padres - a division rival - while you're at it.

True Angelenos know who to root for. Same goes for the LOS ANGELES Kings and the ANAHEIM Ducks.

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