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Report Card - Jordan Farmar

FarmarSome folks were surprised to even see Jordan Farmar in a Laker uni come late October, given how the off-season included the Lakers' drafting Javaris Crittenton from Georgia Tech, then signing Derek Fisher when family matters led to his release from the Utah Jazz.  Both developments, along with Farmar's mighty struggles in the 2007 playoffs (albeit against Steve Nash, who often makes many a point guard look bad) led to speculation that the Lakers were putting him on the block.  To his credit, the former Bruin didn't sulk upon the arrival of either new teammate and by all accounts, handled the situation by upping an already gym-rat-centric schedule.   

Then, despite whatever theoretical question marks were surrounding him, Farmar found keys of sorts being handed to him during preseason.  In part because of the Jordan's skill set and quickness, Phil Jackson opted to run (literally) with a pine unit frequently pushing the tempo.  The quarterback was Farmar, who proved himself perhaps not quite Peyton Manning, but definitely a far, far cry from Ryan Leaf. The role suited him well and he helped create a chemistry among his fellow second stringers that became a season-long asset for the Lakers. 

For that matter, so was Farmar.

The work put in during the summer was evident off the bat, as double figures were racked in nine out of fifteen games.  Scorching from both the field (51%) and from behind the arc (41%), Fisher's sub constantly attacked the rim, working a sweet teardrop or worming his way past defenders for a layup.  A kinship with Andrew Bynum also developed in ASAP fashion, the pair often running a two-man with both greatly flourished.  But no matter who shuffled in and out of the second unit, Farmar typically helped them and himself.  In just five additional minutes than than his rookie season, Farmar doubled (and then some) his scoring figures, reminiscent of the sizable bumps accrued in just about every major statistical category (the exception being turnovers, which ain't exactly a bad thing). 

At times, however, I wasn't enamored with every increased tally.  I've never been to Farmar's casa, but as the season wore on, he appeared to be represent Downtown, too often firing away from behind the arc with results not always kind (most visibly apparent in a disappointing March).  And one big weakness from last season still lingers.  The second year guard is often good for a timely steal (among those playing a full season, his per-48 ranked only behind Kobe Bryant), but as we saw during the playoffs, Farmar remains susceptible to getting beat off the dribble or, especially, bullied around by bigger players.  In particular, Deron Williams destroyed him. 

This defensive shortcoming has some doubting whether Farmar is ready for life in the Kobe-Pau-Bynum Lane, a question even more relevant with Fisher having concluded a "better than expected but ain't getting any younger" campaign.  To be honest, I understand the uncertainty, especially in regards to Jordan's size.  But even if Farmar remains bench bound next season, that's hardly a catastrophe.  He'd be one of the NBA's best backup points and with more strides, perhaps among the better sixth men.  Either way, he's proved himself at just 21-years-old capable of contributing to a championship caliber squad, so there's little reason to be down on a player who avoided the dreaded sophomore slump.

Final grade: B+


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Jordan needs more PT and keep driving to the hoop. With his skill set, he can be a Tony Parker type player without the Hot Latin wife...


I know that the agent is only doing his job but damn. I guess all that "if only Bynum wasn't hurt....." crying we did during the finals has come back to bite us in the @ss . Drew still has the final say so as to what type of contracr he's willing to accept

"Gym rat?" With those ears, more like Basket Ball Mouse.

This kid's a keeper. I agree with the Tony Parker analogy, and I'll go a step further by saying Farmar, in only his second season, showed me more moxie earlier than Parker did for SA. Plus, he's a better long-range shooter than Parker.


"and I'll go a step further by saying Farmar, in only his second season, showed me more moxie earlier than Parker did for SA."

And that's on limited PT.


That's negotiation tactics. Don't get too concerned.


"Basket Ball Mouse" -- True. hahahaha

Farmar is the man. He just needs to slightly improve certain parts of his game. He needs to get a little better at defense. While he got burned by Dwill I thought he played great defense against Boston, ofcourse Boston doesn't have the best pgs, but theres still plenty of hope. I also want to see Farmar do more driving to the lane next year. I believe this is the best part of his game with his 40 inch vertical. He can get up. I don't mind if he shoots 3s, I just want to see him drive too.

All in all Farmar is the Lakers pg of the future. He's got heart, fire, and some skills. I'm excited to see him improve again this offseason. He will never be a Laker great but he will always be an asset to us.

Lamar = Laker for Life



that was funny!!

As for Jordan, keep working on your shot, develop more consistency and an in between game and better efficiency overall and of course, defense..Maybe now, he will do a little less Yoga and hit some free weights!

OH yeah, and Jordan, develop better playmaking skills!

Everyone is right on here. I say drive the basket Jordan and hone the defense - he can be as pesky as Sasha learned to be and that's not such a bad thing.......


At this point, Bynum's agent is only rattling his saber. They have no leverage because Bynum is technically under contract for the next two seasons. The Lakers have no motivation to make a max extension offer to a 20 year-old player who hasn't proven he can play an entire season of ball at a high level. I'm guessing the Lakers will let the season play out before they negotiate any deals with Andrew. Maybe they wait until they see his recovery, and negotiate something before the season. He'll be training again in a week anyway.

He's just ruffling feathers with inflammatory comments. And sounding like an jerk while doing it.


I just found your comment from a couple of days ago regarding the Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin fight this weekend. Sorry it took so long, but it's the first time I've been to Vegas in about 2 years, so it took me a couple of days to regain my sanity and do things like "Check the Blog".

I think you're right about Rampage looking like he will destroy Forrest, but you never know in the UFC. Also Forrest seems to do his best when he is "Cut up and bloody". I'm really looking forward to it. It's my first UFC in person.

I see that the short yellow bus continues to drop off certain trolls at this blog for a stimulating time. However, the bus driver apparently forgets to pick them up from time to time and they soil themselves. We at Laker Nation are not heartless, we will watch you until someone wants you back. We may be waiting a while.

Richtown - Bynum's agent had to say that or he wouldn't be doing his job. It will all work out.

Jackson not looking back on Finals loss

3:57 PM Fri, Jun 20, 2008 | Permalink | Comments (0)
Posted by: PE Sports

It is not in Lakers coach Phil Jackson's nature to look back.

Jackson's motto has always been to be in the moment.

His team lost in the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics, getting hammered in Game 6.

His players have spent time reviewing all their wrongs.

Jackson was asked Friday at the team's exit interviews, if like the players, he wondered about making the right moves or the wrong moves.

``I try not to get too caught up in that,'' Jackson said. ``I try to learn from history. I just try not to repeat it. If you get too obsessed with it, then you get in a position where you might just accidently repeat what you've done wrong by trying to eliminate a mistake.''

-- Broderick Turner
-- [email protected]

[Now that is a contradiction in terms.
PJ does not like looking back at history and then the story goes on he looks at history but does not dwell on it. WTF??

Those who refuse to look back at history tend to make the same mistakes in the future!

So not to dwell so not to repeat mistakes by making adjustments tend to lead to making same mistakes? What has he been smoking? That is like not coaching to learn from Zen and live in the moment. Ooops he already does that.

Better to see past and prepare for future so as not to repeat same mistakes while living in the present.
That is better than Zen. OHMMMMM.]

There was a video journal earlier in the season... I saw an episode with Farmar, Luke, Turief and L.O. - did anyone else see it? It was pretty funny - Farmar was saying how everyone calls him 'yoga-boy'.

Jordan Farmar can play in this league! The question is will he continue to do what it takes to stay? He needs to build upper body strength as well his legs and defensive foot work. Also stop taking advice from Luke and work on his game every day not once a month!

Another Wannabe Jordan. Farmar Jordan!

Dude disappeared in the finals?

When Celt fans were chanting "You're not Jordan" to Kobe mabye some were referring to Farmer-boy.


Farmar is no good, no good I say.

Farmar PG of the "future"!


Yous crazies!

Go C's!

This kid's a keeper. I agree with the Tony Parker analogy, and I'll go a step further by saying Farmar, in only his second season, showed me more moxie earlier than Parker did for SA. Plus, he's a better long-range shooter than Parker.

Posted by: Dalton | July 01, 2008 at 11:43 AM


"and I'll go a step further by saying Farmar, in only his second season, showed me more moxie earlier than Parker did for SA."

And that's on limited PT.

Posted by: Charles | July 01, 2008 at 11:46 AM


JF is good back up pg but not all star material. He is not as quick as you guys think as he kept getting beat off dribble and could not stay in front of his man. Can't coach speed. Not as fast as TP.

Yes he did get out muscled by bigger pgs but that is fixable with time in weight room.

He has had more pt than the other rookies and a lot more run as sophmore than others from PJ. He did do well but why has not PJ given C Karl or Crit the same love? At least in Crits case imo he will be better pg in future. But alas he is gone.

JF can be a best 6th man of league type player but will not rank as top tier pg.


Excellent report card for Farmar. What really sets this guy apart from other players are his mental toughness, ultimate confidence, high basketball IQ, and Kobe-like work ethic. I loved the way that Jordan played fearlessly in the conference and NBA finals and came back strong after the poor showing against Utah and Deron Williams.

I look for Farmar to come back and have a breakout 3rd year much like Deron Williams. He needs to put on muscle over the summer and work on his lateral movement on defense as well as improving his anticipation so that he can draw some charges and beat guys to the screen rather than getting easily picked off all the time. Farmar is exactly the type of player for whom the Lakers should consider hiring Michael Cooper as a defensive coach. If Jordan can learn to use his skills and talents and basketball IQ better defensively, he has the potential to become the Lakers point guard or 6th man of the future.

Offensively, I like his recent play focusing more on driving to the rim rather than just chucking up 3-pointers. Two things that Farmar needs to work on are (1) bringing back his old teardrop shot that he used at UCLA and during his rookie year and (2) learning how to finish his drive to the hoop with a jump stop in the lane so that he can better use his excellent quickness and vertical leap without getting his shot blocked. Finishing with a jump stop will get him more points, assists, and free throws than going straight to the hoop off of one foot via a normal drive, especially when teams are playing physical.

At any rate, Bynum A-, Sasha B+, and Farmar B+ all just support that the Lakers had almost every player on the team play at their career bests. Good job, Andy.


Eric M.

Chest Pound

A very fair report card for Jordan. I think his biggest challenge last season was that 21-year olds are not fully matured in their decision-making abilities. (Scientists say that full decision-making maturity doesn't come until age 24). That, and his size and strength.

A good summer program of working on his basketball skills and some serious weight training, plus just being older should prepare him to share equal minutes with D-Fish.

I expect the team to be better on almost every level next season. Go Lakers!

Let's Go C's -

shut up idiot


I never said anything about JF's defensive prowess. Tony Parker does not strike me as a defensive presence of a PG either. (To me, D Will and CP3 are already better than TP)

I just feel with the way he can drive to the hoop, and the work he put in his jump shot, is resembles TP with his offense.

And I agree he will be a great 6th man type player.

I also am very big on Javaris. I wish he was still with us. It kept Jordie and JC on their competitive toes.

I really envisioned JC great for the triangle and would have been our starting PG after Fish. (All Speculation)


"He has had more pt than the other rookies and a lot more run as sophmore than others from PJ."

Smush for the first year. Fisher coming back and Sasha Moving to the 2.

"He did do well but why has not PJ given C Karl or Crit the same love?"

Coby Karl was being played as a 2 guard. Behind Kobe and Sasha, you wouldn't find PT. And if you see him as a PG; Fisher then Farmar took those minutes.


Gilbert Arenas got a max offer from the Warriors???

Wow... the Kwammus is stunned...

Jordan's game is at it's best when he's doing UCLA style slashing. Dude can sho-nuff take it to the hole and draw contact in the paint. More slashing and less 3 point shooting this year - along with more of D-Fish's tutelage - and he'll be fine.

This has gotten little pub -- but check it out, re no proof of funny business in 2002 playoffs.

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I need better D from the Farm. Otherwise good stuff.

Go Lakers!

by Marty Burns for

The Lakers 207 2nd round draft pick gets bigger rookie contract than Derrick Rose!

Guess that shows that Mitch knew what he was doing in drafting Marc Gasol. As I said earlier to the Memphis critics, Marc Gasol was a major reason that Memphis wanted to make the deal with the Lakers. It will be interesting to see how Joe Crawford and Sun Yue turn out. Mitch is on a great roll as far as his drafting and trading moves.



I am so far from being a_intelecktual. Check my spelliinngg and grammerr.

Beist Reguards,

Keep Marc warm for us Grizz -- we'll come calling soon.

Why are people talking about Arenas, Bynum, in a thread where the subject is Jordan Farmar?

Farmar has a lot of potential and hopefully his confidence will not burden his drive to excel defensively. Until he can play decent defense, he will always be that bench guy providing the offensive spark.

Eric M.

Thanks for the reply.

If you watch Q punch, he throws punches barreling forward with his hips, (same side punching arm) and upper back.

Forrest throws a lot of looping punches after someone throws. A la' Chuck Lidell with the same timing but different power.

The difference is the timing. Q punches and goes on top of the opponents punching acting as both a bulling maneuver to push someone against the fence. Forrest has a heavy Boxer's approach in slipping and counter punching.

But anybody has a punchers chance. I thought Shogun Rua would've eaten Griffin alive. But like all the Pride fighters that have come to the Octagon format, they have not been successful except for Q.

Bellagio Buffet = Beef Wellington and Kobe Beef with at least three Crustacean's available.

One Love and Have Fun.


That is why I picked you as a cooley :)


Morning all...I am not totally sold on Farmar and to be honest i am not sure why.Its like some really good stuff them alot of dumb stuff and then some ok stuff after..I know he is still young,but i like the Critter and his size more.I understand that players like Williams(Deron) dont just fall from tree's but how about Jaret Jack.?I would trade Famar for Jack in a heart beat.At 6,3 he has good size and is a lot stronger than Farmar.(Sorry dreaming again)...BTW AK/BK..As you already know,under the heading POST A COMMENT..It says very clearly 'IF YOU ARE UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE YOU MAY READ THIS MESSAGE BOARD,BUT YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE..So why do lets go c's posts get posted?

These Celtic fans make me sick. Was it not a year ago that they were chanting MVP to Kobe in Boston. Now come on, they just jump on the wagon. Mchale gave Garnett to Boston for nothing to keep him away from Lakers. So come on with this crap. Lakers started 2000 winning championships they gonna finish 2000 winning championships.
Boston took so many years to rebuild and win one. It took the Lakers a few and we back for more
GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen Ladies and Ladies,

I've made the "Fanwagon" list.

heehaw! M-fudgers

Call me all the names yous wants, but C's still DOMINATED your Fakers all season and the playoffs.

So much for the "best player on the planet"?

So much for Kobe versus Jordan. I'm not talkin' about Jordan Famer-boi either.



Let's go C's!

Whazzz up girls? Where yous at? Home with mama?

Texas? Only Steers and Queers come from Texas.


Those weren't C fans chanting at Kobeef, those were bandwagon Faker fans chanting "Kobe how does Shaq's azz taste?"

Wehere yous at?


"Why are people talking about Arenas, Bynum, in a thread where the subject is Jordan Farmar?"

That's the nature of a blog and conversation sir.

Have a good one.


I agree with grade. Good summation.


Maybe "The Rat" should be Jordan Farmar's new moniker. I mean that in the best way possible.



That is the most annoying part of the present Celtics fan base. They're not diehard fans like Laker Nation. They're primarily bandwagoneers who scream like they've been wrongfully denied for 21 years. Yeah, right.

Lakers now. Lakers tomorrow. Lakers forever.


It's a little unsettling that I don't think we're really going to have a lot to talk about over the next 100 days or so regarding the Lakers.

Maybe Kwame Brown returning to the Lakers.

Maybe Quinton Ross signing with the Lakers.

Not much else.

The Clippers on the other hand! It's a madhouse over there!

Now, if they sign Baron Davis (who as a fellow Bruin, I like), suddenly the Clippers have a team! I'm all for that!

Baron Davis
Elton Brand
Chris Kaman
Cuttino Mobley
Al Thorton

With Shaun Livingston and Eric Gordon on the bench.

That's a team that would make the playoffs.

I firmly believe that a good Clippers team is good for Los Angeles and good for the Lakers (it brings more passion to Los Angeles basketball).

Go Clippers!



You are too much in the fun department!

By the way, for those who don't know, the Clippers HAVE to get rid of Tim Thomas. That guy is, for the Clippers, Kwame Brown and Smush Parker rolled up into one.

He's a true cancer.

[By the way, I view Kwame Brown only as a cancer when he is expected to play a starting roll on the Lakers. I, personally, think he'd be a fine third string center/power forward.]



“Jerry Buss called Mitch and quipped:
‘Who is this LakerTom talking about our money?’” – Edwin Gueco

My answer to Edwin and other bloggers who are concerned about the Lakers payroll being too high and luxury taxes being too great is to stop worrying needlessly about Jerry Buss’ money. He has shown that he can take pretty good care of himself financially. He knows that the luxury tax is just a necessary expense to win in the NBA today.

A recent article from Forbes on NBA franchise clearly shows that the Lakers have a huge financial advantage over most of the rest of the NBA because the franchise generates more gross revenue and net income and is subsequently worth more as a salable business than any NBA franchise except for the New York Knicks. This means the Lakers have the money to pay the luxury tax and still make more money than other teams.

The numbers from Forbes tell the entire story. Based on figures from the 2006/7 year, the Lakers are the second most valuable NBA franchise at $560M – that’s right, more than one half a billion dollars – right behind the New York Knicks at $608M and almost twice as valuable as the Clippers at $294M. The Lakers $560M value was a net $50M increase over their $510M value in 2005. Remember this is before this past season.

Winning by the way obviously has great impact on the franchise value of everybody but the Knicks, who just happen to have the biggest market and their own television network. The #3 and #4 franchises after the Knicks and Lakers? The Chicago Bulls, winner of 6 championships, at $500M and the Detroit Pistons at $477M. As for the Boston Celtics? After 20 years of futility, the fabled Celtics franchise is today worth just $391M – or 70% of the value of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise and $100M less than the top teams.

It’s not just the appreciation of the franchise that is involved, however, as it is also the revenue generated by tickets and merchandising. For 2006/7, the Lakers grossed $170M, again second in the NBA to the Knicks $196M. That revenue gave the Lakers an income after salaries of $31.8M for the year, which was the 4th best in the NBA. Again, these figures were for 2006/7 and should improve again for 2007/8.

Jerry Buss and the Lakers front office obviously know what they are doing business-wise. Expect the Lakers franchise value, gross revenue, and net income to rise dramatically this year due to their winning the west and competing in the NBA Finals. There should be no doubt that the Lakers can pay more salaries and luxury tax than any team other than the New York Knicks and still end up with more money in the end.

NBA Team Valuations:


LA Times is reporting Clippers are close to signing BD.

Deal probably to be closed on Wednesday.



I am equally disappointed on the attitude of our young players or this Bynum’s agent in negotiating for max, way ahead of time. Here is the situation as reported by Hoopsworld:

Bynum averaged career highs in points (13.1) and rebounds (10.2) last season. But he has played in just 163 games in three seasons.

"I don't think the Lakers have anything to worry about with Andrew's physical condition," Lee said. "The only thing is he wants to stay in the purple and gold. It's in their court."
Bynum hasn’t proven anything, he missed 46 games which many of us think it was misdiagnosis of not going for ACL surgery immediately, he wasted time that caused him to miss the playoffs. Now he is asking for 80M in the middle of negotiation of finding help for him. Mitch is trying to get back Turiaf and Sasha and also an MLE to a defensive player may it be Artest or Posey. How in the world can the Lakers afford everyone if this David Lee would demand for higher pay a year in advance?

Who is Bynum?

Straight from high school, he has a horizontal wing span that could be a tremendous asset in the post. Jim Buss likes him that much and picked him at #10 in the draft. However, with lack of basketball knowledge and exposure, they have to get Kareem to tutor Bynum as he continued to develop gradually in the last 3 years. Yes, he helped the Lakers this season in winning the first half before his knee injury but without the appearance of Pau Gasol in the second half, Lakers would be a lottery pick team in the West most probably, behind the Blazers. Because of Gasol's presence and the the salary Kobe and Lo put them in the luxury taxes.

If Bynum and his agent have any conscience or iota of consideration, they will wait and prove first his worth with the team than make demands at the first opportunity. From 3M contract, his agent is demanding an increase to 16M is absolutely out of place at this time. If Bynum had helped in winning the '08 Championship, then he deserved a fat contract but to take advantage at the vulnerability of the team speaks highly on what kind of individual he will be in the future. A 21 year old trying to play a game of “all or nothing” against Jerry Buss who helped him grow, this is another Shaq-in-the-making: “Pay me first policy”.

Anyone interested on an article about Kobe, check this out:

A long read but worthwhile.




Mitch has shown that he drafts really well, particularly in the second round. Good value for the Jumaine Joneses of the world.


I haven't done the research myself, but I understand that there may be a cap rule against spending endlessly -- i.e. there's only so much the Lakers can be over the cap. Does anyone know if this actually exists?

i gotta admit guy's farmar is a heck of a player...

it sucks being in boston now...please for the love of god...someone move me to southern cali..!!!!!!!

lakers rule...

p.s. guys, i got my manicure done, i am so proud of myself!!!!!!

Kobe's response to Shaq..."A periperal opponent"!!!
Read the full article here:

Edwin, you're not reading this correctly. Bynum's AGENT said that it was a 20 year old Bynum who stated he would take less to stay with the Lakers. Bynum's AGENT basically said let ME handle the money issue, NOT my 20 year old client. Bynum's AGENT is the one in the news, not Bynum himself.

After the kind of money Jerome James and Chris "the Beautiful People" Kaman got, I don't see how Bynum gives the Lakers much of a discount. The only question is the proving period, most likely during training camp where the Lakers may, yes may be able to lock up Bynum for a little less than max before the season starts and the dude starts putting up 20/14 with 3 blocks/game.

Just keep him away from Odom...

Edwin Gueco:

PULEEEEZE get a life and stop rehahsing info on Bynum. Yes, we all know and can see how great of a telent he is, and thank god for giving us the ability, faculty to do so. Geeeeeeez you and LakerTom are fixiated with information that is not even original and rather very stale.

Now on contrary it would be nice to learn something new and refreshing from you two PARROTS!!

Meh. I'm bored with sports. When does basketball season start?

92 days until October first. Man. Time is flying. I hope it keeps up.

Not surprising about Davis to the Clippers, he and Nelly are like water and acid.

If the Clippers make the playoffs that means that two current playoff teams will be out of the running next year --given Portland will likely be good enough to make it also.

Who are the most likely candidates not to make it? I say, in reverse order:

4. Utah - over-achieved a bit, but their division sucks.

3. Suns -- New coach, new defensive style. Mr. 2x MVP and 36 year old Shaq can't play defense.

2. Dallas -- J Kidd will be in traction after the wear and tear of the Olympics and then training camp.

1. Denver -- a grease fire

"Pig" Miller

At least we have the Summer Games.


I agree with the Farmar grade. Like you said, out of the blocks he took off. But with Bynum moving into the starting lineup and then being injured, really hurt his numbers.

Before we get to Lamar's grade, I really like this trade scenario for all parties concerned.

NY: D'Antoni get his 2 boys: Barbosa & Diaw with a facilitator in Walton.

Suns: They get a backup big man in Rose (also a plus with only 1 year left on the books) and a real talent in Crawford & Lee. And Cook to make the numbers work.

Lakers: Marion. A defender, hit's the open 3 and can rebound.

Heat: Riley gets his boy Odom back & some young talent in Strawberry.

Forum let me hear your thoughts.


No such rule as the Knicks proved by last year by losing money even though they led the league in revenue, which still didn't keep the team from increasing in value as a franchise. The knicks own their own tv network.


Rank Team Current Value 1 ($mil) 1-Yr Value Change (%) Debt/Value 3 (%) Revenue 4 ($mil) Operating Income 5 ($mil)
1 New York Knicks 608 3 0 196 -42.2
2 Los Angeles Lakers 560 -2 15 170 31.8
3 Chicago Bulls 500 9 11 161 59.3


LakerTom, looking at the business point of view, it seems that Chicago Bulls are better managed team with $ 59.3M Operating Income. They did not make the playoffs, they did not pay their Coach 12 M and they got the 1st pick in the draft in '08. The Operating Income of the Lakers is equivalent to the five year salary of player named Luke Walton.

Based on the concept of rate of return of investment using the figure listed on Forbes @ 31.8M operating income vs the net worth of 560M that's only 5.6% ror. if Jerry Buss invested his 560M in precious metals, energy stocks or currency trading, he would earn more than 5.6 % AND no need to confront saber rattlers like Shaq or Kobe calling him idiot, no dumb and dumber Mike T exposing his womanizing in the blog and no over-the-hill LakerTom playing with his fortune through rosy predictions. LOL!


I doubt that trade would ever happen unless NY simultaneously sent out more long term contracts (Randolph, Curry, Jeffries, etc.). Even if D'Antoni wants Diaw and/or Barbosa, the Knicks want to be players in the 2010 FA agent chase (for LeBron, Wade, Bosh, or the other biggies). Locking up so much cap space on long term deals (much less for Walton, Diaw and Barbosa, who aren't close to franchise players) would mess that up.



May I have you use Tiny URL please. If you do, thanks in advance.


Let's go C's! - Go getter & first in line
Butler - second in line


Let's go C's! - DOOR # 1
Butler - DOOR # 2


I don't even understand what this means:

"NEW YORK, July 1, 2008 -- The National Basketball Association has named United States Army Major General Ronald L. Johnson to the newly created position of Senior Vice President, Referee Operations, it was announced today by NBA Commissioner David Stern."

A... General??? What the hell does he know about reffing an NBA game? This is like bringing in somebody who was the CEO of a popsicle corporation to run Ford Motor Company. How can you put somebody who has zero experience in a particular field in charge of those who have extensive experience in the field? What jewels of wisdom is he going to drop on these refs who have been calling games for 20+ years?


list of guards he can't guard

pathetic Laker bloggers can't see the obvious

maybe if jordan keeps doing yoga he'll grow a couple of inches and put on some weight

hey jerk, that's my team

I still believe the NBA is fixed.


But what will hiring an Army man do?

I mean Bad Stu will still be around right?

Bynum needs a new agent. The one he has is a jackass.

Kaminus III and Geeez,

You need to welcome the bad news as well the good news.

No, the news is not stale. The previous rumors were mere speculation, this time his agent stated their price for Bynum to stay with the Lakers in the next five years.

We, as fans have to make comments when we believe our players are wrong. It cannot be just one direction of fandom.

The "rat" isn't Farmer-boi, the Rat is Kobeef for ratting out Shaq O'neal in Colorado.


Shaq's still pissed abou t it.



>>>I would trade Famar for Jack in a heart beat.

You don't know Jack. :-)

I'm glad you're not managing the team.



>>>That revenue gave the Lakers an income after salaries
>>>of $31.8M for the year, which was the 4th best in the
>>>NBA. Again, these figures were for 2006/7 and should
>>>improve again for 2007/8.

They will improve a bit with more playoff games, which are
higher profit margin than regular season games.

But also bear in mind that the Lakers were paying a lot less
in salaries in 2006/07. So I'll wager that the increase in
revenues is eaten by the increase in salaries, more or less.

But that gives you a sorta cap on spending. If they made
a profit of 30 millionish last season, then they could add
15 million to salaries (plus 15 million of luxury tax) and
break even as a team.

I don't think you'll see Jerry Buss letting the Lakers lose
money as a team. He's not a billionaire like Mark Cuban.
In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the Lakers is Dr. Buss' only source
of income.

Edwin, Rush Hour III is playing on cable right now, how appropriate because...



Dude, I LOVE Bynum, more than any man should love another man... his calves are BEAUTIFUL! his reach, MAGNIFICENT! Give the dude his money!


1. Everyone is right on here !! Posted by: PsychedLakerGirl

2. Charles, that was funny!! Posted by: lakersrydeordie

3. AK, Excellent report card for Farmar!! Posted by: LakerTom

4. heehaaw, Beist Reguards, Posted by: Charles

5. Pajaro, You are too much in the fun department! Posted by: Charles

6. AK, I agree with grade. Good summation. Posted by: Jon K.


President of Brown Noser Association
Tom Thumb

Edwin Gueco,

>>>LakerTom, looking at the business point of view, it
>>>seems that Chicago Bulls are better managed team...

It all depends on what the owner is hoping to get out of the

If the owner is trying to maximize profits, then yeah, I'd say
Chicago did a better job.

But if the owner is trying to win a championship, then
I'd have to say that the Lakers came a weeeeee bit closer.

I'll take the owner who wants to win championships.

Honestly, unless Bynum makes another great leap this
summer AND stays healthy most of the year, there's no way
I'd make him a max offer.

Over paying players who think they are worth more than they
are is how both Dallas and the Knicks screwed up their contract
situations. A player that can average a double-double and
play 40 or 50 games a year is nice, but not worth 1/4 of the
salary cap.

Let's go C's,

Are you still here?!? Why did BAAHSTAAHN let so many Faker fans in the GAAHDEN to cheer kobee? It's cuz you WEREN'T THERE you're a bunch of BANDWAGON FANS who only came out when kaygee the TRAITOR came to town!!! Learn from SONS fans, SHACK fans and GNASH fans, LOOOSERS!!!



I think the Lakers have never been about making money per say...though you can't argue against them raising prices every year (for profit?)...but I for one continue to believe that the Lakers still and will be about winning first.

Let's not forget Dr. Buss was the same guy that paid his players well...because they deserved it....look back to the showtime era (though this was before the salary cap...and worst the luxury tax).

Tom Thumb

Not #1?

Let's go C's,

kaygee the TRAITOR from malaboo and paula from inglehood will be OWNED by SHACK AND GNASH all next year!!! WHAT CHA GOTTA SAY BOUT THAT?!?! WHERES YOUS AT???



“I don't see the Lakers offering Bynum the maximum this summer. At this point I think that there is too much of a question about his injury potential. That would be taking a risk, though, because if he goes injury-free next season, and improves as expected, he would be a huge addition (pun intended) to the free agent market next season.” –exhelodrvr in response to LakerTom saying the Lakers will sign Bynum to max contract.

I don’t agree, ex. Mitch Kupchak himself has said that the injury is not career threatening and would not prevent the Lakers from negotiating an extension for Drew, who is eligible for a max extension of $80M for 5 years, which would start next year and not affect the Lakers luxury tax situation this year. You don’t mess with the Beast and end up losing him in free agency or having him want to play somewhere else. That would be stupid. Instead you sign him to the max contract and then insure the hell out of his knee.

Mitch may be able to knock a few million off the total, maybe $75M for 5 years, but there is no way Bynum will not be locked up by the time next season begins. And if Drew’s agent has any balls, he will make sure of that by announcing that it will have to be signed by then. And without disrespecting Kobe, there is no way the Lakers want to risk losing a franchise player around which the future of the Lakers will be built. In fact, they will not even let the negotiations become adversarial. Drew is that important.

The Lakers have until June 30, 2009 to sign Andrew Bynum to a max contract of around $80M for 5 years. Even if they did not resign Drew to an extension by then, they would still have the right to make a qualifying offer by that date which would make Drew a restricted free agent with the Lakers having the rights to match any offer Drew gets. But waiting until next summer or allowing Drew to become a restricted free agent are just not going to happen. The risks are too great for the Lakers to act like Donald Sterling.

While the Lakers may wait until Drew reports to training camp and they are sure he has fully recovered from his injured knee, they will look to lock up him up with a maximum extension before the season actually begins. Doing anything else would be foolish. They know the injury is not career threatening and they know that Drew is a franchise center. No way that Jerry Buss is going to allow any chance that Andrew Bynum wears any other uniform than the Los Angeles Lakers. There is frankly a better chance that the Lakers would trade Kobe Bryant at this point rather than Andrew Bynum.


Let's go C's,


or just ask kaygee or paula next year!!


Let's go C's,




Love Drew...but come on. He's not a beast yet. For starters injury or not, he still has a lot of holes in his game. You know who's a beast? Kobe. There's a beast. And it has taken years of hard work.

Not to mention Drew has yet to show the capability to show he can play full strength for a full season. He's essentially still a rookie.

Don't get me wrong, I want us to extend him...but not because his agent played games...and pushed us to pay him more than he's worth as of yet.

GO Lakers!

my 2 cents....

how does Gil get offered 127 mil for six years but Kobe got 120 for 7 years????????????? Kobe>Gil anyhow I've said it b4 if anyone in the league deserves there pay its Kobe. there are alot of other players Shaq,J-Kidd,Garnett making more than him . Yet he gives 110% and I here people talking about how JB spends his money! As well as Kobe talking paycuts wtf he earns all of what he makes and compared to sum its still not enough. Yet they overpay for bums like walton(and Phil)lol!!!!!!!1someone please tell me whats wrong with this picture b4 we start patting management on their back again and make em feel like they don't have to anything cept raise ticket prices!!!!!!!!!1


You are too much in the fun department!

charles,Who in the

are you talkin two? way two many wonka bars for you buddy.

It is ridiculous that all these guys are getting max contract. To me the guys that deserve max contract are superstars. Rashad Lewis don't deserve the max, Bynum it aint time for you to be asking for max. 12 million for the next five years seems reasonable. Once you prove you can lead your team to the conference finals, then we can talk about max contract. How Arenas is getting max from two teams is beyond insanity. He hasn't even got his team out of the first round in the Lestern conference. It seems like everybody think they deserve the max deal. Ridiculous.

Jordan is going to be a great asset to the Lakers next year. As many have said, Farmar is very Parker-esque, but with a lot more potential. This kid ran in the Bruin system. He WILL become a fantastic NBA defender. But best of all, he's not afraid to take the big shot, and I appreciate that about him. So does Kobe, as was evidenced during the Finals. I love having a veteran guard and a blossoming, young guard. We're in a great position with Jordan, and I expect to see him add a lot to his game over the summer. This kid wants to win.

Go Lake Show!



Way to go BOOOTLER... don't forget to breathe and you are doing GREAT CHAMP, just keep that left hand in front of your face as these BOSTON people are very sneaky. Pat Riley admitted that IRISH people are cunning and they cheat. Watch out for Let's go C's as he is likely to hit you durig the break.


You are very smart I never thought you were LOL. you write good, youre english is good, keep up the good work girlfiend and don't let them boys tell you that you know nothing about basketball.

big daddy


I’m sorry but you disappoint me. I thought you would recognize how critical Drew is to the Lakers both offensively as well as DEFENSIVELY. Not giving him an extension before next season would be a greater mistake than not matching whatever offer Sasha receives. Losing Drew at this point would destroy this franchise. Andrew Bynum is the Lakers next franchise player and he is only 20 years old. You do not risk alienating or losing such a valuable player. Drew is the franchise’s savior.

I would gladly give Drew $15M per season for 5 years before I would even consider giving Sasha $6M or Ronny $3M for 5 years. And if you cannot see that Drew is already the 3rd best center in the NBA and the future anchor of the Lakers defense, then you need to stop and re-think who on this team deserves your love and support. It’s about who can really play and control the game at both ends, not who looks great in his uniform.

Fortunately, the Lakers and their front office know the value of their players better than other teams or the blog. All you doubters can wait and see and down the road be grateful that Mitch and Jerry had the vision and faith to put their money in the Lakers next great center and sign Andrew Bynum to a max extension before the start of next season.


Aloha Edwin,

Just a couple of things. First Andrew didn't get ACL surgery. That is a very serious operation, requiring at least a year of down time. Andrew just had a scope done and some loose particles removed.

As far as his contract, big money is paid for potential, and if we don't give him it, some other team will. Like it or not this where sports have gone. And in the maybe Andrew would agree to take a little less to stay with the Lakers but his agent will not allow him to say it in public.


Kobe rules...

I'll kiss his azz anytime...

the finals were fixed people...the better team did not celtics stink..

Uh thanks? lol.

Lakertom, I'm not saying Drew will not a vital piece in our puzzle. And yes he could very well be the anchor in our ship for the years to come. But he's not there yet. To me giving Drew the max now before he has shown anything yet (don't kid yourself, it won't be cheaper to give him the max now than when he actually starts to earn it...and thereby get the respect from other teams...max is max) like giving Luke the max MLE just because he had a good year. How did that turn out? I love Drew's potential. I'm not going to lie, had it come down to Kobe or him, I would have traded him in a heartbeat...but that doesn't mean I don't see the value and the brilliance of our front office in holding onto him. That said, like I said, he has yet to really show anything yet. Let's see him make a couple of all star a full season like I said, and we'll talk.

Also, don't undervalue the value of being a laker. A max here versus a max anywhere else makes that much of a difference. Just ask Kobe. He could have gone to the clippers (I think they were giving him the max with less years)...but he stayed a laker (through its worst years I might add). I can't imagine Drew doing something different esp now that we're on the cusp of greatness. Don't forget being a laker is a distinction on its own.

Go Lakers!

Bynum is NOT A MAX PLAYER!!! He is not on the same level as Lebron, Wade, Howard, or Bosh when they re-signed a couple years ago. I'd love to have him, but maybe at 4 years $25-28 mil if he wants an extension before 08-09. If he comes in and becomes the BEAST he thinks he can be, and puts us over the top next season, then talk MAX DEAL! And he can sign the contract with his championship ring on!!!

As of now, he's a like Al Jefferson after the 06-07 season, a great half of a season under his belt. When a player wants more than he's earned, that always worries me. Not to jinx it, but look at how much hype was put into Shaun Livingston a couple years ago. The Clips could have had A.I.!!! Then Shaun goes down bad!! I don't think the Lakers will make that mistake. I'd sign and trade him for BRAND right now if his agent wants MAX $$.


If the NBA is fixed then those guys do a terrible job of fixing it. I mean the Spurs have won 4 NBA titles and the Knicks haven't been able to grab the No. 1 despite their ineptitude. lol

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