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Report Card - Kobe Bryant

Kobe_mvp_4 I'm going to just cut to the chase with this one: A

At the risk of shortchanging Kobe a fair share of deep analysis his teammates received (I'm confident he'll recover from any hurt feelings), does this really require a detailed explanation?  Dude was first-team All-Everything, league MVP, put up the usual great numbers (some may not realize how high his boards ranked among SG's), helped take a team many said would be a chaotic, eggshell-walking, playoff bubble team to Game 6 of the Finals, played half a season with a torn finger ligament, conducted himself during some early-season unhappiness with total professionalism and grew tremendously as a leader.  If those October-June resume items don't strike you as "A"-worthy material, I'm honestly stumped what will, so it's really not worth a debate.  I asked Kobe during his exit interview if he felt (as I and many writerly types do) this was indeed the best season of his first ballot Hall of Fame career.   

"I think so, just because of how we played as a team" he said. "I've had better individual seasons, which was necessary for me to have in order for us to make the playoffs. But I haven't had a season that was more enjoyable or better in terms in leading a group of guys than this season."

No argument on my end.


(Note: Before anybody freaks out, I consider an "A" to be the highest of grades.  The high school and college I attended didn't do the "plus" thing for an "A," no matter how special, so that's how I roll.  If you want to think of it as an "A+," no worries.  If you want to think of it as an "A++," super.  If you want to think of it as an "A++++++++++++++," that's a might dramatic, but have it. Just don't think of it as me somehow "slighting" Kobe and don't bother asking me to change the grade, because it's remaining as is.  Gracias.)

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I've been waiting for this one so that I could lay into the Kamenetsky Brothers about their grade.

And AK gave me just enough wiggle-room to complain...



NO A+? NO PEACE!!!!!!!


Kobe deserves an A+ in an advanced placement course.

5.0 on a 4.0 scale.

AK, why do you feel the incredible need to spit in the fac of Laker Nation?

You indolent cur!


Jon K,

You're not serious, right?

NO A+? NO PEACE!!!!!


I am officially starting the "Trade AK for Ron Artest" Bandwagon!

Who's with me?


{AK, I'm not speaking to you! Go sit down!}

BK (aka, "Brian the Kamenator"),

I'd like to request a thread in which you and maybe someone else related to you, I don't know, express what you think are the REALISTIC free agent options for the Lakers, post new Sasha contract.

I'd like to hear a balanced perspective on things.



Jon K,

"I am officially starting the "Trade AK for Ron Artest" Bandwagon! Who's with me?"

If I'm getting trading for Ron Ron, that means our salaries somehow match to the tune of 7-ish mil. If that's the case, I'm with you.



As serious as the Boxer Rebellion!

NO A+? NO PEACE!!!!!



If you're getting traded to Sacto, careful up there. Bring ear plugs, and be careful of the burgers.


Great! Mamba24, we need a new bandwagon. I'm the owner. AK's the driver!

"Trade AK for Ron Artest!" Bandwagon.


This has nothing to do with this thread, so read it quickly and go back to Kobe.

I found this doing research on Kwame at a Hawks blog.

By Michael C. Teniente

July 16, 2008 3:28 PM | Link to this

I’ve been following the Lakers for 40 years and I paid close attention to Kwame Brown while he was with the Lakers. I watch every game and I can tell you right now, Kwame Brown is a serious defender. The Lakers didn’t appreciate what they had in Kwame and Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant were dogging him.

Phil Jackson would pull Kwame out of the game even though teams would attack the rim against any other center the Lakers played after Shaq got traded.

I saw with my own eyes time after time Kobe Bryant hog the ball and not pass the ball to Kwame. Then at some point in the game when Kobe was in trouble he would all of a sudden pass the ball to Kwame. Kwame wasn't ready for the pass because after watching Kobe take shot after shot without passing the ball his mind wasn’t into that part of the game (scoring).

Kwame Brown’s problem is that he’s been put with ball hogs his whole career. Michael Jordan, Gilbert Arenas and Kobe Bryant. Out of it all Kwame finally concentrated on defense and if you did your research you would know that Yao Ming says that Kwame Brown plays the best defense against him.

Kwame Brown has it in him to be a championship level defensive player. And with Joe Johnson and others on the Hawks…if the Hawks plays serious basketball on both sides of the court…Kwame Brown will shine, especially on the defensive end of the game where championships are won.

mike t.


You need to post the replies to his comment. That's where the real comedy is going to be.

as los angeles times lakers blogs spokesman i say the kobe earn grade of a. he was great this year an hopeful he stays with los angeles lakers after next year. what are your thoughts. ok

ding how in prattville



Wow. Michael Teniente is really sleeping with the enemy.

"God's Celestial Lieutenant", what do you have to say for yourself?



I second Xodus's request.

Michael C. Teniente,

Dude, what are you thinking? Are you sending scouting reports to the enemy as well?


Fatty...How sad is that?....Once a preacher always a preacher.....He is turning into Britney...First a Lakers fan.Then he hates the Lakers.Then comes back after game 6....Now he tries to sell Kwame to the Hawks fans....I feel sorry for this guy....I really do....He just lowered the bar again.....

Could the Lakers be the team with one of the sign and trade offers for Josh Smith?

He's not a Lakers fan Jon. Face it. I know you keep trying to give the dude the benefit of the doubt, but he doesn't deserve it. He doesn't contribute anything to any of our convos. Just stop responding and he'll post messages to himself and continue with his megalomaniac ways. Dude is a psycho, plain and simple.

A? Nice.

The Kwame cards are falling into place! Remember the big deal Atlanta made about Kwame and Randolph Morris working out on July 16?

"Randolph Morris...

But several of my spies contend that he’s set to join the Hawks’ roster for this upcoming season (on a two-year, minimum deal that would allow the Hawks to bolster their frontcourt rotation significantly)."

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let's all do the Kwame Brown dance! You jump up, you kick your right leg out for no reason and you try to go left at the same time! It's the Kwame Brown dance!

Who do you want? Some OLD craphound that has 30 games left in his entire existence or... KWAME BROWN! You want DJ Mbenga? Kate Beckinsale could push that guy out of the way for a rebound, come on! Who else? They're all craphounds! The last, best choice is...


All hail the KING! He that hath ears, let him hear! King Kwaminus IV, LORD of the Sacred Calves, PROTECTOR of the Kobiness and TOSSER of the frosted cake... is available and on the CHEAP! No more nights spent praying Chris Mihm won't need a cane to make it to the Laker bench, NO! the Kwaminus will party all night and give us... TEN... of the most exciting minutes of the game! COME, SEE, HEAR, EYEWITNESS! FRIGHTENING attempts at layups! DRINKS flying in the air as the ball slips through the Kwaminus' hands and goes into the crowd. The patented laugh and slap of the hands as the Kwaminus runs back up the court after another offense horror. The sad and frustrated look of Tim Duncan as The Kwaminus bodies him up for a few minutes, tiring him a little, then Bynum comes in the game and slaps FIVE of his shots out of bounds! The Kwaminus pushing Yao Ming out to the free throw line, then Ariza stealing the ball! Then the Kwaminus fumbling a sure layup out of bounds...

It's all here! The MOST exciting walking package of entertainment in the league! Besides... Kobe of course... You say you can't stand it, but you can't take your eyes off it! It's KWAME BROWN TIME! Yes! Dance with me!

Why Kwame can't catch the ball?
I'm laughing so hard I can't even type.

"I saw with my own eyes time after time Kobe Bryant hog the ball and not pass the ball to Kwame. Then at some point in the game when Kobe was in trouble he would all of a sudden pass the ball to Kwame. Kwame wasn't ready for the pass because after watching Kobe take shot after shot without passing the ball his mind wasn’t into that part of the game (scoring)."
- Mike T


I have my reasons for looking out after Kwame.

In my life I have experienced a lot of political BS. As a matter of fact when I first came to the Lakers blog I was just coming out of situation where politics played a big part.

So to get my mind off of it I started blogging. And over 2 1/2 years I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What happened to me in another situation was happening to Kwame on the basketball court.

Kobe Bryant was intentionally not passing the ball to Kwame. I saw that for myself. PJ was pulling Kwame out of the game when he was doing well and never let Kwame get on track.

I seen this with my own eyes for 2 1/2 years. I was so angry at my situation and then when I saw it happening to Kwame...that's why I wrote the Jackson Journal. And that's why I wrote what I did on the Hawks blog.

My version of what happened is the truth. And because of this gross injustice, I'm telling you that Bynum is not coming back!

I have a lot more to say on the matter but right now I have my mind on other things. I have to study the structure of writing a grant.

My judgment stands! Bynum will not return until I say he'll return. And that's not going to be this year.

And I AM: God's Celestrial Lieutenant! And not one of my words shall fall to the ground. I promise you that.

mike t.


Are you sure its not the Kwame shuffle? Similar to the Three Stooges Shuffle. Yuck yuck yuck yuck!

Damn, Jon K. forgot his Ritalin today, lol.

"Dude, what are you thinking? Are you sending scouting reports to the enemy as well?"

Dude, you would have Kwame suffer from politics of Buss, PJ and Kobe than to see the guy get another job?

This isn't about basketball. The is about another human being who got screwed by the political machine called the dysfunctunial Lakers. This guy, Kwame, deserves someone to report the truth and to see if he could get on track as a professional.

mike t.

The Royal Historical Society of the Sacred Hands, Kwaminus Brownicas Esq.,

How do I apply to membership for The Royal Historical Society of the Sacred Hands?


Yep, Kobe deserved an A. He wins the finals, he gets an A+ It's a minor technicality which is the difference between an A and an A+

What a wonderful season to behold, even with the incredibly painful, disappointing finish.

Why Kwame can't catch the ball?
I'm laughing so hard I can't even type.

Bynum can't walk!
I'm laughing so hard I can't even type.

And he's missing this year. I promise you that!


mike t.

Kobe had a sensational season. I hate that it ended with a poor taste in all of our mouths.

I think Kobe needs to look at his approach to game 3 of the Finals and bottle that up as something he has to do against elite teams and especially the East Coast.

Rings are won by taking the ball to the HOLE.
He did not do this in game 1.
He did it some in game 2.
He did it in game 3.
He laid back in game 4 but miscalculated the flow and we were ambushed.
He did not go to the cup much in game 5.
Game 6 is deleted.

In Kobe's defense, the Laker roster allowed the Celtics to turn the team into a perimeter only ball club as Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom did not and would not especially Gasol, make forceful low post moves consistently.

That sends a soft message and the overload ZONE the Celtics play eats that up.

Lastly, KOBE did face ZONE defense which players of yesterday like Jordan and others prior to the SHAQ rule was put in place did not have to contend with.

Wow. Michael T. has REALLY lost it. Wow. That's true entertainment.



I know. It's Kobe's fault that Kwame's got stone hands.

{Jon, shakes head with a furrowed brow and an utter look of bemusement upon his face.}


Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player in the world right now. He has shown us every part of his game. We know he can be an offensive beast (81 pts), we know he can be a lock down defender (more USA thing, but its nice knowing he can do it), and this year he proved he could be a great teammate. My favorite Laker plays were the passing between Kobe, Odom, and Gasol. It always started with Kobe and ended up as a dunk for one of the other two. I think Kobe really likes this current Laker team and definitely wants to win with them, which is fantastic.

Kobe is a pleasure to watch and we should all be thankful that we are getting a chance to watch him. Seriously, Kobes a stud. I was a little unhappy with him from last summer but this last year totally took care of any doubts. I can't wait to see how well he plays with the Bynum/Gasol/Odom front line.

Where you at Gunner?

Lamar = Laker for Life


Mike T. has finally revealed the most important parts of his psych profile.

He has a persecution complex.

He is projecting this complex upon Kwame Brown as a defense mechanism.

He's also sublimating this complex in the form of his blogging, though it's not pure sublimation as some junk is still finding it's way into the blogging (the sports blogging that is--I haven't read his other blogging).

The denial is also rather obvious.

Regression? Does "shut up" help illuminate that one?

This will probably sound way corny, but I can't help it that value mental health. My dad's a therapist.

Mike needs healing. He needs to find a way to constructively deal with his unpleasant experiences and find happiness through the end of some process that will allow him to let go of these unpleasant experiences.

We've all been F'd over. Perhaps Mike was a little worse than the rest of us.

And when Mike T. comes back from the other side of the rainbow, he'll realize that while Kwame did get screwed over badly by the Wizards and Michael Jordan, he also subsequently blew every great opportunity that he had with the Lakers by not working on the weaknesses of his game, excessive partying, and not taking care of the mental aspects of pro basketball.

This process could take decades, but hopefully Mike T. will get there to become a better human being and one with which we can communicate on rational terms.

No more "shut up," no more conveniently ignoring points that make sense, no more obsession, no more megalomania, no more train wreck acting out on the board to attract attention.

I'm not kidding when I recommend professional help. You have to want to change, to be happy, of course.

My last post is not in any way meant to be insulting. It may be funny to some, but that doesn't make it untrue. Some parts of real life are funny.

The best approach I've seen toward mental illness is to be amused by its wackiness while still feel sympathetic toward its sufferers.

Geez, Mike T.

You keep writing about having so much else on your mind... Man, you're basically just BEGGING for someone to ask you why you're writing a grant. But no one will. Because no one cares. So, please, occupy yourself with writing your grant. Please.

"My version of what happened is the truth." Of course it is. You've probably felt that way your entire life, right? As most sane human beings understand, "truth" is entirely relative. And your perspective on the "truth" is a long, long way from mine.

And no, I don't want to know about your grant. So please don't tell me.

Go Lake Show!

I've always thought Kobe was a tremendous rebounder. Actually, he's tremendous any time a loose ball is near him. He always somehow manages to snatch it.

The only guys that rebounded better at SG were Mike Miller (he's 6'8") and Carlos Delfino/Kelenna Azubuike (per 48 minutes stats only).

They talk about some guys as just fundamentally sound (like Melo). Well, Kobe does fundamentally sound and then some.

Do you all appreciate the greatness you are witnessing???


At last, a K-Bros report card grade I can agree with. Kumbaya!

This is so far one of the most entertaining threads I've read in a long time!!! LOL

Fatty, Mike's reasoning for Kwame's bad hands is a classic!! HILARIOUS.

And wow, Mike, get some help man. You need to be focusing on something else - not writing a grant. Who are you trying to dupe anyway?

For a guy that got a grade of an A to not do something, it would suggest that it was probably the right way to proceed.

Food for thought.

I do realize that at times Kobe's passes are an afterthought. I don't think he penetrates looking for his own shot and then dishes to someone in a nice spot as well as some of the best point guards in the league like CP3 and Steve Nash. Sometimes the pass is too fast, too surprising or too low (almost never too high) to be a great pass. Usually those are tricky just to get there.

When his main goal is to deliver a good pass, it's pretty nice.

Kwame did suffer a little in this way, but too often he dropped the 2-4 foot dish when Kobe collected all the defenders under the basket. A child should be able to finish in that situation.

Look at the ball. Put your hands between the ball and you palms out. Let the ball hit your hands. Pull your hands toward you slightly to absorb the impact. Clasp the hands down. Go up and lay the ball in or dunk.

It really is so easy with practice and focus.

What is a Celestrial Lieutenant?

It should be Celestial or Terrestrial. Is Celestrial in between the two? If so, I don't think God would be there. But hey, what are Lieutenants for, right?

I just don't understand how you can give yourself that title after you sold your soul for Kwame's calves...

No A+ for Kobe????

Please go ahead and sign me up on the "AK to Sacramento" Bandwagon.

You really out did yourself this time AK ;)

@ Everyone,

1. Lets stop hating on Kwame.
2. Lets please ignore Michael C. Teniente posts unless he starts making any sense.

@Laker Tom, Fatty and any other good faithful Laker fan that has engaged in some sort of crazy argument with Michael C. Teniente.

Guys, I really enjoy reading you. But every once in a while Michael Teniente gets you engaged in his nonsense.
I wish there was some sort of button that would allow us to ignore certain posts and then be able to just read the good nuggets of basketball wisdom guys like you offer.

But since we lack the ability of doing away with posts that we consider stupid. I beg you all to just please ignore Michael C. Teniente.

Simply ignoring him will make this a much better place.

When I was in school, we don't have + or - sign on the final grade, it's just the letter grade. I luv letter D which is barely passing. haha! Kobe was an A last year despite his F rant in Summer. However, that was an individual grade, he was not able to transfer his skills to Walton, Divac and the rest of his teammates to beat Cetics in 6 games. For oldtimers like us that was our ultimate gauge how you perform against the much hated Celts. If you don't win, you're a failure like West, Baylor and Wilt until they got it right in '72.

Speaking of Hawks, here is the salary scale offered to Josh Childress which prompted him to go to Greece. I wonder what he would have chosen if the clause indicates that contract also includes his US citizenship. Haha Well, you only realize the importance and convenience enjoyed by us is when you leave this country and can no longer come back. Now you're under new sets of laws, new ways and culture that money can't buy. Nowadays, because of an inept leadership, its citizens have been victims of the politics of currency differences.

From the Atlanta Constitution Journal:

--- Olympiakos offered three years at $32.5M which after taxes paid by the club becomes a net of salary of about $6.7 million a year for Childress. (If converted to Euro, it will only be $ 4.2M)

— The Hawks offered five years and $33 million, which after taxes paid by Childress becomes a net salary of about $3.4 million per year for Childress.

— In addition to the double-stuffed salary Olympiakos also pays for all of Childress' living expenses, including luxury accommodations, a car and driver and maid service.

If I were Sasha now that I earn $ 5 M a year how can I save from paying 49% of taxes.

1. Propose marriage to Faith of Lakers Blog while continuing that secret marriage in Slovenia. LOL

2. Buy five multiple complexes in LA with 20 units in each complex and organize a Property Management corporation to run them.

3. Organize a corporation of 2nd hand american cars and export them to Slovenia.

From those moves, his tax bracket goes down to 30% but won't save much if Faith divorces him for being a eunuch. LOL!

I'll never stop hating on Kwame, ever. There is no forgiveness in my heart for him. I'm sorry, that's just how that is. The guy ruined my team and almost ruined it long term by helping us lose Kobe.

As for Mike T., you're right, he does get us going crazy once in a while. That's why I don't want him here. That's why I was happy when I left. That's why I will be double happy when we don't sign Kwame again and he likely goes away.

The only way it could get better would be for Gasol, Mihm, Walton, and Sasha (our "white" players) to start kicking ass.

We need another PF. Who's the best white power forward we can get? Any way we could snag Nick Collison?

Now Benjamin, tell us you really feel about Kwame? haha

Where Kobe ranks among SGs.

#1 Scorer
#2 Rebounder
#4 in Assists
#2 in Steals
#2 in Blocks

Keep in mind this was during a season that was considered not Kobe's best statistically. The man's basically astounding in every facet of the game.

If AK's A means A+ as well then its ok by me.

---------"We need another PF. Who's the best white power ---------forward we can get? Any way we could snag Nick ---------Collison?"

Hmm...good white power forward? don't we already have the best one?
Bu I wouldn't mind having a guy like Troy Murphy. He'd have to be willing to take the MLE and play the back up role though.

And that ain't happening.

We are stuck with Walton so he better starts earning his friggin salary.
Sasha and Pau are money. Mihm... well he is not even making that much money so I just want him to play 6-10 ok minutes.

As far as Kwame screwing us up. Well.... he ended up screwing himself up in the process.
I totally hated every moment of him getting balls in the paint. Especially a season ago in the Phoenix series.

But as most screw ups in life you don't make those kind of things on purpose.
He is young, and with the proper help he could end up being a key "role player".
I'm serious, besides there is only one kind of athlete I hate.
And only the likes of Terrell Owens, Ron Artest, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones get to be in that category.


I would like to dispel a rumor on the blog that the Lakers need Kwame Brown’s 1-on-1 defense. The truth is that Kwame Brown’s 1-on-1 defense is Fools Gold in that while he does play good position defense, he never prevents the player from shooting or bothers or blocks the shot, rarely gets the resulting rebound, and never rotates as a help defender to draw a charge, block a shot, or stop a teammate’s man who has penetrated the lane.

Andrew Bynum on the other hand has shown that he can play tough man-to-man defense on outstanding offensive big men such as Tim Duncan, Chris Kaman, and Amare Stoudemire. He not only has gotten much stronger holding his position but has also learned how to lure other players into taking shots that he can reject or alter. Many of his blocks can as the result of his 1-on-1 defense, not on help defense like Marcus Camby. And that is not to say that Drew does not do a great job protecting the rim against players who penetrate past our perimeter defenders. Unlike Kwame, Drew patrols the lane and blocks the shots that Kwame would have allowed to turn into easy layups.

Andrew Bynum is already a better 1-on-1 as well as help defender and shot blocker than Kwame Brown ever was or ever will be. Only a fool would argue otherwise.


wow, didn't lamar get an a also hmmmmm, so this season lamar played as well as kobe very interesting!!!!!!!11 oh yeah and when last I checked Kobe was a ballhog(lol) shooting guard so I don't know why up yo now in 2008 people still want to compare him to great 2 time mvp's who neva made it to the finals while playing with 3 other all stars and other up and coming pont guards. compare apples to apples and stop the kobe hate in 2008!!!!!!!


>>>>> Why Kwame can't catch the ball?

What a revelation!

Mike T. turns to KL to prove that it was Kobe’s fault that Kwame dropped all those passes. Too funny to explain. You just have to be here to understand the depth of irony and humor involved. Maybe incarceration is the better alternative. LOL.

I think I’m going to create a Wikipedia entry for Mike T. Any suggestions as to what I should say. We need to make this guy famous. LOL. Maybe then he’ll leave.



We always give you a hard time about these grades but I think you did a great job. Can you publish a class list with everybody’s grade. It always makes better sense to compare individual grades in that context. Thanks.

Otherwise, nice try to avoid Jon’s aversion to grading but Jon never has the time to read the fine print at the bottom. LOL. It was nice to see the Lakers fan in you shining a bit even though you were at your normally impeccably professional best. Thanks.


Did everybody take acid and not tell me? Kwame Brown?
I must be hallucinating, or everyone else is.
Kwame Brown?

Larry F.

Where Kobe ranks among SGs.

#1 Scorer
#2 Rebounder
#4 in Assists
#2 in Steals
#2 in Blocks

Keep in mind this was during a season that was considered not Kobe's best statistically. The man's basically astounding in every facet of the game.

Posted by: two0one7 | July 26, 2008 at 06:34 PM

there it is in black and white and yet some will choose to ignore it.Kobe is very good at what he does and he deserves it. when you go from ! to 15 or whatever thr number of players are/were on the team last year more than half don't earn there lunch money. this by the way wqas a statement Phil Jackson made about Brian Grant, Divac and a few othere on the 2005 squad. At the time he was on his little break9lol). It's funny though he came back in o6, an o7 and the team struggled badly but no one was accussed of not earning there lunch money while he was coaching!!!!!!

Kobe earns his and is still underpayed compared to sum end talks of him talking a pay cut and all that garbage and talk about other players(lamar,vlad,luke) that need to step up and earn theirs.


You’re right about Mike needing some help. His behavior is crying for it. That last post by the Outlaw talking about nobody caring enough to ask Mike anything about the grant request that he alluded wants to write made me feel badly for piling on the guy as much as I have. On the other hand, when somebody makes it personal, as Mike has with me despite my many attempts to defuse the situation, it’s hard not to respond in that manner and Mike is sadly a very easy target to hit with a fragile ego that is easy to puncture.

Anyway, I’ve had enough shots to satisfy my pride and plan on moving on and just ignoring Mike like any other troll. Maybe when everybody refuses to accept his behavior, he will take a break and come back someday as a new and better man. I sure hope for his sake that he does this. All of these words typed on the blog are just smoke that fades away. There but for fortune go every one of us. Thanks for the reminder, Benjamin. You’re a better man than me.


Benjamin, Good analysis of what drives Mike T.'s post behaviour.

Tom, You are right about Bynum. I'm right there with you on your optimism about his future with the Lakers...and the Lakers' future with him.

Mike T. Please don't leave the blog. Thanks to your disclosure, I can understand why you relate to Kwame so strongly, though I disagree with you about his value.


Lamar got an A-.


"I'm serious, besides there is only one kind of athlete I hate. And only the likes of Terrell Owens, Ron Artest, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones get to be in that category."

Totally agree. All this Kwame hating is just as extreme and ugly as MikeT's obsessive love of Kwame. Kwame's not evil or even a bad guy.


I thought Kobe had a great season and deserved the MVP. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that he was never able to impose his will on any of the finals games.

I know they doubled him and he was smart to pass the ball to the open teammate. But I just would never of believed that in 6 NBA Finals games, Kobe wouldn't have taken over one or two games and won them almost single handedly. We've seen it so often, that I was just waiting, and it never came.

Could it be the Lakers?

Maybe ditching Lamar and his expiring deal for Josh Smith a couple of mil cheaper. Bynum and Josh Smith in the frontcourt?


No soup for anyone around the rim. That's a young high flying frontcourt!

by Ed Ziti for

Interesting article with some comments about Sun Yue and the Lakers scouting efforts in China. Good article as usual from Ed. Here is an excerpt:


Sun Yue is a member of the Chinese National team, and the Lakers knew when they drafted him that he would not be available until after the 2008 Olympic Games, as that’s his first priority. Sun Yue has a tremendous handle and is known for being a world class distributor. With Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi and Yi Jianlin on the roster, his ability to find people should be on display in Beijing. At 6’9 he is more of a guard prospect, but if he fills out, maybe the three position is where he winds up. Keep in mind that this is a guy who averaged 2.5 blocks, 1.9 steals and 7 rebounds a game, so although the NBA is more athletic, Sun Yue clearly has an all around game.



"Any suggestions as to what I should say"

How about this:
"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When just in calves we do believe."

Didn't you guys notice something after CAKEMAN left the team they really started winning he is bad luck and really can't play at the NBA level and will not work on his game. Furthermore we don't have enough TP TO GO AROUND TO WIPE UP THIS GUY

From a poster at forumblueandgold awhile back (don't remember who):

The only thing Kwame does well is put his big body up against another big body.

But maybe they can frade some sandwiches for extra TP from Mike Ts cellmates

Kwame Brown made what, $40M from the NBA? That is not getting "screwed over."

Kwame also doesn't run down the court. He casually trots or jogs to the other side.

I had patience and hope for Kwame Brown for a long time (like Phil, like Kobe, and like all the other players on the team). I finally gave up while viewing the game, believe it or not, that was telecast the evening before he was traded (I forget which team they were playing). In the game at the free-throw line Kwame casually tossed up an air-ball . Now ... I usually don't get too upset over some bad officiating, a player's blunder, or a crappy Basketball game. But that careless air-ball Kwame threw up to the basket made me furious. I actually threw things angrily at the tv when I saw how he was playing that game. After that, I had zero interest to watch the rest of the game with him in it and so I shut off the tv.

The next day Kwame was traded. I felt no surprise what-so-ever.

Mike T.
I want to apologize for all the pain that you have suffered for in the past by people who's primary agenda was to destroy you! It's time to forgive and let it go.

P.S You might want to pick a cause worth fighting for, because Kwame Brown's hands are to dam'n small to be the NBA player you fantasize about.


>>>>>"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
>>>>>When just in calves we do believe."

Pretty good answer. Brief, but insightful. Both a lesson and warning against idolatry, narcissism, and the brain’s ability to follow the mind wherever it leads regardless of how crazy the destination. I like it, although it does smack a little of an epitaph. LOL. Glad to see that politics hasn’t dampened your sense of humor. Have a nice weekend, ex.



>>>>>Kwame Brown made what, $40M from the NBA?
>>>>>That is not getting "screwed over."

LOL. How do we sign up to be on the receiving end of that gang bang? I would love to get screwed or screwed over for $40M. Don’t know many people who wouldn’t.

Hell, I would just settle for Kwame’s body. With it, I think I could still play in the NBA even though I’m a senior citizen. Either that or star in a kung-fu movie with Jet Li. LOL.


I herd the hawks offered KB a contract and memphis wants to match it but 10 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix and 1,000,000 rolls of TP is just to much.



Some fun stuff over at the Atlanta Hawks blog concerning possible Josh Smith sign and trades...
(those people are crazy)

"I feel the hot breath of Phil Jackson and the Lakers on the necks of Sund and the ASG. Bynum and his ‘potential’ coming off the knee thing, coupled with Radmanovic (if the combined salaries can be made to work as compensation for a BYC player) for Smith and cash (if necessary to balance the 1st year salaries); closely followed by Kupchak re-signing Kwame Brown for two shillings and an opportunity to compete for a title."

"If we are gonna do a sign and trade it better be for Amare Stoudamire…..If we could get him to put next to horford i would be all for that. Tayshon Amir Lamar not so much. I would even go for Bynum - there are sum horrible sign and trade ideas going around…..sum people wanna give the guy away for peanuts."

"Everybody seems to be into the guessing game as to who the sign & trade proposals are with. Let’s look @ this from a logicial stand point. The Hawks have to have a 5 & a shooter if they are going to really improve from last year. Maybe ASG is serious about making this team into a contender.

These are the possibilities that I see:

Biedrins & a draft pick - J. Smith would fit into Nellie’s scheme.

Bynum - His trainer lives in Atlanta and says that he is healthy. Can you imagine Bynum and Horford in the posts for the Hawks. WOW!

Aldridge - Gives the Hawks a scoring 5.

Bosh - I know, dream on.

Rasheed and Prince - Prince can score and Rasheed has an expiring contract after next year.

Kaman & a 1st round draft pick - I know, I’m not excited about this one either.

Amare S. - Now we’re talking! Horford can stay @ the 5 if we get him.

Dalembert & Iggy - For J. Smith and Zaza. I might have to think about that one. Philly really wanted Josh.

You guys probably have other thoughts. Let’s hear them!

Newkid, I like your post @ 3:34. Do you think that the Lakers would trade Bynum? It would be a gamble for the Hawks since he is coming off of a knee injury. If that trade flys, I would think it would happen closer to training camp, so the Hawks could have more time to evaluate his health."

Andy Kaufman didn't die... and he's blogging under the names Mike T and Ding How.




Don't sweat the Mike T. thing. I was directing anything at you at all. Mike T. deserves what he gets and in a sick way probably seeks it out. You deserved a chance to stick it to him and you did.

Sometimes I take a step back and realize what's really going on. I felt like some original was coming forth from me about Mike T., then it felt familiar, then I remembered that this isn't even the first time I put a real plea for Mike T. to get professional counseling or therapy.

Funny how the mind works sometimes, for each of us.

Once in a while I pull out of the argumentative maze that can be anything worth talking about on the net and get back to my nice guy roots.

The Hawk bloggers want Bynum for Smith and even then they aren't quite convinced because of Drew's knee surgery. Not so much interest in LO. The Hawk bloggers real interest is in Josh Smith for either Amare Stoudemire or Josh Howard and Brandon Bass. The basketball world is a crazy place.

Travis Heath at Hoopsworld suggests LO for Josh Smith and Speedy Claxton. That seems reasonable.

Not interested myself, but at least it's not insane.

Pig Miller,

tinyurl version of the link for you:

Tantalizing thoughts of Josh Smith playing for the Lakers. Young, ultra-talented, defensive presence, plays the 3 and sometimes the 4. You couldn't ask for much more.

He's been a handful with his coach the last two years, but we know Phil does a good job of soothing the difficult personalities of the league.


THE original Ken & Others,

I wasn't really trying to make Bynum the #2 scorer. What I'm saying is the Lakers needed one more dominant scorer and then Boston or anyone would have a chance. Gasol will probably be the #2 scorer because he's a little more advanced offensively at this stage. What Im saying is Pao can easily be taken out of his game when they play boston because of their toughness. If the Lakers had Bynum, another guy who can create his own shot, Boston would have had problems against us. Gasol is not going to be a good matchup for every team but he matches up with 90% of the teams out there and that's OK. With Bynum in there, maybe Garnett can't roam around as much.

Getting Kwame won't solve anything. The Lakers didn't have problems stopping centers defensively.

The problem was having no one else after Kobe and Gasol who can create their own shot. Bynum showed he can create his own shot and I feel he will give teams more problems next year because they have to worry about Kobe and Pao as well.

Garnett won't be able to roam..The Lakers should have an easier time.


why do we even give mike t the attention? everything he writes sounds the same thing as he's written for the past 2, 3 years. Time to move forward, even in the offseason

Truth is the Lakers are finally a contender for championship and will be for some time considering their age. This nice to see and adding a ghost player like Kawame is not good for the team no matter how much they pay him, I mean teams are not knocking down doors to sign this person. It’s his own fault and he will have to probably go to Europe to and improve his game (that’s if anyone will have him), he has really burned his own bridges. Maybe the lakes need a PF but I am not sure it all depends on if Bynum is coming back and when and how well Chris Mhim works out as a back-up, and is there a young PF out their because the Kings are not going to help.

Tom -

I often agree with your observations but will take friendly exception to one from the previous thread - that true Lakers fans are also Yankee fans and Red Sox haters. I may well be putting myself in the crosshairs of other bloggers here but that's okay... I'll take the Sox over the Yankees every time.

Okay, ducking now, haha.

Mike T,

I thought you might find this quick hit from the Oregonian's John Canzano interesting. It deals with the Darius Miles injury issue you've been mentioning, and cites the Tribune article that sparked this entire controversy. Or non-controversy, according to Canzano.



Actually if you go back two summers. Mike T's posts were much more rational. He wasn't at all the pariah that he's become. He was considered a member in good standing of the Lakers blogosphere. He actually made a number a prescient observations. For instance, Mike was a strong supporter of Sasha when very few on the blog were.

i remember those posts, giantsquid, and even I agreed with him. But now, it is more and more polarizing and ego-stroking and never rational. Time to end these discussions before they begin again, or, god forbid, he might retire (again)!

Huge expectations
Championship window
Bynum is the key

Go Lakers!


>>>>>I often agree with your observations but will take friendly exception to one
>>>>>from the previous thread - that true Lakers fans are also Yankee fans and Red Sox
>>>>>haters. I may well be putting myself in the crosshairs of other bloggers here but
>>>>>that's okay... I'll take the Sox over the Yankees every time.

LOL. I never meant to imply that “true” Laker fans are also Yankee fans, although it is like being double blessed. I just know that Kobe and Lamar and a lot of Lakers fans either root for the Yankees or hate anything Boston. But who you root for in MLB doesn’t matter as far as being a Lakers fan. Some of us are just lucky to root for the Yankees, too. Sunday night baseball – Yankees sweep Red Sox and move into 2nd place.



I concur with you about Michael T.

The thing is, Michael Teniente is a pretty good writer, even when he's is rumbling down a hill into the valley of insanity, his thoughts are still pretty well organized.

He just ignores any reasonable argument that contradicts his opinion. Thus, by pretending it doesn't exist, it thereby doesn't exist for Michael T.

I'm hoping things cool down once Kwame gets signed wherever he gets signed and Bynum comes back healthy. Things should calm down a bit then.


When Kwame got traded i thought that he probably could come back as a FA just cuz hes a big body.

In reality the only guy I can say Kwame played good D on is Kevin Garnett, he didnt shut him down but bugged him because of his size.

So all this about Kwame being a good defender is BS, all he is, is a big body. He cant rebound, cant shoot, doesnt jump for blocks, and reaches too much when beat off da dribble.

I did see Kwame manhandle Tim Duncan in a game 2 years ago in San Antonio. He won me some big money that night, as all the locals were betting heavily on the Spurs. He had a couple blocks and bodied the great fundamental way out onto the floor. Still - does it account for the distraction he is on offense -when his own team cringes whenever the ball goes in to the post?
No Way!

A Four-Headed Monster dire
Opponents tremble


Kwame Brown - Defense
Something the Lakers could use
Mammoths break tall trees


If the Lakers are going to spend any money for anyone else, they would do better to put their energy on a quick, ballhandling guard.

One more chance for Brown
A redemption for Kwame
A reserve who helps


They could not adapt
Never developed their game
Mammoths are extinct

These ones go out for all those members of The Cult of the Magic Calves....

Soon, he shall return.


Watch this video
Better than the others? Yes.
Kwame's return. Soon.


Paul Pierce is a b-
Kevin Garnett is a b-
Boston Celtics suck

Go Lakers!


>>>>>They could not adapt
>>>>>Never developed their game
>>>>>Mammoths are extinct

LMAO. Haiku you! Props, ex. You’re still in playoffs form. I do like the comparison of Kwame to a Mammoth, though. It says paragraphs about Kwame in an instant.


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