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Odds and ends

First, some good news contained in the reports Monday from the Sasha Vujacic Resigning Ceremony on Andrew Bynum, whom the Lakers believe will be at 100% come Training Camp.  Also at 100%?  Hatred between Kobe and Shaq, at least in the eyes of Chuck Klosterman.

The best news, perhaps, is that the signing means more Machine vids, including this new one.

After the press conference Monday, I (and others) had a chance to ask a few questions of Sasha's agent, Rob Pelinka, and received some interesting responses.  For those of you who are thinking about the biggest of Q's- Kobe's opt out- it's not on the radar yet.  Pelinka said Kobe is "laser" focused on the Olympics right now, and the decision is still a ways away.  Personally, I think he'll opt out, if only to get into a new deal a year earlier, but he won't go anywhere.  Just my thoughts.

Also, if you get a chance, go back and listen to the audio from the press conference.  Sasha talks about why he switched agents. "My (first choice) was always to stay in L.A., and (my former agent) didn't have the same vision, so I had to switch," he said.  "We just had different ways.  We didn't have the same language."  It's always encouraging when players take control of their situation, and fans should be encouraged by how much Vujacic wanted to to stay with the Lakers.  Everyone's a winner, here.


Q: Sasha had an offer to go, Josh Childress took a big one- How viable an option do you see Europe as being right now for players?  Especially frontline guys?

It'll be interesting to monitor, but the game is becoming more and more of a global game.  I think that's opening up doors that three or four years ago weren't there.  As the game advances and continues to advance in Europe and Asia, we're going to see more and more opportunities like that. 

Q: Was Sasha offered more to play over there?

He was.  You have to look at the taxes, which are entirely different, but the opportunity over there was a lucrative deal.  His heart, though, was to play for the Lakers and try to win titles here.

Q: It seems like the system makes it hard for teams to move on restricted free agents, and therefore hard on the player.  Is this something the NBA needs to fix?

It would be great if when guys were done with their contracts they were true free agents, and then you could just see what the market will pay them, but the system is one where true free agency is very rare, and often doesn't exist.  There is a built in system, and I think that's why all of us are looking for ways to explore what true fair market value is. 

Q: Would it help to take that time a team can match on an RFA's offer sheet down from a week to three or four days?

There's many things you could do to try to change the system.  One would be to adjust the salary cap so that more teams have cap room.  Right now, the only team that has cap room right now is Memphis.  So there aren't a lot of options. 

Q: Does everyone feel happy about this deal at the end of the day?

Extremely.  Sasha's ecstatic.  He felt like he accomplished his two priorities, one which was staying here and two was arriving at something that was fair for everyone.  We feel like it was a fair deal economically, and it's a three year deal so he has the chance in three years to do this again, and he'll still be a young player.  For the Lakers, just having the flexibility to see how things goes over the next three years, and revisiting their cap and tax situations instead of being locked into something longer term (is beneficial). 


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Can we get back to Pau Vs. Brown again?

B to tha K,

Any news on the Lakers looking into signing anyone else to fill out the roster? FAs or in the farm system?

Many thanks.


I like all these Kwame arguments because... you guys are arguing about nothing because you aren't even talking about the same things... LOL!

Nobody NO----BOOOODY wants to trade Gasol and bring Kwame back, I mean... sheeesh...

However... Gasol did get pushed around in the finals and the only "bulk" we have coming in or back is Bynum. Judging from the reports, he should come in, in good condition, however... do we really want him and Gasol to play 35 minutes/game? I'd rather Bynum came back, put in 25 minutes/game until the allstar break and see how his legs are doing at that point and Gasol, I'd like to limit his minutes too.

All this makes Odom untradeable. If Bynum goes out for an extended period, we go back to last years lineup, if Gasol goes out, Odom plays more PF. If Odom goes out, we have the MIGHTY Radmanovic and possibly Luke to fill in for some PF minutes.

See? Kwame signing somewhere else made Odom untradeable. If we had Kwame he could have filled some minutes IF he wasn't injured which was always a problem with him too... now we have Mihm and possibly Mbenga? Yeeeouch! Mihm's missed over 2 years now, even if he is healthy, will he have the stamina to play say 15 minutes/game EVERY GAME this season? This is literally our achilles heel...

Kwame wasn't worth $4m/year though... he MIGHT be to Detroit but not us... I simply can't believe there isn't ONE guy who's 7 ft tall, athletic, young, who screwed up, had bad grades or whatever who ended up playing for some junior college somewhere that we or any other team in the league couldn't bring in and groom to be a solid backup. I just don't understand this. Surely there's 5 or 10 of these guys across the nation... SOMEWHERE... I mean... Mark Eaton was discovered at a gas station for crying out loud... these guys are SEVEN FEET TALL how could anybody NOT notice them? Surely some enterprising person would send an email to SOMEBODY saying hey, the dude is SEVEN FEET TALL why don't you check him out? Ever heard of the internet? Geez!

5.8 Chino Hills

I think that somebody in the lakers organization favors average or below average white players,the only player that was white and good was Pau Gasol ,but they passe up shawn Marion and a host of others until he was available as we speak we have 5 players that cannot get an contract anywhere in the NBA Luke Walton ,Sasha, Rad,Chris Mims and Coby Carl ,need I say more......but I will ,when Fisher asked for 5 million dollars after he helped them win three championships they said no and sent him packing,and as we speak he only gets around three million and we all know that he had a lot to do with us getting to the finals,I bet you that we wont see a trade of Lamar until they find a white player to take his place.Thers something afoul in the lakers Org.

Mother nature visited upon us today! Y'all alright?


Seek medical attention immediately

Cool here at Sherman Oaks... Everybody?


>>>>>Personally, I think he'll opt out, if only to get into a new deal a year earlier,
>>>>>but he won't go anywhere. Just my thoughts.

I agree with you, Brian. I actually think Kobe will opt out and re-sign with the Lakers in a more cap-friendly deal, maybe 7 years at $20M each to insure Kobe will retire as a Laker for Life. This seems like where we’re heading what with everything that is going on in the association such as Agent Zero giving back $15M, etc.

I also think that the Lakers definitely do not want to finish next year with their best two players – Kobe and Drew – unsigned. Drew, by the rules, must be signed before October 31, which I expect to happen, and Kobe can sign a new deal any time during next season, which I also expect to happen. What do you think?



It really endears me to a player when he'll take less money to keep him where his heart's at for the benefit of the team.

Good job, Sasha. Thanks.


I hope everyone is ok after that one. Here in Northridge, it was relatively strong and we're 60 miles away.

It's got to be over 6.0 for it to be newsworthy. I find it kind of hilarious that MSNBC and CNN are making such a huge deal about this.

It doesn't get interesting until its 6.2 or greater.

Welcome to L.A., Sasha!


Joanne -

I second Giantsquid's advice.


That wasn’t an earthquake. It was just Mike T. leaving the Lakers Blog. LOL. Seriously, hope everybody is OK down there. Remember our last big one up here. Pretty scary when it happens. At least we don’t get hurricanes.


Everyone living in the LA area... Are u ok??

Sorry to hear...

OK here in North Hollywood. Got to agree 5.8 is just moderate and reminds me of the cow commercial as a foot massage. LOL


Interesting comments.

Earthquake? What earthquake? Didn't even feel it in LA.

" think that somebody in the lakers organization favors average or below average white players,"

That's why they gave Kwame a 9M extension, and Brian Cook a 3M extension, and didn't try to keep Slava Medvedenko.

Oops, those first two are black, aren't they!! Darn it, I hate it when facts get in the way of made-up controversies!!

everything is okay here in Ontario...........shook pretty good tho'

I seem to see a few people worrying about lacking a surefire big-man backup. Maybe it's just me, but I think the worries a little unfounded. I'd like to get another big - what team wouldn't? - but here's my thinking...

If you play Bynum 30 MPG at the C, Gasol 15 and Mihm/Mbenga 3, there's 48 minutes of Center play.

Play Gasol 25 MPG at the PF and Odom 23, there's 48 minutes of PF play. (Vlad can sub in here if necessary, although not preferable)

Play Odom 18 MPG as a SF, Ariza 20 and Luke/Vlad 10, there's 48 minutes of SF play. (Kobe and Sasha can also sub in here)

Play Kobe 36 MPG at the SG, Sasha 12, there's 48 minutes of SG play.

And Fisher and Farmar split at the PG spot. (Even Lamar, Sasha or Kobe could run it for short bursts if necessary)

Even if you've got 1, 2, or even 3 guys injured (supposing it's not all at the same position), we have the depth to make it all work. This team is versatile and can play multiple positions. I think we're ok even if we don't get another big, as nice as it would be.

arghh pretty strong in Burbank but everything seems to be A-okay

That thing gave me some semi-serious motion sickness for a minute! Note to self: KEEP TUMS/PEPTO AT MY DESK AT ALL TIMES!!!

Had to resign Sasha.

Every combination with our second two best players in the frontcourt (but who can't shoot from distance) involves Kobe going to small forward when Bynum or Gasol rest and that will bring in two deadly shooters in with Odom and one of the big guys at center. That will let us rest our front court line-up for 3/5 of the starters by bringing in Sasha, and then of coarse we need Sasha for when Kobe goes out. That’s 4/5 of the resting of the starting rotation that Sasha can cover without showing any weakness. That and with Fisher and Farmar switching off at point, and you can see how we have an extremely strong team (much more than just last year) with seven of our most solid players rotating. That was our biggest problem last year, our bench mob, got wrecked against the elite teams of the league. Of course over the season we’ll need Carl, Mihm, Luke, etc. to cover the grind of the season and garbage time. If you look at it this way, you don't have to whine about Luke's and Vlad's contracts at all because they are completely immaterial to the playoffs and pretty good filler players.

If everyone stays healthy, we will no longer have to watch the bench mob get spanked against the top teams, but rotate the front court starters one at a time in the playoffs. That means Sasha is critical. Then if we can get Ariza as a lock down defender, we have a great team without any more additions. Of coarse, that’s if everyone stays healthy, so we can use an additional front court addition who has a jump shot, defense, and that can play both power or strong forward. That can be Artest next year (“trade” Vlad to Siberia if he doesn’t shape up to make the money work next year with all of those rubles from oil money). This year we get the oldest forward who still has any game let we can get. Until we get a solid small forward, Sasha will be the huge sixth man. If we get a solid small forward, we have an awesome Lamar, Sasha combination as the 6th and 7th options. That's what that rumbling from Chino was!

I can't believe I couldn't even feel the earthquake here in Cleveland.

Sign Quinton Ross!


Horry a possible Lakers?

Lakers better not even consider it.......

Chuck's conclusion at the end that neither player will let the feud end is completely unsupported. All he needs to do is reread his own article. Between these two punchers, only one big fella is still punching. If it were both he might have some ammo post 2003.

oK, well that was fun, it felt pretty big in the Woodland Hills area.

I'm glad Sasha is back, now I can make a "Got Sasha" t-shirt and wear it to a game.

Hey fam - all ok here in Lake(r) Forest - lol!

I sincerely hope that everyone is OK down there.

Now comes the ensuing Nobama statement:

"I believe, and I do believe that we believe, that, uh, earthquakes, particularly those occuring in Southern California, and, uh, more to the point, those occuring in San Francisco or the East Bay, and let me be clear about this, without a shred of doubt, uh, are, uh, the direct, if not, uh, the indirect result of misguided, uh, anti terrorism and environmental policies, uh, of the McCain/Bush administration which are changing the climate. Can we stop these earthquakes? Yes, we can! I love L.A.. Do ya feel me?"



So, in the scenario above, you have Gasol playing 40 minutes each night? Not out of the question, of course, but it'd be nice to see him logging more time at PF than an C next year.

Let's not forget that Mbenga (assuming he gets signed) will have an entire summer of working with the Captain. I'm betting that in one focused off-season Mbenga can become more effective than Kwame has ever been (or will be). Bear in mind, I'm not a Kwame hater. But when you watch highlights of a player that are four minutes long, and those highlights include the same several sequences repeated throughout multiple times, what can you say?

By the way, I'm waiting for Mike T. to post that he saw that earthquake coming... in fact, he was JUST about to post about it.

Go Lake Show!


you're an idiot.

Another passive aggressive politicized interjection: Brought to you by your favorite northern California troll, Sonnybelfast.

Hope all are well in the homeland. Didn't feel it in Phoenix.
Fatty, How about you? Flag still OK?

Phoenix, AZ: We might not have the water or the movie stars, but you can count on never worrying about a natural disaster.

Outlaw -

Those are just rough estimate numbers. It could be closer to 38, but in any case, I think Phil is going to end up playing Kobe, Odom and Gasol around 40 MPG and Bynum around 30. If they get a little less, then that's ok. I don't mind seeing Sasha, Ariza or even Vlad and Luke playing a more minutes than I gave them here.

I know I'm in the minority here, and I'm ok with it, but I like Pau actually more at the Center position. Most people think we have 2 PF (Gasol and Odom). I happen to think we have two C (Gasol and Bynum).

In any case, my goal wasn't to predict how many minutes they'd be playing, only to show that we have the versatility to do well even without signing another big man, especially in today's smaller, quicker NBA.

Sign Quinton Ross and Shaun Livingston!


Signing Alonzo Mourning would also solve the problems of the "Kwame in a Pistons Uniform" vacuum that has been created.

He'd also offer tremendous veteran leadership and serve as another valuable mentor to Andrew Bynum.


Cook and Kwame Brown were traded because they weren't performing well,when are they going to trade Luke,Rad,Chris,Coby or Sasha if they don't perform and why don't they extend Bynum or are they trying to wait and see if he is 100% even though they took Chris at 10% . And even thoug Kwame or Cook did'nt live up to expectations ,they were tradeable I said tradeable white players ,why is it everytime someone hints that something seems racisit they need to seek medical attention,maybe everybody who thought they saw game 6 of the finals and watched our team disgraced in front of the world needs to seek medical help also,thanks to Luke ,Rad, Chris,Coby ,sometimes Sasha but he was in a contract year and had to show up,and Lamar Odom who is still on the team awaiting a white player.Prove me wrong.

SoCal fans, hope all's well in light of the 5.4 moment magnitude. Here in the Southbay it was a nice swaying sensation for about 40 seconds or so.

Meanwhile, McCain will refute the notion that this was an earthquake and instead, put the blame on some super-secretive weapon launched from a bunker in Iraq designed to simulate the appearance of a quake. He then will go on to recommend that Bush should release another surge in US troops in Iraq to weed out the insurgents from their bunkers.

I Heart You, Sonny! :o)

You're lucky Jon K. you are too far from the epicenter there in Cleveland. No damages here that much except rattled nerves for new residents of SoCal and another drill for longtimed residents in preparation for the big one, I hope it doesn't come in my lifetime.

Sasha BLINKED when he heard that the ante was increased to 5M a year and three million from previous offer. He already got the Lakers cornered with only two pawns protecting the King, Sasha could have mounted a Hollywood act of bidding goodbye like Biedrins for another week, he could have increased it to one more year or 4 years which is still halfway from what he was asking. Mr. Pelinka is not a LA lawyer engaged in Auto Accidents, he yielded too quickly to the offer made by a nervous Cupcake being attacked by media, blog and the Lazenby's short story. The results were OK, they don't have to deny or tell who among the euro team approach them, it could be the HS team of Sasha in Slovenia asking for more donation. LOL!

I wouldn't mind picking up Robert Horry. It's a good situation because we don't need him to actually play much but I bet he would be a good coach, showing some of the guys some dirty tricks and a good championship presence to have on the team. If we're lucky, we wouldn't have to pick him up until midseason anyway...

I have no friggin clue what you guys see in Mbenga. Honesty... I just... don't... get it... he can work with Kareem 24/7 until training camp and what'll that get you? Not even Kwame Brown level effectiveness... though, I must admit, I hope Mbenga plays against Yao Ming just for the sheer entertainment value. I wonder if Ming will just grab the ball out of the air with one hand instead of merely blocking Mbenga's shot...

Don't get me wrong; the short rotation should only be used in the playoffs for the elite teams packed with good players where they will be doing the same. But our team is all <=30 (with exception of Fish who can do a 50/50 with Farmar) and can still be run hard.

When we are playing Denver in the first round, we can counter their garbage with our garbage and still beat them (Luke looked like a hero). But against the leprocons (and would've had the same problem with Detroit) they just switched out their best players, and we had Ronny and Luke, etc. with one starter in there getting pounded against Garnett and Allen, and then we got behind, and the youth showed and we just lost focus.

I think actually the short rotation is MK idea and PJ seems to favor more having two squads (which I agree with for the regular season). Problem is, against the elite teams, we can't be putting out our second stringers against superstars. Last year we really didn’t have that option. With the addition of Bynum and resigning of Sasha, we now have the option of sliding Kobe to forward and having last years A squad as our new B squad. The C squad is now the bench mob (last years B squad) and will be used against the B and C teams. And to the delight of most on this board, the biggest advantage is that Vlad goes from the A squad to the C squad and Luke from the B squad to the C squad . . .which is the next best thing to Siberia.

Sasha said about his agent: "We just had different ways. We didn't have the same language."

Faith, you better learn how to speak Slovenian.

LOL Laker Tom

I hope everyone is ok.

As far as I can tell, there is a belief out there that most lower tier NBA players are white (either because owners are racists, which is crazy, or because owners think it's important to their bottom line to have white players on their teams).

I decided to use PER (an imperfect metric but useful in this case) to determine whether there is any truth to this that can be easily discerned.


Of the top 100 players (as determined by PER), 18 were white and one was Asian.

Of the bottom 100 players, 18 were white.

There were a total of 324 players assessed (I only looked at qualified players - over 6.09 min per game - once I saw that Jerome James had by far the best PER in the league if unqualified players were included. Something is just not right with that).

Where is the bias?

The Outlaw,

Is Mbenga spending the entire summer working with Kareem Abdul-Jabaar?

Andrew and Brian Kamenetsky, please confirm this if it is true.


Looks like the fam in Southern Cali is good. Nice to hear...

Puddle and the Outlaw,

The math regarding the playing time at the 4 and 5 is really pretty simple. 2 positions times 48 minutes per position means we have 96 minutes to cover. Divide that between 3 players – Drew, Pau, and Lamar – and you have maybe a better way to utilize the 3 players than the Triple Towers. This way, we always have 2 starter quality players at center and power forward and Drew or Lamar on the floor to control the boards. Mihm and Mbenga get the mop up times.

On another note you guys raised, I would specifically have Kareem and Drew work with and explain to Chris and DJ how to block shots and avoid fouls. The fact that Drew “got” what Kareem was trying to teach would enable him to help his other teammates playing center to do the same. We are not talking about a Hall of Famer trying to explain something to a younger player that is some esoteric theory. In fact, Lamar, Trevor, and everybody on the team could benefit from learning how not to foul guys going to the rim and instead block their shot. Great point.



N'Obama or McStrain,

That about sizes it up. Pretty pathetic isn't it?

Piggy for Pres!


"keep shooting, keep keep shooting, machine"
love the machine vids

To give a complete picture:

When "unqualified" players are included:

19 whites and 1 Asian are among those receiving PER scores in the top 100.

21 whites are included among those receiving 100 players receiving the lowest PER scores (a few of these players are on their way to Europe next year)

"Pig" Miller

"Fatty, How about you? Flag still OK?"

We felt a pretty big jolt in Flagstaff. Dishes rattled in the cupboards, one of my windows broke, and my bedroom TV fell over.

I turned on the news and they said it wasn't an earthquake, but Shaq had tripped over his own feet in Phoenix, fell to the ground, while registering a 4.8 tremor on the Richter Scale.

Thanks for asking.

Fatty - Still shaken from the incident.

Long Time,

There is an important lesson to be learned from the recent contracts that Andris Biedrins signed with the Warriors and Emeka Okafor signed with the Bobcats. That lesson is that you end up paying a lot more to sign players once they become free agents, even if you’ve given them a qualifying offer to retain matching rights. I bet you were surprised that Biedrins and Okafor got the contracts they did, right?
Well, the reason is that the negotiating leverage switches to the player once they become a free agent. That’s why smart teams sign their 1st round draft picks to extensions, which is what the Lakers will do with Drew before October 31, 2008. Otherwise, they will not be able to negotiate with him until he becomes a free agent after his contract expires. And the Lakers will face the same situation next summer with respect to Jordan Farmar.

While not in the same class as a prospect as Bynum in my opinion and that of most NBA analysts, Biedrins was able to get a $62M 6-year deal and Okafor a $72M 6-year deal because they had the negotiating leverage, even as restricted free agents. The Warriors and Bobcats had to come to a deal quickly or Biedrins and Okafor would have just accept their qualifying offers and played out the year required to become unrestricted free agents. The Lakers know that they will be able to save maybe $15M on Drew’s contract by signing him to an extension, not to mention locking Drew up as a Laker and eliminating the risk of losing him to free agency.


Earthquake wasn't too bad in Woodland Hills.

Great to hear how committed Sasha is to the Lakers. Hopefully he will continue to improve his game and sign another deal with us in 3 years.

I think our biggest concerned is keeping this team together. I think its important to resign Farmar and Odom when the time comes too. Theres something about this TEAM that is great. Its not a bunch of assembled stars a la Celtics. Most of the players where drafted by the Lakers or have been around the past few years. I like when teams are like that, you really learn to appreciate the players that have been through all of the highs and lows.

Just can't wait to get some more news on Socks rehab. He better be 100% by training camp.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Edwin Gueco

DId you see what Pelinka said, buddy? He said "taxes" not the exchange rate. That's the factor for these guys - the exchange rate daoesn't matter at all. Make sure you vote for McCain in the fall so we neve have to worry about losing our guys, right? ;)


>>>> Where is the bias?

Pretty demonstrative. I think one fact speaks out for the truth and that is that the Boston Celtics, a team known for drafting white players to please their once racist fan base, had no white players on the roster. That’s as big a surprise as Obama running for president in its own way.

I just got back from In-N-Out for lunch and to my surprise, all 7 of the employees who were visible as I stood in line were minorities. So much for my previous theory about all of the white employees at In-N-Out. #2 with spread and lettuce. And yes, Kwame would fit in fine. He would have fun running the potato slicer. If not, I am sure we could get Ding How to give him a job at his restaurant. LOL.


Lakers Legacy

Long time no post? Wattup man?


Evans and Cook were traded for Ariza who was not getting playing time in Orlando but has a lot of potential. Evans started for Orlando and didn't have a ridiculous contract. Cook is making 3.5 mil over the next 2 yrs. and could be a good fit for a team with a dominant big man. Kwame had a few months left on his contract so he opened up cap space for Memphis. Walton has a contract that would be impossible to move. Radmanovich might be movable as part of a package to the right team, maybe. Coby (inexperience) and Mihm have very little trade value right now. That leaves Sasha and Gasol. They should not be traded unless something truly remarkable was offered. Personally I don't think LO should be traded, but it's unlikely he'd be traded for a "white" player. Just wait and see.

Your scenarios make no sense.


>>>>> Now comes the ensuing Nobama statement.

Always the iconoclast, I thought your heart was in the right place. Maybe not.
The time has been to build an inclusive America and to replace the devise politics and government of the last 20 years. Let’s spend $9B per month building a great country rather than wasting it like we’re doing now in Iraq. A half TRILLION dollar deficit, gas prices over $4 per gallon, the mortgage industry in shambles, the Department of Justice guilty of partisan politics, and another Republican senator accused of stealing from the public. Anything but more of this. Anyone but Bush. Or his senile muddy-thinking clone McCain. You asked for politics, so be it.


everything cool over here. lol funny thing is we've experienced much worse. Probably because we haven't had an earthquake in a while

If you live in California, as I believe most of us do, what is the point in discussing the presidential election. Obama will take California by a substantial margin.

If you want to talk politics on a political blog, why not post on the Pistons or Cavaliers blog. It's still close in Michigan and Ohio.


How about "D'ohbama" and maybe "McLame"

It'll be nice when this is over.

When are they playing basketball again? Soon?

I'm so bored.


I remember reading somewhere that Zo was either going to retire or play one more year for Miami. He was not interested in anything else. He won the Heat their title more than Shaq. He totally intimidated the Mavs. Much like Drew is going to do to every team next year.


Ah, the earthquake was based out in gangland... just rattled a few meth labs, that's all...

What's with all the "white" posts lately? If our white guys all suck and we just made the finals... what does that say about the rest of the NBA who weren't in the finals? Do they need to add more white guys? LOL!

I'm fairly sure Larry Bird was a white guy, I'm also fairly sure Magic Johnson was black. I'm fairly sure both guys had pretty good careers... hey, didn't they start in the NBA in the same season? Something about being drafted one and two...


Enough with the election talk. The LAT has perfectly good political blogs for that sort of thing.

Regarding the overseas thing, it's not simply the taxes, but also that the Euro teams will often pick up expenses- pay for the house, car, etc. and everything guys need while they're over there, meaning more take home pay.


"If you want to talk politics on a political blog,"

duh! I meant a basketball blog of course.

The Lakers systematically got rid of all its black players off the bench ,we only have one and a half black players left on the bench mob,when Luke Walton was a free agent they all but begged him to stay with the Lakers,they also begged Rad they way they acted you would have thought we had a chance of getting Elton Brand from the Clippers everybody knew that Chris Mims was,nt ready to play but they kept him anyway ,and Sasha ,.....don't get me wrong he kinda grew on me but I can't see how they were only willing to give Ronny 1 million and the warriors gave him 4million but Nobody in the NBA was willing to pay Sasha that kind of money but the lakers......Ronny is more valuble in the NBA because he is a big man and is willing to bang.What they did to him was an insult just like what they did to Fisher.Prove me wrong.

"Or his senile muddy-thinking clone McCain"

Or the old-style Chicago politico, influence-peddling, no experience, weather-vane swinging Obama.

NBA schedule delay:

"The NBA schedule traditionally is announced the first week of August. Winick said he's about 'three or four days behind' his usual pace. 'Oklahoma City is part of it,' Matt Winick said. 'Some other arenas have been part of it. But there are a number of factors. Free agency is part of it, because it affects some television matchups we have to move around."

Free agency is part of it because it affects television matchups.

There is now no doubt. Pistons-Lakers on Christmas Day. Kwame versus Drew: Mano y Mano.

How exciting!


Well, you can see that rain men at the Times have started the increasingly commercialization of the blog. First, it was the survey questions trying to get bloggers to click. Now it’s the Digg link. Soon to be followed by the Delicious, Mixx, My Web, Facebook, and Newsvine links. What’s next? The ESPN post of the day or the Chevrolet Blogger of the Month. More attention deficit building tools to take away from any sensibility or simplicity that we all crave and need.


Mourning would be a championship-in-the-bag signing -- exactly what the Lakers need -- but it is really hard to imagine him playing for anyone else besides Miami...

Long Time,

>>>>>The situation is the same with the Lakers. If the Lakers
>>>>>offer Bynum 60 million over 5 years and Bynum turns it
>>>>>down and then plays worse next year than he did last year,
>>>>>then the Lakers will lower their offer. But if they offered
>>>>>that contract and Bynum went out next season and played
>>>>>the whole year and increased his scoring and rebounding,
>>>>>then yeah, he might get a max deal.

Good point about Okafor. I realized that he did not play well this year but didn’t know that he turned down $13K extension last year. I agree with your above assessment with respect to Drew but am still confident that the Lakers will sign him to an extension rather than risk losing him. I think we agree on everything but the amount although I think that the Biedrins and Okafor deals raise the ante.


The female bloggers on this site are blowing me away. Chrissy and Joanne sound like kenny and charles in the studio, very insightful. Joanne ur Charles. Anyway, I just wanna say I've been visiting this site for a while now and my how you've grown up. It's freakin July and you guys are checkin information and giving your passionate opinions on the purple and gold, white players, even Kwame. Damnit I'm lovin it.

Ok, so I guess I gotta put my 2 cents in. This one goes out to someone who's good with Laker numbers like puddle, Mike T, or dammit Chrissie! Look we all know Odom makes too much money, if we are going to resign Bynum and Kobe at max contracts within a year. So really, this is the only REAL issue concerning the Lakers right now. Now that we can cut the Kwame talk, I'm sorry he sucks to me. Can we speculate about what are the Lakers best options? I don't think Bynum's agent is settling for anything less than the max.

So what does management do. 2-4 milliion luxury tax is one thing. 10-14 million is another. How do the numbers break down?
I think currently it looks something like this for 08/09:
Kobe $21 mil
Gasol $15 mil
Odom $14.5 mil
Radmon $6 mil
Sasha $5 mil
Fish $4.7 mil
Luke $4.4 mil
Trev $3 mil
Bynum $2.7 mil
Mihm $2.5 mil
Farmar $1 mil
and Koby Carl and Mbega like some change.

Now if that's somewhere around 78 million, and we are over salary cap, what do we do? With Bynum soon off the books (Mihn, Ariza too), BYNUM CLEARLY GETS ODOM'S MONEY. So if the payroll is to remain around 78 million then either we just let Odom go (which we can't do) or we sign and trade this year. If Mihm and Ariza's salary is around 5 or 6 million combined, my thinking is we let them go and we pay a little more for someone like Artest's pay grade. Look, I HATE Artest, I luv Ariza, and I luv the old Chris Mihm. And I don't think Sac is going to dump him unless they dump so more trash with him. But we need a sufficient repalacement for Odom when he leaves (Ariza is not it), which is why I wasnt to know other scenarios. What else can we get for 5 to 7 million dollar range? I'm thinking Buss may pay around that amount, because Kobe is about to get paid more too. Luxury tax will soon catch up with us boys and girls, so what do we do?

Finally, when you hear Laker trade propositions for Odom, only give thought to ones that could actually WORK. That Josh Smith sign and trade talk wouldn't work because after resigning Bynum we'd be looking at 10 million dollars extra of luxury tax money. Can you imagine how much Laker tickets would cost then? The reason Ron Ron rumor actually has legs is because financially he's the best small foward for the cheapest price. But then again he's a nut. SO WHO ELSE FOLKS? Who's cheap and is a sufficient Odom replacement?

Evans and Cook were traded for Ariza who was not getting playing time in Orlando but has a lot of potential.

(lol )yet phil always played mr basketball i.q. ven b4 ariza was injured, and also in the finals. I'm sure someone will say that ariza was not ready coming back from injury. Guess what luke was not ready either and luke has been injured practically every year sometimes in training camp even but was stilled siggned to that contract. Anyways this laker team was soft from the jump how can any one of us fans forget this . black and white Kwame lamar, luke,v-rad bynum ariza, and pau all were injured for long periods of time and all took way longer to return from injuries than projected. The only true warrior was Kobe.... Oh and ronny came back rather quickly from heart surgery also......

PS. what about Bird's comment about needing more white players in the league was that racist no one blasted him ,in fact I think Magic supported that statement.

People are always so quick to shout out racism when in fact there may be some truth to what's being said......


>>>There is an important lesson to be learned from the
>>>recent contracts that Andris Biedrins signed with the
>>>Warriors and Emeka Okafor signed with the Bobcats.

Well, for one, Okafor learned that if you gamble on getting
more money, sometimes you lose.

The contract Charlotte offered to Okafor last summer was reportedly
5 years fo 65 million... or 13 million a year.

The new contract, though it's 7 million more total, is for an
additional year. But Okafor will make LESS each of the
first 5 years of his contract. Like a million less.

The Celtics did have Scot Pollard and Brain Scalabrine.

Are they not white?

Lake forest eh?? my neck of the woods, err forest.

by Eric Pincus for

Interesting article talking about how the Base Year Compensation calculation affects doing sign and trade deals for restricted free agents. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and some talk about the Lakers trading Lamar Odom for Josh Smith.

Interesting stuff as usual from Eric.


LakerTom -

I was looking at the salaries of the bigs who have gotten contracts this summer. This thing with Bynum's salary is really intriguing.

In my opinion, especially when factoring in age, Bogut

As Javert laments in Les Miserables "The law is inside out, the world is upside down." I doubt doubt the trend continues with Drew, however.

by Eric Pincus for

Interesting article talking about how the Base Year Compensation calculation affects doing sign and trade deals for restricted free agents. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and some talk about the Lakers trading Lamar Odom for Josh Smith.

Interesting stuff as usual from Eric.


was washing my car in Diamond Bar, the near epi-center, not sure where they finally decided, IMHO, It wasn't anywhere as bad as the big ones we had in the past, this one was short, like 15-18 seconds, felt kinda different, no sharp jolts or rolling motion....basically felt like Fatty rolling over in bed, that's a "just kidding" for damn sure. Seriously, I don't believe anyone was hurt, I don't believe there were many valubles lost. It probably would have been alot worse feeling had I been inside, but I just stopped, and watched the houses kinda shake....the neighbor across the street came running out, kinda shaken, but not stirred. I would say we're A-OK, but now we have to watch the clock, don't they say a bigger one could potentially happen in like the next 24 hours from the 1st I guess, I won't go see the Dark Knight tonight.....I'll stay home. There's no way the initial jolt was over 20 seconds....maybe for rookies....there were a few aftershocks but no steady pattern. Hey, maybe Shaq landed in Sarver's private jet. He's probably eating good this summer as usual....anybody wonder what it tastes like???? I sure as HELLO don't....wonder how Kwame will fit in with least they have a great dime dealer in long before Sheed throws a towel at him...2nd game?.....

All is well in Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and vicinity...

by Eric Pincus for

Interesting article talking about how the Base Year Compensation calculation affects doing sign and trade deals for restricted free agents. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and some talk about the Lakers trading Lamar Odom for Josh Smith.

Interesting stuff as usual from Eric.


Mike T. sighting!

He's posting to Skeets re: Sasha and still claming to be a "LAKER'S fan".

Also, in the Skeets comments there is a mini debate about the coinage of the Machine nickname. Here's a comedic excerpt from my post there:

"Can we finally get this right folks? Joel Freaking Myers made up "The Machine". It's his single best contribution to the game of basketball so let's at least give him the little credit he deserves....

Also, Mike T., you are not a "LAKER'S fan." Stop calling for injuries to Bynum on the LA Times blog and migrate (to Skeets' blog) permanently, or to a Piston's blog where you can continue to squirt yourself about Kwame Brown's calves for the next two years."

New Sasha video [from 2017]

"Kobe is my besty friend"

by Eric Pincus for

Interesting article talking about how the Base Year Compensation calculation affects doing sign and trade deals for restricted free agents. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and some talk about the Lakers trading Lamar Odom for Josh Smith.

Interesting stuff as usual from Eric.



by Eric Pincus for

Interesting article talking about how the Base Year Compensation calculation affects doing sign and trade deals for restricted free agents. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and some talk about the Lakers trading Lamar Odom for Josh Smith.

Interesting stuff as usual from Eric.


"The Sasha Vujacic Resigning Ceremony?" Man, I didn't realize it had come to that. I am happy, though, that he's going out a Laker. Hopefully he's accrued enough SS benefits to live comfortable, though it'll be hard stretching thatout over the next 60-80 years. I wish him the best.

Ah, I love the ironic similarity between resign and re-sign. Hours of fun for pedants everywhere.


I am TOTALLY a Bynum fan and firmly believe he will become the next Great Laker center AND I know that there's not a lot to talk about right now; however, I think the reason you and Michael T. have become foils is because your positivity towards Andrew Bynum has become similar to that of Michael T.'s towards Kwame Brown.

Your viewpoint: Rational.
Michael T.'s: Irrational.

It's a little like a battle between Superman and Bizarro.

So, hey, until Andrew Bynum's creepy agent gives the Lakers a fair deal, I'm going to be a little aloof regarding Andrew Bynum.

And I do think that there's more to talk about in Laker Nations.

Such as signing Quinton Ross and Shaun Livingston.


Packers are stupid
Favre is better than Rodgers
Way way way better

Chargers will take it
Experience is the key
We want Super Bowl

The world has spoken
They want to see Obama
Conservatives don't

Let's keep Lamar.

For God's sake in a Kobe/Pau/Gasol world, no one would excel more in the NBA being the fourth fiddle than Lamar Odom.

Come on. He's perfect for our situation right now.


by Eric Pincus for

Interesting article talking about how the Base Year Compensation calculation affects doing sign and trade deals for restricted free agents. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and some talk about the Lakers trading Lamar Odom for Josh Smith.

Interesting stuff as usual from Eric.


Real Gm is reporting that Ron Artest has been traded to the Rockets for Bobby Jackson and Donte Green.......

Artest a Rocket


LakerTom -

Ok, my post totally got cut off so it made no sense and I look like an imbicile.

I'll repost later when I have more time.

Grr. Stupid technology.


If you honestly think that the Lakers covet white players, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. That being said, the examples you keep citing are mostly either factually incorrect or leave out a lot of relevant information.

For starters, you keep mentioning that the Lakers shipped out Brian Cook (and Mo Evans, same trade), but fail to note that they took back Trevor Ariza, who's also black. You also haven't mentioned that during this season, the Lakers also added Ira Newble and DJ Mbenga, also both black.

You also can't compare bringing back Mihm (with uncertain health) and waiting to extend Bynum (because of health) because the circumstances are entirely different. At 2 years/5 mil, Mihm was a low risk, inexpensive option and with the Lakers' cap situation (no room to do much of anything except resign their own free agents), they weren't left with many other or better options they could afford. Bynum's extension, however, will be at least 5 years and anywhere from an estimated 65-80 million dollars. That's a much bigger commitment that obviously requires more time and assurances. That has nothing to do with race and everything to do with common sense.

Also, Ronny Turiaf wasn't given a "maximum offer" of one million dollars. He was given a qualifying offer, a pure formality for restricted free agents where the amount is decided by a set percentage based against their most recent salary. You do it simply to retain the ability to match offers. Sasha's qualifying offer was 2.6 million and they ended up paying almost double. You're also leaving out the fact that Golden State had a lot of cap space and the Lakers had none, which meant the Warriors could pay Ronny four million dollars without it affecting the luxury tax. The Lakers would have essentially been paying 8 mil for Ronny, because of the luxury tax, which could reasonably be considered quite a bit for a guy who might only be playing about 10-15 minutes per game.

As for shipping out Kwame, they did get a white player but he was a considerably better white player in Gasol. That's not even debatable. When Vlad was signed, the Lakers needed a shooter and he was one of the best on the market. Walton was their own free agent, and their cap situation basically limited them to resigning their own free agents or signing fringe players not as good. And as people have pointed out, Vlad and Walton aren't very tradeable because they have several years left on their deal. Believe me, the problem isn't the Lakers refusing to move them.

Again, if you want to think the Lakers are trying to scoop up as many white players as possible, that's your opinion. Have at it. But if you want to actually make a believable case, you need to find better examples that don't just conveniently leave out important information.


Hey Long Time Laker Fan

Okafor got lucky to get that deal. He can thank Andrew Bogut. Dalemburt started this trend of paying barely or just under double double guys who are PF/centers big money.

Bynum is going to get 80 million. There will be no discount and it shouldn't be. He's better than all of those who got 60-70 million.

What's up LakerTom


Shifting gears a bit and this is the last challenging question I have about Andrew Bynum for you

All of us who really watch the games know that Kendrick Perkins did an "aggressive number" on Bynum in the 2 games against him. He had the help of the Celtics pack it in attack.

I won't doubt Andrew after his quantum leap last season because 12 months ago I was more with Kobe than not with him.

You was a cooling head who believed the hype of Andrew Bynum being at El Segundo working.

How will Bynum fair with this aggressive East coast physical style of Kendrick Perkins with the scowl and all??

KG scowls too!

I think that is important for Bynum to be ready for.
I hope Kareem gives him confidence. I'm not sure he can look at Gasol and Odom and say if something goes down yall got me.

Kobe and Fish yes, but they're small.

Bynum from a manhood perspective has to get over the aggressive nature of Kendrick Perkins.

The brute dominated Bynum twice this yr.

I'm concerned.


I like the idea of not running the triple towers and running Odom as backup 4.
I think it gives the 3 SF's we have a chance to shine and contribute.
It also keeps bigs on the floor as you mentioned and keeps Odom from playing out of position.

It's a contract yr for ODOM so it will take him no time to play at a high level this yr.

Whatever we can do to keep Bynum and Gasol at about 33,34 minutes is necessary. We don't want the 82 game season to burn our bigs who will take us into June.

I'd like to see Kobe's minutes go down to 36 tops considering he's 30 and we'd like to run him for 5 more great ones!!

Since Odom might be odd man out, I'd like Lamar to play 38-39 minutes. (smile)
I guess he can't if he's not playing some 3.

If we win a SHIP, LAMAR is taking us to the bank!!
You heard it here first.

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