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It's that time of year

July 8, 2008 | 11:38 pm

Generally speaking, around this time of the summer those in L.A. with aspirations to watch the upcoming Lakers season have to start lifting couch cushions and emptying the pockets of pants long ignored in search of extra cash (or, depending on where they might like to sit, sell a kidney or their firstborn) to absorb another increase in the already expensive ticket prices to a home game.  This year is no different.  The Lakers have announced that costs will indeed be rising for the '08-'09 season, no real shock given their salary situation. 

On the Shock-O-Meter, it's likely this will barely move the needle, but still, we're in the news distribution business, so here you go.  Here's to hoping the market recovers or those scratch-off tickets finally pay dividends!