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But at least it was money well spent for the Knicks

They of the league-leading 19,723,946 dollaroonis owed in 2007-08 luxury tax.  Because really, what 27th-place team doesn't look to spend just under an extra mil per win?  Oh, Jimmy Dolan and Zeke Thomas! You lil' scamps!

For those wondering, the Lakers were #7 with a bullet, their tab coming in at just over five mil (or as BK and I call it, "one month's pay").  Something to think about as decisions will be made on potentially Golden State-bound Ronny Turiaf, Sasha Vujacic, James Posey, Brent Barry, Kurt Thomas or any other free agent the Purple and Gold are currently eyeing.


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Can we also dropped the ty, just call you FAT? LOL

AK, thanks for the rescue, I thought you can sign and trade a player that was elevated thru an offer from another team. My bad. I'm not well versed on CBA rules, just rely on what LakerTom says and rationalize from there.

Thanks Pig, for your props on Bynum issue. His value is based on Lakers needs of him viz-a-viz with what the market is offering him? If his value rises beyond what Buss budget can take, then he is priced out of the Lakers financial interest. The same is true with other teams. If a big market like the Lakers says that they can't afford him, what makes other can afford him. Lakers have establish priorities. I don't think any businessman will get a hammer and hit his head. That's suicide. JB wants Championship but the operations have to be profitable in order to continue further. Using poker analogy, how can you continue playing if you don't have anymore chips to bet? That's how you lose your pants and take cover from a barrel. lol!

"Can’t decide what exactly is going on with ding how in prattville, especially since there is actually a listing on the web for a Chinese restaurant with that name in Prattville, Alabama"

There was a Chinese restaurant by that name in San Diego when we moved here the first time (1985); it was about three blocks from where we lived for awhile. It was closed awhile back.

Mike T,

>>>Things in free agency have changed. I don't think you'll
>>>ever see a player like Walton, Mihm and Kapono get those
>>>big contracts.

Tell that to DeSagana Diop. He just got a full MLE from Dallas.



Good to know that Bynum will be around for awhile. :-)


>>2M for Sun Yue?! It's no wonder you want to give Bynum
>> a near max deal, you love throwing around Jerry Buss' money.

That is what good liberals always do. Throw money at every problem. Not their money.

c.mon people the lakers are good right now why would u want to ugrade we already have s strong team and ronny and sasha make even better match those offers ronny is a great player and makes good chemisrty and sasha can light it uo from the 3 the lakers are going back th ethe final if the they can stay HEALTHY (andrew Bynum) we can win a championship envatully start a dynasty i just hope the lakes keep ronny and sasha

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