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But at least it was money well spent for the Knicks

They of the league-leading 19,723,946 dollaroonis owed in 2007-08 luxury tax.  Because really, what 27th-place team doesn't look to spend just under an extra mil per win?  Oh, Jimmy Dolan and Zeke Thomas! You lil' scamps!

For those wondering, the Lakers were #7 with a bullet, their tab coming in at just over five mil (or as BK and I call it, "one month's pay").  Something to think about as decisions will be made on potentially Golden State-bound Ronny Turiaf, Sasha Vujacic, James Posey, Brent Barry, Kurt Thomas or any other free agent the Purple and Gold are currently eyeing.


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But Dolan is a baller.

I think Ronny's gone...I just don't see us matching or topping that. I just hope we can keep our chemistry flowing. I think we'll make a huge mistake by making too many moves.


"..James Posey, Brent Barry, Kurt Thomas "

I would go for Brent Barry. You're not gonna get Posey no way. Experienced three point shooter, thats your veteran guy that you need on the bench for the Lakers.

Repost from previous thread:

Why are people talking about trading everyone & his brother???? These kids made it to the FINALS for pete's sake. Don't be blowing up the team - we'll get there again next year (this coming season) and perform better and have a greater chance to win. C'mon now - use your powers of reason, people. This team needs a tweak or two - not a fricken' overhaul.

I'm thinking...

Barry was insurance for Sasha leaving.
Thomas was insurance for Turiaf leaving.
Posey we just wanted because we need 3 point shooting and suck at defending the 3.

We've got Fish, Vlad, and Sasha. Why do we need a beat up old veteran (played in only 31/82 games last year) in Barry that still doesn't know how to draw a foul at the end of a WCF playoff game?

I'm not sure Barry is a good defender. I'm not sure that he can play the 3. I'm not sure that Barry is in any way an upgrade over Sasha or even, dare I say, Vlad, partly because at least Vlad can play the 3.

I'm open-minded here, but I've been confused about our pursuit of Barry the whole time.

Am I missing something?

At this point, with the ridiculous amount Golden State is offering, it's better to just let Ronny go, even though I'd hate to see a great guy like him go.

What's up with GoldenState always taking our players? Well, not always, but they did the same to D-Fish and I guess now because they can't have Davis back or Brand or Maguette, they're just not satisfied until they get one LA player.

Laker Legacy - JSNV

WTF? What took you guys so long to post? I know, J*Davey was that bad live this time.


It's something to pass the time.

It's fun.

We didn't win the Finals, so we still need to improve. It's not certain a healthy version of our current roster can do that.

A smart sports franchise is aggressive and always trying to improve. You rest and do nothing, other teams make trades to get better than you.

That said, anything other than a minor overhaul unless we can secure All-Star, young talent doesn't make a ton of sense to me either.

Our little issues with toughness, team defense, and defense at the 3 are important too. And we could use a little more outside shooting.

We keep our current roster and all these things could improve. I'm a little concerned with toughness and team D. I think Bynum improves us, but maybe not enough in toughness and team D. I don't know if Ariza helps enough either.

We'll see. Part of the fun!

This team needs a tweak or two - not a fricken' overhaul.
Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 09, 2008 at 03:37 PM

That's the nature of sports forums. Everyone talks about trades because what else is anyone going to talk about?
The only things a group of guys who don't know each other that well, talk about are: sex, cars and sports.
Are we going to start discussing breast sizes of favorite movie stars? I think that new BMW 135i is pretty hot.

While it can certainly be argued that at least the Lakers are winners. I wouldn’t shake my head too much in the Knicks direction for their current outrageous financial situation. Considering that for example. Even for the Lakers to bring back last year’s unit, will put them in roughly the same or greater boat of similar luxury tax expense numbers.

To match Turiaf’s offer, give Sasha at or close to the $5 million/yr. he is requesting. And grant Bynum his $80 million extension. The Lakers’ payroll may balloon to approx. $95 million. Placing them almost $25 million into the luxury tax stratosphere.

Not to mention that Kobe can otp out for more money after next season, thus possibly negating any potential saving from Lamar’s expiring contract should we convince him to resign for less money next year.

Good luck to Jerry Buss managing this. Or more like the fans who are certain to largely have the lux. tax burden past on to them in the way of ever increasing ticket prices….

Our luxury tax situation actually isn't as bad as I thought it was. 5 mil ain't even close to putting a dent in Dr. Buss' bank account and considering the extra scratch we made by going as far as we did, we're in great shape. Especially when you compare our 5 mil. to the mere 27 that the Knicks are dishing out every year for naught.

They pretty much make any sports fan feel good about their team. haha.


For all those that were bashing Buss and Mitch last year and to start this season - how bad would the Lakers be if they had Zeke and Dolan?????


Laker in BC -

Well, we can always talk about meta-ontology. That's pretty exciting, and I'm quite up for it.

by Charles F. Gardner for

Bogut’s extension is just for $60M, not $72M as originally reported. The differences are incentives in the package. Bogut was drafted #1 in 2005 when Drew was #10. I would predict that the Lakers will sign a similar deal with Drew, $60M to $65M for 5-years, which will be a nice discount from an $80M max contract.


RONY to the WARRIORS - A NorCal Perspective

As most of you regulars know I live up here in NorCal now, which means I get to see the Lakers live twice a year.

After more than two years up here and meeting and talking to a lot of Golden State fans I have learned that the basketball culture is exactly the opposite of the one in LA . We expect championships and view a year or three of failure as a bridge between championship runs. They expect failure up here and are resigned to any short term success (like when they upset the Mavs year before last) as being a temporary blip on the way to new failure. Which is what is happening again as they let Baron get away and overpay Maggete as a poor substitute.

That being said, overpaying Rony is par for the course. But I gotta give them one thing - he's the kind of fluid big man that will fit well into Nellie's system and get playing time. After all they played Harrington at the 5 behind Beidrins last year and he’s about 6-8. Now all Rony has to do is decide if 4 mil a year for a sure loser is better than 1 mil for a potential champion. I won’t blame him if , like D-Fish years ago, he chooses what’s best for him and his family. And I WILL cheer for him when he comes off the bench – even against the Lakers!

As for his future here, with Drew, Pau, and Lamar at the big spots he wasn’t gonna get much playing time anyhow barring an injury. I think Mbenga and Mihm will do fine as 5 backups, and both Luke and Rad can slide to the 4 against smaller opponents if necessary. So farewell Rony. I hope you invest your money wisely, and I hope some day you find your way back to us like Fish did….

Ok...ok....sorry I asked. It's just that everyone seems to forget how far we went & that there is still so much upside to the team as-is. We start trading off pieces here & there & there's no telling what we get. Talent alone doesn't get it done - just ask anyone who didn't make the finals this year but looked good on paper. Chemistry & youth are our greatest assets - I would hate to see that fall by the wayside just because some veteran or so-called great (or even good) player is available. What the Lakers have in this team is special. It's a dynasty in the making. I think we can't afford to lose sight of that because we were a few points shy of a championship this year. We're already waaayyyy ahead of schedule.

Bogut's deal is good for the Lakers. He was picked 9 spots in front of the BEAST, and hasn't endured any significant injuries (I think). That provides a good baseline for the kind of deal Andrew will be getting. Despite what LakerTom and some others say, his market value isn't at the franchise player level yet. I would love to see what the kid might command on the open market this year. My guess is about 10 mil per at the most. My gut feeling is that he'll receive an extension at somewhere around that.

Yeah, on the Elton Brand deal, it sounds like David Falk, his
agent stopped returning the Clippers calls when they eventually
did up their offer to match Philadelphia's.

The Clippers got Falked.

Well, we can always talk about meta-ontology. That's pretty exciting, and I'm quite up for it.

Posted by: Caliphilosopher

Dude - I don't even know what that is! I guess I'll stick to debating why we don't need an overhaul.....LOL!


>>>I would predict that the Lakers will sign a similar deal
>>>with Drew, $60M to $65M for 5-years, which will be a
>>>nice discount from an $80M max contract.

I'm totally in agreement with you there. And I think like Bogut's
contract, it will have incentives to bring it up much closer to a
max contract. Bogut wasn't insulted by the incentives. If you
believe in your own abilites, then you believe you will make
reasonable goals.

Turiaf, Sasha, and Farmar are a good part of the heart of the Lakers. You can talk yourself blue about their skills, but you won't begin to describe the chemistry, court sense, enthusiasm, comraderie, selflessness, commitment, etc. that these guys bring to the table. This is the reason the Lakers were so successful this season. I say Turiaf is worth every penny of his match, and it shouldn't be looked at that he is causing the luxury's not his salary that taking it over the top.

I can just see someone like Ron Artest coming in and screwing up the entire team.


Andrew Bogut’s 5-year extension for $60M from the Milwaukee Bucks effectively sets the floor for the Lakers upcoming extension for Andrew Bynum. Bogut was drafted #1 in 2005 by Milwaukee while Bynum was picked #10 in the same year by the Lakers. Look for Bynum and the Lakers to agree to a $65M to $70M 5-year contract before the October 31 deadline. That would be a discount of $10M to $15M off a max deal.

The Bucks, like the Lakers, did not want to see Bogut become a free agent two years from now at the end of the 2009/10 season, which he could have done if they had not signed him to an extension before October 31. They also recently traded Yi Jianlian and Bobbie Simmons to New Jersey for Richard Jefferson and hired Scott Skiles as coach.

NBA agents are licking their chops at the free agent cap space that will be available after the 2009/10 season, when Bogut and Bynum could become unrestricted free agents, as that is also when LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh among others become free agents. It is expected that there will be more cap space available at the end of the 2009/10 season than any time in the last 10 years in the NBA.


Lakers current salary obligation 75,000,000

Add Sasha, Ronny, and others 11, 000,000

Total if all signed 86,000,000 +15 mil (lux tax) =

Say it the way Dr. Evil would say it........


Dr Buss needs our help. The season ticket holders will do their part. Please watch all the in-game commercials and buy the advertised products.

I wouldn't count on that "discount." Yeah Bogut was picked #1 and has more "experience" but Andrew has way more upside - he's more like the star of the next generation Lakers. Bynum will get the max.

P.S. To the clipper "admirers" don't feel too bad, mates. This is who the clippers are. I too was even caught up in the excitement of the clippers back in the early 90's. They are a 3rd class organization and the way they run their business is disgracefull. That is why I always stuck with the Lakers. We have the best owner, the best Gm, best coaching staff, and the best team if all the pieces are in place.

First Smush, now Kwame, the Heat just seem to not get enough of crappy former Lakers. Oh, and didn't Pargo play for the Lakers too? At least he's decent.


With the luxury tax threshold set at $71.2M, we can start to make some estimates of what next years luxury tax situation will be for the Lakers.

First, we currently have 10 players under contract for next year with total salaries for the year of $75.3M, which means that we are already over the threshold by $4.1M with 5 more contracts to add. Andrew Bynum, by the way, is one of those 10 players and any extension he receives would not begin until after this year, when Lamar Odom’s contract is scheduled to come off the books.

So let’s assume that we re-sign Sasha for the current MLE for x-years, starting at $5.6M. Let’s also assume we re-sign Mbenga and Karl also for $1.0M each and Sun Yue for $2.0M and Joe Crawford for $1.0M for next year. That would bring our 15 player total to $85.9M, or put us $14.7M over the threshold, leaving us owing that amount for tax.

If we assume that we sign James Posey for the x-years for full MLE or $5.6M instead of Crawford, that would raise our total payroll for 15 players for next year to $90.5M, which would mean we over the luxury tax threshold by $19.1M, which means that our luxury tax bill next year would then be for that amount.

Thank God we have an owner like Jerry Buss. No way with this situation that we match Golden State for Ronny. I still think we have to match Sasha, though.


so im looking at the summer leauge schedule
hoping to see some names. Coby Karl is there and crawford is there, but one person i wanted to see was sun yue. is there any info on him that anybody has other than youtube? im curious about his abilities and what type of person he is and what he brings to the table. its about a month til the olympics, lakers should be able to pry sun yue for nine days of playing!

hope to hear from you guys

so im looking at the summer leauge schedule
hoping to see some names. Coby Karl is there and crawford is there, but one person i wanted to see was sun yue. is there any info on him that anybody has other than youtube? im curious about his abilities and what type of person he is and what he brings to the table. its about a month til the olympics, lakers should be able to pry sun yue for nine days of playing!

hope to hear from you guys

How about this?

The Warriors offered a 4 year contract at 17 million just so the Lakers will match it. That way the Warriors see the Lakers go into salary cap hell. LOL!

The Lakers are like the Unites States of America. All around the world no one likes the USA. Just like all around the NBA no one likes the Lakers.

That contract the Warriors offered isn't bad on any other team but with the Lakers it just clogs up a roster spot for a long 4 years.

mike t.

You guys talking about Bogut's contract being a good baseline for Andrew's new deal are crazy. Where Bogut went in the draft compared to Andrew is 100% irrelevant.

Bynum's progress (since that draft) is what took a very sketchy Laker team at the beginning of this season and made them a championship contender (per Kobe) and the top record in the Western Conference. THAT is what is relevant to Bynum's new contract. What on earth has Bogut done as a professional?

Anyone who thinks that Bogut's new deal is anything but the clincher for Andrew demanding (rightly) and getting (if the Laker's have any sense) a max value extension is borrowing some of Lamar's weed....

Ask the Clippers how wise it is not to lock up a big man that you were counting on for the future. Treat the big guy right, or he might find another option closer to home on the east coast (that sounds famiiliar, no?)

Mike T,

"How about this? The Warriors offered a 4 year contract at 17 million just so the Lakers will match it. That way the Warriors see the Lakers go into salary cap hell. LOL!
The Lakers are like the Unites States of America. All around the world no one likes the USA. Just like all around the NBA no one likes the Lakers. That contract the Warriors offered isn't bad on any other team but with the Lakers it just clogs up a roster spot for a long 4 years."

What's also interesting is the flip side of what you're talking about, which is the Lakers having 7 days to make up their minds. Even if the Lakers know for certain they won't match the offer, they can use up the entire week before turning it down, just so the Warriors can't use that four mil elsewhere (since it's tied into their offer to Ronny). Granted, it may not hurt Golden State as much as some other teams, since they gained a fair amount of cap room after Davis left. But still, it can all become one big game of chess.



>>>Andrew Bogut’s 5-year extension for $60M from the
>>>Milwaukee Bucks effectively sets the floor for the Lakers
>>> upcoming extension for Andrew Bynum.

I partially agree with you.

Bogut's contract is a good bellweather for what the Lakers will
offer to extend Bynum. They are both centers chosen in the
Lottery from the same draft. Both teams believe the player
has shown some good performance but hasn't reached their
full potential. They had very similar stats -- Bogut scored
about 1 point more per game, Bynum got about 1/2 more
rebounds per game.

But Bogut has stayed healthier than Bynum and ended his
season on the floor, not in surgery.

I don't see Bogut's contract as a floor for Bynum's as you do.
But I think it will be "in the neigborhood" -- somewhere around 55-65M base salary with incentives to bring the total
over 70.

If the Lakers don't match, he will be missed. He'll definitely be the most popular player that isn't a Laker among Laker fans.


>>>and Sun Yue for $2.0M

Why would the Lakers sign a second round pick to more than
some of the Lottery choices?

Try Sun Yue for 1M and you're more on target.

>>>Mbenga and Karl also for $1.0M

Karl is already under (team option) contract for 0.7M.

They could sign MBenga for the minimum.

Long Time,

No reason for us to disagree at this point. We both want the same thing: Drew locked up.

I can’t see the Lakers offering less than Bogut or Drew’s agent accepting less. I would like to see a deal for $65M for 5-years. That would be $15M below max and a good deal for both sides. Let’s see what happens. My fingers and toes are crossed.



>>>but one person i wanted to see was sun yue. is there
>>>any info on him that anybody has other than youtube?

If you want to watch Sun Yue play basketball this summer,
watch the Olympics. He'll be playing for the Chinese team.
Last I heard, he's the backup PG. He's a better pure point
than the starter, but the starter is a better scorer than Sun.


I agree. I think 5 years and 50-55 million dollars is a very fair offer for Bynum at this point.

Hello everybody. It has taken me quite awhile to get over the NBA Finals. I was pretty upset about it. But after finally looking through the different exit interivews and all of that, the Lakers seemed to be a team that was defeated before Game 1 of the Finals. Even Phil Jackson thought that the Lakers sort of overacheived, and so did Kobe. Perhaps they overacheived, but maybe Boston was that good. I mean, they do have three perrenial All-Stars as opposed to the Lakers one. Gasol is solid but if you guys paid attention to me at all, I believe Gasol was played out of position by the end of the playoffs due to need. Gasol was worn down by the bigger stronger Celtics.

I mean just looking at the PHYSICAL difference between Boston and Los Angeles, and the Celtics were just bulkier. The Lakers had size, but the Celtics had more strength. You cant make Pau into Dwight Howard. Thats not his game. PJ tried, but it didn't work. That being said, don't be suprised if Pau Gasol drops 24 a game for Spain and leads them to Gold. Its not that he cant play, just not the way PJ needed him to play.

That being said, Andrew Bynum remains the key to the Lakers' future. If he becomes a physical presence, the Lakers will be fine. Bynum, Gasol and Odom will be solid. They are all great passers and the offense will still work.

That being said, the Lakers bench needs improvement. Farmar, Sasha and Ariza are all keepers, and after that there really isnt anybody that has to be kept. What the Lakers do need tho is some more veteran players who are willing to take a back seat for the season but then come in right away in the playoffs for key moments. Usually old guys looking for a ring and quite frankly, and easier season (see PJ Brown, Sam Cassell) are perfect.

Some players for this can be Kurt Thomas, Dikembe Mutombo, etc. James Posey is a solid player, but I dont know if he wants to be the backup SF to Odom.

The Lakers, though, if they want to be creative, can look to undrafted free agents with size and strength to play the interior. They could use a couple guys who just move bodies around. Bynum, Gasol and Odom are genreally good at not fouling if they dont have to be enforces. So the Lakers need guys who can make good hard fouls and just physically wear down their opponents.

Remember though, the Lakers came within 2 games of the title. And while the West got better, all the Lakers including Farmar, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Sasha, Odom will all get better. Remember Odom played like crap at the beginning of the season because of a shoulder injury. Kobe had a knee and hand that wore his shooting out in the finals. Fisher had a torn tendon in his foot.

Guys like Sasha and Farmar are on the brink of being veterans. Often times in the Finals, those two were not just sparks, but played big minutes in the waning moments of the games. Kobe will perfect his facilitator role

The Lakers are in good shape. The only reason it hurts so much was because it was the Celtics.

As for Turiaf, while Im sad to see him leave, good luck to him. He has to take his money especially because of a previous health ailment. Anybody would take that deal. Plus he knows in LA he wont get a chance to play. Although eventually Brandon Right or Anthony Randolph will take his place. But good luck Ronny!

Long Time,

Wait! How did you go from "complete" agreement with me to "partial" agreement in the next post. LMAO. Don't worry. It's OK to agree with me once in a while. Nobody will hold it against you - for long that is. LOL.


The Posey situation.

It occurs to me that if James Posey doesn't sign with the Celtics,
I don't really care who he signs with.

The other teams reported to be talking to his agent are Cleveland,
the Lakers, New Orleans, Washington, and Houston. Of those,
New Orleans would be the only one that likely impact the Lakers
future by adding Posey, but just getting him OFF of the Celtics
increases the Lakers odds against them if they play them again
in next years' finals.

Go Posey! Go for the cash! Take that full MLE offer from
Cleveland and have a ball.


Say we lose Ronnie, what's your short list for the big men you think are the best still available.

Any chance at the Clipse getting Okafor?


>>>>>Lacrosse Team...
>>>>>Carlos Boozer...
>>>>>Elton Brand...
>>>>>this is... DUKE...

Interesting observation. I hope that doesn’t bode well for Coach K and Team USA. I always thought that ACC players from Duke and North Carolina were overrated and overhyped by the east coast media anyway. MJ was the one big exception. And the school’s rep has definitely taken some justified hits. Bruin fans “have” to hate Duke and North Carolina. After the east restructure the Final 4 to assure ACC participation and stop the UCLA dynasty, Duke and Carolina stole countless recruits from the streets of LA and from the Bruins. LOL.


thanks LTLF. im looking forward to seeing him there. i didnt know he wascoming off the bench. hmmm? kinda makes me wonder how his shot is and ball handling skills are. i guess just have to wait andsee


Agent David Falk seems to be a persona non grata in the Laker organization. If he's the player's agent (Brand) the team won't even look his way.

No concrete base, just my conspiracy theory. Since the fiasco with Glen Rice.


One day without any Bynum salary post, PLEASE!

"Lacrosse Team...
Carlos Boozer...
Elton Brand...
this is... DUKE..."

Oh, you mean that the truth is going to come out and it will turn out that Boozer and Brand were actually in the right the entire time?


yeah, that seems like a little chess game. In my opinion, it's the Lakers who come out of it a little on the bad end of the situation. Turiaf just isn't a physical enough player to help this Lakers squad.

His energy would be perfect in Golden State and, as someone mentioned, Don Nelson fast paced version of basketball would suit Turiaf well because he would play a little center. But anyway you cut doesn't add up to a championship for the Warriors but it's a decent pay day for Turiaf.

The Lakers need roster spots. I have a feeling the Lakers are going to do something but they're waiting for some dominos to fall. Namely the James Posey deal. Once a couple of more players sign with teams I think the Lakers will make some kind of move. What that move is....I don't know.

mike t.

>>>Wait! How did you go from "complete" agreement with
>>>me to "partial" agreement in the next post. LMAO.

Look at your numbers. In one, you proposed that you expected
the Lakers to sign Bynum for something like 60-65M. I'm guessing 55-65, so we overlapped.

In your subsequent post, you stated that Bogut's deal was a
floor for Bynum's and you changed your numbers to $65-70.

I agree with you that Bogut's deal is relevant to setting market
value for Bynum's deal, but I don't think that offering Bynum
slightly below Bogut would be an insult, which you do.

We're only apart by 10 million at the moment.

How about if I throw in performance incentives to bring the
deal up to a potential 75 million (3 million more than Bogut)?

Done deal?

The Original Ken - yeah, but they had World B. Free.


Aside from the 7 days delay of any Warriors move, Lakers scouts, Lester and Mitch should prepare some mega trade that will involve Turiaf's 4.2M plus Laker players. Turiaf's new value becomes a filler, an ideal if we could get Ben Gordon + one player or Paul Millsap + Utah players. We just have to protect Kobe, Drew, Pau, LO.


You are so generous to Sun Lue, he's a rookie and u gave him 2M that's 14M yuan. The kid has not seen that much money in his life.

Bogut's value is not equivalent to Drew. It is still based on the demand and supply. Perhaps, Bogut's contract can be referred as a benchmark but not a good gauge on the sudden rise of Bynum's values. Let's put it this way, is there a team out there willing to offer Bynum 80M for 5 years? if there is then that is his value, if there is none Lakers could decrease it to 50M. It will all depend on his performance on the first two months.

That projection of 90M is just right but too much for the 85 yr old playboy and poker player to handle, he's not AEG Enterprises. Lakers is the only fortune left from the Buss empire. This is a tough job for Mitch. Therfore, don't think like LakerTom, the super optimistic fan but think as a Jerry Buss, the poker player.


"Aside from the 7 days delay of any Warriors move, Lakers scouts, Lester and Mitch should prepare some mega trade that will involve Turiaf's 4.2M plus Laker players. Turiaf's new value becomes a filler, an ideal if we could get Ben Gordon + one player or Paul Millsap + Utah players. We just have to protect Kobe, Drew, Pau, LO."

If I understand what you're proposing, that trade is illegal by CBA rules. You can't match an offer sheet, then turn around and use him in a sign and trade. Beyond that, once they signed Ronny, a certain amount of time passes before he can be traded in any scenario.


Hey guys, can someone please explain to me why the reticence to max out Bynum?

It would seem to me that the only relevant issue is Andrew's health. If the knee is sound, he gets maxed out. If not, he gets way less.

If healthy, Bynum is the best young center in the league already (if anyone disagrees, please tell me which young center is better). So, why would the best young center in the league, if healthy, take less than the max? Guys like Rashard Lewis get $20 million per. Guys like Elton Brand get $17 mil. Neither of these guys are franchise players.

On the open market as a free agent, Andrew Bynum gets a max deal. And, please, don't tell me that he should stay here for less money to win championships. He's 20. He is most definitely not going to approach free agency with the assumption that his only shot at championships is with the Lakers (whether he's right or not isn't the point, it is what he will think that is the point).

So can someone help me see the logic behind Bynum taking less than a max deal when Bogut (a FAR inferior player) just signed for up to $72 million over 5 years? Thanks.


>>>thanks LTLF. im looking forward to seeing him there. i
>>>didnt know he wascoming off the bench.

That's as of last summer. I suppose it's possible he's starting
now, but at the time they had a better shooter starting (Liu Wei).

>>>hmmm? kinda makes me wonder how his shot is
>>>and ball handling skills are.

He seems a little hesitant in his shooting, but his ball handling
and passing skills are excellent.

ronny's great, but not a good player. take care of him gsw, make sure he gets fed and has plenty of fresh air and exercise. have fun with him.

but wow, the trade idea somebody suggested involving lamar for okafor blew apart my staunch keep-lamar stance. the vision of pau/bynum/okafor splitting up the c/pf minutes was too much. i would do terrible things to see it happen.

Bogut isn't even remotely comparable to Bynum. It's like two race cars, one car (Bogut) has a 1.8 liter engine, a nice little economy car, the other (Bynum) has Corvette 7 liter engine. They may start out fairly close to each other as Bynum learns to drive the car but eventually Bynum will start pulling away with ease. In the end, I don't really care what Bynum makes, I'm not paying him, I just want him to stay with the Lakers so... if he takes an incentive laden deal, great! but Bogut ain't no marker...

Same with Chris (the Beautiful People) Kaman. Kaman could stay in the race for awhile but c'mon... Bynum would again start pulling away...


2M for Sun Yue?! It's no wonder you want to give Bynum a near max deal, you love throwing around Jerry Buss' money.

Okay, it's only the ABA, but Sun Yue did make the All-ABA
first team in 2007 with 13.5 points, 6 rebounds, 10.5 assists,
1.9 steals, 2 blocks, and 3.8 TO (2.76 assist/turnover ratio) and
46% shooting.

He was also first team All-ABA in the 2007-2008 season, but I
can't seem to find stats for that season

hay lakers are for sure gunna be in the chapionship next year if everybody stays healthy. and will win it. but i think they should try and get ron artest or marion for lamar. but even if we keep lamar we will still do good next season. boston wont have nothing if bynum stays healthy

Loyal to the Lakers

Thanks for the props

KwaminusBrownicus.....Im not just saying this because im an Aussie but Bogut is a better defender than Pau.He pases just as well and had a very good college stint.....Big call to say Bynum is that much better at this point...big call

Agent says Bucks' Bogut will sign 5-year, $72.5M extension.

All those who are saying Bynum should get less are all morons.

Bynum should OPT OUT with anything less that Boguts contract. Let's see what you morons do when Bynum does not sign an extension and opts out next year.

>>>Hey guys, can someone please explain to me why
>>>the reticence to max out Bynum?

Because if you pay every player who has a chance of
becoming an all-star max contracts, then you kill the cap
space that will allow you to sign a fully competitive team.

>>>If healthy, Bynum is the best young center in the
>>>league already (if anyone disagrees, please tell me
>>>which young center is better).

Well, first of all Dwight Howard is the best young center
in the league at this point, without question. Bynum hasn't
come close to the level of performance of Howard. Howard
EARNED a max contract. Bynum has not (yet).

Most of the young centers in the league, including Bynum,
are still flying on potential more than actual league dominating
performance. Greg Oden, Emeka Okafur, Al Horford, Andrew
Bogut, and Al Jefferson have all shown enough potential that
I think it's possible that one or more of them could end up
having a more productive career than Bynum.

>>>So, why would the best young center in the league,
>>>if healthy, take less than the max?

He didn't. But he plays for Orlando.

>>>Guys like Rashard Lewis get $20 million per.

1-time all-star, averaged 20 points a season for 3 years in
a row before getting the max deal, including the 2004-05
season when he and Ray Allen led the Sonics to the best
record in the Northwest division.

Bynum has half a season of truly good play. There is no

>>>Guys like Elton Brand get $17 mil.

Two-time all-star who has averaged 20 & 10 for his CAREER.
Bynum has had a total of five 20 & 10 games in his career.
There is no comparison.

>>>Neither of these guys are franchise players.

Brand arguably is a franchise player.

Lewis, eh, not so much, but he has produced consistently
in his career.

Bynum has had a little over 1 month of his career where
he played at their level.

In his first 3 seasons in the league, Brand played in 235
games and averaged 19.4 points and 10.6 rebounds. In
his first 3 seasons in the league, Bynum played in 163 games
and averaged 7.2 points and 5.7 rebounds. Even in his
very best month in his career, January 2008, Bynum didn't
quite make it to 20 & 10 (17.3 points, 12.2 rebounds).

Can you honestly not see the difference?

>>>On the open market as a free agent, Andrew Bynum
>>>gets a max deal.

Okay, what is your precedent for that?

Can you name me the last player to get a max deal who
hadn't already made at least one all-star team.

C'mon, it's not hard. There are less than 30 players in the
league with max deals. It shouldn't take you long.

Come on now. Well worth it. Where else could you get the entertainment of Starbury and formerly Isiah Thomas?

Shouldn’t Mitch be notified if Ronny has an offer? Mitch thinks so.

He said he’s heard the rumors but nobody has notified him yet.

And he said AB has not been cleared to play.

Some of the obvious big men have been discussed, Kurt Thomas for instance... Najera playing out of position at the 4 brings hustle and grit.... but who else? It seems like there's not a lot out there, especially at a price we can afford (and that we can spend by cap rules).

Any names? I know there's Brian Skinner, Melvin Ely, Austin Crochere, Malik Allen....

Add away people.

Dave m...Othella Harrington..David Harrison..?

"hen Bynum does not sign an extension and opts out next year."

The Lakers will say, "OK, now you HAVE to play for us on a one year contract, at 125% of your 2008-9 salary." And Bynum will then get 4.5M for one year, with nothing guaranteed after that.Because that is what the CBA says for players in his position. Do you think he'll be willing to take that chance?

well... sigh... just a quick point... I don't think you guys understand what I said. I'm obviously not talking about RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MOMENT.

I'm talking about next year, the year after and the year after that - into those contract years. Forget the past, we're talking about a starting point of next season (year 1 of the contract), the next season (year 2 of the contract) and so on.

If you believe Bogut has another gear in him, great, I think Bynum is going to pull up next to him, drive past him and make Bogut disappear in his rear view mirror, obviously not in the space of a few months but season over season. If Bogut is worth that kind of money for that kind of production well... good luck on trying to bargain down Bynum.

So the person who says the Lakers need more black players is now calling other people morons.

Get your facts straight guy. Its 5 years for 60 mil plus incentives if met.

So are you saying because Bynum is black and Bogut is white he is deserving of more money? Are you using that illogical argument again?

Where do you stand on Najera? He's not quite black, and he's not quite white, should he be paid somewhere in the middle?

I know this is silly. but your argument was pretty silly too.

"Any names?"

Oh! Oh! Oh! I've got one!!!


Yeah, Baby! Bring back the Cakemeister!

I say "Thank You" to Ronny Turiaf for the short memories you gave us Laker fans.

I would like to see the Lakers resign Sasha and pick up James Posey. We need help defensively and I believe James Posey would help us in that department. Especially at defending the three.

Adding Posey and resigning Sasha would make our bench even stronger than what we had last year.

Edwin has the most pragmatic view so far on the Drew issue, and Long Time as well. As much as many of us Laker fans would like to believe it, Drew is coming off of a season ending knee injury, and although he showed he's got a lot of promise, he hasn't performed consistently for long enough to warrant that great of a raise. It would be bad business.

Here's the best possible analogy I can deliver:

You've been working at whatever it is you do for a couple of years. Your first year you spent mostly training, with little responsibility. The second year, you began to show some promise, and you started to gain more trust from your superiors, and you got more responsibility. Your third year you really start to blossom. Things are beginning to go really well, then, you find out you're very sick. The sickness keeps you out of work for 6 months. You are able to stop by work on occasion and visit, but even though you try, you can't get back to work. Finally, you're well enough to work again. You return to work and right away, you walk into your boss's office and ask him for a raise.

Do you really think that he's going to give you a substantial raise after such a long layoff?

That's bad business. Plain and simple.

Starting five
July 9th, 2008, 5:18 pm · Post a Comment · posted by ART THOMPSON III, OCREGISTER.COM
The Lakers’ summer league team took the court for their scrimmage against the Clippers with a starting lineup that featured Coby Karl and Joe Crawford in the backcourt, James White and Taj Gray at forward, and Lorenzo Mata-Real at center.

The Clippers countered with NBA all-rookie first-team pick Al Thornton, second-year player Nick Fazekas, first-round draft pick Eric Gordon, second-round draft pick DeAndre Jordan and rookie Mike Taylor.

As expected, the Lakers looked disjointed in the early minutes, as the intricate responsibilities in the triangle offense can be confusing.

Summer league starting 5. Need to find rest of team. I don't see Kemps name on the list.

AK - "...the Lakers were #7 with a bullet, their tab coming in at just over five mil (or as BK and I call it, "one month's pay")"

I knew blogging was lucrative but wow, where do I sign up?

Here is the Lakers SPL roster

Interesting that James White is on the team.

Any NBA team will clear cap space just to get hold of Bynum whatever the price maybe.

You won't find a domiant BIG BODY Center in the League.

Rifgt now, there is only Horward, Bynum and maybe Gerg Oden.

Andrew Bynumi is a FRANCHISE PLAYER.

Allan - Brazil,

>>>>> LakerTom thanks for the welcome but I've been posting
>>>>>(not as frequent as you, obviously) for a year and a half now.
>>>>>You completely missed the point of the trade proposal I made.
>>>>>I DON'T want Wally. I think he sucks.
>>>>>I just want his expiring contract that I wouldn't mind lose in the end
>>>>>of the season at all.
>>>>>If we are going to lose Lamar anyway after next season,
>>>>>at least we could use him to ship Rad out and get Varejao,
>>>>>who would be great (better to have a backup for 5million
>>>>>than a 14million guy)
>>>>>But, hey, we can also do nothing.
>>>>>That way, when Bynum rejects the Lakers less-than-max offer next year,
>>>>>Pau can play Center having Mihm as a backup. Also, with Bynum gone,
>>>>>Kobe will most likely opt out which means the Lakers will have
>>>>>plenty of $$ to resign Odom.
>>>>>Seems fair to me

I really did mean no disrespect. Sorry I didn’t remember your prior posts. You’re right.
I did misunderstand and glad we agree on Wally, although he is truly a pure shooter, but a terrible basketball player. I didn’t realize his contract also expired this year. So you are basically looking to trade Lamar and Vlade for Varejão and Sczerbiak. Interesting.

I wouldn’t make any trade right now for Lamar but your idea is very interesting. Sorry again for passing it over so glibly. The Lakers give up Lamar, who could be a problem financially to sign and could end up being 6th man rather than starter and Vlade, who will no longer be a starter. In return, they get Wally, who they can let walk away to reduce their luxury tax by $13M, and Varejão, who would the perfect replacement for Ronny, and they get rid of the remainder of Vlade’s contract.

At second glance, I like it, Allan, although we still need to see how the Triple Towers concept works. Lamar’s expiring contract will still be worth more around the middle of the season. And Cleveland will probably be really desperate to bring some talent to try and keep LeBron from leaving in 2 years and this would give them 2 good starters in Lamar and Vlade. We would still need to get another player at power forward but the roster looks pretty good for being down $13M, which would save another $13M in tax.

C: Bynum Mihm Mbenga
PF: Gasol Varejão
SF: Ariza Walton Sczerbiak
SG: Bryant Vujacic Karl
PG: Fisher Farmar Sun

Good job, Allan. I’ll look for you more in the future. Thanks for commenting back.


Kwaminus - but I thought the cakemeister was going to be grooving on 'Dancin; With the Stars' next year?

Thirty2 - good additions. What about Lawrence Roberts? Lonny Baxter??? I know I'm reaching here....

I could throw the Birdman's name out once more but I'd probably be testing bloggers' patience.

Trust No One, eh Kupchak:

Kupchak said Wednesday that he has not received by fax or registered mail notification that Turiaf, a restricted free agent, has signed with another team.

"A lot of times where there's smoke, there's fire and I don't know if that's the case here," Kupchak said Wednesday

"I'm aware of the rumors, but my understanding of the process is that we have to be notified with a document, and there's been no document or notification — written or verbally."

Turiaf reportedly agreed to a four-year, $17 million offer from the Warriors late Tuesday, the first day free agents could sign offers. The Lakers have seven days from the time they receive notification to match the offer.

Kupchak was vague when asked if the Lakers would match the offer.

"It's not as simple as picking a number. I will say we would like to bring Ronny back. We've told him that. (But) there are a lot of factors that go into making these types of decisions," Kupchak said.

Kupchak said discussions with Sasha Vujacic, the Lakers' other restricted free agent, were "ongoing." He added: "Sasha and Ronny are desirable players and there have been inquires from teams for over a year now. Whether anything came yesterday, a week ago or a month ago, I'm going to keep it to myself."

Kupchak also questioned whether center Andrew Bynum has been cleared by his doctor to begin training. Last week, Bynum's agent, David Lee, said his client had been given medical clearance by Dr. David Altchek and would start training in two weeks.

"I'm not saying what he (Lee) said isn't true," Kupchak said, "I'm saying he has not been cleared."

Kupchak is pretty cagey here. Interesting. I haven't heard anything and if I did I wouldn't tell you guys!

Kupchac's statement about Bynum sound right. That stuff about being cleared to play was just a ploy by Bynum's agent to create the idea that he's ready to go and get a big contract.

If Bynum really was cleared to play with no swelling in his knee or anything the Lakers would sign him right away.

Then you have the idea that Bynum will be "dominate" as a defensive center is just crazy! The weakest part of Bynum's game is his defense. Not that he doesn't get a lot of blocks but that he gives up a lot position. He didn't have strong enough legs last year and now after sitting out for the past 7 months he's supposed to have more leg strength? That doesn't sound right.

This guy, Bynum, has a lot of work to do just to get back where he was, which was a weak legged center who was scoring off of a lot of dunks against defensively weak teams.

Almost everything Bynum did was against weak defensive teams in the regular season. No one knows if he would have lasted the whole season.

Now, he "cleared" to play? That means he right back where he was last year, which against the Celtics means he gets pushed around like they pushed him around in the regular season.

The truth of the matter is that Bynum is not cleared to play and I bet that his injury is going to take more time to evaluate. Then you top that off with the amount of work he has to put into getting his leg back to where it was.

Bynum is a big question mark and nothing more.

mike t.

Kaminus (he of the mighty calves),

>>>If you believe Bogut has another gear in him, great, I think
>>>Bynum is going to pull up next to him, drive past him and
>>>make Bogut disappear in his rear view mirror,

I think it's possible and I hope that that is the case.

But in the NBA, players rarely get maximum (or even huge
contracts) purely on potential. When Bynum zooms past Bogut
and Dalembert and Jefferson and the others, then any team
with enough cap space would offer him a max contract.

If he plateaus around 15 and 10 averages and can stay
healthy, then he'll get a huge contract (I'd consider anything
over 50 million huge), but not a max contract.

At this point, the only thing I can see that would put Bynum at
any level production or salary level lower than that is
persistent injury.

Chris Mihm was a pretty decent center when he was
playing. Nowhere near Bynum's level, but a skilled big
man. He came out last summer saying he wanted a full
MLE (or his agent did). By your logic, the Lakers should
have just paid him that much. Before his injury, he had
been a nearly double-double scorer-rebounder and a
decent defender (good speed & footwork, not so good
strength). But worthy of an MLE. So the Lakers should
have just believed him when he said he was healthy and
ready to go and should have given him a full MLE. Right?

The Lakers said okay, go talk to other clubs and see what
they'll offer you. He went and tried out for the Bulls and a
few other clubs, but none of them would give him the
MLE. If they knew for certain that he would play at his
pre-injury 2006 level, I guarantee he could have gotten a
full MLE. Diop just got a full MLE, Mihm at his best could
surely have gotten one.

Think of Mihm & the MLE as a model for Bynum & the Max.

The Lakers are looking at a player who played at a level
where they might have qualified for a certain level of payday,
but that player is currently injured and has not proven that
he will ever play at that level again.

What if the Lakers give Bynum a max contract and then he
misses the next two seasons, like Mihm did. Even though
the insurance would cover the basic 33 million in salary,
the Lakers would be paying a huge luxury tax for the right
to keep Bynum, and they would have 1/4 of their cap space
taken up by a non-playing player. They haven't done that
since... Brian Grant.

I don't think it's likely that Bynum will miss the next two seasons,
but it is a possibility. The Lakers as a business have to
take that possibility into account in their offer. If they don't,
then they are bad businessmen.

Obviously Bynum has the potential to be much better than
Chris Mihm, and the Lakers will thus make a much higher
extension offer to Bynum. But he will not get a max offer
this summer because he is an injury risk and because he
is not worth it yet. If he turns down their extension
and plays next season and plays very very well, then he
will be worth it. But not before then.


>>>>>The Lakers will say, "OK, now you HAVE to play for us on a one year contract,
>>>>>at 125% of your 2008-9 salary." And Bynum will then get 4.5M for one year,
>>>>>with nothing guaranteed after that.
>>>>>Because that is what the CBA says for players in his position.
>>>>>Do you think he'll be willing to take that chance?

Absolutely. Damn straight he would take that chance. He would be foolish not to just accept the Lakers qualifying offer and play out the year and go for the really big bucks.

He would be able to participate as a prime player in the biggest free agent market ever after the 2009/10 season? No way that he would not earn a max contract then and since it is not an extension there is no limit to what teams can offer other than their own cap.

But don’t worry, ex, because there is no way that the Lakers do NOT sign Drew to an extension this summer. No way in hell. You can bet the Lakers franchise on that.



>>>"Any names?"
>>>Oh! Oh! Oh! I've got one!!!
>>>Yeah, Baby! Bring back the Cakemeister!

I hate to say it, but if the Lakers decide not to match Turiaf's
offer, it wouldn't surprise me if they offered Kwame a million
a year to come back. He's not a great player, but he is
strong, he doesn't get shoved around as easily as Mihm or
Turiaf, and he does know the system. He'd be a strong-arm
backup to lay the wood on opposing big players to wear them
down and soften them up for Bynum & Gasol's attack.


Thanks for the roster.

Karl and Crawford could be fighting for the last spot.

I'm glad USC's Davon is on the team as well as Mata-Real.

If Ronny doesn't come back, and Mihm gets hurt, one of the big guys on the roster might get an invite to camp and a long shot, could make the team.

Staples 24,

>>>Bynum should OPT OUT with anything less that Boguts
>>>contract. Let's see what you morons do when Bynum
>>>does not sign an extension and opts out next year.

That would be truly surprising to me. Especially because of
the fact that Bynum's contract doesn't allow him to opt out next

I may be a moron, but at least I know the nature of Bynum's

(what a maroon)

I'd rather have Bynum play like an all star, or better yet, a Hall of Famer, and the Lakers be forced to pay him a max deal, than for him to play badly or not be able to come back from his knee injury so the Lakers can give him less. Of course this isn't saying that paying him the max will make him play like a max player, but just my hope that he becomes a Duncan or a Kareem.


When did Matta become Matta-Real? When Fairweather Fatty once again became Fatty? LOL.


what if we trade LO to golden state for stephen jackson and ronny turiaf? use our mid-level and veteran's exception on sasha and posey?

dave m,

Can’t decide what exactly is going on with ding how in prattville, especially since there is actually a listing on the web for a Chinese restaurant with that name in Prattville, Alabama. Some posts skirt being either laugh-out-loud funny or terribly politically incorrect and I don’t know whether to go after the guy as a racist or defend him against other racists. LOL.

For now I guess I’ll just LMAO.


Things in free agency have changed. I don't think you'll ever see a player like Walton, Mihm and Kapono get those big contracts. Every year teams were paying for guys as if they were really good. But after a few years of seeing how they get stuck with these type of players, well, I think GM's have wised up a bit.

Chris Mihm was never a good defensive center and someone once said that he was worth up to 70 million when he was healthy. A couple of years ago...maybe. But in today's market, a healthy Mihm wouldn't command anything near that amount of money.

Mihm can score 12 points a game but he'll never ever be a good defended. Mihm is a 2 to 3 million dollar a year player when he's healthy. Walton should have never been paid more than 3.5 million and that was with a max of 3 years.

The NBA is barely coming to it's senses concerning free agency. Guy like Kobe, Brand, James can command big money...but guys like Turiaf, Mihm, Walton, Sasha...these guys are 2-4 million dollar players with a 3 year max on their contracts. They do it for 3 years and then pay these type of players the MLE.

mike t.

JustALakerFan - second Fatty's thanks for the link. Some interesting names.... Nik Caner-Medley, pride of Maine, for instance.

LTLF (and Kwanimus himself).... my own feeling is that he never had a lot of success playing at the 4 for us... it's why he was moved to the center postion.... it just seemed to suit him more... at least within the context of the triangle.

Mike - you might disagree but if Andrew comes back healthy, I think we'll deeper at center than the 4 - that's the slot that worries me. Admittedly, the available talent pool isn't too deep.


>>>He would be able to participate as a prime player in the
>>>biggest free agent market ever after the 2009/10 season?
>>>No way that he would not earn a max contract then and
>>>since it is not an extension there is no limit to what teams
>>>can offer other than their own cap.

That assumes a lot of if's...

IF one or more teams can free up a full 17 million by 2010

IF Bynum plays at a much level for the next two years
than he has played so far.

IF more teams free up that much than players from this group
(LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh) decide to move. In other words, if only one team
scrapes up a full max and LeBron decides to leave Cleveland,
then they'll likely take LeBron over Bynum.

IF Bynum is willing to take less money from another team
than from the Lakers.

Even as an unrestricted free agent, the Lakers could offer
Bynum much more money than any other team in 2010.

Let's use a cap number of 60 million as an example. If
the salary cap were 60 million, the most any other team
could offer Bynum would be 88 million over 5 years. The
max the Lakers could offer him would be about 116 million
over 6 years.

So you're telling me that Bynum would be so insulted by
a 12 million dollar per year offer in 2008 that he would take
4 million for the 1 year tender and then take a contract for
28 million less dollars just to show the Lakers how much
he hates them?

Oh, and there's absolutely no way there are a couple of
other superstars there if they have that much cap space,
so he's probably going from a championship contender to
a lottery team to take that much less.

And don't even think of using Elton Brand as an example.
Elton Brand got offered more money to go to a better team.
Yes, he could say he was insulted by the Clippers, but
they were scrambling to get rid of players to free up enough
cap space to match Philly's offer as he signed it.

Bynum is a bigger man than me if he would give up around
30 to 35 million (including what he'd lose in 2009-2010) just
to prove that he will not accept insulting offers. That's a
lot of cheddar to prove a point.

hell, Walton played "good" for 2 months and got a 30 million dollar contract from the Lakers. Wow!


Laker Tom

The name change? Its a long story, some day when I'm up in the bay area, we can get together, have a beer and I'll share with you all the details. lol

My wife was from the bay area as well. She was from Lafayette, then her parents moved to Alameda(Bay Farm) for 25 years when they retired. My brother was a budget consultant for Marin but commuted in from Santa Rosa, where my sister worked for the CHP. So we have some roots in the area. lol

By the way, speaking of proper use of names. Why Laker Tom and not Laker(s) Tom?

Tom -

I can't figure it either.... my guess is a nom de plume but regardless, I dig the Ding's posts. I thought Charles' "I love you, do you love me" reply was blogtastic.

Kwawmus Brownus .....I watched alot of Bucks games this season just past because i follow Bogut .The last coach(god bless him)sorry he was half a coach ..The last mini bus that the Bucks had was running the show through Redd and Mo williams.Bogut needs touches to be affective not watching those two guards bomb 3 pointer after 3 pointer..Lets see what Skyles has in store.....

As for Bynum...Its crazy to judge a player over half a season and compare him to a guy that has had double the playing time....I say let him play a full season before getting the check book out......



Thanks. When in doubt, choose to laugh. It’s usually the best option.



Please do, seriously. I’d love to hoist a few brews with you if you’re ever up this way. I’ll even buy. As to the blog name, I never even thought of LakersTom. Sounds like 2 or more of me. LOL. From the moment I joined the blog, LakerTom just seemed to fit. Glad you dropped the Fairweather just like Fearless dropped the Wackjob. Simple is better and building reps and relationships easier if your name stays the same. We have so many crazy new names that you have to wonder if they are all really new posters or just previous posters reincarnated. I know KL is out there somewhere. LOL.


Long Time,

I thought we had a deal. When you respond to me like that, then I have to respond back to you, and on and on. Let’s agree that we know and respect where each of us stands and wait and see what happens. I think we both trust that Mitch and the Lakers will handle it right and Drew will sign an extension for less than the max and we will all be happy. OK? Otherwise, I have to waste some of my Bynum bullets on you and that will drive Benjamin and p ang crazy (lol) and we don’t want that, do we? So we know where we stand and will ignore each other’s Drew comments and leave Drew’s extensions out of our future exchanges. That’s the deal. Otherwise, you will draw me back into the whirlpool we just made a deal to leave and the blog will go crazy scrolling by us. LOL.


Staples 24,

I think we're all fearing next summer when Bynum opts-out instead of becoming a restricted free agent.

Get the facts straight buddy.

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