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A simple case of Mitch's fax machine accidentally being turned off?

July 9, 2008 |  9:37 pm

Or an interesting wrinkle?

Whatever the case, the Orange County Register is reporting that Mitch Kupchak hasn't received official confirmation via fax, mail or carrier pigeon (which, while cool, would be a terribly impractical method) from the Warriors that Ronny Turiaf signed an offer sheet. He has, however, heard the rumor mill yap, which he intimates could be at work here. We'll see what comes of it, but I found this report interesting, as I'd commented to BK earlier today how unusual I found it that word of Ronny signing a deal wasn't getting picked up by a lot of outlets and wasn't being sourced much beyond the original Press-Enterprise report.

Update: Just as I post this, The Times publishes a report about Turiaf signing Golden State's offer sheet,
albeit with nothing confirmed on the record.