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Some postgame quoteage

Obviously there was much to talk about after the Lakers dropped Game 2 of the NBA Finals to the Celtics in Boston Sunday night, 108-102.

Click below to read some of the reaction.


Phil Jackson:

Q.  What are you most struck by, your rally at the end or your difficulty scoring points on them the first three quarters?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  (Laughing) I'm more struck at the fact that Leon Powe gets more foul shots than our whole team does in 14 minutes of play.  That's ridiculous.  You can't play from a deficit like that that we had in that half, 19 to 2 in the first half in situations like that.  I've never seen a game like that in all these years I've coached in The Finals.  Unbelievable.

Q.  Do you have a theory on why the foul shot disparity was so pronounced in this game?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  You know, I think that reporter hit it right in the head, the aggressiveness swayed the effective calls.  They were aggressive.  They went to the basket.  We didn't take charges in situations that we had charges to take, and the first half the contacts subsequently ended up being a foul shot.  I thought that that was what we tried to focus on when we came in at halftime is we have to stop the penetration and get that accomplished, but they got off to another big jump in the third quarter and put us back on our heels again

Q.  Just getting back to the foul disparity there, just to clarify there, were you upset that your team didn't create foul attempts or upset with the officiating?

    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  No, I think my players got fouled.  I have no question about the fact that my players got fouled but didn't get to the line.  Specifically I can enumerate a few things, but I'm not going to get into that.  I don't want to get into dispute with those situations.  It's the illusion that's created.  The referees referee an illusion.  Our guys look like maybe the ball was partially stripped when they were getting raked or whatever was happening, but it was in the crowd, so the referees let that type of thing go.  So we have to create the spacing that gives the right impression, and that will have to get accomplished.

Q.  Which Celtics team are you expecting to show up at Staples Center, the one that struggled on the road for most of the playoffs or the one with momentum on its side, the one that played better on the road?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  I'm not worried about which Celtics team shows up.  I'm worried about what Lakers team shows up.  That's the one that moves the ball and we do things well on the offensive end, and you saw that as the game progressed that we started finding our rhythm on the offense.

Q.  Until the fourth quarter when he was able to get loose, they did another good job on Kobe.  It seemed in the first half almost everything he took was going away from the basket.  What can you guys do to get him space?  Is it just a question of patience?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  You know, there's some things that we did I wasn't pleased with in the first half.  We got anxious, we got out of our offense.  I put Trevor Ariza out there in the first quarter when Vladdy got two fouls in the first, whatever, four minutes of the game, just to give a different look out there, and I thought our offense got stagnant and we had some things going for us.  But that kind of snowballed as we went into the half.  We tried to post Kobe too much, the situation got us out of the rhythm of our offense.
    We got back into it the second half and found the rhythm we want.  We'll be fine.

Q.  Coach Rivers said that his team got too cute towards the end and that may have contributed to the comeback you guys made.  In your eyes what got you guys back in the game?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  Basketball is about momentum.  It's just about who carries the momentum out there.  We took the first quarter and played well in the first quarter.  We had a 15 7 lead when Garnett got his technical foul.  A lot of bitching went on from that point on.  The game kind of turned, and I told the players we let the game turn at that particular point when they made a big fuss about Garnett getting a technical foul.  They finished the 2:59 or the last segment of the first quarter with a little bit of a run, and it carried over into the second quarter, and that was a big run they had on us.  That's what we have to learn as a young team, that we have to stop those runs.

Q.  The momentum you guys gained towards the end, can you guys carry that over to Game 3?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  No, no.  It's 2,500 miles away.  It's too far to carry it.

Q.  How do you guys hopefully gain what you have?  What can you learn from the ending of the game?

    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  We just learned about momentum.  We started turning the corner a little bit in the fourth quarter, but they'd come back, hit a three, something would happen, and I just kept saying we'll find a moment in this game to come back and play it.  We just want this game to last long enough to carry it out.  But it didn't.  So we'll learn some lessons from that and we'll learn some lessons from what we have to do offensively to control the game and control the pace of the game.

Kobe Bryant: 

Q. What are the Lakers' biggest problems defensively this series?

    KOBE BRYANT:  I think their transition has been what's really hurt us the most, the threes and transition, game is a three point, four point game, two possessions, all of a sudden it's a ten point game.  It just busted open really quick with transition threes.  So we've got to do a better job focusing on that and eliminating that.

Q.  Are you guys still trying to figure out how to run your offense against this defense, and was the fourth quarter an answer to that?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Yeah, we noticed some things in the fourth quarter that we can do that we'll look at and see if we can't use them at Staples.

Q.  You seemed very frustrated in the first half picking up that T, for example.  How did you refocus and make a run and almost win the game near the end?
    KOBE BRYANT:  We just had to make a stand a little bit.  Guys were getting hit going to the basket and not always being called.  We've got to make a stand, but at the same time, you've still got to play.  You can't lose your aggressiveness.  You still got to go through it and you just do your best.

Q.  Talk about the lopsided fouls.  Celtics got to the line a lot more.  Coach Jackson talked about that.
    KOBE BRYANT:  I didn't notice (smiling).

Q.  I guess you guys know what to expect from a Garnett and even Perkins inside, but does a Leon Powe going for 21 kind of catch you guys a little off guard?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Just a little (smiling), just a touch.  He played a great game.  I mean, he came in and did what he had to do.  I mean, that's been the mark of this team all year, and in the playoffs when PJ Brown steps in, gives big minutes, Powe comes in, gives big minutes, that's been the mark of their team.  We've got to do a better job focusing on personnel, and guys that come into the game trying to contribute, we have to keep them quiet.

Q.  Earlier in the playoffs you were really comfortable on the wing, and you're getting some good side screen and roll action, but they've limited you some on the wing.  Do you think you'll be able to reestablish there?

    KOBE BRYANT:  Yeah, I think we did a much better job tonight in getting to the rim and moving the ball well and hitting my shooters and them knocking shots down.  What we have to do is we have to get those loose balls.  We've got to get timely rebounds, and we have to stop them in transition knocking down those threes, and we'll be fine.  A free throw or two wouldn't hurt.

Q.  The comeback from 24 points down with eight minutes to play to 2, is that something you guys can draw from going home, momentum?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Sure, it's something that we can take from, absolutely.  Understand, we played harder.  We played with a sense of desperation and more aggression, and I think that's something for us to take home and learn from.

Q.  What were you telling your guys in the fourth quarter during the time outs?  It seemed like you were being very active in the huddle actually.
    KOBE BRYANT:  Get our, beep, A in gear.  Play beep harder, a bunch of other beeps.  It's beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.  Eddie Murphy Raw times ten.

Q.  You knew the game wasn't over?  You knew you were still there?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Yeah, you just keep playing.  You don't know what's going to happen.  Mathematically we felt like if we cut it down to about 10    the goal was to cut it down to 10 with about seven minutes to go.  We weren't table to do that, so after that it was about slicing it and getting it to single digits and applying more and more pressure.  That's what we did, and I think they learned a lot tonight because we're a young team and I think that shows you're never really out of a game.  I think being down 24, if you find yourself down 8 or 10, that's not something that should discourage you.

AUDIO: On the officiating, their execution, "holding serve," responding in Game 3, PJ's evaluation of his play, and more.

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I'm going to watch the series with a nothing to lose mentality. The way I see it, Boston was supposed to dominate the season and the playoffs. With three hall of famers and franchise players, Boston has played a good season.

The Lakers on the other hand have overachieved. They weren't supposed to have Kobe on the team. They weren't supposed to make the playoffs. They weren't supposed to have the Western Conference number one seed. They weren't supposed to have Kobe as the league MVP. They weren't supposed to sweep Denver with Iverson and Anthony on that team. They weren't supposed to close out the Jazz ,who had the best home record, at Utah. They weren't supposed to beat the defending champs in 5 games. Now, they're not supposed to win this series. The Lakers were never meant to be here. NEVER

With you to the end...

Fellow Lakers fans. Please chant MVP louder. The Lakers is obviously missing its MVP. Somebody please put Kobe’s picture on a milk carton.

A practical no show for the past two games. Sure. He made more jumpers today. But what kind of impact did he have other than scoring?

This is the supposed best player on the planet. He’s relegated to being a glorified version of Jerry Stackhouse (Detroit Pistons days where he led league in scoring). Seriously. It’s like Bryant’s not even on the court when he is on the court.

Doesn’t play particularly great defense on Ray Allen. Still questionable shot selection. When you have Leon Powe have more attempts at the FT line than the reigning MVP, that should tell you something.

Take the damn ball to the hoop more. Kobe is still taking too many jumpers. Kobe is the only one who can create shots on his own. He needs to take the ball strong to the hoop to put pressure and create foul troubles on the Boston Bigs.

Send a message. Create a tone for the rest of the game. The aggressive nature needed to win when away from LA. That’s the message the MVP needs to bring for the entire team. Not settle for jumpers that bail out the opponents and the refs.

Valiant effort at the end. But too little too late. Lakers need to establish the aggressive nature from the beginning of the game.

Maybe Kobe can pull a Dwyane Wade and lead the Lakers to 4 consecutive wins. Wade certainly took the ball strong to the hoop. Got 20+ FT’s every game.
Maybe that’s too much to ask for.

Maybe we can start by asking Bryant to just not fall in love with the jumper (because rest of the team follows suit) and take it to the hoop more.

Pretty please.

-Jeffs Aho

“…the aggressiveness swayed the effective calls. They were aggressive. They went to the basket.” - Phil Jackson

As written in the previous posts, Lakers need to establish aggressive nature from the get go to let the refs understand the type and tone of the game the Lakers are going to play.

Not settle and bail out the opponent and the refs.
Kobe “Jumpers ‘R’ Us” Bryant needs to set the tone. Plain and simple. Pau tried doing it against KG with a monstrous dunk in the 1st but as usual, Lakers went away with what works and settled.

Lakers offense basically took shots the Boston team wanted LA to take. Keep LA off the line and let them shoot jumpers. Easy game plan. More dosage of it coming in the next few games.

If Lakers don’t adjust, series over.

There is a remedy. It involves Bryant.

Here it is:

***Dwyane Wade shattered the free throw record in a 6 game NBA Finals with 97 attempts and 75 makes. He averaged over 16 free throw attempts a game.*** - Wikipedia

Most pundits were crying foul when they witnessed Wade being paraded to the FT ad infinitum.

Now Kobe needs to do the same.

Who cares if it’s ugly basketball.

Whatever it takes to win. No excuses.

-Jeffs Aho

THe referees decided this game period. I know it does not sound good, but it is the truth. Blaming it on the lakers' lack of toughness or drawing some ill-advised comparison with Utah's complaints or San Antonio's lack of complaint will not do any good, just reflect a poor understanding of the game. The referees changed the complexity of the game, the did not changed the score because of a couple of bad calls, they changed the way the game was played, and they did it in BOston's favour. The Boston's defense would not had been so tough and effective had the celtics been in foul trouble as they should have been. I am talking about at least six or seven instances on Odom, Gasol, Farmar (pulled by his jersey) and even Kobe being fouled with no consequences. On the other hand, after less than one quarter the LAkers were in foul trouble and never really recovered. Those two fouls called on Kobe were just incredible. I really hope the lakers come back, I was really hoping to see some good basketball in these finals, not this.

Lakers in six.
They will all fall starting Tuesday. And it better be.

38-10 difference in FT shots..
21 points from Leon Powe..
Lamar 5 pathetic rebounds, 5 fouls...
35-23 scored by each bench respectively..

Those points driven home why we lost game 2. You cannot blame the ref for the game when you allowed the C time and time again to secured off. rebounds after missed their shots.

I agree with you Jeffs on Kobe, however he also needs to step up as the leader. He would make his comments in the timeouts however when your leader begins to look beaten because he's not getting calls that just kills the other guys. Wake up Kobe, this is the NBA and we all know the calls are fixed. Magic or Bird didn't sob to the refs, they played harder and took control of the game. I hate to say it however it's KG's year and the NBA wants him to have his ring, just like Shaq getting his last in Miami and Duncan with the Spurs. Maybe next year.

just note on Trevor.

I was pretty happy when he came in. I thought heres the guy who will actually put a stop to PP.

i was truly disappointed.

Not to the point im like some of the guys who would probably shout TRADES!! but I just thought that made PJ look like a genius of not using him more. He was a half slower out there and most of the time out of sync. Maybe its the recovery, maybe its the pressure.

I hope he gets his swagger back.

I have to say from the three - walton, radman, trevor - radman has done a more decent job. Altho there are still a LOT of things he can do better.

RE:Pau on garnet:
there were 4-6 times he didnt use his head. Garnet is a jump shooter... and most of the time gasol never bothers to presure him when he's in the perimeter... whats with that?

Like PJ said, we have to protect the momentum...

i also hope kobe goes the to rack more... i know its difficult to do with the C defense, but thats the only way we can win... have you seen how he swallowed the defense with the spectacular drives? thats more of what we need... not fadeaways...


Im really beginning to hate the celtics... specially PP...

Before the series, it was "Gasol this," "Gasol that." They beat the Lakers twice, but it was without Gasol. Gasol will make the difference.
Well, it's Game 3 coming up, and the only thing Gasol means to the rest of the country is something you pump into your tank.

You people keep counting on stars. Meanwhile, the Celtics count on TEAM. But hey, whatever keeps Nicholson courtside....

I'm a celtics fan born and raised and as much as I yearn for nostalgia of a game 7 back in bean town its not gonna happen

Celtics in 4 end of story

Sure the lakers came back last night but were the celtics even trying?????

come on when you're up 24 you just kinda lay back and watch things role they had this series locked before game one even tipped off

and what was that block from Rondo and then he dunks at the other end????

Tell Kobe to just sit the rest of this series out not even a year ago he didn't even want to be here

I guess it goes to show all you have to do is whine a little bit to get MVP

Liked Never's post, my thoughts coincide. A bet in Vegas on the Lakers being in the finals before the start of this year would look good now.

Lakers aren't done. Kobe has the opportunity for greatness right in front of him. My guess is he likes the opportunity.

Coming off that huge but falling short comeback, more guys should be able to pick it up and contribute.

Good morning early bird LAKER fans:

Well, we have dug ourselves a little deep. But I have FAITH (where are you?) I changed 3 times last night and switched rooms for the tv. I felt a last stand which came up just short. BUMMER!

2008 Lakers: Don't be afraid - they are just little leprachauns! The little green men don't hurt anyone! Except they are KILLING us!!!

Pau: loved his energy and wish we would have stayed with him throughout. Since the refs were calling stupid fouls we should have made them call them in the paint where he was - it should have gotten more C's in foul trouble and maybe stupid Powe wouldn't have lasted as long as he did. And at some point the C's would have started doubling him creating some room for LO and MVP.

D-Fish: Rondo is good. I will give them that - but our help D is atrocious! Fish is playing to expectation but I expect more baskets tomorrow.

Bench: UGH......I hope they come out shooting (and making) a LOT of baskets. They really need the confidence. Sasha also needs to figure out how to take a charge again. We need those for Pierce. Turiaf too needs to take some for the team. Mbenga might have to come in just to be the enforcer.

LO7: where are you, where are you? We need your game more than ever. What happened to you being the best linebacker? Let's go, make a stand!!!

MVP: the only thing I can say is he is not letting us go down without a fight. That much I give him credit.

I am disliking (can't say the H word) a bit now..........don't like KG, Powe, don't like Rondo and Pierce is doing just that - right through our hearts. And why does it feel like some unknown ALWAYS seems to have a career shooting night against us?

Ariza: I liked that PJ put him in and hope to see him more - I just hope we do and he gets a big 3 to drop to get Staples rocking!!!!

Have faith Laker friends - the odds are against us but they were this whole season!!! I dreamt we would tie it up and make this a best of 3! I still believe...

Our chance, our time, our season!


Good morning Laker family around the Globe,

Wow! Over a thousand posts on the blog last night. I guess we all had a few things to get off our chest.

Bottom line, the Lakers aren't out of it yet. But it sure seems like David Stern and the NBA are determined to re-establish the Boston franchise, and will go to any lengths to do so. Still, if any team can overcome 8 against 5 basketball, it is our Lakers.

Grinding out 4 wins out of the next five is a daunting mission, but I still have faith in PJ and Kobe. The rest of the team needs to step up its game. The Celtics will continue to swarm Kobe unless others make them pay the price. After the game, PJ said that Lamar "got a little confused out there." Ouch! Regardless of the officiating, Gasol was getting manhandled by Garnett. Neither Vlad nor Walton were getting the job done defensively. Walton simply can't match up against the Boston forwards, and doesn't provide enough offense to justify his minutes.

Doc Rivers has found success, so far, by going with whomever of his bench players is getting hot on a given night. It's not something we should expect from PJ based on his track record, but as ineffective as Walton and Turiaf have been in this series, Ariza and Mihm deserve every opportunity to see if they can do better.

But ultimately, it comes down to Fish, Lamar, Gasol, and VladRad. In every playoff game before this series, at least one of them has stepped up and become the X-Factor. Kobe can't be Kobe if this doesn't happen.

Boston has shown its hand in the first two games. The Lakers have yet to show theirs. Now is the time.

One more point: It is really important for the blog regulars to post and declare yourselves today. We dare not cede this space to the trolls, who are salivating over their tainted victory on Sunday night. Laker fans, it's important to speak up today. This is our team. This is our year. More than ever, it's time to say, GO LAKERS!

dunk, lamar, dunk!

they stole the game but we are never going to give up.



You are representing the millions of Lakers fans across this great country Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Those of us who cant physically be at Staples because we live in Iowa, Virginia, New York and so on.


(The rest of us will be on our feet, screaming at our televisions -- but you guys to represent for all of us.)

--Heartland Lakers Fans

Does Phil Jackson ever stop complaining about the officiating? His team played badly - bad spacing, bad defense etc., sometimes you have to just call it what it is and not look for excuses!



F the Celtics!

No excuses. We just have played 2 subpar games. Referees or no referees, we all were wincing at our lousy O and D.

We paly Lakers basketball. Kobe earns his MVP and then some. Lamar wakes up. Or We Go Home.

Based on our last 40 games (excepting the last 2), We can still win it all.

Enough being embarassed. Play.


The Lakers are not going to the line ( including the first half where it was really obvious ) because they were taking nothing but jump shots.

Boston ( especially Powe ) was taking it to the basket. I can assure Phil Jackson that if Leon Powe was taking and missing 28 footers he wouldn't be at the foul line either.

Lakers are playing too much hand defense and not moving their feet.

Do the Lakers have a point guard?? Rondo is picking the average Laker defense apart and nobody seems to be playing that role for the Lakers. Had Boston not foolishly declared garbage time too early Rondo would have had 20 assists.

Notice to the Lakers: play defense, take it to the basket, find the open man and you will be in these games.

Powe put the entire Laker bench to shame.

Any team (Boston or the Lakers) that plays average defense and just shoots jump shots won't win the title.

While most Lakers fans remember that Boston lost all three games at Atlanta, I haven't heard any of them discuss the enormous foul shot disparity there that favored Atlanta.

The reality is, if the Lakers had 10-15 more points via free throws, the Celtics would not have let down when they did, and they still would have had a 9-14 point lead.

Lakers fans want to imagine that if the refs hadn't been so lop-sided, that the Lakers still would have hit 7 3-pointers in the 4th, and that's not how it goes.

Hey KAM brothers, does Pau Gasol ever work with Kareem Abdul Jabaar on low post play, jump hooks and sky hooks???

He needs to.
He has the skillset and length to incorporate some of Kareem's game.

Phil spoke the truth.

This was as close to a fixed game that I have ever seen.


I usually do not agree with TJ Simers but I am in total agreement.
KOBE BRYANT needs to be all of the best that he can be and you don't say to reporters that they won't let me get in the lane.

KOBE BRYANT who I'm a huge fan of is starting to look like a European player who is a jump shooting shot maker but not a "go to the rack" guy when the going really really gets tough.
He can do it against many teams but the teams that are going to meet him with force, he is showing now that he's not willing.

This series does not turn on a KOBE BRYANT jump shot.
Dr. J and all the great ones went to the RIM.
Magic included!

the officials were on the side of the celtics, like phil jackson said, it was ridiculous!!!

last time i see a game like this in the finals, was the bunch of fouls on dwayde, against the mavs!! thats horrible to see!!

lakers got soul!!!

Nothing to worry about (except the fact that the link to the blog takes me a thread from last week).

The stress of this post season is taking it's toll on me. I've now watched Deliverance over ad over for three consecutive days. Any psychotherapists want to take a crack at this one?

Post season losses, especially deep ones like the Lakers have just experienced goe a long way to show what changes/improvements have to be made in the off season.

I expect the Lakers to win all three home games to come within a hair's breath of the championship only to...

I won't say it, but what changes should we be looking toward this off season?

Bynum's return is going to answer a lot of questions for us, but he's still a baby and I don't know if a 21 year old is going to be enough to secure a championship next year.

We can get past the Western conference opponents, we know. But we don't have enough size and toughness to play the same game in Boston.

So we either need to get the best record in the league next season so we can ride the home court/home fan momentum all the way to the title, or we need to add the size and grit to stomp the Celtics in Boston.

Again, Bynum gets us quite a distance toward that goal. But we may need more yet.

My ultimate goal would be to somehow get Elton Brand. He wouldn't be interested in a two year deal would he? Get himself a few rings, then hit the market as a stud and a winner and cash in.


Finish the season before looking ahead? OK.

We sure could have used a Ron Harper yeaterday…


I believe.


So, let`s do the math.

LA must now win 4 of 5 against a team they are 0-4 against this year.

You would have a better chance of winning the Mega Ball Jackpot three drawings in a row!!!!!

So, a Celtics fan has clearly cursed my lucky bar seat because as soon as I left it and returned home to watch the game, our fourth quarter rally started.

Anyhow, there were several people rooting for the Celtics at the bar I was at last night. All were Cavs fans. And let me quote you as to why they were rooting for the Celtics.

As one succintly put, "They beat LeBron James! They beat LeBron James! Any team capable of beating LeBron James HAS to be the best team in the world!"

Something must be in the water here. Probably really high levels of lead.


Let's be real.

The Celtics were up 2-0 against Atlanta and the Cavs. Both series went seven games.

The Lakers are a hell of a lot better than Atlanta or the Cavs.

God, I hope we get different refs for game three. Preferably ones with no mafia or sports betting ties.


The intensity of the final 8 minutes is what they'll have to draw on, that and the crowd.... Probably need to win all 3 at home....


My fellows

I understand that the Celtics play great defense but how can a team play that type of defense and not commit a foul?

Yes the Lakers did not play particularly well but yet the refes continually have that bad habit of taking the players out of the game with those type of calls.

To certain people eyes, they make think like if it was the lakers going for 38 FT and the Celtics 10, we lakers fan would not complain or even talk about but I believe not everyone are talking about how many times the Celtics went to the line but about how many times the lakers did.
So, with that I am saying only that the lakers did go to the FT lines 28 times less than the Celtics.

In an universe where math works pretty well and the results are 98% of the times accurate, 38 free throws equal exactly 38 points!

Now lets talk about a game that no one makes a basket and only one side gets that amount of call and the other side that few amount of calls... guess who wins? and guess by how many ponts?

Exactly the Lakers lose by 28 points!

Is this a series?

I remember someone writing last night during the game that the NBA every season marks a player to be the face of the NBA and this year, the Celtics had the previlege of having Garnett as the face of the NBA and with that, comes the benefit of a marquee player to get a chance to win it all!

Think about it... imagine if the Celtics don't win this year (Which deeply I think they won't), guess who's going to suffer with that loss? All companies and organizations such as ESPN, Adidas, the NBA! etc because they have invested so much in that team in particular those three players who I call 'em (oldies).

What are the chances of the Celtics winning after this year?? They like the Spurs are getting older in particular their main guys and with that, I believe certain organizations and companies may look at Garnett and think... how in the world this guy never won? I personally think he is a hard working guy but just like him, other players spent almost their entire lives playing without winning (C.Webber, C. Barkley just to mention few).

They (NBA and other major organizations or whatever) got what they wanted... Celtics vs Lakers on the finals and to those who pay attention, this final began as soon as Garnett became a Celtics and A. Bynum started to play well while K. Bryant decided to remain a Laker.

Who will win, I have no doubt that the Celtics were and still are the favorities to win it all and finally give the rings to those three players who many think deserve more than those (out of 192) other 189 players who played in this 2008 playoffs.

But like I said it before... I really believe the Lakers are going to win this series.

It's a beautiful morning! Seriously!

As Laker fans, we are blessed by a glorious opportunity. Forget about the series for a second. Forget about last night (blech! 38-10...38-10...38-10). Forget about what's happened thus far, because, from now til the end, it's meaningless crap.

Instead, consider this: We Have One Game Left (I know, I know, but if game three is lost, then...)

Our team has one game left to save the season. Our home court. Our fans. Our banners in the rafters. Our hall of famer's sitting courtside. ONE GAME. The whole crazy season has boiled down to this ONE GAME.

And I like our chances.

Now, finally, we can shed the burden of being 'the favorite.' Let all the blow-hards at ESPN re-cast their predictions. Let the Celtics carry the rock for awhile. It's heavy, and awkward, and now it's their turn to lug it around. Our young Lakers can PLAY the game now; enough of all the rhetoric about 'hard work', or getting 'out-worked.' Work-work-work. It's a freakin' GAME, and our young kids can go out and play like Underdogs again. Quit thinking so much, and just let it fly, because you never had so much fun in your life! The Celts now feel it's their title to lose, but as the great Tyler Durden once said, "It's only after you've lost everything that you are free to do anything."

The Celts know that, for them, it's now or never. They've played that way for two games. Deep down, as players, they're embarrassed by the 38-10, but they'll rationalize the extra help they've been getting, saying things like "we gotta get one for the older guys." But to a man, if you put them at the microphone and got an HONEST answer to this question: what if the 38-10 was the other way around? They would acknowledge that it led to an empty victory. And that, my Laker-loving friends, just make their rock that much heavier to carry into Staples for G3.

If you pray to God for strength, or courage, what does God give you in return?

If you are blessed, then HE gives you an even tougher obstacle to success. An opportunity to be brave. What is courage, if not to face certain defeat, and to push on through.

I love this! I wouldn't have it any other way. Lakers in SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Celtics play up to their potential, the Lakers can't win. You look at all the teams that won championships and virtually all of them have been very good defensive teams. (Pistons in the early 90s & 2004, Lakers a few years ago with Shaq, Bulls, Spurs of recent years) Outside of Kobe (who the announcers say twice a game that he's over-rated defensively), the Lakers can't play defense.

KG is a beast. But, he most definitely is not the answer!

Paul Pierce is. It would be nice if we recognized that fact sometime in the next game.

Those two free throws were huge. Boston spent all season looking for a go-to guy. He's been there all along.


You know what double-sux? He's coming HERE to get home cooking!? That seems like a setup to me!

It is going to be mano-e-mano at Staples in the 4th quarter of every game here.


F the Celtics!!!!!!

Folks, I said it at the beginning of the series. Every single series, an average player from the opposing team morphs into Superman. I thought it might be Rondo, Perkins, Cassell or Brown.

But it was Powe. And mainly because of Powe, Boston holds serve at home.

I think both the Celts and Lakers are right. The Lakers aren't forcing the issue on offense. They're not being aggressive and attacking the basket. If you never attack the middle of the defense, you won't get calls. And the floor doesn't open up. The Lakers' MVP is going to have to lead the charge.

But they weren't getting any calls. That happens sometimes. But the disparity -- 4 to 1 -- is hard to ignore. The Game 2 crew was awful. Hopefully, the Game 3 crew was watching and will make the appropriate adjustments . . . LOL.

Oh, and the Celts were unconscious from the 3-point line. I'd much rather Pierce, Allen, Posey et al beat us from inside the arc. The Lakers did such a great job against San Antonio defending the 3-point line, it seems that they forgot everything they did 14 days ago.

And our venerable coach got his lunch handed to him. You never lose faith in the GOAT, but really. The Celts have got our guys running in circles, and for whatever reason, LA has been making poor substitutions.

For all of that, for all the bad calls, big drama, poor execution, and damn-near-flukey shooting, LA was in both games at the very end. They'll need all 3 in LA and maybe the closeness of these games will help them rediscover their basketball IQ and courage.

Whoever breaks serve first wins this series.


I will never watch NBA games again...think about this if the Fedaralis can cover war atrocities then then fixing an NBA games is a no brainer.

We as fans are all duped!!

This is one hell of a problem to have, after all.

The Lakers need to win 4 out of 5 to win a title.

In the last 4 years, they couldn't win 4 in May, and weren't even worried about June!

Keep the faith. They're playing a 66-win team without their starting C and it will be tough. But hey, they're still in it.

I feel confident that the Lakers will make the proper adjustments. They'll win all three games at home, and then this series will be about winning one on the road. Miami did it, and they weren't that good. Of course, D-Wade was getting some incredibly "helpful" calls from the refs, which I don't expect Kobe to get. But this Lakers team can play well with their backs against the wall.

Time to earn it.

Lakers in six.

Go Lake Show!

It is like 2004 all over again. Remember that year when almost all the sportswriter in the land predicted the Lakers will win easily against the Pistons? You know what happened. This 2008 N.B.A. FINALS, 9 out of 10 so called E.S.P.N. experts picked the Lakers over the Celtics, two more games and 2004 will be revisited.

The Celtics is clearly the better team, common the Lakers have not beaten them this season including the regular season. Because of the cockiness of both Kobe and Phil they are in this 0-2 hole right now. They both understimate the Celtics that's why they are in this kind of predicament.

Before the opening of the 2007-2008 season nobody predicted the Lakers will be in the Finals. Now that they are in the Finals nobody expected them to be swept by Boston which will surely be in the offing this second week of June, 2008.

I hope I am wrong with this gut feeling of mine because just like most of the bloggers here, I'm a die-hard Laker fan, and it's hurts to the bone to follow them all year round and reach this far only to lose to those hated ones in four games.


I know. For all the artificial media hype about the Lakers/Celtics rivalry, the poor officiating, Paul Pierce's ridiculous crying fits and followed by false bravado, and Garnett's screams has real got me hating the Celtics.

It is definitely a visceral response now.

I just loathe them.


Good morning Laker Nation,

Ok, where do we start? Well, we're down 0-2 but I'm not nervous at all.

I was at the game last night and I did stay until the end unlike most of my fellow Lakers fans. The entire game was officiated poorly. Even Celtics fans around me were surprised at the lopsided calls.

The conspiracy theories were rampant all night...people suggesting that Stern wants a 7-game sries ($$$)...most suggesting that the TD in the Banknorth Garden name may stand for Tim Donaghy.

I have faith we'll hold home court and come back here up 3-2 with enough momentum to close it out in game 6.

Keep the faith...the officiating crew changes every game!!


I'm with you on that. We definitely need a loud, Celtics-hating crowd for the next three games.


LA was the easiest team for us to beat in the regular season....AND the post season!

Seven "treys" for the Lakers in the 4th quarter...all wasted!

LA only had 61 points after three quarters. No wonder the Celtics relaxed after that.

No Means No

Odom has to stop yelling everytime he hits a shot. The man looks like a bafoon when he does that. I don't understand where the bench has been.

The L's just don't have the spark plug off the bench like the pistons do in maxiell or the celtics do with Leon. I see this thing ending in LA. Just not our year.

I always get nervous when the Celtics play the Lakers. Maybe it's because I remember how goos the Laker teams of the 80's were. (I'm a Celtic fan). Magic made it look so easy and effortless.
I took that nervousness with me into this series, but this Laker team is starting to lose my respect. When Leon Powe got the ball at 1/4 court, drove the length of the court and slammer it that changed my opinion of the Lakers. I could not believe no one stepped up to even attempt to take the charge. If the Lakers don't get their hearts in the right place this series is over. You can talk about the 4th quarter all you want but the truth is- the Celtics stopped playing.
Celtics win this in LA and celebrate on your court. Poa was strong early but seemed to fade away at the most important times. This Celtic team does not shrink when an opponent comes out strong. Yopu guys are in real trouble. I thought this would be a series to remember. Too bad. The Lakers seem to think they should just be annointed as the Champions, they don't think they need to earn it.
Free throw difference? You guys aren't taking it to the basket. The C's have been far more aggressive to this piont. I see that trend continuing.

Shawn made a good point. The lakers didnt take the ball to the basket they were shooting jump shots, so they didnt get the fouls called. The celtics were driving on us, and they got the calls. Of course there was a big home court edge in fouls called. The lakers will get an edge in LA. If their confidence holds strong and they can win the first home game Tuesday, we should be okay. Like another poster just said, Boston lost 3 in Atlanta and 3 in Cleveland, how could LA not win 3 in LA?

Hey we lost 2 in Utah, so we lost 2 in Boston, big deal. The only difference is it came at the beginning of the series instead of when we were up 2-0. Again the only thing to fear is a young team losing its confidence by getting behind for the first time in a series.

Sometimes you want to think the games are fixed. The talk of Miami winning 4 in a row on Dallas reminded me of all the calls Wade got. And the NBA doing a half time special on Powe last night and he has the game of his career in game 2 of the NBA Finals? How likely is that? Maybe the fix isnt in completely, they just didn't want LA to win it too quick? And it sure looks like now if LA plays well it goes at least 6 maybe 7 games, which the NBA would like.

I thought things would be different last night. I figured the lakers would make their adjustments after game 1, and come out with a big game 2 and get a win. The line was down to LA +1.5 so the oddsmakers thought the same thing. Not to be though. It seemed like a repeat of game 1 to me. The celtics driving getting to the rim and getting fouled. The lakers shooting jump shots and getting no fouls. The bench not only didnt give us points, they turned the ball over time and time again and gave us no defence. It's shameful how bad our bench got beaten by their bench. After all the talk about how good LA's bench is this year. But I guess like Barkley says the bench plays good at home but not on the road. We'll see what happens in LA.

Again I think if we can get one win in game 3 Tuesday we can get back in the series.


Laker Fans:
Remember what happened to the Celtics with the Hawks. They blew them out twice at home and then lost twice on the road. The Celtics only beat the Lakers by an average of 8 points. Let's see what the Celtics can do in LA. Lakers in 6.


I'm wondering how miserable person should feel to stay on opposing team blog? I bet we never find any true Lakers fan on Celtics blog, but here it's like green salad made from crushed leprechauns evenly spread over this blog. Plus this idiot BUTLER, can not get over his old down to earth SUNS. What are you doing here? Go fishing, follow the trail of your team for many years to come…

Luke Walton....the worse player on the team. Not the reason the Lakers are losing the series but painful to watch him when he is in there.

I am worried, but not discouraged. Take a look at the playoff series record of the Eastern Champs. This is the job that they were supposed to do. The C’s played a full 20 games.

Now it’s our time to hold court.

Enough about of the calls. Off to Game 3!

People who crying out loud for Kobe shooting jump shots probably did not see the whole game. He try do drive, got fouled many times never getting call. After that, 2 bogus calls on him and he is back on the bench.

Before yesterday's game I thought Miami - Dallas serie was a worst one, but hey what I know? NBA done even better yesterday. Never underestimate the power of the Dark Force...

Jhon and Shawn, That is not true. The Lakers WERE driving the ball to the basket. Gasol, Odom, Farmar, etc were fouled, but did not get any call. Please go back and watch that first half again. It was unbearable to watch. That's how the referees decided the game; their calls changed the way the game was being played.

Wow...all the talk of the game is fixed. Did everyone happen to watch the game last nite. Why don't you fix on the fact that your team is:--------

A jump shooting softer team (you want fouls...go to the hole)------

Weaker in the bench. Celtics bench has experience and played two game 7's in contested series. And a tough series against Detroit (winning two on the road btw). Your bench consists of young wide eyed college kids who have not experienced any pressure.-----

Overrated. How could a Lakers team that won 10 less games than the Celtics be so overwhelmingly favored against a team that they haven't beaten this season. Last I checked 66 wins means something.--------

Play in an overrated West Conference. There has been a shift in balance to the East. West was strong but that was 2 plus years ago. San Antonio barely made the playoffs. Denver??? Dallas?? Comeon. Atlanta would have given any of those teams a run. Never mind Cleveland or Detroit. East has been stronger this year.------

Soft: No strong rebounder to get the Off rebound and second shots that demoralize a team after a strong defensive series. Celtics have feasted and are stronger.-----

A weak defensive team. Enough said. Celtics have a dominant defense. Admit it....every time they clamped down the Lakers struggled. When they put the hammer down Kobe forces and everyone else panics.------

Playing against a team that smells blood. Celtics feared noone and took it personally that most of the media are Laker lovers and gave the Celtics no respect.------

Playing agains Paul Pierce who saves his best for the Lakers. Who can stop him. If Bryant tries to his offense suffers. --------

Face it that you are all afraid of this Big Strong Mean Celtics Team. Reminds me of the 82 series when the Lakers looked like they were going to run the Celtics off the floor. Then things got physical and the Lakers wilted in the end. No disrespect but this team doesn't compare to those 80's lakers. ------- Also...I enjoy Magic's commentary. He knows what's going on and he knows the Lakers are in big trouble.

GO CELTICS!!! Would love to see a sweep.

When your coach has to talk about better spacing so the refs can see the fouls, the game has issues.

THe playoffs are refereed differently. The unwritten rule used to be, at the end, the guy should make the shot.

Pierce missed, and got to the line after going 1 on 3 with his head down. Dwayne Wade set a free throw record, many of which were with less than a minute left, in beating the Mavs.

I like the old unwritten rules better.

It makes for better highlights.

Where's Nader when you need him?

In the epic, no-good, gift-wrapped for the Lakers Game 6 of infamy ... the Lakers shot 40 free throws to the Kings 25. If the Lakers had only been -15 on fts last night, they'd have won going away....

This is starting to feel a lot like '04, when in 5 games the pistons shot 60 more free throws than the Lakers. Except worse. So far they're down 35 FTs in 2 games ...

Without having looked at or watched any postgame stuff, I will say that I thought the Lakers came out with great energy and aggressiveness. Boston, however, kicked their butts, plain and simple. They played out of their minds on offense which was something I was worried about coming into the series. While everyone was talking about Celtics D v Lakers O, I thought it would come down to Celtics O v Lakers D. I pointed to the 04 series against the Pistons where Detroit was allowed to feel like they could get anything they wanted to offensively and they became scoring machines. I feel like the same thing happened last night.

What would I suggest? Stop doubling. It didn't work against San Antonio and it isn't working here. All it creates is mismatches like Fisher on Garnett or scrambling that leads to wide open 3s.

I'd like to see the Lakers come out with the same level of aggression on Tuesday night and hopefully we, the home crowd, can inspire them to crush Boston and send a message that this series is far from over. The reality is LA needs to win the next 2 games for this to really be a series.

Something that was highlighted last night was how important it is for someone like Vlad, for instance, to be able to be reliable out there on both ends. His sequence of 4 bad plays in a row in the third quarter after LA had cut it to single digits is what put the game out of reach. If that lead hadn't ballooned up to 20+ then their final push would've made the game a lot more winnable.

And .....if you don't get the calls going to the hole...does that mean you stop going to the hole???? Gasol had some great takes in game 1 and 2. Why did he stop??? Sure...some of the fouls didn't get called, but the Lakers did not go to the hole enough for anyone to cry about the officiating. Sometimes they go your way sometimes they don't. Celtics had a guy trying to jam it in the hole every time they were close. How many sticks did the Lakers have vs. teh Celtics. Are you saying a Lakers player was under the hoop and he decided not to jam it in the hole because he knew he was going to get fouled and not have it called. Give me a break. No aggressiveness from your team. And also.....the 4th you think you are going to get 7 3 pointers again??? Hope you do and your team keeps shooting from outside. Yummy Yummy eat your lunch.

my observations:

1. pau gasol improved his aggressiveness in game 2 on the offensive end, he still needs to turn it up one more notch or two. gasol needs to be attacking the basket and getting to the line. i have no problem with him attacking and occasionally drawing iron. much better than the million jump shot clankers that we've seen in the first two games.

2. lamar odom's finishing has been horrendous. the guy attacks and just lofts the ball up hoping it will go in. lamar needs to improve of the defensive end first, and then let everything else take care of itself.

3. luke walton does not belong on the floor.

4. we have vlad rad, luke, and turiaf...and the celtics have posey, pj brown and powe...and to me - this is a significant difference between these two teams. their reserves are simply better players.

5. turiaf's pony tail is annoying.

6. the refs were horrible in game 2. delayed whistles, make up calls, phantom foul calls. i am not asking for every call to go the lakers way...but call the game as straight as you can...ticky tack calls when we're on defense and "let em play" no calls when we have the ball...sick to my stomach...

7. the celtics moving screens...called twice yesterday...but not is the king of the moving screen.

8. put kobe on paul pierce and take your chances on ray allen and kg beating you.

9. paul pierce is the difference in this series thus far.

10. i was clamoring for trevor ariza to get more playing time, and now i see why he's on the bench...the guy is not 100% back from his ankle/foot injury. sucks for us.

11. kobe needs to be a playmaker for us to win. i'd like to see him bringing the ball up more and setting up the offense. attack the rim when it's there, find the open man when you can, and settle for the jumper when there's nothing else available.

12. vlad rad is a liability...too bad he's all we got...we have to make due (leaving paul pierce alone at the 3 point line is INEXCUSABLE!)

13. gasol is defending kg pretty well, i think his series versus duncan helped out.

14. and many of the lakers issues are a result of the celtics excellent defense which makes the lakers work for every shot.

15. and the celtics have been shooting the ball well from the perimeter...when you are expecting every jumper from pierce, allen and even posey to go in...that means they are playing well.

gonna miss game 3, will be at a erykah badu/roots concert i have always said, i'd much rather miss the game and the lakers win...then watch the whole thing and see them lose...

c'mon lake show! we still believe...let's win 3 in a row at staples!!!

And...I know I'm on the Laker blog and i'm sorry....but I am a fan. You guys have won a boatload of titles since we have been back here so cut me some slack.

Anyways.....The last 5 seconds of the game last nite tells the story. After your 3 point shot missed....did you see how many Celtics tore after the rebound....Posey got it, Ray Allen was was impressive. Celtics basically played with their hearts on their sleeve and let their play do the tallking. That's it from me. Thanks and good luck!!

My fellow bloggians,

Have we forgotten the hard work it took for the Lakers to get this far?

Have we forgotten how we almost lost our franchised player?

Have we forgotten a major part of our team went down with a major injury?

Have we forgotten how we had the best darn road record in the NBA for a stretch?

Have we forgotten our front office pulled one of the best trades the NBA has seen?

Have we forgotten after 12 years or so Kobe has gotten an MVP?

Have we forgotten we took the best record in a tough Western Conference?

Have we forgotten that we are the Western Conference Champions?

Have we forgotten this is the most home friendly post season run the NBA has ever seen? Just look at the trend this post season, Boston did what they were suppose to do… win at home.

Until we lose at home we are good shape!

I will not forget; I will not stop believing!

Never forget this incredible season, I am a proud Laker Fan; you should be too!

My pep rally for free!

"Boston, however, kicked their butts, plain and simple"

Agreed. The Celtics have been able to limit Bryant's effectiveness, while still defending the rest of the Lakers well enough to keep them from compensating. That is the first time in the playoffs that that has consistently occurred. The Lakers have some exploitable areas that Boston is doing a good job of exploiting. At this point, it looks like the earlier Celtics playoff series were the aberration, not the regular season.

I thought when we found out we had lost Bynum for the rest of this year our chances for the title looked rather dim and now I am being proved right, It's not Bynum's offense were missing so much as his interior defense, he would be making Boston settle for jump shot's as well and we would have a shot. His put backs on missed shots would be leading to fouls on KG and Perkins.
This series will go six or seven, we will win two out of the three in LA but they will close it out back in Boston.
Hopefully we will meet them again next year with a healthy Bynum, home court advantage and more experience for our bench. That would also build the rivalry.

Tom k

Don't treat the Celtics thugs with kids' gloves, give them back what they want. Did you see Perkins under cut Pau Gasol? That is not a whine. In any language, in any court, that is a dirty play. If you do that on a cement, it could break the back of players. That could start a fight in undercutting. Perkins has been abusing LO throughout the game with his push and shove and LO just tap his butt to let him know he gets the message and just quit it. A finesse player cannot win against a dirty player if referees are not calling hard fouls. Where is the sportmanship in this Finals? Therefore, the remedy if they want dirty plays, mix Mbenga with the other bigs replacing LO or Pau when resting and ask him a yeoman's mission to enforce order on the court. He's a martial arts expert, he knows how to sweep, fall and foul at the right parts of the body that could interpreted as near the rock. Don't whine against the dirty leprechauns, just give them back what the menu of unsportmanship conduct.

Solution to the demise of the Lakers bench mob, don't lump them in one bunch like what happened last night or in Game 1, mix Farmar and Sasha with our first stringers and when resting Kobe, mix Walton and Trevor with LO and Pau. The recipe for disaster is to put them on the floor where there is no offensive guy except those long low percentage shots and minimal rebound with Turiaf on the center.

Like last night, PJ was flexible with his offense in Game 3. At the portion of 3rd Q, he dropped the triangle and let Kobe played, we rallied. Therefore, Don't play the whole game with Triangle. There will be instances when it will be Kobe as the court general and let him decide what is the best play needed as he navigates the floor. There will instances when LO will be the fascilitator and let Kobe and Pau roam to rotate and/or confuse the defense of the Celtics. There will be plays to go for screen and pop our reliable shooters like Sasha, Vladrad and Fisher/Farmar go for perimeter shots while Pau and LO or Vlad will be in the shaded area for rebounds. I observe that when these two tall players are on the post, Lakers have a chance of getting rebounds but when left with Turiaf, Walton and Sasha they are just too small to go against Powe, Brown and Posey.

I believe the last five players in the 4th quarter in Game 2 are good strike force to pound the Celtics into submission namely: 1Fisher 2Sasha 3Kobe 4Vlady 5Pau. There is a threat in all sides of the court. My second team will be: 1Farmar 2Sasha 3Trevor 4LO 5Mbenga. To replace the second team will be 1Fisher 2Kobe 3Walton 4Turiaf 5Pau. As you can see all the five on the floor at any time of the game there is a balanced line up both offense and defense in them.

Reminder to those who will attend the game tomorrow, don't forget the Paula cheer....Paula, Paula, Paula. When Celtics are on the road they are at a lost. That has been proven against a marginal team like Hawks and Cavaliers and also Pistons, the latter made mistakes in the closing of 4th Q, it could have been a 7 game as well. If Pierce do not hear the leprechauns chants that he is the truth (when the fact, he is a congenital liar in faking injuries) then, the Celtic spell or mystic disappears.

I still maintain Lakers will win in 6 games.

Russell Ghost,

The fouls are obvious on Pau Gasol. Of course, you won't admit because you favor the Celtics. It is not a whine, a foul is a foul from Rondo shoving Pau to get the ball; from Posey hitting behind the back in the 2ndQ those are hard fouls not being called. Adirty play of Perkins in undercutting Pau. Kobe has to get technical because he can't just be on the receiving end throughout the night. I believe you are a veteran in watching playoffs or the rivalries. There are only two ways to avoid dilemma: 1 Don't call fouls and let players play the game or 1. Call fouls as defined in the rule book. To be wishy washy referee of favoring one team is not a good prescription of fair play. To solve this dilemma, used video feeds to aid refs or move to the 21st Century in replacing humans with robots calling fouls. This idea is not remote to happen because lasers aided by video will determine whether there was a body contact, a touch on the palm or a touch on the arm, thereby removing the subjective part of refereeing.

I admit, Sasha made a tactical errror in that last play, he should have just baited the player who blocked the ball by a simple fake and could have made three free throws than a block. He will learn from the master, MVP Kobe.


Is there a way for the league to put the officiating team on the podium to answer some questions? I mean, just to give them opportunity to answer the media on how confident they were on their calls last night and the way they officiated the game. Just to give us fans some insights on what are their strategies coming in to these type of games on how they think they can officiate fairly?

This game is about momentum, momentum that a team has to build on to push for offnsive advantage. But, to me, it does not matter how good a team offensively or defensively, if it keeps getting disrupted from making their runs, it will be futile. I don't care how you make your adjustments or whatever the proverbial saying of working through the calls, you ain't going to make it!

The last 8 minutes of the game, I thought when the referees let both sides play, the Lakers made their improbable comeback... I knew that the Lakers can comeback no matter how much the odds is against them. I just hope that the rest of the games in this series, the refs will just let them play... just let them play.

Anybody who has ever competed in sports would agree that SYNCHRONY and RHYTHM mean so much to any athletic endeavor, and when they are organically or inorganically thrown out of whack, it is so difficult to recover from. I'm referring of course to the brutal officiating in game 2 of the NBA Finals. When a team's rhythm is thrown off by the opponent, that is organic, it's strategy, it's good coaching, it's getting into the other team's head, and it is to be applauded as part of the game. When a team's rhythm is thrown off by inorganic elements, such as a referee crew that is caught up in the emotion of the home crowd, it is downright pathetic, shameful and inexcusable. These finals are so polarized that you will never truly find a fan with an unbiased opinion. You either love the Lakers or you hate them (and their are more than a few Laker-haters out there), so let the tale of the tape do the speaking. Literally, just watch the game tape, count the fouls. Even ABC avoided going to the replay when questionable fouls were called. Look at Jordan Farmar's drive to the basket. The one they called a "wild shot." Wild shot nothing! Sam Cassell was grabbing Farmar's wrist and literally spun Jordan in the air--in plain view of the everyone! And take a look at Kobe's allly-oop dunk attempt in the fourth. With all eyes on the league's MVP, how is it that something so blatant as a body shove under the basket can be missed? Somehow, some way, the league is going to have to take a good hard look at the way these games are officiated or we are going to have the same skepticism towards the NBA as we now do with professional boxing. There must be a mandate that the game is officiated the same way for both teams. Make up calls mean nothing when the synchrony of a well-oiled machine is thwarted by the proverbial monkey-wrench that is the officiating crew. It's truly disgusting to see these athletes watch everything slip away at the hands of the leagues "most venerable refs."

Anybody who has ever competed in sports would agree that SYNCHRONY and RHYTHM mean so much to any athletic endeavor, and when they are organically or inorganically thrown out of whack, it is so difficult to recover from. I'm referring of course to the brutal officiating in game 2 of the NBA Finals. When a team's rhythm is thrown off by the opponent, that is organic, it's strategy, it's good coaching, it's getting into the other team's head, and it is to be applauded as part of the game. When a team's rhythm is thrown off by inorganic elements, such as a referee crew that is caught up in the emotion of the home crowd, it is downright pathetic, shameful and inexcusable. These finals are so polarized that you will never truly find a fan with an unbiased opinion. You either love the Lakers or you hate them (and their are more than a few Laker-haters out there), so let the tale of the tape do the speaking. Literally, just watch the game tape, count the fouls. Even ABC avoided going to the replay when questionable fouls were called. Look at Jordan Farmar's drive to the basket. The one they called a "wild shot." Wild shot nothing! Sam Cassell was grabbing Farmar's wrist and literally spun Jordan in the air--in plain view of the everyone! And take a look at Kobe's allly-oop dunk attempt in the fourth. With all eyes on the league's MVP, how is it that something so blatant as a body shove under the basket can be missed? Somehow, some way, the league is going to have to take a good hard look at the way these games are officiated or we are going to have the same skepticism towards the NBA as we now do with professional boxing. There must be a mandate that the game is officiated the same way for both teams. Make up calls mean nothing when the synchrony of a well-oiled machine is thwarted by the proverbial monkey-wrench that is the officiating crew. It's truly disgusting to see these athletes watch everything slip away at the hands of the leagues "most venerable refs."

I was really hoping last night that a Laker would repay the "Rambis Clothesline" play. Something to show the Celtics that we weren't going to get pushed around.

Unfortunately, no one on the Lakers seemed in to that. We weren't getting calls when we went to the basket early and just gave up on going to the basket.

I think we need a change to the starting lineup. I think it's time to have RadMan coming off of the bench, start Sasha at the 2 and Kobe at the 3. Let Pierce and his fake injury try to go around Kobe all night. See how many games they win with Pierce carrying 3 fouls before half-time.

Pierce is the key to the series, defensively. We stop Pierce, we win the series. That simple.

My prediction for the next 3 games: Lakers live at the free throw line. No way this series doesn't go 7.

To Edwin Gueco:

You are really showing yourself as a homer on the call you are whining about with Kedrick Perkins and Gasol. If you remember...Perkins had the ball and faked Gasol out of his shoes. Gasol jumped up and on top of Perkins who was going up with the shot. THE FOUL WAS ON GASOL YOU MORON. POOR EXAMPlE.....He wasn't undercutting Gasol....Gasol jumped on to his back and was called for the fould because Perkins had position, the ball and was shooting. He got him in the air and then shot the ball. Learn the game of basketball.

In game one KG had 4 fouls early in Q3 and had to sit out big chunks of the game. The calls on him were questionable. The non call against Fisher in the SA serieis. That's how it goes. Celtics outplayed Lakers in every facet of the game. Keep praying that you can build on the 4th quarter when the Celtics thought they could coast with the lead. In the end it is the best thing that ever happened to the C's. If they won by 20 they may have gone into Staple with some overconfidence. Now they are going to be focused.

Every time the Celtics had to put the hammer down your team is lost. And what else do you have but hope...hope that you will sweek the C's and somehow win one in the Garden.

Celtics won 2 in Detroit. I expect they will win at least one in LA. If they win Game 3 I expect a sweep and lots of whining Lakers fans complaining how they were jobbed int his series. Enjoy the MVP. When Pierce gets the real MVP of the Finals we'll happily enjoy that as well.

Celtics are stronger, tougher, better.

Better stars...better bench

Better defense

Better team

66 wins and you have yet to beat them in 4 tries this year. Of course it bothers you. Enjoy the Bravado as you won't be able to soon.

Maybe you should bring back Dancing Barry.

So now it's "the series is going 7 games" from LA will sweep the inferior Boston Celtics. My how things have changed.

Who will stop Pierce
Who will stop Garnett
Stop them maybe Allen kills you with 3's that cut like daggers
Maybe Rondo slices to the hole and dishes to their fifth option like Perkins, or Brown, or Powe.
Maybe Big Baby gets his chance and does his Charles Barkey imitation.
And you haven't seen Eddie House yet.
I don't mind if Cassell doesn't play however....maybe we'll let you have him next year so that someone can come in and spell Kobe.

And I will admit....I DO LIKE COD!!!

Nice white flaky fish...tasty..not overpowering....unlike most of those Pacific fishies which aren't fit for consumption.

We have flounder too. And Striped Bass is the best. (yours is landlocked and doesn't taste as nice).

I do like King Crab and Dungeness....But those come from way up in Alaska and are untainted by that LA area pollution

And FRIED CLAMS....YUMMMY!!!!! Have had some nice oysters from the Pacific...but those were from way up in clean Seattle.

russell ghost,

don't you dare appologize for being a celtics fan LA proves the coaches, players, and fans are one in the same. Leave it to Kobe to push away Shaq, leave it to Phil Jackson to blame a loss on the oficials leave it to the fans to b***h when they're down. I mean if it has nothing to do with the celtics being a force to rekon with the second coming of the franchise so to speak. OR MAYBE it has to do with it being the new gah'den and the ghost of Red is gonna keep Phil from getting number 10. Either way the celtics are the better team and the BIG 3 will make sure that we get this one finished on the road.

I am going to be against the common view for a change. last night was a moral victory although it is general accepted there are no moral vicories without an actual win. We showed Boston that there is nothing that they can throw at us that we can not take a fight back. Boston has been a bully team a year long. They beat up on 2-bit Eastern Confrence teams and run up the score. But in the play-ofs they have become a different animal. They were blown out by the Atlanta Hawks, why because a little slip of confidence breaks up their supposed mental toughness. The Celtics are not tough they are bullies. And the advantage the Lakers have is that they can win on the road, in fact we are 50% from the road. We are due for a win in the Gaahden. And we are undeated at home.

Garnet is not tough he could not keep up with Pichullia.
Ray Allen is streaky and his streak is ending.
Pierce can pull off only some many stunts.

Celtics your theatrics, over played commercial and your psuedo dynasty ends tomarrow

Lakers 4 win streak lets end this!!!!!!!!!



You said..."Boston has been a bully team a year long. They beat up on 2-bit Eastern Confrence teams and run up the score. But in the play-ofs they have become a different animal."

You are confusing the Celtics with the New England Patriots.

And I wasn't apologizing for being a Celtics Fan. I would never do that and never will.....been watching these boys and enjoying since Cowens, Havliceck, JoJo, Silas. I was apologizing for abusing the poor lost Lakers fans. But you are right...I shouldn't apologize for that either.

Defense beats jumpshots every night.

I'm worried about the Lakers.

1. The refs can't make them drive to the basket.
2. What are the odds Garnett will shoot poorly again?
3. What are the odds the Lakers will get 7 three-pointers in a period?
4. Boston had a starter ( Perkins) injured and unable to play 10-12 minutes yet the Laker bench didn't take advantage of it.
5. Pierce grew up next to the Forum and always plays great here.
6. Allen and Cassell are two longtime West coast players and play good here.
7. Take out his two layups and Kobe shot bad again.
8. Crying about fouls is the last resort of a team playing wimpy. It wasn't the refs that let Powe go wild underneath or drive three quarter court to dunk over Gasol.
9. L.O. all of a sudden looks old.
10. Boston's defense is the best I've seen in over 15 years. As a 45 year NBA fan their defense is in my all-time top 5 teams. Don't kid yourself...the only reason the Lakers had a big 4th quarter is Boston coasted and stopped playing defense. They then decided to finish the game out.

You can't blame the refs. Boston got hammered with calls during the Cleveland series and STILL beat the Cavs who got all the calls.

I am facing the tough fact that Boston is better.

Folks: however persuasive -- or crass -- their arguments, the Celtic fans on this blog have a point. Boston didn't win 66 games and dominate the West for no reason. This is a very good team, more disciplined than Denver, more experienced than Utah, and deeper than San Antonio.

Their struggles in the Eastern Conference might just be a product of familiarity. The Hawks, Cavs and Pistons saw them a few more times than the Lakers did. And the Lakers are still one of the youngest teams in the league, and they went into an arena that is stark-raving mad for a title and got beat. Maybe Staples Center will energize the team, but tomorrow will tell a lot. I'm as frustrated as any Lakers fan, but I don't think the C's are getting credit for what they have done.

They've outplayed and outcoached LA to this point. Period.

As for the Game 2 officiating, yeah, it was bad, but hey, maybe that's karmic retribution for Game 6 of the 2002 series, which I get tired of hearing about. Let's move on.

One game at a time.

Russell Ghost,

"If you remember...Perkins had the ball and faked Gasol out of his shoes. Gasol jumped up and on top of Perkins who was going up with the shot. THE FOUL WAS ON GASOL YOU MORON. POOR EXAMPlE.....He wasn't undercutting Gasol." - according to ghost

You called me a moron for that statement. Based on your response, you're truly an irresponsible leprechaun that comes into this blog with bloody intentions. Of course, that is foul on Gasol, but what I said is that IF YOU PLAY BASKETBALL IN ANY COURT, IN ANY COUNTRY WHAT PERKINS DID TO GASOL IS A DIRTY PLAY OF UNDERCUTTING. If you played basketball, you are familiar with this trick. That's similar to clotheslining a player, this time you do it with your body. Here is why it is a dangerous play? Gasol jumps to block the shot, Perkins fakes and let Gasol falls on his back. A player with CONSCIENCE will catch the player who is in the air, who has no control of his landing and about to fall in an awkward position. (That is not whining and that is not a moronic statement but a fact about sportsmanship conduct,) as a player you don't want to inflict injury on your opponent because of your desire to win a game by taking advantage of possible injury. THAT'S GREED AT ITS BEST, only dirty leprechaun like you will applaud those tactics. If you comprehend what is right and what is wrong, then don't consider basketball as a sport but ultimate combat. You're just a kid with foul language with a dirty mind, so you have the bile to come to this blog and call people by names when you, yourself don't get the message at all. If you have a brother, ask him to jump high and do this to him and see what will be his reaction.

Stop with all the excuses!! Rims, fouls, alien abductions...etc. The reality is that the Lakers are filled with jump shooting Euro-softs.

Game 3 will come down to the wire. Ray Allen wins it at the buzzer.

Celtics in 5.

Edwin... please stop with the dirty play talk. You cannot be serious. Are you old enough to be on this blog? It clearly states you need to be 13. You want Perkins to turn around and catch Gasol. You sound like a mental midget. Not even the most die hard Laker homer would agree with you. Come back when you learn the game.

Give me a break Laker fans! You all were heard chastising Spurs fans groaning against Joey Crawford's non-call against Fisher. And now you are crying foul against the refs? Here's the distinction: Unlike Pop and the Spurs who never used it as an excuse, Jackson immediately whined about the calls in his post game--par for his course. Seems like poetic justice to me. In any event, take a bit of your own advise and quit complaining about the calls.

Hi Big Game, I have lived in both states but I am an old NBA fan. The Lakers don't get to see Boston much but so far the Celtics are 4-0 this season. I DO like the way they are put together.

What is the point of the Lakers having all the height if they don't use it?

The refs..good point on the Spurs series. If it was Kobe instead of Barry that got nailed in the final seconds we all would have been screaming "fix!!!".

I'm sick of all the ref talk. The Lakers have not needed them to screw this series up. Boston has outplayed the Lakers in 5 1/2 to 6 of 8 quarters. The Lakers have yet to beat them this year.

Boston needs only one win here. Going home 3-2 puts them in great shape. The Lakers need a home sweep.

All of this nonsense goes away if we just win, it's put up or shut-up time!!! Go Lakers, one win at a time, Boston fans should know about big comebacks remember the Sox in 04' had to win 4 in a row? Everyone is so quick to bury us after 2 losses, (especially Celtic fan, pissing themselves with glee that their sad sack franchise is FINALLY relevant again) last time I checked the series went 7 games, we'll see what happens tomorrow, then we'll know more.



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