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Some postgame quoteage

June 9, 2008 |  2:07 am

Obviously there was much to talk about after the Lakers dropped Game 2 of the NBA Finals to the Celtics in Boston Sunday night, 108-102.

Click below to read some of the reaction.


Phil Jackson:

Q.  What are you most struck by, your rally at the end or your difficulty scoring points on them the first three quarters?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  (Laughing) I'm more struck at the fact that Leon Powe gets more foul shots than our whole team does in 14 minutes of play.  That's ridiculous.  You can't play from a deficit like that that we had in that half, 19 to 2 in the first half in situations like that.  I've never seen a game like that in all these years I've coached in The Finals.  Unbelievable.

Q.  Do you have a theory on why the foul shot disparity was so pronounced in this game?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  You know, I think that reporter hit it right in the head, the aggressiveness swayed the effective calls.  They were aggressive.  They went to the basket.  We didn't take charges in situations that we had charges to take, and the first half the contacts subsequently ended up being a foul shot.  I thought that that was what we tried to focus on when we came in at halftime is we have to stop the penetration and get that accomplished, but they got off to another big jump in the third quarter and put us back on our heels again

Q.  Just getting back to the foul disparity there, just to clarify there, were you upset that your team didn't create foul attempts or upset with the officiating?

    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  No, I think my players got fouled.  I have no question about the fact that my players got fouled but didn't get to the line.  Specifically I can enumerate a few things, but I'm not going to get into that.  I don't want to get into dispute with those situations.  It's the illusion that's created.  The referees referee an illusion.  Our guys look like maybe the ball was partially stripped when they were getting raked or whatever was happening, but it was in the crowd, so the referees let that type of thing go.  So we have to create the spacing that gives the right impression, and that will have to get accomplished.

Q.  Which Celtics team are you expecting to show up at Staples Center, the one that struggled on the road for most of the playoffs or the one with momentum on its side, the one that played better on the road?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  I'm not worried about which Celtics team shows up.  I'm worried about what Lakers team shows up.  That's the one that moves the ball and we do things well on the offensive end, and you saw that as the game progressed that we started finding our rhythm on the offense.

Q.  Until the fourth quarter when he was able to get loose, they did another good job on Kobe.  It seemed in the first half almost everything he took was going away from the basket.  What can you guys do to get him space?  Is it just a question of patience?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  You know, there's some things that we did I wasn't pleased with in the first half.  We got anxious, we got out of our offense.  I put Trevor Ariza out there in the first quarter when Vladdy got two fouls in the first, whatever, four minutes of the game, just to give a different look out there, and I thought our offense got stagnant and we had some things going for us.  But that kind of snowballed as we went into the half.  We tried to post Kobe too much, the situation got us out of the rhythm of our offense.
    We got back into it the second half and found the rhythm we want.  We'll be fine.

Q.  Coach Rivers said that his team got too cute towards the end and that may have contributed to the comeback you guys made.  In your eyes what got you guys back in the game?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  Basketball is about momentum.  It's just about who carries the momentum out there.  We took the first quarter and played well in the first quarter.  We had a 15 7 lead when Garnett got his technical foul.  A lot of bitching went on from that point on.  The game kind of turned, and I told the players we let the game turn at that particular point when they made a big fuss about Garnett getting a technical foul.  They finished the 2:59 or the last segment of the first quarter with a little bit of a run, and it carried over into the second quarter, and that was a big run they had on us.  That's what we have to learn as a young team, that we have to stop those runs.

Q.  The momentum you guys gained towards the end, can you guys carry that over to Game 3?
    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  No, no.  It's 2,500 miles away.  It's too far to carry it.

Q.  How do you guys hopefully gain what you have?  What can you learn from the ending of the game?

    COACH PHIL JACKSON:  We just learned about momentum.  We started turning the corner a little bit in the fourth quarter, but they'd come back, hit a three, something would happen, and I just kept saying we'll find a moment in this game to come back and play it.  We just want this game to last long enough to carry it out.  But it didn't.  So we'll learn some lessons from that and we'll learn some lessons from what we have to do offensively to control the game and control the pace of the game.

Kobe Bryant: 

Q. What are the Lakers' biggest problems defensively this series?

    KOBE BRYANT:  I think their transition has been what's really hurt us the most, the threes and transition, game is a three point, four point game, two possessions, all of a sudden it's a ten point game.  It just busted open really quick with transition threes.  So we've got to do a better job focusing on that and eliminating that.

Q.  Are you guys still trying to figure out how to run your offense against this defense, and was the fourth quarter an answer to that?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Yeah, we noticed some things in the fourth quarter that we can do that we'll look at and see if we can't use them at Staples.

Q.  You seemed very frustrated in the first half picking up that T, for example.  How did you refocus and make a run and almost win the game near the end?
    KOBE BRYANT:  We just had to make a stand a little bit.  Guys were getting hit going to the basket and not always being called.  We've got to make a stand, but at the same time, you've still got to play.  You can't lose your aggressiveness.  You still got to go through it and you just do your best.

Q.  Talk about the lopsided fouls.  Celtics got to the line a lot more.  Coach Jackson talked about that.
    KOBE BRYANT:  I didn't notice (smiling).

Q.  I guess you guys know what to expect from a Garnett and even Perkins inside, but does a Leon Powe going for 21 kind of catch you guys a little off guard?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Just a little (smiling), just a touch.  He played a great game.  I mean, he came in and did what he had to do.  I mean, that's been the mark of this team all year, and in the playoffs when PJ Brown steps in, gives big minutes, Powe comes in, gives big minutes, that's been the mark of their team.  We've got to do a better job focusing on personnel, and guys that come into the game trying to contribute, we have to keep them quiet.

Q.  Earlier in the playoffs you were really comfortable on the wing, and you're getting some good side screen and roll action, but they've limited you some on the wing.  Do you think you'll be able to reestablish there?

    KOBE BRYANT:  Yeah, I think we did a much better job tonight in getting to the rim and moving the ball well and hitting my shooters and them knocking shots down.  What we have to do is we have to get those loose balls.  We've got to get timely rebounds, and we have to stop them in transition knocking down those threes, and we'll be fine.  A free throw or two wouldn't hurt.

Q.  The comeback from 24 points down with eight minutes to play to 2, is that something you guys can draw from going home, momentum?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Sure, it's something that we can take from, absolutely.  Understand, we played harder.  We played with a sense of desperation and more aggression, and I think that's something for us to take home and learn from.

Q.  What were you telling your guys in the fourth quarter during the time outs?  It seemed like you were being very active in the huddle actually.
    KOBE BRYANT:  Get our, beep, A in gear.  Play beep harder, a bunch of other beeps.  It's beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.  Eddie Murphy Raw times ten.

Q.  You knew the game wasn't over?  You knew you were still there?
    KOBE BRYANT:  Yeah, you just keep playing.  You don't know what's going to happen.  Mathematically we felt like if we cut it down to about 10    the goal was to cut it down to 10 with about seven minutes to go.  We weren't table to do that, so after that it was about slicing it and getting it to single digits and applying more and more pressure.  That's what we did, and I think they learned a lot tonight because we're a young team and I think that shows you're never really out of a game.  I think being down 24, if you find yourself down 8 or 10, that's not something that should discourage you.

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