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Report Card: Ronny Turiaf

There is no question that over the last two seasons, the Lakers have enjoyed an unbelievable bargain in Ronny Turiaf.  This year, at barely over $770K, Turiaf gave the Lakers over 18 minutes a night, and Turiaf career highs in points (6.6), rebounds (3.9), blocks (1.4), assists (1.6), and free-throw percentage (75.3).  All that, plus epic sideline dances and other displays of his seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm for the game and his teammates. 

The days of supreme value, however, are over.  If the Lakers are to keep Turiaf, they'll have to pony up.  How much, I'm not sure.  L.A. can match any offer, but given the rarefied air Dr. Buss is breathing these days, well above the luxury tax, if another team makes a big offer, Ronny could very well be in another uniform next year.  I've never been good at predicting what a player might get on the open market, so I won't try.  Still, now that there's a business decision to be made about Turiaf's future in L.A., it's time to get to the business of figuring out what exactly Turiaf brings, putting aside for a minute how much everyone likes the guy.  (As well they should. If you don't dig Ronny-the-person, the problem is you, not him.)

Ronny wasn't a perfect player this year, and in increased minutes we saw some of his flaws come out as well.  He is, for example, not a particularly good finisher around the basket, and his offensive game is centered more around extending the floor and taking the mid-range jumper- a weapon he used with far more frequency this season, helping to explain the drop in his FG% from the season previous- than it is moves in the post.  He is also, despite his impressive block numbers, still pretty foul prone inside.  There were moments this season when the biggest obstacle for him to overcome was himself.  2.55 PFs a night, translating to 6.5 per 48, highest on the team among anyone who played real minutes. 

On the other hand, it's vitally important to remember that Turiaf spent most of the year playing out of position at center, where he is generally overmatched physically.  Given the chance to play more PF, his lack of an NBA quality post game is less of an issue, and defensively his responsibilities change.  And while the lasting memory of Ronny this season might be his shortened minutes during the playoffs, especially in the Finals where he wasn't all that effective, a quick check of his game log is a reminder of how many times he stepped up and played big minutes for the Lakers. 

Some of it was out of necessity, because of injuries and trades- as Ronny himself admitted in his exit interview, often PJ had literally nobody else to play.  That doesn't mean the time he spent on the court was a detriment, though.  In 21 games as a starter, Ronny contributed 10.5/5.2/2.6/1.9, shooting over 50% from the floor. Not bad for a role player, especially one often pressed into playing out of position. 
If you're a Hollinger guy, his PER was over 15, higher than Sasha, Fish, Vlad Rad, and Luke Walton. 

Given his role on the team, there's no question that Ronny performed admirably this year.  He filled cracks in the lineup to the best of his ability, and again showed himself to be much more than simply an "energy guy," a pigeon holing tag he dislikes. He's not necessarily a game changer, and I'm still not convinced he's a starting caliber player in the league, but there's no question he was an important part of what the Lakers accomplished this season, doing everything expected of him, plus a few things that weren't. 

Whether that's a luxury they'll be able to afford next season is something we'll have to wait and see.



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Considering the dude had open heart surgery -- Amazing player.

Laker Nation -- Charles, Jon, LTLF et al.

I've been MIA from the blog lately, because I simply have nothing to add regarding the Jackass that is Shackass, the # 58 draft pick, and I don't know nothin' about no trades.

But, something inspired me this morning. I had a debate with another NBA fan regarding teams of the decades past and it dawned on me that this decade is over next NBA season --- My God, what happened to the decade? My career? My life? hahaha

Anywho, I argued that the Lakers are currently in the lead for the team of the decade 00s (2000-2009). The other contender in the Spurs, but the Lakers have the same # of Championships this decade and the in the event of tie I look at # of finals appearances. LA (5) v. SA (3).

The only monkey wrench in this scenario is if SA wins the 2009 championship. Any thoughts?

Also, here's what I have for the past 50 + years:

50s -- Lakers
60s -- Celtics -- ugh!
70s --?? Any input?
80s -- Lakers (WC 5 – All LA vs. EC 5 --Boston 3, Pilly 1, Det. 1)
90s -- Bulls (WC 3 – Hous 2, SA 1 vs. EC 7 – Bulls 6, Det. 1)
00s -- Lakers in driver seat. (WC 6 – LA-3, SA-3 vs. EC 3 – Det. 1, Boston 1, Miami 1) One up for grabs next year.


I love Ronnie and I hope he and The Machine will be back.

Is there any indication who the Lakers can take late in the draft? Any sleepers or players that they are actively looking at, or is it a "take the best player left" stragedy?

Also, although there will likely be no majory moves this summer, who can you see the Lakers bringing in, in a complementary roll that could help put us over the top.


Its very possible some team will throw 4-5 years contract at Ronny in the area of 15-18M and Lakers will decide not to match. Any thoughts?


It's basically impossible (for me, if nothing else), to figure out who a team has their eye on at 58. It's basically, see who's left and run with the best guy.

As for the Lakers picking up a complimentary player, I wouldn't rule it out, but I'm guessing they're not going to spend their MLE unless maybe James Posey were an option. Not all of it, if nothing else. The payroll is already high and it's a pretty weak FA class. They may be able to snag someone inexpensive with the vet minimum, but otherwise, I think the plan for now is to attempt resigning Sasha and Ronny and count on Bynum and Ariza healthy for an entire season to push them over the hump. It's actually a plan that I think makes sense.



I agree with you. If San Antonio wins it all next season,
they are the team of the 00's. Otherwise, it would be the
Lakers. They had a huge start to the decade, and they've
reloaded and are making an impression again at the end of
the decade.

One additional thing you didn't mention about LA vs SA --
The Lakers have knocked the Spurs out of the playoffs four
times this decade. The Spurs have only knocked the Lakers
out of the playoffs once during that time.


I honestly don't think Ronny will get that much on the market.

1. Most teams are cap strapped and probably won't want to use there MLE on a role player with little post game.

2. Ronny is a very valuable player to have in our system. A player that can block shots and hit the mid-range jumper is huge in the triangle, but I don't think those skill sets translate so well into many other systems.

Once again, a big man that doesn't have the best post game, and is foul prone doesn't seem to be the type many teams are looking for.

My thoughts on Ronny and Sasha,

I think the Lakers will call them both at 12:01 on the first
day they can make offers and offer each of them a 4-5 year
contract for less than the MLE. Probably something in the
neighborhood of what Luke and Fish are getting.

I'm not sure how either of those guys will respond.

From his exit interview, I think Ronny would take it and
not even try the market. He sounded like he really wanted
to be with the team, so he might be willing to take a little
less money than he could get elsewhere to stay with the
team. He knows that an MLE is likely the maximum that
he would be offered since only two teams are under the
salary cap, so is it worth 1 or 2 million extra a year to
play for a team that sucks?

From Sasha's exit interview, I'm not so sure. When asked
about it, he seemed more businesslike. His response sounded
like he plans to play the market and see what kind of
he gets. If he gets a full MLE offer (ala Jason Kapono), then
I'm not so sure the Lakers would match. basically, they're
in luxury tax and will stay in luxury tax, so it would cost
them 12 million a year to keep Sasha.

Maybe I'm misreading it and Sasha is more loyal than he
appeared in the interviews. But even if he does sign with
another team, maybe the Lakers can convince them to do
it as a sign and trade to get something back for him.

I hope both of them decide to stay with the contenders
and continue to grow with the team.

Go Lakers!


Come on, man. Braveheart deserves at least a B+, all things considered.



I don't think the 70's belonged to anyone. The Knicks, Celtics, 76ers, and Lakers were the premier franchises during that era.


From a performance perspective, the Lakers will hopefully not need to get much from Turiaf next season; between Bynum, Gasol, Mihm, and Odom, there just aren't going to be any minutes for him. He would be the third string PF and fourth string C. A decent insurance policy for injuries, though, but I don't see the team giving him 3M a year for that.

Part of the reason this Laker team is so good is due to chemistry. Everyone likes eachother and Ronny really helps out with that. Ronny is a keeper for sure. If he gets offered mega bucks (unlikely) then let him go, but if he only costs us a little more then he did last year then we need to keep him. Sasha is definitely more important to the success of this team as long as all our bigs stay healthy (pray). Anyways, I would be greatly disappointed to see Ronny on another team.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Damn, the Lakers would have 23 Championships by now if it weren't for the Celtics.


Hate them.



Yeah, it would be just plain odd to see Ronny in a uniform other than the Purple and Gold.


I love Ronny as does everybody else but... it doesn't appear there's any real slot for him. If Gasol is going to slide up and down at C/PF and Odom is going to log minutes there as well, possibly Radmanovic, how many minutes are really available for Ronny? He played backup Center this year but was clearly undersized, next year, we should have Bynum and a more healthy Mihm and possibly another, bigger body available at Center so...

I'd hate to lose the greatest cheerleader the game has ever known though... think we could pay him $2m/year to lead the Lakergirls during timeouts?

Ronny should stay in LA, it is where he will be most successful, but as for Sasha, i think he gets tired of phil and would probably excel in a different system where he could roam free and just shoot his little heart out. im sure some team will overpay sasha like we did walton and radman...

Ronny...........Please spend the whole summer with a really good rebounding coach...I love this guy but after Pau returned he really struggled to get a rebound ..
The chemistry factor is important as well,along with Fisher i think Ronny is a glue guy to..Every team needs players like this


"is it worth 1 or 2 million extra a year to
play for a team that sucks?"

Umm, yes? 1/3 more per annum? This is the payday he's been playing for his entire life. Odds are there won't be another.

These current players could live well into their hundreds the way science is progressing. That's a long time to pay the bills from a job that retires you in your early 30's.

how about this as a rumor? Maybe the Hornets are targeting Sasha? They just sold their late first round pick to Portland so they would have more money to go after a free agent. Who else could they possibly be after? Maybe they offer Sasha the starting SG slot?
Hornets general manager Jeff Bower declined to confirm the trade, saying nothing is official until the league approves it. However, he talked about how the Hornets' could benefit in free agency by taking cash for their only pick in this year's NBA draft.

Longtime ~

I got the same feeling from Sasha's exit interview... I was actually shocked by his reply. Probably thinking to myself, " where else would anyone want to play?" In the end for some its about $$$, I can't blame him or dislike the guys if that's his motivation...( D-Fish left to enjoy a nice payday before returning.) As for as Ronny, its a lock the Lakers will keep him. I'm not saying at any cost but, I feel he'll remain a LAKER!

James Jones anyone?

-Which way the wind blows-



I think Kwame did have some good defensive games, patricularly against the likes of Duncan and Ming, he could be a valuable Ying to Bynum's Yang, especially if it is on the cheap. Let Sasha walk and sign James Jones as a catch and shooter he would excel in the new tempo traingle. Turiaf should stay and could provide some great depth, he just needs to attack more when he has his back to the basket on the offense end. He tends to face up far too much and has lost his jump hook. He could take most 4's and especially 5's off the dribble towards baseline and just needs to finish strong and develop a counter move. His activity and energy on defense are very important to us. Love the turiaf.

Everyone who loves the Lakers should love Ronny as a person. His spark, his energy, his passion added a lot to this past season.

In pure basketball terms, IMHO it's a different story. My grade would be a C. Ronny just wasn't able to deliver on a consistent basis. You just never knew what would happen from night to night. As mentioned in his report card, there were too many quick fouls. His Playoff performances were far less than memorable.

If I were Mitch Kupchak -- and there are many of you who are glad that I'm not -- re-signing Ronny would not be a priority. On the other hand, re-signing Sasha would be near the very top of my priorities.

The Lakers need to open up some roster spots and the team is already burdened with the mediocrity of VladRad and Luke, even if Newble and Mbenga aren't invited to return. Coby Karl also occupies a roster slot that I would open up, especially if Ronny is retained. One "mascot" player is enough..

If Ronny can be had for cheap, great. Then go for it. Every team should have a Ronny Turiaf, but only at the right price tag.

kwammus Brownus The III.......That does not surprise me one bit...At the beginning of this season just past it was posted on another site that the Hornets had offered Julian Wright for Sasha and a pick...The person that posted this story also posted that Cook an Evans were going to Orlando for Ariza..At the time of the post i thought no way the Magic do that deal,and they did.......Sounds very possible.

I'm surprised at the Jefferson deal from the Bucks' perspective. I though that Yi was a solid young playe the couple of times I saw him.

Hmr Hed,

First of all, Chest Pound with a Finger point at you.

If San Antonio Wins 4 for this decade and Los Angeles wins 4, people all over will consider it 5 for SA and 4 for LA.

The 99 season will forever be attached in some peoples eyes due to the start date of the new millennium.

Now if we earn 5, bring out the groupies and the Royal P3^is is now clean "Coming to America" treatment.

But that is by far, Counting the Chicks before the Chickens lay eyes on each other. Cluck cluck!

how about we sign and trade sasha?

how about we sign and trade sasha?

Posted by: nik kannan

For Who Nik? Good to see you post again...

Ronny is the heart of this team. We will regret it if we don't retain him.

GO Lakers!

I like Ronny but I think offensively he became very timid and uncertain, even "Kwame-Like" at times, nervously passing up wide-open dunks when he was right beneath the basket, dunno what that was all about but I didn't particularly like that about him.

If we can keep him, I say we do it. Otherwise, if he goes, it's business, never personal, and I wish him the best.


Thanks for that bit of good news...but PLEASE OH PLEASE I hope we don't get Eduardo Najera..he's just one of those players that annoys the crap out of me! Ahh. I'll take Posey if hes available!"

Posted by: Lakafo0 | June 26, 2008 at 03:42 PM

Your welcome sir. But just coz you hate him so much, I dedicate this link to you brother.


-Which way the wind blows-

If its Sacramento, "its which way the wind blows and the manure smells"

"its a 100 degree turn around"
- Ron Ron
I think he meant 180 degrees, but this is Ron Ron, so I don't know for sure.

If he's standing in Sac when he said it, 100 degree in direction could mean to the southeast and he's headed to SAS.

If he's talking temperature, it could mean Minnie, Boston or Detroit in the winter.

Can you imagine with sentences like this how him and a PJ combo would drive the media crazy in LA?


"Heimi, Can you give me a hand in trying to guard Pierce?"
- Kobe

"When I say jump, you jump"
- PJ

"Heimi. Kill the lights on your way out"
- Mitch

"Heimi, put some spring in your step."
- Rambis

" Heimi, next time TJ Simer asks you a question, just give him the cold shoulder."
- LO

"Heimi, use your head next time he tries to go by you."
- Vlad

"I take Pierce and you take Garnett" and Heimi responds while holding KG above his head. "And what should I do with him Kobe?"

"Heimi, I want you in his jersey"
- PJ

Lakers in the pregame huddle. "Ok Lakers, let's go kill these guys!"

Heimi, you just won the Title. What are you going to do now?!

Heimi: "I'm going to Disneyland. Then me and Kaos are going to take over the world!"


Good point. That is the area where Ronny needs to improve most: Rebounding.


I hate David Stern.

Fricken grubby little goblin.



Those SacBee Blogmasters sure like to create A LOT OF THREADS IN ONE DAY!!

To me, that would seem to keep the bloggers all separated UNLIKE THE LA TIMES LAKER BLOG!!

Also, will the next season start already?? I can not WAIT!!



We need a prayer!

Michael Cooper was the 60th pick in the draft.

We have the 58th pick.

Miracles do happen.

Lord God, please bless Mitch Kupchak, Jerry Buss, Jim Buss, Phil Jackson and all Lakers management involved in the draft decision-making process.

Please bless them with clarity, insight, grace, and Divine guidance.

Lord, please lead them to the ABSOLUTE BEST PLAYER available at the time of the 58th pick for the short term and long term needs of the Lakers as a Championship franchise.

Lord, please lead them to cohesion in their choice and unity in their decision making. Lord, please lead them with clarity to the ABSOLUTE BEST PLAYER available at the time of the 58th pick and please God guide their hand in choosing that player as the Lakers' choice as the 58th pick in the draft.

Lord, please bless our newest Laker and help him to contribute in profound and unexpected ways in the building of a new Lakers Championship Dynasty.



David Stern is a pompous a$$ whipe

And God, please bless the Clippers and their draft making decisions.

Please protect them from making absolutely stupid and/or self-destructive choices during the draft.

Please guide them to choosiing, helpful, better-than-expected players who help make the Clippers a better team.

The success of the Clippers is beneficial to Los Angeles and gives the Lakers another healthy rival.


Go Clippers!



Even though the Lakers don’t have a pick until late in the 2nd round, it’s still fun to watch the NBA draft and hope that somehow Mitch found another sucker to make a deal with the Lakers to miraculously get us Russell Westbrook in return for Luke and Vlade. And even if nothing happens, it’s fun to see how the rest of the league reacts to the year with their draft day trades and perennial high hopes. What happens with Miami’s pick is going to determine how the dominos fall the rest of the night.

We must be playing better basketball here out west than the east coast media thinks since the 5 of the first 10 players likely to be picked are from the maligned Pac 10 Conference. I still wish the NBA had the old territorial draft rights so that the Lakers would get first crack at any UCLA or USC players. The only question would be would we use our rights to draft Love, Westbrook, or Mayo. Love would give us some great toughness and power inside and be great for our running game, Westbrook would give us the back court ace defensive player we need to stop all the great point guards in the west, and Mayo would give us a great all-around combo guard who would be perfect for the Triangle.

It’s interesting that everybody is talking about how this is the era of the great point guard, what with Derrick Rose slated to go #1 and Chris Paul and Deron Williams leading a pack of outstanding point guards in the west. Did you notice, however, that the starting point guards for the NBA Finals were Derrick Fisher and Rajon Rondo? Did you also notice that the two teams in the finals were the two teams with the biggest front courts? The truth is that great point guards are a dime a dozen compared to great centers and big still beats small whether we are in college or the NBA or the Olympics. Next year the talk will all be about the Era of the Beast and how Andrew Bynum changes the game.

One of Dan Patrick’s guests told a great story today about Derrick Rose, the likely #1 pick in tonight’s NBA draft. The story goes that Stephen Black, a wide receiver on Memphis’ football team came home to find Derrick Rose in bed with Black’s girlfriend. Black supposedly told Rose he had three minutes to get dressed and then he was going to get his ass kicked, which was what Black then proceeded to do. Interesting incident to give you some insight into the young man’s character. Got to admire how Black handled the situation. Pure class and walk the talk. NFL teams should take notice.


Mike T,

Good to have you back and hope all is going as well in your life as it is in Lakersville.

You made some excellent points in your response to my comments regarding your support for Kwame, the primary being that the Lakers did not make a major commitment to defense this year, which was in direct contrast to the Celtics who obviously did. As you pointed out, the role players the Lakers added in Chris Mihm and Luke Walton were not defensive oriented, unlike the Celtics who added P.J. Brown and James Posey.

I am hopeful that we will see a greater emphasis on defense by the Lakers next year. Although Phil’s primary concern is always how the offense runs, he does recognize the importance of a strong defense. I would like to see the Lakers hire Michael Cooper or someone similar as a defensive coach or even better coordinator with the Lakers, who would fulfill the role that Tom Thibodeau does for the Celtics as well as tutoring specific players on their personal defense ala Kareem’s work with Andrew Bynum. He would be a great tutor for Jordan Farmar.

I think Andrew will become a dominant defensive force in the middle blocking shots next year and I think his presence will have a positive domino effect on the rest of the lineup, especially Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom who were not physical enough against the Celtics. I am also hopeful that Trevor Ariza can be the defensive stopper at the 3. He supposedly has really spent his off time very well and improved his outside shot considerably. I am still hoping we can find a way to get Artest, Battier, or Posey to add defense.

Strategically, the Lakers need to bring their scouting and strategy into the 21st century. They need to revamp the entire way they scout and prepare for other teams defensively as well as offensively. The trend started by Van Gundy and Thibodeau when they were at Houston has shown that it really works. What these guys do is create a an extensive computer database of players, plays, foul calls, etc. They then figure out what gets called and not called and build their defensive strategy around eliminating fouls that are easily called while increasing fouls that are often not called, e.g. don’t reach or slash for the ball or you’ll be called but don’t worry about moving on picks away from the ball.

Additionally, Thibodeau can instantly create a CD for a player on his opponent that shows every play against certain players, teams, or situations, e.g. every time Kobe drew a foul driving to the basket. They calculate the percentages for players going left or right.
Additionally, Thibodeau actually calls out the defense each time the team goes back on defense, much like a football team’s defensive coordinator. That is why they always do better when they are defending the basket at the same end of the court where their bench and coaches are. The digital-statistical based defensive strategies that are the foundation of Thibodeau’s great defense are the NBA’s version of money ball.

Anyway, glad to see you back and to agree with you that we need to make a commitment to be a defensive team.



Thanks for your comments about TEAM USA. If we win, it will be because of Kobe. It still bothers me that the media is going to treat this like the redemption of LeBronze and DWade. I still would like to see Miller there. Hell, I would like to see him in purple and gold.


Leave it to Elgin to give up a draft pick for the #4 pick and pick up Westbrook who probably would have been available at #7. Classic Clippers!!!

On the topic on draft picks, the excess PG are as follows

1. Hinrick, Bulls
2. Earl Watson, Sonics
3. Luke Ridnour, Sonics

Any of this three will improve the need ofPG by the Lakers. Perfect swap would be Watson for Walton but I doubt if Sam Presti will agree.

wow didn't know that Jon K.

Thanks for that. I know Trevor was 43. So we got a chance for a gem. It's up to that guy.


Good analysis of Ronny. The biggest problem I see is Ronny’s inability to finish inside. I grew very tired of his catching the ball under the basket and then passing back outside. It showed a real lack of confidence in his low post moves. I love Ronny’s enthusiasm but don’t see him being much more than a journeyman player long term. Bottom line is that his game has not evolved anyway near as much as Andrew’s in the same time frame.

Notwithstanding the above, I love the intangibles that Ronny brings to the team and even though his playing time would probably depend greatly on injuries and the level to which Chris Mihm is able to bring his game back, I would keep him if it does not cost much and whomever we would replace him with is probably not going to play much anyway. I like Eric Pincus figure of 3 years for $9.5M. Any more and the Lakers might pass and look to get a veteran defender or rebounder instead with part of their MLE. I seriously doubt they will be on Ronny doorstep at 12:01 a.m. when free agency begins.

I was also a little put off by Sasha’s interviews, where he seemed to back off wanting to be a Laker for Life. Wonder if his teammates reaction to Paul Pierce beating him off the dribble so badly to win Game 4 hurt his sensitive feelings. It worries me that maybe the Machine nickname and increased attention has gone to Sasha’s head and made him think he could be the starting shooting guard somewhere for more money. I think the Lakers sense this but still know how valuable Sasha is and will give him a Luke Walton like offer the second that free agency starts. He is too valuable to let leave.



Heimie, you're supposed to be playing the Triangle!!

Heimie, do what Fish does.

Heimie, just cut the corners when you're running laps.

Heimie, how's my a** taste?

MJ would have been the 58th pick if he had come out after his freshman year.

I was really disappointed with the performance of Ronny Turiaf in the playoffs, he was relegated to a cheerleader dancing and throwing towels on the bench and haven't raised his NBA standards. At best, he's now compared to another Mark Madsen. Among the Laker players and also being an Olympian, I have had high hopes and evaluated him as the next Moses Malone. Unfortunately, he disappeared in so many games and here's his career record with the Lakers. PPG 2.0 RPG 1.40 APG 0.3. PJ mixed him with rhinos (5) when he's just a plain wolf (4).

Since Lakers are way over the cap space, I think that Lakers' best option to re-sign Ronny is to trade a player to another team for Ronny, meaning another team signs Ronny and trade him back to Lakers for another player. The only two practical candidates for this possibility are Chris Minh and Trevor Ariza who are both on the last year of their contracts. I think Lakers love Trevor and won't give him away for this purpose. Chris is a 7 feet big man in whom some teams under the cap space could be very interested to add to their front line..

Another option, that I strongly advocate, is for Lakers to waiv Luke Walton and sign Ronny for $2.5 - $3.5 million a year for 5 years. Lakers really made a big mistake on Luke Walton, he has been and will always be a waste of their money, it is just a manner of when Lakers will admit this mistake by getting rid of him. Since Lakers will most likely be over the Salary Cap next 4-5 years, Luke will cost Lakers about $10 million dollars each year. If Lakers allow him to sign with another team with the veteran's minimum and pay him the difference to 100% of his current contract, they can re-sign ronny without adding one penny to their current salary book.

The link is on Luke Walton tipping the ball in the wrong basket.

Jon K,

I remember the wisdom of AK's words when expecting too much on late picks, he is the top 58th a remnant from the best materials. As remnants, they are sold in the swap meat, lol! We put high hopes on late picks like JR Pinnock, on Marc Gasol, they never considered nor ever succeed in Phil Jackson coaching style.

Hard to believe no Draft Thread

Sonny - how do you feel about Sac's pick? I was a bit surprised about that one.

Ronny T sucks just like t he rest of the Fakers.


Yak miss mees?

Go paak da ka!

You ladies are starting to bore me. I'll come back when yous gots something more interesting to talk about.

How about how the Celtics will repeat next year?

Your Starlet Bryant will be a tired old 29-year-old next season when the Wannabe Jordan Olympic team loses AGAIN with Mr. "I can get off anytime" Bryant trying to steal the show at the olympics.


Celts win!

Celts win!

Exhelo- Way to funny. even my wife is laughing at that.

Heimie, how's my a** taste?

The one thing I noticed about Rony this year was, he was a much better player when he was getting big minutes. He would kind of disappear at times when he wasn't. With Drew back and Pau at PF, unless there are major injuries or a trade, he will not be getting a lot of minutes next year. That could be a concern.


West Coast is Best!

6 of top 15 players are from the Pac 10. None from ACC. 1 from the Big East. What happened to the East coast?


Here's my prediction:

Jerryd Bayless is going to turn out to be a very good player
and Brandon Rush is going to turn out to be something of a bust.

If Portland swaps draft pics with you, you know they'll get
the better of the deal.

Awwww... Seattle picked Serge Ibaka.... well, there's still D.J. White and Richard Hendrix...

Stern looks a little more weary, each tome he trudges out to the podium.

Spurs got Hill

I like BK's assessment. Covers a lot and struck me as very fair.

I feel like Ronny did get exposed, but still feel like he's got room to grow. I would match any but the most outrageous offers. Buss can afford it and Ronny is great for chemistry. That's special and I don't want to f with it.

Sasha saying his pay is a business decision isn't being disloyal to the Lakers, he's being loyal to himself, like every other player in the NBA. You just can't ask a guy to take one for the team when you're talking salary. It's not how it works.

The CBA even prevents players from taking a paycut to make room for another player they might want on their team.

Boston gets..JR Gidens.............Come on Lakers....
NATHAN JAWAI......Come on

Hello Laker Fans,

I love Ronny, and I hope he stays a Laker. I'd just like to mention that during the middle of the season, I remember reading in a Philadelphia newspaper that Turiaf is highly regarded by the Sixers and would be targeted during this offseason. I hope they don't take him though. He's a decent player and also one of those glue guys that contributes to team camraderie that cannot be measured in a box score.


"The Los Angeles Lakers will look to trade Luke Walton, possibly with Chris Mihm to balance salaries" Eric Pincus

Is it possible to trade the rights of these two players to future draft picks and how much will the Lakers absorb out from their salaries: Luke has still 5 years at 22M and Mihm at 2.5M? Mihm has trade values but for those GM's reading the Lakers Blog, no one will ever consider Luke. lol!




Lakers take Joe Crawford.

Best comment from ESPN's Live Draft Chat...

After the Lakers drafted Joe Crawford...

"Buzzmaster: Was that Joe Crawford the ref that got picked?
Can they do that?"


Darrell Collison undrafted.

Lakers Draft Joe Crawford at #58

It seems clear to me that the Lakers are finding a backup SG to play behind Kobe. If nothing else this is some insurance should Sasha jet for the big bucks.

Is this evidence that the Lakers are shaky on the possibility or retaining Sasha?

collison didnt declare for the draft... he opted to stay for his senior year.

here's what i think let ronny go if it meant signing him for more than 1.5 mil just take what you can in fa for vet minimum. Other than cheerleading there's not much he can bring and he often gets push around he's not big enough or strong enough. Same with vujacic we can get a veteran todo his work if he's gonna cost more.

Lakers should also untie the log jam at sf by trading 2sf namely rad and walton for one defensiv sf or pf/c combo

here's what i think let ronny go if it meant signing him for more than 1.5 mil just take what you can in fa for vet minimum. Other than cheerleading there's not much he can bring and he often gets push around he's not big enough or strong enough. Same with vujacic we can get a veteran todo his work if he's gonna cost more.

Turiaf has great team member qualities and I think this is a guy the Lakers want on their side in a physical finals series.

Ronny Turiaf wears #21 which is weird to me as I think Coop when I see him. My work around is to think of him as the Bulked Michael Cooper (BMC). Lakers attempted to get Coop to add bulk, so mission accomplished. Some notable tradeoffs in return for the added power: Not as good covering the guard positions and for some reason the 3-point shot has disappeared.

the lakers need to worry about signing sasha first and foremost. turiaf can be replaced, it's not like he scores any points. it's harder to replace 3 point shooting. at least their getting chris mihm back who did used to be the starting center.the lakers need to trade odom for a small forward who can shoot.

Edwin Guerco,

Miracles do happen, we just shouldn't manage our life on the position of expecting them to happen.


I'll stick to Ronny here since it's his report card. Love Ronny - he is a WCC guy so I have to stay loyal there.

My thought is that if Ronny works on his D this Summer (all aspects) and knocking down shots within 10 feet of basket - I think that would be a HUGE asset to the Lakers. He absolutely did play out of position this year but there was no choice. And I think PJ liked the fact that Ronny was amenable to doing whatever it took. There is value there even if he was mediocre.

He has the size and can play C or PF. Lakers need size on their team especially off the bench and in the low post. Sorry LakerTom and others: hate to breat it to you but AB17 won't be able to play 48 minutes every night. And while Mihm is a good backup - he's essentially another Pau (skinny/dare I say soft).

But if Ronny played okay defense this year, none of us would be having this discussion - he would be a good guy to keep on the team. But focus on shot blocking, pushing the bigs out for jumpers and being a rebounding hog while in control of fouls. We would take that off our bench any day.

I say keep him - $3mm a year for 4 is a good deal and he would be stupid to pass that up.


What we have to fear about Ronnie is that he plays admirably at Center though undersized. There are plenty of teams out there that lack height. Ronnie would be a bargain to one of those teams, even at an inflated price.

Plus, he can play long stretches of relative dominance in the East, which lacks a lot of height overall. He can single-handily net a small-ish Eastern squad 4 or 5 extra wins. That's worth a lot of money to a team that knows it can get into the playoffs with a loosing record.

I just hope he stays, because even though his stats are quite impressive for a 2nd round pick, what he brings to the team can't be found in the box score.

Just my $.02


F the F'ing Celtics



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