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Report Card - Ira Newble

As mentioned earlier, the grade criteria comes in large part by impact on the season.  A search using two different engines produced the photo below (and a small handful more, tops) of Ira Newble on the court in a Laker uni. Newble_1_2 That basically summarizes his affect on 2008's outcome.  As for why  he couldn't get on the court, I can't say for certain.  On one hand, Newble was simply an acknowledged insurance policy if Trevor Ariza was out for the season.  Yes, Ariza didn't return until late into the playoffs, but the team was also winning, so an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" outlook is pretty easily justified.  Especially with a player who isn't much on the offensive end and a team whose defensive prowess is often heavily influenced by its offensive execution.  Of course, Phil Jackson was also reluctant to play 2006 late addition Jim Jackson, so detractors might cite a pattern.  But unlike JJ's scenario, which involved a weaker team and a more pressing need, I don't find Newble's lack of PT particularly odd.  Could Jackson have given him a bigger go, especially with SF the team's weakest position?  I guess, but I doubt it would have mattered, and I'm not going to make a stink out of not making a move I feel would have bore no consequences.

It should be said, however, that Newble's a terrific person, great to shoot the breeze with and blessed with an outstanding social awareness.  With that in mind, I'll balance his low grade by providing this Darfur PSA involving him and several other Lakers.  Newble was possibly the first NBA athlete to turn his attention to this overseas atrocity and being on the high profile Lakers only increased awareness of that involvement.  His season in L.A. may not have amounted to much, but I have a lot of respect for the guy.

Final Grade: F/Inc.


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No, No, No! AK, Mother of God can this be the end of IRA.
Please let him off with and incomplete. You are a cruel
Task master sir. But since he's a free agent. Bye, Bye
Newbie, Bye Bye


Is that F grade stand for free at last?I'm sure thats the way he really feels.

HOWDY FOLKS!!! I will be saying goodbye for the next few blogs. I was thinking about the Fakers fans over the weekend as I saw a news headline that involves offshore drillling on both eastern and western coasts. If your EPA idiots and peace nics don't allow it, you will see other foreign drilling companies taking advantage of international waters off of your very own coastline. GET TO IT, but remember, I'm a proponent of cleaner, alternative energy souces as well. I have some immediate ideas, but I would have to be a "friendly dictator" to avoid all of the red tape and attorneys' fees to get them started. That is why America will have some interesting challenges in the future. Like in Texas with all of those strgane FLDS people. Did you know that over 1/3 of the costs Texas incurred was via attorneys' fees. WHAT A JOKE!!! How are we to get anything done?

It looks like the Boston Smelltics brought in more ratings and memorabilia sales than did your Fakers. I'm glad to see your team get the short end of the stick with respect the the corrupt WWFNBA officials; that game 2 38-10 FT adavantage really hurt you guys. You could have used that win.

I will think of more to say for my final blogs. I need to make them count. I'm going to miss you folks during tyhe off-season, so I need to make the most of these goodbyes.

Whats with everyone talking about kwame on the blog all over again? Are we trying to sign him over the summer :) ? Calves or not, I say no space for mr brown here. Unless he is willing to play for a mil a year ... u know wat, i still pass

I like Ira, his exposure during his short time here was good for him and the cause. No one knows why PJ does what he does, so no answer to why he didn't get much run.

AK/BKand more importantly MOMMA" K" thanks for another great year of the Laker blog. I know people will come and go, jump on bandwagons and leap off... I'm here to stay, true Laker fan wearing my jersey's proudly weekend after weekend until the seasons starts again.

Faze ~

won't lose much sleep if he is not in purple and gold next season...


It was my understanding the reason why he couldn't get minutes was due to the triangle he was unable to figure it out.


I think that an INC would be a bit more appropriate

Hey everyone! Not much time to post, but wanted to catch up a bit....

Mamba24 - please put me on the "get well Fatty" bandwagon.

Fatty - hope you're better soon. And btw - way to represent in the hospital! You should get some kind of award for that! It's not too many people who would take their life in their hands like that while being in a weakened state like that - good job!

Regarding trades, etc - my vote is to keep the team pretty much as is. I would hate to see Lamar go - he is too important to this team in terms of what he brings as such a versatile player. And with the Beast back next year, I really want to see how our starting 5 play together. I also want Rony & Sasha both back. The chemistry we have is great, and these guys both contribute in different ways. Plus with the sour taste in their mouths now, I think they will both pick it up over the summer & come back that much stronger & hungrier.

I can't wait to watch Team USA play this summer. AK/BK - I hope you'll keep us abreast of times/stations if at all possible. I'll need some kind of B-Ball fix before training camp!!!

100+ days to go........


Basketball is ultimately a game of matchups and the Lakers know that they need a player like Ron Artest to match up with Paul Pierce. While they are not going to say so publicly, the Lakers know now that their primary competitor for NBA championships over the next 5 years will likely be the Boston Celtics and that no player on the current roster matches up well with Paul Pierce, who may be finally coming into his own as a elite NBA player. Few players match up with Pierce, which is exactly why the Lakers need Ron Artest.

The Lakers have built a team that should be the favorite to return to the NBA Finals despite an even higher level of competition in the West. But now that Boston has clearly emerged as their likely opponent, it is time for the Lakers to tweak their roster to better be able to deal with the Celtics and Paul Pierce. Much like when the Lakers added Mychal Thompson in the 80’s specifically to defend Kevin McHale, the Lakers need to somehow add Ron Artest to their roster specifically to match up with and defend Paul Pierce.

While the Lakers know they need to add Artest, the question is whether what price are they willing to pay. It appears at least for now that Artest is not going to opt out and resign with another team for MLE dollars per year, unless as a bargaining tactic with the Kings, who would then get nothing in return for Artest. Similarly, it is doubtful that the Kings would want to take on the contracts of players such as Walton or Radmanovic, leaving the Lakers facing the dilemma of how to get Sacramento to agree to a trade.

Looking around the league, I don’t see any other player who could possible guard Pierce, other than perhaps Shane Battier of Houston or maybe Posey. It also appears that the Lakers are not willing to trade Lamar Odom until after seeing how he works out in the triple towers scheme that Phil Jackson obviously has in mind. So the bottom line may well be that the Lakers end up putting their money on Drew protecting the rim, better team defense, and the emergence of Trevor Ariza as the hoped for defensive stopper.

On the other hand, the pressure will definitely be on Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom (and Trevor Ariza) to successfully perform in whatever roles Phil has in mind for them in the Lakers new offense and defense. Otherwise, the Lakers will feel great pressure to trade Lamar in order to get the defensive match up against Paul Pierce when the teams meet again in the NBA Finals. They need to match up better against Paul Pierce next time they meet or the Celtics will again be NBA champions.



So be careful what yuo wish for:


Posted by: Zakee

I greatly respect Ira Newble's passion for stopping the genocide in Darfur, but I don't think he's the best fit as a Laker.

Sign Quinton Ross instead.


Good Afternoon Mamba and Laker Nation.
Cant wait for next season. I hope the Dodgers can make a little run to take some of the boredom out of the summer. Doubt it though.

Kobesbaaaad(and he is)

I gotta say, these grades kinda crack me up. No disrespect, but in my mind I wonder if you guys spend so much time trying to be fair and keep the peace during the season, that this is the spot where you finally allow yourselves to be, well, just a little bit mean.

Ira Newble - F! Ha!

Because, seriously, It wasn't Ira's job description to be a force on the court for the team. His "role" was probably more about providing a good defensive presence in practice, a strong locker room guy, etc. Wouldn't it be more fair to grade him on that?

You wouldn't apply the same grading criteria to all the members of a regular company. Giving Ira an 'F' based on the above is like saying the door man at bank is failing because he didn't process any loans.

"Of course, Phil Jackson was also reluctant to play 2006 late addition Jim Jackson, so detractors might cite a pattern. But unlike JJ's scenario, which involved a weaker team and a more pressing need, I don't find Newble's lack of PT particularly odd." - AK

Phil Jackson is the only Zen Coach in NBA. Sometimes, he is having periods or episodes: he coached oddly through the media, he doesn't play 10-day contract players, doesn't believe in rookies, don't like time outs, a waste of time of standing around and being repetitious. However, when his intellectual storage system becomes full, he goes overboard in imagining Luke Walton's spinning and dissing like his former Knicks teammate, Walt "Clyde" Frazier.

by Matthew Gordon for

Excellent article on what the Lakers are going to do this off-season.



TMZ: Shaquille O'Neal took the mic at a NYC club last night, unleashing a freestyle verbal assault directed at his arch-enemy Kobe Bryant -- blaming his former teammate for ruining his marriage:

Warning: This link may not be appropriate for children.


I thought he was suppose to be a good defender. Why didn't Phil try to use him on Pierce or even on other match ups during the playoffs? He has good energy and he's pretty physical.

Great year AK and BK. You guys are top notch!

Shaq talking smack about Kobe again on (more like badly rapping) This guys is really ruining his legacy both on/off the court.

Talking about Lakers... check out the latest posts by Lakers' legend Kareem:

I liked Ira.

We need more players like him.

He and Coby Karl should have seen more time, and not, say, Chris Mihm.


"Because, seriously, It wasn't Ira's job description to be a force on the court for the team. His "role" was probably more about providing a good defensive presence in practice, a strong locker room guy, etc. Wouldn't it be more fair to grade him on that? You wouldn't apply the same grading criteria to all the members of a regular company. Giving Ira an 'F' based on the above is like saying the door man at bank is failing because he didn't process any loans."

I hear what you're saying about Newble being a good locker room guy/practice player, but at the same time, the team already had a great locker room before he arrived, so it becomes to very difficult to gauge his impact. Plus, if I'm put in a place where I'm mostly judging him by those traits, then it sort of proves my point about his impact on the season. Thus, the "Inc." is added, which acknowledges that his low impact came in large part from playing very little, as opposed to playing badly. Last season, I gave Vlad Rad an "F" without the Inc., if you're looking for an example of the difference.


If you go to you can find a not-safe-for-work video of Shaq unleashing a profanity-laced rap where his disses Kobe and Kareem.

His social awareness is reason enough for me to give him an A!!!

Thank goodness for these men to use their status to bring attention to the terrible things going on over in Africa. Its amazing that he is taking time to help inspire others to take a stand!

Even if he isnt having a huge effect on the court, he is bringing so much more to the team, which in my opinion is much more important than basketball.

Artest already has issues working within an offense; trying to get him to work within the triangle would be very difficult. Plus he has the "attitude" history. At this point, I don't think the potential payoff (relative to other means of addressing the issue) is worth the risk.

The Lakers don't need to shut Pierce down, they just need to be able to consistently make him (or Wade, James, etc.) work harder, without having to use Kobe as the defender. I think that a combination of a healthy and improved Ariza, an improved Sasha (he was already a decent defender last season, and based on his history off-season improvement is a reasonable expectation), and a healthy Bynum waiting on the interior will be enough to put the lie to the Truth.


Lakers Legacy,

I just was ESPN -- they are of course PERPETUATING to levels not seen since Kobe and Shaq's real beef madd years ago.

IMO, That display by Shaq further reveals his obsession for the spotlight and true disdain and jealousy of Kobe and that he really didn't want Kobe to WIN a next championship without him on the team. Furthermore, to suggest he ruined Shaq' s marriage is crazy!

I don't know why Shaq would do that. He had to know there was going to be madd buzz over it. It's more personal than comical. Of course, Stephen FLAKY A Smith would defend Shaq but there is no excuse but Shaq is just a plain phony!

I just don't get Shaq. He just said that he was very proud of Kobe during the San Antonio Series, and after he received the MVP.

Now this? Why?

Laker Legacy and lakersrydeordie. Both your post's are spot on.

Shaq gets a repeat with Summer School for the 2nd grade!

wow. that shaq video is really disappointing. there goes his image.

Fairweather Fatty

Dude God's speed. I have 3 herniated disks in my neck amongst two other recovering injuries from MMA.




I don’t necessarily disagree with you about the risks involved with a player like Artest. Nevertheless, I was very impressed with Paul Pierce’s greatly elevated play in the Finals. He definitely brought his A-Game to the Finals and outplayed Kobe Bryant. While I am not ready to trade Lamar Odom to get Artest or a similar defender like Battier, I think the Lakers need to really look at their matchup with Paul Pierce into the future.

My fear is that this new Paul Pierce will be able to carry the Celtics in future series much like many of the Celtic greats from the past. It’s Paul Pierce who you have to stop to beat Boston, not Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen. And just like we had Michael Cooper to guard Larry Bird and Mychal Thompson to guard Kevin McHale – or like the Suns got Raja Bell and the Spurs Bruce Bowen to guard Kobe Bryant – the Lakers need to find that player that matches up well defensively with Paul Pierce if they want to beat the Celtics.

There is no doubt that Artest comes with baggage but the question to is if he be willing to assume a different role for the opportunity to play for a championship team in a market that would give him more publicity than he ever got in Indianapolis or Sacramento. That role would be primarily as a defender and rebounder. While he would get opportunities on offense, he would not be a primary or secondary offensive force. If Artest looks at what happened with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen going to the Celtics, he may finally realize that the only way he is going to ever win a championship is to do the same and sacrifice like Garnett and Allen did and join a team like the Lakers to win a ring.

In the end, I trust that the Lakers front office will do what is in the best interest of the team, which probably is to stand pat unless a player like James Posey opts out who can be signed for less than the MLE, and hope the Drew protecting the rim, better team defense, and Trevor Ariza as a stopper will be enough.




Nobody is discussing the ESPN rumor that the Heat might want to trade Marion for Lamar -- I guess that means the rumor is false?

And another thing about that SHAQ free-style!

I hate to beat a dead horse, but that's what Shaq's doin, so there! Of all the things he could've freestyled, he went to the "OLD RELIABLE ROUTE" = Kobe. He knows NYC loves this type of drama, ESPN def feeds off it, the haters, most non-Kobe supporters so he got the ball and ran hard with it! Just crazy. Why not dis the fact that he can't shoot free throws, that he failed at marriage, is on his 4th NBA team, didn't make the All-Star team this year, that his wife dissed him for their personal trainer (PRESUMABLY) that he had relations with the chick known as "SUPAHEAD" aka The Video Vixen turned Author, Karrine Steffans herself and in that he could've denied that and the fact that he wasn't "all that you know where" as some would imagine! He could've said plenty that had NOTHING to do with Kobe but he went for the only thing he knows and that was to diss Kobe. What a loser! This behemoth (Shaq) is damn near 40 acting like this go figure!

I am sure Kobe will ignore it and not even make a comment. He will say he hasn't seen/heard about & that all he has been doing is preparing for the GOLD!

I mean GEEZ, the hook in that Shaq freestyle seems to be saying, "Kobe, tell me how my ASS taste" !

That's major! That is way low....

Can you blame Kobe now if he doesn't want to shake Shaq's hand before the next game?


You are absolutely right. Shaq is such a joke. LMAO. He has gone over the edge.

Add me to the list of Lakers fans who have totally tired of Shaq’s childish and selfish jealousy of and continually tasteless and boorish behavior towards Kobe. The guy has embarrassingly becoming a parody of his original self – the most disillusioned one.

I cannot wait to see Drew take Shaq to the shed four times next season. And although tempted, I won’t even suggest what Drew might say to Shaq after each dunk.

And you better believe that Kobe will be wanting to take off from the free throw line to YouTube Shaq in retaliation.

It is a shame that Kobe vs. Shaq has turned into class vs. no class.


Man - all the bloggers out there with injuries & illness. Good thing it's the off-season! Now get healthy & get ready for training camp! We need everyone at their peak so we can do this next year!


I DOUBT seriously Shaq's image takes ANY type of hit with his dissing of Kobe in his WACK freestyle display. I also doubt Def Jam or any recording label will be trying to sign him any time soon for an additional 16bars!

Everyone will think it is warranted, deserved and funny because its about Kobe and that will give them more FUEL to continue their personal/public diatribes about not liking the MVP..

Wow, i knew that all this while, shaq was sitting at home praying that kobe would lose so he wouldnt equal his ring total. I told this to all my friends and they disbelieved me. Now this? What a waste of 300 pounds

Aloha Laker Tom

Personally I am not sold on Artest. Yes he is a tough guy and a good defender. But on the offensive end he can be a liability. He gets pulled often for shooting his team out of games. as an outside shooter he really isnt much of an upgrade over Lamar and unlike Lamar, doesnt seem to realize his limitations shooting the ball. Plus as we all know he is a melt down waiting to happen.

I realize Pierce hurt us, but in this day of Luxary Tax, its very difficult to win every match up on the floor. I also believe that with the exception of game 6, that we played enough defense to win. It was offense in crunch time that killed us. I think if Bynum was on the floor it would have changed Boston entire defensive strategy. That would have ment KG would have had to guard Pau, and not roam the paint. I really think we will be fine without Artest.


About that Shaq clip:

Kind of funny. If anything, it seems like that goon to Shaq's right was the one that tasted some shaq-ass, nose-first.

Laker Tom,

thanks for the reads!

His closing line summed it up the best for all you hitting the panic button:

"A six-game defeat to one of the best teams of this decade isn’t reason enough to panic. Total obliteration of the three preceding opponents, though, is enough to maintain a core and be very excited for the years ahead."

Amen to that!!

Peace -


F Shaq. F the suns. I want their blood next year. This is ridiculous.

If the lakers ever retire Shaq's jersey I swear I will never walk into staples again and hate the lakers 4 life.






I also forgot to respond to the Sasha comment. While I think Sasha has gotten better, I am not one of those bloggers who classify his pestering style as either good or smart defense. He makes too many stupid fouls away from the ball, plays too straight up and flat footed to move quickly laterally, and does too much whining and flopping to the refs. And in the clutch, he has no real chance of stopping most strong penetrators from leaving him in their dust just like Ray Allen did against him on the critical play of Game 4.

I know Sasha fancies himself as both a defender as well as a ball handler but the offers that he receives as a restricted free agent will be based solely on his great shooting touch, as they should be in my opinion. He is worth $30M for 5 years just for that.


"If you go to you can find a not-safe-for-work video of Shaq unleashing a profanity-laced rap where his disses Kobe and Kareem. "

It's all safe if your SELF EMPLOYED!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! one to push you off this stuff though.......


Ok, to the freestyle and element of that video. (Long Post Bloggers. I suggest you move on)

1. That freestyle was worse than Shaq one two mic checking with the Fu-Schnickens. The delivery was horrible, and the content will be on another point.

2. That beat sounded like Teddy Riley on a casio keyboard/spell checker from Texas Instruments circa 1981.

3. That hook? "Kobe how you like my..." Horrible. Just horrible.

4. Living in NYC for 3 years and just coming back this past September, there is an air of Steelo or Taste Making from the Big Manzana. Who ever made it to that club and joined the chants, were whack ass party goers. They are the "I just got drunk to Zima and Andy Palmers - Amaretto shots are the shi* crowd." Put the hipsters, Upper West siders and working class to shame.

Ripping on Kobe, Kareem and Ewing?

What a bunch of bs! Goes to show that those were transient NYC'ers because Ewing is still respected. Kareem? Maybe they didn't know of his Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance.

Kobe he just was honored with the MVP title and was in the Finals? Maybe he is flash backing from 2000. How many playoff rounds did he play this year?

Biggie and Diddy?
Check out the lyrics and delivery from the promo copy of "Unbelievable." Talk about word play, delivery, and true MC braggadocio. In the same album debut, he talks about "Suicidal Thoughts," a topic that same era rappers would have never admit in proclaiming their manhood. BK to the fullest. King of New York!

Diddy, I'll take his $ over Shaq money. Diddy has an empire from Movies, Music, and Fashion. They are both just as pompous but Bad Boy money plays on and on, and it don't stop... Trust me Shaq, you live around his hood. You live in Cacti ville.

That ISH isn't funny. Its supremely IGNORANT at best of SHAQ and not suprisingly immature. To tell a next man, "tell me how my ass taste" is g@y anyway! ON top of IT he did it to detract from his horrid freestyle skills -- which he hasnt ANY!

Nobody EVER concedes that Shaq is TWO-FACED at least publicly, they don't. They all smile up in his grill and make him out to be this loyal BELOVED personality when he is a demon that hates and loathes with every opportunity if he is not the ONE who is getting ALL THE SHINE!

I agree. Unfortunately attendance don't count.

Go Lakers!


I agree with your remarks. Shaq is a fool looking to create hype around himself. Maybe he is trying to create a marqee matchup for next season. After all, no feud = no hype.

Shaq only gets along with jelly donuts.


Great, Shaq throws some gas on what was hoped by many of us to be a dead fire.

Nails Kareem also. Shaq and Kareem will possibly have something in common in both be responsible for rule changes. Kareem triggers no dunk rule in NCAA - due to his dominance. Shaq possibly instigates some kind of no intentional foul off the ball rule - due to the continually expanding exploitation of his incompentence at the line. Another legacy.


"What a waste of 300 pounds"

When did the Fatquille O Neill lose 60lbs????


What an unfortunate turn of events for Shaq. The general public will surely pick up on it and many people, like the joke that is the Funs fans, will love it simply because of the Kobe factor.

Man . . . I'm just lost for words about it. How can a grown man be so childish?

Aloha, Michael,

My position on Artest is that I trust the Lakers front office to make the right decision but I definitely believe they are looking at defense at the 3 as the top priority, which must include Artest, Battier, Posey, and anybody else known as a top defender. They will probably not make a move unless Odom cannot make the move to the 3 or they do not want to pay him to be 6th man, in which case they would make a trade around the same time as last year, when Lamar’s expiring contract will be very valuable.

If you pushed me, I would stand pat unless we can get help with our MLE such as Posey, and see how things changed with Drew. Everybody forgets that Drew is a very scary center physically. He is going to dominate so many other players next year with his physical play in the paint and above the rim on both defense and offense, that toughness may disappear as a concern. Still, there is something about going into a game with a stopper against the team’s other weapons. You always felt better about facing Bird when you had Cooper. etc. You also see guys like KG and Allen sacrificing stardom for a chance to win and wonder when Ron Artest will get that same message.


Uh oh - Looks the the Lakers are raising their ticket prices once again. I just got my invoice and, if my math is correct, I'm being charged $28/seat instead of $27/seat.

oh great...I guess that means we'll get the LA-PHX christmas game on abc now

will this petty, little rivalry ever die? i guess not, especially considering that shaq hasn't hit puberty yet and the nba loves made-for-TV drama

take heed, steve kerr and phoenix suns... the inevitable breakup of you and shaq will end just like everything ends in shaq's life: ugly.


"It's all safe if your SELF EMPLOYED!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Ooops. LMAO. Hope none of our bloggers set off the wrong bells. LOL.


We add Artest to the might of Kobe, Pau, and Bynum and we will not be stopped!

I wouldn't want that trash Posey, though.

In my estimation, the Lakers are 2008 champs. The Keltics only "won" due to Stern wanting to revive a moribund franchise.


Fair enough.

For the record, agreed on Vlad's 'F' from the previous year. To switch to a school metaphor, he's on, like, permanent recess.


Thanks for the Shaq vid link. Classic.

I gotta say, that smoking gun report post-Colorado, when Kobe ratted out Shaq, I wasn't a fan of that move. You can't justify your own bad decisions by pointing at someone else and saying, "But he did it too!" Still...


Hey buddy, take responsibility for your own decisions. If it took Kobe's words to some coppers to make Shaunie wake up, you still cheated on her.

Good musical hook, though. In fact, I'm ready to say that freestyle represents your peak as a musical artist.

SHACK has got rap skillz, and he don't lack for fodder whenever kobee is the subject!

SHACK'S message is understandable - he got the boot becuz kobee wanted to be the "man." I'd be a little agnry too. Just read Phil Jacqueson's book if you need further proof that kobee is an enfant terrible.

SHACK'S piece also underscores the sentiment that many, many in the NBA public share: kobee did not deserve to win a title becuz he is so arrogant and treats his teammates with such disrespect. Nearly everyone wanted Boston to win!

Just think of how bad SHACK will whup on kobee in the first reg season game vs. the mighty SUNS next season! Let the games begin!


I'm getting the same thing on my invoice.

I hope we're paying for Artest.

blah blah blah blah, all that old crap about Kobe did this and that back whenever , this is NOT the Land of the free thats for damn sure!

I guess its ALL Kobe's fault the Fat Boys are no more too right even though Human Beat Box basically ate himself to death?


We all have to hand it to basketbawful, for the critique of kobee and PJ:

Kobe Bryant: Kobe started out on fire in the first quarter -- 11 points, 4-for-5 shooting, a trio of triples -- just like in Game 5. And just like in Game 5, he cooled off in a big way. Actually, it was worse than a cooling off. It was a freaking Ice Age. Kobe scored 11 points and shot 3-for-15 over the final three quarters. He finished with 3 boards, 1 assist and 4 turnovers. And frankly, his performance didn't even feel that good. I haven't seen Mamba go down that meekly since that infamous Game 7 against the Suns in 2006.

Phil Jackson: The Lakers are young and, once Andrew Bynum gets back, they should be strong enough to contend for a title for the next three or four years (barring injury). So I guess he'll have another few cracks at surpassing Red Auerbach for most titles won by an NBA coach. But it didn't happen this year. Phil was outcoached by the combination of Doc Rivers (who knew exactly how to reach his players) and Tom Thibodeaux (whose defensive schemes, I'm convinced, could hold off an alien invasion). I love that this happened during the same season in which he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.




What's up Laker fans,
Shaq! Shaq! Shaq!  How I wished you should have done that rap clip during the Finals to light a extra fire in Kobe's eyes  You just had to do it when he and his YOUNG team were down and out (btw, how are the champion Suns doing this summer.? It was an early one wasn't it!).  Supposedly, you are better than that.   Now the world knows about your true sincerity and maturity.  C'mon Shaq, at least he made the Finals without another all-star.  Remember, you NEEDED Kobe and Dwayne (both all-stars) to get your four rings as they covered up for your MANY missed free throws and foul trouble. 
If you think this rap clip is funny and harmless, why don't you explain this nonsense to your kids who look up to you and Kobe's (After all, you DID win 3 championships with him as his kids in the future will look back at their dad's championship years with you.  DO YOU EVEN REALIZE THAT!  Apparently, you don't care about his kids feelings who absoulutely had NOTHING to do with whatever!  That's right!  Why should you!  Sad.).  You are a FATHER for petes sake in his mid 30's.  I'm shocked PERIOD! 
About the part of your divorce, you have no one to blame but YOURSELF for that.  NO ONE IS EVER RESPONSIBLE FOR SOMEONE"S MARRIAGE SUCCESS OR FAILURE!  It takes two to tango sir!  You learn those things in pre-marital classes and/or counseling.  Maybe Kobe was right about you.  Otherwise, why did you even mention it NOW!  The TASTE is terrible all around.  Not good for you, families involved and the association.  This is not the time to destroy families including your own. 
Besides, what in tarnation are you doing in a night club in NYC rapping at your age and skill level?  I'm not saying that you don't have a right to express yourself and have fun poking at someone.  Just be careful of your words and actions in the company of people, especially freestyle.  Leave that to a pro like Snoop Dogg who at least has proven taste in his rap ability. BTW, shouldn't you be with your family instead to continue to mend your realtionship with?  I'm sure your father (Sarge) and mother did not appreciate your antics in NYC.  You know that's true sir!
Finally, I REALLY thought you got over a lot of things that happened in L.A. and forgave all.  Heck, you even complemented Kobe on his MVP year and made a truce the year before with your handshake pre-game.  Bringing up Kareem, Ewing in your clip and white players?  Unreal!  Talk about opening up a can of worms.  If you want attention, do it on the COURT!  (Oh, that's right!  Your team has been done for a quite a while).  The Suns organization should take a closer look at you because of this fiasco.  Next  thing you know, you will be dissin Amare and Steve (the WHITE guy) for not bringing you to the promised land. 
Remember once again Shaq, you have young ones at home and around looking up at and to you!  You are not getting any younger sir!  You can't afford to "freestyle" in that regard.  To think that I as a Laker fan for many years actually felt good about your big part in our 3-peat run.  What a crying shame.  You just prolonged you H of F candidacy.  I'm just SO disappointed right now as a fan.  We must learn to forgive and MOVE ON!  Laker pride!     
P.S.- I feel sorry for the Suns next year!  Do you realize that Kareem (hall of famer) is Bynum's mentor!  What goes around, comes around!  BTW, KG and company WILL take 2 from you guys this coming season in blowouts.  That is a fact!       

SHACK has got rap skillz, and he don't lack for fodder whenever kobee is the subject!

SHACK'S message is understandable - he got the boot becuz kobee wanted to be the "man." I'd be a little agnry too. Just read Phil Jacqueson's book if you need further proof that kobee is an enfant terrible.

SHACK'S piece also underscores the sentiment that many, many in the NBA public share: kobee did not deserve to win a title becuz he is so arrogant and treats his teammates with such disrespect. Nearly everyone wanted Boston to win!

Just think of how bad SHACK will whup on kobee in the first reg season game vs. the mighty SUNS next season! Let the games begin!

Posted by: BUTLER | June 23, 2008 at 04:58 PM

I am looking forward to that matchup and for our series against the funs.

You definitely have an identity crisis Butler or should I call you Lets go C's as you posted under that name?

Aloha Michael H and LakerTom

Regarding Ron Artest, check this out:

If Ron Headcase opts out, the Sacto Kings would not get anything. Of course, he will wait till July 5th and exhaust all possibilities of retaining his current salary range plus long term contract. If Lakers accepts his MLE, then they would sacrifice the cost of Sasha who would surely get that range in other teams. Sasha has bird rights with Lakers but that's additional costs. We know that Luke is why not convince Sacto to get Luke's contract plus another filler, maybe Ira Newble for Ron Artest, better getting something than nothing. Meanwhile, Lakers maintain their salary targets, get Artest, retain Sasha and dispose their weakest link while SActo gets something who will guide their new players and made some mileage from the departure of headcase.

Only problem, will Maloof Bros. trade with their hated franchise that cheated them in 2002 playoffs?


I guarantee the Kings can do better in a trade scenario with Artest than Walton as the main piece. And if the Kings somehow find themselves with literally just the option of trading for Luke or losing Ron for nothing, they'll choose the latter. Luke's contract runs too long and he's not going to help nearly enough by himself to make the deal worth it. If the Lakers really want to trade for Artest, they're either going to need to offer more or take on a bad contract.


I've got to go with jestaguru on the Newble grade - if for no other reason than the "doorman at the bank" line... priceless.

AK, LakerTom and Michael H,

Currently, the floating rumors are odom to the heat ot artest opts out for the Lakers. Lets compare their stats:
In this order, Artest/Marion/Odom

PPG 20.5/14.3/14.2
R 5.8/11.2/10.6
A 3.5/2.5/3.5
FG% 42.3/45.9/52.5
Salary 7.4/17/14.1

Based on aforementioned stats., Ron Artest is the best player for every dollar spent. Of course, not mentioned here is character which is atrocious with Ron Headcase. Since Ron wanted to win and get a ring as well he can be another Rodman, JR Rider or Charles Oakley which PJ managed to deal with. Now if the choice is between Odom and Marion, I would stick with Odom tho' the outside shots of Marion are explosive, Marion is getting old, too unorthodox and much slower as the Heat player compared when he was with Nash, as exhibited with the Heat stint. If Pat Riley was not impressed with his style I don't think he would convince PJ that he would be useful in triangle offense. Eventually, the Lakers will get something of value on Odom if not the last day of trading maybe wait till mid season as L/T said that a team similar to Grizz' might find his expiring contract in exchange of their best player or players. By '08-'09 season, if LO wants to be a Laker badly, he has to lower his real value to 7-8M for extention of 3 years and I don't see Odom taking that route, he might venture of going back to Miami instead and play with D'Wave and Marion.

Yes, bring back Kwame... Once Sasha Vujacic is signed, we can think about Kwame. Dude may be rough, but he can and is willing to bang.

But. What about J.R. Smith? He's restricted also. Will the Nuggets (who are killing the cap like Michael Vick) (or Paul Pierce and Rondo on our perimeter defense) pay him a full mid-level? He's actually better than Sasha, one of my favorite players too. Right before the big Š (the Machine).



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