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Report Card - Sasha Vujacic

Vujacic_2 There aren't a lot of guys on an NBA roster (much less the Lakers') in whom I've had less faith than Sasha Vujacic. Not because I didn't want him to succeed, or because I didn't think he worked enough to make it happen.  Quite the opposite on both counts. Nice kid, hard worker, great drive, hustles 24/7.  All elements that made me actively root for him, but not necessarily believe his well-documented ability to shoot lights out in practice (the dreaded "11:30" tag) would translate into quality play once the games actually started.  Mind you, Sasha always insisted he could play at the NBA level, assuming he got a crack at consistent PT.  But even if I did buy that theory (which I didn't), this season began looking like he wouldn't even get a chance to prove it, as Sasha started out buried on the depth chart, alternating between garbage time and DNP-CDs. 

Then a long-awaited opportunity emerged, along with my eventual need to bake some crow at 375 degrees for half an hour, slap it on a plate, and eat heartily.

A November trade moved Mo Evans to Orlando and thrust Sasha into the role of Kobe Bryant's main backup, ready or not.  As it turns out, the answer was "ready."  The returns weren't immediate, but once he fell into a groove, Vujacic really took off.  Career highs were set for PPG, FG%, FGA, 3PT% and rebounds.  And as a gander at his career lines reveals, this wasn't solely the result of bumped minutes.  Sasha's non-stop energy was still on display, but this time around, it didn't come off like a coked-out puppy frantically desperate to please his owner and avoid getting sent to the pound. Whether he began relaxing on the court because he desperately needed to (as I've felt for a while) or because he felt like one mistake would no longer get him yanked (an explanation he often cited), the difference in demeanor was obvious. Shots weren't launched the second the ball met his hand (at least not every time, as old habits die hard).  The "six inches from your grill" defensive style remained, but it was accompanied by better reactions and fewer silly fouls 50 feet from the basket.  Most strikingly, Sasha transformed from someone I was barely comfortable being in the arena (much less on the floor) with during crunch time to a dependable fourth-quarter mainstay, often being counted on for crucial defensive stops. 

Thankfully, Sasha didn't abandon every trait of old. "The Face" - a timeless "elbows in, palms up, bugged out eyes" disbelieving reaction to a whistle that never fails to entertain - lives on.  Unfortunately, so do a few quirks not nearly as much fun.  I can't verify this for sure, since doesn't track this stat, but I'm pretty sure Sasha led in the league in "Taking the ball into the painted area without any real game plan."  At this point, the front office simply agrees to disagree with Sasha's notion that he can run the point.  As mentioned earlier, he's not entirely immune to shot-happiness.  And by his own admission, Sasha can get too emotional when things aren't going well, a response that happened on a few occasions during the playoffs (and especially the Finals). But those critiques fall around the margins.  All in all, Vujacic's season represented nothing short of a breakthrough, not to mention a clear indication that I don't always know what I'm talking about when it comes to evaluating potential.   

It'll be interesting to see what happens with Sasha this off-season.  On one hand, he's a player the Lakers would wisely like to bring back and he's expressed interest in returning. On the other, there's a limit to the cash they can (and should) match. If someone's willing to throw much more than MLE money Vujacic's way, unless the front office sees him as a starter in the very near making (with Kobe at the 3), I'm guessing they'll let him walk. But if it's in the 4-5 mil range, I'd be stunned if the offer isn't matched. 

Final Grade: B+  And in reference to Sasha's season, I have another mark to dole out to the TNT, ESPN and ABC broadcasters....

, For their continual reporting that Sasha dubbed himself "The Machine," despite his steady claims otherwise. Seriously, how hard would it have been for any of these folks to ask a member of the local media for the real story, which is that Joel Meyers coined the nickname? A perfectly believable story, too, considering Meyers used to talk about how "The Sasha Factor" could affect games back when Slovenia's Favorite Son wasn't even particularly good. It was embarrassing to watch these guys make fools of themselves.

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B+? B+?

The man deserves an A-! He was a large part of our run (not as large as Kobe and Pau of course)...but he was often the 3rd scorer we desperately needed. Plus his defense in the later part of the games were vital!

That said (-) because of that last play in LA...where he let Ray Allen go through like nothing. Not good.

Go Sasha! Go Lakers!

haha faith, AK hasn't succumbed to sashas charms. . thus the B+


BRING BACK KWAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a reasonable grade. This kid is going to be a critical part of the Lakers' success in the years to come. The salary cap issue will factor into their thinking in resigning Sasha, obviously, but they cannot let the disastrous decision making of the last two offseasons (Vlad's & Luke's contracts) stand in the way of keeping Sasha.

Simply stated: Sasha is the only guy on this team who can spead the floor with his shooting. Spreading the floor with a dominant low post with Bynum & Gasol will allow even more room for the MVP to operate. I honestly believe that Sasha's ability to spread the floor makes him a more valuable player in next year's lineup than Lamar Odom.

We know tomorrow night at 9:01 PM, where we stand with shi shi.

If Kupchak calls and Mitch hears.........

One ring and Sasha answers, "Hi Mitch, I've been waiting for you all evening!" [Great]

If it rings four times and its Sasha's agent saying, "Hi Mitch, let's talk." [Very good]

If it rings 6 times and Mitch hears Sasha's recording, "Sorry I missed you, please leave a message." [Not good]

If Mitch hears a busy signal over and over again. [Bad]

If Sasha answers, "Yeah, what do you want? Make it quick, I got Danny on the other line." [Real bad]

And if Mitch hears a recording, "Sorry this number has been disconnected. The occupant has moved." [Its Time to call someone else]

When you think of all the bad Laker investments like Brian Cook, it makes you really appreciate the value of the team not giving up on Sasha. Here's a guy who's paid off the team's investment in him.

Which is why re-signing Sasha should be Mitch's #1 priority.

My grade (like Faith's): A-


"I got Danny on the other line."

Sasha in a celtic uniform? Ainge teaching him HOF whining? Playing against the Machine in June? Stuff of nightmare.

Where was "THE MACHINE" in the finals?
getting his a$$ handed to him
Like Kobe, played one good game.



Lakers faithful are sky high on the future of AB - and rightfully so - the Era of the Beast begins in about 100 days or so.

But shouldn't we also be sky high on the future of this kid Sasha?

Sure, he started slow. 19-20 year olds who don't speak the language and are thrust into the No-Babies-Allowed (NBA) league at a time when their team is undergoing a crash-rebuilding program...and then their first head coach (remember Rudy?) quits mid-season...and then their next head coach is The Greatest of All Time...and then they end up playing BEHIND the guy who is having the best statistical season in the last twenty years (or since poor Sasha was still at the teet, to put it in perspective)

So, yeah, long-story-short, he started slow. But this last season was like his senior year in college, and how many college seniors are going to put up 20pts in a FINALS game in a must-win situation? For Sasha to have a ring already would be nice...but that's why it's called gravy, right?

I expect him to be a starter (hopefully here, but DEFINATELY somewhere.) He has that Steve-Kerr quick release, but at 6'6". When he runs the baseline curl and pops out above the elbow-extended, catches and shoots fading left (don't the great shooters love that, cause they don't have to square up...I'm pretty sure even I shoot better that way at the park LOL) the kid has LEGIT 3-pt range - ala Ray...or, dare I even think it...Dale Ellis?

A MUCH better stroke than Brent Barry or Manu's - those guys have to set their feet. His mechanics are much better than J.R. Smith, or Salim Stoudamire, or Webster (just to name a few bench-gunners).

But, skills aside, the kid already has something that's difficult to teach - MOXY. Big Huevos. A MOTOR. If we keep in mind that he is only a kid, and that he is still about 4-6 years short of his prime...

I'm not saying Bona Fide Perennial All-Star - hopefully he won't put up the necessary numbers, being that he'll be a Laker and the team's identity going forward will be "Bynum down low, sheds his man, one dribble, SLAM DUNK!"

But I do see Sasha being a game-changer. I see him developing into a consistant winner - ala Fisher - but with greater physical tools and presence to work with. I see him as being perennial top-five in league 3-pt% and with his quick release, a mainstay at the 3-pt competition in the all-star weekend.

He's already good. By himself, in a different situation, he's not likely to become "great." But with THIS team, he's a perfect fit.

No team has ever won 70 games without a top-ten 3-pt shooter spacing the floor. Sasha will be that guy for us.

Next season, healthy, 73-9, 16-2 playoffs, greatest of all time.

Tell me why I'm wrong.


All the Lakers deserve an A+ right? They won the Championship reight? Oh, sorry, they lost. Sasha couldn't make the Celtics roster, but he is a star here, OK.

i can't bear to listen to the Plaschke rap again. It loads everytime i come back to the Lakersblog page. Like Bill well enough but that video with the crummy rap where he talks about Shaqs rap is horrendous. Worse than nails on a chalkboard. Stick to PTI or that other show where the writers get points. forget the name.

Jeebus, B+?

Can you trust the ball in Sasha's hands at critical moments? Or to be mentally smart defensively? No and No.

B+ is at least one full grade too high...

Its the perfect time to bring in Sun Yue, if the Lakers feel he has the skill set to play in the NBA.

It will take 2-3 at least years to develop a quality NBA game.

While he is learning from Fisher, Farmer should be able to carry the load. Will allow for a smooth transition of the changing of the guard. (pun intended)

He will be understanding what its like to play on a Championship team as he's learning the ropes. He will not get that type of training in China. (maybe even Magic helps?) haha

Its a Drewski like project and it will take time.

He has an unusual skill set. This is not your typical rigid like play of a Chinese guard. Sun is very creative (like Magic), has a free spirit. He has more fun making great passes than scoring.
He's sneaky on his reaches for steals, his very hard to shoot over, so he can play back on his man, more than a few times he's shown the ability to recover to block shots. His quickness, and court vision allows him as well to rotating over for help side blocked shots.

On one play here on the video, he picks his man, dribbles twice, is aware of the clock and calmly makes a 45 footer.

Sun Yue ABA game tape highlights

He is very outgoing, not shy. Expect Sun Yue to spike and dye his hair blond, when he becomes a Lakers. lol Playing on a title contending team year after year, will make him the most popular NBA player in China. He will be a heart throb back home.

Troll Man -

Shut up idiot.

OK, this is the Sun Yue half court shot. Got ahead of myself in the last comment.

Congrats to Spain in the win over Germany. Enjoy it while you can Spaniards, becuase we beat you in Beijing in basketball. haha


“Next season, healthy, 73-9, 16-2 playoffs, greatest of all time.

Tell me why I'm wrong.”

I can’t do that because I think you’re right. The only thing the Lakers really need to have is great 3-point shooting to make the job that Drew and the Triple Towers have to do inside easier. We match any offer for Sasha, even if over the MLE. He is too valuable to lose when we can match any offer. Think about what we lost by not matching the offer that Fish got from Golden State? Sometimes, you have to overpay to keep your good players. Mitch needs to call Sasha and close the deal the second free agency opens.


Sorry, Fatty is seriously technically challenged. This time for sure the correct film.


I’m with you on Sun Yue. I think he has the potential to be a top flight NBA point guard, especially with his great ball handling and passing ability and 6-8 height and long reach. He could be perfect for the Triangle Offense as well as the running game that I think the Lakers are going to push next year and the obvious problems he could cause other point guards defensively due to his extraordinary height and length. He seems to be a slightly shorter but quicker, faster, younger, and better shooting version of Lamar Odom.

You are also absolutely correct that Sun is almost the complete opposite of the traditional Chinese basketball player. A lot of that is the result of having played a year in the US in the ABA and the Las Vegas summer pro league. That is why it is important for him to come to the US and learn to play NBA style basketball. Sun should get some excellent playing time and publicity in the Olympics. I know a couple of college teams that toured China last year had good things to report about the 6-8 point guard the Lakers drafted.

Here’s hoping that the Chinese government and Sun Yue are both ready to for him to join the Lakers and begin his NBA career. Your prediction that Sun will become a rock star level hero in China is not far fetched if he can have a successful NBA career with the Lakers. Hell with being America’s team, the Lakers want to become the world’s team.


I think we should start a 98-0 Bandwagon for next season.

Sun Yue is interesting but is he really a PG? Can he really stay in front of Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, etc. etc. It's not like we play these guys one time a year. Magic Johnson could get away with it because... he was the greatest player of all time and secondly, he had KAJ behind him, maybe the second greatest player of all time.

Bynum is going to need some very strong kung fu to cover up for our guards terrible defense which in turn will cost him playing minutes because of the extra effort he will have to put out on defense. Dude will be pooped after 6 minutes or so. Then, are we depending on Mihm to be able to come in and play 20 some odd minutes/game? That's a BIG gamble for a team that wants to go back to the finals. DJ MBenga is not the answer, I'm sorry the dude is a great story and all but he doesn't have the strength to push these behemoths out from the low post. Gasol can fill at the Center but he was somewhat exposed at that position by the Celtics. Turiaf is overmatched at Center. We need someone with some bulk to give us minutes at PF/C. Someone like Kwame... or... if you can name somebody else available that's better than Kwame? I bet you can't! LOL!

I actually agree with this grade. B+ is about right.

Let's see if he can make A- next year.



So did Arest opt-out or not? Has he given official notice yet?

hey that's my team, jerk



Interesting article I came across about how refs control the clock and stats are recorded in NBA Finals. Pretty far out and high tech. Also the source of the +- Lenovo stats. The question is do the all of the teams have access to this great video database?


The real stars of the Celtics-vs-Lakers finals were tucked away from public sight into the ‘digital centre’ of the NBA. And you thought technology had no part to play in the event?

Whoever said ‘God lives in the details’ would be a happy soul if he takes a look at the mind-boggling amount of statistics NBA collects during a game. While Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce may be the stars of the recently concluded NBA finals, technology held court behind the scenes. And we present to you the real seven wonders of the NBA finals:

Digital whistles

NBA doesn’t keep time the old fashioned way. The special whistles used in the finals have three frequencies that compose its sound, which are picked up by digital sensors of the game clock. According to NBA, the system is one-tenth of a second faster than humans.

4 laptops, 1 software, it’s magic

Armed with Thinkpad X60 tablets and a database software beaming a digital image of the court on screen, a set of four nimble-fingered statisticians record the happenings on the court. For instance, they can select one option for ‘made shot’, another for the player, and then touch the floor to show where the shot was taken.

adding faces to numbers

Even while one pair collects and sends stats, another team adds entertainment details like related photos and videos. On a night like a final, as many as 70 people may be working on data. Overall, in 1,300 NBA games, more than 675,000 statistical events were logged.

one heck of a network

The data collected goes out instantly to displays throughout the arena and to NBA TV, and to — all through NBA's extensive exclusive network — in real time.

lenovo +/- stat

Some say it is the future of statistics. The Lenovo Stat is a plus/minus statistic that uses ball possession time to look at the points gained when top five players are both in and out of the game. Even before the final, Stat correctly predicted Bolton Celtics as winners.

mother of all sports archives

The footage of the final will promptly join NBA's video library, currently standing at 4.8 petabytes using the latest archiving technolgies. And finally, our favourite wonder...

the world’s biggest HDTVs

NBA has the world's largest HDTV screens. Called Garden HDX, it's the US's first fully functional high-definition scoreboards.



Just consider this, when Sasha comes back next year his new mindset will be an Ainge copy cat. He will whine and deliver those frustrating shots that breaks down the heart of other teams. He will be slasher and no longer flops but with more weight capable of grabbing loose balls and slamming that old Cassell. haha! There you are, we have a new Sasha, the bulldozer. On the other hand, his counterpart, VladRad becomes a smart rebounder like Mchale, add more weight and compete with KG on rebounds. That's the objective next season Sasha and Vlad would change their personalities. Definitely, there was an improvement from '06 to '08, they just have to continue improving by using the Finals as their benchmark for progress. I always dream of Sasha taking the left side facing their basket at 45 degrees angle outside the perimeter, while Vlad on the extreme right corner outside the perimeter if they can sink 45% of their shots. I also dream of Sasha and Vlad of going to the hoop more often and get fouled 50% of the time, their free throws are sure baskets.

I believe LakerTom if you want Bynum and Pau to be effective in the paint, it will all come from Sasha, Vlad connecting those perimeter shots or have the courage to go inside attract D and fouls. That will be a great relief for Bynum to clear all loose balls and just tap the ball to the hoop.

Sasha should accept a maximum of $4m for three years with player option in two years and Turiaf for $3m. If they become too ambitious with a total salary of $10M, one of them will not be a Laker, there's no way the team can afford them.

Kobe Bryant, Lakers guard: He hit his first three shots and four of his first five but went 3-for-17 the rest of the game. His 22 attempts were only three fewer than the other four Los Angeles starters (Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher and Vladimir Radmanovic) took combined.












Sasha Vu-ya-chicks sucks Shaq's azz.

Euro trash can't ball, only compalin after every foul call and flop.

You Fakers are relying on Vu-ya-chick? Yes, keep the Euro-trash. I'd luv to see Vu-ya-chick next season when my C's b*itch slap you all.



Was doing research on Sun Yue and Team China.

He's projected to be the 2nd or 3rd option at pt guard on the National Team.

Not that he's not good, but his style of play doesn't fit the team. They plan on playing an inside-outside game loaded with their best shooters. Play makers are not needed as much.

He will see playing time, but this probably means they have no real dominant need to force him to stay in China. Therefore signing with the Lakers shouldn't be a problem.

It would be nice to have Sun Yue signed by the Olympics so him and Kobe (future Lakers family) can chum around some. lol

By the way, his Bio says it was always his dream to be a Lakers and thinks the Lakers style of play is perfect for him to develope in.

His girlfriend is a Top model in China. Yeah, this guy has Lakers written all over him.


This guy can really block shots and looks like great prospect as 6-8 point guard.

Sun Yue Lakers Pre-draft workout 2007
This video shows the various drills the Lakers had Sun do. He measured 6-8½ and 217.

Sun Yue Blocking Shot by Carmelo Anthony
This was a great block on Carmelo, who was really surprised.

Sun Yue Blocking Shot by Mike Conley
Conley can’t shake Sun as he steals the ball for a breakaway.

Sun Yue @ NBA Summer League
Good comments by Lakers broadcasters on Sun’s play in Vegas.



From Wikipedia:


Sun has attracted attention from the NBA mainly because of his exceptional height for a point guard and his passing skills. Despite being 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m), Sun has proven to be a capable point guard for both Beijing and the Chinese national team. However, during the 2006 World Championships Sun Yue was benched in favor of young prospect and fellow Chinese national teammate, Chen Jianghua.

On the China national basketball team, Sun has alternated coming off the bench with Chen Jianghua, behind starting point guard Liu Wei. He was initially forecast as the top point guard for China by the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, with his exceptional size and passing ability, but with the rise of Chen, there is now doubt as to who will be the better point guard in the future.

In 2005/06, Sun Yue started off in the ABA as not very productive. He turned it around and made the All-ABA 2nd team. His final numbers included 9.5 points, 7 rebounds, 6.7 assists, 1.9 steals, 2.5 blocks, 4.3 TO (1.56 ast/to ratio), and a shooting percentage of .39. In 2006/07, Yue made dramatic improvements, making the All-ABA First Team with averages of 13.5 points, 6 rebounds, 10.5 assists, 1.9 steals, 2 blocks, and 3.8 TO (2.76 ast/to ratio), and hitting 46% of his shots.

Sun Yue competed in the NBA Summer Pro League (Las Vegas, Nevada) with the Chinese national team in the summer of 2007. Held from July 6–13. Team China was the only International team competing against 16 other NBA teams. This was seen as a chance for the Chinese National Team to gain further experience against International competition in preparation for the Olympics.

At the Orlando Pre-Draft camp, his measurements were 34" vertical, 6'9" wingspan, 8'9" standing reach, 5.1% body fat, and 10.68 (top 3 rank) in lane agility. During the 2007 NBA Draft, Sun was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers during the second round as the 40th overall pick.

A senior official with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team confirmed that Chinese player Sun Yue, as of now, will not appear on the NBA teams line up in the 2007-08 season.

Sun also participated in the 2007 Stankovic Continental Championship and played vital roles in the winning against Team Venezuela and New Zealand. He also competed in the NBA China Games with the Chinese National Team against the Orlando Magic. Sun Yue ended up with 8 points, 4 assists, and 1 block in 24 minutes.

After the Los Angeles Lakers' 6 game loss in the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, the team has expressed its interest on Sun Yue to play for the team next season. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak said that they will be keeping in touch with the Chinese National Team player.



"Hey Ladies, Kobe "can't do without Shaq", so this "3:1" crap is simply crap.



Posted by: Let's go C's! | June 29, 2008 at 06:58 PM

And what exactly did Paul "academy award winning" pierce did before the scam that landed KG in that crap hole called Boston?
I will tell you. He was such a nobody that celtic fans where chanting MVP for the best player in the world, that is KOBE BRYANT. Do you remember that day or where u having your diapers cleane then?
So why dont you shut ur trap and crawl back to your hole already?

Sasha has come a long way, but he showed his potential on his way here.

Iniitially a sort of why'd we draft this guy, what can he offer us picked up late in the first round of the draft, Sasha has shown considerable improvement.

I recall 2 major events that got my attention with this guy. The first was a game in which Kobe fouled out in I think it was the 05-06 season. Sasha came in played with confidence, drained clutch free throws and won the game for us. His confidence is something I've always appreciated. It's glaringly opposite to Luke who passes on open shots.

The second event was his shooting in the playoffs of 05-06. For something like the first 4 games, he had the highest 3 point shooting percentage in the playoffs. This was the gangly Slovenian guy that you couldn't even really tell belonged in the NBA.

Both of these events showed Sasha had confidence and could handle pressure and perform well at the free throw line and shooting under pressure.

Yes, superstars perform like this in similar moments 75 percent of the time, but even catching some ability to perform like this in a 2nd year player was really something special.

Over the years, I've come to appreciate Sasha's ability to infuriate the people he's defending and getting retaliatory techs called on the guy he's guarding.

More than anything though, I appreciate his desire. His fury at losing game 4 in the Finals was an emotional demonstration I'd like to see. I want our players to get mad when they blow it. I want them to care.

Being overly emotional can be troublesome in a sport that requires a lot of good decision-making, but many of the most emotional players on the court I respect because they care. And because they care, they are more likely to work to not get in the disappointing position of losing again.

I agree with the B+ rating. Sasha guns just a tiny bit more than he should and his defense still needs work. More importantly, however, is the things he does have and that he showed, great outside shooting, the confidence to fire when it matters most, and desire. He's improved every year (and not just in stats). I can only think of 3 other Lakers that fit that category: Kobe, Bynum, and Farmar.

Number one amongst all things is that Sasha at times overperformed in the playoffs, most notably in game 4 of the Finals. When we have guys that overperform, that excel when we need them most, there's value and we need to hold onto it.

I think we have to match just about any offer that he's given. He hasn't shown himself to be a Bonzi Wells, Tim Thomas, (Luke Walton?) only plays well in contract years kind of guy.

If there's anyone that I want the Lakers to keep for the future it's Sasha. Take it to the bank, this guy is going to be a legit presence in the NBA. Hear me now, believe me later, but I can easily see him being an All-Star in a couple of years.

Just sayin'...



are you sure you didn't mean to give him an A of some sort? You said the grades were based on people's expectations of their performance, and this year, Sasha became a MAN. it is not often, when we witness the dropping of testicles in such a short period of time.

I mean, I think we were all like "Oh Dang, I suddenly and without warning have more respect for Sasha then I EVER EXPECTED TO HAVE IN MY LIFE". Isn't that like at least an A-?

I would think so. Then again, Ray Allen did run right friggin' past him... So you can dock him for that, if you want.


wow. the trolls are still excited! I think as much as the Lakers are loved, they are probably the MOST HATED TEAM in sports.

Can you think of any other team gaining the type of residual troll-action that the lakers gain?


Good stuff on Sun Yue Laker Tom...

Watched the videos and he looks pretty good. Seems like a solid pg. I look forward to watching him in the Olympics. Two question though?

1. When can we sign him? Before or after the Olympics? It would be nice to see how he plays before we sign him.

2. Will he play pg for us? We have Fish (though getting old), Farmar (our likely pg of the future), and Sasha whp can play the point. It just seems like a lot of pg. However, if we don't resign Sasha I can see Yue getting a spot on the roster, just not a lot of pt.

All in all, im excited to see what Sun Yue can bring and what we end up doing with him. Its all about getting back to the Finals next year and hopefully Sun Yue can hope us with that.

Lamar = Laker for Life


To all the annoying Boston fans on this board: you were not anymore responsible for the Celtics championship as we were for the Lakers' demise in the finals. You did not accomplish a thing. Get over yourselves. We are just discussing our favorite team--it's a hobby. If you had any intelligence at all, you will shut the $%^ up already!

Hey Lakergirls, don't forget you all had a chance at KG, but you Starlet Bryant was too busy talking trash last summer when KG was in the market.

You all got lucky with the Memphis giveaway of Pau "The Big Euro Trash" Gasoft.

Get some real playahs. You got none. Even you supposed Wannabe Jordan "can't do without Shaq-fu".


I luv this place yo!

Let's go C's!

Oh, I luv watching the non-stop coverage of the Celtic championship season played on NBATV over and over and over and over and over again.

over again.


I don't know if the Lakers as a team are the most-hated. As a team that gets trolled, quite likely.

This is the most popular sports blog of which I'm aware which means you'll attract more attention generally. That means you'll get more of the attention-needy, socially pathological types.

Also, many blog and forums on the net are downright fascistic in the posts that they'll accept. So many are reciprocally fallative echo-chambers and nothing more. This particular blog allows significantly more diverse input than most I've seen.

As a result, it's the most successfully trolled because the moderators allow it.

I suspect the most hated team in sports is probably the US soccer team. Nobody in the world likes to see us succeed in that realm after they perceive us as being so imperialistic (it's their perception--not my political statement). Ask any Mexican about the 2002 World Cup. You'll see.

Let's go C's/Butler,

You are one HARDHEADED dudette! You can do better than a "Kobe can't win without Shaq" and the "3:1" comment (writing Bible scripture verses now?). I know one thing for sure, he didn't bail on the Lakers his whole career unlike Shaq. Listen, Kobe had his reasons to leave L.A. at different points during his career! At least this time around, his actions shook up management and the young players on the team. It WORKED baby! That's what I call a "IN YOUR FACE" leader!

Furthermore, don't be so naive to think that KG and Allen were more than WILLING to trade their souls for a championship opportunity with Boston (which they took the ultimate prize after their perceived SUFFERING!). Mr. Ainge mortgaged their future and will pay dearly for many years to come in the loss column. For that reason, they will be ONE and DONE!!! Celtic bandwagoners like you just don't see the whole PICTURE!!!

Getting back to Kobe, he took the heat as a man and then more. I'm sure he understood the consequences of his actions and is learning and has learned from them. To think that KG and Allen were faithful through thick and thin in Minnesota and Seattle respectively beacuse they were bottom feeders? Right!!! They complained just as well (Mr. GM, I want the **** OUT! PLEASE? I BEG OF YOU!....)!

Speaking of Shaq, his middle name should be "pay or trade me!" If you recall, he wanted out (actually DEMAMDED OUT) in Orlando (ouch! I got swept!), L.A. (foolish to think he was the ONLY REASON for it all!) and Miami (left an battered, injured D-Wade and greatest supporter in Coach Riley to rot) when things got TOUGH!!! Each time, he publicly stated his intentions and blamed others from management to players he battled with. What leadership he displayed in times of crisis huh! Guess what, how did his SUNS DO this past year? Did I hear a pin drop? What goes around, comes around. It would not surprise me at all if he calls Boston this upcoming season before the trade deadline and tells Phoenix and Nash ADIOS through his whining tactics!!! Shaq may be funny and all that, but not LOYAL!!!! That is the BIG difference between him and Kobe. Loyalty!

BTW, we still LOVE you! Brush up your facts in the future ms.!

Laker pride through adversity dear adversary! Peace!

Sup All....

I'm headed on the road again so I figured I'd hook up my Laker Fam real quick, AK in particular since he has a "clue" regarding Hip Hop heavyweights,This is basically how Shaq WISHED he was hahaha

This past weekend there was a pretty big concert happening in London in case anyone wasnt aware lol
The short version is.. Noel Gallahger, co-founder of said festival/concert and lead singer of Oasis, balked at Hip Hop artist Jay Z being signed to headline Saturday nights show stating "that form of music( hip hop) didnt fit in with what the festival was about."

Needless to say, after a short video montage of the drama, Jay came out, mocked Gallahger with a William Hung esque version of Wonderwall and proceeded to rock the UK. Good Stuff!!! Here's a link to his entire 38min set, I wouldnt even bother posting it unless it was worth it, its Top Shelf.. Trust Me lol One link is an earlier performance from Lupe Fiasco 27mins the other is Jay Z both sets are uncensored. props to BBC UK for having the stones to post the performances with little editing .. Thank Me Later...


Good day LakerTom,

Always a pleasure to read your insights on our Lakers fan blog.
Just read the piece about the impending FA of Vujacic and Turiaf (Brand, Maggette included) on the Times Sports page.  Without a doubt, the no brainer here would be for the Lakers to resign Sasha and Turiaf IMMEDIATELY.  Money should not be an issue at all.  The Buss family can certainly afford them.  WINNERS alwys find a way to get business done.  If they need any convincing (if any at all), all they have to do is look at what happened this past season despite the many unforeseen bumps on the road (Kobe's concerns, injuries to key players, pre season criticism about the team having no shot in making the playoffs).  All this led to an eventual appearance in the Finals. This should be the kicker in the final analysis.  The future looks very bright in Laker town.  What's your take on this?

On the other side of Staples (for the sake of discussing possible scenarios), do you feel that Brand or Maggette should be looked at by the Lakers if they opt out by offering the team's MLE (although I would like to see Artest accept it for some reason.)?  They both can score, rebound and defend (especially Brand on the block and his knack on the boards at PF (a character guy I may add) and Maggette with his aggressive offensive game often leading to FT opportunities and decent defensive strength at the SF position).  The other pluses I see?  They are both familiar with the L.A. area sports scene, community and surely want to win BADLY (Being with the Clippers should be torture enough to put it mildly.  Also, they are Duke boys accustomed to winning b-ball at the collegiate level)!  The drawbacks? Both guys have a laundry list of injuries almost every year.  They seem pretty resilient though through their recoveries (hey, who doesn't get injured at one time or another!).  The all important question is then raised:  Will either of them take less money at a chance to win it all with the Lakeshow?  What are your thoughts about this possible scenerio developing as well (if at all)?

Laker pride through adversity!  Peace!

wow Cs fans are showing their true colors. All this time their town has been considered a long-suffering bastion of lovable losers, and people embraced them. Rooted for them. Now they show themselves for the classes bunch of cretins they really are.

Careful, Cs fans. What goes around comes around. Maybe when you learn to win with class you will do it more consistently.

Good Morning, Faithful...

Today is the day. I promised myself a little time to either grieve or celebrate after the Finals, and that when the time was up, I would quit my blog addiction until training camp.

I have a deadline looming on my next project, so it's time to quit obsessing about basketball and get "my head in the game."

On a lighter note, I plan on being in Venice, Italy, during opening night next season; my hotel is on the Grand Canal, within eyeshot of the Rialto Bridge. I WILL need a good sports-bar with satellite TV! Any suggestions? I will make sure to gather lots of "intel" regarding the numbers and intensity of Lakers' fans over there. It's going to be "a trip!" in every sense of the word.

Laker Tom, Jon K, Psyched, Ed G, Justanotha, Faith, Fatty, Complex, Caliosepher, the whole gang (even poor little BUTTLER) I will miss you guys and gals.

And if nobody minds, I will try to find ways to work all of you guys into the new book - I've got some pretty good ideas already! Unless my marketing director insists otherwise, the new book will be called:

The Un_Faithful.Com

Sounds creepy, huh? It will be the first time I've ever tried to spin a thriller around a heavy cyber-element. Wish me luck. This much is certain - there will be bloggers and screen names used for different characters: if, down the road, you happen to pick up a copy (please, let it be a pocket-back! 2nd print is where the money's at...and baby needs a new pair of shoes!!!!!) and you open it to some random page - and see your Blog-name in print...and you read on, to see how your ficticious namesake is helping the protag to unravel the mystery...and save Valerie's life!

Well, I'm tellin' you now that I was thinking of you guys. All "good guys" in my book - literally and figuratively.

And I've already decided to rename the killer's accomplice: it had been Rass, but I realize now that this is a stupid name. How about BUTLER? Now that's a guy that no one will miss when my protag bumps him off!

Okay. Dry the eyes. Drink the java. Get some bleepin' work done!

See you guys in a few months!


Agree with those who say keep the Machine. B+ is also about right.

Anyone going to the Rampage Jackson, Forrest Griffin UFC fight this weekend?

I'll be there, and wondered if any other Laker bloggers are UFC fans and going to the fight.

Ive missed something...

Are these grades based on the players actual contribution to teams success...or based on how the player performed as can be reasonably expected from him going into the season?...whats the criteria?

Clearly Sasha is not a complete player and will continue to improve...therefore he shouldn't get an A.Nor is he THAT responsibel for the success of the team...yet he had a season beyond his and everyone elses wildest dreams.I have a feeling he'd give himself an A

Fil me in someone please!


Enjoy your Venician trip in fall. I highly doubt if there is a sports bar between the port to Plaza San Marco, besides if there is one it will cost you an arm and leg but I've some tips for you. Just bring your laptop. They charge there the chair that you sit, table, utensils, plate etc (yes, their costings are enumerated in the receipt) and pay the premium as you get nearer to St. Mark's Square, as if you're at the Staples. Here's a tip, enjoy all the music at the square in the evening from Opera, Italian music, Rock, etc about 10 different varieties - again, don't sit at their chairs (restaurant sponsoring the band or orchestra) or else you start paying their food, music, utensils etc. and get stuck there till midnight. As a Laker fan cheapo' haha! we went there for sight seeing and free entertainment opened to the public and did it after having hearty dinner with the locals at the city proper. LOL!

Morning Party People!

Eric M. You lucky son of a gun... I have a feeling, Q is gonna mop up Forrest. I am not going but represent with Laker Pride.

>>>Sun Yue is interesting but is he really a PG? Can he
>>>really stay in front of Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Tony
>>> Parker, etc. etc.

Today? No.

With a year or two of getting used to the speed and physicality
of the NBA game? Maybe.

He played pretty good defense on Mike Conley last summer
in the NBA Summer league. On one play he chased
Conley down from behind on a fast break and blocked his
layup (a-la Tayshaun Prince vs the Pacers in the 2004
Eastern Conference Finals). And Conley's pretty quick.

Sort of a general comment, not specifically aimed at you:
When projecting rosters, we always need to consider how much playing time a player is likely to get. And for young players, especially those without a lot of experience from college, it is generally detrimental to the team's performance to give them a lot of time. Developing young players and trying to be a title contender are to a certain extent mutually exclusive. And when there are other "almost as young" players still developing, it doesn't leave much time. Is the sub time at PG and SG better spent on Sasha/Ariza/Farmar or on developing Sun Yue and Crawford? Especially when you are hoping for a playoff run. Same thing last season - the time available to work Newble and Mbenga, who are marginal players at best to start with, was better spent on Turiaf, Gasol, Sasha.

Karyanr -

Hopefully this gets to you before your sabbatical. I'm quite flattered that you would include me (on some level) in your book. Just let me know when it hits the stores, and I'll be more than happy to pick it up.

Hope you have a great next few months!


See you in a few months! Good luck on the book. Make sure that you include an element of obsession in your book.

The cyber world often brings out the worst in some people's obsessive nature. Strange how a "virtual" world can be all-consuming for some.


We may not be the most hated team in sports, but we're most def the most hated team in the NBA! We made it to the NBA Finals but fans from the 28 teams who DIDN'T get there tell us that WE SUCK! Heck, our Blog is getting harrassed by a dude who's star player has NEVER BEEN TO THE FINALS!

No other team in this league - Bawstun included - has the LEGACY, IMPACT and NAME RECOGNITION that the Los Angeles Lakers has. Look at the names listed in Mamba's Roll Call. You're talking a SEASON OF LONGEVITY that has branched from the 1950's through today...WITH NO 21 YEAR LAYOFFS IN BETWEEN!

It's the price of GREATNESS, y'all. We will forever have an invisible bullseye etched on our jerseys. Should Butler & Let's Go C's decide to bail, other trolls will take their place. Trolls will come and trolls will go. We will lose some games next season and they'll laugh at us and call AB overrated, Pau soft , Kobe a cancer and blah-blah-blah.

That's the price we pay for being THE SUPREME ICON of the NBA - so much so, a LAKER is the league's official logo!

So let them hate. Let them troll. Let them prey upon our downfall. Stand tall, Laker Nation and starve them. We will be back on top next year...

...and they will still troll about how long it took Kobe to win a ring after the Shaq breakup, how we stole Pau from Memphis or something of the sort. Once again: THE PRICE OF GREATNESS.

Laker Nation,

I must express some disappointment in the collective defense of Laker Nation.

Like our beloved Lakers' defense in the Finals, we have been undisciplined.

Certain Trolls who I will not name have been lingering here for MONTHS! Even after the Finals they continue to spread their vile slime throughout this blogmunity.

Why? Because we keep feeding them.

Like an animal covered in mange, we continue to throw scraps outside our doorstep only to be filled with revulsion when the parasite covered, smelly, filthy creature is found parked outside our door.

We are to blame. Not the Troll.

Do not be upset with the Troll. Be upset with yourself!

Starve the Troll.

And we can return to a more focused dialogue.



We're not getting Ron Artest.

Sun Yue isn't going to make much of an impact.

Joey Crawford is going to be a benchwarmer.

We aren't going to have much to talk about over the next 100 days.

Next year's roster is going to be a near-mirror image of last year's roster.

With Bynum back, we'll win a dominating championship next year.

What else can I say?


yo Kiwi,

see the note at the bottom of the Luke Walton report card. Apparently the grades are based on their expected performance being a C.

Will Artest opt out or not? We will know it by 9pm tonight. This is like waiting for Cinderella, if he opts out then it's a sure MLE 5 years only, if not, then trade with players Sacto Kings for possible 6 years deal. Both ways, Lakers gain and lose. It is a gain b/c now we have our own version of Posey-Perkins combined. It can also be a calculated risk in signing a headcase player with a veritable history of trouble. Before signing him up, RA should undergo socio-psychological exams. evaluating his expectations with the team, with his teammates, with the fans, with the LA media including AK/BK and Hollywood. Without those answers lakers might be getting an incredible hulk that could also wreck the team's progress. LOL!


>>>To all the annoying Boston fans on this board: ...
>>>... shut the $%^ up already!

Nah man, let them have their fun. I say let "Let's go C's"
and Bear75233 and whoever spew their garbage all they

They have to get in as much celebrating and taunting as
they can. Their team hasn't been to the finals in 20 years
before this, and the Lakers were the last team to knock
them out of the finals (in `87), so I'd expect them to hold
a grudge.

And those 20 years, their team really sucked. They missed
the playoffs in 9 of those years and lost in the first round
6 of them. Can you imagine not making it out of the
first round 75% of the time for 20 years. I know as a Laker
fan, I can't imagine how horrible and humiliating that must

And of course they won't make it back to the finals for another
20 years, so now it's 20 more years of mostly getting bounced
in the first round or not making the playoffs for the Celtics
and their fans.

So go ahead. Have your fun. Let out some of that bottled
up humiliation for finally scratching one up. It's nice that
your once great (a long time ago) franchise that had been
in such decline has actually shown a sign of life. Congrats.

See you in the finals again...

In 2029 or so.

Let's go L's,

Maggette is a terrible defender. He's pure offense. Nice player,
but he's opting out of 7 million and probably expecting to make
more than that. I don't think the Lakers can afford him.

With all due respect, I think it's a little ridiculous to think that the Kings will trade away arguably their best player to a team in the West, much less to a hated team like the Lakers. That's like trying to trade for B. Roy up in Portland, not happening.

I still say we keep the team as it is, and if it doesn't seem to be working by the trade deadline, then we should explore our options. Just make sure to bring back Sasha and hopefully Ronny, along with a vet to come off the bench.

We got this far without AB, without TA, without Mihm, imagine the possibilities with a fully healthy, experienced squad next year. Sit tight and let things play out for themselves, that's what I say.



Leave the blog for a few months?! Won't happen, trust me.

You are forgetting and failing to admit to yourself, the addictive nature of the Lakers blog.

Whatever the additive is that the K's put in here, I don't know. But I do know, that it's more powerful, and more addictive than cigarettes, cocaine, and Gilligan's Island reruns put together.

You are bold in your prediction now, "I can leave for a few months and be back later. I control my addiction, it doesn't control me." But just watch.

A simple look-see, one little peak, "it can't hurt". And before you know it, you'll be posting volumes on things like Sasha's sneaker care and what to name Luke's dog.

If you think you are not an addict, ask yourself these questions.

Do you find yourself losing sleep over Trolls comments? Before going out to dinner, do you find yourself looking just 'one last time' for the latest Lakers trade rumor? And then during dinner, is your mind wondering, 'what is Mike T. saying right now? And what is the first thing you do when coming home, even before going to the bathroom, or letting the dog out, checking the blog. right?

You are an addict, just like all of us. Addicts don't wait 3 months. Three days is about right.

Don't seek help and waste your time on groups like Lalanon. (LA Lakers Anonymous) They're just a sad group of old Clippers fans that will make you come back even sooner.

Those who admit it, like most of us here, that keep on coming back, are the John Daily's of the Lakers blog. Yeah we got a problem, like gambling or drinking, but who cares?

We know and realize, that the Lakers blog, is really the 'Hotel California' of all blogs.

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

Wishing you the best in the off season. But I'm sure we will see you 'sooner, rather than later'.

Haslem had season ending foot surgery to remove bone spurs - is supposed to be ready by training camp. Question: if you're the Heat, would you trade him for Vlad? If you're the Lakers, would you trade Vlad for Haslem? Their salaries match fairly well.


>>>No other team in this league - Bawstun included - has
>>>the Los Angeles Lakers has.

Actually, I beg to differ. The Boston Celtics are the only other
team in the league that do have the level of legacy as the

Granted, most of it is way in the past... they're sort of like
Greece or Rome -- once the great civilizations of the world,
but now in decline, while the Lakers are like the U.S., the
team with the strongest current legacy in the league.

I'm kinda glad that the Celtics have made it back to being
a competitive team, even if their fans don't know how to
win gracefully.

We need to bring Sasha back. Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if the Suns or the Spurs got him? Let’s put it this way, how much is Vlade getting paid? How much has he produced for us this year? Compare that to the contributions that Sasha has made and I think it’s pretty clear that the front office should offer him as much as they can to keep him here. Hey, is there any way that we can give Vlades contract to Sasha?

AK/BK, I think you guys are brilliant but you totally dropped the ball on his grade, he deserves an A, no one expected him to come out and have a break out year, by your own admission you really didn’t think he would even get playing time and not only did he get playing time he became Kobe Bryants backup and one of the more productive players for the Lakers, and all he gets is a “B”?. Also, shouldn’t he get some sort of credit for his bouncy hair?

LTLF: True legacies don't take 21 YEAR LAYOFFS!

Long Time Laker Fan - Jon K

Hello guys. I feel the trolls are also regulars as Laker fans and or antagonizers. I just have fun with them. There are a few linked to the same poster as they have slipped and openly admitted on the blog to have fun.

Honestly, one has replied in Spanish and just simply wants to have fun. And I respect that. Do I hunt and bury them? Yes. But all in the spirit of blog and basketball fun. All I care they could be good people.

Love to you all.

>>>LTLF: True legacies don't take 21 YEAR LAYOFFS!

Yeah, but could you really say that Greece doesn't have a
legacy as a country? Rome? Great Britain (when it was
still great)?

It doesn't mean they're one of the top countries now, but they
do have a legacy.

Same thing with the Celtics.

A legacy is something that comes from the past, whether
it be the recent past (as is the case with the Lakers) or
the distant past (as is the case with the Celtics).

We know and realize, that the Lakers blog, is really the 'Hotel California' of all blogs.

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."


You want a laugh. Check out espn's review of the top free
agents. Scroll down to their 10th best unrestricted free agent.

I suggest you not be drinking hot coffee when you read this,
as you're almost sure to spit it through your nose when you LOL.


In advance and if it happens - thanks for the nod in your next project! I love Italia - my 2nd fave country (behind Ireland). Enjoy the vino and gelato and wonderful people. Have a great time away!


Fairweather Fatty,

"You are an addict, just like all of us. Addicts don't wait 3 months. Three days is about right."

Dude, I burst out into laughter upon reading this.

I guess it's only a matter of time before karyanr is feverishly logging on at some Internet cafe outside of Venice so that he can ridicule Butler again.

How are we going to get through the rest of the offseason post-Summer League?

I'm serious.

I don't expect any major offseason moves.

I mean, bizarre trade scenarios get old pretty quickly when we've got nothing better to do but sit tight and let Destiny unfold itself.

It's going to be a LONG, LONG offseason.


I think it makes sense, financial and emotionally for Artest to opt out now.

Current salary for upcoming season 8.4 million.

Most he would realize by opting now. 5.8 mil over 5 years. (MLE)

So why opt now?

1. His choice. He chooses the team, location, and situation.

2. Sac chooses where he goes, if he stays. He has nice value for trade bait with his expiring contract. It could be the Memphis Grizzlies. Who knows? He would have to endure one more unsettling and losing season.

3. He won't get much more money if he stays with Sac this year over the long run.

If if no team is willing to pay him more than the MLE (5.8) this year, would it be any different next year?

So, if Ron Ron opts out now, he chooses the team, (instant gratification) can immediately be on a winner, and over the next 5 years would realize only 2.5 mil less in salary.

A Sac Sign and Trade? Would give Ron more money, but so far Sac hasn't been interested in helping Artest get more money.

Artest extension: Sac has no interest in giving Ron one. So why should Artest show any loyalty to the Kings?

So Ron Ron, don't worry about all this stuff. Just be happy now, opt and sign with the Lakers.

Hi all: I think the grade for Sasha is fitting for this moment in time. He had an okay first half and a good 2nd half - which equates to a B. Then you add in the fact that he took on the challenge of trying to defend where we were weak in the finals and I have to give the + for the effort.

We definitely need him - I don't think he wants to play for anyone else - especially when you re-listen to his G6 post-game interview. His heart is here and I think he really enjoys the LA lifestyle and being the young, hot celeb athlete.


Fairweather Fatty,

>>> You are an addict, just like all of us.

How right you are.

Meanwhile, the countdown to 9 pm is like a clock loudly ticking. If the blog were a local news channel, there would be a new thread in 99 point type:

S A S H A W A T C H 2 0 0 8

...with AK and BK co-anchoring in front of loud graphics and file footage of Sasha making 3-pointers over and over. "We're on standby to bring you the very latest. We have reporters live at the Kupchak offer desk, and a team of correspondents outside Sasha's castle."

Sasha has risen to cult status.

Would you tell this guy he's only deserving of a B?

Further to my last post, I wouldn't see Haslem as a starter, but as a backup - I really think we need another banger on the team and our options are limited. The Heat could use another shooter (Vlad). Well actually, they have a whole lot of needs but I'm not going to even bother listing them... Riles really managed to screw the pooch.


Bynum, Mihm
Pau, Haslem, Turief
Odom, Trevor, Walton
Kobe, Sasha
Fish, Jordan, Sun, Carl

Fatty baby, you're really funny. We got a problem with our wives, they think we have a girlfriend in the Lakers Blog. She didn't know it's all about Luke and Sasha.

LTLF - thanks for the link - #10 - that IS funny... just shows how paltry the list is. The Kwamster - a case study in how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Bill Plaschke rapping is a clear sign of the upcoming Apocalypse.


there is NO... FRIGGIN... WAY... Artest opts out and takes less money to come play for the Lakers. I don't want the dude anyway, what kind of... $%^ trys to get time off from a job he is making millions at, to try and do a rap album? There's people who pretend to be crazy and THEN THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO REALLY ARE CRAZY!!!

Definitely hope we re-sign Sasha, who thought we'd be saying that??? Would LOVE IT if we re-signed Kwammus the Brownus as it would give us something to talk about for another year. Turiaf, would love to have the guy back but we'll see...

The Lakers always seem to go after somebody out of left field, who's it gonna be this year?

Kwamus, we could always just mock Vlade. I have a feeling he is going to be the Shawme of the 2008-2009 season.


Thanks for your response. For a guy with a solid frame and aggressiveness, I always thought Maggette was a decent defender at best (at least the times I saw him in action).

You're right about the "Benjamins" in regards to FA! Some players prefer a huge payday over the chance to win championships nowadays. To each his own I guess.

Laker pride through adversity! Peace!

You haters can say whatever you want, but Sasha has been a great role player for the Lakers this year. The Machine!! I still feel this guy is still underappreciated sometimes, for example, did you know he had the highest 3 point shooting percentage for a Laker ever? And one theory of why abc, tnt, espn kept getting the origin of machine wrong is because Joel Meyers works for Fox Sports where Laker home games are viewed, it's stupid, but it seems they didn't want to plug another network





Check the ARCHIVES! I told ya'll Sasha was gonna do it real big!!! Glad he's finally playing up to his talent. Now it's time to play up to his potential. He is very valuable to our success and is worth more than Luke, VladRad and Mihm who all lead the bad contract parade.

I'm just waiting for Chuck to sound off like for Ginobili:




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