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Report Card - Trevor Ariza

Ariza_2 Just before Thanksgiving, the Lakers sent Brian Cook and Mo Evans to Orlando for Trevor Ariza, a swap met with little buzz around town.  And the attention it did receive centered more around Mitch Kupchak finding a taker for Cookie's deal or if Sasha Vujacic could handle being Kobe Bryant's main backup than Ariza himself.  But after a week or so of acclimating himself, the L.A. native was worked into the rotation and began opening Lakers fans' peepers by sporting two skill sets not in great supply on this roster: Slashing and the ability to defend a variety of positions along the perimeter. December saw a brief starting stint before moving back to the pine in favor of Luke Walton, a move I didn't agree with.  I also didn't think it was a particularly big deal.  Especially since Ariza's reintroduction to the bench mob didn't really cost him much in the way of PT.

A broken foot in January, however, did. 

What began as a hopeful eight week absence ended with Ariza unable to get back onto the court until the Western Conference Finals in late May.  By the time the Lakers played Boston, the hope was for Ariza to have recovered well enough to help slow Paul Pierce (or if nothing else, more so than Walton or Vlad Radmanovic).  Unfortunately, the rust gathered over five months was evident, as his attempt to make a lie of out the Truth was no more successful than any other Lakers'.  Fans still clamored for him to get more Finals run, and while it wouldn't have likely made matters worse, I doubt it would helped much, either.  Like I talked about with Mbenga, Ariza's absence sometimes created memories of him as the second coming of Ron Artest.  He's a good defender, but that's a bit of a stretch. 

That being said, his abbreviated season was a promising one, and assuming that foot doesn't become a recurring issue, Ariza's role is among the more intriguing plot lines of next season.  Some feel a front line of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom could be too much of a good thing with length and not nearly enough of one with transition D speed, citing in particular Odom's inability to spread the floor.  Ariza definitely is an upgrade over LO at shadowing perimeter guys, but he's no real improvement as an outside shooter.  Ariza's game is about attacking the rim (his attempts at the stripe often equal his tally from the field), but he won't likely win a starter's gig unless he becomes a threat from just inside or outside the arc.  Of course, if the bench mob retains its push the tempo pace, he's a perfect fit.  Either way, I can picture Ariza finishing many a game, which I always think is WAY more important than starting one.  I can also picture him making minutes a limited commodity for Vlad Rad and Walton, unless both pick up their games.

Final Grade: B/Inc.


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TA with his time off did work on his jumper and it showed when he played against Celtics. Hope he continues to improve on his shot and add the strengh he talked about and he will work out nicely.



"Memphis sends Mike Miller, Kevin Love, Brian Cardinal, and Jason Collins to Minnesota.
Minnesota sends O.J. Mayo, `Toine, Marko Jaric, and Greg Buckner to Memphis."

Memphis sends Miller Draft Beer, Some Chunky Love, a Priest and a Player.

Minnesota sends Orange Juice - Mayonnaise, Some Chunky Walker, 6' 7" Fido Dido and a Player.


TA did such a nice job against my beloved C's that your Fakers lost by 40 points in a closeout game.


The future is looking bright for you Fakers.


Where was Kobeef? Disappeared AGAIN!

So much for "getting offy ANYTIME"?


Lakers suck! Fakers suck! Kobeef sucks!

Shout out to Trevor Ariza -- Be the next Michael Cooper baby...

Ok, he may not have the ball handling skills that allowed Coop to be a back-up point when needed, but the other skill sets are pretty similar. Long, athletic, can guard 2's and 3's. Just develop a reasonably consistent 3-pt/mid-range shooting ability for offensive spacing and he could play a valuable swingman role on this team for years.

hey AK, why is trevor changing his number to 1?

He's a big Smush Parker fan.


Its my birthday, Im pretty drunk and Im loving the LAKERS. I wore my Odom undefeated "I hate Boston" shirt tonight and got a million compliments. It was pretty awesome. I don't know about Joe Crawford. But again, I don't know about anyone with the 58th pick. I'm all about getting Bynum back. and ODOM is the key. Just watch. Odom with Gasol and Bynum is going to be a force.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Let's go C's!/Butler,

Looks like "h" and "a" are the only letters in the alphabet you know to date. You must have made your Kindergarten teacher PROUD! Btw, your math is horrible too (39 point loss by our Lakers. Payback will come!)!

The 40 you are talking about must be the "waistline" you sport for all the BS you eat and dish out on this blog. Trim down brah! YOU STILL HAVEN'T LEARNED BASED ON MY COMMENTS TO YOU!!!!!!

Still waiting for your MANLY/LADYLIKE response to my KIND blog messages! Ignoring truthful comments as usual huh? What's the matter, finally met your match? What a cracker!

Nuthin but luv adversary! Laker pride through adversity baby!

Excuse me while I stray from the blog to say to "let's go c's".....when are you going to go???? please go. Anybody else want him out???? If so just type "yes". and feel free to throw in a few words about how you felt his body of work of contributions to the Laker Blogs, really were "enjoyed"....time for you to get "offy" this blog!!!!!

All "let's go c's" haters chime in.

K bros, his contributions are not "healthy"....his only motive is to disrupt your blog. Think about that.

i personally think ariza is one the top three off the bench behind sasha and farmar.the lakers need 3 point shooting in the starting rotation in the worst way.i think the lakers should've traded odom for mike miller. lamar doesn't hit 3's, free throws, or have a mid range game, miller does all of that well.

Okay, so these three NBA fans walk into a bar...a Utah Fan, a Pistons Fan, and Celtics Fan.

Being that it's a hot day, and the three of them are thirsty, they each order a pint. The bartender sets the beers down in front of them.

Being that it's a hot day, the bar's back door stands open, and some flies buzzin' round the trash cans in the alley meander into the bar. One-by-one, a fly lands on top of each of the three pints of beer, where they buzz their wings and waterbug around on the surface.

The Utah fan says, "Eeewww! That's so grossssth! Hey, Miss-ther Bartender-Man? Can you pour me a wine-cooler insthead? Somethhing that tasthes like fruit?"

The Pistons fan says, "Gimme a spoon, will ya?" The bartender hands him the spoon; the Pistons fan scoops the fly out of the beer, flings at another patron (who had his back turned) and then gulps the beer.

The Celtics fan rolls up his sleeves and rubs his fingertips together. He takes his reading glasses out of his pocket (oops - Celtics fans dont' READ, do they?) and sets them in place across his nose. He bends down low to his pint of beer, and, ever-so-carefully, siezes the fly by both of its wings. Carefully it lifts the tiny creature out of the beer and hold it up in front of his nose. Face to face, he screams: "BUTLER? Is that you G-Damn-it? Spit it out, you bastard! Spit it out!"


The troll won't leave until he has been starved. Feed him, he just sticks around. Too many here have been feeding him. Just remember the effective blog troll policy as established by Jon K...........

Identify the troll (done)

Wound the troll (done)

Starve the troll!

All here just need to starve the little sucker, and he'll disappear quickly.

Good morning Mamba24, Charles, morning CRUE, Laker Family!!!!!!!!!!!

Toad - agreed. Starve the trolls & they usually disappear, although some of them are a little more persistant (ummmm - pitiful) than others- LOL!

Everyone needs to understand that the purpose of a troll's life is merely to serve as a warning example to others. We can see what happens if you hang around mom's basement too long with your laptop & pb&j sandwiches.

Anyhooo - as always it's a great day to be a Laker fan! Less than 100 days to training camp!!!!!!!!!!


>>> BUTLER? Is that you....

All I can say is: Brilliant Post!!!!


Haha, nice one. So true.



If the Lakers don't re-sign Sasha (although I believe they will) do you believe that they would try to replace him with Coby Karl? I didn't see him play much and as I recall his shooting % was kind of low( to be expected being bit a rookie and not seeing much floor time), but I do remember hearing that he had one of the sweeter and more consistant jumpers on the team - he just needed to polish his game more a la Sasha or do you think crawford was picked up in case sasha leaves?


Belated Happy Birthday Sir!

I think it's time to make a clear cut definition of what we mean by "Starve The Troll": SILENCE.

See, dudes like BUTLER and Let's Go C's live off one thing: ATTENTION. They flame us, we respond, they use it as ammo to keep flaming. They are poor, broke, lonely and troubled souls who prey upon the Lakers' downfall because it's their only reason for living. As long as we keep responding, they still have a purpose.

Once we, collectively, stop responding to their trolling - they regain their haunting sense of ABANDONMENT & LONELINESS and then they will crawl back into their caves never to be heard from again until Kobe Bryant loses another basketball game.

As we move on, the trolls get starved. The Celtics were the better team last season. Hip-hip-hurrah!!! But we have moved on.

Jon K has moved on. Mamba has moved on. Laker Tom, Edwin, Rick F, Faith, Fatty, Tim 4 Show, Complex Brotha, Compton's Finest, Charles, Karynr, myself and all the rest of us have moved on. Better days ahead. Come October, everybody's 0-0. New day. New season. STILL OUR TIME.



Belated Happy Birthday Sir!

Posted by: | June 27, 2008 at 08:37 AM

That was me...


Starve the Troll is the only thing that works.

Wounding the Troll more than once makes it think you want to give it attention. No more than one wound, then starvation.

Remember, Trolls are never here to have a reasonable discussion. They're only here to get attention by causing trouble and spouting nonsense.



Many Happy Returns!


excellent post, sir!

Good Mornign Charles, Jon, utz & justa...............

Right on point, guys.............starve the sucker!


May I bury the troll? I haven't had the chance yet.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Mr. Barneydangles!
Happy Birthday to you!

Trevor is my Laker crush this next season! I am going on record righ now he will be huge for us - definitely NBA's most improved player.

Anytime you are are in a championship situation and you know you can absolutely help your team but the body just doesn't let you - it makes you more hungry. That's what we have in Trevor.

He is going to excel at home because of his local roots (think Farmar) and by virtue of his position torched on "D" in the Finals - I feel he comes back with a D-vengeance mentality.

Everybody across the board gave dismal grades to this position: Vlad, Luke, Trevor. Which of these three guys do you think will accept the challenge this Summer and take it to heart? My vote is Trevor. Start the bandwagon!

Mark the calendar for the first Celtics/LAL game - Pierce will be stopped and it will be our boy Trevor. Can't wait!

Anyone care to bet that it will be Lakers/Celts or Lakers/Suns on Christmas Day??? You know how Stern loves ratings and the chance to showcase drama....



I guess if you feel hiding in my closet all day, shivering with no light, only to come out for food and bathroom breaks, means I'm over the loss, then D*nm it! I've finally gotten past losing.

Give me two weeks and I bet you, I'll be leaving my house again.

So... ummm... when does Summer League start?



"AK, If the Lakers don't re-sign Sasha (although I believe they will) do you believe that they would try to replace him with Coby Karl? I didn't see him play much and as I recall his shooting % was kind of low( to be expected being bit a rookie and not seeing much floor time), but I do remember hearing that he had one of the sweeter and more consistant jumpers on the team - he just needed to polish his game more a la Sasha or do you think crawford was picked up in case sasha leaves?"

If the Lakers can't resign Sasha, I can't imagine they're automatically "slotting" Karl as Kobe's main replacement. While I think they do like Coby, he's very inexperienced to be taking on such a role. Sasha being gone could increase Karl's chances of making next year's roster, but I would think a look beyond the roster for someone more established would be needed.

As for Crawford, I think people are reading into this way too much. If Sasha's gone, I seriously doubt the Lakers will put their eggs in a late second round draft pick to replace him. When you draft 58th, it's generally about taking either the best player available or the proverbial "flyer." But I wouldn't put 2+2 together with Crawford and Sasha.


has anybody mentioned that Michael Jordan has to be one of the worst GM's ever? Another terrible draft under Jordan's watch...


You like them dudes with Tattoos on their neck huh?


Nothing says "class" quite like a big spider web tattoo on the side of one's neck.


Kwammas Brownus the III,

Jordan did draft Kwame Brown first...


The only truly Great (Hall of Fame) player I can think of who became a Great General Manager is Jerry West. Everyone else has disappointed for the most part.


this is a great line: "it’s rare a man finds out his true worth"


It happens all the time. One team makes a pick, another buys the rights to the players. Take Bill Walker of Kansas State, who got sold by the Washington Wizards to the Boston Celtics for an undisclosed sum.

First off, it’s rare a man finds out his true worth and, depending on the number, it might be a humbling experience. Of course, when it comes to someone who’s been through the college basketball recruiting system, it’s entirely possible this isn’t the first time there’s been a monetary exchange for services.

I actually think Karl will be a good replacement for Sasha whom I think we are going to lose just because he will get the mid level from other teams. If Jason Kapono can get mid level, Sasha can too because he plays defense. If that is the case Karl should take his position.

I think we groomed Sasha, and I think we can groom Karl also. And from what I saw briefly from him, he can finish around the basket better than Sasha. It would be unfortunate to lose Sasha, but we already have four players that will eat out salary cap with Kobe, bynum, Pau and Odom. The best thing we can do is surround our big four with complementary players that will be for the cheap. Boston have the big three and they are within a reasonable range of the salary cap.

I think Karl will be active on defense like Sasha was because he is also a guy that needs to prove he can play in this league and eventually earn the kind of money Sasha is about to receive.

Honestly too, Sasha went asleep in the Celtics series. I think he was one of our key guys we needed to open the court up for Kobe. I think he should have given us the kind of three point threat that James Posey gave the celts.

Losing Sasha will be big because there were nights were he was truly an offensive juggernaut. Boy had a couple of 20 point games coming from the bench, which is impressive and brilliant. I could see why the Spurs would really go hard to get Sasha. He will definitely open their offense more.


I think I remember Mitch stating the 1st summer league game is July 11.


I really hope Opening Night is Lakers-Celtics in Boston, so the Lakers can pummel them there by fifty. I really find it stupid that anyone would say the Celtics could be better than the Lakers next season. It won't even be close. Celtics are old and all they wanted was their one precious Championship, like the Heat in 2006.

Jon K,

I was just playin with Psyched if she has Urban Taste for guys.



The lakers probably have a better chance to trade for Miller now since he got traded to the wolves. kevin Mchale owes us one for not trading us KG. I love Odom, but the problem with him is that he's a Combo forward. We need a small forward that can shoot. We already have three big time play makers, we don't need another play maker.

The wolves to me need an experience play maker which is the spot that lamar can fill for the wolves. Plus he provides veteran leadership and locker room closeness that I don't think Mike Miller can produce just yet.

Mike Miller will not be perfect for us since we also need a three that can guard at that position, but we can remedy this situation with Ariza. Hopefully, he plays to his defensive potential that hes shown he can at times.

First and foremost, thanks for the prayers Utzworld, happy birthday to Mr B. Dangles and belated to VMan. Nice post Mr Karyanr.

By July 1st, Tuesday, the Free Agents Derby will start rolling. Think of the Lakers needs, I trust Mitch and Jim Buss 9representing his Dad) will make sound decisions just like the way they acquired Gasol and Ariza last season. It is already an achievement by maintaining the present roster within the budget but what a great leap in confidence as well as for the fans thirsty for Championship, if we can add more grit , energy by packaging the few players and get a big booster for our Three Towers. Here are my wish list in any order:

1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Paul Milsap
3. Jose Calderon
4. Ron Artest
5. Beno Udrih
6. Andre Igoudala
7. Maurice Evans
8. Jennero Pargo
9. Josh Smith
10. James Posey
11. Emeka Okafor
12. Luol Deng
13. Ben Gordon
14. Daniel Gibson
15. Delonte West
16. JR Smith
17 Matt Barnes
18. Monta Ellis
19. Elton Brand
20. Corey Maggette
21. Quintin Ross
22. Sasha Vujacic*
23. Ronny Turiaf*
24. DJ Mbenga*

*Our $30 chips LOL!

This is a mixture of F/A on restricted or on player option or even team option. This is like visiting downtown Las Vegas at the strike of midnight. You know that this is the best time to gamble, the highest percentage of return among all casinos. After watching the Fremont Street Video Show, you hear all kinds of sounds of jackpots at Fremont, at Fitzgerald, at Four Queens, then see faces of gamblers tired, drunk and frustrated. Then, you see the glittering lights at Lady Luck enticing you to try your luck in the megajackpots machines. Shall we exert self control, bury our head like Ostrich and head for the hotel? You got only 30 bucks to spare which equivalent to just 10 pulls, shall you keep ur $ 30 and call it a night or try your luck in the pull (or pool of F/A players)?

Dr Jerry "Poker-Faced" Buss, what'd you say?

Remember, Fatty. It's not about how bad you's all about how fast you get up. With that in mind, I offer you my shoulder to lean on, brother. Let's get up together...

Better Days Ahead...Still OUR TIME!

Charles - yup it's all about the neck tats. His game is totally secondary. I knew that comment would get one of you guys.....just trying to see who took the bait. Thanks for the response!


Edwin: interesting list to say the least. Who wouldn't pick up a phone call from the Lakers at this point?

MVP showed he is willing to pass, so a lot of these guys who are shooters saw how well we played this year and would absolutely entertain a Laker bid.

And a lot of this list are from teams that didn't make the playoffs so that bodes well. Unfortunately, I just don't think Mitch will be placing very many calls - it will be the other way around.



What's all this talk about trolls anyway? They do not exist as far as I'm concerned. That's for fairytales. I read the posts I want to read... the regulars, longtimers, newcomers, anything that's interesting, I'll read. Sometimes I notice these other posts but I just scroll past... I don't know what they are - they are in a language that I have no use for.

"Starve the trolls" eh?

I agree. I can't stand those "trolls" that spew non-sense like LadyTom.

I agree 100%.

Let's go C's!



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