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Memo to Shaq: Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself

Steel_2The clip with Shaq freestyling (if labeling it as such even does the rap genre justice) a diss to Kobe is quickly gaining chatter among our readers, SportsCenter and the talk radio circuit.  The language prevents me from linking directly to it, but if you want to find it, I trust you're all Internet savvy enough to figure out the navigation.  Honestly, this is the kind of post topic I hate to even waste my time with, but I guess I'm somewhat obligated as a Lakers blogger to offer an opinion.  So here it is.

Shaquille O'Neal is a jackass.


Mind you, I'm not saying this to "take Kobe's side".  This isn't even about "taking sides".  If Shaq doesn't like Kobe, whatever, I couldn't care less, it's his right. I got more important things to worry about than The Diesel's Christmas card list.  But if you're unwilling to let the past go (and honestly, were I Shaq, I don't know if I could forgive Kobe blabbing to the Colorado PD, either), at least be straight up about it.  Don't go telling ESPN that you're "happy for" and "proud of" Kobe's MVP season, then turn and blast him in such nakedly petty fashion.  Are we really supposed to believe you're "proud" of a guy who, according to you, "ruined your marriage?"  Really?  You were swelling with pride three weeks ago, but have since decided to mock Kobe for coming up short in the Finals?  Seems like something of a stretch (similar to your explanation that it was all "just in fun").  Perhaps you'd be better off simply stating that Bryant had a great season and leaving it with some degree of actual sincerity.

Here's another idea I'll run by Mr. Fu.  Start talking less, period.  For a guy on a rapid decline and now mostly relevant for weighing down (literally and figuratively) the Phoenix Suns after a horrendous trade, Shaq sure does seem willing to chat himself up like he's still balling in his prime.  Instead of talking about the body part Kobe should be kissing or how you're better than Kareem, try talking with your trainer about how to get in shape and possibly make good on the promise that your time in the desert would equal a title.  Or try talking about a topic that doesn't involve your ex-teammates.  Seriously, is there anybody in the NBA more willing to throw dudes he used to play with under the bus?  First Penny Hardaway.  Then Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson.  Most recently, Ricky Davis and that lightning bolt for controversy, Chris Quinn.  Because clearly, your productivity, great health and ability to stay out of foul trouble during your last days in Miami merited a better caliber of teammate to chauffeur you along to a fifth title.  Glad you took that rookie point guard most folks need to Google to know who the hell I'm referencing down a peg. 

I'm still willing to buy O'Neal as a good teammate, as enough people have seemed to enjoy sharing roster space with him.  But is there a worse EX-TEAMMATE in the league?   If I'm Steve Nash or Amare Stoudemire, I've already marked my calender for a year and a half from now when Shaq's expiring contract gets moved to Charlotte and he starts calling them "selfish."  It'll be a plum development for Gerald Wallace, however, who'll spend February-April of 2010 suddenly anointed as "the best small forward I ever played with."   Like I said a few years back when Shaq pulled a shameless Staples cameo, Kobe may not be the easiest teammate in the world to play with, but behavior like this is something he just seems above. Kobe's most notorious public teammate trashing (this summer with Andrew Bynum) was inexcusable, but at least he presumably figured his thoughts were being shared with a couple random parking lot dudes in private.  Shaq doesn't even seem interested in this kind of crap unless there's an audience on hand. 
Honestly, it's somewhere between cringe-inducing and just plain sad to watch Shaq grow so obviously uncomfortable with not being the dominant force he was once was.  To see that blatant need to remain in the spotlight, even when his play doesn't merit such props.  He's turned into the basketball version of a dude undergoing a mid-life crisis.  If he didn't already have a fleet's worth, I'd expect to see Shaq pacing around in a Porsche dealership trying to figure out if a red, black or silver exterior makes him look youngest.  To say he's not handling this transition well would be an understatement.   And every time he opens his mouth in such stupid fashion, he's only further tarnishing a HOF career in its twilight and risking being remembered as an immature and graceless jerk.  It's not the way I'd wrap up a brilliant basketball life, but hey, the world isn't mine, so what do I know?

One last note:  That violent force you felt underneath the ground was The Notorious B.I.G. rolling over in his grave after being dragged into this nonsense.  At least reference Vanilla Ice or somebody less talented.


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I hated the Lakers when they traded Shaq and kept Kobe. I thought at first that it was a bad move and thought of Kobe as one spolled selfish overpaid athlete like many others who cries when they don't get their way. However, this year Kobe has earned my vote for not only sticking it out despite being booed by the fans at the beginning of the season, trusting his teamates when he didn't have to, performing and leading the Lakers to an MVP season and the Finals. He has also showed a lot of class when he tries not to put down Shaq everytime a question was imposed. Lo and behold look who's acting like a spoiled brat now. Kick the Lakers and Kobe while their down. He was probably rooting for Boston to win this series so he can get his out of shape butt on TV to show off his unclassy (who says he can rap anyway) rap. I am so glad they traded him now and by the way the Lakers are going to pummel his team next year and Kobe WILL win his champoinship and to this credit will not gloat and rap about Shaq after a few more champoinships.

i know i'm late (darn you, sleep!) but ...

AK, you said
"..if a friend of mine under questioning brought my personal life into it with the tone being "Why should I be the one sweating this when AK does blah, blah, blah," I'd have a hard time forgiving that."

don't we have to assume that kobe and shaq were friends? does that loyalty bit come into play if they were sworn enemies who just happened to wear the same team colors?

i don't know if that changes anything...probably doesn't b/c after all we've got a saying where i'm from: "keep my name outta your mouth!" which means, kobe really could've kept that info. to himself.... but still, this wasn't shaq's BFF "telling" on him. ... they didn't even like each other so why should there be honor among enemies?

furthermore, we'd also have to assume that shaq has never, never, ever talked about kobe's personal life behind his back during their years together... and considering how many times shaq threw jabs at kobe in the press, how bloody unlikely is it that he never badmouthed him in private?

i'd say pretty bloody

Tsphere and Janet,

Bravo. What’s a more serious breach? Cheating on your wife or unintentionally breaking some man code. If I were Kobe, I would basically just refuse to recognize Shaq whenever they come in contact. Other than to say, Shaq, how does my &% taste after he dunks on Shaq. In fact, that will become the phrase du jour every time Shaq gets posterized or YouTubed by anybody.

I followed the Colorado trial as dutifully as I follow the Lakers Blog and the real legal experts – not the network talking heads – who analyzed the case were unanimous that charges should never have been filed and that both the district attorney and police were criminally negligent in releasing confidential information to attempt to prejudice the case. I have never seen such a complete miscarriage of justice or biased reaction to a woman falsely crying rape who was proven to have lied over several key issues and actually had sex with her boyfriend after the alleged rape by Kobe. It was obvious that the women had mental problems and finally dropped the charged after the mock juries her attorneys held all came back in disbelief of the charges.


Show some class man. Putting down Kobe and the Lakers when their down is showing no class. But thats ok cuz the Lakers are going to pummel your team and your overweighted, has been , butt next year and Kobe will get his champoinship. We'll see who gets the last laugh.


Great job on Stop it Shaq.



“You think our guys will be ready for Phoenix this year after this?”

You have to wonder what Steve Kerr and the new Suns coach think about this. Now Shaq will have to deal with both Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant going out of their way to throw down dunks on Shaq so that they can ask him how their #$%$ tastes. LOL.


abc wrote:

“LoveTheLakeShow and all you laker fans:”

“Quit trying to predict the future! Come back and talk when Kobe actually wins the title w/ Bynum or someone else, but until then.....”

“The TRUTH is:”


I’m not trying to predict the future at all. “You are,” by claiming that Kobe will *never* win another championship without Shaq.

And you don’t know that, though I will concede that without another dominate or strong center, Kobe probably won’t. Just as no other Laker team has.

For example how many championships did Magic win after Kareem retired?

Or could Jerry West and company have had such a remarkable season and won the championship in '72 without Chamberlain?

Would the Minneapolis Lakers have been as successful without George Mikan?

Therefore, while maybe not destined to be the greatest center to play for the Lakers. Bynum still may be the key which pushes the Lakers over the top next season and beyond. Health permitting of course.


“As for Shaq ripping past teammates, who cares!?!? Kobe tops that by ripping current teammates. Where were you when the lakers failed to make the playoffs, where were you when Kobe got charged? All you Kobe bandwagon hoppers are just what the NBA wants by marketing individual superstars who can't understand the concept of team. The Lakers overachieved this year because the NBA wanted them to. They would have beaten Boston had Donaghy not accused the NBA of fixing games.”

Had Kobe been traded last season after his outburst, which I did not agree with BTW. And then continued to crack-back and snipe at his old teammates and organization for years after the fact. I would agree with you. However until something like this ever happens you cannot compare anything Kobe has done in comparison to Shaq’s actions.


"don't we have to assume that kobe and shaq were friends? does that loyalty bit come into play if they were sworn enemies who just happened to wear the same team colors? i don't know if that changes anything...probably doesn't b/c after all we've got a saying where i'm from: "keep my name outta your mouth!" which means, kobe really could've kept that info. to himself.... but still, this wasn't shaq's BFF "telling" on him. ... they didn't even like each other so why should there be honor among enemies?"

Maybe there shouldn't be, but that sentiment also acknowledges, almost by definition, that Kobe didn't do the honorable thing. Which basically makes my point for me.

Here's really what it really comes down to:

1) Kobe crossed the line by bringing Shaq's name into the questioning. Period.

2) That Kobe crossed the line doesn't change the fact that Shaq has been increasingly acting like an idiot in matters relating to and not relating to Kobe. Period.

They are two very separate things, which is why Laker fans attempting to somehow "justify" Kobe's actions (not necessarily you, but in general) is both a waste of time and belittling to the justifier. You can be Kobe's fan without literally supporting EVERY single thing he does. Yes, the knee-jerkers will declare you a "hater" for calling out the obviously inexcusable, but who cares? We're all beyond seventh grade here and if people can't draw the distinction between supporting someone sincerely and supporting them blindly, the problem is with them, not you.


Laker Tom,

"Interesting comments, Andy. I don’t disagree with you on the loyalty issue but does it make any difference whether you had anything to hide or not? Or is everybody assuming that Shaq actually paid off women to not press charges for rape or harassment or make sexual indiscretions public? I always find it interesting how nobody ever calls Shaq for his multiple infidelities but always weigh in against Kobe for his only known indiscretion. Very unfair in my mind."

I can understand where you think there's a double standard, but I don't think it's really relevant in here. That Shaq had something to hide about his personal life may make him less than honorable than often depicted, but it also change a very basic truth. Kobe still had absolutely zero reason to bring Shaq's name into it. Period. And were it me in Shaq's shoes (or in a similar situation with a friend), I don't know if I could forgive and forget someone dragging me into their darkest hour in such a way. It would be very difficult.

But like I said and hopefully made perfectly clear in the post, that Kobe crossed a line in this instance doesn't justify the way Shaq's been acting. And not just in terms of Kobe. His behavior on a lot of levels. His level of grace just keeps shrinking. As I said to someone else, if he did this rap about D-Wade, I'd feel exactly the same way. It's indicative of an increasing classlessness.


ABC KG cannot do it without Pierce, Allen, Rondo, Perkins, Poose ,PJ, House.

Please correct me if I am wrong,

Since Kobe was not part of the Laker 3 peat teams,
Do this mean the times Lakers got sweep 4-0 three times in play-offs was because of Shaq.

I forgot did he not get swept by the Rockets in finals, I suppose loosing 4-0 having home court advantage is better than losing 4-2 to the Celtics without home court advantage!!!

You haters are so predictably myopic. Look it up in dictionary!!




"AK, Usually you're accused of hating Kobe. Now you're accused of defending him too much. Apparently you're taking the balanced path."

Sucks to be me. haha


really guys?

You didn't crack a single smile when hearing this thing for the first time on the radio?

Sure it's immature. It's also funny, biting, stupid, and entertaining. Most importantly, it makes me like basketball just a little bit more.

lighten up, everybody.

Oh dear Shaq there are consequences to your actions!!!!



You guys are all overreacting Shaq is a joker and an ass, dont feed him more attention than he deserves.

(01) RAH - OWNER - shaq is continuously giving the Lakers more reasons to
NEVER retire #34 ! He doesn't deserve to be on that wall!
(02) FAITH - Shaq is as classless as he is giving. He is pure on a media whore,
there is not other way around it.
(03) RICK FRIEDMAN - How about this! Let's give #34 to AB next season and really
rub it in Shaq's nose. Let's give Shaq the shaft!
(04) LAKERSRYDEORDIE - My grandmother (GOD rest her SOUL) useta always
say, "Stupid is as Stupid Does" .. That would be Shaq!
(05) KARYANR - Shaq? Who the F is Shaq? I never heard of him...
(06) MCFLY - Shaq is a total jerk. To bring all this crap up again seems pointless.
Why? Why?Why?
(07) LAKER TOM - Excellent take on the Most Dumbest Ever.
(08) CHARLOTTELAKERFAN - Classless!! The bum even had the nerve to mention
(09) BAYWOOD - Thanks AK for speaking our mind
(10) LAKERGURL - Wow! Shaq is such a dumbass. His need for attention is just
beyond pathetic. I will be against having his number retired at Staples. He has
just totally burned the bridges.
(11) PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL - GO AB!!! Stuff one right in Shaq's fat mug! A
(12)P ANG - He has to let it go. The bitterness is eating him alive.
(13) THIRTY2 - In the video i think i saw BUTLER crying in the front row...
(14) BILL - Shaq just showed us all how ignorant and stupid he is and has always been.
(15)JUSTALAKAFAN - Shaq is a Jackass. Even more he is a dumba$$ed jackass. He
should just retire in oblivion as he mentally already there.
(17) FKILLAJH - It's absolutely pathetic how the ESPN crew tries to defend Shaq.
(18) SAMLL - Shaq has become a very bitter old man.
(19) LONGTIMELAKERFAN - Hey Shaq, what do your DECLINING SKILLS taste like?
(20) SOCALGAL - I've been saying Shaq is a jackass for years.
(21) DOUBLEHAUL - Here's to many more years of Shaq, at home, sweating it out on
the world's most unfortunate couch, watching the Lakers make title runs.
(22) FLEXOR - Laker pride and vengence awaits you sir! Not even your rap clips can
beat that!

Posted by: MAMBA24 | June 24, 2008 at 06:20 AM
Put me on. Give #34 to whoever we pick Thursday. Or Sun Yue. Or Coby Karl.

I don't understand how people don't realize how egotistical and immature Shaq is. Forget about bashing Kobe- he puts down Kareem and Patrick Ewing, who are both legends and should be respected. I have never once heard Kobe bash Michael Jordan, or any of the great players before him, to try to boost his own image. Shaq needs to learn respect for those who have gone before him... especially for the dead.

Spanky Jones,

Clearly you learned to read and write at the Evelyn Woodhead Sped Redin' Academy (as seen on Roller Derby). I have a supplemental grammar lesson for that week you missed when you were stuck in juvie for stalking Shaq. Repeat after me:

Your = primarily a possessive adjective, such as 'your rap sheet' or 'your inadequate education'

You're = a contraction of the phrase 'You are', which are a subject and verb; for example, "You're a moron" or "You're so stupid that you can't even copy edit a diss in a major newspaper's NBA blog"

So, in the spirit of YOUR original post:

You're not Ring Lardner
You're not Jim Murray
You're not even 90% of the lame Celtics trolls who populate the blog right now
You're not welcome here

I think Kobes testimony about Shaq's involvement with some women was the main reason for his eventual divorce and a loss of very substantial amount of money in the process.
Would any of you have forgiven if your friend done the same to you ? NEVER !

Posted by: novolakers | June 23, 2008 at 06:08 PM






Cbuck/Complex: Sorry, I'm not in high school anymore, so pardon me if I don't get the joke.

ABC: It's as easy as "abc and 123".

Kobe HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING without Shaq O'neal.

So you, my friend, are CORRECT.

Shaq O'neal and Ko-crybaby are both an EMBARASSEMENT.

If you want class, look at the following:

Paul "class act last summer when he wanted out" Pierce

Kevin "Anything's Possible!" Garnett

Ray "Kobe is selfish and I won a championship" Allen

"Top of the World" Laides


Posted by: Let's go C's! | June 23, 2008 at 10:54 PM

Butler ...go home.

Question to the more informed

Are there any restrictions as far as making a trade on a current player for a draft pick, I know salaries have to be fairly close when it involves normal trades, but how is that possible with draft picks?

Posted by: Do You See What I See | June 23, 2008 at 10:55 PM

I have not followed the changes but can say only from what I remember. Jerry West traded lynch, Peeler and others for draft picks to clear cap space to pursue Shaq.

I don't know if that can be done now. Probably have to google cba and see what it says.

" Cbuck/Complex: Sorry, I'm not in high school anymore, so pardon me if I don't get the joke" Posted by: Let's go C's! June 23, 2008 at 10:54 PM

Oh My bad, I just ASSummed anyone spending so much time on another teams blog posting lame neener neener neener We finally won a Title after 21 years of sucking ass in the sorry Eastren Conference insults, instead of out celebrating THEIR teams Championship with friends and other likeminded Fans was ...

A) A High School nerd without friends or transportation to leave his parents basement and celebrate like a normal fan would.

B) An Adult Nerd without friends or transportation to leave his parents basement and celebrate like a normal fan would.

C) A mildly retarded overzealous Fan that just learned how to use the internet and is now addicted in his parents basement but hasnt figured out how to get around the "adult web site" blocking feature so they spend all their time here.

D) Someone with low self esteem because of underachieving and residing in their parents basement that lashes out at others via anonymous blog posts.

or finally

E) Someone with Tourettes Syndrome tucked away safely in their parents basement that gets satisfaction out of typing LAKERS SUCK, Kobe SUCKS, Odum SUCKS or any other Noun you can think of as long as you get to type SUCKS at the end of it.

Posted by: complex brotha | June 23, 2008 at 11:24 PM


Let's go C's is just Butler posting under another name. The boy is sick so just remember the source. Butler = Let's go C's


Let me show you a good analogy. History says no team has come back from a 1-3 deficit in the Finals, and thus the Lakers were doomed when Boston killed them in game 4. And that's the truth. History says Kobe can't do it without Shaq. That IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the truth until Kobe wins one on his own. Keyword here is UNTIL. Quit saying Kobe can win championships for years to come UNTIL he has won at least one. For now, he has ZERO on his own.

Another analogy - suppose a person has always flipped heads when flipping a coin. Then it is the truth that he always flips head. Until he flips a tail, the truth is he always flips heads, no matter whether he's cheating, lucky, etc.

Thus, back to the original topic. KOBE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT SHAQ, and that's the TRUTH. Quit yakking to the contrary until Kobe has proven it false.


The reason why many people say Kobe can't do it without Shaq is because Kobe claims to be the center piece of the 3peat, while KG, Allen, Pierce all acknowledge that it takes a team to win.

Cops swear all the time, and get away w/ it. They can taser you w/ no cause and get away w/ it. Shaq's just a celebrity cop, no big deal.

Gunner so right!!!!

Shaq is the main reason for 3 peat, Shaq did all by himself and he did not have a reliable No 2 who got > 20ppg. I think Kobe was like No 4 on that 3 peat team!!!

So who was to blame for Orlando's 4-0 against Houston and the Lakers 4-0 against Jazz and Spurs!!

Remember you have already established that Kobe had nothing to do with the laker Championship teams!!!!



Gunner said:


Well said.

ABC ‘Always Broadcasting Crap’ News Network answer this question!!!!

Why do haters like you always move the bar!!!

Last year it was, "Kobe will never make the finals again"

Now it is, "Kobe has to win one without Shaq."

Then it will be, "Kobe has win three a row" !!!

Then it will be, "Kobe has win six by himself"

Then it will be, "Kobe had Bynum"

Then it will be, "Kobe need to win 3 Finals MVP in row""

Would it have been ok if Shaq rap had said ," I want to put a couple caps in Kobe's head and rape his wife"

Because it is only 'Free styling". I read somewhere that the Supreme Court had said 'Free Styling" should be written to the bill of rights as akin to one’s right to bear arms and talk crap!!! LOL!!!

Shaq is "RudeButt Cop", authorised to show his butt so you can taste it!!!!



Shaq wasn't the only reason why the Lakers won 3 championships in a row.

In 2000, it was Kobe who bailed out the Lakers in Game 5 (or was it game 4) when Shaq fouled out.

In 2002, it was Robert Horry with his 3-pointer in game 4 who prevented them going down 3-1.

It was the Lakers as a team who won 3 in row not just Shaq all by himself, otherwise, he would've won with Orlando in '95 and the Lakers in '04.

abc wrote:

“Let me show you a good analogy. History says no team has come back from a 1-3 deficit in the Finals, and thus the Lakers were doomed when Boston killed them in game 4. And that's the truth. History says Kobe can't do it without Shaq. That IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the truth until Kobe wins one on his own. Keyword here is UNTIL. Quit saying Kobe can win championships for years to come UNTIL he has won at least one. For now, he has ZERO on his own.”

“Another analogy - suppose a person has always flipped heads when flipping a coin. Then it is the truth that he always flips head. Until he flips a tail, the truth is he always flips heads, no matter whether he's cheating, lucky, etc.”

“Thus, back to the original topic. KOBE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT SHAQ, and that's the TRUTH. Quit yakking to the contrary until Kobe has proven it false.”

Apparently you haven’t been listening to what I’m arguing.

I claim that with Kobe’s other supporting cast members notwithstanding, he most likely will not win another championship without a quality center, since no Laker team ever has. Andrew Bynum appeared to be headed towards that big-man center excellence until his unfortunate injury in mid January.

Therefore Kobe’s ability or inability to win a title apart from Shaq cannot be fairly judged yet.

However if Bynum’s knee soundly recovers by next season and he continues to improve from where he left off last season before the injury. Then along with the assistance of Pau Gasol and the rest of the cast. With overall good team health throughout next season. Then I would say Kobe now has all the necessary pieces to win a title next season.

Not that he will win it mind you, but there certainly can be no excuses if he does not.


i can't even remember how good shaq played after all this mess. i've totally forgotten how he was as a Laker.

Shaq is a complete buffoon who realizes his career is almost over and he can't do anything about it. He has disgraced and dishonored too many of his past teams, teammates, and coaches.

Him dissing Kobe is classless and childish, but calling out Kareem is unforgivable. Kareem would have destroyed Shaq in his prime. All Shaq can do is dunk and miss free throws. Kareem would have tooled him with his sky hook, and Shaq would have been in constant foul trouble (kind of like now).

Oh, so back when Shaq was calling the Kings the "Queens" he was just a playful, lovable scamp. Now that he is calling out Kobe he's turned into a monster. Guess what Faker Fan, he was a punk then and he's a punk now. Just because he was massive and never got called for offensive fouls back when Stern needed stars in the post-Jordan era doesn't mean he had skill or class. Wake up, this is your former hero, same as he ever was.

First, yes, Shaq can't rap. I was suprised i saw his name and "free styling" in the same sentence!
Shaq really is full of crap. He's all like, "It was all in fun I have nothing against Kobe." but you know what? Free styling can be like a heated argument, everything, even stuff you weren't aware of can come up.
The truth is, Shaq's still pissed off at Kobe, not only for what he did, but Shaq's just pissed in general that kobe is better than he is in every way. He's in a better shape, he's more mature, he's a decent person. Shaq dosen't hold ha candle to him. He's out of shape, immature, and so overcome with Jelousy he spends more time dissing and hating ex friends than actually putting his life together.
I'm not mad or outraged at what Shaq said, I'm just shaking my head thinking, "dude, get it together. That was beyond immature."
Shaq needs to quit lying to himself and the press. He's mad, he's jelous, he needs to get over it, grow up, and be a man.
Take care of your life Shaq, quit being such a petty loser.

I really want Shaq to win another championship but Boston will repeat next year....I mean, it's so obivious that Boston is a very VERY Dominant team. They spanked the lakers so bad, my momma felt the pain the next morning...and i remembered my birthdate!

The only guilty pleasure that awaits is when they, GRAND MASTER SHAQ vs KryBaby Kobe, meet in the playoffs..and only then, i hope, and predict that shaq will lay the smackdown on that crying *itch!.


Waaaaaaaaa!....Shaq called Kobe out!

you all sound like a bunch of sissies...


Shaq...Freestyle Rap Song:

Your Freestyle Rap Is like your Freethrows
Less time on the mic more on the freethrow line
Shaq tell me how your rap smells: "CRAP!"
Shaq tell me how your game smells: "CRAP!"

You blame everyone else but mot yourself
You got NO class you need some help
Shaq tell me how your class smells: "CRAP!"
Shaq tell me how your game smells: "CRAP!"

Man of steel don't make me laugh
Fat mean not very lean
You big cry baby spoiled brat
Your time is over that is that
Go buy some love with a mil
Your poor wife know how it feels
Yes homeboy, you over da hill
Just like your rap...
How many albums did you sell?
Oh, not many cuz your rap like your game is CRAP!

Shaq tell me how your class smells: "CRAP!"
Shaq tell me how your game smells: "CRAP!"
Shaq tell me how your rap smells: "CRAP!"
Shaq tell me how your rap smells: _ _ _ _

From: Once a fan never no more!

Open letter to Shaq:

Let me start by saying how disappointed I am in you, a grown man who was once bigger than life, you have let every boy, girl, man and woman down especially us blacks, and it hurts!

You can’t let things go, I thought you had more class than what you have showed over the last few years but I was wrong. Do you not learn from your mistakes? Everything has backfired on you since you left the Lakers, ok you won another ring but you NEVER would have without Mr Wade, FACT!

Are you jealous or envious of Mr Bryant and the Lakers organisation?

I must say that all of your accomplishments have been overshadowed but this one stupid, mindless and ugly rap song you performed dissing not only Mr Bryant but also Mr Jabbar and for what? A few laughs and a pat on the back from all the other idiots in the club, come on son, how old are you and ask yourself, ‘Do I really need all this’.

What a shame, you were once a good positive role model – look at you now!

You are NOT and should not try to be a rapper like Mr Dogg, 50¢ and the like…these people are real ghetto street gangsters brought up the hard and unfortunate way, you on the other hand have not, not really.

This mess just goes to show just how much a good education is worth…priceless!

We in the black community NEED positive role models and I am sorry to tell you that you have just put all of our good work back a good few years because of your rap song and the media attention it has generated which, has filtered down to every young black boy and girl who now think it is ok to become rich and famous and do whatever you like, WRONG!

To top it off, and further to my point, you now must return your special deputy sheriff's badges to the Arizona County because of the profanity and a racially derogatory word you used! Will Miami follow? I for one hope so.

Imagine the impact that ONE WORD can have…the world just has.

My point, please show some class, grow up and do not try to be something you are not and, if you are going to do anything make sure it is positive as we have enough negative things in this world today, if you can’t help don’t do anything at all but please, please keep your mouth shut!

May God bless and help you.

Shaq rap was terrible, what team does Shaq go to the hall of fame?? Hopefully Kobe takes the high road and move on. Kareem best center of all time {comparison}. Lakers Fan No Matter.....Go Lakers

wow so many posts here. You would think this was a playoff thread. I can picture Kobe now just feeling bad for poor old shaq. To see what has become of him... I think his biological dad is now actually happy shunned him...Q: " Is that your kid in that video?' A: Nope.
MAMBA please add me to the :


Here are the actual lyrics from Shaq's rap. The man knows how to make headlines.

hey all you fakers.

kobe couldn't do it without me.

you would have those 3 banners if it wasn't for me.

kobe,l tell me how my a%# taste!

Shaq needs to grow uip. He embarrased himself and shows some jealosy towartds Kobe. How come Phoenix could not make to the western finals with Shaq? Shaq probably does not realize how much Shaq hurt himself.

Well, Shaq is right. There is no one bigger than him.....a bigger douchebag that is!

I though Shaq could't embarrass himself any further than after the Kazaam debacle then he comes out with this little ditty.

I hate to break it to him but the reason he has his rings is because of the effort the whole team made to get them, both with the Lakers and Miami. True, he was a dominating force, but he did not do it by himself otherwise he could have led the Suns to the Finals this year which he did not do. Also, to rip on Kareem like that is just pathetic, the ultimate affront to Laker fans. I used to be a huge Shaq fan ever since he was in Orlando but this is just classless and utterly pathetic. If the Lakers chose not to retire his number I for one would not complain. And if that makes me an ungrateful bandwagon fan so be it. Now excuse me while I drive to Starbucks in my luxury convertible to get a fat free soy latte. I am a Lakers fan you know!!!

Is it October yet?


As soon as he gets traded to the Sparks! Then L.A. can root for him again.

Parker, Leslie, O' Neal! Think about about Coop!

These things are true:

Kobe brought up Shaq during his rape arrest. This smacks of a scared kid, someone who was surprised, not someone trying to deflect attention from himself. Did this end Shaquille's marriage? Perhaps Shaq should look in the mirror. Keep you pants on you loser. Your wife ended your marriage because you would not be faithful to your marriage vows. Until Shaq takes responsibility for his own mess then he will not mature. Is there anyone who thinks Shaq is maturing? Shaq is a big man with an engaging personality. He gets away with things because of it. He has effectively ended his time of favor with people. He is a clown.

Shaq mentioned Kareem, I think we should recap:

Kareem won championships at UCLA: Shaq, not so many at LSU.

Kareem's stats:
NBA champion (1971, '80, '82, '85, '87, '88);
NBA MVP (1971, '72, '74, '76, '77, '80);
10-time All-NBA First Team; Five-time All-NBA Second Team;
Five-time All-Defensive First Team; Six-time All-Defensive Second Team;
19-time All-Star;
In Seventeen seasons before his old years Kareem finished no worse than fifth in MVP voting fifteen times.

4 NBA championships
8 All NBA first team; 2 times All NBA second team
3 times All- Defensive Second time.

Shaq, you are no Kareem.
Shaq, you are no Rapper.
Shaq, you are no husband.
Shaq, you should shut up.


I am a laker fan through and through. However..

1. The shaq rap was funny as hell. Kobe..tell me how my ..... hHAHAHAHA

2 and most important. KOBE MENTIONED ANOTHER MANS NAME IN HIS BUSINESS TO THE POLICE! You may be ready to dismiss that but as a black man, i will never forgive him for that

Go lakers! The only answer Kobe can/needs to give is win a ring in LA.

HAHA who cares. Boston DESTROYED the Lakers. Shaq can keep rapping about Kobe and his crappy team cause they'll never win. Kobe can't win without Shaq. It's the Truth


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