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Memo to Shaq: Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself

Steel_2The clip with Shaq freestyling (if labeling it as such even does the rap genre justice) a diss to Kobe is quickly gaining chatter among our readers, SportsCenter and the talk radio circuit.  The language prevents me from linking directly to it, but if you want to find it, I trust you're all Internet savvy enough to figure out the navigation.  Honestly, this is the kind of post topic I hate to even waste my time with, but I guess I'm somewhat obligated as a Lakers blogger to offer an opinion.  So here it is.

Shaquille O'Neal is a jackass.


Mind you, I'm not saying this to "take Kobe's side".  This isn't even about "taking sides".  If Shaq doesn't like Kobe, whatever, I couldn't care less, it's his right. I got more important things to worry about than The Diesel's Christmas card list.  But if you're unwilling to let the past go (and honestly, were I Shaq, I don't know if I could forgive Kobe blabbing to the Colorado PD, either), at least be straight up about it.  Don't go telling ESPN that you're "happy for" and "proud of" Kobe's MVP season, then turn and blast him in such nakedly petty fashion.  Are we really supposed to believe you're "proud" of a guy who, according to you, "ruined your marriage?"  Really?  You were swelling with pride three weeks ago, but have since decided to mock Kobe for coming up short in the Finals?  Seems like something of a stretch (similar to your explanation that it was all "just in fun").  Perhaps you'd be better off simply stating that Bryant had a great season and leaving it with some degree of actual sincerity.

Here's another idea I'll run by Mr. Fu.  Start talking less, period.  For a guy on a rapid decline and now mostly relevant for weighing down (literally and figuratively) the Phoenix Suns after a horrendous trade, Shaq sure does seem willing to chat himself up like he's still balling in his prime.  Instead of talking about the body part Kobe should be kissing or how you're better than Kareem, try talking with your trainer about how to get in shape and possibly make good on the promise that your time in the desert would equal a title.  Or try talking about a topic that doesn't involve your ex-teammates.  Seriously, is there anybody in the NBA more willing to throw dudes he used to play with under the bus?  First Penny Hardaway.  Then Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson.  Most recently, Ricky Davis and that lightning bolt for controversy, Chris Quinn.  Because clearly, your productivity, great health and ability to stay out of foul trouble during your last days in Miami merited a better caliber of teammate to chauffeur you along to a fifth title.  Glad you took that rookie point guard most folks need to Google to know who the hell I'm referencing down a peg. 

I'm still willing to buy O'Neal as a good teammate, as enough people have seemed to enjoy sharing roster space with him.  But is there a worse EX-TEAMMATE in the league?   If I'm Steve Nash or Amare Stoudemire, I've already marked my calender for a year and a half from now when Shaq's expiring contract gets moved to Charlotte and he starts calling them "selfish."  It'll be a plum development for Gerald Wallace, however, who'll spend February-April of 2010 suddenly anointed as "the best small forward I ever played with."   Like I said a few years back when Shaq pulled a shameless Staples cameo, Kobe may not be the easiest teammate in the world to play with, but behavior like this is something he just seems above. Kobe's most notorious public teammate trashing (this summer with Andrew Bynum) was inexcusable, but at least he presumably figured his thoughts were being shared with a couple random parking lot dudes in private.  Shaq doesn't even seem interested in this kind of crap unless there's an audience on hand. 
Honestly, it's somewhere between cringe-inducing and just plain sad to watch Shaq grow so obviously uncomfortable with not being the dominant force he was once was.  To see that blatant need to remain in the spotlight, even when his play doesn't merit such props.  He's turned into the basketball version of a dude undergoing a mid-life crisis.  If he didn't already have a fleet's worth, I'd expect to see Shaq pacing around in a Porsche dealership trying to figure out if a red, black or silver exterior makes him look youngest.  To say he's not handling this transition well would be an understatement.   And every time he opens his mouth in such stupid fashion, he's only further tarnishing a HOF career in its twilight and risking being remembered as an immature and graceless jerk.  It's not the way I'd wrap up a brilliant basketball life, but hey, the world isn't mine, so what do I know?

One last note:  That violent force you felt underneath the ground was The Notorious B.I.G. rolling over in his grave after being dragged into this nonsense.  At least reference Vanilla Ice or somebody less talented.


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I just watched it.

Shaq is a total jerk. To bring all this crap up again seems pointless. Why? Why?Why?

attention whore

AK, your comments echo my own thoughts. I've been saying Shaq is a jackass for years. It's amazing to me that people still listen to and support this idiot. The fact that he is trying to blame KB for ruining his marriage when his wife supposedly stole money from him (at KB's urging I guess?) and squirreled it away for herself; that he said he didn't give a [crap] if Pat Riley was disappointed in him because of the comments he made about the Heat's staff; all this just goes to show how totally self-involved he is. Can we just ignore him from now on?

SHAQ cannot rap period HAHA


My grandmother (GOD rest her SOUL) useta always say, "Stupid is as Stupid Does" .. That would be Shaq!


With Kobe putting Shaq on front street about the whole snitch on a _itch thingy, that's dead now, and sure he went against the code but he hasn't done anything like that since then. I dont even think Kobe understood the "code" to be honest! He was just a young & dumb and tryna get him some! They were both very young and dumb players then (Shaq still is) and Kobe sometimes does dumb things too but get over it already! Yet Shaquisha keeps dwelling on it like a scorned _itch! I mean dead it already!

The Lakers future is unlimited.

Our young players will grow stronger and wiser.

Go lakers!

Bravo AK!


Finally! I agree with you on something lol.

Shaq is as classless as he is giving. He is pure on a media whore, there is not other way around it.

Shaq? Who the F is Shaq? I never heard of him...

Now, on to something serious!

Since this is an election year, and the Laker-Nation has been presumptively recognized by the U.N. (with the Syrian delegation abstaining LOL), I propose that we elect some officials.

I nominate Laker Tom for President: a true and unwavering patriot, an articulate spokesman for the national agenda - who else would you want holding onto our nuclear launch codes?

I nominate Caliosipher for Minister of Education. 'Nuff said.

I nominate Jon K for Director of Central Intelligence. I simply feel that's one cat who would thrive running covert op's around the globe. Please kick me if I'm wrong.

I nominate Just-Another-Mamba-Fan to be the Senate Majority Leader. A calculated move, to ensure that the bandwagons and roll-calls are permanently enshrined in the National Archives. Again, please kick me if I'm wrong.

I feel that Rick Friedman should head up the F.B.I., that Faith should be Secretary of Defense (wins championships!) and that PsychedLakerGirl will make an excellent Secretary of State, who can then appoint embassadors to post on the enemy blogs.
Ed G, SHEKOBE, Complex B...the list is too long for the top of my head, but all of these skilled and dedicated Citizens of our Republic must be elected to high offices as well.

Lastly, I nominate the K-Brothers to officially assume the leadership of our National Security Agency - responsible for gathering signals intelligence. (they kind of do this already...)

Sure, our new Government won't be perfect. We'll have enemy spies in our midst (Butler) and whistle-blowers (Do You See?) But if we work together, in the spirit of true fans, yadda-yadda...

Oops...My bread is burning...gotta GO!

BTW, Enquirer has the a write up on Kobe and this Laker girl on last page b4 the backpage of their most recent edition. Garbage! THey are worse than Weekly World News and the NY Post combined!
I couldn't resist reading it though as my Auntie had the mag. They also have a picture of The Infamous Colorado skank, and all I can say is that she isnt the most attractive person in the world, but I guess she was down for whatever with Kobe!! LOL

AK you're on point!!!

shaq is continuously giving the Lakers more reasons to NEVER retire #34 ! He doesn't deserve to be on that wall!


Excellent take on the Most Dumbest Ever.


I don't see why any of us are surprised...I mean this is the same dude that has done this throughout his career here. While being the most unprofessional athlete in our laker teams.

What we should be more upset about are the media folk that act like this is excusable. That this is just Shaq being Shaq. Screw that. Stop the double standard. It's time to call on him for being a punk like AK just did. Start recognizing that perhaps the problem during our dynasty wasn't so much Kobe or Phil. But ALL OF THEM. Shaq included (if not a large part of it).

That's crazy to think that ONE MAN can occupy your mind like that, I am blown...Shaq def has some deep-seeded issues about Kobe and obviously acceptance and fear of rejection type stuff going on.

Shaq needs to see a SHRINK..Where is Dr. Melfi (from the Soprano's ) when we need her! I am dead-ass serious.

Classless!! The bum even had the nerve to mention Kareem!

Hey , I am the big Kobe supporter and I think Kobe will win more championships than Shaq , eventually.
That said , there is no excuse and no explanation for what he done to Shaq during his arrest in Colorado.
Nobody should not even try to pretend what Kobe's actions were any less than absolute betrayal and back stabbing.
I understand , Kobe was very scared and did it not to get back at Shaq , but out of pure emotional stress he was put under by the investigation for such a serious matter as rape.
I do not think Kobe raped that woman if anybody cares about my opinion and I do not think he is a rat, however one should be able to understand Shaq's never ending bitterness about this matter.
I think Kobes testimony about Shaq's involvement with some women was the main reason for his eventual divorce and a loss of very substantial amount of money in the process.
Would any of you have forgiven if your friend done the same to you ? NEVER !


Nice summation.

The sort of funny thing to me is that I've watched Kobe rap. I thought he was a lot better than Shaq, not that Shaq isn't about as good a rapper as his Superman tattoo is mature.

Maybe Shaq is just really insensitive (which wouldn't be all that surprising for someone so self-absorbed and famous) and thinks being a good teammate must involve disowning all previous teammates. It's not a terribly bright thing to do, but Shaq never struck me as terribly bright.

I'd still like to add a thanks to him for his role in our early 2k 3 peat.

Thanks AK for speaking our mind

As much as Shaq annoys me.... That was pretty funny. All in good fun:)

Shaq's comments about being proud of Kobe, looks like all hedging for fear of the Lakers winning it all.

Here's to many more years of Shaq, at home, sweating it out on the world's most unfortunate couch, watching the Lakers make title runs.

Lakers win one for Shaq!


"What are you really trying to say?"
- Stargazin (what he would be saying if he replied back to AK)

What the heck are you talking about, AK?!!!

Vanilla Ice was the shiznit! Why does this man don't get no respect, bro? Why he be dragged into this mess Shaq-Fu created? Word!

Wow! Shaq is such a dumbass. His need for attention is just beyond pathetic. A very immature man who has no sense of decency much more a grasp of reality.

I will be against having his number retired at Staples center. He has just totally burned the bridges.

All those people bashing Kobe because of their love for Shaq, I assume they should have a better perspective now as to who was/is the real jerk.


You don't tell on me and I won't tell on you for cheating on your wife.

- NBA Code of Honor

Good day Laker fans,
Just posted my thoughts about Shaq's rap clip on Ira Newble's Report Card blog section.  Please read.  You won't be disappointed. 

Another thing to add to his recent actions just as food for thought. Wasn't he the one who left an injured D Wade hanging this past season by demanding a trade and even dissed Pat Riley (hall of famer) out of all people?  Unappreciative!  Unbelievable!  Talk about being an example.  
As long as he continues to bring up the past and blame others for it and present failures by others through the media and rap, his future will not include ANY MORE RINGS.  NONE!  He is now officially become bulletin board material for Kobe and gang and believe it or not, maybe the rest of the league.  He always has something to say about others.  He might as well talk about KG and company as well.  Why not?  If he wants an edge now, why not direct it to the champion Celtics.  They now have what he desperately wants.  They are now the standard his Suns will never be or become.  Kobe's Lakers can match that standard bar none.
Shaq! Shaq! Shaq!  You have definitely awaken a sleeping and angry giant (Kobe) that YOU shook your hands with before a game in a sign of forgiveness and moving on for the whole nation and world to see.  You even complemented his MVP year.  How can you say it was done in fun.  I'm sure the other teams REALLY APPRECIATE THAT.  BTW, thanks for that too.  The Lakers will now circle the dates they play your Suns and will proceed to steal your displaced pride.  I'm a very disappointed fan of yours.  Heck, I even adored you as a player and funny person at times.  I thought you matured and understood the importance of self control in that regard. 
An apology to all fans is in order since you were the one who supposedly forgave all.  Remember?  Laker pride and vengence awaits you sir!  Not even your rap clips can beat that!           

Shaq knows that Kobe and the Lakers were the best thing that ever happened to him. I cannot begin to imagine the depth of trauma to his psyche when they spurned him.

Kobe saying that he's over it and the Lakers' stating that they wish the could have kept him is probably the worst thing to say to Shaq. The saying "be nice to your enemies, it will drive them crazy" applies so true to Shaq. The worse feeling in the world would be that your perceived arch enemies feel nothing but pity for you.

He has to let it go. The bitterness is eating him alive.

Just my amateur psycho babble. Worth at least 2 cents.

shaq is a classy guy (sarcasm intended)...... im glad he's not a laker. the lakers need someone crazy to stand up to guys that take shots at kobe. artest would be perfect. although, shaq would kill him. at least artest could respond to this non-sense in a rap of his own.

Shaq made it to the D-List. He needs attention because his basketball skills are lacking and couldn't get his new team beyond. Poor Suns! As long as they have Shaq they will not go anywhere.

In the video i think i saw BUTLER crying in the front row...

I agree, AK, somewhere between cringe-inducing and plain sad. Shaq was probably under a chemical influence of some kind, and feeling grandiose (i.e. "Big") and some unprocessed, still simmering resentment came out in a way I suspect he'll feel embarrassed about later. BTW, what has Shaq ever done withouit an all-nba guard? I'll be interested to see if Kobe continues to take the high road after this tasteless, classless outburst.

Shaq just showed us all how ignorant and stupid he is and has always been. He is truly an embarassment to Black people worldwide. I am ashamed to think that his big ignorant mouth represents us people of color. Shaw, shut the hell up and go away. You are a has been and not ever will you have any class.


Shaq is no different than someone snatching a purse from an innocent by stander. I am a bit cuaght off gaurd, simply because SHAQ led us to believe that he really liked Kobe.


Shaq you need to spend some time searching deep within and find answers to your own internal battles/deamons. I truly hope that you find Peace within, amigo.


So after all it is all an illusion and SHAQ takes the cake for telling us all as to how "fabulous" of a player Kobeis..hmmm


ET Brutus

If Phil Jackson had played DJ Mbenga in the finals, Shaq would still be married.

According to Shaq and the media, Kobe is reponsible for the following things:

1.) The 2004 split
2.) Shaq gaining 3984985 pounds
3.) Shaq's divorce
4.) The reason Shaq was traded to Pheonix
5.) Shaq and the Funs' first round exit
6.) Lakers 2008 Finals
7.) Phil's hip replacement
8.) Global Warming
9.) World Hunger
10.) and Al Qaeda

When basketball career goes downhill, he relies on the 2nd job a**rap singing, 3rd job Big Cop(y). Now we have a clue, the end is near.


On the new government, you mean I'll be an ambassador of The Enquirer of lakers bloops.

I agree...well written opinion on these events. Shaq is a jerk.

Colorado still hangs over Kobe's head.

What Kobe said about Shaq to the police was totally wrong and he should not have said. It was an emotional response to an emotional time. I don't think he intended to hurt Shaq like that all.

As far as Shaq blaming Kobe for his marriage, he needs to turn to Superhead because she had alot to say about him in her sleazy book that I will never read. But I know she talks about him.

Kobe kinda of deserve this because of the way he put Bynum out there last spring. Even if he had no idea he was on camera What goes around does come around, but it does not mean it is right

The injustice here is that Kobe usual does not respond to things like this. He never responded to Curt Shilling, and I don't expect him to respond to Shaq. In a way its not fair to him, because we know nobody will take is back (basically someone to do his dirty laundry for him) And either way he is too old for this

Shaq on the other is 34. Man you have stop acting like a child. If bygone is bygone, then let it go. Honestly, I am not surprised by Shaq. He will not grow up. Kobe needs to handle this situation like he has always does, know that he was wrong for talking about Shaq to the authorities. He has already apologized to Shaq for it and he should leave it like that.

The funny thing about Shaq is that he picks on people he knows do not have the type of personality to fire back at him. He knows Kareem will not fire back, he knows Ewing will not fire back so he takes his shot. If he really had a horse ball he would say those things about Barkley, Jordan, Oakley or people that will tear him up.

How about this! Let's give #34 to AB next season and really rub it in Shaq's nose. Let's give Shaq the shaft!

All in good fun? BS...

Dude needs to let it go...Shaq's having "Twilight of my career" issues...

Does anyone really think that he would've won another ring without D-Wade? If recall Shaq was struggling to get 10 and 10 during the Finals...

Can't wait to see our boys bring home the Gold this summer! Next year belongs to the Lakers!!!!!


SHAQ! You're hilarious!! LOL...aaawww people, he's just having fun! LOL!


I completely agree that Shaq is a Jackass. Even more he is a dumba$$ed jackass. He should just retire in oblivion as he mentally already there.

Stay classy Shaq, stay classy. Because, like we've heard you say one million times, you're a classy big man, right.

The first person that needs an apology is Kareem, because he has absolutely nothing to do with this matter. And there's also no way to say Shaq was better than Kareem. More talented? Yes. More accomplished and the person who got the most of their abilities, that's definitely Kareem.

And I guess Shaq wanted to make sure the Suns played the Lakers on Christmas again since his fat butt missed the first meeting with Miami with his annual injury. Gotta sell those tickets, baby!


When will we see Mbengas exit interview?

I hope Kobe just keeps quiet about this. Someone needs to take the high road for least until the Lakers play the Suns next season. :)

Is shaq a moron, really? He was free sylin' - maybe a little immature- but that's all, he was just having fun - sticks and stones, that type of about the Kobe yapping to the police, implying shaq was involved with cover -ups or crimes or marital infidelity - that will always make Kobe the biggest moron - or rat - of the two. No matter what homer fans like AK say....

You dumb laker fans make me sick! You guys will never win a championship with Kobe! Kobe is and always will be a snitch. Why do you think the players are playing like crap so that they get traded. The Lakers won because Shaq was the leader, and the other players respected him. How was Kobe too young for the "Code"? Your parents teach you the "code" when you are young, "don't snitch on your brother"! I'm glad that Shaq "lame" rap hit you guys hard, because you fools need to be reminded that Kobe is a selfish ball player. It's going to be funny as hell when Shaq wins his 5th with the Suns. The Lakers had their chance just like the Sixers a few years ago, and will never sniff another chance again!

Shaq has 2 years left at 20 million each. The talk among the Suns experts is Shaq will be traded in the final year for his expiring contract.

Shaq said he would retire first.

But having financial troubles, there is no way Shaq will be able to say no to the money.

So in the end, the Great Whiner, will end up on some 'sorry ass' last place team, the same way Kwame did. (How does that taste Shaq?)

A sad and fitting end for the old fool.


He did some good stuff for us, but that spot on the wall is a Lakers place of honor and has no room for fools!

AK - I can honestly say that I have never agreed with you more than on this topic. Spot on.

I never understood this whole "ratting out" issue. Did Kobe tell the cops this info so Shaq would get arrested instead of Kobe? Clearly not. That's what "ratting out" is.

Actually, what Kobe did was a lot like the whole Bynum/parking lot thing, he made comments that he thought were private and he was susequently sold out.
Once, by the two parking lot jerks for money and the other time by a prosecution trying to embarrass Kobe publicly to cover up for the fact that they didn't have a case.


The LA Times web site now has a poll on the Shaq controversy. The "vote" widget is at the bottom of the article:

In the morning, I will post a request for a band wagon on my proposal for the Lakers to give Andrew Bynum the #34 jersey to wear next season.

Shaq is just a big follower. He's just stating what most of the NBA thinks anyways.

Kobe is clearly the most talented player in the league but he has zero personality. And then he combines that lack of personality with his overbearing way and you have what Shaq is talking about.

Shaq would never say something like that if it wasn't something that borders on a consensus of what most think.

mike t.

How about this! Let's give #34 to AB next season and really rub it in Shaq's nose. Let's give Shaq the shaft!

Posted by: Rick Friedman | June 23, 2008 at 07:11 PM

You could give Bynum #68 because he's twice the man Shaq is.

Seriously, Lakers, do NOT retire #34. That lazy jackass cost us more titles than he won for us. Retire Kobe's numbers in separate ceremonies. Give #34 to whoever we draft at the end of the second round on Thursday.

Ten Million Dollar Zen,

"Is shaq a moron, really? He was free sylin' - maybe a little immature- but that's all, he was just having fun - sticks and stones, that type of about the Kobe yapping to the police, implying shaq was involved with cover -ups or crimes or marital infidelity - that will always make Kobe the biggest moron - or rat - of the two. No matter what homer fans like AK say...."

You missed my point. This has nothing to do with being a "homer." Like I stated at the beginning, this post was written in no way to "defend" Kobe or take his side. If Shaq hates Kobe, again, I don't really care. That's his right. Kobe was often a pain in the ass to play with and, as I even admitted, if Bryant had to the police about me like that, I don't know if I could forgive him, either.

But if that's the case, stop trying to walk both sides of the street. Stop pretending like you're happy about Kobe's MVP season, then gloat about him not winning. And for that matter, stop ripping every ex-teammate for not being the "caliber" of player you deserve when you haven't carried your weight (no pun intended) for about five seasons. Shaq's just evolving into this increasingly classless guy who can't seem to deal with the fact that he's no longer the MDE. Until his play matches his talk, he should just talk less.


The Big P.U.$.$.WHY!

Everywhere Shaquita goes, her feelings get hurt.

ORLANDO: Shaquita left Orlando, she was upset. someone wasn't retained whom she wanted to keep.

LAKERS: Shaquita cried to be traded when she found out THE LAKERS wanted Kobe more than her. She ran around Los Angeles, pouting like a Biaaaach; screaming trade me, trade me! I sold my house, trade me!!! After being traded, Phil makes a general comment, about Shaquita's conditioning, she gets upset with Phil... She stops speaking to Phil. She was soooo upset with Jerry Buss, Shaquita wanted her money. No matter if her belly was soft, flabby, fat and out of shape, THE Biaaach wanted her money. Buss was too smart, so, the biaaach, AFTER being traded and still upset about being 2nd choice to kobe, makes comments about the owner's personal life.

Shaquita goes to Miami, 3yrs later, Shaquita wants out. She fakes an injury. It works, THE BIAAACH got what she wanted. She goes to Phoenix. But did Shaquita show gratitude after getting what she wanted; NOPE!!! The Biaaach turns around and disses Pat Riley.

Now she wants to say Kobe can't win a championship without her. Understand people, Shaquita needs attention. She's desperate. She had family issues. See, you can't have 2 women in the kitchen, so the wife leaves Shaquita for a REAL MAN. The wife takes Shaquita's money and practically buys another man with Shaquita's money; but yet, Shaquita has the nerve to go to the local kiddy hangout and try to DISS KOBE???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Like I said in the beginning; Shaquita is a BIG P.U.$.$. AND NOW YOU KNOW Y!


Hey it could be worst. He could have re-created Kazaam!

Now that would be embarrasing.


Go Lakers!

Mike T
You show the same class as Shaq. You are saying that that's what the whole league thinks about Kobe?

May I remind you that he was selected 1st to represent our country? So Coleganlo and the World Olympics think like you and Shaq?

Do you understand that?

Shame on you.



If nobody else is impressed with 1/2 of the Blog Fathers "Hip Hop Knowledge" I AM !!!! Good job Andy. I agree, Biggie is blowin chunks in his grave for being brought into this

. I USED to defend Shaquille on this blog and everywhere else. I even went as far as saying "I understood his resentment towards Kobe, Kobe broke the Man Code" but to drag Kareem into this? Aw Hell Naw... F-U Shaquille.. You'll NEVER be and mean as much to this town and organization as Kareem did and still DOES. You inarticulate, jealous lying A-Hole.......

Wasnt it Shaquille that stated the reason for his divorce was because HIS WIFE was being shady with his income? I could've swore when the story broke, the implications were she was "stealing/setting aside" some money without Shaq's knowledge or permission? Now he gets on stage, spits the weakest rhyme I've heard in a long time and has that lame crowd chime in to what has to be the gayest hook ever. Kobe, tell me how's my butt taste? and THATS supposed to be funny? How about..

" Shaquille, how does it feel, got bounced in the 1st rd, now you're just a desert clown, lookin like a Milk Dud wannabe cop frown. Timmy D shut You Down"

Yea of course its lame, but asking someone that helped you get 3 rings when you had NONE.. how your butt tastes is even lamer.. Before I submitted this post, I went in the backyard and set my Purple, Gold and White O'Neal jersey's on fire... DONE

The unedited,uncensored version of his rant can be heard on


Kobe ripped his own young teammate in a similar "gottcha" video last summer. Shaq's silly, maybe a little bitter of Kobe's relative youth , whatever (and we all know their were nuances, unlucky breaks in that first round SA/Phoenix series - which is about as far as Kobe's gone before this year anyway...)

Kobe has proved himself to be slimey again and again, demanding trades, calling out teammates, breaking up a team - and then getting happy when the goin' gets right.

I'd find your post honest if you wrote a similar - and harsher -one about Kobe's history right beside it.


Shaq O'neal calls out The Ultimate Robin (Kobe).


Just when I thought it was safe to ease up on the time spent on the blog, this happens!

Aren't we going to get a summer vacation?


Ladies. The Ultimate Robin is being blasted by The Ultimate Cheesburger.



That's funny as hell ladies.

The Ultimate Annoyance (Shaq) calling out The Ultimate Faker (Kobe).


One life to live in soybean, latte town.

I'm not a Shaq fan. I'll say that right off.

But I still believe when the time comes, we should retire his jersey. I know he wasn't the best teammate, or the consumate professional...but he did bring us (with the help of Kobe) 3 championships. For that he should be immortalized as one of the best in the purple and gold.

Go Lakers!

People act like Kobe will play forever. He has loads of mileage on his wheels, he will be almost 31 by next years playoffs, the west is getting stronger and stronger. There is a good chance Kobe does not even get to the finals ever again.

Ten Million Dollar Zen,

"Kobe ripped his own young teammate in a similar "gottcha" video last summer. Shaq's silly, maybe a little bitter of Kobe's relative youth , whatever (and we all know their were nuances, unlucky breaks in that first round SA/Phoenix series - which is about as far as Kobe's gone before this year anyway...) Kobe has proved himself to be slimey again and again, demanding trades, calling out teammates, breaking up a team - and then getting happy when the goin' gets right. I'd find your post honest if you wrote a similar - and harsher -one about Kobe's history right beside it."

You either didn't read what I said in its entirety or you're ignoring certain parts. I called out Kobe for the Bynum video in this post (much less numerous times when it happened). My exact words to describe it were "inexcusable." But you can't compare the situations as exactly the same, because Kobe didn't know he was being taped. Shaq was doing this for a crowd to entertain them. Neither is a "good" thing, but they're also not the same thing and it's obvious why.

I also acknowledged that Kobe's not always the easiest guy to play with, criticized him heavily for the radio tour when it happened and have been honest numerous times when I didn't think he played well. If anything, I spend most of my existence on this blog trying to convince people that I don't have a personal problem with him (which I don't), so believe me, not being willing to "call out" Kobe isn't a problem.

But that's actually all irrelevant because, as I'll say again for the second time, this isn't about me "defending" Kobe. Again, I DON'T CARE if Shaq dislikes Kobe. In a lot of ways, my point actually has nothing to do with Kobe. It's about Shaq and the way he's grown increasingly classless (and not just in matters regarding Kobe) as he's aged. Had Shaq dissed D-Wade in rap form on stage, I'd feel the exact same way about it. But if you're gonna continue treating this as a "Kobe vs. Shaq" thing, then honestly, you're wasting both of our time, because I already said, that wasn't my point.


Man o' man, you Fakers are showing your true lippo faces.

Shaq O'neal brought your 3-straight and all you guys do is bag on him. Kobe bags on O'neal, fans bag on Kobe, fans bag on each other.

You LA fans are so shallow.



"How does Shaq's A$$ taste?" Because you're sure doing a good job kissing it.

some day kobe will have his revenge!

Psychedelic Shaq, that's where it's at
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Unbelievable! I guess Shaq never got over the fact that the Lakers chose Kobe over him. I truly believe that his separation from the Lakers hurt him more than he led on at that time, which is why he still holds a grudge on Kobe.

I think if anything, Shaq is holding Kobe as the scapegoat. He needs to grow up.

Dont get it twisted.. This isnt about Shaquille dissin Kobe... Kobe's a big boy and regardless of his age when the incident took place, he DID betray Shaquille.. thats a given.. my problem with his "freestyle" was he had NERVE to spit Kareem's name from his Magilla Gorilla Lips.. Ummmmmmmmm Kareem has MORE rings than Shaq, 6 Pro I believe, Kareem is part of the GREATEST college Basketball team in the HISTORY of collegiate sports and actually WON Ttitles in College as well, Kareem actually GRADUATED from College and unlike Shaquille, Kareem has a firm grasp on the english language and can put together a complete sentence and articulate a thought. All in All, I'd take Kareems career and life over Shaqullies 10 out of 10 times..

LeBron is great, Shaq cannot embarass himself, he is too much of a character. Shaq is like Barkley he can say and do as he pleases. Plus he is funny, LeBron MVP!


Hey, has it ever occured to you that Shaq O'neal doesn't like Kobe becasue Kobe's been a bi*ch for his entire career but this year?


According to Shaq, Kobe knows how Shaq's ass "taste"?


Funny as hell.

Shaq want's to know what his big posterior tastes like?

I don't know and I'm sure Kobe doesn't either, but if I had to
venture a guess, I'd say it smells like sofa. Cuz that's where
Shaq has been planting the BBE (biggest butt ever) to watch
Kobe play in the finals. He should try to get into shape and
get his team out of the first round before he starts shooting
his mouth off about someone who just played in the finals.

Hey Shaq, what do your DECLINING SKILLS taste like?

Why in the world are Boston fans STILL trolling around here? Whats the problem? Cant find a high schooler that'll let you impregnate her? Geesh... Try this out, see if it helps or


You Laker girls are so funny that I like checking things out every so often.

You Laker "fans" remind me of an LA girl that I dated once. You smile at each other, then back stab when given the first opportunity, then smile at each other the next day.


Funny, funny stuff.

Shaq O'neal won 3 titles for you ladies (Kobe included), but that wasn't good enough. You ladies had to win in style, so you all chased Shaq O'neal away to Miami where Shaq did win a title.

Now your "MVP" is whinnying about not having an inside presence?


You can't make this stuff up.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

OK, Post Game Press Conference:

Greg Popovich: I thought in the fourth quarter, when Shaq went and boinged 13 girls, and got called for it, he had no excuse for the loss.

Dude get over it.

What Shaq's really pissed off is his wife wanted a bigger diamond than Kobe's wife and he couldn't deliver. Time for these guys to kiss, make-up, and shut-up. Their numbers will hang on the rafters together regardless of this stupidity, and they're both likeable superstars who needed one another to win it all, so GET OVER IT.

Shaq's number shall still be retired were he to deficate on Jerry West's jersey (which at this rate is quite possible), it might just take a little longer. The only thing that really matters is the RESULTS, and him, Kobe, and crew brought us THREE, 3, hard fought championships. JUST SHUT UP UNTIL THEN! These guys really need to bury the hatchet, they don't have to love each other.

Hey Laker Justice,

You all should retire #3 for Shaq O'neal.

The numbers of Finals MVPs.


I forgot about that. The Ultimate Robin (Kobe) riding Shaq O'neal's back during those championship years.

LMAO@ You dating a Girl.... thats about as believable as Gary Coleman being Janet Jacksons secret sex slave

Shaq needs attention.
Butler needs attention
MikeT needs attention

Attention Whores and nothing more.

LOL Complex.

Don't make me break out the mom and sister jokes.



You Lakergirls are funny, funny people. LOL.


Typical Los Angeles crowd.

Fake, fake fake.

Sorry Laker fans, I dont agree with what Shaq said but Kobaby brought this on himself, as he does most things. When you think you can "get off at anytime" then lay an egg on the biggest stage in the NBA you deserve a taste of humble pie. I just wish Sasha had gotten flattened a few more times in the finals- haha the BRICK machine and softer than a pancake. Maybe he can cry some more. Karma is a bitch.

laker fans are the most myopic sheep on the planet. Shaq was the key component in clinching three titles (along with an excellent supporting cast such as Fisher and Tim Donaghy) and now you all talk of him as a pariah. Yes, he is, has, and always will be an overgrown immature kid. Funny how no one seemed to mind it when he was wearing purple and yellow. Face it, kobe drove Shaq out the way he tried driving out Bynum before the season started, but I'm sure no one remembers that. And now that Shaq is no longer your center, then you the blinders come off, and you start to scrutinize him. Forget the titles, right? No other fan base has this much selective memory.

“Ode to LA”
By Shaq, ‘The Big Fat Albert’ O’Neil

Hey, Hey, Hey
Kiss my big fat ass, LA

I got outta here
Betta b’lieve I made it clear:
You pick Kobe over me
My big butts, last thing you’ll see.

Hey, Hey, Hey
Kiss my big fat ass, LA

Kobe broke the code of honor
Now my b**ch, she’s a gonner
Took my kids, half my cash
That stinkin’ Mamba bit my ass.

Hey, Hey, Hey
Kiss my big fat ass, LA

Kobe this, Kobe that
I'm sick of hearin' 'bout that brat,
Someday you're all gonna see,
He ain't nothin' without me.

Hey, Hey, Hey
Kiss my big fat ass, LA

Now I’m playin’ for the Suns
Maybe worse before I’m dunz,
Grizzlies, Sonics, T-Wolves, Kings
I don't care, I got my rings.

Hey, Hey, Hey
Kiss my big fat ass, LA.

I agree that what Shaq did was a total jackass move, and I was totally pissed off when I saw it, but I think deep down, he's probably a good guy. You have to remember that he bought the LAPD a new car after one was burned during the riots after their first championship in LA.

I think that his problem is that he's just extremely immature, and he just can't help himself. Like the time he smeared a muffin all over his teeth during a conference. He does funny stuff, but that was one of the reasons why Kobe and Shaq couldn't be good friends when they were on the Lakers. I read an SI article about this about 5-6 years ago, about how Shaq would goof around with his teammates on the plane (and that's why wherever he goes, the other players love him), and Kobe would just sit by himself listening to music. Kobe is better with his teammates now, but not like that now, but it was different when Shaq was on the Lakers.

Anyway, hopefully Kobe will put Shaq in his place when they meet next year.

shame on you AK

But is there a worse EX-TEAMMATE in the league?

is there a worse teammate in the league than Kobaby- who publically said the Lakers should ship Bynums ass out, give me new teammates and ripped the owner and GM?

Come on be fair. Kobaby is a fair weather player who didnt even seem upset the lakers lost in the finals, yet his goal at the beginning of the season to the team was "hi Im Kobe I want to win a championship"

The problem I have with most laker fans is if Kobe did what Shaq did ( and lets not forget the rape charge much worse btw) they would be defending the guy for an indefensible act.

Shaq doesnt like Kobe, Kobe doesnt like Shaq we get it
Report fairly on both sides.

Wow!!! How soon you all forget. I bet you were all the faker fans standing in the front row of the championship parades chanting "shaq, shaq!!" No one ever talked about his weight until he left. You were lucky to get those rings in the first place because if Shaq was not there all you would hear is "airball" every time Kobe would take a shot...

He is pure on a media whore, there is not other way around it.

hmmm what does that make Kobe, who brings his kids to the intreview podium after playoff games? Whats his motivation?








ingontius- laker fans are the most myopic sheep on the planet

laker fans have no class of course and if Kobe did what Shaq did it would be a big joke or because he wanted to win, or some other lame excuse they use for his childish behavior.

I have no problem ripping Shaq for this but remember to do the same when a laker does similar or worse, like the coach dating the owners daughter, hmmm how thats not a sexual discrimantion lawsuit waiting to happen I have no clue

Dont throw rocks in a glass house


Right on. This is precisely what I'm taking about. Fakers eating each other alive after going two days without their soybean, non-fat latte.



Maybe Kobe can break into Shaq's house and steal his 3 Finals MVP.


why do you defend kobe so much. The ude is an arrogant human being. That being said, he could defend himself. But he is just a coward hidding as always behind his fame and money. Trade Kobe away!!!!

AK But you can't compare the situations as exactly the same, because Kobe didn't know he was being taped. Shaq was doing this for a crowd to entertain them. Neither is a "good" thing, but they're also not the same thing and it's obvious why.

actually one could easily aruge Kobes was worse because since he didnt know he was being taped (naive but ok) he stated his true feelings whereas Shaq was much more likely an be act.





AK....You summed it up pretty well.....What does need to been mentioned is that after Miami won the title Shaq said
'Pat Riley is the greatest coach in the NBA and that has ever coached him...When Pill was told about what Shaq had said Phill replied LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH...Spot on if you ask me..Every team Shaq has played on has been built around him..From Orlando,LA and Miami..I think we should never forget the role Shaq played in the three titles but what should also never be overlooked is the talent that the teams he played for had...Sounds a little ungrateful to me.....

Laker Lover,

Again, like I said to another reader, if you insist on making this a "Kobe vs, Shaq" thing, you're both taking a simplistic view and also missing the point. This isn't about those two and those two alone. It's about Shaq and a pattern of behavior. As I mentioned, he does this with ex-teammates from every team he's ever played with and is, in general, going rather ungracefully into the twilight of his career. it's just magnified more with Kobe, because they feuded so much (and Kobe admittedly has baggage).

If you would think beyond simply comparing Kobe to Shaq and look at the point I was making, you'd see that my point wasn't to "Defend" Kobe or place him "above" Shaq. In many ways, what I wrote actually has very little to do with Kobe.





Salary Cap relief and you have your choice of some talented players available

Damn AK - you drop fire on this blog!

"...if Bryant had to the police about me like that, I don't know if I could forgive him, either."

it's not so much the fact that kobe 'told on' shaq...seriously, since when did colorado detectives track down SuperMan-tattooed california basketball players for having extramarital affairs??? yeah, kobe was thinking, 'just how can i tell on shaq and get him in trouble in colorado?!!' i'm sure that's EXACTLY what was going through his head.

the crappy part was that it was leaked. why did the interview get out into the public in the first place?

far worst things are said everyday in confidence. they simply don't get regurgitated ad nauseum on primetime news. the interview shouldn't have been leaked, but it's neither here nor there now. that was five years ago, ya'll.

he said it. he made the wrong choice. now get over it.

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